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Democrat 'Progressivism' Is Prime
Rothschild Domination Tool
Creating Warfare Between Middle And Lower Classes

By Dick Eastman

The Rothschilds are promoting class warfare between the growing bottom and the diminishing middle levels of the population. Their goal is to destroy the middle forever, to create a state conditioned proletarian slave class to serve the elites. The bottom needs to know that a revolution that merely kills off the middle and plunders their small holdings is not going to set them free. Only if the middle and the bottom realize that they are in fact one people -- the doctrine of populism -- and that their enemy is the Money Power that has been behind every war and depression for hundreds of years and has robbed the efforts of every working man -- entrepreneur, engineer and skilled laborer -- then we will realize that we were intended by our creator to be one people, brothers and sisters in a common enterprise for the common good based on non-exploitative association and cooperation with individuality, independence, freedom and the common desire to build a better world for all -- where the state serves the common good and prevents any economic elite from emerging and ruling through monopoly and organized crime.
US Democratic party "progressivism" is the primary  mechanism of Rothschild domination in the US since Woodrow Wilson, and the Tea Parties' "libertarianism" and "conservatism" are false-opposition mini-mechanisms serving  the same anti-social Money Power interests.
"Madeleine Reynard" writes to dupes of the Tea Party bandwagon, comparing their little flag-waving constitution-cheering feel-good sessions, to the raw power of the Democratic-Progressive-Communist machine the Rothschilds have constructed to control this country.
This is a reminder that the technique of communist (actually Rothschild revolution) through subversion, economic and social sabotage and agitation to divide-and-conquer conquest is well-neigh unstoppable unless the true people of every race and creed see the subversion for what it is. The Money Power is always able to send in their expert operatives to make Marxists of the angry and frustrated youth and other victims of money power exploitation and theft and convince them that their enemy is not the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and their circles of ruling elites, but instead the the middle class and their bourgeois Christian values and morality etc. -- and nothing does that better than the show of stupidity that the organizers are leading people into who join the phony Tea Party movement. Thank you, "Madeleine Raynard," for this douse of cold water to bring people back to their senses. Remember, the Rothschilds love class warfare -- as long as it is among classes that they seek to dominate. 
You poor people who have lost so much and are no longer shown hope -- Obama and his communist wife just hold out the promise of taking from the middle class to build a "radical leftist" oppostion, allowing them plunder the remnant of the old middle class while the real plunder in land and capital goes to an elite class far far beyond the reach of any mob of the American poor. The communists have been cultivating street gangs to wage war against the weak and depleted former middle class that has been drained of all power by the financial sector and corrupt government. They want to reduce permanently the standard of living of the common man -- all of us -- so that they can attach the lost common wealth to themselves. 
But the populist has a different message -- for white and black, yellow, brown and red -- which message is -- the color does not matter -- the real enemy and robber of our lives and futures is the Money Power. No one who understands that will for a moment consider a communist revolution of the unemployed against the few remaining employed, of the homeless against those who are still managing to hold on to their homes. Instead we must kill poverty and degradation at its source. We must take down the money power who none of us ever sees. They are there and they need to be brought down and they will never be brought down if their agents keep getting us to fight amongst ourselves.
There is no lie more fatal to people who find themselves poor than the promise of Rothschild agents who offer those on the bottom the spoil of class conflict between the bottom and what is left of the middle. The real answer for all Americans is to open up to the joyful realization that we are all brothers, that we are here to benefit and lift each other, that we can overcome the strategems of evil that would set us at each other's throats. The money power, through their media monopoly, have imposed on us a culture of alienation and violence and distrust and mutual disrespect and programmed prejudice -- junior colleges teach Marx with an anti-white twist while conservative  talk radio prompts whites to fear and distrust Latinos -- while everything from drugs to pornography to r-rated super-action movies desensitize young people to violence and force them through fear into mutual protective groups -- gangs -- the leadership of which is then captured by operatives and used set the timer for an explosion of racial and low-versus-middle violence when the economy is contracted to the point where people begin fighting over basic rations in a country no longer able to produce.  
We cannot allow ourselves to be that stupid. We cannot let a crafty enemy bring us to destroy each other over deprivation and aversive conditions that not our neighbors but the Money Power itself has brought upon us. Speaking for myself, I can say there is no one in politics I trust more than Louis Farrakhan and the Zapatistas of Mexico and the populists of the American Mid West -- while I trust the leadership of the Democrats and Republicans and Tea Parties not at all. I accept all men as my brothers and I judge the worth of my allies by the goodness of their hearts. No man is a good Christian or a good Moslem who does look past skin color and dress and manners to the person underneith. And as for the drug cartels on the boarder with Mexico -- they are their because it is profitable for the Money Power to have them there -- no man sells drugs except by despertation and having no other alternative -- until his soul is sold and he becomes a mercenary of evil. We are all about putting an end to that system and replacing it with a better one. Don't allow youself to think that that is not possible.
Remember, the socialist promises "from each according to his ability and to each according to his need," which means that you must work as much as the state thinks you can and receive what the state says is all you need. The populist promises that that you will not be deprived of the means of realizing your own potential in your own way and being competent as an individual to produce and trade as a free man for your own good even as everyone receives a regular dividend check from the common wealth, the social credit, our civilization of know how provides.

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