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The Root Of All Evil
Manipulating Order Out Of Fear

By Philip Jones
On 29th April 2009, the U K's Daily Mail ran the following headline;
"Teenager burned alive in scene from horror movie was 'caught up in love triangle'"
The `newspaper` reported that on June 6th last year, seventeen year old Simon Everitt, died after being tied to a tree, doused all over with petrol, and then burned alive. The reason? Because he had had an affair with the girlfriend of one of his alleged killers. Everitt, had been seen arguing with the accused Jonathan Clarke shortly before he disappeared on June 6th last year. The Court heard the teenager had allegedly been lured to a remote woodland and killed. His charred remains were found in a ditch close to the tree he had been tied to with blue nylon rope.
The prosecution introduced into evidence a horror movie called `Severance` which Clarke allegedly watched in March last year, three months prior to the crime. Jurors were shown a clip from the film, in which a young woman is seen tied to a tree, before being doused in liquid and then set on fire. The prosecution case is alleging that the killing of Mr Everitt was a recreation of the film scene.
2006 film Severance (above)
This appalling story would still be so if it were a lone and rare occurrence, but we live in an age of unprecedented evil and chaos. During my fifteen years spent as a Police officer, I served for three years attached to the Juvenile Bureau in Central London, dealing with young offenders, and became increasingly concerned and dismayed at the levels of extreme and calculated violence being displayed by many British youths, and the severity of the attacks perpetrated on their victims.
So the question is; has it always been this way, or is our world becoming a more dangerous, corrupt and perverse place to live? In the Bible Book of Timothy we read this:
"But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, self-assuming, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, 3 having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, 4 betrayers, headstrong, puffed up [with pride], lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, 5 having a form of godly devotion but proving false to its power; and from these turn away".2 Timothy 3:1-5
I am aware that I am running the risk of over use of this verse, and yet nothing I have read elsewhere so perfectly describes our human condition here in the early part of the twenty first century.
The Road To Perdition. Yesterday afternoon, I received an email from an American woman with whom I correspond fairly regularly and she gave comment on another article of mine entitled `As You Sow, So Shall You Reap`. The lady mentioned that she was of the opinion that the above Biblical verse no more described our world today than it has previous era's and that this was simply an unfortunate description of the human experience down through the ages. But I beg to differ. Yes, throughout man's history on this planet, there have been evil and evil doers, but the sheer scale and scope of the carnage now being wrought on man by what is ostensibly at least his fellow man has no precedent that I am aware of.
How far down the road to perdition have we come, when such a sick and tragic tale as that above can be counted amongst hundreds, even thousands of acts of wickedness being perpetrated by humanity on humanity. Read any newspaper, watch the prime time news, listen to the radio any hour of the day or night and one is bombarded by horror.
Just skimming through the News today on the Internet, here were some of the headlines from around the world:
A teenage student, armed with an assault rifle, holds his fellow students and teachers hostage at gunpoint in Brazil.
Another little girl goes missing believed abducted in Australia.
In France, a teenager confesses to having murdered someone just for the thrill of it and to having shown the corpse to friends who kept the secret for weeks.
In Russia, a sexual predator is arrested for exchanging tips with other pedophiles on how to seduce children over the Internet.
These are just some of the shocking crimes making the news nowadays. Can any of us feel secure in our homes? Many of us will know how it feels to be a victim of crime. Do you feel safe in your neighborhood, especially at night? Have you or your family been affected by crime? Millions of people worldwide-even in countries once considered relatively safe-admit to having a haunting fear of crime and violence. Consider the following snapshots from various lands.
Asia: The Asia Times reports: "Once Japan was among the safest countries in the world . Now, however, the once-cherished sense of personal safety appears antiquated, and national security has been supplanted by deep anxiety about crime and global terrorism."
South America: In a news report yesterday, prominent figures in Brazil predict that urban warfare in São Paulo in almost inevitable. Following many weeks of sporadic violence, the country's president urged an immediate deployment of the army onto the city's streets. In Central America and Mexico, due to the estimated presence of at least 50,000 juvenile gang members on the streets of the major cities, the authorities of the region have placed the security forces on alert, says a report in the newspaper Tiempos del Mundo. Since 2005 it is believed that about 60,000 people have died at the hands of juvenile gangs in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala."
