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Faux 'Prevention' & The
Cancer Industrial Complex

By Alan Graham
With Alfred Lehmberg
If you want to measurably assist your MD's conventional cancer therapy by improving that therapy's efficacy - perhaps reducing the need for same... or even prevent the original cancer altogether -yes, astonishingly- there are polarizing foods, foods apart from the same old tired LIES of a conflicted "conventional wisdom": foods that you should avoid and foods, reader, which you should consume...
I'll get to "foods better consumed" nearer the end of this piece, but the aforementioned plain vanilla and demonstrable nutritional information concerning Cancer prevention is in very short supply from our duplicitous mainstream. Reasons for that are decidedly unsettling.
Who lets us down specifically, and why?
Unfortunately, mainstream doctors & dieticians let us down in this department by recommending "foods" that actually fan the cancer flames! For example, "Foods" like REfined, grocery-store PolyUnsat. Vegetable Oils (mostly Soy & Corn Oil), just to start! All of these are cancer culprits.
I quickly remind the reader that these are foods, remember, not to be confused with healthful MonoUnsat. Oils like Olive Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and the magical (Baby-Approved!) MCT's in Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil - a preview of foods leading to cancer prevention.
Cancer prevention? It would appear that *they* don't even understand the concept or the definition of the word "prevention." Relax reader. It does mean what you thought it meant. It's just your Doctor with his head "up" and "locked" about it.
The following is purely anecdotal but I know it demonstrates the prevailing conventional "wisdom".
An MD from the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama was being interviewed by a women from the Troy, Alabama NPR station.
The doctor spent nearly the whole segment describing all the great new mammogram machines, MRI's & other research into early breast cancer detection... a wolf in sheep's clothing. Why?
You see Folks, the earlier cancer -or virtually any random unexplained spot- is detected the quicker you can get people on some expensive, long-term Allopathic med's..." Mo' Money, Mo' Money.
The flip side is if the cancer is detected too late, the person dies too quickly, so... Les' Money, les' Money.
Alan Dawson Graham, you are one hard, mean, and cynical bastard!
OK, you may be right (though my parents were married)... but before you judge me too harshly let's listen to the rest of the conversation.
The NPR lady said, "We just have a few minutes left, so in closing, what can we do in our everyday life to prevent cancer?"
Ding! I foolishly presumed a few scant moments of information about real preventive medicine.
On the contrary, this is where our brilliant "doctor" confidently replied that she felt "early detection" was the key to "PREVENTING" cancer...
Exsqueeze me? What th... ? Reader! How does DETECTING cancer early, PREVENT cancer? It might prevent you from dying (too quickly) of cancer... but it can't prevent something you already have! C'mon!
Seriously, considering the high radiation of these machines, one might even think that they wanted to get a cancer started so they could profit from treating it after the fact - but that's just crazy...
In "fairness" I must acknowledge, I suppose, that if an MRI spotted a "precancerous" growth & then it was surgically removed you could say the MRI prevented cancer by early "detection." But that doesn't wash. Consider, with the "lies for money" track record of the doctors & organizations involved I would be very suspect of reacting with surgery (the normal suggestion) to these mysterious "spots".
See, it remains our "doctors" have demonstrated they use language duplicitously to redefine a reality profiting them, and in what reality is "prevention" of something the subsequent "discovery" of same? These guys need to be called on their, at BEST, profit taking disingenuousness.
Too, I suspect the definition of "precancerous flesh" covers a lot of flesh not remotely cancerous but just keeping allotropic medicine's pricey option open, you know?
Anyway, adding insult to injury, our eminently respectable MD spent those last few precious minutes RE-explaining the whole, wide, wonderful, world of Mammograms & MRI's, when she could have been saying something truly meaningful about the real PREVENTION of cancer. "Healthful living" was just not the doctor's choice of topic, you know? Mo' Money!
Like, good god folks, couldn't she have at least said... "Take your mother's advise - eat more raw veggies & WHOLE fruits while avoiding cruelly processed, cancer fueling, foods..." Uh-huh. I have a dream.
I guess that never crossed her mind! See, modern allopathic medicine is mostly about waiting till you get sick... and then taking toxic manmade drugs for the rest of your increasingly miserable life while only addressing the offending symptoms! There is not so much as a nod from the mainstream with regard to addressing underlying causes... because, I propose, there's no money in that!
