Headlines 3


Convicted Murderer Mistakenly Released

Dramatic Increase In Arctic Methane In January, 2013

Stanton Friedman Reveals UFO MJ-12 Secrets - Vid

Ex Penn State President Tied To Roswell UFO Crash Recovery

More Readers Witness UFO Over York

The Allagash Abduction, Pt 1 - Vid

The Allagash Abduction, Pt 2 - Vid

Big Bro To Force GPs To Yield Confidential Records

45,000 UK Kids Brain-Damaged By Sodium Valproate

Lies, Damned Lies And Newspaper Reporting


New Warning Over Pedos Targeting Children Online

ESA Plans For First Habitable Moon Base

Signs Of Life Half Mile Beneath Antarctic Ice Sheet

Zionist Banks, Big Oil Have Controlled US Govt For Years

Kiwan - The Highest Court In OUTLAW Country

Proof The US Government Is A Criminal Enterprise

The Real Truth About Winning A Civil War

Super Bowl War Games - Will There Be Blood?

Super Bowl Getting Enhanced Security Including NORAD


INDECT - Big Brother Full Spectrum Surveillance Project

Ventura - Artificially Created Multiple Personality Killers - Vid

Jeffrey Smith's 'Genetic Roulette' Full Documentary - Vid

Monsanto Joins Agenda 21 Front Group

WA GMO Food Labelling Initiative Moves Forward

Is Whole Foods Taking Advantage Of Workers?

Harvard Students Forced To Withdraw For Cheating

How Student Loans Create Slaves - The College Conspiracy - Vid

Cognitive Dissonance At The New York Times

US Will Not Scale Back Death Drone Warfare – Panetta


15 Signs Of The Imminent Obama 2013 Recession

'Iran' Used 144 Times In Hagel Hearing, 'Israel' 166 Times

Iran Test Flying Bold New Homemade Jet Fighter - Vid

US May Have Broken Own Sanctions In Buying Iran Oil

Israel 'Considering More Bombing Of Syria'

Israeli Warplanes Fly Over Lebanon Again

Morris...Thwarting Russian Iranian Syrian Retaliation- Vid

Syrian Chemical Weapons Under Control - FM Lavrov

Daily Mail Pulls US False Flag WMD Attack On Syria Story

All 6 Ex Israel Security Chiefs Slam Occupation Of Pal


Ban Ki-moon Fails To Condemn Israeli Aggression

Even Israel Admits Iran Is Not Building A Nuke

Chief Rabbis Election Creates Israeli Tower Of Babel

US A Police State, Obama Consciously Allows Torture' – CIA Vet

Brian De Palma - We've Been Lied To By Our Govt - Vid

Milan Court Convicts Ex CIA Chief Of Kidnapping

Military Fightings Suicide Epidemic Among Vets (SSRIs)

Stratospheric GeoEngineering – Invisible Elephant In The Room

First US 2013 H3N2 Sequence Has T128A

Merck Paid Popular Site $3.5 Million To Promote Vaccines


December 1998 Very Close Encounter With Landed UFO In TX

Child Slavery - The Dark Side Of Chocolate - Vid

Indiana Dropping Charges Against Deer-Saving Couple

Ex-NFL Running Back To Donate Brain To Science - Vid

Scientists Infuse 'Life' Into Inanimate Compounds

Kitty Cams Show Secret Life Of Cats

Amazing Kitty Cam Videos - Vid

Internet As Envisioned In 1969 - Remarkably Accurate - Vid

Rotten Egg Gas The New Longevity Aid?

Short Bursts Of Exercise Good For Heart


Weird Mystery FL Creature? - Vid

Death Of A Sea Monster - Vid

3 German Shepherds In A British Pub - Vid

Corbett - Calling Out The Hypocritical, War-Loving Left - Vid

Your Life - A Friction To Stop The Machine - Vid

Supreme Court To Review Obama Forged Documents

Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories All Debunked? No

US Illegals Sending $120 Billion Back Home

Kirwan -The 3% Solution

$150 Trillion In Gold Buried In Seafloor?

Kirwan - Climbing Out Of The Pit

Gas Prices Jump 30 Cents In Miami Valley - Vid


Extreme Weather Map Of 2012

Death By Doctors - The Shocking Figures

IN Couple Faces Jail For Saving Life Of Baby Deer

US Pediatric Flu Deaths Increase To 62

US Week 4 - Pneumonia & Flu Death Rate Dips To 9.4%

A Joy Ride Through F'ing Censorship

Dr. Joseph Chiappalone - The Gift Of 'Nous'

Israeli Anti-Missile Test Blew Up Space Shuttle Columbia?

Seabird 'Pollution' Substance May Be Palm Oil

Pacific SW To Become A UN Bio-Region

Duke - Shocking...CNN, Goldman Sachs & The Zionist Matrix - Vid


Meet Your Money Masters & Their Common Ethnic Link

Ingo Swann - The Early Days

Gore Gets Gored Over TV Sale To Al Jazeera - Vid

2013 - The Obama Uprising Is On Schedule

DHS Tips To Survive Shootings - Run, Hide, Grab Scissors

Sandy Hook - All 4 Doors To The Civic Were 'Open' - Vid

Australia Bans Guns, Crime Rate Increases - Vid

NYT Hacking Puts Light On China Cyber War

News Sites Falling Victim To Hackers

Martin - Stalin's Secret Agents...The Subversion Of FDR's Govt


Psychic Pioneer Ingo Swann Passes

Ingo Swann...The Wizard Who Started Remote Viewing - Vid

'Anonymous Experts' And The Extermination Of Truth

22 US Veterans Suicide Every Single Day

Net Censorship...The Vile File

Oil Prices Hit New High After Zionist Warmongering

Syria May Respond To Israeli Air Strike

Netanyahu Tells America It's Now Or Never

Sayanim Hague - Israeli Bombing Of Syria 'Justified'

Sayanim Clinton - Iran Steps Up Support For Syria


Will Israeli Settlers Be Prosecuted For ‘War Crimes’?

Treason Season

Christian Zionism And American Islamophobia - Giraldi, Utley

The Zionist-Created Scofield 'Bible'

Illuminati Exposed By Muammar Gaddafi - Vid

Common Sense Is Comatose

Polish Resistance To GMO Deception Swells To 5 Provinces

US Sen Menendez Denies Sex With Underage Whores

LA Catholic Cardinal Stripped Of Duties - Child Sex Abuse

4 Volcanoes Now Erupting Simultaneously In Kamchatka


2014 - Too Late To Leave The United States?

4 States Ponder Laws Challenging Teaching Evolution

Social Inequality In America

Meet The Fabulous Emanuel Boys

Russian Rocket With US Satellite Fails 40 Sec Into Flight

Pilot Captures UFO On Video In Costa Rica - Vid

Argentines Call Brits On Falklands 'Colonist' - Quit Talks

Unseen Color Photos Of The Beatles - Pics

Pet Tortoise Found Alive & Well After 30 Yrs in Storeroom

Less Tetraethyl Lead Means Higher IQs


Homemade Dialysis Machine Keeps Man Alive 13 Yrs

'Gay' Dog Saved From Being Euthanized

Kindness And Love - Brother Helps Little Sister - Vid

IRS - Cheapest Obamacare Plan Will Be $20,000 PER FAMILY

McGrath on RT - Bankers And Bullets - Vid

Americans Buy Half Billion Of Gold, Silver In January

US Economy - Troubled Or All's Well?

Premeditated Aggression - Official Israeli Policy

Week 4 - 8 More US Pediatric Flu Deaths

Explosion At Mexican Oil Giant Pemex HQ Kills 25


Br. Nathanael - Why Jews Must Believe In Jesus - Vid

Carcinogens Used In 1 Out Of 3 Fracking Operations

Americans Who Can't Pay Bills Are Going To Jail

The Rising Tide Of Neo-Nazism

CA Hispanics Will Outnumber Whites In 2014

iPhone Fatigue Sets In

No-No To Nano Foods

FDA Sued Over Lack Of Nanotech Oversight, Labels

Wireless Medicine Future Is Just A Smartphone Away - Vid

A Day In The Life Of Our Toxic Lives

Hidden Link Behind Viruses, Vaccines And Cancer


Why Eating Raw Foods Means Eating Living Foods

Why We Took Cocaine Out Of Soda

Longevity Gene Opens Door To 'Molecular Fountain Of Youth'

Japan's Rokkasho Contamination May Rival Fukushima Daiichi

Are US Nuke Plants Going The Way Of Coal Plants?

Watch 5 Nuke Power Plant Towers Collapse In Slo-Mo - Vid

Tsunami Styrofoam Threatens Alaska Environment

The STUNNING Jewish Domination Of US Finances

Harris - Global Corporatocracy, Globalization & Neocolonialism - Vid

Kirwan - Bipartisan Traitors


The Strategy Behind Tucson, Aurora And Sandy Hook

Twisted US - Sandy Hook Chorus To Sing At Superbowl

US Week 4 - Pneumonia & Influenza Death Rate At 9.4%

Dr. Oz - No Flu Shot For My Kids - Vid

Pandemic H1N1 In California Elephant Seals

US In Africa - Containing China By 'Fighting Al-Qaeda'

Holocaust Is A Zionist-Created Myth - President Morsi Aide

The Amazing History Of The 'Six Million' Myth

Republicans Hammer Hagel

Hagel’s New Anti-Iran Stance 'Beggars Belief'


No Obama, We Aren't Committed To Aiding Terror In Syria

Michelle Obama’s Cabbage-Gate?

Hacked Phones May Listen To Everything You Say

News Flash To Psychiatry - A Human Is Not A 'Thing'

Zionists Control World Mainstream News Channels

F-16s 'Fired 8 Missiles & Bunker-Buster' At Syria Target

Syria Warns Of 'Surprise' After Israeli Attack

IAF Attack Desperate Bid To Save Failed Syrian War

Washington's Terror War On Syria

Morris - Israel's Brazen Act Of War On Syria - Vid


Little Israel Banned

166 Homes In Israeli Settlement On Private Pal Land

Iranian Oil Trade booming Says Top China Buyer

Iran To Upgrade Nuclear Centrifuges At Natanz

Iraq Probes 'Terrifying Brutality' By UK Troops

France To Force Shops And Offices To Go Dark Overnight

North Korea 'Under Martial Law'

Chinese Hackers Attack NY Times Over Wen Probe

NYT Says China Hackers Got Into Its Systems

Mali, Hagel And The Rothschilds


GMO A Go-Go - Vid

FKN News...The Real Planet X - Vid

UK Banks Mis-Sold More Than 90% Of Rate Swaps

UK Govt Using Cloud Data Service Wide Open To US

UFOs Spotted In Cape Coral? - Vid

Hazardous Virus Gene Discovered In GM Crops

Coldest Winter In 20 Years For Syrian Refugees

Wozniak - Jobs Movie Script 'Atrocious'

Nuclear Weapons Waste In Your Hip Replacement?

Vegetarians Have 33% LESS Heart Disease


The Women Who Are Immune To AIDS

Astronaut's Incredible Photos From Space - Pics

Living In A Virtual Reality

Medical Marijuana Proves Itself A Viable Investment

Birds' High Fashion Show - Vid

Bizarre Catacombs, Capuchin Catacombs Of Palermo, Italy

US Slips Back Into Recession (big surprise)

Million Muslims To March On White House On 9/11

McGrath - Truth? Nothing Is As It Seems - Vid

Sniegowski - Obama's Purpose For Picking Chuck Hagel


Kirwan - Generations Of Vipers

Israeli War On Syria, Bombs Research Center, 2 Dead

Israelis Bomb Syrian Research Center Near Damascus

Israel AF Hits Convoy On Syria Border - 'Carried 'Rockets'

Israel Enters The War In Syria

US Navy Warship To Be Scrapped To Save Philippine Reef - Pics

Morris - Making Refugees Helps Capitalism - Vid

Confirmed - Assange Will Run For Oz Senate In 2013

Zimbabwe Has $217 Left In The Bank

TIME Inc To Slash Hundreds Of Jobs


Surprising Connection Between Food And Fracking

Kirwan - The Silent Generation

The Unfolding Of The Green Police State

Amazing UFO Formation In Santiago Chile (Dec 2012) - Vid

Veterans Urged To Report UFOs At Nuke Weapons Sites

Horrors Of Sandy Hook Slow To Fade

Rambunctious Souls

2012 Second Wettest Year On Record In UK

America Faces Future Of Searing Heat, Chaotic Weather

Sky High Bacteria Could Affect Climate


As Sandy Victims Freeze, Mayor Gives $1b To Med School

Exfoliating Soaps To Be Banned

To Save A Cathedral, Marinate In Olive Oil

JP-8 Jet Fuel Exposure Suppresses The Immune System

Zero US Deaths From Multiple Vitamins, Vitamins A, B-6, D, E, Etc

Fluoridegate Documentary - Vid

Industrial Agriculture...Factory Farming

Soy Milks...Not Good For You

Largest Glacier-Calving Ever Filmed...And In HD - Vid


Many Around World Will Die From Fukushima Radiation

BBC - Fukushima Evacuees Hit By HIGH Levels Of Radiation - Vid

The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump

Mystery Pipes Block R2 Torus Room Access

Government Wants To Put Radioactive Scrap In Silverware

Japan Arrests Animal Rescuers In Fukushima Evac Zone

Rense & Jeffrey Smith - Virus Gene In GMO Crops

Unsavory Truth About McRib & Other Fake Foods

TN Major Gun Protection - NO Restrictions On Guns

229 Sheriffs Say NO To Obama Gun Control


Obama Skeptics Target His Shooting Claims

Duff - School Killings, First Shock Then Blame, Conspiracy

Obama Prioritizes His Targeted Murders

Google’s Schmidt - Cyber Wars, Terrorism, Ethnic Cleansing

US A Leading Terrorist State In The World - Chomsky

Shakespeare - US Increasingly Turning Fascist

MSM Backs Government Plan For War On The People

Ron Paul - US Involvement In Mali 'Undeclared War'

US Inks Deal To Fly Drones Over Niger


How Psychology Undermined Western Civilization

China Takeover Of US WIth Free Trade Zones

South Korea Launches Satellite Into Space

US Govt Makes 80% Of Twitter Info Requests

How To Evade Govt Surveillance, Stay Anonymous Online

Peak Oil Theories 'increasingly Groundless' - BP

Big Drilling Rigs Of The Illuminati

Senate Suddenly Furious With Eric Holder

'Better Than Cash Alliance' To Bring Cashless Society

A Core Group Of Wealthy Elitists Run The World


Belgian MP Stands Up Against War - Vid

US Backed False Flag Chem Attack In Syria

Duff - Israel’s Plan For World War Enters High Gear

Netanyahu's Apartheid Government

Holocaust Day Backfires

A New Israeli War On The Horizon

Israel Attacks Lebanon

Beitar Pure Forever!

Israel’s Plan For World War Enters High Gear

Israeli Reprimand To Argentinean Amb - 'Give Information!'


NRDC Sues To Save Whales From New Sonar Deployment

Reporter Says Emanuel Threatened Him With Violence

The 10 Commandments Of Survival

'Global Epidemic' Of Heart Attacks, Strokes Being Missed

Blows Against Big Pharma And Its Vaccine Fortress

A Virus Walks Across The Surface Of A Cell - Vid

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation - Vid

Rand Declares War On Obama EOs On Gun Control

Oz Citizens Own More Guns Since Strict Gun Laws Enacted

NY Gun Law - The Real Outcome They're After - Vid


Boeing Dreamliner - 'It's Going To Be A Mess' To Fix Them

UN Launches New Attempt To Control The Internet

Kirwan - Free Republic NOT A MONARCHY

French Meet Tougher Mali Fighters Than Thought

China's Military Hawks Take The Offensive

Django Unclean, X-Rated Hobbits And Reality TV Gurus

Peak Oil Theories 'Increasingly Groundless' Says BP Chief

Death Knell For Nerve Agent Pesticides To Save Bees

New Congress Even Richer With Millionaire Newcomers

Third Major UK Retail Chain Closes In A Week


UFO Soaring Over Moon Surface In Online Video

Giant, Black Triangle, 4' Tall Figures Inside Over Texas

UFOs On Moon - Scientists, Astronauts See Strange Things - Vid

Truth Or Denial In The Age Of Information Overload

Frosty - Of Course We're Not Overpopulating Earth

Networking To Survive

A Prisoner Account

We Are Not Germany, We Will NOT Be Silenced

10 Things For Conscious People To Focus On In 2013

Proliferating GMO Crops Harming Monarch Butterflies


Beef With Horse Meat May Have Been Sold 'For Years'

Health Of Tree Tied To Our Own Health

Eclectic Body Painting By Japanese Artist - Photos

BMA Orders Gardasil Cervical Cancer Vax For Gay Men

Hairdressers, Health Workers, Plumbers - Asthma From Chems

Lucky Oz Prospector Finds Huge Gold Nugget

US Launches 35-Year Quest For A New Yucca Mountain

Media Myth On Pediatric Flu Deaths

US Week 2 Pneumonia-Flu Death Rate Spikes To 8.3%

Nine Pediatric Flu Deaths Cited In CDC Week 2 FluView


New Study Verifies The Mercury In Flu Shots Is Toxic

Obama Gun Plan's Expected Rules On 'Mental Health'

Obama Pledges To Go All The Way In Zionist Gun Grab

Obama's PR Machine And Zionist Media Can Crush The NRA

3D Printed Guns Render Gun Control Moot

BoA Won't Honor Debit/Credit Card Buys Of Ammo, Guns - Vid

Bush AG - Obama's Executive Orders Are Legal - Vid

'Officers Cannot Obey An Unconstitutional Order' - Vid

US Military Empire Ready To Start Multiple Wars

Netanyahu Hits Back At Obama Criticism


'There Would Be No Arabic Schools!'

