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Grapeseed Oil

By Alan Graham
With Alfred Lehmberg

Our food industry, at all, is a lie wrapped in a distortion of half-disclosed truths. A ravening beast of reptilian sociopathy, it is abundantly facilitated and very well employed to prosecute profit at the exclusion of any other sensibility. ...Any other, reader.
Yes, and to prosecute that very specific sensibility at the unhealthful expense of the consumer, our "food" industry employs misinformation, disinformation and bad information in just that time-honored triad of ready conspiracy and gleeful deceit. Yes Virginia, "they," with the full support of a corrupted mainstream, its hijacked government, and assorted institutions & media saturators... lie.
The best way to tell a lie, of course, is to use "Half-Truths..." or use truths to prop up a falsehood. Say! Isn't this exactly what "Dieticians" and all these errant Poly Food Oil producers, like Grapeseed Oil, use to trick you into thinking that, not only is their POLY-unsaturated Grapeseed Oil (GSO) a healthful oil - but that it is oil even superior to MONO-unsaturated Olive Oil!
More patent misdirection? The GSO people especially like to throw around that largely irrelevant and misleading "High Smoke-Point" crap to muddy the nutritional water. Claiming superiority based on such is far, far, far from remotely legitimate... where it is not a foul hubris, a societal tragedy, and a stupefying malfeasance.
As a map and to be fair, I'm going to direct most of my contrast & comparison to the more expensive and better quality Cold (<120 degrees F) Expeller-Pressed (Unrefined) Grapeseed Oil - after a brief explanation of the kinds of Refined Poly-unsaturated Oils (mostly Soy & Corn) that you buy at the grocery store. Let's roll.
Evilly Unhealthful "Poly" Food Oils:
Dieticians blithely tell us that both Poly-unsaturated & Mono-unsaturated Food Oils are healthful because they are both beautiful liquid oils at room temp. This is complete CRAP, where not an injurious insult! It violates Uncle Al's "FAT RULE #1"...
..."A Saturated Fat is no more necessarily BAD because it is solid - than an Oil is necessarily GOOD because it is liquid."
Solid-at-room-temp, Saturated Fat (SatFat) & liquid Mono-unsaturated Oils like Olive Oil are very stable! They don't easily oxidize & go rancid because the Mono (One) carbon-carbon double-bond is chemically non-reactive... oh yeah, and wholesome, undamaged SatFat has no delicate double-bonds at all! SatFat, actually, is your bodies Fat-of-Choice for most jobs.
On the other hand, Poly Oil (Poly means 'many' carbon-carbon double-bonds) like Soy, Corn & yes, Grapeseed oil with 2 double-bonds... has a reactive unpaired Electron! Consequently, it is Unstable & will go rancid easily with exposure to heat, air, light & time.
Most grocery store Poly oils like Corn or Soy -universally if outrageously called "Vegetable-Oil"- start going rancid immediately due to the air & hi-heat of commercial pressing, so they must be RBDed (refined, bleached & deodorized) with even HIGHER heat to destroy the rancid smell... but this hi-heat deodorization also pretty much destroys the Oil itself!
This "dead," RBDed, and nutritionally weak oil will equate to a long shelf life at room temp after the bottle is opened & it will smell fresh straight from the store, but in fact, is already rancid & teaming with cancer-causing/heart-stopping free-radicals called Lipid Peroxide.
These free-radicals attack cell membranes, red blood cells, and cause DNA/RNA damage. This contributes to resulting mutations in tissue, blood & skin! The preceding can cause or exacerbate virtually any disease, reader, especially Cancer & Heart Disease!
See? RBDed Poly Food Oils should never be used for ANYTHING! This pretty much includes every grocery store Food Oil- except Olive oil.
I add that some Poly Seed-Oils like Grapeseed Oil are very low-yield oils, so toxic solvents like Hexane are routinely used to suck out enough oil to be commercially profitable. Unfortunately, some of the Hexane is always left behind, which is a shame, eh? Right... so avoid using these oils!