They substitute with allopathic drugs while continuing & encouraging those things that actually got you sick in the 1st place... For Freaking EXAMPLE... Cancer causing Polyunsaturated Vegetable Oil, Vegetable Shortening, Margarine, Hi-Fructose-Corn-Syrup, plus TONS of Soy, Corn, Sugar, preservatives and refined flour found in ALL Processed Foods.
Good God, folks! These are your cancer precursors that are Acid-Forming, Insulin-Provoking, Inflammation-Causing, and cancer freaking friendly Fake-Foods.
Yeah, I know, I lied. Your mother never talked about the evils of "processed foods." No, she felt just like you, reader - that processed food was a "God-send of convenience..." Besides, if cancer prevention was as easy as "diet" our good Doctors would have advised us of that long ago. I think they took an oath, eh?
Thing is, they don't advise us, OR, it's WRONG advice. Still, in reality, most processed food is toxic or harmful and is likely a nexus of the collective misery endured by all and one.
I have no real proof, honored reader, but I know in my heart that if the doctor had spent those last 5 minutes trying to honestly answer the question as posed - listing even some of the cancer-causing/cancer-preventing things I'm going to tell you about in this essay, she would have been eviscerated by her handlers and likely canned from her boondoggle job at the "Cancer Research" compound.
You see Folks, there is essentially a "Cancer Industrial Complex" (CIC) ­ pronounced "sick"... that is pervasive, all powerful, and will tolerate no dissension in its ranks rivaling the attitudes of radical Islam. It is a Multi-Billion dollar business that no one ever wants to end - well, except the folks dying with cancer. Hey! Perhaps more people dying from cancer will stimulate the economy?
You do know I'm kidding about the CIC. "CIC" is a metaphor taking the place of the errant "corpocracy" where the thousands of business & service providers don't even realize they are part of the "Whole". I'll make no apologies myself as there is too much evidence how that "sick" ethic has pervaded us at every level...even very low levels...
...Why, ask the "custodial-engineer" at the Cancer Research Foundation if he would be willing, as a result of a "Cancer Cure", to give up his job. Right! He knows that with the likely world wide recession to follow, well, he might not get another job very soon considering you'd likely be able to have high dollar Oncologists mopping floors!
...So believe me Folks, *they* are not looking for a cure... they are looking for patentable drugs that treat symptoms & big expensive machines to "detect" (prevent?) cancer, but they damn sure aren't looking at ways to "prevent" their lucrative cash cow !
A researcher espousing that kind of "actual prevention foolishness" is likely to get "whacked." Consider the plight of the great Harvard researcher, Dr. K. McCully "(one of my Heroes) when he took on the "Heart-Disease Industrial Complex." Read about him & the Cholesterol Myth at <>www.alienview.net/ALLT1.html#CholesterolMyth
Do the "smart" thing, eh? Keep on wearing that silly loop of pink ribbon (a symbol of facilitated ignorance), and, of course, sending your donations!
Yes, keep trying to believe that *They* are actually looking for a cure, when all you are doing is perpetuating a corrupt system taking your money to sponsor community drives with FREE mammograms... but what if these mammograms are actually causing breast cancer in some women?
Credible researchers like Dr. Mercola, et al, point out that Mammograms hit you with 1000 times the rads of one chest x-ray! Whoa! Consider, many other 1st World countries try to limit this kind of exposure as opposed to our full-tilt-boogie philosophy of "Nipple Irradiating Mammogram Block-Parties" for everybody.
You see, it is all designed so they can start to "manage" your disease for the rest of a compromised life, "management" having nothing to do with "prevention" or "cures" ...oh, wait a minute! Sorry, I forgot, about "cures" like Chemo & Radiation... Stellar procedures where they "shoot at you" and see which one the "bullet" kills first... the cancer or you...and if you live through the "cancer-curing" protocol your immune system is likely so "Fried" you live just long enough to be listed as a cancer "Survivor."
Anyway, back to Cancer prevention in a way promoting an overall health!