Canada: USA Today reports that Law Enforcement `agencies` point to an alarming increase in gangs," "Police have identified 73 street gangs operating in Toronto." According to the same source, the Toronto police chief stated that he knew of no simple solution to this growing menace of organised urban violence.
South Africa: Patrick Burton, a crime researcher, states in the Financial Mail: "Fear of crime permeates every aspect of young South Africans' lives." This includes "violent crimes such as aggravated robberies, hijacking and bank heists," says the paper.
France: Many residents of housing estates, or housing developments, endure daily terror as "they climb staircases that have been vandalised, enter car parks that have become no-go areas, and use public transport that is dangerous after dark."-Guardian Weekly.
United States: Organized gangs are adding to the crime wave. According to a report in The New York Times, in one particular state, a police survey reported that nearly 17,000 youths, male and female, belong to one of some 700 gangs. This is an increase of about 10,000 members in just four years.
The UK: Referring to a UNICEF report about the state of children and crime, The London Times reported that : "Increasing numbers of young Britons are dying at the point of a gun. Victims and perpetrators of gun crime are getting younger and younger." The prison population in England and Wales has ballooned to over 80,000.
Kenya: A mother and daughter who did not exit their vehicle fast enough were shot by carjackers alongside a busy highway, says a news report. Kenya's capital, Nairobi, has become notorious for all kinds of crime, including carjackings, muggings, and violent home invasions.
The Root Of All Evil.
It appears that regardless of where in the world we live, every day seems to bring in another crop of ever more lurid crimes. As our youth is systematically immunised against horror by television, movies, video games and graphic war scenes on prime time news shows, the rest of us feel our `pain` threshold is approaching overload. So we ask ourselves what has caused all morality and restraint to become so downgraded, whilst evil, vice and licentiousness reign virtually unopposed? But perhaps the question should be not what but who has caused this demise of all things decent?
In the Bible Book of Revelation, we read : Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time. Revelation 12:12.
The concept of a literal Satan/Lucifer/Devil will to many reading this be little more than an absurdity. Yet some of these same doubters will readily accept the concept of ET for example. This writer accepts the Biblical account in so much as he has explored other avenues of thought on this matter and found all of them to lack the authority of the Scriptures. Jesus himself acknowledged that although people are capable of wicked acts, he clearly identified the very source of evil as being Lucifer the Devil.
As writer and broadcaster Ludovic Kennedy states, for centuries no one in Christendom doubted the reality of the Devil. Rather, Christians were at times "obsessed by the power of Satan and his demons," as Professor Norman Cohn puts it. (Europe's Inner Demons) This obsession was not limited to simple, uneducated peasants. The belief that the Devil materialized in the form of an animal to preside over evil and obscene rituals, for example, "belonged not to the folklore of the illiterate majority, but, on the contrary, to the world view of the intellectual elite," says Professor Cohn. This "intellectual elite"-including learned clerics-was responsible for the witch-hunts that swept through Europe from the 15th to the 17th century, when church and civil authorities are said to have tortured and killed about 50,000 alleged witches.
Not surprisingly, many have rejected what they consider to be wild, superstitious notions about the Devil. Even back in 1726, Daniel Defoe derided people's belief that the Devil was a frightful monster "with bat's wings, horns, cloven foot, long tail, forked tongue, and the like." Such ideas, he said, were "weak fancied trifles" manufactured by "devil-raisers and devil-makers" who "cheated the ignorant world with a devil of their own making."
Is that how you see things? Do you agree that "the devil is in reality man's invention to account for his own sinfulness"? That statement appears in The Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible, and many who profess to be Christians think that way. Christendom's theologians, says Jeffrey Burton Russell, have by and large "dismissed the Devil and the demons as superstitious relics."
Yet, to some people, the Devil is very real. They reason that there must be some kind of superhuman, malignant force behind the recurrent evils that pervade man's history. "The horrors that the twentieth century has produced," says Russell, provide one reason why "belief in the Devil, after a long lapse, is rapidly reappearing." According to author Don Lewis, a number of modern, educated people who "smile patronisingly" at the superstitious beliefs and fears of "their artless ancestors" are "once again becoming enthralled by the evil element in the supernatural."-Religious Superstition Through the Ages.
