DC Politics Is An Un-American Fascist Scam
By Karl W B Schwarz

Often, during a person's life journey, there will come a time when the edge of an abyss is encountered.  Most will stop and gaze down into it and then, of course, turn away and seek a safer place to call home.  Only the insane or ignorant will continue on and step off into it...and still pretend that all is rosy.

Tragically, the second group characterizes most of contemporary America.

Such is what has and is happening in American political circles where the Liberal Left has morphed into a War Party because they realized that the Republicans were successfully selling the message that only they would defend America from the boogeyman.  Actually, both parties excel in plundering America and neither is worth a Daisy BB gun in defending America.

Yes, just give up those freedoms and liberties for no protection whatsoever.

I started off in life as a Southern Conservative Democrat, a moniker that is no different than being Republican. However, in the past, a person could barely get elected in the Deep South with an 'R' by their name and the entire region controlled by Demo-thug Bubbas that could not spell Mom and Dad frontwards and backwards. Ronald Reagan was the first Republican to realize and capitalize on this conservatism when he swept the South and many Southern Conservative Democrats, myself included, turned into Republicans in 1980. It was about the same cultural equivalent of coming out of the closet as a gay to admit that a Southern Conservative Democrat was truly no different than publicly admitting that a person is Republican, Christian and conservative.

I remember very well that my Conservative Democrat family thought I had lost my mind in voting for Reagan. Did we have a choice after Carter's 'Grand Malaise' speech on national television?

The lines were clear cut at one time as to the difference between Liberal ­ Left ­ Socialist (some even further to the extreme as communist) and a Conservative ­ Right which has gone astray as a bastardized form of Far Right Zionist Christian Fascism.

What good is it to be Pro-Life while at the same time not giving an iota how many 'other children' are being maimed and killed defending the Pro-Life idiots from NOTHING? There is NO GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR. WE ARE THE TERRORISTS! Too many Americans are blind, stupid, ignorant and indifferently asinine and shallow to the extreme absurdities of their ideology or lack thereof as sheer negiglence.

Well, as one who has been to the edge of the abyss and always turned back in the right direction, I found myself giving a lot of thought and attention as to what in Hell has gone wrong in America. There are a few things that really stand out, each being the edge of the abyss or entire movements that are now trapped in that woeful void.

First, there is a fundamental reason for separation of Church and State that goes back to the royalties of Europe and their dictating to their fiefdoms and subjects what they had to believe and what religion they had to be. When I see the likes of Hagee at the pulpit espousing his personalized brand of hate towards all things non-Christian or non-Zionist Jew, it is not hard to see he has now been bought and paid for and abides in the abyss. Judas and his 30 pieces of silver fit Hagee to a tee. There is no amount of rationalization or equivocation that can change the simple fact that such people are not teaching God's word as it is stated in the New Testament.

Any Christian that can espouse more war, maiming and killing is not a Christian, they are evil.

Second, being from Arkansas I decided in 1980 to become a Republican due to Bill and Hillary Clinton and their brand of socialist, Marxist, far left communist ideologies. The Clintons have built a political career (living high and mighty on the public treasury) on duping people into programs and then bilking those funds for use in political activism and division within America. Literally hundreds of thousands in my home state left the DNC due solely to the Clintons and their brand of hate, attack and smear political tactics and lying every time they move the lips.

Third, I watched the Reagan Revolution very closely and it did not take long to see that the true conservative values were morphing into an aberration for what true American conservative values really means. It took a while to see it clearly but it was apparent that the CIA and George H W Bush were not only trying to force the breakup of the USSR but also trying to get into position to dominate the world as the world's only military superpower. They mistakenly thought that the US had an economy large enough and strong enough to finance virtually any objective.

Reagan could not hammer on Hillary for misappropriating about $365 million at the Legal Services Corporation because Iran Contra was routing through Arkansas and the Clintons knew all about it. Can we say 'blackmail' their way into avoiding prosecution and into the White House?

The parallels of Reagan and Rome were clear to see, even setting the stage for the collapse of America as I knew it, as we all knew it. That aberration was the CIA, elite insider billionaires, the Bush Family and their brand of myopic, unconscionable disregard for true American conservative values.

