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Obama's 'Big F*cking Health Care Deal'
By Mary Sparrowdancer
Copyright 2010 - All Rights Reserved

I was not the one who first thought of bringing the "F" word into the public arena when trying to describe the latest piece of communist management in the US, Obama's so-called Health Care Reform law that forces us all (with a few notable exceptions) to fork our money over to the health insurance industry.  After closely considering what Obama and the other smugly grinning "Democrats" are attempting to do to the rest of us, however, that F-word does seem to be rather appropriate.  I am, therefore, indebted to Vice President Biden who was kind enough to be the first to apparently use the "F" word in describing this sweeping new "reform" law. Speaking near a live microphone after introducing Obama to the audience, Mr. Vice President had the following observations to make regarding Obama's HC Reform, "this is a big f*cking deal." 

Yes, it certainly is.  Especially for those of us who are being unfairly taxed out of existence without any representation whatsoever in D.C. (District of Communists.) 

Karl Marx said that communism can be summed up in one sentence and if anyone really knew how to summarize communism, it was Comrade Marx. He said that the theory of the communists is: "The abolition of private property." In an all-powerful communist state, the state can forcefully remove any private property from any property owner and hand their property over to another party that the state deems is more "in need" of the confiscated property. In the past several years, we have seen billions of tax dollars handed over as "bailout" to floundering corporate behemoths, while many Americans have struggled to make ends meet. 

Comrade Obama has now signed into law the state demand that we hand over our privately owned compensation for our labor (i.e., our money) to the corrupt insurance industry. This does nothing to "reform" health care. We are being ordered to pay tithes to the omnipotent health insurance gods, despite the fact that insurance is not even a service, or anything necessary for good health. Insurance is more like a gambling wager, and just like a gambling wager, the hoped-for "goods" paid for up front are never guaranteed. Having nothing to do with Health Care Reform, this law merely creates a further communist stranglehold in the US, a nation where communists should not even be permitted to run for or hold government office since they cannot, they have not, and they will not uphold and defend the US Constitution. 

Communism began spreading in the US in the 1800s and early 1900s, but due to what passes as the public education system (another gift to us from the communists), most people have remained clueless about political matters. Doublespeak and "newspeak" were put into play by those controlling the media, in which nearly everything was called the opposite of what it actually was thus further confusing (and still confusing) the general public. "New and improved" industrialized, processed foods replaced wholesome fresh foods. "Liberal" would be used to describe the most controlling communists. "Progressive" was anything but. The communists themselves knew very well the importance of names and so they began calling themselves Democrats. 

Their stated goals as recorded in the minutes of some of their meetings held around New York City during the early 1900s have included abolishing all U.S. conspiracy laws (antitrust laws) because communists strive for monopolies. They openly desired to destroy the US Constitution and create an unconstitutional and historically illegal taxation on Americans' income. Their goals included gaining control of the government and media, and establishing a compulsory public school system through which children would be given communist propaganda. They followed Karl Marx's plan for the industrialization of grain agriculture, and this should have given us a very clear clue of their communist identity, because of the symbols on the flag of the former USSR: the hammer and sickle.  The hammer represented industrialization and the sickle represented grain agriculture. In fact, Marx and Engels felt that the combination of industry with agriculture was one of the ten steps toward achieving a communist state. 

Major organizations, publications and newspapers embracing communism were centered in New York City and other NY areas, a major point of entry for communists into this country. It was well-known to them that establishing a completely new government regime would take a generation or two to accomplish via quiet subversive conspiracy and propaganda. 

According to a 1985 interview between G. Edward Griffin and former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov, Mr. Bezmenov stated there are four steps needed to transform the thinking process of an entire nation into Marxism/Leninism:

1. "Demoralization," which takes 15 to 20 years, and is done through the public school system, obliterating individualism, giving the children a standardized and limited education, exposing the students to Marxist/Leninist ideas (possibly hidden behind the name "democracy"), and preparing the students to be loyal cogs in industry.

