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IDF Woman Would 'Happily Butcher' All Arabs
Ynet News.com 
Eden Abergil on Facebook
Eden Abergil, the former IDF soldier who caused a worldwide stir by posting pictures of herself on Facebook posing near bound and blindfolded Palestinians, said Thursday: "I hate Arabs and wish them all the worst. I would happily kill them all, even butcher them."
Abergil has received thousands of messages on the social networking site over the past few days, some of them sympathetic and others chastising.
A virtual support group has also been established, calling itself 'We are all with Eden Abergil', and currently numbering 600 people. The members have demanded that other soldiers post pictures similar to the ones uploaded by Abergil.
The former soldier has also approved hundreds of new Facebook friend requests that have been pouring in since the story broke. She is an active participant in the debate that ensued, commenting on remarks written about the controversial photos and answering questions.
On one of the photos a commentator wrote: "Because of such a simple and innocent picture they ruined this girl's life and made of her something she is not."
Abergil responded to the comment, making it clear to the surfer that she's not taking the issue too seriously.
"No honey, they didn't ruin my life. I can't afford to have Arab-lovers ruin the perfect life I'm leading!!! I am not sorry and I do not regret it."
Another surfer, Shai, responded to Abergil and claimed that she failed to grasp the meaning and implication of her actions. "It's called humanism," he wrote, prompting Abergil to respond: "I'm not humane towards murderers."
Abergil later adopted an even harsher tone, declaring: "I hate Arabs and wish them all the worst. I would gladly kill them all and even butcher them; one cannot forget their actions."

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