OK, then, but what about the "good-stuff" (sneer quotes) poly oils... Unrefined, Hexane-Free, Cold Expeller-Pressed Poly Food Oils like some of the, necessarily, fairly expensive Grapeseed oils? These expeller-pressed Poly-Oils can start out directly after pressing with minimum oxidation, it's touted, so they are portrayed as safe and healthful oils which can be used for salads or frying ... "especially when you consider they have a very high Smoke-Pt." No!
See, this is where misdirection & several half-truths are used to confuse folks! As shown, these 1/2 truths run from "almost-true" to complete "idiotic-silliness." Here are some promised examples of this deception with regard to the Unrefined, Expeller-Pressed Grapeseed Oil.
1/2 Truth # 1.. "GSO has a much higher Smoke-Point (SmPt) than Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)".
...No! ....Well, Yes, but watch close as this gets tricky. Yes, GSO does have a higher Smoke-Pt. than Olive Oil because GSO has few impurities & a natural substance that raises the Smoke-Point, <BUT> ...isn't it errantly implied that GSO has even less oxidation at temp's below the SmPt of Olive Oil, so Grapeseed Oil is safer as the temp increases above room temp for cooking?
Yes, it is so errantly implied! Though, contrary to the preceding implication, GSO is an unstable and potentially toxic POLY-Oil (as per above) beginning to Oxidize the second you start to raise the temp for cooking! The high smoke point is irrelevant; you still fry your food in "toxic waste" even if you stay well below the SmPt!
The stable MONO-Oil (like Olive Oil) may have a lower SmPt, but it will NOT rapidly oxidize like the highly reactive POLY-Oils as the heat goes up. Consequently, you should never cook with Unrefined PolyFood Oils... of any stripe or quality!
Additionally, these Unrefined POLY-Oils like GSO will rapidly go rancid (after the bottle has been opened) just sitting around at room temp! They should be refrigerated... unlike Stable MONO Olive Oil that will stay good for months at room temp & even years if it is a very cool, dark place.
1/2 Truth # 2.. "GSO is very healthful because it is high in the EFA (Essential Fatty Acid), LA (linoleic acid) at a wonderful, whopping 70%." Conversely, the GSO people trumpet, the "Mono" Omega-9 (Olive Oil) only has a measly 8% of the "Poly" Essential Fatty Acid, LA. "Essential," by the way, means you MUST HAVE IT- but your body cannot make it, so it must come from food.
The above, reader, is a "true statement" that is COMPLETE wackiness... watch how the reptiles make their magic...
...Yes, the Omega-6 (LA) is one of the 2 Poly fatty-acids that are "Essential", the other being Omega-3 (ALA) -- but, unlike the Omega-3 (ALA), that we need more of... we DON'T need more LA in our lives...we need LESS... much, much less in fact!
This is because a too-much-of-a-good-thing-even-essential Omega-6 LA is very unhealthful <BUT> because this "Simple" (as opposed to "Complex") oil is already found in EVERY form of food... to include fruit -astonishingly- we never run short of "Simple", ubiquitous & cheap (albeit "Essential"), Omega-6, LA!
Mother-Nature abundantly insured we get plenty of UNDAMAGED Omega-6 (LA) in nuts, seeds, veggies, fruit & meat without having to resort to over-dosing on unhealthful, potentially toxic Omega-6 (LA) Poly food oils, reader, a food item very rarely consumed at all by lay humanity just a hundred years ago!
See reader, because we are already inundated with unnecessary Omega-6 (LA), from GSO, Soy, Corn & Processed Foods... that so-called "measly" 8% Omega-6 (LA), naturally found in Olive Oil is, in fact, one of its most healthful features...
You see, we just don't need more "Simple" Poly "FOOD-OIL" (LA)... what we need is more "Complex" Poly "MEDICINAL-Oil" (GLA), like found in Black Currant, Borage, Primrose, Hemp, Seeds & Nuts.
Also we need more Omega-3's (like found in Flaxseed, Fish, Krill & green-leafy veggies).
