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Report - Iran Will Respond If Israel Strikes
By Roee Nahmias
Ynet News
Lebanese al-Nahar reports Ali Larijani said attack will focus on Israel, US bases in Gulf States
Lebanon's al-Nahar reported Tuesday that Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani warned Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak against an Israeli attack on his country.
Larijani told Mubarak that if Israel dared to attack its nuclear facilities, Iran would launch a counter-attack on Israel and all US bases in the country, as well as countries of the Gulf region.
The two leaders met nine days ago. al-Nahar's report cites "diplomatic sources in Beirut" as saying that Larijani had asked Mubarak to convey his message to a number of Gulf States the latter was visiting.
According to the report Mubarak did indeed convey the message to leaders of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, who fear Iranian aggression within their boundaries.
Larijani stressed that Iran intended to retaliate only against American bases used against it, the report says, and therefore urged the states to ask the US not to use bases situated on their territory to attack the Islamic Republic.
The report adds that Mubarak's visit to the Gulf States focused on prevention of a regional conflict between Israel and Iran, and that he updated the Islamic Republic as to as to efforts made by the US to the same effect.

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