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US Debt Crisis - It Is Not A Joke
By Dr. Tom Burnett
Does anyone actually understand what is going to happen if the military and Social Security are not paid on August 4?  Even if they are only delayed for one day?
Do we all understand that the FDIC will no longer insure bank and savings accounts?  That any money you have in the bank will probably disappear in a heartbeat?
That interstate commerce will simply stop?  That the US military will be, for the most part, spread all over the world with no supply lines and no way to get home?
That police and fire services will probably stop?  
But that the President and congress will continue to get paid?  The folks at the Pentagon won't go for that.  There will be tanks on Pennsylvania avenue.
Is everyone ready for this? Because even if it doesn't happen, we are so close to the brink that just about everyone now understands that it COULD happen.
The ignorant shits in Washington think this is some sort of political brinkmanship.  Obama will blame the Republicans and the Republicans will blame Obama.  Pawlenty says
"<http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/07/15/pawlenty-sending-mixed-si_n_900180.html>Pay The Chinese Before The Military If U.S. Defaults".  That's right.  Screw the troops.  Screw the veterans.  Screw the seniors.  But we need to keep borrowing that 2 BILLION dollars a DAY to pay Congress (and the Secret Service - and the TSA - and Hamid Karzai.)
Listen, peeps - what do you think your silver is going to be worth then?  And if not THIS August 4th, there is always next year.  Greece is tanking.  Then Europe and then the US.  Because we don't have any jobs, so there is no one left to pay taxes.  Even if the fools in government cut a deal, the damage is done. No one is going to suddenly start hiring.
Think about even a POTENTIAL Social Security default.  Think about not paying the  UNITED STATES MILITARY.  Not just the veterans and retirees - but the troops in combat who have hungry families back here.
Then think about what your bag of silver and numismatic gold is going to be worth on August 4.  All that talk about 'wealth preservation' is well and good - until the government pays China before it pays Americans and banks lock their doors and the guns come out.
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