2. "Destabilization," which takes two to five years, during which Marxist/Leninist ideas are applied to defense and the economy.

3. "Crisis," which takes only weeks in order to bring about a drastic change in the power structure and the economy.

4. "Normalization," in which the masses are led to believe that everything is fine, despite the fact that nothing looks the same.

The Sixth National Convention of the Socialistic Labor Party was held in New York in September of 1877. Present were comrades representing many other parts of America. Some of the early plans for taking control of the media and schools appeared in the minutes of that meeting.

By June, 1900, the communist agenda was heating up. Statements in their meetings were becoming stronger and their anti-Constitution ideas were stronger. Their speeches became charged with emotion, followed by applause. Minutes from the Tenth National Convention held in 1900 in New York City contain some of the following goals. 

"10.  The United States to have the right of expropriation of running patents, new inventions to be free to all, but inventors to be remunerated by national rewards.

11.  Progressive income tax and tax on inheritances; but smaller incomes to be exempt.

12.  Compulsory school education of all children under fourteen years of age

13.  Repeal of all pauper, tramp, conspiracy and sumptuary laws. Unabridged right of combination.


1.  The people to have the right to propose laws (initiative) and to vote upon all laws of importance (referendum).

2.  Abolition of the Presidency, Vice-Presidency and Senate of the United States. An Executive Board to be established, whose members are to be elected, and may at any time be recalled, by the House of Representatives as the only legislative body. The States and Municipalities to adopt corresponding amendments to their constitutions and statutes.

6.  Uniform law throughout the United States. Administration of justice to be free of charge. Abolition of capital punishment.


WHEREAS, The Socialist Labor Party of the United States is so far chiefly a propagandistic party;

WHEREAS, It is a good means of agitation to participate in municipal, county, State and congressional elections; therefore,

Resolved, To recommend to the members wherever one or more labor parties are in the field, to support that party which is the most progressive; that is, the platform and principles of which come nearest to ours, and at least recognize the conflict between the class of capitalists and the class of laborers; but members shall not be permitted to participate in the founding of new parties"

Elsewhere in the Tenth National Convention, the desire for a Comrade in the White House was noted:

"We are not fighting for co-operative commonwealths, for any abstract idea of human brotherhood. We are fighting to enthrone ourselves in power, and after that we will see what we will do. [Applause.]"

In the same Convention notes was the following:

"Comrade Simpson says that he agrees with Comrade Meyer of Detroit, and in the same breath he disagrees with him. We take our stand and we say this: when we say democracy, we mean Socialist democracy"

The reason communists must have as their goal the destruction of the Constitution, is that the U.S. Constitution does not permit a communist government to govern this country. While a communist (now sometimes but not always calling themselves Democrats), might swear by Oath to defend and uphold the Constitution of the U.S. to win a coveted position of power, a communist cannot abide by that Oath. 

By the early 1900s, the socialists had succeeded in putting a Comrade in the White House, who, acting as a dictator then helped them establish Marx's income tax on Americans' labor, thus now redistributing the private wages belonging to the laborer to the others that the State felt deserved those wages more.  Under their Comrade's watch, a banking monopoly called the "Federal Reserve," was created, along with State terrorists called the Internal Revenue Service who would enforce and carry out the confiscation, redistribution and abolition of private property. Any trace of voluntary "socialism" ended with the establishment of the IRS forces. (Some recent reports state the IRS will be enforcing the Health Reform plan, and in a conversation between IRS Commissioner Shulman and Ways and Means Rep., Democrat, Ron Kind, Kind stated, "In fact it's going to be the insurance companies that will merely be certifying whether or not an individual has obtained health care coverage and they will be certifying that to the IRS.")

Changes and amendments were also made to the Constitution in order to better suit communist goals, and the communist party gained complete control of the media. At that same time, the nation's diet changed when Americans began to rely upon the industrialized grain diet suggested by Marx. The Comrade who helped bring this all about as well as bring the US into the First World War, the communist who outlawed Freedom of Speech to prevent Americans from speaking "unpatriotic" comments about the strange, new U.S. government, was Woodrow Wilson, 28th President, 1913-1921.