It remains! "Simple" Omega-6 Oils (LA), especially the excessively high ones, like Grapeseed at 70% Poly, Sunflower at 75% Poly & Safflower at 80% Poly Oil, do all sorts of "BAD" things - like the following :
Bad #1 -- High Omega-6 causes the critical EFA (Essential Fatty Acid) Ratio (the ratio between Omega-6 & Omega-3 Fatty-Acids) to be at a heart-stopping 20 or 30 to1 Ratio instead of the healthful 4 to1 (or less) Ratio. For every increase above 4 to1 the death rate increases.
FYI: 100 years ago with no processed foods to speak of, remember, people consumed, on average, 1 pound of Omega-6 Food-Oil per year ...now we average 75 pounds of Omega-6 annually.
Quickie fat lesson: The reason the Omega-6's & 3's are "ESSENTIAL" and are the 2 Fatty-Acids used for the CRITICAL EFA Ratio (& not the Omega-9, like Olive Oil or other fats) is because there are 2 EFA Prostaglandin Pathways (PW's) that are found in EVERY cell of your body.
These pathways use "Simple" Omega-6 & "Simple" Omega-3 to "cascade" down their individual chemical paths to become ever more "Complex" which makes the new, resulting Fatty-Acids more powerful & exponentially more healthful.
The 2 PW's lead to 3 different Prostaglandins which are THE "Super-Hormones" controlling virtually everything that goes on in your body, but in particular the Big-4: Inflammation, Platelet-stickiness, Blood Pressure & Allergic Reactions.
The two "slow-moving" Prostaglandins, the Series-1 & the Series-3 (wrongly called the "good" Prostaglandins) are always trying to be "undone" by the single "hi-speed", Series-2 Prostaglandin (wrongly called the "Bad" Prostaglandin). They are not GOOD or BAD...they just are what they are, reader. Necessary for life!
Virtually everything you stick in your mouth effects this prostaglandin balance... especially Omega-6 & 3 Fatty-Acids...but many others that are good, bad or both.
You can easily bring down your EFA Ratio by getting Omega-6 (Soy, Corn, Canola, Grapeseed, etc.) OUT OF YOUR LIFE & switching to Omega-9 (Extra-Virgin Olive or Macadamia Nut Oils)! See, all the Omega-9 in the world has virtually NO effect on the EFA Ratio.
Remember, it is ONLY the 6's & 3's that dramatically affect the ratio in question.
To further lower your EFA Ratio, increase your Omega-3 ALA (alpha linolenic acid) with Fresh-ground Flaxseed, Hulled-Raw Hempseed, Black Currant Seed Oil & green-leafy veggies.
So, by reducing your Omega-6 & raising the Omega-3 you can get the EFA Ratio down to about 4 to1 <BUT> if you go "Full-Tilt-Boogey" and then add a few grams of "Complex" Omega-3's from Krill or Fish Oil you might get the ratio down a little closer to an even more desirable 1 to1 Ratio...Like the Inuit (Eskimos) with lowest % of heart disease on the planet, while gorging on blubber (SatFat) your brain-dead dieticians say will kill you.
Bad #2 -- Excessive consumption of Omega-6 LA uses up all of the critical D6D enzyme, so there is none left to start the "Simple" Omega-3 ALA "cascading" down its Prostaglandin Pathway to convert to the POWERFUL "Complex" Omega-3's (EPA & DHA) that a person might normally get from Fish, Krill Oil & Eggs.
Consequently, Omega-6 LA Oil is especially bad for Vegetarians because this conversion is the only way they can get the more Complex Omega-3's, which are in fact the real "Work-Horse" Omega-3 Fatty-Acids.
Unfortunately, even under ideal conditions the conversion is less than 5 or 10%...not to mention a half dozen other things that Vegetarians, in particular, do that will stop the Essential-Fatty-Acid conversion dead in its tracks... like eating lots of Sugar, Margarine & Soy. Not good.
BAD #3 -- If the Omega-6 LA did NOT gobble up all the D6D enzyme, then the Omega-3 would be able to "cascade" on down the Pathway & use the next Desaturase Enzyme in line, the D5D, to do a "good thing" and finish the job of converting ALA to the other powerful Omega-3, EPA, which then activates the "Anti-Inflammatory", Series-3 Prostaglandin.