Things to avoid:
1).. Avoid ALL PolyUnsat. food oil like Vegetable Oil (mostly Soy & Corn) - the unstable "Poly" portion will go rancid during pressing, remember, requiring the oil be RBDed (refined, bleach & deodorized) with high heat further destroying the oil... ...but it does remove the rancid smell of the now toxic lipids, so that's a plus. Not. See, this RBDing does nothing to remove the toxic and cancer-causing lipid-peroxide molecule as a direct result of Hi-temp pressing & that very deodorization process!
FYI! The preceding only applies to Poly Food Oils, not Poly Medicinal Oils like Flaxseed, Black Currant, Borage, Fish & Krill Oils! These are processed much more expensively with refrigeration & w/o air, so they do not turn rancid or require RBDing.
Remember, the greater percentage of Poly Fatty Acids in the oil - the more toxic! So, the following are the more popular Poly FOOD oils to avoid. Their percentage of Poly oil, from smallest to largest: 1). Canola at about 30 to 35% Poly. 2). Peanut oil at about 50%. 3). Soy & Corn around 60%. 4). Grapeseed oil at 70%. 5). Sunflower at 75% 6). And the grand prize goes to Safflower at a whooping 80% Poly-Oil. Whoot!
...And you thought Safflower oil was good for you!
Now there are hybrid sunflower & safflower plants that actually reverse those numbers by producing oils which are very high in Mono oils... at 75 & 80% or so, much like olive oil at 76% Mono. BUT, I don't recommend these oils over olive oil (a soft fruit) because these hard-seed, low yield oils normally use the toxic solvent Hexane to extract enough oil to be viable & with many, for some reason, they RBD the oil!
In 1994 the prestigious British medical journal, Lancet, published study results showing that 75% of the stuff clogging your arteries was oxidized Unsaturated VEGETABLE Oil... not cholesterol or animal fat or butter & certainly not unrefined Coconut oil. There's your science, folks!
So! Please stop perpetuating the "Solid Saturated Fat is Bad" myth, if you are! That's corporate driven Crapola!
The only time SatFat or Cholesterol are bad for you is if they are "Damaged" by heat, air, light, moisture & time! See, these 5 things turn fats rancid or toxic due to oxidation, usually as a result of high-heat, highly-denatured, over-cooked, over-processed Fake-Foods...humm, the fluffy goodness of Twinkies... any time you see that white, creamy Crap (Twinkies, Oreo's) it is evil hydrogenated Fake-Fat, whipped with Sugar...Enjoy, Bonehead!
An Eskimo eating a big chunk of raw blubber (Solid Saturated Fat & undamaged Cholesterol) insures that he and his kind have the lowest incidence of Heart disease & Cancer on the planet. Inuit children eat raw blubber as a snack the way Eric Cartman does with a big bag o' "Cheezy-Poofs"... Eric being the proud poster child for future cancer, heart disease, and adult onset diabetes.
...But what's a "crack-smoking-Mom-Ho" like Mrs. Cartman to do, anyway?
2).. TransFat from pHVO (partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) is found in Vegetable Shortening like Crisco, most margarines, most P'Nut Butter, virtually every processed food that contains any fat or oils (like Double-Stuff Oreo's)... so this also means most bread, cereal & commercial baked goods to include Eric's "Snacky-Cakes" to the ordinarily thought healthful "seven grain bread." It's all bad if it has pHVO. It's all cancer conducive!
Hey! ...Eric's not a FAT-ass, he's just big-boned!
FYI : many "healthful-looking" seven grain breads likely have the most pHVO (TransFat). This is to inject some fat (with a long shelf-life) into the bread to make these bland "card-boardy", often unpleasant tasting whole grains - taste better.
A challenge! You name any disease and I will tell you how TransFat can cause or exacerbate it! Consider just how easily transfat is so readily incorporated into the cell-wall of every cell in your body causing it to be ineffective with regard to letting good stuff in or bad stuff out. Clearly this short-circuiting of pro-biotic (for-life) organic mechanisms can make any condition worse... or cause virtually any ailment... like what could it be, eh... perhaps... oh I don't know... could it be... Cancer?
If you remember nothing else about this paper, remember this & live it. DO NOT believe the big print on the front food label that says "ZERO TRANSFAT", especially if right below it, in the "t"-tiniest print imaginable, it says "per serving." That's the "code" for them to legally cheat, mislead, and finally KILL you!