The Book of Genesis tells us that Lucifer induced other angels to join him in rebellion. Like he himself, these `Fallen Angels` took an improper and perverse sexual interest in humans with disastrous consequences.
Evil Fills the Earth. In Genesis 6:1,2 we read: "When men started to grow in numbers, and daughters were born to them, then the sons of God began to notice the daughters of men, that they were fair; and they went taking wives for themselves, namely, all whom they chose."
Who were those "sons of God"? The Bible refers to them as the Nephilim, the `Fallen Angels` who joined with Lucifer in rebellion against God. Having copulated with mortal women, they produced a race of hybrids who grew into giants, known in the scriptures as the `Anakim`. They are described as "the mighty ones who were of old, the men of renown" Genesis 6:4.
The Nephilim and their progyny took wickedness to new lows. "The earth came to be ruined in the sight of God and became filled with violence," Gensis 6:11. And it was not long before humanity adopted the violent, depraved ways of the newcomers in their midst.
How did these `Fallen Angels` and their offspring exert such a powerful evil influence on humans? By appealing to mankind's sinful inclination and desires. The result? "All flesh . ruined its way on the earth." Finally, God destroyed that world in a global Deluge, sparing only righteous Noah and his family. (Genesis 6:5, 12-22). The scriptures tell us that the incarnate angels returned to the heavens in disgrace. As debased demons, they continued to oppose God, and they have remained a potent force in human affairs.
Myths Legends or Hidden Truth. Stories about demigods, giants, and a cataclysmic flood are found in ancient mythologies worldwide. For example, the Akkadian Epic of Gilgamesh mentions a flood, a ship, and survivors. Gilgamesh himself was described as a lustful, violent demigod, or part god, part man. Aztec mythology tells of an ancient world inhabited by giants and of a great deluge. Norse legend describes a race of giants and a wise man named Bergelmir who constructed a large boat and saved himself and his wife. The combined testimony of all such legends corroborates the Bible's testimony that all humans have descended from the survivors of a deluge that destroyed an ancient wicked world.
Lucifer Uncovered. The traits of the Nephilim are seen in people today. The extent of Lucifer's evil influence is revealed at 1 John 5:19 which states: "The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one." This great deceiver, the original adversary is clearly maneuvering mankind into a tempest of increasing woes. In fact, from looking at the state of our world today, it is obvious that he is more determined than ever to unleash chaos and suffering. Again, In Revelation 12:7-12 we read : "Woe for the earth, because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time." So how can we recognise Lucifers's influence over mankind today? Primarily, he does so through his agents here in this dimension, those bloodline families who claim descent from the Nephilim. I am speaking about the Illuminati. In his stellar Historical account of this cabal, the Canadian Author David Livingstone writes;
"The Illuminati claim to be descended of Fallen Angels, who taught them the "Ancient Wisdom", also known as the Kabbalah, which they have been preserving throughout the centuries. These Fallen Angels are referred to in the Bible, Book of Genesis, as the Nephilim, or "Sons of God", and were said to have descended to earth and intermarried with human beings. Christian interpretations struggle with the passage, choosing to translate the term into "mighty men". However, apocryphal Jewish texts explain that they were the devil and his legions, who were cast out of Heaven, and took wives from the female descendants of Cain. They produced a race known as the Anakim"
The New Age Movement also plays it's part in this conspiracy of evil by promoting a false and deceitful pantheistic spiritualism that molds and governs the way that people think and act (See my Lucifer Rising Article on Rense.com). It seems to me that evil is in the `ether` these days and the Bible seems to confirm this in Ephesians 2:2 which calls Lucifer "the ruler of the authority of the air, the spirit or, prevailing attitude that now operates in the sons of disobedience." Instead of encouraging goodness, decency, morality and righteousness, this demonic "air" breeds rebellion against God and all his standards of what is fine and proper. Lucifer and his demons thus promote and aggravate the evil perpetrated by humans.
