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Hate Bill Protest
Overwhelms Senate!
Yet Gays Calling In, Too

By Rev. Ted Pike
Largely as a result of my last e-alert (See, http://www.truthtellers.org/alerts/foulhbhearingrigged.htm - Foul! Hate Bill Hearing Rigged!), massive protest calls overwhelmed the US Senate today. Phone lines have been jammed. One Republican Senator's office told me that, even with five receptionists, they have been "inundated." Other offices said that word perfectly describes the tidal wave of anger Americans express at Sen. Leahy's outrageous choice of hate bill witnesses; he selected five in favor of the hate bill versus just one conservative!
The extensive protest calling today was a breakthrough. But our opponents are also busy. The homosexual <http://www.hrc.org/sites/hatecrimes/index.asp>Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has ignited a full-scale counterattack, directed primarily to Democrat Senators. Democrat offices report that pro-hate bill calls today have outnumbered those in opposition.
Since the homosexual lobby will be calling tomorrow, we must, too! We must especially call Democrat Senators. Even while the hearing is underway Thursday (See, <http://judiciary.senate.gov/hearings/hearing.cfm?id=3943>Judiciary hearing page), the staff of Judiciary Senators will keep them periodically posted about the level of calls.
From where is this tsunami of hate bill protest coming? Following NPN's alert last Thursday that a hate bill hearing was scheduled, Evangelical watchdog groups now encourage calls against the hate bill in anticipation of Thursday's hearings. Unfortunately, none of their websites (including WorldNetDaily) spreads the word about Leahy's outrageous discrimination against conservative witnesses. As a result they are missing an incredible opportunity to kill the hate bill.
Instead, enormous and increasing opposition-and willingness to take action-has come from my constituents of alternative talk radio and the internet. Alternative media attracts thinkers, activists, and those dissatisfied with mainstream answers and leadership. I can generate more action from a relatively small talk show on the Republic or Genesis radio networks than an evangelical superstation! Clearly, the forces of alternative media are coming of age; they have proven today that they can shake Congress.
The next question is: Will the Democrats cancel the hearing, or will they bull their way to certain scathing criticism by Republican Judiciary members and even probable disdain from their own ranks? No one can deny or doubt that Leahy's discrimination against conservatives is yet more evidence that the hate bill is too weak to withstand normal Congressional scrutiny.
Democrat leadership is silent. Yet we can be sure of one thing: Our best chance to kill the hate bill is to continue today's momentum with heavy protest, especially targeting Democrats. If only a few defect from hate bill support, it could mean the end of the hate bill in Congress.
It could also deal a solar plexus blow to other hate bills now pushing forward.
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