Fourth, most Americans just cannot grasp that the US backed the Afghan Mujahedeen for one simple reason. Russia was trying to force the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline through Afghanistan and Pakistan to the ocean, and many in the US were already salivating at all of the trillions they could make, all of the US hegemony and empire that would finance, if only they blocked Russia from rising up and becoming the key player in world energy supplies.

Well, here we are 30 years later, many maimed and dead US soldiers, many trillions down the drain and Russia is the world's leading energy supplier any way. Best laid plans of mice, men and greedy nitwits in Washington DC that are not nearly as important or as powerful as they think they are.

The real downturn of America coincided with the elevation of George Herbert Walker Bush from Vice President to President in 1988. Americans can turn back the clock, pay close attention to historical facts and learn that the demise of America, its conversion into a fascist state Hell bent on Empire Building was initiated with that change in the Oval Office.

Reagan just wanted an end to communism to create a safe world. The Bush Klan wanted to stick Russia's nose in it and take all they could get from every nation.

Any people of any land need to be wary when their government starts to be a Mafia just to get its way for those who finance their political agenda.

Are you aware that John Sununu (Reagan's shameful Chief of Staff that had to resign) and Nicholas Brady (Bush's Secretary of Treasury) put together a Billionaire Investors Club solely to take advantage of the long-range plan to take over the Caspian Basin oil and gas?  This was way before 9-11-2001, we during the early parts of the Clinton Administration. Getting the picture as to what they are really after?

Old Zbigniew Brzezinski had no sooner published his 'The Grand Chessboard' than DC insiders went 'cuckoo on Cocoa Puffs' to get at those trillions that would be made. Well, they failed and we lost the chess match. We Americans have since lost 2 wars chasing a pipedream based on oil and natural gas and pipelines.

Are you aware that the 9-11 Commission chairman Thomas Kean is also the head of Amerada Hess Oil and Nicholas Brady and Bush's former 'brain' Edith Holiday sit on that board? Are you aware that their goal has been the oil and natural gas in the Caspian Basin for decades?

They needed an excuse to launch their GWOT war, aka: September 11, 2001.

Check out this link as to who sits on that board and Kean was 'hand selected' to chair the 9-11 Commission that never even looked at the key evidence.

They had to be very careful to not let certain things be looked into, lest the real terrorists that did 9-11 be indicted and put to death as the traitors they are.

If you remember history, Kean was the quick replacement for Henry Kissinger when public outrage was immediate to his being named to chair the 9-11 Commission.

Fifth, I knew George H W Bush was lying about Iraq because I know some Special Forces soldiers that were sent to the Persian Gulf months before Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. There was no need for Desert Shield or Desert Storm, but for what the US manipulated to happen. When they came home they told me about black ops that had one goal in mind, starting a war with Iraq and possibly even Iran. They were firing on both nations, pretending to be Kuwait Navy.

Sixth, I was not surprised that America elected white-trash Clinton, son of a woman busted 27 times for prostitution over George H W Bush. Americans were starting to get a knot in their gut about GHWB and rightfully so. He was not conservative, was a liar fronting for American Empire, and truly pathetic as the leader of the US. That any sitting president could be defeated with a simple mantra of "It's the Economy, Stupid!" says all that needs to be said about those 'compassionate conservatives' that are complete frauds.

His loss in the 1992 elections was a wake-up call to the RNC that it was going to have to get creative to win elections in a changing America. Are you following this thus far? I was there and the desperation had set in and looking for a plan of action.

Seventh, along came Newt Gingrich and his attack dog team with the Contract with America. It was actually a Contract ON America but that is a separate story. Old Newt still thinks he is America's dream come true candidate but I can state with certainty and veracity that he is a complete fraud as a conservative.

While the RNC was hammering Clinton on all policy issues, behind the scenes a faction group was designing a boogeyman for Americans to fear so they would look to the RNC to defend them. What was The National Policy Forum had to be disbanded due to Fat Boy RNC Chairman Haley Barbour financing it illegally. When it resurfaced during the latter part of Clinton's term it was renamed Project for a New American Century ('PNAC') and the message had changed from conservative values to one of fascism, hegemony, American Empire and military supremacy. These morons thought America could just bomb any nation it wished into submission and start thinking the American way about democracy.

