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Ignorance In America - A Disgraceful Epidemic
We Are NOW: Americanus ­
Vulgaris ­ Timorous - Moronicus 

By Joe Cortina
The complete classification description reads ; ANIMALIA- CHORDATA- VERTEBRATA- MAMMALIA- THERIA- PRIMATE- HOMINIDAE- HOMO-SAPIENS The most prominent difference between homo-sapiens and lower animals ­ WAS - our large highly developed brainHuman beings are scientifically identified from all other lifeforms by nine classifications. Those are Kingdom ­ Phylum- Subphylum -Class-Subclass- Order ­ Family - Genus- and Species
What is sadly apparent is that American Homo-Sapiens has apparently degraded over generations into something more like the early 'Hominids -or human like creatures. A logical explanation might be that our brains simply began to atrophy from disuse ­ much like what happens to muscles not being used for an extended period of time as when in a '.cast'. They simply waste away and if in disuse for long enough they simply become useless. Sitting on a couch with a cold six-pak and pizza in front of your TV for thousands and thousands of hours
For instance - here are some interesting if not downright disturbing (assuming that the reader is not one of the newly designated idiots) facts about what Americans most cherish and or allow their children to. You can verify any or all of this yourself on your computer with most search engines.
Your younger children watch the Jew Tube ( Yes Dorothy virtually ALL American TV networks are run by financed by and directed by the self-chosen) for an average of FOUR hours a day. Adults watch 30-35 hours of brain numbing mush a week. In the average American home the TV set is turned on an average of almost SEVEN HOURS A DAY! The percentage of Americans who watch TV while eating dinner ( Remember when we were kids ­ that was a time for family to get together and talk.) is 66%. The number of HOURS Americans watch the Jew Tube annually ­ 250,000,000,000! Number of library books checked out by our kids daily in the US = 3,000,000. The number of video rented daily in America = 6,000,000. But wait there's MORE ­ and it only gets WORSE!
Ever wonder why your kids are strangers in their own home ­ why your daughters are pregnant at 13 ­ why your sons have a police drug record at 15? Consider this disgraceful American fact! While your kids spend almost TWENTY EIGHT HOURS a week watching Jew violence sex profanity blasphemy perversions adultery and a laundry list of lies --- The average time per WEEK ­ that parents spend meaningful conversation with heir children is = LESS THAN 4 MINUTES TOTAL! The average hours per year your kids spend in school - ostensibly to keep from becoming idiots ? = 900. AND the average hours per year that your kids are getting dumnbed down and becoming emotionally desensitized by violence and killing and perversions on the Jew Tube 'learning' how to hate and kill and cheat and lie? = ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED!
Oh and here is a really EXTRA special 'side benefit' of the Jew domnated filth and violence on TV. Your own kids prefer the 'exciting' Jew way of life than that boring old fashioned home life I loved as a kid . When asked which they would prefer ­ the MAJORITY of your innocent impressionable 4-6 year old children actually preferred watching the neat ­ dazzling crap on the JewTube -rather than spend time with THEIR OWN FATHERS! More Jew incited horrors to come.
The number of gruesome murders your child will see on the Jew Tube by the time he has finished ELEMENTARY school ( 6 years) ? = EIGHT THOUSAND! That is TEN TIMES more than the number of real murders investigated by the head of a homicide division of a major metropolitan city like Chicago in an entire lifetime ( 25 years) By the time your son is out of high school ­ he has witnessed almost a QUARTER MILLION acts of violence on the Jew Tube. The Jews REALLY love violence you know!
And for you adult Jew Tube addicts ­ here is more bad news. For every hour of news you watch ­ you are forced to watch 20 minutes of commercials. AND - well over half of the time of news stories on your Jew owned and operated 'news' facilities ­ are devoted to war crime disaster and other violence. Remember when there was 'news' that included ordinary GOOD people doing GOOD deeds? That was when Christians like Walt Disney had a hand in what we and our children saw. The Jews took care of that sentimental nonsense and insured that we became dumbed down with what THEY want us to see. Why ­ today you cant find more than15% of adult Americans who can name 3 supreme court justices ­ BUT 60% can name the Three Stooges. Are you getting the message yet?
But back to the reclassifying of 'dumbed down' American citizens. A body builder is an example of the zenith of muscular perfection through excessive musculature training. A genius does the same thing to his brain ­ and both examples must 'stay in training' if they wish to maintain a certain high level of development. When I was growing up in America ­ most people maintained a moderate condition of both mental and physical condition for reasons which were apparent. One helped our appearance and health and the other allowed us to make good decisions- stay out of trouble ­ make a living and know when we were being fooled or lied to or compromising our freedoms and morals. This necessity to remain free was not just an option in the minds of the wisest of the elect ­ it was a MANDATE. It has been voiced a hundred times by a hundred of the world's wisest men over hundreds of years ­ but always the same message. A stupid people will ALWAYS eventually lose whatever freedoms their wiser fore bearers bequeathed to them so as to ultimately become slaves.
"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be."