...BUT, and this is key, if there is too much Omega-6 (like Grapeseed Oil), there won't be any ALA cascading down the Omega-3 pathway, so all that D5D enzyme will be forced to -"Go Over to the DARK Side"- (the Omega-6 side) & do a "bad thing", which is convert DiHomo-GLA to the "Inflammation-causing" Series-2 Prostaglandin... INSTEAD of letting it convert to the "good guy", the "Anti-Inflammatory", Series-1 Prostaglandin.
If this all sounds like Greek to you... please go my paper "Fat Facts" to read a more complete and easier to understand explanation. This includes a Picture diagram of both Cascading Prostaglandin pathways and the foods, etc. that effect each of the many steps along the way... like why the pregnant Mia Farrow was eating Raw Liver in the movie "Rosemary's Baby"...it's Prostaglandins, Folks. http://www.alienview.net/xzfat.html
Also if you would like to read more about Bad Fats from my buddy "The Leaf Lady" then go to http://www.leaflady.org/fatfacts.htm ... she's only been a holistic practitioner for 50 years.
1/2 Truth # 3.. "GSO is high in *Essential* (MUST HAVE) POLY-unsaturated Omega-6 Oil at 70%... where Olive Oil is 76%, NON-Essential MONO-unsaturated Omega-9, so grapeseed oil has to be MUCH better because it is essential & olive oil is NOT essential."
OK, I've already told you the answer to this silly yet "nearly truthful" statement. Yeah, the Omega-6 is "Essential" but, like I said above, we already, normally, get way too much Simple Omega-6 anyway! So? That high 70% LA... is a bad thing, see - not a good thing!
Also, the 76% Omega-9 in Olive Oil, being NON-Essential is in fact a very good thing because it will have No effect on the Omega-6 to Omega-3 EFA Ratio... not to mention, AGAIN, that Omega-9 is stable (resists rancidity) where Omega-6 is UNSTABLE and potentially toxic.
It should be clear that expensive Unrefined Grapeseed Oil should not be heated because its "Poly-ness" causes it to oxidize rapidly. On the other hand it should not be used cold, either, because its high Omega-6 (70%) throws your Omega-6 to Omega-3 EFA Ratio completely out of whack...where Omega-9, Olive oil does NONE of these harmful things.
So NO Poly Food Oils like Soy, Corn, Peanut, Cottonseed, Grapeseed, Sunflower, Safflower & yes, even Canola.
Fats to cook with :
1). Olive Oil - Stable Mono oil (at 76% Mono) that resists oxidation fairly well as temp goes up. Moderate SmPt in the low 300's. Does not require refrigeration... but light & air cause slow oxidation - fruity, exotic, other-worldly taste.
2). Macadamia Nut Oil - Stable Mono oil (at 80% Mono) with the highest SmPt of any UNrefined Mono Oil at close to 400. Does not require refrigeration...but light & air cause slow oxidation - bland, neutral taste & expensive.
3). Coconut Oil (Unrefined, Hexane-Free, Extra-Virgin) - Very, very stable, magical SatFat called MCT's that has a moderate SmPt in the mid 300's but because it is born in the heat of the tropics it has POWERFUL heat-resistant Anti-oxidants protecting it from oxidation & NO delicate double-bonds to be effected as the temp heads up toward that SmPt!
It does not require refrigeration & oh yeah, it is so stable & protects itself so well, that it will stay good at room temp for up to 5 freaking years.
Consuming Ccnut Oil anti-oxidants protects your body, and the other more delicate Fatty-Acids you consume, in the same way it protects itself. This is just one of the many reasons Ccnut Oil is in EVERY Baby formula! Additionally, those same MCT's are also very high in breast-milk! Don't believe the evil, mendacious, contrived lies that doctors & dieticians tell about Coconut Oil.
Reader, every time you hear a dietician say that Coconut Oil is heart unhealthy because it is 90% Solid Saturated Fat... you know they are: either black-hearted evil liars or they are as dumb as a bag of broken mousetraps.