If the substance has zero transfat, it shouldn't have to break it down to "per serving"! Right? The whole jar should be tranfat free. No Folks, 99.9% of the time, this "per serving" means it will legally have 1/2 gram of TransFat per serving... ...with thanks and a tip of the hat to your FDA!
You will see this in products that have naturally small servings, like margarine & P'nut butter where that 1/2 gram of "Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil" (TransFat) will loom large... so always check the back label under "other ingredients" & if you see "Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil" - you know it has TranFat, so put it "back on the stack."
The late/great Bill Hicks, always a master of understatement, said - "You know... People in advertising should all voluntarily kill themselves just to make the world a little better place to live."
"Don't be shy, little buddy... suck a truck exhaust! ...Do it for America!"
3).. Sugar & Refined Carbs like white flour - How many times do I have to say it? Sugar & refined flour don't do one good thing nutritionally; in fact they rob you of nutrients in order to metabolize the CRAP... not to mention they are cancer's best buddy.
Please use Stevia or Xylitol instead of sugar & use Coconut Flour, Sweet Potato flour, or Hemp flour instead of Hi-Gluten, Hi-Oxalate, Hi-Phytate flour from cancer preferring wheat, barley, rye or Soy.
Gluten from grains is the hardest protein to digest & is the most allergy problematic protein of all. Undigested gluten can easily trigger an autoimmune response, resulting in joint pain or what-freaking-ever.
Oxalates & Phytates (very high in Soy & Grains) bind to minerals & trace minerals that are required as co-factors to prevent cancer. Homo Erectus, our great grand daddy (500,000 plus years ago), never "ground grains" or "baked breads" - our physiology did not evolve to consume wheat, barley, rye or UN-fermented Soy.
FYI.. Gluten-Free bread, cereal, baked goods, pizza crust, etc. can be found on the web & in some health food stores. These are generally pretty good because they are made from Hemp, Veggies, wheat SPROUTS (not at all the same as a grain of wheat), Seeds & other good stuff.
Folks, as far as hi-carb, starchy foods go - Yams, sweet potatoes, potatoes, butter-nut squash, beans & rice are "REAL" foods; however, bread, cereal & pasta made from wheat, barley, rye & soy are "Fake", processed foods. Avoid!
FYI-2 : Hi-Gluten Rice has NO GLUTEN... in this context it just means "sticky or gummy."
3).. No seafood or pork - fish has mercury, PCP's, etc. Shellfish, lobsters, and the like are the cockroaches of the sea... with cancer you must live as pristine a life as possible... to relieve as much stress as possible to your immune system! Sorry, this also means NO PORK - any animal that eats CRAP, you can't eat.
Consider other grocery store meats as loaded with hormones & antibiotics also attacking your immune system, so I would recommend you get most of your protein from WPI (Whey Protein Isolate) & from Organic or Cage-Free Eggs (poach or soft-boil so white is cooked but the yolk is runny or raw).
If you give your child or a cancer patient a breakfast of highly processed cereal like "Captain Crunch" or "Lucky Charms," pasteurized-homogenized Cow's milk, 2 or 3 spoons of sugar & a big glass of sweet orange, grape or apple juice... you are a malfeasant bonehead.
If, after reading this you continue to give them cereal, sugar, and juice etc., then you are a malfeasant and Evil Bone-Head, because you know better. Continue and I suspect there will be a special spot in Hell with your name on it. Sorry. ...Had to be said.
See, this kind of ignorant malfeasance is why we have a new disease to add to a growing list of 21st Century diseases... I don't care what "they" call it...
...but I call it the "Double D" or "D squared" Disease...this is where your child is born with Type-I Diabetes & then a few years later gets Type-II, Adult Onset Diabetes while still a child...oh wait, we can't call it "Adult Onset Diabetes" anymore because NOW children get it - so we better just stick to calling it Type-II Diabetes.
...And don't even get me started on the little psychopathic "time bombs" created when you follow "The 4 Stages of Early Death" from Zygote to High School:
1..The Zygote & Fetus are :
...drenched with Xeno-Estrogens from things Mom is exposed to... like Plastic cookware, Teflon-lined pans, dishwasher vapors, tap-water, pesticides, fertilizers, car exhaust, plastic food wrap (and about a thousand other things the mother consumes ...due to this "Estrogen-Rich" environment we live in) - then pile on more "Estrogen" in the form of Phyto-Estrogen from Soy Isolate, Soy milk, Soy protein powder, Soy veggie burgers & again, about a thousand other processed Soy products that the pregnant mother consumes reassured they are safe and healthful... Jesus wept !