Israeli Apologist Benny Morris

Iran - Power Play In The Strait Of Hormuz

Russia Slams US For Blaming Syria Government For Blasts

China Backs Khamenei’s Decree Against Nuclear Weapons

Satanists Plan Rally In Support Of FL Gov

Satanic Agenda Of US Intelligence

Homer AK Hijacked By Agenda 21

The War Against Agenda 21 Just Got Hotter

Rotten To The Core


WH Plans To Increase Death Drone Flights In The US

Predator Death Drone 'Toy' For Kids...Good 'Comments' On It

Supreme Court Won't Hear Republican Voting Challenge

Two US Power Plants Hit With Software Viruses

NSA & Banks To 'Fight Hackers'...And Get Your Data?

New Mtge Rules To Protect Struggling Homeowners

House Will Vote To Reverse Fed Worker Pay Raise

Bernanke Keeps Calling For An End To Debt Ceiling

USPS Told To Hurry Saving Measures - Broke By October?

More Corn Ethanol...More Harm To Consumers, Environment


Photovoltaics Beat Biofuels In Miles Driven

Do We Need GMO Farmed Salmon?

FDA Ruling On GMO Salmon Worries Alaskan Fishermen

China's 'Air'pocalypse Concern For Expat Parents

Small Nuke Reactors For Oil Sands Mining In Canada

Mars Crew 'Guinea Pigs' Suffered Insomnia, Lethargy

Hubble Space Telescope To Snap 6 New Deep Field Pics

Why The Moon Seems So Large On Horizon

Pittsburgh Cops Shoot Driver, Mother During Chase

Man Arrested In Public Park For Carrying A Flag - Vid


Health Of Obese Kids Much Worse Than Thought

Can Pesticides Be Rinsed Off? (barely) - Vid

How To Go Vegan

In Health US Is Not #1

Magical Thinking About Water Fluoridation

Dentists Are Fluoride-Science Ignorant

Looking Ahead To 2013 Fighting Water Fluoridation

Vietnam Deploying Bloggers To Support The Govt=

Latest Bond Film Censored In China

Itty Bitty Kitty Committee - Pic


47 States Revolt Against Obama Gun Control

Devvy - Obama Could Be Removed By His Own Signature

SC Bill Would Nullify All EOs Against Right To Bear Arms

The Truth About Executive Orders - Attorney Bill Olson

Fake Birth Cert, Stolen SS # - A Criminal In The White House

House Bill Would Ban All Internet Ammunition Sales

How TV Will Shape The New Gun Culture In America

Heavy Duty, Restricted Guns Legally Sold In Texas


Obama vs Netanyahu - Round Two

Aaron Swartz - Suicide Or Murder?

An Open Video Letter To Bob Costas - Vid

Bringing Americans To Their Knees

Asteroid To Pass Close Enough To Knock Out Satellites On 2-15

FAA Grounds Boeing Dreamliners

EU Budget For Palestine Used To Protect Israel

Guantanamo, Drone Missiles, Afghanistan & The NDAA

SOFEX - Mass Murder Is BIG Business - Vid

The Routine Death Of Investigative Reporting - Vid


Fracking Lights Up ND At Night As Seen From Space

Only Known US Saucer Project (Avrocar) Declassified

Horrific Complaints Against NC Schoolteacher

Health Workers, Pregnant Women Shun Flu Vax In Droves

New Flu Vax Uses Insect Virus & Recombinant DNA

What Are The Health Benefits Of Spirulina?

Similarities Of Human Cities & Human Neurons - Photos

Whole Foods Founder On Fascism & Conscious Capitalism

Man Outsources His Work To China To Watch Cat Vids


Fewer In Japan Choose To Participate In Radiation Monitoring

OR Sheriff - 'Unconstitutional' Gun Laws Won't Be Enforced'

MO Bill - Jail For Feds Who Violate 2nd Amendment

Kirwan - Going For Our Throats

OOPS - Sandy Hook Grief Guide 4 Days BEFORE Shootings

Sandy Hook Parent Laughing 24 hrs After Child Killed - Vid

Rense & Weidner - Sandy Hook Doesn't Add Up - Vid

ABC Nightline Feature On Alex Jones - Vid

FL Legislators Vote To Ban Drone Spying On Citizens

Fake Birth Cert, Stolen SS # - A Criminal In The White House


Obama - Money Power's Point Man

Your Govt Bought By Religious Money Changers - Vid

How Does UN Agenda 21 Look In Your Community?

35 Shocking Stats About US Working Poor

Monsanto Atty Wants New Standard For Suing Farmers

WH Raises Petition Threshold From 25k To 100k Signatures

Chavez Shows Clinical Improvement

Israeli Watchdog Rips Netanyahu Over Settlements

Netanyahu Headlines Jewish 'Birthright' Rally - Vid

Obama - 'Netanyahu Doesn't Know What's Good For Israel'


Chuck Hagel - 'Palestine Is In Chains' - Vid

President Morsi Should Apologize - To Apes, Pigs And Vampires

Israelis Shot Palestinian Youth In Back As He Fled

Pike - Are Jewish Media Attacks On Jesus Subsiding?

The Israeli Spy With A Baby Face Reaches Court

Why Mali? - Uranium, Gold, Petroleum, Strategic Minerals

'Rebels' Slaughter 87 In Blasts At Aleppo University

Pennsylvania Flu Deaths Jump To 40

New York Confirms Third Pediatric Flu Death

Reported US Pediatric Flu Deaths Increase To 41


Boeing Dreamliner...Smoke, Electrical Fire In Boston - Vid

Bundesbank To Pull Gold Home From NY And Paris

The Economics Of Sequestration

'Mars Flower' Photo Puzzles Scientists

Elephant Family Killed For Ivory - Death To Poachers

Alarming Radiation Levels Found On SF Treasure Island

Deadly SF Bay Treasure Island - Vid

The Ugly Truth Of McDonalds 'McRib' Sandwich

Pink Slime Maker WIll Close 3 Of 4 Plants

Boycott Chinese Goods To Protest Cat Eating


Protest Against Chinese Cat Torture

Cat Plays Shell Game And Wins - Vid

Garlic Shone To Destroy Viruses, Bacteria (Allicin C)

Cheap And Effective TB Drug Being Ignored?

Insane AMA Wants To Keep Mercury IN Vaccines

Insecticide 'Unacceptable' Danger To Bees

EPA Water Contamination Probe In TX Halted

Fracking - TX Family Drinking Water Bubbles Like Champagne

Children Can Outgrow Autism, Psychologists Say

Horse DNA Found In Beef Burgers In UK Supermarkets


Horse Meat Burgers Came From Europe, Suppliers Claim

Swimming Out Beyond The Borders Of Belief

Mattel Won't Downgrade High Value Scrabble Letters

The Second Coming Of Psychedelics

Astonishing 103 Yr Old Electric Car Far Ahead Of Its Time

lGrowth Is The Enemy Of Humankind

Scientists Find Gene That May Create Natural Leaders

Warning Over Toxic Toys

The Ultimate Tomato Cage For Under $2

Marxist Dictator Obama Signs 23 EOs Against 2nd Amendment


Afghan-Pak Child-Killer Obama Unveils Massive Gun-Control Move

Obama Mocks Constitution With Illegal EOs Against Guns

NRA - Obama An Elitist Hypocrite

Fake Birth Cert, Stolen SS # - A Criminal In The White House

Rand Paul Will Fight 'Tooth & Nail' Against Anti-Gun EO

Swartz’ Prosecutor Linked To Another Hacker’s Death

'Aaron Was Killed By The Govt' - Father On Son's Death

Was Aaron Killed By An MIT Satanic Child Porn Ring?

Rense & Weidner - Sandy Hook Doesn't Add Up - Vid

Zio Tactic - Obama To Present Gun Grab With Children


Journalists Won't Post 'Home Is Proudly Gun Free' Sign - Vid

Paul Craig Roberts - Attack On Sovereignty

Kirwan - Obama, Congress And Illiteracy

All Nippon Air Grounds Dreamliners - Boeing Troubles Grow

Geithner - US Could Default By Mid-February

Nature's Path Foods CEO Talks About GMOs

Top 10 Flu Questions Answered

NYPD To Try GPS 'Bait Bottles' To Track Drug Thieves

Sixth Graders Need New Textbook On Ancient World History

Last Video By Spacecraft That Crashed into Moon - Vid


Coca-Cola Launches Anti-Obesity TV Ad Campaign

Fast Food Tied To Childhood Asthma, Allergies

Chimpanzees Have Sense Of 'Fairness'

Artist Can't Draw Awake, Creates Masterpieces Asleep

Deaf Dog Dances To Vibrations Of Guitar

First Layer Of R4 Steel Cover Frame Complete - Photo

Radiation Fears Contaminate Sales For Japan Farmers

Insane Japan Govt To Build Fallout Shelters Near Nuke Plants

Radioactive Cesium Ash Being Spread By Wind, Rain

The Crooked Clean Up Of Fukushima City


Fukushima Governor Bleeding Internally

GOP Rep Says impeachment if Obama Uses EO On Guns

Biden - WH Eying 19 Executive Actions On Guns

Adam Lanza Essentially Vanished The Last 3 Years - Vid

Gun Control, Dick Act, Bills Of Attainder & Ex Post Facto Laws

Is Obama Killing Off 'Kill List' Critics?

Obama Hiding Info On Americans Marked For Death - US Senator

Swartz Faced More Prison Than Killers, Slave Dealers

US Attorney As Bully And Assassin

The Suspicious Death Of Aaron Swartz


Kirwan - Obama Is NOT The Government

Tarpley - Obama’s Drone Gang vs Neocon Battalions

NY - 1st State Gun Laws Since Newtown Massacre

Demand A Stop To 'Smart Gun' Plans

Duff - Denial Of Truth, Mind Control, Satanism In America

Ex-US Soldier's Opinion - Anger And A Time to Kill

Obama WH Rips Down 2nd Forged ID Resign Petition

New York Creates Psychiatric Police State

What You DON'T Say Might Be Held Against You

US Cops Now Using ‘Crime-Prediction’ Software


US Spends More On Sex Drugs For Ex-Soldiers

Record US Troop Suicides Exceed Combat Deaths

GMO Crops Destroy Our Soil And Food Supply

A Stunning 57% Of Illegal Immigrants On Welfare

Iran's Khamenei Bans Nuclear Weapons For Iran

Iran Plans To Phase Out Dollar, Euro In Foreign Trade

Duff - Israeli 'Witch Hunt' Cripples Free Speech, ICC

Israelis KIll Another Palestinian

Israelis Want Out - 40% Want To Leave

Will 2013 See American Jews Secede From Israel?


On Musmus, A Forgotten Pharaoh, And Political Violence

Memo To Goldman Sachs - (Partly) Why People Hate You

Washington’s Economic Boom...Financed By You

The 5 Step Process To Cheat The Middle Class Worker

What’s Really Inside America’s Banks?

Saudi Arabia, Big Oil & US Foreign Policy, Pt 1 - Vid

Huge China Underground Tunnel System Hides Nukes

Global Cyber Spy Network Uncovered By Russian Experts

Russia To Launch Lunar Mission In 2015

EUSSR Controlled Bureaucrats Run Britain


EU Dumps Zionist Hate Law - Crosses OK At Work

Queen Using Veto Over New Laws

N Korea Installs 16,000 Cams To Watch Citizens

German Activists Start To Destroy Surveillance Cams

New Pay Per Mile Scheme Will Raise Taxes 250%

CDC Updates Flu Advice For Pediatricians

Tubing Down The River To Shylock City

Doomsday Clock Holds At 5 'Til Midnight

By Way Of Attempted Explication

Mississippi River May Soon Be Unnavigable

Update - Corporations Are Not People In Carpool Lanes

60 Studies Confirm Cancer Link To Vax You Likely Had

Chinese Plant Compound Wipes Out Cancer in 40 Days

Court Awards Millions To Two Children With Autism

Italian Court Links MMR Vaccine To Autism

Diet Soda, Aspartame Shown Destroys Kidney Function

Widespread 'Criminalization Of Pregnancy' In US Institutions

Building Our Own Future - Literally - Vid

Hollande Calls For Renewable Energy To Avert 'Catastrophe'

'The Masses Are Stupid' Says Gerard Depardieu

Woman Drives 900 Mi Out Of Her Way After GPS Error


Obama Admits Gun Control Effort May Fail

Anonymous Responds To Obama's Gun Grab Effort - Vid

Don't Be SandyHooked - Obama Hypnotized US - Vid

McGrath...From Tragedy To Tyranny - Vid

MIT Refused To Help Keep Aaron Swartz Out Of Prison

Obama DOJ Targeting Aaron Swartz, Internet Genius

We Are All Aaron Swartz - Fighting Against The Racket

Br. Nathanael - Trends To Watch In 2013 - Vid

Br. Nathanael's Amazing Videos!


Reported US Pediatric Flu Deaths Increase To 38

Beck & Dr. Janda - Terrifying Implications Of Obamacare - Vid

Dr Janda On Rationing Under Obamacare - Vid

Dr. Dave Janda Dissects Obamacare Propaganda - Vid

Roubini - Climate Change Causing Econ Disaster - Vid

UFO Triangle Over Phoenix, AZ Seen Enroute To Work - Vid

USA - The Disposable People - Vid

How A Bogus Report About Iran Was Hatched And Spread

Digitizing The Doctor's Office In 2013

David Bowie's Exceptional Late Style


Anger, Rage Over 'Suicide' Of Aaron Swartz - Vid

A Map Of Influenza Activity In All 50 States

Obama Refuses To Compromise On Raising Debt Ceiling

Bernanke - Raising Debt Ceiling Is Crucial

Morris...Sandy Hook, JFK, Bali, Madrid, 7-7, All Same? - Vid

White House Petition To Ban First Amendment

What Govt Fears Most - Blacks And Whites United With Guns

WalMart Suspends New Ammo Orders

Gun Confiscation - Last Refuge Of The Tyrant


Biggest Structure In The Universe Explained (Infographic)

Einstein Was Right About Space-Time Being 'Smooth'

Largest Spiral Galaxy 5 Times Bigger Than Milky Way

Italy's Fascist UFO Files - Vid

Mysterious Object Has Town Folk Baffled - Vid

Wilde - The Lizard Lady

Black Sea Fortress Yields 2,000 Yr Old Treasure

3 Police Die Of Leukemia - Sent To Fukushima Area

Elderly Death Rate Spikes Among Fukushima Evacuees

New Japan Govt Wants Return To Full Nuke Power


Easiest Way To Avoid Flu - Stay Healthy, Use Soap & Water

Flu - Coughing Robot Shows How Far Germs Fly - Vid

Morris - We Dont Have An Original Thought Amongst Us

Fitts - Coming Clean Beyond The Fiscal Cliff

Poland GM Crop Ban - Classic Political Deception

Occupation Entity Run By Maniacs, War Criminals

750' Long Oil Tanker Slam SF Bay Bridge In Fog - Photos

Do We Really Need Industrial Ag To Feed The World?

Pesticides And Parkinsons - The Link Gets Stronger

Big Dog Teaches Puppy To Go Downstairs - Vid


US Pediatric Flu Deaths Jump To 33

US Week 1 P&I Death Rate Crosses Epidemic Threshold

Flu (Scare) Season Goes Into Overdrive

Why The Flu Vaccine Doesn't Work

Can You Get Flu Shot And Still Get The Flu? (yes)

New Man Made H5N1 Strain Could Kill Half Humanity

Giant Squid Seen For First Time In Ocean Depths - Vid

Coughing Robot Shows How Far Germs Can Fly - Vid

Why We Sneeze

'Incurable' Antibiotic Resistant Gonorrhea Now In US


Easy MK-Ultra, CIA Mind Control For Assassins - Vid

Newtown Parents Want Police To Stay At Schools

18 Facts Prove Puke Morgan Is Lying About Gun Control

NRA Vows To Fight Biden’s Gun Control Bid

NRA - US Shadow Industry Sells, Sows Violence Against Us

Mexican Drug Cartels Celebrate US Gun Control

Psych Drugs, School Violence, Big Pharma Coverup

Police Departments Facing Ammo Shortage

Kirwan - Under Cover Of Darkness, Pt 2 - Mike Harris

Aspartame Renamed - Marketed As 'Natural Sweetener'


Rogue GeoEngineering Could 'Hijack' World Climate

China Gets Ready - Stockpiles Rice, Dry Milk, Iron Ore, Metals

If We Can't Defeat Stupidity, We Deserve Tyranny

Fisk - Stop Drinking Internet Trolls Digital Libel, Poison

Duff - US Israeli Alliance And Nuclear Follies

A Significant Defeat For The Zionist Lobby?

E1 Boomerang - Palestinians First Settlement

Shimon Peres - Israel Doesn't Want Peace

Did Truman's Poor Reading Skills Give Us Israel?