- Thomas Jefferson
After a lifetime of observing what can only be described as the dumbest creatures on the planet ­ it seemed logical that most Americans ­ aside from becoming globular and spherical in shape - had evolved into creatures so devoid of rational thinking that we now needed a new biological classification ­ perhaps THIS more typifies the average American today:. Animalia - Chordata ­ Invertebrata - Mammalia ­ Americanus ­ Vulgaris ­ Homo -Moronicus ­ Illigitimus ­ stupidicus. OR ­ more easily abbreviated as : Americanus ­ Vulgaris ­ Timorous ­ Moronicus. Spineless common American morons. The proof of this phenomenon is legion! Here are a few classic examples.
The bogus medical reform bill is coming up for a vote as I write this. It is one of the most corrupt larcenous boondoggles in American legislative history ­ yet it will probably pass against the will of the sheeple. Last night it was revealed that former scumbag - coward - draft dodger ­ druggie ­ murderer ­ whore monger ­ liar ­ adulterer ­ traitor­ in- chief Bill the Klintonista, Clinton was selected by the Demoncrap Party as their revered poster boy hero, to convince 'undecided' Demoncrap legislators to support the Obamanation's world-class disaster 'for a change' - death Bill!
Just the FACT that HALF of voting America - has of their own free will - decided to even associate themselves with the biggest consortium of thieves, political whores, Zionists, liars and country-sellers is a per-se validation of my suggestion for a re-classification of the mentally ossified 'hominids' who make up the 'power base' of that cabal of fools and idiots.
For at least the past half century the Demoncrap Party has been a human garbage magnet for virtually all of the brain-dead detritus in this country. Virtually ALL of the lowlife rap-trap crap gang banger mentality Negros and low life red-neck 'wiggers' comprise the backbone of the Party. 95% of the Jews in this country ( 100% of which are loyal to IsraHELL) are Demoncraps. Near 100% of the pedophiles- sex deviates ­ baby killers ­ porn kings and organized crime tzars call it home. Aside from the Jews ­ who are not in the stupid category ­ but are just plain demonically evil ­ the majority of the rest are of the brain sharing 'new genus/species'. More proof?
The innocence of our children is bombarded 24-7 ­ 12 hours a day by 'Jew Tube' filth of every kind imaginable, from non-stop mockery of Jesus and His mother as well as All things truly Christian ­ to endless graphic ultra-violence and lurid sex/porn ­ to in your face descriptions of how to make your cock bigger and sex more fun - to the glorification of every sin on the 'Tablets' with some to boot. Do you morons do ANYTHING about these serious attacks on the virtue and souls of your OWN children?
NA! - too busy with really important intellectual stuff like NFL foooot-ball 'games' and tailgate parties. Ever take time to teach your kids about REAL heroes like the Founding Fathers or people who sacrifice their lives daily to secure your freedoms ­ or what America is REALLY all about? NA! - don't bother me kid ­ can't you see I'm watching the 'Stupid Bowl' and my beer is getting warm wasting time with your nonsense? I have watched exactly that scenario in my own neighborhood for years! Need more proof of our moronic transformation?
I Had my service flag ( was a former Special Forces airborne commander) flying upside down in my front yard for THREE YEARS to protest the insanity of the needless Jew inspired and mandated serial wars in which over TWO MILLION INNOCENT CIVILIANS HAD BEEN MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD and over 50,000 American sons returned home in pine boxes ( Yes Dorothy ­ we HAVE been lied to about the TRUE casualties ­ among OTHER LIES!) Keep in mind that it was seen thousands of time by thousands of people and most neighbors knew I was a former Green Beret. In all of that exposure only ONE person even bothered to ask what would have upset a veteran neighbor enough to display the 'flag' in the universal sign of distress. This one sole mental midget said; - "Duhh ­ did somebody die?" Here's your sign! Convinced yet? NO? Here's more.
I can't begin to tell you how many ADULT American citizens have voiced their anger that "then damned MOOSELIMS" caused the 911 incident - or the obscene price of gas ­ or the triple digit inflation ­ or our collapsing economy - or the main threat to American freedoms - or the way we are now treated as cattle at airports ­ or how they plan to take over AmeriKa - or how they threaten our way of life ­ or how "we need to fight them ( the 2,000,000 civilians -mostly defenseless children we have murdered) 'there' so we won't have to fight then here" moron mentality ­ or how offended some red-neck was because an American woman of Arab descent had her face covered ( I'm SURE that this troglodyte brain-sharing 'hominid' wouldn't have been offended if the modest girl had half her tits and ass exposed for every mother' son to ogle at ­ like our exhibitionist home grown sluts find so cool. Most of these idiots have never been outside their own State! Ask them about the USS Liberty massacre by the Jews in the Med and they will say something like this one idiot did = "Duh ­ was that one of them old British wood boats?" Still not convinced? I got plenty more ­ folks ­ so read on.
