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Holding Public Meetings In Private!

By Charlotte Iserbyt

Just a "heads up" for all of you who are very concerned regarding our constitutional form of govt. being transformed by PUBLIC/PRIVATE partnerships.

Check the Communist Manifesto and you will find:

"The communist system requires a merger of government and industry!" (Exactly what is being implemented NOW in the USA through public/private education restructuring.)  

The unconstitutional public-private partnerships necessary for school to work agenda (using tax-funded charter schools with UNELECTED boards and other vehicles)  are going in across the country, with few Americans objecting to this fascist/communist agenda.

Please read the following regarding recent activities in Maine and other excerpted materials from  the deliberate dumbing down of america and other documents.

  Here in Maine the long-planned education restructuring for workforce training  proceeds as scheduled, with our Republican Gov. LePage calling a PRIVATE meeting at his tax-funded residence, Blaine House,  to initiate HIS (Maine Heritage's) agenda.



(2)  See the pdf file here for 1982 Iserbyt letter to President Reagan, requesting a meeting with him, especially related to following paragraph regarding Dept. of Ed public/private partnership initiatives:

  "The educationist philosophy of the past thirty years, now cleverly couched in terms such as the "New Federalism", "Partnerships with the Private Sector", etc., proceeds apace, and a strengthening of the very establishment you pledged to reduce, which has little or nothing to do with what actually goes on in our children's classrooms, continues without a hitch or a peep from the White House."

  1981  began the implementation  of the  long-planned change in our form of economy: from capitalism to  public private partnerships, using tax-funded school choice/charter schools with unelected boards  as the vehicle to do so.

  Go to American and type "CONCLUSIONS" into search engine in order to read Conclusions and Recommendations for the Social Studies, Carnegie Corporation, 1934, which calls for using the schools to change America's capitalist economic system to a planned economy."

Go to deliberate dumbing, a FREE download of deliberate dumbing down of america, 1999,  for following entries:

3D, page 272 (Perseus Books: New York, 1997) relate to the first steps taken to implement this new corporate fascist system of governance. Olson recalled Maine’s activity as follows:John Fitzsimmons, the President of the Maine Technical College System and former state labor commissioner in Maine during the 1980s, traveled to Germany and Denmark in theearly 1990s, along with the then-Governor John R. McKernan, Jr. [husband of U.S. Senator from Maine Olympia Snowe], to get a first-hand view of European apprenticeships. The governor and Fitzsimmons were so impressed by what they saw that they plotted the outlinesfor a Maine initiative on paper napkins on the transatlantic flight home. In February 1993 the Maine Youth Apprenticeship Program—now called Maine Career Advantage—accepted its first 12 students. By 1996 the initiative had spread to 276 students, 108 high schools, and 197 businesses. An additional 850 students were involved in career-preparation activitiessuch as job shadows, developing portfolios, and summer internships.“I really believe, in my state, the future lies in the quality of the skilled workforce,”Fitzsimmons told me in 1994, a strong Rhode Island accent still lingering in his voice. “We will not compete with a North Carolina Research Triangle or with Massachusetts’s Harvard and M.I.T. and their ability to be international research areas. We will be the producers of goods. And I take great pride in that because if we’re able to produce high-quality products,it will mean high-wage jobs for our people.”

POLYTECHNICAL EDUCATION: A STEP BY ROBERT H. BECK, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, was published in 1990. Beck was under contract to the National Center for Research in Vocational Education, University of California, Berkeley and was supported by the Office of Vocational and Adult Education through a U.S. Department of Education grant for $4 million [Carl D.Perkins Vocational Education Act, Grant #V051A80004­88A, September.5] Had this report notcost $4 million in taxpayers’ money, one could dismiss it as just another effort by the federal government to keep its education researchers occupied. Why would the government spend such an enormous amount of money on a government project describing the Soviet polytech system unless the government was considering putting the same polytech system in place inthe United States?
Recent workforce training legislation in Congress does indeed call for the implementation of the Soviet/German/Danish polytech system.

3D, page 328:   The following quote from an article in the May 14, 1984 issue of The Washington Post entitled “Industrial Policy Urged for GOP” sheds some light on behind-the-scenes activities which have led to acceptance of corporate-fascist workforce training necessary for a plannedeconomy:

"A conservative study group founded by supporters of President Reagan is about to issue a report that advocates Republicans shed some of their deep-rooted antipathy to a planned economy. The “Industrial Policy Debate” is to be issued today by the Institute for Contemporary Studies, a think tank founded by Presidential Counselor Edwin Meese, Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, and other Reagan supporters.

Please do your homework.  The school-to-work agenda, modelled on the Soviet polytech workforce training  system, merger of public and private sector, is being implemented right now.    It has been in the works  certainly since 1980 when the neoconservatives invaded the Reagan Administration, lead by the Heritage Foundation which drafted the dreaded North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and which supports tax-funded school choice/charters without elected boards.  Heritage has an affiliate in most, if not all, states and is promoting this unconstitutional system of education, economics and regional governance (communism).  

This writer, as liaison from the Dept. of Education, attended the first official White House Private Sector Initiative meeting in 1981, and asked if public/private partnerships were not "corporate fascism".  One of the supporters of this unAmerican initiative answered:  "I don't think anyone has looked at it that way."

Steve Schran, a courageous activist/public school teacher, and I, wanted to attend the 3-hour "breakfast" meeting held in Republican/Heritage-controlled  Gov. LePage's Mansion, so we called the Maine Dept. of Education  and were told it was a "private" meeting.  We checked the Open Meeting laws, found in all states, which protect taxpayers from being excluded from "secret planning activities" and realized something very "fishy" was going on in Maine.    Fortunately the Maine press picked up on this particular "closed to the public" meeting (above links).

What just happened in Maine (above), holding PRIVATE meetings related to funding of education and restructuring of education  is unconstitutional.  

Is this happening in YOUR state?


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