Gore Richer Than Mitt Romney After Current TV Sale


Bill Clinton Named 'Father Of The Year'

Duff - The Despicable Washington 'Pest'

Billion Dollar US Nuke Sub Periscope Sheered Off In Gulf

Untouchable Corzine Wins Again

KBR, Guilty In Iraq Negligence, Wants Us To Pay

Huge Chinese Retail Complex Concerns Mexico

California Claims To Have Balanced Its Books

Farrakhan - 'Django Unchained' A Prep For Race War - Vid

TX Mom & Son Terrified as UFO Hovers Over SUV

Utah Mysterious Booms Said B-52 Bombing Runs

Food Poisoning On A Global Scale


Severe Brain Damage From Synthetic Marijuana

'Wrinkled Brain' Kidney Inside KFC Chicken Meal

Harvard Prof Discovers How Mind Can Heal The Body

Dust Storm Towers Over Western Oz Ocean - Vid

Klaus Kinski 'Repeatedly Raped Me' As Child - Daughter

Earth Bacteria Can Grow In Mars-Like Conditions

Most Earth-Like World Yet Found

Archaeologists Baffled 2,000 Yr Old Animal Statue

10 Latest Research Studies About Human Brain

Cop Takes Man's Cam For Recording Them

Code 7 Agriculture Not Within Powers Of Fed Govt


Flu Now An Epidemic And Spreading Fast - Vid

Flu Races Across US - Media Drops The Ball

Is This A Base On The Moon? - Vid

Duff - Congressional Disclosure Studies ET Moon Bases

Czar Of Obama's Death Drones

ObamaCare And The Marx-Men

GA Mom Shoots Home Intruder 5 Times

The Trials Of Nancy Lanza

Blame Nancy Lanza For Killings

Inside Adam Lanza's Bunker Of Death

Obama Picks Jack Lew For Treasury


Why Taxes For Most Are Rising While Others Don't Pay

Anti-Chavez Media War Rages

UK Most Violent Crime Rate 500% Worse Than US

Atzmon - Traces Of Israeli Genocide In Lebanon

Learn From Israel How To Become A Terrorist

The Maury Island Incident To Be Made Into A Movie

Using Emotional Labels To Sell Agendas - Vid

PETA Wants Mars To Be Vegan

America's PhDs On Food Stamps

Rare Snowstorm Paralyzes Jerusalem - Photos


11 Killer Whales Trapped Under Ice Swim To Freedom - Vid

Global Weather Mod Assault Causing Climate Chaos

Drug Resistant Gonorrhea Has Come To North America

Pot Smoking Becoming Routine In DC

New FDA Cuts To Ambien Dosages, Other Sleep Drugs

FDA Warning On Ambien

Handheld X-Ray Devices Coming Soon

China's Army Of Little Emperors

Galactic Pile-Up May Point To New Dark Force

Apophis 'Doomsday' Asteroid Passes Earth - Vid


World's First Temple? Gˆbekli Tepe

Workers Dumped Excess Radioactive Waste Into River

Steel Columns For R4 Reactor Building Cover Installed

Many In Fukushima Feel They're Being Used As Guinea Pigs

Radiation - It's Impossible To Recover Pre-Disaster Environment

Biden Vows Gun Grab Measure By Tuesday

Obama Death Squads First Two Murders? - Vid

YouTube Gun Giant Murdered

Ted Nugent - Gun Owners The Next Rosa Parks

JoeTalk...They Will Kill Us - Vid


This Is What I Want To Hear Obama Say About Guns

NY Gov Wants 'Toughest’ Assault Weapons Ban

Kirwan - What's In Charge?

Morris...Spotting The Disinfo - Vid

Almost Half The World's Food Thrown Away

Will Obama Be First 3-Term President Since FDR?

Obama Warns UK To Stay In EUSSR

$1 Million For VIP Treatment At Obama Inauguration

Chavez Inauguration Postponed

Laughable Hollywood Film Of Bin Laden Death Hoax


Flu Surges Across America - Vid

Widespread US Flu Leading Winter Ills

New Strain Of Norovirus Spreads Worldwide

New Report Phoenix Lights Eyewitness Report

All You Ever Need Know About 9/11 - Vid

Washington Post Supports Israeli Settlements

Mafia Explodes In Tel Aviv

US ‘Strong Commitment’ To Israeli Regime Security

The Herzl Conspiracy - The 'Homeland' Search

Netanyahu Takes Campaign To Settlements


Duff - US National Security Set For De-Israelization?

Shakespeare - Truth Behind Syria Crisis

Trillion Dollar Coin...Monetary System In Death Throes

US Drone Use Setting Off New Global Arms Race

Obama Death Drone Kills More In Pakistan

Pakistanis Protest Obama Drone Slaughter

Germans Unveil Drone Killer Laser

Pentagon Develops UFO-Like Airship - Vid

Russia Space Flights Banned In Khazakstan Row?

Russia To Get 20 New Aerospace Defense Radars


A Case Of Wall Street Greed Gone Too Far

Nuremburg-Style Trials For Banksters

Importance Of UK Tax Return Accuracy...Too True

Revolutionary Road

CA In 'Unprecedented Decline' In Child Population

Kids Cancer Timebomb From Hours Of TV, Computer

Brits Demand GMO Labels

New Mexico GMO Label Bill Heads To Legislature

Aspartame Diet Soft Drinks Tied To Depression

Statewide CA Quake Possible After All


1 Million Sign Petition For Saakashvili Ouster

Strange Buildings In China Desert Via Google Earth

Catholic Church Out Of Step With 21st Century<

'Zombie' Planet Fomalhaut B Has Weird Orbit

Guatemala Builds Private City To Escape Crime

Christian Fundos Freak Out Over Yoga In The Military

ID Thief Fails To Change Shipping Addy, Victims Get Loot

Panasonic TV That Watches YOU

Eliminating Useless Information Important To Learning

How To Make Super-Sturdy Tomato Cages


Media Silent On Fukushima Radiation Impact In US

Report On A Potentially Dangerous New Weed Killer

Photographer Captures Incredible Human Side Of Animals

Wake Up! Watch This - Deadly Stealth Microwave Technology - Vid

Morgan & Guests Talk About Murdering Alex Jones - Vid

New Poll - 85% Of Americans Distrust Congress

Sandy Hook - The Conspirator's Plot - Vid

Morris - Sandy Hook...The Hoaxers Always Win - Vid

FL Univ Prof Disputes Official Sandy Hook Story

White House Bans Us Of Photos Of Obama Children


Dictator Obama To Use EO To Restrict Guns - Biden

Supremes To Hear Taitz Argue Obama Forged, Fraud IDs

Kirwan On The Mike Harris Show, Part 1

Police And The Military - Time To Choose - Vid

Israelis 'Concerned' About Hagel’s Nomination

Hagel And Brennan Nominations

Iran Attack Would Be 'Huge Mistake' - Turkey US Envoy

48 Iranians Freed By Syrian 'Rebels' For 2,100 Prisoners

Hazardous 300 Meter Wide Asteroid Nears Earth

Severe Flu Spreading 'Fiercely' Across US - Vid


NYC Ferry Crashes Into Dock...50+ Injured - Vid

Eurasian Union...New Capitalist Soviet Union - Vid

Federal Reserve May Pause Quantitative Easing

Secrets And Lies Of The Bailout - One Broker's Story

NYT War On Medicare And Social Security

Superpower? - 128 Million Americans On Welfare

Dependence On Food Stamps Is A Ticking Bomb

Daylight UFO Photograph Over Muskogee, OK 1955

Likud Leader - Israeli Courts Corrupted

Atzmon - United Against Beauty - Vid


Palestine - Oppression Will Not Work - Vid

Teen Prostitution Ring Exposed In Tel Aviv

Pike - The Real Reason For Islamic Terrorism

Why We Should Stop The Spread Of The TSA

Orwellian EUSSR Demands Details Of All UK Drivers

Spain Jobless Rate At Record 26.6%

Brussels Fears 'Poverty Trap' For Half Of Europe

20 Facts About The Collapse Of Europe

Environmentalists Confront Overpopulation - Part 2


Planetary Disasters - It Could Happen One Night

Electricity Is The Key To Understanding The Sun

Solar Variability And Terrestrial Climate - NASA Science

2012 Was America's Warmest Year On Record

Americans Health Declines, Dying Younger

Sweet Sodas, Soft Drinks Raise Risk of Depression - Study

Community Food Gardens In Cuba, San Francisco - Vid

When Parents Lie To Their Children

Bugger The Bankers – They Don’t Give An Arse - Vid


Afghanistan - Obama MIght Pull Out US Troops In 2015

Global Warming At Standstill Admits Scam Met Office

Unparalleled Heat - Oz Now Burning 'Deep Purple'

Oz Wildfires Rage As Temps At 'Catastrophic' Level

How Shadowy Groups Control Internet Opinion, Debate

Hedges - Whole US Regions Treated As Exploited Colonies

Kirwan - How This Government Got Caught - 1

Kirwan - How This Government Got Caught - 2

Very Strange Pulsating Light Over Atlanta GA - Vid

Sacramento 'UFO Explosion' Mystery Revealed - Photos

Help Wanted - Astronauts For Mars Colony


China-Japan Drone Race Picks Up Speed

Russian For Beginners 1st Lesson - Vid

Universal Dental Coverage In America?

FL Governor Avoids Implementing ObamaCare

Second Boeing Dreamliner Incident Raises Concern

Court Strikes Down NYPD 'Stop and Frisk' Policy

How Oil Production Impacts The Rainforest

Poland Bans GMO Crops

The Irradiation Loophole

Vaccines Didn't Save Us - 200 Years Of Official Stats


Worm - The Other Red Meat

Are You Deficient In Vitamin M?

Paul Harvey Describes EVIL 47 Years Ago - Vid

Dr. Chiappalone - The Bible - Myths And Doctrines

Chiappalone - Brisbane Lecture, November 2012 - Vid

Testing Einstein's Famous Equation E=mc2 In Outer Space

Govt Film On Atmospheric Nuke Weapons Testing - Vid

Justin Bieber Fans Urged To Cut Themselves

Asthma Drug Making Asthma Worse

Led Poisoning Could Be A Cause Of Violent Crime


Jones 'Fears For Life' After Morgan Interview

Zio Dershowitz - 'Alex Jones Was An Exhibit' - Vid

Jones - 'You Ruined My Life You Sons Of Bitches' - Vid

Zio Shill Piers - 'Jones Best Advertising For Gun Control'

Jones Makes US Gun Owners Look Really, REALLY Bad - Vid

Piers Morgan Discusses Jones 'Performance'

Jones vs Morgan - Some Pros And Cons

Jones May Sue TSA Over Austin Airport Harassment

McGrath - Is Civil War Coming To America? - Vid

WA Residents Rage At Anti-Self Defense Bill


Devvy - America's Killing Fields...Infants, Babies, Teens

Sandy Hook, Dark Knight Coincidence

CT Town Launches Vid Game BuyBack - Vid

Obama Tossing Medical Marijuana Patients Into Prison

40+ Children Paralyzed After New Meningitis Vax

New York Times Supports Austerity Harshness

18 H3N2 Deaths In PA In First Week Of Year

Three More WA Flu Deaths Reported

OH Swine H3N2v Matches 2011 IN & PA Cases

100s Of Wildfires - 'Catastrophe' In Oz - Vid


Superstorm In Tel Aviv

Zionists Massacred Jews Across The Globe

Palestine - Ethnic Cleansing The 'Nice' Way

Atzmon - Mleeta, Khiam & The Resistance In General

Atzmon - 0.000125% Jews Are Ethical, Universalists

Xplodastream - Vid

Western Media War On Syria

'Rebels' Shoot 11 Civilians In Homs

Iran Admits Oil Exports Fall By 40%

Pike - Does Islam Spawn Terror?


McGrath - Another Fed Gift To The TBTF - Vid

Tar Sands Blockaders Take Over TransCanada Offices In TX

The Euro Crisis Is Over - Barroso

Loyalist Rioting In Belfast For Fifth Night

Japan Ups Surveillance Near Disputed Isles

9/11 Conspiracy...Undeniable Evidence Pt 1- Vid

9/11 Conspiracy...Undeniable Evidence Pt 2 - Vid

Has Technology Made Us Afraid Of Silence?

15 Yr Old Saudi Girl Flees 90 Yr Old Husband

Kuwait Tweeter Gets 2 Yrs For Criticizing Rulers


Abu Dhabi To Build £400 Million Louvre

VZ Los Roques Islands New Bermuda Triangle?

Standard Kilogram Has Put On Weight, X-Rays Reveal

A Message To Porn Viewers From Porn Stars - Vid

Crayfish Secretly Spreading A Deadly Frog Epidemic

How Artists Use Human Visual Processing - Vid

The Little-Known Legend Of Jesus In Japan

China Looking To 'Clean' Thorium Nuclear Power

Obama Picks Hagel For SecDef, Brennan For CIA

NeoCon Jews Buy 'Chuck Hagel Dot.Com'

Br. Nathanael - What Really Happened At Sandy Hook? - Vid


Obama Drones Kill 8 More In Pakistan

Piers Morgan vs Alex Jones - Vid

Buchanan Warns Of 'Revolution' Over Guns - Vid

Kirwan - Lt. J. Paul Vance...Who Is He Really?

All-Out Social Security Under Attack In February

Tax Avoidance Rising - Twice Amount Of SS & Medicare

Michael Hoffman Talks About Usury - Vid

The Road To World War Three - Vid

Call For Political Revolt vs New Obama Amnesty


Latin America Beware - Imperialists Coming For More

Mysterious 'Beam' Interrupts Radar In Illinois, Puzzles Experts

Congress Breaths Life Into Wind Energy

Those Who Refuse To Deprogram Will Be Illiterate

Girls Need More Protection From 'Greedy Corporate World'

Women Stressed At Work, Overwhelmed At Home

Cell Phones - Why We Never Look Up Anymore

Our New Year...Your New Moment

China Facing 'Extremely Grave' Environmental Crisis

Biofuels Cause Pollution, Not As Green As Thought

Zeno 'Boy' Robot - Let Me Introduce Myself - Vid

Conspiracy Truth vs The Media Gulag

Australia Releases UFO Files

Every Nuke In The World Ready To Fly...

Antarctica's Tropical Past Revealed

Why We Need To Worry About Butterfly Decline

What John And Yoko's Butler Saw

Rand Paul Tries To Intimidate Journalist After Video - Vid

Confronting Cops 101 With Jimmy Justice - Vid

Resisting 'Rust Belt' Reactors' Radioactive Risks


USDA To Approve Monsanto's Drought-Tolerant Corn (gosh)

The Fate Of Julian Assange

McGrath - Reality Collapse, Fake Data, Real War - Vid

Iran News Outlet Reports Hit Attempt On Hillary In Israel

Dismembering The Arab World

Mezvinsky & Atzmon On Heidegger's Podium

'Obama Is Not Good For The Jews'

Disneyland Wiretapping Crime Spree - Vid

The CEO Plan To Steal Your Social Security & Medicare

Major Banks Help Clients Hide 21-32 Trillion Offshore


NYT Op-Ed Forgets Entire Year Of Wall St History

Where's The Gold? NY Fed Undergoes First-Ever Audit

Your 119 Billion Google Searches Now A Central Bank Tool

Why This Man Gets $89,000 A Month Not To Work - Vid

Greek Central Banker Says Country Being 'Defamed'

Spain Sets Course For Full-Scale 300 Billon Bailout

Is The Dot Com Bubble About To Burst?

Second Witness Reports Disc UFO Over Kansas City

Pilot's UFO Sighting On Approach To Kansas City International

N.S. Town Marks 45 Yrs Since Possible UFO Sighting


New Virus Found In Bats

Who Do You Trust?

Medical Marijuana Up For Debate In Federal Court

US To Start Carving Up Vast Afghanistan Resources

Senators Introduce Bi-Partisan Industrial Hemp Farming Act

The White House Can Help Homeowners Right Now

What Do Jobless Do When Unemployment Checks Run Out?

How Advertisers Convinced Americans They Smelled Bad

Why Zuckerbergs Ghostwriter Left Facebook

Fusion's Fleischmann Dead At 85 - End Of An Era


Teen Who Fought Off Polar Bear That Killed Friend Speaks

Chimp Seeks Zoo Visitor's Help to Escape Enclosure - Vid

The True Cost Of Hamburgers - Vid

CO2 Sucked Away By Earth Doubles In 50 Yrs

2012 Chevrolet Volt Centerpiece Of 'Smart' Community

The Diseased Caves Of Bats

Bat, Bee, Frog Deaths May Be Linked

Russia Sends Marines, Three Navy Ships To Syria

West Setting Stage For Syria Invasion

'Assad has become a Gaddafi-like bogeyman'


'Iran - Arming Syrian 'Rebels' Will Spread Conflict Over Region

China Hits Back On Criticism Of Its Stance On Syria

Syrian Forces Find Mass Grave In Damascus Suburb

Iran Tests Short Range Missile With New Guidance System

Iran TV - 48 Iranian Pilgrims Kidnapped In Syria

Britain To Give More Support To Syria 'Rebels'

Israel Losing International Support - Brit Ambassador

British Public Turning Against Israel

Tarpley - Repressive Al Saud Regime Relic Of Feudal Barbarism

G4S Security Guard Charged With Alleged Olympic Bomb Threat


Not Thirsty for Kirsty and other Things

China Slams Hillary Clinton's Speech In Africa

US Troops 'Kept Dogs In Same Beds As Prostitutes'

G4S Under Fire As Nun Breaks Into Oak Ridge Nuclear Facility

NYPD Stop-And-Frisks Drops After Intense Media Scrutiny

Obama Adviser, Author Cass Sunstein To Leave The WH

Drone To Probe Sellafield Radioactive Silos

School Sex Education 'Porn Cartoon' Shown To 5 Yr Olds

Future Is Assured For Death-Dealing Drones

Belgians Protest Release Of Child Killer's Wife


Indian Trafficking...Children Rescued From Slavery - Vid

Child-Trafficking - We Must Stop This Barbaric Practice

Vast International Child-Porn Network Uncovered

Arkansas Handcuffed-Shooting Case Now With FBI

Massive Iceberg Could Thwart Sea Navigation

False RT Story Of Fishing Ban Off CA From Fuku Radiation Won't Die

GE CEO - Nuclear Power 'Really Hard' To Defend Financially

HBOs 'Newsroom' Does Show On Fukushima Coverup

165,000 Bq/kg From Fukushima Rriver Soil

Fukushima Workers Fired Once They Have Heat Stroke


UN Adopts Tough Resolution On Syria - Vid

Mad Dog Leaders Threaten Humanity

How The Republicans Stole The Nomination From Ron Paul

Indiana Confirmed H3N2v Cases Widespread

Hawaii Match With Indiana & Ohio Signals H3N2v Pandemic


10 Facts Revealing Conspiracy Behind Aurora Shooters

Drought Cost Billions In US Food Exports

The Drought And Global Warming - Vid

Wind-Whipped Oklahoma Wildfires Destroy Homes


400,000 Americans Drop Pay-TV

Bazooka Economics

Pile Of Bills Is Left Behind As Congress Goes To Campaign

Italy Drilling Into Super-Volcano Could Kill Millions

Spain Sets Course For Full-Scale 300b Bailout

Judge Awards 9/11 Families $6 Billion

Judge Awards 9/11 Families $6 Billion

Digital, Digestible Pills Allow Docs To Monitor Medication Use

Hubble Ultra Deep Field 3D - Vid

Seeing Through Walls With Wireless Router


Five Things Gun Owners Want You To Know

Link Between Magnetic Polarity Reversal, Mantle Processes

The Summer Of 2012 -- Too Hot To Handle?