It has not happened yet, so do not hold your breath that they were ever right or even close to it. Trespassers, invaders and murderers tend to be shot on sight, and we have plenty of American soldiers that can tell you that is true.

There were no PNAC conservatives, just fascists, Zionist Jews that had been recruited from the DNC under the 'Defend Zionist Israel at All Cost' mantra and a gaggle of Neocons that wanted to profit from the collapse of the USSR and America in military-mode.

Are you following this closely? American history is an illusion, so please pay attention because I was right in the middle of what I am writing about here.

It did not take long for Clinton to show his true colors and turn the White House Oval Office into a whorehouse. That was 100% predictable. Clinton has been doing that for years, even while Governor of Arkansas. I turned down two chances to run against Clinton in 1982 and 1984, and am truly glad I did not choose to get into a lying contest to beat Clinton in Arkansas. I could not find a way to beat him with the simple truth and I prefer to take just one shower a day.

Few Americans read what the editorial chief of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette had to say about Clinton as to why that newspaper was not endorsing him for President of the United States.

"He has mastered the art of equivocation. There is something almost inhuman in his smoother responses that sends a shiver up the spine. It is not the compromises he has made that trouble so much as the unavoidable suspicion that he has no principles to compromise." -- Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Oct. 28, 1992

Few can sum Clinton up that succinctly and that paragraph above is 100% true and on target regarding Clinton. He is a piece of shit and his wife is a Marxist.

Clinton legalized stock fraud by removing civil RICO as a remedy to take back what was stolen from investors. That led to the and telecom bubble and colossal amounts of stock fraud that was pre-planned against unsuspecting investors. They even changed the bankruptcy law so that equity stockholders no longer had a stake in the company the moment bankruptcy was filed. That was all planned to line just the right pockets.

You see, America, 'right pockets' is easily defined as those who lavishly donate to keep the current cretins in power in Washington DC. If you did not know that, think on that one a lot about why America is in its current condition of malaise that would impress Jimmy Carter as to what the word means.

Then along comes the Village Idiot from Crawford Texas, itsy-bitsy Bush who amazingly is even dumber and more inept than Daddy Bush.   Just a useful idiot to strut around like a Bandy-rooster that he and he alone is the defender of America from the boogeyman.

The 'terrorist attack' on September 11, 2001 did not originate from Afghanistan. That was just a convenient excuse to attack a nation that did the US no harm and take over a pipeline right-of-way that DC had conspired to take over since Jimmy Carter was president. That was the same pipeline Russia (USSR) planned so that they could benefit from the colossal oil and natural gas reserves in the landlocked Caspian Basin area.

Where this all gets blurred is when the DNC politics and the RNC politics produce the same end result, regardless of who is in the Oval Office or which party controls the Senate and House of Representatives.

That process started in 1992 to 1996 when the RNC decided to be the War Party and create a fake war against terrorism and use that as a blunt club to beat the world into the image of the USA and its goal of global empire.

There were Zionist Jew thugs allowed to come over from DNC and pretend to be conservative Neocons, and of course, protect Israel was the main message regardless of the damage that would do to America domestically and foreign.

Then it became even more insane when Bush chooses a gay as his campaign manager for 2004 (still did not have Mission Accomplished, still no pipeline across Afghanistan or Syria). Then, amazingly, Ken Mehlman was elevated to the head of RNC.

Bush could not use his 2000 campaign manager because he went on to profit from 'rebuilding' Afghanistan and Iraq. Get it?

Yes, that was not a typo. Pipeline across Syria is part of what today is all about, and getting rid of Qadaffi and anyone else Israel wants removed.

The RNC became so desperate to win elections and keep their bogus Global War on Terror that every conservative value was up for sale to the highest bidder or any person who could bring in fringe votes be that gays, Jews or anything else that typically does not vote Republican.

America is in big trouble financially, economically, politically, and militarily. The Empire quest has failed, American hegemony and meddling is now despised on a global basis, and both political parties have now made it clear that they fear Americans so much they pass laws to have anyone painted as a terrorist, disappeared with no right to trial or assassinated.

Those who pretend to be leaders want perpetual war and plundering. You have the right to say NO.

When you think about how to vote this year, THINK AMERICAN and get rid of these fascist idiots in DC. You will be glad you did.

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