URGENT Alert - Stop The
Illegal Alien 'Dream Act'

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By Devvy
I know many think it's a waste of time to call the Outlaw Congress, but we have had some major victories.
Our voices have defeated bills before and we CAN do it again IF enough people get on the phone.
Spread the word to family and friends. Some things can't be stopped by nullification.
1. The sickening "DREAM ACT" will be voted on tomorrow.
It will reward illegal aliens by giving a "pathway" towards citizenship.  B.S.!
It's "for the children" of illegals.  B.S.!
NOTE! - The Act covers offspring of illegals who have no right to be in this country, much less sucking our educational resources up to the age of 35!
The "reasoning" behind this in your face amnesty is absurd. Since kids of illegals are here illegally, they never had the right to attend our schools and colleges "to lead a better life." They should all have been deported long ago. Their parents are criminals for smuggling themselves into our country and children of illegals share the same status. While unfair, they can blame their parents.
It means instead of deporting illegals holding jobs that belong to Americans, that ACT will make sure millions of illegal aliens keep a job while Americans stand in unemployment lines, living off welfare and food stamps.
The military is desperate for more cannon fodder to fight these immoral and grotesque invasions in Afghanistan, Iraq and around the world. Part of the ACT requires a two year hitch. 
70% of Latinos voted for the Red in the White House. The millions of illegals who will be given a free pass on this ACT --- think they will vote Republican?
I believe most Republicans will vote no, so it's the Democrats that must hear a huge roar from we the people.
Here is the web site for the House of Representatives:
Call as many of the Blue Dog Democrats as you can. Here is a web site with their names and phone numbers. If you can't get through on the DC line because it's, call their district office today. Those district office numbers can be found at
Here are the 30 Democrats who are sponsors of H.R. 4759. Call their offices and tell them to please vote no on the DREAM ACT.
What good will it do to repeal NAFTA if millions of jobs are going to be given to illegals?
Go this link. Right under Rep. Taylor's picture it says sponsors - click on that:
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