Food Disaster Worries Mount As US Drought Worsens

US Wars Will Cost Four TRILLION Dollars 

Reuters Hacked...Fake Posts Push Rumors About Rebel Forces

PG&E Tries To Muzzle Smart Meter Spy Scandal

New Dream Weapon...GPS-Guided Hypersonic Bullets - Vid

Is Al-Qaeda An Enemy Or Not? - Vid

DOJ Shrugs Off Fast And Furious Report  


Implications For Interviewing Psychopaths...Behind The Mask

Clinton Launches African Tour With Attack On China

US Sends More Bombers, Submarines To Pacific

Overflight Drone Tests Often Mistaken As UFOs

Did Illuminati Card Game Depict Aurora Shooting?

50% US Counties Now Considered Disaster Areas

Drought Worsens In Midwest, Threatens NEXT Years Crop

Romney Tax Plan Would Crush Lower-Income Households 

Expected H3N2v Cluster Explosion In Jackson Co Indiana

LaPorte and Butler County H3N2v Sequences Match


Bird Flu 'Engineered' And Spreading

New Bird Flu Jumps From Birds To Mammals, New England 

Seals Infected With New Bird Flu Virus

The Times Of The Season In Armageddonville

'Why Are They Spraying' Film Lifts GeoEngineering Veil

NJ MetLife Stadium Site Of Talmud Celebration

Immigrants Prove Big Biz For Prison Companies

Morris Herman Interviews Michael Hoffman - Vid

The 'Jews' Behind The Second Vatican Council

Bikes In Bloom

New NC Law Bans Scientific Sea Level Rise Predictions


For Optimal Health...A Vegetarian Life Path - Pt 2

Proof DNA Can Be Reprogrammed By Words & Frequencies

Samson...The Solar Myth

Fukushima Weather Forecast Gives Out Radiation Levels

Radioactive Japan Tea Surrendered To Hong Kong Authorities

Three Interviews With Arnie Gunderson - Listen

Fukushima Seafood Goes On Sale In Tokyo, Shoppers Happy! - Vid

Kofi Annan Quits As Peace Envoy To Syria

'Rebels' Use Captured Tank Against Syrian Forces

Washington's Total War On Syria


Nations Must Unite Against World Zionism - Ahmadinejad

Israeli PM Says Time Running Out To Attack Iran

Israel Seeks West Bank Hotel-Building

Cases At Monroe County Fair

Climate Change Is Here And Disaster Costs Will Be Huge

Dramatic Health Recoveries When Docs Rx Non-GMO Diets

Ebay Top Affiliates Indicted 

Congress Wants To See Obama's 'License To Kill'

Michael Hoffman On 'The Jewish Hoax' - Vid

American Police - Saving Peace For A Rainy Day

Hours At Minimum Wage Needed To Afford Rent


Illinois Governor New Proposal For Gun Control

Perils Of Positive Thinking

Police Swoop On Man Cycling In Ninja Costume

Crop Circle Formed In Washington Wheat Field - Vid

Microsoft Moves Hotmail into the Trash

The Times of the Season in Armageddonville

Superior Autobiographical Memory Explained - Vid

Israeli Firm To Do Cloud Seeding In India

Plane Damaged After Colliding With Bird in Midair - Vid

Remembering Gore Vidal


TEPCO Cheating On Radiation Monitoring (big surprise)

TEPCO Receives $12.8 Billion Public Bailout

'No Immediate Health Risk' Means There IS Long Term Risk

Batman Massacre - Why, How And Who - Vid

The Batman Shooting Why, How And Who Time Line

Holmes Shrink Reported His Behavior To Colleagues

Aurora Shooting...Second Gas Mask Found? - Vid

Did Illuminati Card Game Depict Aurora Shooting?

Obama Give Secret Aid To Syrian Mercenaries

Panetta Tells Assad To 'Get The Hell Out'


Altayr - NitMitt Womney Unplugged - Vid

Inside Britain's Israel Lobby - Vid

Rand's Goons Threaten Journalist Over Tough Question - Vid

Devvy...2nd Critical Bill For Your State Legislature -2013 Session

Jeffrey Smith On GMOs On 'The Big Picture' - Vid

HIV+ Greg Louganis - 'Didn't Think I'd See 30' - Vid

San Bernardino Files Bankruptcy...1 Billion In Debt

Post Office Check For $5.5 Billion Won't Be In The Mail

Senate Votes Small Biz Tax, Will Kill 700,000 More US Jobs

James Turk - Gold to Explode On Debt Downgrade


FBI Raid Show Feds Are Targeting Anarchists

By Any Means Necessary

The Nostalgia Effect And Non-Linear Time

Commercial Pilot Landing At KS Intl Has UFO Close Encounter

Unsolved Mysteries...The Phoenix Lights - Vid

Overflight Drone Tests Often Mistaken As UFOs

For Optimal Health...A Vegetarian Culinary Life Path - Pt 1

Greenland Holds A Treasure Of Rare Earth Minerals

Deliberate Sabotage...The Postal Service & The Trucking Industry

Claims Of Pesticide Reduction Due To GMO Crops Blown Away


Chemo And Radiation Make Cancer More Malignant

New Talapia Fish Virus Hits Sea Of Galilee

HCV Alert Expanded To Michigan

Japan's Only Active Reactors May Be Stopped

Confirmed H3N2v Jackson County Indiana Case

Romney Condemns Russia On Last Leg Of Foreign Tour

Romney Spokesperson To Reporters - ‘Kiss My ass’

Drought Reduces Mississippi Delta Waters Dead Zone

Khamenei Warns Iran’s Top Leaders - War In Weeks

Br. Nathanael - Putin Foils The Jews In Syria - Vid


Pike - Rise And Fall Of The Bronfman Liquor Empire

Israeli Children Set Donkey Ablaze For Fun

Speculation Chinese Olympic Athletes Are Genetically Modified

London 2012 Olympics Create Controversy In Israel

US Athletes 'Gag' Protest Against Olympic Rule On Sponsors

Creepy Computer-Generated Avatar Greets Travelers - Vid

Kirwan - No...Hell No...To Ending the 2nd Amendment

Deserted London 2012...Shops, Theaters, Businesses Empty 

The Record Of Olympic Economics

Capitalism Failed


Collective Financial Destruction

Chick-fil-A Sees Record Sales

H3N2v Spread In Indiana Raises Pandemic Concerns

H3N2v Butler County Flu Cluster Grows To 41

Fata Morgana Land and the Department of Fate

The Gruesome Truth About Obamacare - Vid

Aurora Shooting 911 Emergency Response Audio - Vid

FL Real Estate Mogul Claims Credit For Bush's 2000 Victory

Insane Amount of Militarized Police In Anaheim

China & The Outsourcing Of The American Republic


CNBC Hosts Call Return to Glass-Stegall "Radical" - Vid

US - From Police State To Terminator State

Burmese Muslims’ Unabated Genocide

Mexican-American Julián Castro The Next Obama?

Powercut Cripples Grand Cayman - Vid

Pakistan Blackout Protests Turn Violent

India Power Outage Taints Superpower Dreams

UFOs Over Stockton, CA - Residents Watch in Aw - Vid

Rense And Col. John Alexander On UFOs - Vid

China To Attempt First Moon Landing


Arable Plant Species Disappearing

France Toughens Sexual Harassment Laws

Famous Vegans! 

Al Capone's 1928 Cadillac Sells for $341,000 At Auction

Tin Can Car Art - Photos

Mystery - 500 Penguins Wash Up On Brazil Beach 

Cuba - Searching For A National Soul 

Cuba - Glass Houses Of Havana

Cuba - Abortion...Cubaí's Bitter Harvest


'It's Murder Not Allowing Children To Leave Fukushima'

Tony Boys...Reactor 4 May Been A Secret Nuke Weapons Plant - Audio

Genetic Mutations From Radiation 100x Higher Than Expected

Syria 'Rebels' Increasing Use Of IEDs

Turkey Gives Surface-To-Air Missiles To Syria 'Rebels'

Tarpley - Turkey Conned By US To Get Into Syria Issue - Vid

Tarpley - Ban's Anti-Syria Stance Threatening UN Existence - Vid

Plot To Turn Aleppo Into Benghazi II

Washington's Aleppo Strategy Failed

Obama New Sanctions Against Banks Accused Of Aiding Iran

China Slams New US-Iran Sanctions - 'Serious Violation Of Intl Rules'


Panetta - US Force An Option Against Iran Nuclear Program

Israeli Spending On West Bank Settlements Up 38%

Ten Confirmed H3N2v Cases at Butler County Fair, OH

Suspect H3N2v Cluster at Monroe County Fair - Indiana

Confirmed H3N2v Case In Maui, Hawaii

Fata Morgana Land and the Department of Fate

Israel - Temple Mount War Moves Begin As Iran War Back Up

Netanyahu Reasserts Israel Right To Attack Iran

Charlie McGrath - America Doomed? - Vid


Our Future - Historic Drought, Giant Dust Storms, Grid Failures

Frosty - Can America Withstand The Coming Transformation?

Olympic Gold Medals Are Only 92.5% Silver...Dipped In Gold

How The Fed Manipulates Gold - The Smoking Gun

Key WikiLeaks Supporter Bashes Assange

Grain Markets Soar On Worldwide Crop Downgrades

Drought Hurts US Oil Sector

Gore Vidal Passes At 86

Air Force 'Confident' It Has Found F-22 Oxygen Problem

Climate 'Skeptic' Muller Has Always Been a GW Alarmist


Frosty - Losing Our Country Slowly But Surely

India - What 670 Million People Without Power Looks Like

Frosty - Most Threatening Internal Issue Since Slavery

iPhone Appeal Dims A Bit

Sinclairs Old Laptop Up For Grabs

Cop Tasers 12 Year Old Inside Victoria's Secret

Media Blackout - Militarized Cops Assault Anaheim Civilians

First CWD Deer Case Found In Iowa

Deadly New Snake Virus Discovered

US Vets Mix Regret, Detachment On Iraq Violence


Bid For Naval Dominance...Russia Significantly Boosts Nuclear Fleet

Backlash As Twitter Locks Out Reporter Guy Adams

Magical Photos Of Niagara Falls Neon Light Show

Named, Shamed - Report Blames 5 Officials In Fast & Furious

Why The NSA Can't Be Trusted With Cybersecurity Control

Court Rules For Towns In PA Fracking Suit

Dissent Grows Among Europe's Voters

Eurozone Unemployment Hits Record High

Greek On The Brink As Cash Reserves Dry Up

UK Homeless Rate Jumps By 25%

Our Economic Ruin Means Freedom For The Super Rich


The Taking Of America - The Synarchy

JP Morgan Chum Tony Blair Objects To Hanging Bankers

Koire - A Winning Strategy Against Agenda 21

New H5N1 Strain May Threaten Humans

'I Don't Touch Fizzy Drinks Anymore...They're Evil'

Injection Helps Blind Mice See, Humans Next?

3 Workers Fall Ill At Reactor 3, Taken To Hospital

TEPCO To Move Live Cam To Show Reactor 4 Status

US Said Working Together To Decommission Fukushima Daiichi


Corn Prices Hit Record High As Crops Shrivel 

US 'Extreme Drought' Zones Triple In Size In A Week

Midwest Drought Dries Up MS Economy, Farmers Imperiled

Holmes Psychiatrist Was Disciplined For Inappropriate Rxs

Trends Journal - The Next Four Years...The Next Great War

Syria - Major Media Admit Presence Of Foreign KIllers

MSM Admit Presence Of Foreign Fighters In Syria

‘Assad Better Get The Hell Out’ – Panetta

Syria'sal-Assad Is More Evil Than Al Qaeda

'Rebels' Commit Horrific Crimes, Atrocities On Civilians


Turkey’s Hatay Province, Mossad, CIA Spy Hub

Beware Of Fixed Intelligence On Iran - Ex-CIA Analyst

Widow Files Yasser Arafat 'Murder' Case In France

CIA Calls Israel Main US Regional Spy Threat

Alan Hart - Israel Gets Open License

Terrorism Never Defined

Net Giants Creating New Lobby To Control DC

Ex-Prosecutor Arrested For Threatening Old Boss On Facebook - Vid

When They Come For Your Guns, You'll Turn Them Over

The CEO Plan To Steal Your Social Security And Medicare


Astounding Increase In US Child Poverty Over Last Year

Ex-TARP Head Exposes US Govt WSJ Coverup In New Book

'Initiative 2045' - Brain Computers In Hologram Bodies In 30 Yrs  

Brad & Sherry On Conspiracies & Secret Societies - The 2nd Edition

Lindorff - No Outrage As America Becomes A Police State

2nd Look - Anaheim Cops Open Fire, Use Dogs On Women, Children - Vid

Riot Cops Now Using .50 Caliber Sting-Ball Pellets 

Jeff Rense Sums Up World Control...With Gerald Celente

Will Rising Poverty Affect The US Election?

Four Sentenced To Death Over $2.6b Iran Bank Fraud


'Americans First' Launched By ALIPAC To Save US Jobs

Prominent Climate Change Denier Admits He Was Wrong

Study Reveals Caffeinated Waters Off Oregon Coast

Pesticide Suspected In Long Island Lobster Deaths

Findings Push Ancient Civilization Back To 44,000 Yrs Ago

Seal H3N8 PB2 Recombination With Canine & Equine Sequences

PB2 D701N In H3N8 Fatal Harbor Seal Infections

SSRIs Taken During Pregnancy Increase Risk Of Autism

Another Tick-Borne Disease To Guard Against

Raw Milk Dealer Arrested By Bounty Hunters In CA


Ohio Woman With Flesh-Eating Bacteria Dies

Childhood Neglect, Psych Abuse As Damaging As Physical Abuse

Man Shoots Fireworks Out Of His Buttocks, Goes To Oz Hospital

Gunderson Sure West Coast Fish Have Fukushima Radioactivity - Vid

'Nuclear Power Hard To Justify In Cheap Gas World'

S Korea Nuclear Reactor Automatically Shuts Down

Aleppo 'Rebels' Stand Firm In 'Syria Regime Grave'

Eminen Talks About The Illuminati - Vid

Romney Remarks Against Palestinian Culture Seen as Racist

Obama And Romney Almost Identical On Iran


EU Critical Of Israel Human Rights Violations

Many Dems Won't Go Near The Gun Control Issue

Sick Occult Elites Conjure Ceremonial Death

Miami Intl Banking Clients Move Money For Privacy

Feds Pay States Billions To Prosecute Phony HIV Cases

Obama To Turn US Military Into A-21 Social Workers

The Next Banking Scandals Ready To Explode

'Shamed' HSBC Bank To Pay $2b Over Money-Laundering

New Avian Flu Virus Jumps From Birds To Mammals

Think GMO Is Scary? Nano Tech Is Here, In Your Store


Chinese Destroyers In Suez Canal Could Be Disinfo

Education Is The Key To Independence - Vid

Army Build Up For Civil Unrest, Martial Law Continues

Astonishing Images Of 'Derecho' Superstorm Battering NY

Oregon Man Facing Jail Time For Collecting Rainwater

Newest CA City Survival At Stake

Man Slaughters Wife In The Streets Of Bethlehem

Israel Intel Ups Blackmail, Detention Of Pal Patients

Horseshoe-Shaped UFO Flying Over Busan, S Korea - Vid

Shag Harbour UFO Festival This Weekend


4 Simple Ways To Radically Improve Health In 10 Min

Terrified Patients Flee Hospitals In Ebola Outbreak

Food Industry Refuses To Take Out Harmful BPAs

Ireland Allows Potato To Be Genetically Modified

Sand, Lead, Boron Used To Smother 3/11 Reactor Fire

Gunderson - Fukushima Reactors Still Releasing Radioactive Gas

Romney Does Customary Yarmulke Grovel In Jerusalem

Romney Declares Unity With Israel Over Iran Nuclear Threat

Democrats Cast 97 Of 98 Audit Fed No Votes

RNC Releases Time Lapse Video


Permanent War - Official US Policy

The 'Black Knight' Satellite?

