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Shanghai Photos
David Chu
25. The amazing Hangquio Railway Station in Shanghai is huge. This is only one quarter of it!
26. Another quarter of the Hangquio Railway Station in Shanghai.
27. All A-Board for Wuxi! Wuxi is a city of over 2 million people west of Shanghai.
28. China's modern look and feel is captured in this foto of the China Railway Station in Wuxi.
29. A High Speed Train with China's High Speed Rail (CRH).
30. A second view of a High Speed Train.
31. The speed of the economic pace in modern China.
32. Haibao, the official blue mascot of Expo 2010, welcomes you to the Grand Buddha at Ling Shan in Wuxi!
33. All roads lead to greet the Grand Buddha at Ling Shan.
34. The fountain of the lotus birth of Siddhartha the Buddha.
35. A close-up of the fountain of the lotus birth of Siddhartha the Buddha when he was a child.
36. Beautiful bronze statues of 2 bodhisattvas at the fountain of the lotus birth of Siddhartha the Buddha.
37. The spectacular mural depicting the life story of Siddhartha the Buddha.
38. Siddhartha teaching the five disciples, from the spectacular mural.
39. Those 3 helicopter fireflies in perfect focus are greeting the tourists below while the Buddha blesses everyone from above.
40. I don't know what is the name of this amazing temple, but it is spectacular!
41. The grand view from the Grand Buddha at Ling Shan.
42. The amazing ceiling at the Lingshan Brahma Palace!
43. Everyone: Please put on your shoe slippers before you enter the Lingshan Brahma Palace! The entire palace has marble floors.
44. Your donations are very welcome!
45. No, they are not getting a school detention! But a ubiquitous
employees meeting just before the restaurant opens in Wuxi!
46. A stone marker in the Sichuan province.
47. Who says that China doesn't have crystal clear waters?
48. The crystal clear waters of Sichuan!
49. Another view of the crystal clear waters of Sichuan!
50. The amazing waterfalls of Sichuan!

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