2..The New Baby is :
...fed more Xeno-Estrogens from Polycarbonate baby bottles plus lots of sugar, grains & more Soy Phyto-Estrogens in baby formula & Soy-Milk...Please Folks, we need to get Estrogen-Mimics out of our lives so our male children don't develop "Cartman Man-Boobs" & little girls don't "become women" at 9 years old.
3..The Child is :
...fed sugar, cow's milk, cereal, sweet juice & lots of processed-food full of Soy, Corn, White-flour & Sugar...and then lets slather on some EVIL, toxic SUNSCREEN that actually causes cancer..
4..The young Adult is :
...fed soda pop, Cheezy-Poofs & more processed-food...& "Waa-la"...
..."Son, your mother would be so proud of how you turned out, you know, if she had not died of cancer... but anyway, here's your black trench coat & the key to the gun cabinet... Hey sport! Before you head out to Columbine, lets have a big bowl of "Sugar-Coated, Sugar-Flakes" with milk & Sugar." They're grrrrr..EAT!
"Ahh... Mr. Graham, we want that "mean, insensitive-bastard" thing resubmitted & put to a vote...anyone who poo-poo's Sugar, Milk & Tony the Tiger must hate America!
Sure, that's cool... but in the mean time, here is the perfect "Cancer Prevention Breakfast" or "Diabetes Prevention Breakfast for Children" or "Get Your Head Screwed on Straight Breakfast for ADD, depression, aggressive behavior, Alzheimer's... Hey! It might even take the edge off 'Bone Headedness'...naa, probably not!
Smoothie, Veggie & Egg B'fast :
1.. Smoothie - (a). Whey Protein Isolate with Cross-Flow or Micro Filtration. Avoid "Whey Protein Concentrate & Ion-exchange". (b). 1 Banana &/or a handful of small dark berries. (c). Sweeten with Stevia or Xylitol - as a last resort, a small amount of Tupelo Honey. (d). Ice Water. (e). If you put a raw Egg Yolk in your smoothie (which I HIGHLY recommend) - gently stir in with a fork AFTER the hi-speed blending. (f). Try something truly kinky & healthful in your smoothie, blend in Avocado...it is synergistic with virtually all other fruits.
2.. Organic, Gage-Free or Free-Range Eggs - Separate the white from the yolk & soft scramble the white (with sautéed veggies if you like) on low heat in butter to convert the Biotin-Binding Glycoprotein only found in the whites. Then gentle stir the raw yolk into the smoothie after the Hi-speed blending so you don't destroy the delicate Omega-3's... or you can let the scrambled whites cool somewhat & then stir the raw egg yolk back into the cooked whites. And yes, again smash in Avocado with whites & yolks. Yeah, it takes some effort to raise healthy kids & avoid cancer.
3.. Avocado & Tomato Medley - You have to be a really good mother to go to the trouble to make this for breakfast. OK, I'll stop the Jewish Mother, guilt routine.... unless it's working...
Chop ripe avocados & tomatoes (and any other veggies) then drizzle on some olive oil & balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, or lemon juice & sweeten w. Stevia or a tiny amount of Tupelo honey. The powerful, anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, Lycopene (in tomatoes), being fat-soluble, must have that little bit of oil (or any fat) to be absorbed.
All things, being equal - a child that eats these 2 or 3 things for breakfast every day will have a higher IQ than a kid that eats sugar, milk & cereal every morning. Of course there is no proof of this because NO ONE will fund research pitting Cereal, Milk & Sugar Against Whey, Eggs & Avocados...but I know in my heart it is true... and so do YOU!
OK, a few simple things to do:
1).. Eat raw veggies - especially (a). Cruciferous veggies like Broccoli & Cabbage. (b). Green-Leafy veggies but never use nutritionally weak, Iceberg lettuce, (c). Magical Sulphur containing foods like Onions & Garlic. (d). Medicinal mushrooms like Maitake, Shiitake (will work best if cooked to soften the hard to digest cell-wall).