Emergency Central Bank Intervention Coming?

Mars Rover Landing Sky Show - Vid

Twitter Can Predict When You Are Going To Get Sick

91 Yr Old Woman Win $2,312 Water Bill Dispute

Goodyear Blimp Mistaken For UFO Over Olympic Fireworks - Vid

Holmes Talks Of 'Temporal Illusions'...Fantasy Vs Reality - Vid

Romney’s Zionist Oath

Panetta And Israel To Discuss War Plans Against Iran?


Chossudovsky - US, NATO To Blame For Syria Violence

‘British-Born Jihadists Fighting Assad In Syria’ 

Syria - Foreign Jihadists Could Join Battle For Aleppo

Syrian Diplomat Defection In Britain A Blow To Assad

Al-Qaida Turns Tide For Rebels In Battle For Eastern Syria

Syrian Army Kills Terrorists Entering From Turkey

Guns, Guts And Goons

Iran Culture and Kurds - Vid 

$200 Million WASTED On Iraqi Police Training

Rense & Celente...Making Mass Murderers - Vid

Kirwan - Obama’s Double-Speak


Scientist Predicts Eugenic Society In 5 Years

The White Mummies & Great Pyramids Of China

Killing Jesus for a Bowl of Goat's Foot Soup

Chemtrail Weather Modification Caught By Satellite

31 Economic Indicators That Are All Breaking Down

Fake ‘Attack Iran’ Story, Distraction From Mossad Spying Program

UN Fails to Agree on Arms Trade Treaty

Can Americas Love Be Restored

Survival tips for the urbanite: Part 1 – Nuclear Radiation

Rainwater Crimes: Man Gets Jail/Finess For Collecting On Own Land


Gunderson...The Global Risk Posed By Reactor 4 SFP - Vid

'It's Time For Us To Take Action Against The Govt' - Vid

Burning Radioactive Waste Emits Huge Amounts Of Cesium

The Zion Olympics - Row Upon Row of Empty Seats

CA Ranchers Hit By Midwest Drought

In Israel - Romney Declares Jerusalem To Be Capitol

Romney Meets Tebow's Boss

Obama Has Brought Chaos And Dismay To America - Vid

Michelle Saying Barack Was Born In Kenya - Vid

Paul Craig Roberts - Escape From Economics


The Jobs Crisis And The 2012 Elections

The Real Reason Housing Is Recovering

Supermarkets Are Designed to Malnourish Us - Vid

From The Same People Who Brought You The Iraq War

Did You See the Wrecking Ball Coming?

Video Of Cop Assaulting School Kid Gets Man Felony Charges - Vid

John Lennon Recounts His UFO Sighting - Vid

Romantic Prison Overlooking A River, Cafe, Swimming Pool

Oliver Stone Tackles The 'War On Drugs' in Savages

Beware Fluoridated Salt


91-Year Old JN Woman Stuck With $2,312 Water Bill

Should You Try The Raw Food Diet... Yes!

Studies Show Eating Raw Vegetables Reduces Cancer Risk

Obese Teen Loses 160 Lbs In 2 Years On Raw Food - Vid

Mimi Kirk...Raw Vegan Cookies - Vid

Nichols - Fukushima’s Melted Reactors 500 Days On

Massive Anti-Nuclear Protest In Front Of Japan Parliament - Vid

Organizers Say 200,000 Protest Japan Nuclear Power

US 'Extreme Drought' Zones Triple In Size


CIA Will Give Intel Reports To Syrian Rebels

Pentagon Database Of Every Bomb Dropped Since WWI

Portland FBI Raids Targeted Anarchists

Twitter's Olympic Moment

CNN Ratings Drop 20% Again

More Convincing Nessie Photo Ever

Vermont Farmer Tractor Crushes Seven Police Cars 

Fluoride Impact On Neurological Development In Children

Oz Billionaire To Launch Real-Life Jurassic Park?


World's Biggest Insect...3x Weight Of A Mouse - Vid

Ron Paul - US Obsessed With 'Act Of War' On Iran - Vid

Romney Warmongering True Face Of US Elite

'Peace Plans' Just A Tool Of US To Overthrow Nations

Indiana Opens H3N2v Call Center As Cases Explode

H3N2v Cases At Washington County Fair - Indiana

Illegitimate Sanctions On Iran

Syria 'Rebels' Shell Palestinian Refugee Camp In Damascus


UK To Surge Syrian Rebels After Annan Resignation

Russia Blames US For Annan Resignation 

The Chabad...The Empire...The Usury - Vid

They Really Do Want To Implant Chips In Your Brain

Ousting Bashar al-Assad

Sen. Reid - Put Up Or Shut Up

Kirwan - A Hard Reign Is Coming

Lindorff - America A Democracy? Really?

Real US Unemployment At Least 15%

Tarpley - Criminal Banking Cartel Dominates US, UK Govts


US Fiscal Plunge Would Hit World Economy Hard

The Austerity Hoax

IMF Demands Eurozone Intervenes To Contain Debt Crisis

RBS Announces Losses Of £1.5 Billion

British Ships Banned From Docking In Buenos Aires

Australia Refuses To Let US Nuke Carrier Group Near Perth

US Missile Technicians Told To Turn Off The Porn

FAA Probes Near Collision Involving 3 US Airways Planes 

US Nuke Site Shut Down After G4S Security Breached

Dave Martin - Groping Granny For Show


9 Steps To Prepare For The Perfect Storm Of Civil Unrest

GeoEngineering For Financial Gain - History Of Weather Derivatives

UK Plans New Wave Of Unmanned Marine Attack Drones

Hypocrisy And The Insidious Culture Of Secrecy

India Set To Launch Mars Mission In 2013

'Odd Lights' Over Columbia River Reported To NUFORC 

Top Cyber Cop Says Internet Way Overdue For Attack

The United States of Dumbass Opens A Can Of Whoop-Ass

Lack Of Sleep Causes Slower Cognitive Abilities

Decade-Long Study Reveals GMO Food Health Hazards


SoCal Edison Warns Employees Not To Leak Docs To Gunderson

HK Discovers Caesium Contaminated Oatmeal Product

90 Yr Old Photographer Compares Fukushima To Hiroshima

Daiichi Worker - Explosion Had To Blow Pressure Lid Off Reactor 1

Roberts - The Neoconservative War Criminals In Our Midst

Current Obama vs Romney Electoral Vote Projection

The Tax Trap Springs Shut On Romney

Condi Rice Being Talked Up For Romney VP

Ron Paul Schools Congress On Iran Sanctions & War - Vid

Ordinary Citizens: The Silent Victims Of Anti-Iran Sanctions


Democrat 'Hero' Bill Clinton To Nominate Obama

Launching A 'Humanitarian War' Against Syria

Why Rubio Is NOT Right Romney VP Pick

Gays Plan To Disrupt Chick-fil-A Business Today

NEA Shows Its Politics

H3N2v Confirmed In Swine At Ohio State Fair

Can Virginia Stop The Attack Of The Drones?

A New Generation Of Deadly Unmanned Drone Weapons

Court OKs Domestic Drone Use In Arrest Of US Citizen

Facebook Admits 83 Million Profiles Are Fake


Facebook Caught Faking It, Loses Half Its Value

The California Ballot Initiative To Label GMOs

'Dark Money' Groups Exceed Super PAC Spending, Secrecy

12 Innovations To Combat Drought, Stabilize Food Prices

Deutsche Bank Admits Libor Involvement

Eurozone Break-Up Would Trigger £1 Trillion Of QE

Banksters Happy To Play Nero As Europe Burns

Watch What Happens When Oz Bans Guns - Vid

Jury, Judge & Executioner Cops 'Suicide' Cuffed Black Man

TSA Refuses Court Order Over X-Ray Scanners


Lockheed VP Move To Senate Armed Services Committee

Specialist Brenden N. Salazar

Maui Pig Worker Infected With Rare Swine Flu H3N2

Medical Tech Accused In Hepatitis C Outbreak

'End Of Capitalism' - Bolivia To Expel Coca-Cola

Greece Agrees To £9 Billion 'Troika' Cuts

Beetle Could Delay Keystone XL Pipeline

Underwater Hunt For UFOs In Russia

'Aztec UFO Incident' Book...25 Years Of Laborious Research - Vid

A Sinkhole Grows In Brooklyn - Vid


Stock Exchange Glitch Costs Trading Firm $440M

Aspartame - More Unsavory Side Effects

Artificial Sweeteners...Sugarfree But At What Cost?

6 Ingredients You May Not Want In Your Food

Cesium In Pacific Cod Increasing Off Shore Of Hokkaido

S Korea Bans Import Of 35 More Japan Marine Products

Worker Confirms TEPCO Takes Weekends Off At Daiichi

Noda To Meet With Anti-Nuclear Rally Organizers 

Aleppo Aug 2 Update - Vid

The Guy In Court Is NOT James Holmes


New Investigation Of Vatican Targets Mafia Connections

Violent Storm Turns Night Into Day Over Washington State

Poland Shocked By Tornadoes - Vid

Sinclair Questions Senate Candidate On Agenda 21 - Vid

Three Stooges From 1938 At Steel Pier In Atlantic City - Vid

Letters Of SC Soldier Killed In Vietnam Finally Delivered

Benefits Of Kambucha Tea - Why Is It Govt Regulated?

West Coast Waters To Be More Radioactive Than Japan Waters

Fuksuhima Cesium 137 Is Going To Slam The US West Coast

36% Of Fukushima Children Have Thyroid Nodules Now


TEPCO Won't Say When Test SFP 4 Fuel Rods Will Be Pulled

Nebraska Republicans Sell Ron Paul Out

America's Young And Homeless Hung Out To Dry...

How Fracking Raped Butler County, PA - Vid

Insurance Memo On Fracking Rankles Drilling Industry

Artist Paints Over Paterno's Halo On PA Mural  

Magnetic Storm And Earthquake Watch - Vid

The Cliches Of Tyranny

Did Israel Shoot Down Turkish Jet To Start Syria Invasion?

Tremseh Killings Targeted Rebels – UN Monitors


Syria Unrest Happening Under The Auspices Of NATO

United States Wages Scorched Earth War Policy In Syria

M16 Facilitated Nuclear Assassinations In Iran

Criminalizing Dissent In Israel

Israeli Man Sets Himself on Fire

‘Israeli’ Drone Crashes In East Lebanon

British GM Crop Scientists Gets $10m Grant From Gates

Olympics Security Shambles Said 'Completely Normal'

The Security Industry Has Politicians In Its Thrall

England Now A 'Police State'


Incessant UK Rain Threatens Harvests

'Frankenstein' Meat May Get EU Approval 

Scientists Awarded £6.4m Gates Foundation GMO grant

Chicago Residents Terrorized  As Gang War Murders Soar

Gary, Indiana Portrait Of Decaying Heart Of America

Paterno Negotiated $5.5m Penn St Payoff As Scandal Grew

Libor Scandal – The Net Widens

Banksters Wage War On Europe's €2t Black Ecnomy

Greeks Want New Govt To Renegotiate Bailout

Great White Shark 'Protected' Status Questioned


Fukushima Reactors...Where Is The Corium?

Reactor 2 Suppression Chamber Probably Collapsed

Romney Blasts Obama 'Dishonest' Ads - Vid

Romney - Obama Strategy 'Disgusting' - Vid

Senate Votes To Give Zionist, Racist Israel Another $9 Billion

Syrian Opposition Amazing CIA Credentials

USDA Looks To OK Monsanto Drought-Tolerant Corn

Former Monsanto Scientist Exposes Fraud

Monsanto, US Govt & UN WTO Assaulting EU

Obama's War On Drugs Turns Uglier


27 Facts Americans Should Know About the National Debt

DHS - Praise Lord Obama & Pass The Ammo

Iceland Hires Bounty Hunters For Criminal Banksters

Climate 'Science' In Shambles

CDC Pushes Measles Vax Ahead Of London Olympics

Perfluorochemicals (PFCs) In Cookware Linked To ADHD

Mouse Plague Hits Central Germany - Crop Yield Cut By 50%

The Deadly Risks Of Food Coloring

Asteroid Crashes Likely Gave Earth Water

Br. Nathanael - Obama’s Executive Orders…Cui Bono?


3 Children In Family 100 Miles From Fukushima Have Thyroids Cysts

One Million Bq/Kg Cesium In Fukushima School AFTER Decon!

2012 Drought Could Stall Mississippi Barge Traffic

Brit Newspaper Demands It Stop Raining

Iran Should Sue US At Intl Court Of Justice

Uninsurable - Nationwide Won't Insure For Fracking Damages

How The Private Money System Really Works - Vid

FBI UFO Disclosure On Fox News - Vid

Air Force Drones Trail Civilian Autos In NM

Paul Craig Roberts - The Real Libor Scandal


UFO Amazingly Close To The Ground - Vid

Facebook Scan For Sexual Predators...Uneven Results

New Driving Law...All States - Vid

How Salvagers Will Re-Float Costa Concordia - Vid

Photo Of Coronal Hole On Sun 

12 Dead, Three Million Hit By China Storms - Vid

Magnesium's Effects On The Aging Brain - Vid

Nude Man Crashes Pickup Truck Into Dallas Mall   

12,000 Yr Old Unexplained Structures

A Sapphire Hard Disk Can Last One Million Years


500 Dead Penguins Wash Up On Brazil Beaches

Haunted $2 Million Castle Sells For $395,000 - Vid

TEPCO Releases Footage Of Reactor 3 From Crane - Vid

Russian Ship With Helicopters For Syria Sets Sail Again

Syria Massacres Orchestrated At Crucial Points In Conflict 

Tarpley - Wikileaks Helps West Justify Attack On Syria

US Infesting Middle East In Hunt For New Wars

Is US Trying To Provoke Iran To Strike First?

Romney Signature On Bain SEC Filings After He Says He Left

McGrath/RT - Security Fears Help Enrich Super Elite - Vid


Obama Gives DHS Gestapo Control Of All US Cmmunications

Scoundrel Media Warmongering

Monsanto Promises Pain To EU, Assault Underway

The Illusion Of Choice - How A Few Corps Control You

Nuclear False Flag Future

German Torpedo Really To Blame For Lusitania Sinking?

Merkel Intervenes In Court Circumcision Ban

Germany Upholds Court Decision: Circumcisions Illegal

Yasser Arafat’s Killing Tool Was Not Polonium

Washington's Man In Tripol


250,000 Evacuated In Japan As Deluge Continues - Vid

Aircraft Violating Olympic Airspace May Be Shot Down

Olympic Security Guards May Not Speak English

Reporter Signed Up For Olympics Security Course In 90 Seconds

'Rothschild Games Could Need More Troops'

The Global Eco-Constitution Of The UN Explained

Merck Teams With Gates To Further World Depopulation

Libor - They All Knew And No One Acted

JP Morgan Reports Trading Losses Of $5 Billion

Austerity Bringing EU Economy To A Stop


Scranton, PA Mayor Even On Minimum Wage  

Meme Theory - Do We Control Ideas Or Do They Control US?

The Moon Is Layered In Dust Bathed In Radiation

One Million Bq/Kg Cesium In Fukushima School AFTER Decon!

TEPCO Releases Footage Of Reactor 3 From Crane - Vid

How To Remove Melted Fuel At Bottom Of Reactor 3?

5 Of 7 Fukushima Babies Born With Defects, Downs, Or Miscarried

Leaked Docs Reveal 'Off The Charts' Damage At US Nuke Plant


Baltic Sea 'UFO' May Be WWII German 'Submarine Trap'

Mercury Poisoning and/or Toxicity: Do You Have It?

Romney Is Aligned Wtih The Bush/Cheney War Agenda

Romney - No Role In Bain Management After 1999

Drought Tightens Grip On Midwest - Photos

Hang Up The Phone, Big Brother Is Listening

New Laser Can Extend Drone Flight Time Indefinitely

FAA Releases Thousands Of Pages Of Drone Records

Monsanto & Friends To Spend $100m To Defeat CA GMO Label Bill

Facebook Spies On Users

By Way of Deception - 9/11 And The Mossad


Bill Gates Asks Buffet How To Run The World - Vid

Watch Out Africa - Melinda Is Coming At You...

Candidates Racing For Future, Gaze Fixed Firmly On The Past

Banksters Take Us To The Brink

JP Morgan Complicit In Peregrine Missing Money Case

Did Dimon & JP Morgan Steal MF Global Funds

JP Morgan Admits $5.8 Billion Loss, Revokes Managers Pay

How The Mormons Make Money

Is the Vatican Really Broke Or Lying?

Is London Getting Screwed By The Olympics - Literally?


No-Fly Zone Established In London For Olympics

X-Class Solar Flare To Hit Earth In 2 Days, To Last 7-9 Days

Big Brother Oz To Monitor Full Spectrum Communications

SOPA Returns Via Creation Of Copyright Commissars

Only Known Footage Of Laurel & Hardy On Location

When Justice Prevails

Rocket Fuel Is Contaminating Your Food & Water

CO Dentist Reused Needles, Put 1,000s At HIV, HPV Risk

Watchmaker Kills 5 LA Gang Members During Robberies - Vid

Obama Staffer Collapses & Dies


Shark Gives SC Woman Shock Of Her Life - Vid

Massive Drug Tunnel From Mexico To AZ Strip Mall

Tamiflu & Flu Vaccines Make Big Profits

75% Of All 'Honey' Sold In Stores Contains No Honey At All

Filer's Files #28 - 2012 Castro Saw Aliens in USSR

Filer's Files #27 -2012 - CIA Officer -"Roswell Happened"

Filer's Files #26 - 2012 Mothership Monoliths

Update On San Onofre Nuclear Plant

Moscow To Resume Supply Of S-300 To Iran

Br Nathanael - The Stupid American 'Goy'


Syrian Opposition - Whose Doing The Talking?

