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Not Everyone Is Celebrating...
By Art Lady
I don't want to rain on anyone parade, but in the interest of truth, I'm forwarding this. We are dems, I'll admit it.  We aren't celebrating.
It's pretty hard to shove the truth back into the can once it's been opened.  Will most of the people we know who are celebrating and believe we had a real victory, still be celebrating if America continues to head down the path into a full blown police state? If the Patriot Act and other nefarious bills and signing statements put into effect by W and his gang of criminals remain in place, will everyone still be celebrating?  If the effects and abuses of all this legislation continue to escalate, will people still be celebrating?
Before we were given a huge dose of the truth, and chose the red pill of truth over the blue pill of deception, we adored Clinton.  We thought he was the greatest president we ever had, with the exception of JFK.  Then we found out what he actually did while he was in office, we found out the true ramifications of NAFTA and other legislation he passed, which paved the way for ALL the deplorable fascist legislation and signing statements put into place by W. We found out about much nefarious legislation put in place over the last 100 years, without our knowledge, right under American citizens noses.  Then we found out the Clintons are members in good standing of the Bilderberg Group, a secret society that is no longer quite so secret.  What are government officials doing when they unlawfully attend the 'secret' meetings of secret societies,  forbidden by our constitution and the Logan Act?
Why did Obama attend Bilderberg last summer?  Clinton promised he would pass NAFTA at the Bilderberg meeting he attended in '91. This discovery was made via FOIA in black and white documents hidden in plain sight.  It was the first piece of legislation  he passed upon taking office.  How many people are happy with the effects of NAFTA?  Who's happy that most of our jobs and industry mysteriously left America?  What promise did Obama make?  What will he pass upon taking office?
What will it take for all those who are celebrating now to realize we have a one party political system consisting of democrats and republicans pretending to be a 2 party system?  Who was it that started the erroneous belief which says: "we must vote for the lesser of 2 evils?" Who started the belief that only these 2 parties are viable?  Why isn't the long standing popular belief something more along the lines of "We should vote our conscience, vote according to our hearts, our gut intuitive feelings and nothing else". Is it possible there are those invisible to us at the top of the pyramid who started the whole lesser of 2 evils belief? I received an email not long ago which said there are 50 girls to choose from for Miss America and the question asked was; "why don't we have 50 candidates running for President in population of 300 million?  Damn good question!
Do we really want freedom?  Do we have freedom or do we only have the choices provided to us by the select few?  Where did our belief systems originate?  Are they really ours or did they originate somewhere else and filter down?  Do we want truth or ignorance?  Do we want compassionate and honorable people in government and positions of power who are looking out for the best interests of ALL citizens, or do we want the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the Bilderberg Group, the Knights of Columbus, the Knights of Malta, the Trilateral Commission, the Council On Foreign Relations, the 'secret' sector of the military industrial complex and the many other 'secret societies' who are looking out for themselves and RULE from behind the scenes? No, we aren't celebrating Obama's win whether it's a real win or not.  For the last 5++ years I've done my best to avoid feeling guilty for having brought a child into the Matrix we live in. Prior to that I did my best to avoid feeling guilty that we have a son with high functioning autism who we allowed to get the very vaccines that probably gave it to him.
Anyone ever wonder what the true message of the film "The Matrix" is really all about?  I don't wonder anymore. Just as L. Frank Baum was desperately trying to tell us some 'truth' via his book "The Wizard Of Oz", so were those who funded the making of  "The Matrix" desperately trying to tell us something.  We got this piece of info from someone who knows the people who funded the film very well and knows WHY they did it. No, we aren't celebrating.
Because we try to live each day with a positive attitude and positive expectation, we do our best to never feel defeated no matter what.  We're praying that truth, love, compassion, honor, honesty, education, empathy, awareness, and other attributes manage to push  above the muck of illusion and delusion. We're praying these attributes will somehow light the way to true victory and shine through as we deserve them to. We are praying for this kind of true victory so our son and all future generations will be set free from the Matrix.  We pray the majority of American citizens will chose to take the red pill too.

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