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The Population Bomb Is Exploding
By Tom Burnett
It manifests by making people batshit. Crazy people act out - and there are a lot of crazy people and most of the rest are sheep. The followers of Harold Camping, the idiot who insists that Judgment day is TOMORROW are dumbasses who have no self-worth. They must borrow someone else's - and to do that they must believe the person whose self-esteem they are borrowing is smarter than they are - no problem so far - chipmunks are smarter. 
But then they have to believe something even more illogical. That there IS a fundamental truth available from God and it is discoverable AND the idiot they have picked to lead them has discovered it. If that's not bad enough, the same idiot had a miss once before when he picked 1994 as Judgment day.
I say this right after our Idiot-in-Chief just gave a speech and stated that 'all religions must be respected' - which shows he has no grasp at all of what he is doing. In point of fact, respect for any one or any thing or any belief cannot be ordered or delegated. Respect must be earned. The highest measure of disrespect is false respect.
Take your own council and, if it does not satisfy you, seek order in sanity and rational thought. Surrendering yourself to God or trusting your treasure to someone who enriches themselves by controlling means they are controlling you as well. You are doing nothing more than walking away from your own responsibility - giving up - failing. Bah! I fart in your general direction!
You want peace and tranquility - but one is only alive when they stare death in the face. Warriors know that - cowards never will. The rest of the time you are grazing and thinking the thoughts that sheep think. All animals fear that which they do not understand. It is a survival strategy, designed to wake you up a bit and focus your attention on a potential threat. But fear must be a fleeting emotion in order to work correctly. Fear is not a life-style and neither is being oblivious to one's circumstance and surroundings.
Fear is a control mechanism. Our government uses it to control us and, in fact, is using the TSA to de-sensitise us and detach us from our expectations of freedom and liberty. Every time you go through that TSA line you are being accustomed to the procedure for checking into prison. I smile and comply, but my mind doesn't comply and I do not allow myself to see it for anything except exactly what it is.
Again: Fear is not a life-style. Fear is a control mechanism. Gun control isn't about guns - it's about control. The US has about 13,000 homicides a year, mostly not from firearms. Brazil has 50,000 - mostly not from firearms.
So the mind is the weapon and everything else is just a rock. But let's get back to Judgment day....tomorrow.
It interests me greatly to see people solving problems by either pretending they don't exist or saying "I guess all we can do now is pray". That doesn't work. Oh, sure - people who submit to the proposition that they have no control of their lives MUST believe prayer works and they go to enormous lengths to prove it to themselves. If their invisible pal isn't running their life, no one is. So they infer that He MUST exist - so they don't have to. Unfortunately, that mind-set carries a large penalty in a world where your family and your government are not there every second to protect you. And it creates a pattern of irrational thought and illogic. Like this:
(1) God protects me. Always. Evil exists in the world but I am helpless against it. I cannot or will not defend myself or my family against evil. I shall pretend it doesn't exist. Defending myself...or owning a fire extinguisher or smoke detector merely denies God.
(2) If I am victimized, I will blame everyone but the awesome God who watches over me at all times and, by definition, allowed it to happen.
(2a) If the evil predator's method of force was a firearm, the firearm must be intrinsically evil. If it was a kitchen knife, the evil was transferred to it by a firearm. Rocks, sticks....same thing.
(2b) If the predator was male, it is because all males are evil predators.
(3) No matter what happens, I can never explain why God doesn't protect me - or anyone - against evil. Yet I continue to hide behind His invisible wall by claiming that He IS protecting me on those particular days I am not being victimized.
(4) I insist that you respect my beliefs. I don't want firearms in my presence, so if you carry one legally, you must agree to be a defenseless potential victim when you are with me - because I do not trust you. I only trust God - but not really enough to respect YOUR beliefs or mind my own business. And Jesus....but only the parts I like about Him...not the parts I don't.
Thus, I must completely ignore over 30,000 of the 31,101 verses of scripture because they deal with extreme violence - and only listen to the few hundred which don't.
So, when we walk through the valley in the shadow of death, I will be scared shitless and you will be unarmed. That's my plan to keep the wolves away. When the wolf comes to eat us, I will blame you for not protecting me. I am stupid. I am a pacifist - not because it is a successful strategy - but because I am a coward.
Copyright (C) 2011, Thomas C. Burnett, all rights reserved.
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