Madsen - WikiLeaks Syria File Dump Benefits CIA/NATO

Pressure Building More For Middle East War

MI6 Admits To Against Iran

MI6 Power Arguments On Iran

'We Foiled Iranian Nuclear Weapons Bid' Claims MI6 Chief

US Deploys Underwater Drones To Hunt Iranian Drones

US-Backed Never Ending Israeli Brutality 

Democracy No Longer Exists In The West'

UK Democracy In Terminal Decline


Scattered Rainfall Brings No Relief To Midwest Crops

Corn Climbs Fourth Week as Drought Worsens Yield Losses

Obama Order Imposes Martial Law On Information Flow 

Obama Gets Civilian Army With ObamaCare

Periodic Table Of Wall Street Criminal Elements

Bradley Manning Treated Worse Than A Terrorist Say Atty

Israeli Organ Trafficker Sentenced To Jail In US

US Olympic Teams Kits Were Made In China

Afghan Veteran Troops On London Streets For Roth Olympics

Depth Of G4S Olympic Security Crisis, Chaos Revealed


G4S Olympic Security Firm In Shambles

Penn State Officials 'Covered Up Sandusky Sex Abuse'

Meet The Ruling Faces Of Evil

Martin - Martial Machismo - At What Cost?

The Wingman And The Village

Our Sun Is Electric! - Vid

Monsanto, Oligarchy, USA Behind Paraguay Coup’

Watch The Skies - Private Spy Drones Are Coming Soon

Circumcision Ban 'Worst Attack On Jews Since Holocaust'

Chilean Hate-Crime Legislation Signed Into Law


Speaking Of Unlucky Numbers

Crossroads GPS $70 Million Senate Ad Blitz

Through The Eyes Of A Goose

Chicken Vaccines Combine...Create Deadly Virus

Cyber Criminal And Impostor Busted

Brave Las Vegas Police Shoot Escaped Chimp

Pet Over-Medicated? Therapy Collars Make More Sense

Test To Remove Some Fuel Rods From Fukushima SFP 4 Soon

Fukushima Fatigue Now Proving Fatal For Evacuees

'Decontamination Is Impossible' Says Evacuee


LIFE On Mars - Forests, Lakes, Rivers In Stunning Photos - Pics

Romney Accused Of Felony - Obama PROVEN To Have

Will Dick Cheney Support Hurt Or Help Romney?

NJ & OK To Intro Obamacare Nullification Bills With Teeth

AZ Initiative OKs Refusal Of Unconstitutional Federal Laws - Vid

1000 Counties Declared Disaster Areas - Vid

Congress Poised To Kiss Monsanto's Assets

Low Flying Plane Is On A Mosquito Mission - Vid

Why Preppers Aren't Crazy


DC Mayor Asked To Resign On Corruption Charges

Merrill Lynch Predicts Gold Will Hit $2000 At End Of Year

McDonalds Force Olympics To Ban All Other Chip-Selling

Resistant E. Coli Bladder Infections In Women Caused By Superbug

FKN News...Global Warring - Vid

UK Guardian Reveals MSM Complicity In Syria Agenda

Hillary Clinton's Strategic Brown-Nosing Of Laos

Drone Wars - The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range

The Treacherous UN Deception

Robert Hastings On Nat Geo's 'Chasing UFOs' - Part 2


History Of UFO Sightings In North East UK

Fascinating Origins Of Dulce Base Rumors, Pt 1 - Vid

Fascinating Origins Of Dulce Base Rumors, Pt 2 - Vid

CA Man Finds 50,000 Bees Inside Home - Vid

Strange Vortex Discovered On Saturn Moon Titan - Vid

Death, Greed At The Dentist - US Children At Risk

UK Doctors Basic Errors Killing 1,000 Patients A Month

3 Chicken Vaccines Swap Genes, Create New Lethal Strains

Acid Reflux Drugs Can Cause Bone Fractures & Diarrhea

Try Yoga For Depression And Anxiety


BC Biker Posts Vid Of 186 MPH Ride On Highway - Vid

Giant Sinkhole Caused By 100 Yr Old Railroad Tunnel - Vid

Gunderson - White Haze In New Photos Is Coming From SFP 3

Fukushima Birds And Butterflies Decrease As Radiation Rises

Plants Bring Cesium Back To The Surface

Tsunami Debris Now 2,000 Miles Across Pacific

Record Rains Pound Japan, Many Dead And MIssing - Vid

Hacked - 450,000 Yahoo Passwords Posted Online

US Sends Fourth Aircraft Carrier To The Gulf

2 More US Carriers, Dozens Of Mini-Subs Rushed To Hurmuz


Why Turkey Won't Go To War With Syria

Russia Will Honor Arms Contracts With Syria

Syrian Ambassador To Iraq Defects 

Syrian Rebels Using Anti-Tank Weapons - Vid

Shimon Peres Cancels Zion Olympics Opening Ceremony Visit

Israeli Ground Forces Cross Into Southern Lebanon

Palestinian Authority In Financial Trouble, Refused Loan By IMF

Settlers' Volence Reflects Brutal Nature Of Zionism

Israel Admits War Causes Were Fabricated

Mexico Signs ACTA


Rense & Robert Hastings - UFO Threat To Nuclear Weapons?

How Many Checkpoints Will There Be Today? - Vid

US Bridges, Roads Being Built By Chinese Firms - Vid

WMD Drill 'Operation Four Aces' Underway In SC

Obama Try To Seize Property Of Biggest Pot Dispensary

Obama’s Executive Orders…Cui Bono?

Obamagate Scandal 1000K the Watergate Coverup

Midwest Drought Slashes Corn Estimate, Shocks Markets

US Drought Will Likely Push Food Prices Way Up

China Slams Brakes On GM Zooming Car Sales


Fed Officials Warn Of Looming Crisis

Whitewashing Criminal Fraud

International Law Revisionism

Proud Spain Again Humbles Itself To The EUSSR

Blood, Debt And Fears As Crowds Protest New Spain Cuts 

Berlusconi To Run For Italian PM Again

Japan Calls China Ambassador Over Islands Dispute

Nothing New About The New World Ogres

Stop United Nations Power Grab

Cuban Immigrant Stuart Scares GOP Establishment: Why? -Vid


RedState Sets Sights On Florida

Latest Release Of 'X-Files' Shows MoD Took ET Seriously

ET Might Come Here On Holiday

This Is Our Planet - Vid

Chronic Acidosis - A Precursor To Cancer

Scientists Stake Out Bat Colonies To Track WNS

Robot Lost In High-Rad Torus Room In Reactor 3 Building

TEPCO Photos Show #3 MOX SFP Location In Wrecked Bldg

TEPCO Completes Demo Of Top Of Reactor 4 Building - Photos

New Images Of Destroyed Reactor Building 3 Releaased


Gary Johnson Needs 15% Poll To Debate Obama

Did Jesse Jackson, Jr Try To Commit Suicide?

Driving A Stake Through The National Security State

The Republican Fight For Dirtier Air

The Price Of Gold Manipulation...More Scandalous Than Libor

Spain Announces Massive Cuts Amid Intensifying Protests

The Pain In Spain Falls Mainly On The Plain - Vid

US Sea Drones In Persian Gulf To Clear Iran Mines - Vid


Nano-Second Pulse Gun Will Blast You Unconscious

H1N1 Linked To Deadly Nerve Disease

EU Pushing Anti-Piracy Agreement Through Back Door?

Huge Telescope 8000' Under South Pole Hunts Mystery Particle

Is The 'God Particle' An Impostor?

The Missing Secrets Of Nikola Tesla - Vid

The UN Law Of Sea Treaty Authorizes UN Taxes

Congress Considers Prosecutions Of Reporters Over Leaked Info

Stunning Map - Every Major Earthquake Since 1898

Scanning You For Drugs, Guns, Explosives From 164' Away


Gitmo Detainees Forcibly Injected With Mind Drugs

LA Sheriff Partners With ACLU On Jail Overcrowding - Vid

Man Bites Chunk from Another Humans Stomach

Tree-Rings Prove Climate Warmer In Roman Times

How To Avoid Alzheimer's & Dementia Thru Diet

Beware Of The Tomato Tamperers

12 Millisievert INTERNAL Ave Dose In Thyroids Of Fukushima Kids

Heart Attacks Hit 3 At Japan Nuke Waste Incinerator

Cesium 137 Immediately Damages The Heart...Not Slowly

Lifetime Thyroid Doses Of Radiation In Fukushima Children


Obama Orders US Intel To Increase Surveillance Of Israel 

Mutiny Fear In Israeli Army As Rabid Zionists Gain Influence

David Duke - Trayvon Martin, Real Racism And The ZioMedia - Vid

Romney Booed At NAACP Event For Nixing Obamacare

The Return Of The Tayr

Radiation Lurking In Chemtrails? - Vid

Passengers Face Being Profiled By iPads, Google Software

New DHS Scanner Tells If You're High & About Your Breakfast

Devvy - Gun Owners Voted For The Gun Grabbers


Dems WH, Senate Out Of Reach If Fundraising Doesn't Rise 

Gold May Have Been Manipulated Like Libor

Many Wall St Execs Say Crime Is Necessary 

San Bernardino Votes To File Bankruptcy 

Third CA City In Two Weeks Files For Bankruptcy

Austerity Stifling Job Creation In Europe

Liberal Or Conservative

Chevron Corp Left Workers Engulfed In Flames 

Call For Penn State Football To Receive the Death Penalty

Army Reinforcements Called In For Roths Olympics


Are Mormon Underwear Magic Between The Sheets?

Behold A Pale Horse...Trailer - Vid

Maher - Why Republicans Act Exactly Like 14 Yr Old Boys - Vid

Paper Ordered To Disclose Info On Anonymous Commenter

Media Scoundrels Endorse Sham Libyan Election

Pharma Wants Possible Cancer-Causing Nanoparticles In Drugs 

The Road of Ignominy and the Lord's of Parsimony

The Arms Trade Treaty - Is The 2nd Amendment Part Of It? 

How You Can Lose Your Home Over A $474 Water Bill

Mexico To Vax 1m Chickens Against Bird Flu 


Denis Rancourt's Struggle For Justice

After Russian Floods, Grief, Rage, Deep Mistrust

Physics Grad Intent On Attacking US 'Snake' To Plead - Vid

Stop-And-Frisk May Soon Hit Judicial Roadblocks

Eleven Russian Warships To The East Mediterranean

US Unconcerned By Russian Naval Flotilla 

Dead & Alive? Aid Worker Shows At Friends Of Syria Conf

Oxygen In Flight Problem Hits Pilot In Hawaii

Gary McKinnon Prosecution 'Ridiculous' Says US Defense Expert

London Residents Lose Bid To Challenge Olympic Missiles


Syrian Naval Forces Launch Military Drill

US, Britain Seek To Cause World War III Over Syria

Iran To Close Hormuz Strait If Threatened

Another US Warship Arrives In Persian Gulf

US Is Slave Of Extremist Likud Zionism In Mideast

Mossad Hit Squad Targeting Iranian Scientists

Israeli Tank Shelling Injures 5 Kids In Gaza Strip

Israel - Land Of Inequality And Injustice

Kirwan - Retired General McChrystal

Bullying, Bluster And Imperial Arrogance 101


Mossad Manipulates, Recruits French Jews

Afghan Multimillion Dollar 'Highway To Nowhere'

Maine Governor Blasts Obamacare, Calls IRS New Gestapo

The Tax Man Cometh To Police You On ObamaCare

Small-Town USA Lives On - If Only In Imagination

CA Cities Considering (Legal?) Theft Of Private Property

Putin Flies To S Russia As Flood Deaths Soar

Scores Die As Tsunami-Like Flood Hits Southern Russia - Vid

After UK deluge...Come More Floods

Map Of Major Quakes Since 1898 Shows Danger Zones


Libor-Rigging Went On Until 2010

Waking Brit Sheeple Move Money Out Of Big Banks

The Tale Of 2 British Docs - One Traditional, One Holistic

Controversial Princess Diana Documentary Scrapped

UK Ramps Up Rothschild Games Terror Hysteria

Warmonger Legacy - 500 UK Troops A Month Seek Mental Help

Driver Fined £60 For Admiring Pretty Girl

Degraded Reactor 4 Structure Shows Signs Of Sinkage

Reactor 3 May Have Had Second Meltdown

Japan Journalists Call For Evacuating Children From Tokyo


OMENs In America - DC Has Been Put On Notice

Who Said The Mayan Calendar Ends On 12- 21-12?

Br Nathanael - ObamaCare...Chief Justice Roberts Is A Traitor

Soros Promotes UN Control Over Gun Ownership

Google Censorship Of US Guns

CA Local Papers Publish Scandalous CAFR Data

Gates Creepy GMO Plan To Engineer Humans Thru Milk

Warren Buffett Donates $1.52 Billion To Gates

Warren Buffet & Bon Jovi Duet - Vid

Food - UN Depopulation For Profits


Guess Who Controls America?

The Gateway Drug Is Alcohol, Not Marijuana

Your Color Red Really Could Be My Blue

Budweiser Sponsors Inhuman Turtle Torturing 'Snapperfest' - Vid

An AIDS-Free Generation?

Tooth Pulp Identified as Good Stem Cell Source

Restaurant Portion Sizes Quadruple Since 1950

Beet Juice Can Boost Energy, Athletic Performance

Over 100 Dead In Southern Russia Flooding - Vid

Extreme Heat Bakes Midwest, East Coast, Wide Power Outages


Next 5 Changes Facebook Will Make w/o Telling You

Did Big Pharma Kill Mary Kennedy? 3 SSRIs In Her System

Big Pharma Sold Us 'Happy Pills' = Suicide And Misery

Army Course OKs Deadly Force, Internment Camps In US

Rothschild's Weather Channel Buys Weather Underground

Green Libyan Counter Revolution Any Day Now - Vid

Trans-Pacific Partnership - A Global Attack By The 1%

Foster Gamble Brings Up The CAFR Issue

'The Firm' Has You, Neo

Are Biotech Companies About To Gain Federal Immunity?

Bones Of 200 Slaughtered Soldiers From the Time of Christ

Mysterious African 'Fairy Circles' Stump Scientists

The Most Honest 3.5 Minutes Of TV - EVER - Vid


It's Your Show

Caterpillar Eruption Near Mount St. Helens  

Rumi - The Most Prolific Poet Ever - Vid

Japanese Whalers Acknowledge Sea Shepherd Success

Larry King to Host Show On New Internet TV Network

150,000 Enraged Japanese Demonstrate In Tokyo - Vid

Police Block Protestors Access To PM Residence - Vid

Gunderson - Reactor 1 Nuclear Fuel Has Left Containment

5 Sieverts An Hour Found On Reactor 1 First Floor

Clinton Threatens Russia, China For Supporting Assad 

China Rejects Clinton's Criticism Over Syria


Russia Says NO To No-Fly Zone Over Syria

'Friends Of Syria' Meeting Immoral, Wrong Says Russia

Tarpley - CIA Directing Arms To Gangs In Syria

Top Syrian General Defects As West Calls For War  

US After Large Scale War In Middle East

Israel Slams Door On UN Human Rights Council

India Starts Purchasing Iranian Oil In Tankers

Switzerland Defies US, EU Ban On Iran Oil

Libya Raped By Torture, Mass Murder, Savage Vengeance

USA Answers Europe Attempt To Secure Rare Earth Elements

Zimbabwe Government's Relentless Private Sector Takeover


British Democracy In Terminal Decline

Editor Hid Pedo Scoop On Arthur C Clarke In Fear Of Murdoch

Panicked Email Scientologists Are Circulating

Where Mormonism Meets Scientology

These Things Too Are For The Purpose Of Demonstration

Dismal Jobs Report Reflects Economic Decline

Serious Fraud Office To investigate Libor Manipulation

Libor Scandal Reflects A Cesspool Of Financial Fraud

Rate Rigging Probe Escalates In UK, Germany

Barclays Insider Reveals Bank's Toxic Culture


Spectacular Scenes Of Flooding On Scottish Motorway - Vid

Heavy Rain Continues Across UK

About 78 Die In Russian Floods And Landslides 

Life On Mars May Be Found This August

El Hierro Underwater Explosion - Dead Sea Life Surfaces

NASA Concedes Space–Time Portals Exist

UFO Orbs Spotted Worldwide, Appearing Almost Simultaneously 

The Outrageous Inhuman War On Our Health - Vid

Remaining Portion Of SFP 4 From Helicopter - Photos

Gunderson - Fukushima No Longer An Accident - Vid


If the US Loses Syria, It Loses The Empire

Hillary - Russia, China Will Pay A Price For Supporting Assad

Atzmon - Did Israel Nuke Arafat?

Triple Drone Strike Slaughters 15 More In Pakistan

WND's Farah Says He's Being Watched By Drones

Are You United With Israel? - Vid

US June Jobs Report Shows More Stagnation

Job Market Continues 3-Year Slump 'Post-Recession'

Broken America - The Towns Left In Financial Ruin

The Shard  A Giant Elite Middle Finger To The Useless Eaters


Laser Show Dazzles London As Shard Opens - Vid

Internet Porn Making Teens More Violent

Sauder - The USA Federal Agent In The Wheelchair

US, Allies Increasingly Resemble Doomed Roman Empire

Why Marxism Is On The Rise Again

Gary McKinnon Given 'Last Chance' Before Extradition Decision

CIA Veteran Claims Knowledge Of Roswell-Alien Coverup

Banking Devils Offer More Debt To Cure Debt Problems

California Approves Funding For High Speed Rail

Gates Foundation Depopulation Summit


Costa Concordia Capt To Sell Story In 100,000 Deals

The (Mis)Diagnosis Of Human Parasites

Alcohol Hiding In Major Soda Brands Including Coke And Pepsi

What Can Vitamin D Do For You?