Wilson's actions infuriated other true Democrats, including former Senator Joseph Bailey from Texas who wrote to the New York Times stating that Wilson was not a Democrat, but was a Socialist hiding under the name of "Progressive Democrat" in order to confuse the public. Nearly every person in the Wilson administration was a Socialist, Bailey wrote, stating, "they stigmatize every man who believes in a faithful observance to the Constitution as a 'reactionary,' and they denounce those who defend the right of private property"

Today, people are finally suspecting that the US government has fallen into some strange hands. Most people are referring to this leadership as "Socialism," but as stated, it is communism.  The US moved past the boundaries of voluntary Socialism long ago. This country is now operating under the mandates of full-blown communism, which gives the state the right to forcefully take away the private property of citizens. 

People are also now talking about something else. They are taking note that Native Americans and people with certain religious beliefs have been exempted from this outrageous Obama taxation for being alive. 

Borrowing a few ideas from the Boston Tea Party of 1773, I have proposed to some of my friends that we band together and disguise ourselves not as my Narragansett ancestors or Mohawks in order to protest the current unfair taxation, but this time we should form a completely new Native tribe called The FSH Nation. This name is based upon the same clever "contrived acronym" scheme that was used to create the illegal "Patriot Act." It is also keenly reflective of Mr. Vice President's profound and possibly historic observations regarding Obama's F*cking Health Care Deal.  

The tribal letters stand for, "The F*ck Stops Here." 

We will be a freely roaming, loosely organized tribe of people Native to the US who want the communist government out of our faces, out of our pockets, and held accountable for treasonous activities. Since I have been a duly ordained minister for almost 20 years, I have decided that as a tribe we should also be very religious, thus achieving that exemption as well. We should be very religious about our convictions as well as religious in our desire to return to a nation of liberty, freedom and justice. We should be very religious in our opposition to the gods of eternal wars, lies and taxations. Most importantly, should be religious about voting every communist out of office. 

The lifetime tribal enrollment fee is $3.00 (three dollars) and each religious tribal member will receive a certificate of membership via email. (I already have two members.) Anyone who meets the requirements outlined below is eligible. Real Health Care Reform ideas will be forthcoming from us as a research service to all members. We will also provide instructions regarding the successful planting of organic home gardens, where to purchase fruit and vegetable seeds, and we will create a website where members can interact, perhaps including seed exchanges. Primary research will focus on health and the dietary changes we all need to make in order to return our national health to the robust state that we once enjoyed before communism took over. Importantly, we need to get rid of the hammer and sickle diet that we've been on for almost 100 years. This simple change will very possibly eliminate or greatly reduce the need for costly "modern medicine," and this will in turn cause "modern medicine" to once again include appropriate diet as a part of preventative medicine. They will need to keep up with us.

There are only two requirements for joining The FSH tribe.  The first is that each member must obtain and read a copy of the US Constitution. This is the law of the land in the US, regardless of what the communist dictators are currently demanding. The second is that you possess a suspicion that there might be a higher consciousness to look up to that has more to offer, is far nobler and is certainly more divine than all of the collective consciousness that can be scraped up in a dreary state of bleak communism. 

+ + + + + + + + +

Mary Sparrowdancer is a journalist and internationally published book author of a bestselling book about liberation, justice and human rights.  www.sparrowdancer.com If you wish to join the tribe, please do so via Paypal. If you don't have $3 (three dollars), please contact Obama and ask him if you can have $3 (three dollars) of your money back from the billion of dollars recently given as bailout to failing corporations. If this doesn't work, please just contact your communist in Congress and ask him or her if they can give you $3 (three dollars) from their salaries or from their pension plans that you have helped pay for. You can always ask them for more of your money to be returned to you (lots more) but it's doubtful that this will happen. They think it's theirs. Sparrowdancer1@earthlink.net

+ + + + + + + + +

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