Some creative TV show people in urban LA decided to see just how dumb we really are. A few months ago -a guy went around shopping centers and boardwalks displaying a Canadian 'maple leaf' one ounce gold coin ­ a real one. He told the people he spoke with that IF they could tell him the value of the coin within 30% they would own it ­ no tricks no joke. I can't imagine ANY adult American in a metropolitan area in the USA not realizing that gold ­ the monetary value standard for all civilization for thousands of years! (which at the time was in the news ­ TV everywhere) was then over $1100/ounce. He interviewed at least a dozen adult men and women ­ all well dressed and Caucasian. The guesses ranged (and I'm NOT kidding!) from $25 to $200 ­ not remotely close! Here's your sign! But it gets better!
As I was leaving my physician's office a few months ago at an upscale medical center ­ I noticed an elderly well dressed Negro patient with pleasant smiling face ­ using a cane and limping her way to the elevator. I held the door for her and noticed that as she got in ­ she was wearing a colorful quality fashionable Obama sweatshirt. As we were the only ones there and the elevator moved at about a foot per month ­ I decided to ask her a question. I said: "Excuse me -and I know it is really none of my business ­ but I am curious ­ may I presume you voted for President Obama?" She smiled and said "yes". I then told her I did political analysis ( which was true) and asked her what was the main reason she used for her decision. She looked pensive for a moment and then somewhat sheepishly but honestly admitted that it was he was "black" (which of course was excactly what I expected).
Now I was ready for the REAL 'test'. I said that I presumed that she had children and perhaps grandchildren ­ to which she proudly responded she had several grandchildren ( which I also expected) I stated that I bet she love these children and that I would also bet that she supported the sanctity of life for all children ( this was the part of which I was only guessing ­ so I braced for an answer) With out hesitation ­ she responded that she was Christian and very pro-life. Then I gave her the 'punch line' which was the purpose of my 'experiment' in the first place. I said ­ OH! So - how could you vote for a man who is Godless and hates children so much as to legislate a law to have them killed'! She looked shocked and before another word was spoken I clarified the true shocking claim.
I informed her that Obama had actually spearheaded a gruesome legislation that mandated that if a child should be so fortunate as to have SURVIVED being murdered by an abortionist ­ that child was to be murdered on the spot! She looked very uneasy and I proceeded to gently suggest that in the future perhaps she should have learned more about the TRUE nature of the people who were empowered by her - since that information and truth was available to ANYBODY who cared enough to seek it. Hopefully she then realized that her terrible mistake ­ repeated a million time over by other ignorant Negros was what is destroying the very heart and soul of America. Inexcusable ­ criminal ­ ignorance.
What is really frightening about this epidemic of idiocy is that apparently on the rise with no end in sight. When I was growing up ­ NOBODY wanted to be thought of as stupid or even ignorant ­ although the latter is curable simply by the will to learn of important issues. Today ­ this nation is actually having a love affair with stupidity. The evidence is also on the Jew Tube.. We have become a WILLFULLY Stupid people and have in effect elevated the status of stupidity as a VIRTUE!. There are popular JEW TUBE shows based on stupid characters. There are 'funny' shows based of people doing stupid things. Half a dozen 'popular' ( not necessarily with me) entertainers/comedians base their entire careers on acting stupid.and I don't mean the old Red Skelton or Jerry Lewis classic acts.
When is the last time you saw a Negro comedian male or female who didn't totally trash the English language WITH A VENGANCE! Heaven forbid, that knowledge and wisdom become popular and encouraged among blacks today ­ or even white entertainers for that matter. Frankly ­ I am not amused by American stupidity any more . For one thing- it may get my son killed in the very ner future.
STUPIDITY AND IT'S FIRST COUSIN IGNORANCE ­ KILLS! It WILL be out ultimate undoing. It is the plan of the Jew to use our own stupidity to effect our own destruction. These endless serial wars we wage for the Jews gives these vampires the blood they must have to destroy even more innocent people. The evil Jew is a master butcher ­ but he must have the American sheeple dumbed down and stupid - as his goy slaves to accomplish his demonic agenda. We have been warned about the consequences of ignorance by the world's best minds ­ and we had best start taking it seriously. Let us encourage knowledge wisdom logic and education. Let us decry ignorance and encourage the disregarding of those cretins who lionize and worship it and bring society down..
Stupidity has already killed thousands of American sons and millions of innocent civilians in foreign lands. Wisdom and knowledge WILL set us free from our Jew masters. I know the Jew mind well -and he fears TRUTH and above all an educated public ­ as the entire collective Jew apparatus is based on greed deception and lies. Remove the veil of lies and smash the ignrance that suffocates us like a poison gas and the Jew and his bought sock puppets can no longer keep his control of us no matter how much of our hard earned wealth he steals for his evil agendas. Do it for your children and their children
How much more bloodshed ? How many more innocent lives ? How many more murdered children? How many more dead American sons ­ all in the name of lies upon lies upon lies. And WHO is ­ after all the father of ALL lies? AND who have been exposed as his children? Who is the enemy of ALL mankind. That TRUTH is NOT from my 'word'. It is a TRUTH from the mouth of the Lord Christ and NOTHING ­ no amount of Jew lies and slander and blasphemies will EVER CHANGE IT! READ IT!
My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.
Book Of John Chapter 8 - as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees - see notes below)
" Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me."
" Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie - he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it"
"That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10"
Matthew 23:15" Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

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