25% Of Freshwater Fish Exceed EPA Contamination Limits

Nuclear Loan Guarantees Less Than Student Loans

Israel Likely Killed Arafat

Israel Said Preparing For The Next Lebanon War

Brother Nathanael's Amazing Videos


Unresolved Iran Nuclear Talksmorris

A Libyan Says 'New' Libya Is A Failure Pt 1 - Vid

Gaddafi Followers Are Majority Of Libya Pt 2 - Vid

North Korea Exposes Western Propaganda - Pt 7 - Vid

Eliot Spitzer On The 'Cartel-Style Corruption' Behind Libor - Vid

Impact Of Roberts' Obamacare Ruling To Last  

Redford - Global Elite, A-21 Promoting, Illuminati Hypocrite - Vid

UFOs Sweep The Skies - Orbs Spotted Worldwide - Vid

What If ET Is Out There? - Vid

Ex CIA Chief Urges Release Of Jewish Spy Pollard 

Jewish Groups Grab Huge Share Of Grants 


Look Who's Buying America Now!

California Cities Consider Seizing Mortgages

Countrywide Offered Discounts To Lawmakers, Staff

Not HIS Image - Part 2

Farmer Panic - Crops Die As Govt Blocks Wells

We Were Hit In '93 & 9/11 Because Of Support For Israel - Vid

Beethoven's Five Secrets - Vid

Fukushima Plant Very Fragile, At Extremely High Risk

Tokyo Cops Trap Protesters Inside Subway Station


Paul Craig Roberts - Death Of The US Constitution 

US Government Busts Constitution Into Nothing

Obama's Life Story, Myth Not Truth Says

Poll - Obama 2nd Worst US President After Bush

25 Obama Crimes The House Should Investigate

ObamaCare And The Marx-Men

Moment US Helicopter Strike Blasts An Afghan To Pieces

Hague Action On Syria Possible w/o Russia And China

China To Snub ‘Friends Of Syria’ Meeting In Paris


Wikileaks Begins Zionist Syria Psy Op

Zionist Hand That Spurs Iran Sanctions

EU Condemns Israel's Violence Against Palestinians

US Presbyterians Consider Israel Divestment

Arafat’s Assassin Admits

Mystery Disease Killing Cambodia Children - Vid

Spy Drones Size Of Maple Seeds Coming Soon

Huge Class Action Lawsuit Against Church, State, Big Pharma

Is Wal-Mart Destroying America? 20 Facts

Wake Up And Smell The Bodies Burning


Beethoven's Five Secrets - Vid

Thousands Of Fish Die In Silver Lake At Rehoboth Beach

TEPCO Hiding Amount Of Radioactive Water Leaking From Plant

Shortage Of Fukushima Workers Becoming Worse

'We Are Exposed To High Radiation Every Second'

Blistering Heat Continues In US - Many Without Power

Heavy Fighting Ravaging Homs

Netanyahu Worked Inside Nuclear Smuggling Ring


Three-Stage Plan To Destabilize Syria

McGrath - Warning...Are You Terrified Yet? - Vid

Drought Hits 56% Of Continental US - Significant Toll On Crops

Drought Stalks The Global Food Supply

Paul Supporters & Occupy Wall Street?

HK Shuts Down Bird Market After Finding Deadly H5N1

Go Oklahoma! State Plans To Nullify Obamacare

Analysis Of Why SCOTUS Claims Obamacare Is Constitutional

Obamacare Socialism Is Economically Impossible

Can Obamacare Be Stopped Due To Unlawful Tax?


The Next Big Banking Scandal - Silver & Gold Manipulation

Family Fights Govt Over Rare Double Eagle Gold Coins

This Country Needs A Good Slap Down...Say What?

3 Ex NSA Employees Expose Mass Illegal Court Surveillance

Sauder - Approaching Cataclysm? Underground Bases

An Interview With An Underground Base Contractor

64,000 Americans May Be Kicked Off the Internet Monday

Obama Instructed To Back Off Of UN Gun Treaty

FKN News - Daylight Robbery - Vid

Govt Funded Research Supports Benefits Of Marijuana


CA Cops Walk On Pot Dispensary Employee, Smash Cams - Vid

Life Guards Fired For Supporting Hero Colleague - Vid

Pregnancy Pain Relieved With Ear Acupuncture

Minamisoma - Highly Radioactive Black Algae Found Everywhere

Fukushima Plant Remains Vulnerable To Quakes

90% Chance Fukushima Containment Could 'Burst'

Japan-Canada Women's Soccer In Radioactive Fukushima City

Media Censorship Of The Subject Of UFOs

Swiss Alpine Radioactive Trash Dump

Br Nathanael - How I Spent My 4th Of July


DARPA Rival Set Up In Russia

NATO Launches War Games In Mediterranean Sea

Netanyahu Involved In Smuggling Nuclear Triggers

Palestinian Authority To Exhume Arafat Remains

Iran Tests Missiles Capable Of Hitting Israel - Vid

Iran 'Ready To Fire Missiles At US Bases If Attacked

Is Israel Paying Workers To Manipulate Online Content

Romney Needs Ron Paul As VP

Mitt Romney Owns Secretive Offshore Company

Kirwan - The Labyrinth


TPP - A Trade Deal From Hell

Stealth Trade Agreement Secret Negotiations

Euro Central Bank Drops Rates To Record Low

Hidden Rare Earth Elements War Heats Up

Detective Probes Obama SSN Mystery - Files Suit in OH

We Are Trapped In The Labyrinth - Vid

Getting My Mind Right And Shaking It Here, Boss

Euro Crisis Fuels Calls For British EU Referendum 

Thousands To Lose Internet As FBI Shuts Servers

Biden Behind MegaUpload Shutdown

Utah Wildfire Destroys Homes - Vid

Br. Nathanael - Has Judgement On Amerika Begun?


Activism Pushes European Parliament To Crush ACTA

UN Biosafety Caused Infected Mosquitoes

Getting My Mind Right And Shaking It Here, Boss

Brown 1999 Gold Giveaway Sale Was UK Bank Bailout

China Controversial Giant Three Gorges Dam Completed

India To Give Free Generic Drugs To Millions

Missiles Put in Place For Roth Olympics 

Bees Stolen To Hide Monsanto Roundup Deadly Effects?

America...Greatest Gift England Gave The World

Stressed' Bank Of England Official Stabbed Self To Death


OMENs In America - DC Has Been Put On Notice

UFO Sighting Baffles Western Labrador Woman - Audio

Stephenville, TX UFO Sightings

NASA Discovers Portals In Space Between Earth & Sun

Language As A Window Into Human Nature

The Wonderful World Of Animal Kindness - Photos

Why Are Jamaican Sprinters Fastest In The World

Fluoride Savings in Canada Put to Good Use

Utah Garden Challenge For Suckers

'Natural' Tomatoes Packed With Antioxidants


Indy Studies Soon To Disclose West Coast Radiation

Fukushima Daiichi Radiation Still Raining Down On Daini Plant

Japan Parliament Report - Fukushima Clearly Manmade

'Mankind Cannot Live On This Planet With Nuclear Energy'

MOX Reactor To Restart - 9 Fault Lines Underneath It

Iran Could Wipe Out US Mideast Presence 'In Minutes'

Syria's Military Strength - Vid

Br Nathanael - ObamaCare...Chief Justice Roberts Is A Traitor

Br Nathanael - How I Spent My 4th Of July

Br. Nathanael - Has Judgement On Amerika Begun?

Brother Nathanael's Amazing Videos


Israeli Cop Shown Kicking Palestinian Child - Vid

Devvy - Americans, Career Politicians Mock Independence Day

Obama's Social Security Number Challenged

Obama Censors The Declaration Of Independence

Homeland Terrorism Department

The American Dream Is In Jeopardy

Stephen Hawking Happily Concedes $100 God Particle Bet

Russian Wheat Price Reaches Historic Highs

France Slaps Wealthy & Big Biz With $3b One-Time Tax


Extreme Pressure Forces EU To Reject ACTA Treaty

The Rig Is Up - Gold To Rise To $3500 An Ounce

Libor Scandal Explained - Vid

Why Is Nobody Freaking About The LIBOR Scandal?

IRS To Be Investigated For Payments To Illegal Aliens

Florida Opts Out Of Medicaid Expansion

IHA - The Eyes Tell The Story Of A Horse's Pain

Oceans Of Noise - Expanded Navy Sonar Testing

Vote Fraud In Mexico? Presidential Votes To Be Recounted

No Evidence Of Mermaids Says US Government


Celestial Triangle With Venus And Jupiter - Vid

Why Is Europe's Tallest Building Completely Empty? - Vid

Get Your Air Filters Tested For Radiation For Free

Cows Forced To Cannibalize, No Mad Cow Testing

Bees Hold Secret to Slow Aging

Skin Lotion Of Future Can Modify Your Genes

Genetic Evidence That Antioxidants Kill Cancer

Top 7 Health Risks For Men Over 40

Adverse Drug Reactions - Tens Of Thousands Dead

Zionist Occupied America On Independence Day 2012


Do You Know What Freedom Is?

Independence Day...Yeah, Right!

Michelle Obama - 'All This For A Damn Flag' - Vid

4th Of July Fireworks - Sunspot 1515

Declaration of Total Dependence Upon The Spawn of Satan

Roberts Wrote Both Obamacare Opinions

Romney Losing Ground To Obama w/o Paul 'Nation' Support

Romney Lies About Investment In Aborted Fetus Disposal

Obama's Worst-Kept Secret 

Saudis Buy Nuclear-Capable Missiles From China


Presbyterian Committee Votes For Israel Divestment

US Building Afghanistan Huge $92 Million Military HQ

Major US Banks Say They Are Ready To Go Under  

West Banks Reaping Billions From Colombian Cocaine

Bank Of England Told Us To Do It, Claims Barclays

And Finally, The IRS Gets Audited

Come Get Your TSA X-Rays...They're Fun And Sexy - Vid

Indisputable Evidence Of Intelligent Life 3.8 Billion Years Ago

New Crops Circles Similar To Westminster Abbey - Photos

US Food Prices May Skyrocket From Blistering Heat


What If Heat, Drought Cause Huge Crop Failures?

Midwest Heat Dashes Hopes For Bumper Crop Of Corn

Midwest Ranchers, Lawmakers Protest EPA Flyovers

San Jose Cops Attempt To Raid Garage Sale Goes Bad - Vid

Veteran Cop Accused Of Trading Sex For Clemency 

DC Arrests Veteran For Unregistered Ammunition 

Eating 40% Less Food And Extend Your Life By 20 Years

Everygreen CIA Airline Dropping Poison On You & Your Family 

Nestlé Still Wants Columbia Gorge Water 

Scientists Say Humans Should Live In UN Mega-Cities


Nuclear Loan Guarantees Cost Less Than Student Loans

First Home HIV Test Kit Approved In US

Black Market For Body Parts Spreads In Europe 

Scientists Develop Spray-On Battery - Vid

Teen Rapist 'Corrupted By Porn, World And Society' Says Judge

Reactor 4 Fukushima - 'In Short, It Was A Design Error'

The Banality Of Evil - Nuclear Technogeeks

Gunderson - TMI, Chernobyl, Fukushima - What's The Link 

25,000 Bq/kg From Wild Boar Fukushima

Happy Birthday America

Kirwan - July 4th The Opposite Of Independence

Patriotism vs Nationalism - The Deliberately Blurred Line

Lesser Known Facts About The Fourth Of July

Lavrov-Clinton Deal To Give US 'Honorable' Afghan Exit - Vid

Yasser Arafat Was 'Poisoned With Polonium'

Arafat Widow Demands Exhumation Of Late President

Arafat’s Assassin Is...

Syria Thought Turkish Jet Was Israeli

Russia Accuses West Of Distorting Syria Agreement

Assad Tells Turkey To Stop Meddling

Iran Will Duplicate Captured US RQ-170 Spy Drone

Kirwan - Failure

Small Business Assault From ObamaCare

PRI Regains Mexican Presidency

So You're Woken Up, Now What?

The Paradigms Are Shifting

Steiner BioDynamic Farm...More Than Organic - Jennie Pt 1

BioDynamic Farming Is Sustainable - Jennie Pt 2

Biodynamic Farm - Dairy & Sacred Spaces - Jennie Pt 3

British Police Get Battlefield Weapons


'Black Boxes' To Monitor All Brits Internet, Phone Data

DHS Gives $9.7 Million To Jewish Nonprofits

500 Yr Old Birth Certificate Of America Found 

Why Has China Build A Ghost Town In Africa?

Alan Alda Is Trying To Find The Next Carl Sagan 

Two Midstate UFO Reports Defy Explanation 

51 Pound Tumor Removed From Woman

July 4, 2012 - The Downside Of Liberty

Russian Expert - Nuke Industry Contracts Have Doubled - Vid

'Fukushima Hasn't Scared Off Nuclear Development' - Vid


World Environmental Crisis If SFP 4 Falls

Test Home Air Conditioning Filters For Radioactivity

Dark Economic Clouds Gather Over Obama Campaign

US-Pak Agree To Reopen Afghan War Supply Routes

Iran Tests Missiles Capable Of Striking Israel

Israel Blows Up Surveillance Evidence After Discovery

The Face Of America's Future

Hillary's $100 Million A Month Apology To Pakistan

Food Prices To Rise As Harvest Dries Up


As Drought Hits Key Crops, Fears Of Food Crisis Loom

Car Goes Airborne As Heat Buckles WI Highway

What Does Freedom Mean To You? - Vid

77% Of JP Morgan Net Income Comes From Govt Subsidies

The Effect Of A Low Yield Nuke On A Steel Structure

US Has Most Expensive Healthcare, Most Shortened Life Span

A Few Ways To Celebrate Andy Griffith

Undersea Lost World Found Submerged Off Britain

Scientists Find New Gene In 1918 Flu Virus


Approval Sought For First Drug Resistant TB Medicine

8.7 Million Workers On Disability (Exceeds Population Of NY)

The UFO Incident At Freckley Hollow

Fixing Power Outages - It's Not Easy

Brit Constitution Group Chair Tried In Secret Court, Imprisoned

Have We No Shame? Fracking In Cemeteries?

Photos Of Underground Bases

Turning To Frogs For Illegal Aid In Horse Races

Scientology Beatings Prompts Tom Cruise Divorce

The Autistic Eye - The Human Camera


Most Paranoid, Absurd Non-Fiction TV Ever?

5 Million Test Tube Babies Paved The Way For GMO Children

Need For 24/7 Contact Email Overuse Causes Severe Stress

Synthetically Enhanced Toxic Baby Formula Still Being Sold

Filer's Files #26 - 2012 Mothership Moniliths

Filer's Files #25 - 2012 Dangerous Sun Activity

Filer's Files #24 - 2012 Did Ancients Worship Discs?

Roberts Switched Vote On ObamaCare!

US Military Beefs Up Strength At Hormuz

French Cops Raid Home Of Little Sarko


Electable - A Short Film About Ron Paul - Vid

Kansas Corn Crop Deteriorating Amid Heat

Heat Wave Persists, As Do Power Outages

150 Guardsmen Help Police Patrol Colorado Springs

Feds Label Liberty Lovers ‘Terrorists’ - Again

Television Legend Andy Griffith Dies At 86 

Andy Griffith Football Story From 1953 - Vid

Ex-EPA Official Hired By Agenda 21 Group 'Sierra Club'

Australian PM Gillard Defends Carbon Tax

The Talmud And Double Standards


'We Were Wrong On Peak Oil - Plenty To Fry Us All' 

Too Much Facebook Giving Teen Girls Depression

CA Bill Can Have More Thank 2 Parents

Feds Look To Fight Leaks With 'Fog Of Disinformation'

Google Secretly Puts Cookies On Millions Of iPhones

Retired Astronaut Killed By Son In Jet Ski Crash

Police Admit Botched Raid Result Of Internet Ignorance

Did Joe Paterno Help Coverup Sandusky Sex Abuse?

