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Reactor 4 And Helplessness
By Tom Burnett
Doesn't appear to be leaning as much as it was two days ago. It looks like it has sprung back to near-vertical. There is still steam/smoke emanating from it but no longer coming from the top floor of the building where the reactor pool used to be. The steam/smoke is now coming from much lower in the building.
Therefore, the fuel is no longer on the top floor of the building. Since they could not have moved it mechanically, the fuel pool collapsed. It is likely that the reactor pool was drained of water and allowed to melt into collapse to remove the structural strain from the building and prevent the fuel from being spread all over the facility and buried under the rubble and debris of a collapsed building. 
That would have been the logical action given the options - it's what I would have done - which probably means they didn't do it on purpose and it just got away from them.
I believe secrecy breeds mistrust. The Japanese government has lost the trust of the world that they are 'doing the right thing'. But we have no soapbox to speak from. America is worse. The bright, shining example is the TSA. Sure, a LOT of sheep actually believe the TSA is making their flight safer, but they aren't. They are conditioning people to be subservient and to accept being treated like prisoners.
I fly occasionally, when it is absolutely necessary, and I smile and conform to the program. But I don't accept the lesson being offered - in fact, BECAUSE they treat citizens like that, they are alienating a whole lot of people. They are showing EVERYONE how an oppressive regime treats it's citizens and that has caused a HUGE spike in firearm sales which is continuing at an ever-faster pace. 
For those poor, deluded people who think FEMA has thousands of fully staffed death camps, take heart! By accepting that they will willingly be led into a bus or train to a death camp, they enable that action. They are resigning themselves to it. When someone accepts helplessness as a state of mind, they are helpless. People who make the conscious decision that their lives and the lives of their family and friends are worth less than the life of some predator who would take them away amaze me. They will ALLOW themselves to be victimized and blame either an inanimate object or society. When the fault, in the form of abject cowardice, is much closer to home than they care to look.
Everything in nature is either predator or prey. Some people are predators by nature but we have a choice that most other animals don't. We don't HAVE to be victims if we don't want to be. The concept is really not difficult to grasp. When the wolf comes to kill your family, don't let him.  
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