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Is Project PATHWAY
Another UK Psy-Op?
By Ted Twietmeyer
This article is my way of showing my appreciation to the two men in black who harrassed me, early in the afternoon of April 7th, 2009 - right out in the open at the New York City LaGuardia Airport baggage claim area. You know who you are. You should be thanking yourselves for encouraging me to take the time to write this article. Let's hope you get demoted down to cleaning toilets using toothbrushes with 2" handles - without rubber gloves. Film at 11...
Any now I return the favor.
There is a curious habit in the intelligence world of creating project names that are often related to what the project is about. It's most likely related to memory and associations. Project Pathway may be one such project - designed to create a pathway of fear into people's minds. Let's take a closer look at this foolishness.
I recently came across a supposed "blunder" photo of a UK government employee named Bob Quick (a perfect name for the man who did the fast screw-up.) The story goes that he was walking into a meeting at #10 Downing St. and openly displayed a SECRET document.
For those who have secret clearance, this kind of document exposure is the Earthly equivalent in punishment for a Christian that curses the Holy Ghost (even though no English words or phrases exist to curse the Holy Ghost.) I know this because I've held secret clearance. Leave just ONE document on your desk after you have left work for the day or even go to lunch, EVEN IN A SECURE AREA and you will be written up by a patrolling security guard. Do it again and your finished, that is, if you get a second chance. It's a world of incredibly deep paranoia most screenwriters know little or nothing about. And you thought the Masons were bad.
It's the illegal activities that any given government does which are classified by that government. No government wants their citizens to know what they are really up to. If the people knew what was going, no one would sleep at night. Anywhere. And a revolt just might break out.
Shades of Casino Royale foolishness? Was Inspector Clouseau holding this document?
Oh, that's right - Sellers is already dead.
Below is the same document, rotated and slightly enlarged which is barely readable.
(Extract of text from this document is included below image):
Now let's take a closer look at this exposed document. It appears to summarize what Pathway is about.
The above document appears to contain the following text:
Briefing Note ­ Operation PATHWAY
General Overview
This is a security service lead investigation into AQ driven attack planning within the UK.
The current Executive Action phase relates to: -
11 subjects
7 adversaries
3 * GMP [?]
* Dynamic entry * Firearms
3 * Merseyside
* Dynamic entry * Firearms
4 * Lancasture
* Unarmed entry due to the premises being ..
* Access/Violation type .
* Immigration status
10 * Student visas [foreign?] born nationals ­ all from .
[8?] UK [???] national
* [???] Detention
Manchester *
Leads *
Burningham *
* Command structures
NCT[3?] ______
??? _____
??? _____
* Command structures ­ GOLD
GOLD ­ Merseyside
GOLD ­ Lancasture
* Community Impact, Engagement, Re????
Planned through ____________
Plan to be [explained?] at GOLD meeting at 3.[PM?]
(Last lines on paper not easily readable.)
While we can't read everything on it we can get the jist of it. The terms "dynamic entry" and "firearms" appear to indicate a directive is or was in place for UK storm troopers to knock down doors of targeted individuals in two different cities. But of greater concern might be project GOLD and what its about. It doesn't sound good.
Is this document real? It may have been planned as psychological warfare, since intelligence services know their targets will find it.
Why would Mr. Quick be carrying two folders with this document outside of them, knowing that such an exposure would mean his job?
Why are certain lines blacked out so neatly?
Who did the censoring - The Times or the photographer?
What happened to Mr. Quick? After resignation was he thrown into a dungeon, or congratulated for his clever "slight of hand?"
Is Mr. Quick already near retirement age and independently wealthy, and doesn't need this job?
Examining the enlargement we see it clearly shows sharp edged, blacked-out censoring lines were added AFTER the photo was taken.
How did the Times know which lines were critical to security?
Who did the graphics work? Doing this diagonally isn't easy with pixilation and jaggy lines - even with the best software.
My guess is that this document will be talked about for some time to come. Mr. Quick's quick resignation (couldn't resist that) is a clever way to add credibility to the document and with it, the intended fear factor for those unaware of psychological operations. This exposure of this document is reminiscent of the infamous Roswell papers for MJ-12.
If project Pathway is legitimate (which is doubtful) it would be re-named immediately because of this foolishness.
Perhaps PATHWAY is an acronym which stands for something like:
Programming All The Hate With Anyway You can.
But the games will go on
It was expressed well many years ago by Cat Stevens:
"Oh the games people play, now.
every night and every day now,
Never meanin' what they say now,
never saying what they mean..."
Ted Twietmeyer
Rotation and enlargements:
by author
Update From Ted...
A reader has sent me the following data to update some of the details:
1. The "GMP" in question is Greater Manchester Police
2. "Lancasture" is actually LANCASHIRE - a country in the North West of England - where Manchester sits and borders Merseyside (Liverpool)
Ted Twietmeyer
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