Sincerely, to maintain such rarified ignorance they must every morning attach their horse-blinders to the sides of their head firmly so they can not see anything on the periphery - but only see what's put right in front of their ignorant little noses... ok, circuit-breakers are getting warm...
I hope that wasn't too harsh... No, wait. I don't care that it was harsh! Actually, if you want to know the truth... if I didn't respect PG rated concerns it would be a lot harsher! Anyway, I digress.
4). Ghee (clarified-butter) - This is the "REAL DEAL" for hi-heat cooking with its extraordinarily high SmPt at close to 500 degrees. This is because with Clarifed-Butter the water & proteins are removed.
Ghee will not break down or oxidize as the temp goes up because it is a very stable SatFat with NO delicate double-bonds to be destroyed and so go rancid and toxic. Additionally, the arcane short-chained Fatty-Acids in Ghee have extreme anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory healing characteristics! It will raise HDL & Lower LDL cholesterol, so it is GREAT for your Heart.
If you keep Ghee in an air tight container at room temp it can last for YEARS without oxidizing. And please don't mention to "dieticians" that what is essentially real "Butter" (but clarified) is good for yourheart, brain, joints, eyes & it lowers cholesterol... ...because if you do tell them - it might make their pointy little heads implode. A billion Ayurvedic Indians are likely on to something, eh?
Vegetable Ghee (2 types) :
(1). Pure Palm Oil Ghee is OK...not as good as real Butter Ghee but pretty good, none the less, as long as you don't see the word "Interesterified" (inter-ester-ified) or Vegetable Oil anywhere in the ingredients section or on the label.
(2). pHVO (partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) [Toxic Alert!] Ghee... a TransFat ABOMINATION just like Margarine! Those who sully the sacred word "Ghee" by sticking it on something akin to deadly "Flavored Crisco" should be summarily sterilized to keep them from urinating in the shallow end of the "Gene-Pool." I mean it reader! Such evilness should be penalized. Such intention should be prosecuted!
"Gee wiz Al, what about other "Specialty" Mono cooking oils I see, like Walnut, Hazelnut & Almond with very high SmPt's in the 400's or... Avocado Oil with a SmPt over 500?"
Don't be fooled... these are Refined oils that should be avoided unless you find them in their Unrefined form...but guess what?
Then their SmPts will be about 100 degrees lower than the refined form! For example, Walnut Oil drops from 400 (refined) to 320 (unrefined)... Sesame seed oil drops from 450 to 350..etc, etc.
Also avoid the Oil that I have actually seen idiots get "misty-eyed" over! These are mouth-breathers who love Canola Oil because they believe it to be a Mono Unsat Oil ...just like Olive Oil... NO! NO! No, it is NOT! "Canola" is a partial Mono Oil at a low 54% Mono which leaves plenty of room for about 30 to 35% Poly... which does all the BAD things Poly Oils do. Canola is crap!
C'mon, get yourself some Ghee, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil & real Butter and you have your Fat & Oil requirements covered... you don't need hazardous Grapeseed Oil or any of the other dangerous Poly-Food Oils.
...And please don't do like brain-dead dieticians do all the time!
These try to meld toxic Poly FOOD Oils with non-toxic Poly MEDICINAL Oils like Black Currant, Borage, Hemp, Flaxseed, Fish & Krill, like they were the same thing. Poly Medicinal Oils are processed with expensive refrigeration! Lumping them in with rancid Poly Food Oils is just stupid... they are an entity all their own.
Of course, that is just one of numerous misdirection's (lies) that dieticians tell concerning Fats & Oils. Read my paper "Fat Facts"
http://www.alienview.net/zfat.html where I list their 8 most egregious lies & half-truths.
Folks - the legitimate science and method exists for the individual to address real world concerns regarding the quality of their own lives! It's not a secret and the goals are certainly worth the effort! I am living breathing proof of this myself, reader, having cured an "Incurable" disease, Crohn's! All I am saying is you can be "living breathing" proof, too.
Alan Graham - alan068@centurytel.net
That's enough. Well be.
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