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New Video - Holder Admits
No Equality Under Hate Bill

By Rev. Ted Pike
Will federal hate bill S. 909 equally protect all Americans from violent hate crimes?
Attorney General Eric Holder says NO.
See new video Here!  (link to video...www.truthtellers.org)
In Senate testimony last week, Holder attempted to justify passage of the Matthew Shephard Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Instead, he worked against it. Holder emphatically said most Americans are not given equal protection with homosexuals (and homosexual pedophiles) by the hate bill. Holder also presented no evidence that states are failing to prosecute hate crimes and need big government to get involved!
Co-hosted with my wife Alynn, our latest video discusses Holder's testimony proving that the hate bill is unconstitutional and dangerous legislation. This video is a must-watch, in the final days before possible hate bill passage, for all who need powerful, easily-understood ammunition. It can help not only you and your friends, but members of the US Senate and their staff understand why all should oppose the hate bill.
Again, we encourage you to wiew the video at www.truthtellers.org, Holder Admits: No Equality Under Hate Bill (10 min), then call your Senators - even all 100 members of the Senate (http://www.truthtellers.org/actionplan.html names available HERE at www.truthtellers.org) 
Call toll-free 1-877-851-6437 or toll 1-202-225-3121. Tell them "Please don't vote for the hate bill, S. 909. It doesn't give equal protection under the law and is unnecessary. This is what Attorney Eric Holder revealed recently in his Judiciary testimony. You can watch it the new ten-minute video on the homepage of www.truthtellers.org."
Making the Most of Holder's Mistakes
As we have seen many times over the last 11 years, God causes hate bill supporters in Congress to bungle, especially when it seems certain the hate bill is about to pass. This happened eight weeks ago in the House, when Rep. Alcee Hastings shot off his mouth in favor of protection of pedophiles. Now, Holder's admissions could be just as disastrous to the hate bill. But it's up to us to take the best advantage of these opportunities.
The next step in movement of the hate bill is the Senate Mark-up session, not yet scheduled. Republican Senators, if they and the people demand it, may yet have opportunity to debate the hate bill and propose amendments. Every time the Democrats concede to public hearings on their very shaky hate bill, they mess up. NPN dramatizes their mistakes, trumpeting them to the world.
The coming Mark-up could provide even more grist to embarrass Democrats and slow the hate bill. Keep calling senators, especially members of the Senate Judiciary. Encourage staffers to watch our video of Holder in disarray. If enough people take action, we could again make Democrats indecisive. They could fail to pass the hate bill before summer recess.
By next September, a lot could go wrong for the Democrats as Americans become more educated, articulate, and politically effective. It is not inconceivable that the hate bill could still not be passed by next fall. Then Democrats might delay, increasingly uneasy that elections will be affected by their "pedophile-protecting" hate bill. They might wait, then procrastinate, then talk about passing the hate bill in the next Congress.
Watch our video now and help this miracle happen!
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