One manifestation of this "air" is the plague of pornography, which inflames improper sexual desires and makes aberrant behavior appear to be appealing. Rape, sadism, gang rape, bestiality, and the sexual abuse of children are some of the subjects that pornography features as entertainment. Even in its less noxious forms, pornography can be highly addictive and harms those who view it or read it, turning them into habitual voyeurs. It is an evil that damages both human relations and one's relationship with God. Pornography reflects the debased mentality of the demons who promote it, rebels whose improper sexual desires date back to the Pre-Flood world of the Nephilim.
Another symptom of the sickness in our world is the escalation of violence in all it's forms. It is no coincidence that violence, often with occult themes, now saturates the popular media. The Nephilim are dead and gone, but their descendent's live among us and have captured all the positions of power and influence. (See Fritz Springmeiers Blood Lines of The Illuminati).
Violence, Vice and Disorder; What are they doing about it ? During the fifteen years I spent as a Police Officer in Central London, I witnessed time and again how the so called justice system in the UK failed it's citizens. I watched as all manner of criminal activity escalated, particularly crimes involving violence against the person, lewd and perverse behaviour and gradually over time, I became sickened by the daily occurrences of social depravity. And as the situation became ever more desperate, the government and it's will to combat this `nosedive` into chaos became ever more invisible. It was almost as if they actually wanted chaos to reign unchecked. This was long before I understood the Modus Operandi of that elitist Luciferian Cabal known as the Illuminati.
Ordo Ab Chao (Order Out Of Chaos). In many of his books and articles, the British researcher and author David Icke uses the term, `Problem Reaction Solution` to simplify what should more correctly be called the `Hegelian Dialectic`. Nonetheless, I agree that Mr Icke's interpretation is spot on and I believe that successive UK governments, have conspired for many years to create a situation where chaos and disorder go unchallenged by authority in order to let it reach the point where the hapless and distraught citizens cry out in their collective agony that `something must be done` no matter what the cost, to either their wallets or their liberties. The `Hidden Hand` of the Illuminati which manipulates our world today from behind the scenes, has brought our civilisation to the point whereby many people, mesmerised by television 24/7 shrug their shoulders at the ever more depraved images of brutality and depravity on their screens and even worse on the streets where they live. At the same time, people's ability to withstand this all out assault on the collective and individual psyche bends ever more and approaches breaking point.
For the better part of my adult life, I have watched as successive British `Governments` have allowed, even encouraged by their inaction, violence, vice and criminality to proliferate on the streets of our towns and cities. They have done nothing whilst pedophiles prey on our young children, whilst prostitutes prowl the night, drawing every form of depravity and perversion with them. They have sat back for four decades, whilst drug abuse has destroyed whole families, even communities passing one impotent piece of legislation after another, knowing full well that it would fail. Our `leaders` have allowed every form of vice imaginable to become legal and profited themselves from it, whilst a whole generation of our most vulnerable are exposed nightly to the violent and degenerate images being broadcast into their living rooms by those purveyors of evil in Hollywood, and those much closer to home.
While paying `lip service` to law and order, it is clear that at least since the end of WWII, the British State, riddled from top to toe as it is with Traitors, Satanists, Freemasons, Marxists and other subversives, has not only stood idly by whilst a once proud and decent nation fell inexorably ever more into it's present sad and degraded state, but knowingly and with malice aforethought, actively orchestrated, manufactured and encouraged all those above mentioned factors which has contributed to and caused the gradual erosion and decline in all that was once good about Britain.
We are living in what many Christians believe to be the `End Days` prophesied in the Bible. Not so long ago, I would have raised an eyebrow or two at such a suggestion. But even a former Police Officer like myself, who is by nature sceptical, and who for the majority of his life denied God and Christ can look at the evidence and join the dots. These are undoubtedly Satanic times. All around us, we see the symbols of the so called `Light Bearer` who in typically Masonic doublespeak is nothing of the sort. He is the dark and malevolent force which has plagued humanity since Eden. The horrific and bloodthirsty murder of Simon Everitt, bears the hallmarks of a ritual killing, and just as with the vast multitude of other innocent victims of dreadful and murderous violence; Lucifer, the real killer and mastermind of all that is evil will for now go `Scot Free` while if convicted, Johnathon Clarke rots his life away in prison having sold his soul for what?
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