To learn to make the best homemade Salad Dressing in the world, "Olive Oil Vinaigrette with Avocado", scroll down to # 34 at http://www.alienview.net/ALLTCON.html & read the Valentine's Day paper with "Aphrodisiac Recipes". Scroll down to "SALAD DRESSING" if you don't want to read the whole paper & get your partner in the mood with "Baked Stuffed Yam & Banana".
2).. Take a Multi-Vit/Min that is 2 steps above Centrum and does not contain minerals that are chelated to CARBONATE, OXIDE or CHLORIDE. Grocery store Multi's are Crap.
3).. Take EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids) - Plant-derived Oil (Flax, Black Currant, Borage, Primrose, Hemp)...Animal-Derived Oil (Krill, Fish, Fish-Liver).
If I were a Vegetarian I would take Black Currant Oil & freshly ground Flaxseed. If a non-Veg. then I would take Black Currant Oil & Krill Oil...or just Krill Oil by itself. Optional for either group is Shelled Hemp Seeds.
4).. Take 800mg of Calcium in 2 divided doses of 400mg from Citrate, Malate, Amino-acid Chelated, Krebs Cycle Chelated, et al -- BUT NEVER Carbonate.
However MOST IMPORTANTLY - take 1000mg of Magnesium Citrate, Malate, etc.-- BUT NEVER Oxide.
Optional Supplements for Cancer & overall good health :
1).. Colostrum in capsule form only - take 2 or 3 times the label dosages without food for at least 1 hour either side. Really pumps up the immune system. I'm not kidding about the big doses...it's only food - so if you can afford it take 6 to 10 caps twice daily w/o food...then over the months you can slowly reduce that down to 2 or 3 caps twice daily. Only use Capsule form...don't use powder, liquid or tablets.
2).. IP-6 ...anti-cancer Killer Cells & more. MUST BE taken with no food & no other supplements on an empty stomach. This creates a problem for me so I take IP-6 in the middle of the night when I invariable wake up to tinkle.
3).. Selenium - it's DIRT CHEAP - take 300mcg to 500mcg daily total. take selenomethionine or Amino-Acid chelated form. The #1 anti-cancer trace mineral. Most Multi's have about 120mcg.
4).. MSM - cancer fighter & much, much more. You can't OD & it's cheap so take big doses like 6 to 10 grams daily. This will also relieve your joint pain.
5).. Shark Cartilage - If you actually have cancer, take as big a dose as you can stomach 2 or 3 times daily in capsule form (it comes in powder form but it is just too fishy to take that way). This has been shown to reduce tumors. 15 or 20 grams a day is not too much.
Shark Cartilage inhibits the formation of new tiny blood vessels...which is how Psoriasis, Eye Disease & Cancer spread.
*WARNING*, do not take SC if you are recovering from a blood clot in your leg because it will inhibit the little blood vessels from seeking & creating new paths around the clot.
6).. Maitake, Shiitake & Reishi mushroom - Take in capsule form ...again (if you actually have cancer) take 3 or 4 times the dosage on label. It's ok.
7)..Anti oxidants - take as broad a spectrum as possible like... Grapeseed extract, R-Fraction ALA, Resveratrol, NAC... (Take with 1000mg of Vitamin C), & SOD (must be Enteric-Coated tablet or Enteric-coated capsule & taken w/o food so opens in your gut, not your stomach). ...Important stuff in the preceding parenthesis, reader.
You know, I could almost forgive our so-called Doctors & Dieticians their easy duplicity promoting the "Cancer-Agenda," but one thing remains to stick in my craw!
Yeah, you porcine icons of medical mendaciousness! Push your Pharmz all you want... but stop prosecuting every lie in the book wrongly convincing people that Supplements, Diet & toxin-avoidance have virtually nothing to do with cancer PREVENTION. Yes yes yes... I understand you can't do the former if you do the latter. That's your problem exclusively.
This, too. If you can detect "it" you didn't prevent "it," 'Kay? 'Kay. Don't pretend to call "detection,"... Prevention. It's a dangerous lying insult only where it's not an insulting dangerous lie.
Alan Graham
That's enough, eh? Well be.

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