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Who Wrecked Your
World Economy
Before Solving The Problem, One
Must First Identify The Culprits

By Douglas Herman
Exclusive To Rense.com
So you looked in the mirror and you saw you were not to blame. You looked at the TV screen and saw the faces of the culprits. You studied the internet, you listened to talk radio shows and heard the outraged hosts cast blame and name names. You read the newspaper editorials and you knew, or thought you knew, who and what caused the global crash, and you knew it might get worse. 
You knew it wasn't you, who wrecked the world economy. You knew it was someone without any scruples. You knew, or thought you knew, that the culprits must have skipped high school Civics class, or failed Ethics or World Religion in college or plagiarized their class assignments and cheated on their tests. 
Mostly you knew YOU were not to blame. How could you be to blame, with your crummy little job? Besides, you always did your civic duty and voted in most elections. At least the elections that really meant something, the national elections and mid-term elections, when you felt smug and superior for voting for either the smoothest Democrat or Republican candidate. 
You knew, in your heart of hearts, that gangsta rap and violent video games and strip clubs wrecked the world economy. How did you know this? Because highly paid talk radio hosts and local politicians and presidential candidates all said they did. You also knew that steroid-abusing, spoiled, overpaid sports stars wrecked the world economy. How did you know this? Because highly paid sportswriters and talk show hosts said they did. When they told you this, on those endless TV sports shows, you nearly tore up your season tickets in a fit of justified anger. 
You knew that silicon-breasted models, like Pam Anderson and her PETA gang, wrecked the world economy. You knew that PETA and Greenpeace were far worse that the PATRIOT Act, because self-righteous talk radio hosts told you they were and you believed them. 
You knew that Conspiracy Theorists wrecked the global economy. How? Because they eroded faith in public officials. Not that these public servants weren't beyond scrutiny but by wasting valuable time, discussing wacky ideas instead of contributing to the economy, these conspiracy theorists left America vulnerable to the next attack, which they endlessly predicted. You knew these sick people, sicker than gangsta rappers or spoiled sports stars, wanted the economy to fail. Why? Because they needed to fulfill some dark, pessimistic yearning or they had all invested in gold. 
You looked in the mirror and you knew that religious nuts wrecked the economy. The ones who wanted to home school their kids.
You knew that gun nuts had wrecked the world economy. Why? Because they mistrusted the government for some reason, and kept mentioning Oklahoma City or Waco or Ruby Ridge or Randy Weaver, people and places you had never heard of before. 
You knew that unions had wrecked the world economy. Why? Because union workers wanted better paying jobs and health insurance. These greedy bastards wanted a wage that was only 50-100 times smaller than the CEOs, instead of 500-1000 times smaller. You knew that all the jobs in America and Europe went overseas because of union demands and those greedy union officials, and thus these leeches helped wreck the world economy. How did you know this? Because highly paid talk radio hosts and wealthy elected officials said they did. 
You knew that illegal immigrants wrecked the world economy. You saw them standing there by the road every day, silently wrecking the economy in their shabby clothes. You knew that somehow they snuck into the country, somehow bypassed the airport where the PATRIOT Act was enforced in full swing, and slowly wrecked the entire world economy with their sly offer to do all the dirty work. You just knew they were to blame. How? Because highly paid talk radio hosts and politicians told you they were. 
You knew that greedy homebuyers were to blame. They wheedled those honest bankers out of all that hard-earned money, and bought houses they couldn't afford. For years these scammers had clicked on those flashy internet links that promised them $500,000 houses for $500 down. Then they took the money offered by Freddie & Fannie & IndyMac & Wamu and bought houses they hoped to flip because they watched that reality show, Flip This or That Old House, and conspired to wreck the world economy. 
You knew that Libertarians, Anarchists, Independents and so-called Constitutionalists and all these other third party candidates had wrecked the world economy. You just knew it! You knew these wacky people were always the ones calling for increased accountability rather than trust in the Two Party system. And, thankfully, you knew that you had never handed them your hard-earned dollars, your sacred vote or heeded their wacky warnings. 
These noisy rabble rousers always claimed that the Two Party system protected the ruling elites, protected bankers and Wall Street speculators from oversight or scrutiny, protected top intelligence chiefs and professional politicians and their lobbyists, protected Pentagon toymakers and corporate dons and ultra-secret societies, protected them all from too much scrutiny. 
Of course, Thank God, the highly paid talk radio and TV hosts and Op-Ed columnists of the US mainstream media always lampooned these moralistic cretins. They belittled and taunted these nut cases with their wide-eyed messages that the entire ruling elite was somehow suspect. But this coalition of troublemakers, including people like Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, Dennis Kucinch, Bob Bowman, Uri Avnery, Dahr Jamail, Naomi Wolf, Wayne Madsen, Steve Lendman, Norman Finkelstein, Devy Kidd, Robert Fisk, Noam Chomski, Rob Moody, Jeff Rense, Alex Cockburn, Paul Craig Roberts, Michael Moore, Murray Rothbard, Sherman Skolnick, Jon Gold, Aidan Monaghan, Alex Jones and thousands of others just like them and their spawn, swayed enough believers. 
And pretty soon, wouldn't you know it, the entire world economy was wrecked.
Along with dozens of other fine Internet writers, longtime gadfly and history buff, Douglas Herman correctly predicted the meltdown of the US economy with columns like "<http://www.strike-the-root.com/4/herman/herman35.html>Money--Funny, Scary, Paper Money" (Google), years before Gerald Celente or Nouriel Roubini. He lives in Bullhead City, Arizona and frequents douglasherman7@yahoo.com
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