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After Months Of Quiet, A Class M Solar Flare
By Ted Twietmeyer
Did those mystery sphere around the sun have any connection?
Fig. 1 ­ M Class flare erupting on Feb 10 2010. Several flares are present around the 10:00 and 2:00 positions.
Spheres are not known to be present in current NASA images. I began to look for a correlation to see if some outside intelligence might have been involved to create flares. M class flares are harmless, and this classification indicates plasma ejected from the Sun will arch back into the Sun following magnetic lines and will not reach Earth. X class flares can threaten communications satellites and power grids if these erupt in Earth's direction.
The following images show some of the known positions of recent spheres seen around the Sun, which NASA has written off as image artifacts:
Fig. 2 ­ Spheres near solar prominences that can turn into flares
Fig. 3 ­ Spheres near 9:00 position on left side of the Sun.
These spheres may have moved over time to other positions.
Fig. 4 ­ Spheres were seen close to recent solar prominences and where M class flares later developed.
While not beyond the possibility of coincidence, let's look at some of the known data:
Our Sun has been extremely quiet for many months, even well into 2010. 2012 is supposed to be the next solar max, and activity through 2009 was far below expected levels.
Spheres like these, each one about the size of Earth, have never been observed before that we know of.
Weather on Earth has taken a turn for the worse with almost all of the United States caught in an icy grip. Record snow has fallen in the sun-belt area, too.
Everyone knows the universe is a very big place, and certainly life exists elsewhere.
If these spheres have influenced our star in some way by altering its internal fusion process, this will be the first public discovery showing an outside alien intelligence has visited and altered our star. The possible benign and hostile uses for this technology are truly staggering.
Recent M class flare activity may be the actual reason why NASA has removed sphere-laden solar images from their image library. It's highly unlikely we will ever see spheres or other artificial objects in NASA images again after this.
Ted Twietmeyer
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