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US Mercenaries Now In Doentsk



One hundred fifty soldiers of Greystone (former Backwater) are brought today to Donetsk. They speak English and do not understand Russian or Ukrainian.

Soldiers of Greystone were brought yesterday to Kharkov. Photo is below they are wearing Jaguar uniform. They speak English ...
In the form of fighters "Jaguar" in Kharkov employing foreign mercenaries

In Kharkov, in the central area comes more and more people. Near the building of regional administration appeared tent. Near armed men, some of them in the morning did not say a word and turn away every time someone accesses them.

One of Kharkiv police working near the building of RSA, told the LifeNews, in the form of special forces soldiers "Jaguar", which is usually used to suppress domestic protests, in particular prison riots, foreigners work.

- They do not speak in Russian and do not understand Ukrainian, - says the source in the form of LifeNews. - All the time silent and even avoid contact with us.

Morning of April 8 at the direction of the new Ukrainian authorities conducted a special operation to suppress protests in Kharkov. Armed men broke into the building and replaced the Kharkiv Regional State Administration. More than 70 people were taken away in an unknown direction.

Gave orders to sweep personally appointed by parliament illegitimate Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. He later said that the surgery went "smoothly" and without being affected. However, his statement immediately denied Antimaydana activists who spoke about their losses. According to them, law enforcement officers acted very hard and used firearms and grenades. Injured protesters are afraid to go to hospitals because of possible reprisals. (Based on )


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Donetsk airport disembarked 200 English-speaking military

In Donetsk Airport arrived two legionaries. Plane with foreign soldiers landed in seven in the morning local time. Told RSN coordinator merged organization activists Donetsk "Donbass Self-Defense", which also oversees buildings and RSA Security Service.

"Arrived not speak neither Russian nor Ukrainian. It is sad, but it's foreign military. I was at the airport and heard the English language ", - he added / 1 /.

Earlier on the official Facebook page the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the new Ukrainian authorities sent in the south-eastern regions of Ukraine to quell protests internal forces and fighters of the "right sector" and American mercenaries. "Of particular concern is the fact that this operation is connected about 150 American experts from the private military organization Greystone, disguised as soldiers unit" Falcon "- emphasizes the MFA / 2 /.



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