Fish With Teeth Found in Illinois Lake - Vid


What Exactly Is The Higgs Boson? - Vid

Fresh Water Is Literally The Strongest Medicine - Vid

Swiss Think Tank - World Environment Crisis If SFP 4 Falls

Fukushima Radiation Kills Fishing Industry

Area Around Fukushima Daiichi Fell 1/2 Meter After 3/11 Quake

Reactor 2 Containment Severely Damaged By 3/11 Quake

Mexico Emergency Over New Bird Flu Outbreak

America's Malignant Political Monopoly

RNC Names Convention Platform Leadership

DARPA & Raytheon Create Database Of Events, People


Fast And Furious Confession From Obama, Pt 1 - Vid

Fast And Furious Confession From Obama, Pt 2 - Vid

Turkish Jets Now Patrol Syrian Border -Vid

UK And Israel - An Alliance Of Enemies

Israel Is An Apartheid Regime - UN Official

Yitzhak Shamir's Criminal Legacy

US Storm Carnage Death Toll Rises To 22

Barclays CEO Resigns Over Derivatives Manipulation '

Lynne Stewart Loses Appeal

Br. Nathanael - Three Faces Of The Anti-Christ - Vid

Kirwan - Putting The Pieces Together

Six Ways To Prepare For Going Off The Grid


Scientologist Spies Allegedly Deployed Against Katie Holmes

Police Dog ALWAYS Says There Are Drugs In A Car  

Plutonium Detection Not Being Published By Government

Smoke From Fukushima Reactor 6 Turbine Bldg

20,201 Bq/kg In Chiba Vacuum Cleaner

Massive Dangers From Aging Nuclear Reactors - Vid

Iran Lawmakers Prepare To Close Strait Of Hormuz - Vid

Prof Details How Drone Was Hijacked - Vid

McGrath - Warning...A Global Coup Is Underway - Vid


Devastating US Fires - Vid

Atzmon - Shoa Business News...'Miss Holocaust' - Vid

'Stalin Was Like Facebook' Ad Spark Anger

Barclays Banking Scandal Damning Emails

The Smartest Man In Europe Predicts Catastrophe

Powerful M-Class Flare Ejected From The Sun - Vid

Rense & Peter Davenport - Cluster Of 9 Orange Lights Over L.A. - Vid

From NASA - The Orbit Of Planet X Known As 2003UB313

Good News - New Hampshire Adopts Jury Nullification Law

Internet Lines Up Behind Internet Freedom


New Amelia Earhart Expedition To Launch

India Starves Due To Govt Corruption & Crop Subsidies

Nevada BLM Drought Sob Story Coverup To Kill Horses

Turning NYC Yards Into Farms

World Cities To Be Twice Size Of Texas By 2030

Mother Who Questions Vaccine At Hospital Has Newborn Taken

Microbes And Human Disease - Vid

New Warning On Hormone Replacement Therapy

Cloned Growth Hormones Still Contaminates US Milk

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - The REAL Causes


GSK Settles $3b Largest Health Care Fraud Case In US History

Roche Buried 80,000 Adverse Reaction Reports

Australians Desert The Carbon Tax

Agenda 21 Dense Future MegaCities Now Underway

Fish In Fukushima Rivers, Lakes 25x Over Limit Radiation

Fukushima Woman - Many Are Now Aborting Their Babies

Fukushima Residents May No Longer Get Life Insurance - Vid

Romney Independence Day Advice - Buy Foreign

Romney Plans Trip To Israel (to grovel)

Time For The Second American Revolution


Colombia Decriminalizes Pot & Cocaine Possession

75% Obamacare Costs To Those Making $120k Or Less - Vid

Wal-Mart - 50 Years Of Gutting America's Middle Class

Syria Horrors Spiral Out Of Control

Rabbi Lays Down Religious Basis For Attack On Syria

Iran War Games, Military Maneuvers To Be Held With Missiles

Profile Of Institutionalized Racism

Palestinian Authority Police Brutalize Protesters

Missiles, Bombs, Drones, Battleships For Roth Olympics - Vid

Failure In Geneva


Musharraf Doesn't Rule Out New Pak MIlitary Coup

Kirwan - Putting The Pieces Together

Sorry Charlie…

National Occupy Gathering On July 4 In Philly

Cape Cod Vacationers Warned Of First Great White Of Season

The Ones We've Lost - US Student Loan Debt Suicides

Drockton - How They Plan On Stealing Your Retirement  

Financial Jobs Leave Wall Street As Firms Cut Costs

Unemployment Benefits Whittled Down Even More

Destructive DC Thunderstorm Outbreak

Swine Flu Or Bird Flu - Either Way We’re Having A Pandemic 


GMO Farming, Glyphosate Big Contributors To Water Pollution

'Super Rootworms' Destroy More And More Crops

Breathalyzer Tests Now Compulsory On All Vehicles In France

Some Outrageous Facts About Inequality

US Meat Label Origin Country Label Policy Needs Update

Kali Yuga And The Brotherhood Of The Golden Calf

Los Angeles City Council OKs Plasic Bag Ban

God Particle Is 'Found' At CERN  

TEPCO - SFP 4 Cooling System Back On Again

1st Japan Reactor Goes Online Since Nuclear Crisis


Ooi Nuke Plant Restarted

Cesium In Fukushima Childrens Urine

Gundersons Quit Viewing Stewart Over His Nuke Sponsors

Mid-Atlantic Power Outages Could Last For Days

Extreme Heat, Millions Without Power In Eastern US - Vid

Huge Fire In Spain Doubles In Just Few Hours - Vid

US Pushes For War In Syria - Violence, Deaths Soar

Turkey Rushes F-16s To Syrian Border

Syrian Troops Flush Rebels From Douma

West Seeks War With Russia - Analyst


A Full Rundown Of China's Military Might

Iran Oil Sanctions Risk Big OPEC Export Loss

Iran To Fire Missiles At Mock Foreign Army Bases

Paul Craig Roberts - Can World Survive Washington Hubris?

BBC Cuts Lavrovs Speech About Biased Western Media

Egypt's New President Supports Palestinians

US Drone Slaughters Eight More In Pakistan

Drone Makers Urge US To Let Them Sell More Abroad

I Wish I Had Been Offered EU Presidency - Tony Blair

Gary Johnson To Speak At PaulFest To Gain Support


Scientology Summer Of Hell

German WWII Tesla Technology Weapons - Vid

Tarpley - US Has Sinister Plans For The World

'US Respects No One's Sovereignty'

Message To The Federal Reserve - Vid

New-Tech Moguls - The Modern Robber Barons?

McGrath - Culture, Truth & The End Of Alternative Media - Vid

GMO FREE USA To Punish Individual Companies

Gay Mormons Leave Church. Who Cares?

Did EG&G Engineer ET Electro-Gravidic Technology?


Death On July 4th - The Anniversary Effect

Extreme Heat, Millions Without Power, Dangerous Situation - Vid

Mexico - No Change In Drug War, Police State To Expand

UK Govt Inquiry Into Bankers Cesspool Of Fraud

Argentina - Four Alien Abductions Occurred In Rosario

Kirwan - Setting The Agenda

Mary Kennedy Borrowed $20 For Groceries Before Suicide

Midwestern Drought Benefits Monsanto Profits

Con Edison Locks Out 8,500 Union Workers - Talks Stall

Help Save 12 Million Marine Mammals

What's Really Inside? Shocking Anatomy Of Hot Dog


Six Unnecessary Health Tests

Vitamin D Essential For Improved Brain Health

Bird Species Declining In Canada

Energy-saving Light Bulb Horror Story -Photos

FL Cop Accused Of Performing 'Sex Exam' On 15 Yr Old

Revolution In Palestine - Down With Abbas!

Palestinian Hunger Striking Prisoners Face Death

China - Man Disappears After Wife's Forced Abortion Protest

WH Keeps Claiming ObamaCare Isn't A Tax 

Romney, Obama Dividing US Along Fault Lines

Where Obamacare Would Expand Medicaid Most


Obama Institutes Slavery In US By Executive Order

GOP Govs - No Enacting Health Law Until After November 

Sex Abuse Scandal Rocks US Air Base 

Assange Defies Cops, Won't Leave Ecuadorean Embassy

Kirwan - Setting the Agenda

'Elite' Club Conceals CIA 'Torture' Cells 

Obama Planning More War

Israel Is The Puppet Master In Syria Bloodshed 

Syria Without Russia Will Go It Alone - Vid

Obama's Fast and Furious 'GunGate' Dwarfs Watergate


Obama Flaunts The Most Flawed Legislation In US History

Plumbing New Depths Of Inanity In The Tea Party Crowd

Brown - Govt By Banks, For Banks - ESM Coup D’Etat in Europe

CA Govt Financial Disclosure - The Screw Tightens

Geo-Engineers Playing God With Our Weather?

TSA Agents Fired For Sleeping On The Job

Bus Monitor Bullies Suspended From School For A Year 

Workers Lose 40% Of Net Worth

Clinton Clears China, Singapore To Be Able To Buy Iran Oil

3 Senators Intro Bill To Give Holocaust Survivors Money


In The Name Of Father, Son, & Unholy Devil - Shamir's Obituary

Spurious Terrorism Indictments

Warning Issued Over Anti-Carbon Tax Protesters 

Scary Facts About Birds & Bees And Bayer AG 

Police Use YouTube, Twitter To Solve Crimes, 

Online Threat...But SWAT Raids Wrong Home

'Missing' Evergreen B-747 Tanker Is Not Fighting CO Fires 

Rense & Bill Puckett - More Eyewitness UFO Accounts Pt 1 - Vid

Rense & Bill Puckett - More Eyewitness UFO Accounts Pt 2 - Vid

New Paint Can Deliver Electrical Power Like Battery


Mexican Drug Cartels Decapitate Rivals 

Sesame Street Elmo...Gone Wild - Vid

Oldest DNA Of Modern Humans Found In Caveman Bones

China - Images Show Dogs Killed, Cooked And Eaten

Temp Of SFP 4 Rising Nearly Twice As Fast As TEPCO Admits

Temp Safety Limit At Reactor 4 SFP To Be Exceeded Tueday

TEPCO Still Trying To Get SFP 4 Cooling System Running Again

TEPCO Removal Of Top Of Reactor 4 Damaged SFP 4

Protesters Block Road To Ooi Reactors - Vid

Japan News Blackout Of Mass Anti-Nuclear Protest - Vid


Plums From Garden In Central Tokyo 8.6 Bq/kg Cesium

Chemtrail Tanker Up Close - On And Off Spraying - Vid

13 Dead, 3 Million Lose Power In Mid-Atlantic Storms - Vid

Russia, West Agree On 'Transition' Government In Syria?

Bush And Chavez Benefit From Paraguayan Putsch

Obamacare In Your State - Interactive Map

If Healthcare Law Is A Tax, Is It Now Invalid? - Vid

Project Bluebeam In The Obama Era

New Telescope To Watch For 'Killer' Asteroids

Holder Scandal Used To Destabilize Mexico - Vid


The EU Has Already Broken Up...Just Not Formalized Yet

Hidden Portals In Earth Magnetic Field - Vid

UV Index And Heat Continue Raging - US Map

Six Ways The Big Banks Are Getting Back-Door Bailouts

Hospital Takes Art As Payment - Vid

One Nobel Laureate Blasts Another

Univ Of Texas Proves DHS Drones Can Be Hijacked

Japan Discovers 6.8m Tons Of Rare Minerals In Seabed

UN Human Rights Chief Says War On Drugs Is Disaster

Ex Wall St Trader Swallows Pill In Court, Dies


More Reasons Why You Should Carry A Camera - Photos

Reviews Of Nat Geo's 'Chasing UFOs'

Second Review Of Nat Geo's 'Chasing UFOs'

Top UFO Book Available At Much Lower Price Than Amazon

Where Have All The Hummingbirds Gone?

Cancer Cell Growth Stopped And Reversed By Green Tea

Kids Sports & Active Teens Are Healthier & Happier

Official Coverup Obscures The Collapse Of Reactor 4

SFP 4 Cooling System Stopped Again

Br Nathanael - Kagan's ObamaCare Vote & US Jewry


Even Japan PM Startled By Size Of Protest

Obama Executive Order Declares Another 'National Emergency'

Holder Won't Be Prosecuted For Contempt 

No Criminal Prosecution Of Holder For Contempt

Romney Rakes In Millions With Obamacare Decision

Big Win For Predatory Healthcare Giants

CNN, Fox News Wrong On Individual Mandate - Vid

Napolitano - Individual Mandate Most Bizarre Tax In History - Vid

Orwellian Obamacare Ruling - What's Next?


Time For Regime Change In The USA

US, Israel Plan Joint Military Exercise Against Iran In Fall

Oil Price Up 9% On Iran Sanctions

US Marine Vehicles Destroying Afghans Homes - Vid

Chossudovsky - Covert War Underway In Syria Territory

N Korea Used China As Conduit For Arms Export - UN Report

NYPD Spent $10 Million On Radiation Detecting Helicopter 

NYPD Publishes Poster Of 'Professional Agitators' 

Boston Police - Occupy Protesters 'Tofu-Eating Stupid Morons'

Summit Fatigue

The Dark and Hideous and the Great Unwashed


Kirwan - Competition Kills

Texas College Hacks Drone In Front Of DHS

US Foreign Policy A Calculated Dead End

Useful Idiots Held Over Rothschild 'Games Plot'

Extreme Heat Eastern States

Storm Leaves 2m Without Power Across East

Wettest UK Since Records Began, More To Come

UK Faces Another Six Months Of Weird Weather

Record 110,000 Lightning Strikes During UK 'Superstorm'  

The Great American Economic Mirage

From The Ridge, One More Valley And One More Mountain


BoE Governor Launches Attack On City Culture

Institute Of Directors Calls For Purge Of UK Banks

Punish Banksters As Severely As Last Year's Rioters

The City Of London Banking Enclave Is 'Massive Cesspool' 

Farage - Van Rompuy, Barroso Worst People In EU Since 1945

Chart - What Killed Us, Then And Now 

Henry Ford's Hemp Plastic Car Of 1941 - Vid

Navy Blimp Monitoring Citizens Over Frenchtown, NJ 

Aggressive Dolphin Biting Swimmers In Louisiana

Weather Warfare Documentary [Full Length] - Vid


Oldest, 'Biggest Ever' Asteroid Crater Found In Greenland

African Village - EVERY Family Gets £7,500 From Brit Taxpayer

Revealed - Scale Of Sex Abuse By UK Cops

Big Pharma Wants Nano-Scavengers In Its Drugs

How Many People Could Live On Planet Earth?

Pandemic Fears Feed The Vaccine Industry - Vid

Court To Decide If You Can RE-SELL Things You Own

Higgs Boson Rumors Fly At CERN - Report Due

Orwellian Obamacare Ruling - What's Next?

Poor & Middle Class Will Pay Bulk Of ObamaCare Tax


Doctors To Leave Medical Practices & Medicare In Droves

Republicans 'Promise' Unlikely Obamacare Repeal

Turkey To Buy Long Range Missile System

Cover-Up Of Military Software Sale To China

'Celebrating' The 4th Of July

'Is The Baltic Sea 'Sunken UFO' An Elaborate Scam?

Monsanto's Rotten Business History - Vid

35 Reasons MicroNukes Were Used On WTC Towers

Martin - Foster Case Liar Resurfaces Defending Drone War


New Mayan Calendar Artifacts Discovered

UFO Crash Outside Aztec, NM - The Quarter-Century Obsession

MN Cop Keeps Job After Beating Man Into Critical Condition

A Steineresque Esoteric Look At Technology - Vid

Tourism Booms In Mexico As Crime Rises

Dirty Little Secret - Drugs In Your Water Supply

Problem After Problem At Japan's Restarted Nuke Plant

6.3 Millisieverts Per Year In Fukushima City

13 Reasons Why Revolution Might Start With Obamacare

Obama Care Ruling - Pure Fraud & No Due Process


Mitt Romney's 13 Globalist 'Working Groups' Exposed

US Exempts China From Iran Sanctions

US Army Develops Tesla Lightning Bolt Weapon

Dr. Kevin Barrett - Is US Secretly Liquidating Dissidents?

Sniegoski - Washington Is Worth A War

US Wildfires Are What Warming Really Looks Like

Superstorm Batters Northern England

More Than A Victory

Celebrate Independence Day At Freedompalooza 2012

Food For Thought


Wire Taps Rock DOJ Regarding F&F

US Inner Cities Booming As Young Adults Shun Suburbs

Study Of The Day - See Big Mac, Want Big Mac 

Illegal Downloading - UK Families Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Secret Societies And The Black Arts - Vid

Chicago City Council Votes To Decriminalize Marijuana

Explained - Near-Miss Asteroids - Vid

German Secret Service Shreds Neo-Nazi Files

Stockton, California Files For Bankruptcy


Drought Threatens US Food Prices

Top DNA Researcher - Patenting Human Genes Is Lunacy

Robot Learns To Play - And Win - Rock/Paper/Scissors

Amazing Ancient Sacred And Lost Places

Hidden Portals Discovered In Earth Magnetic Fields

How Medical Criminals Are Faking Medical Science Daily

Can Blood Tests Detect Cancer? Vitamin D Tests Can

Why Store Tomatoes Don't Taste As Good As Homegrown

Michael Collins EnviroReporter Wins Top LA Press Club Award

Arrest Warrant Against Shaul Mofaz


US Fundo, Drugs Trafficker Is Deputy Health Minister

15 Yrs Jail For Exporting Gas To Israel At Low Prices

Psychedelic Drugs Can Unlock Mysteries Of The Brain

Just How Safe Is Cancer-Linked Coke?

Napolitano - Mandate Most Bizarre Tax In US History - Vid

Details From The Supreme Court Obamacare Decision 

Obamacare Complicated? Check Out The Flow Chart

Reports Of Troop Movements Near Syrian Border

Heated Anti-Assad Rhetoric

Duplicitous Human Rights Council Report On Syria


Netanyahu To Obama - We Say Jump, You Say 'How High?'

Israel Demands Compulsory Natl Service For Arabs

Row In  'Miss Holocaust Survivor' Pageant In Israel

Palestine Awarded First UNESCO World Heritage Site

North Korean Video About Palestine And Israel - Vid 

Kirwan - Today...Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Don't Fall For The Anger Agenda

Apocalyptic Like Weather Phenomenon 2012 - Vid

Residents Legal Action Against Olympic Roof Missiles

Ratigan - Jamie Dimon Testimony Not Rough Enough - Vid


How Money Is Created, Part 1 - Vid

How Money Is Created, Part 2 - Vid

How Money Is Created, Part 3 - Vid

Parents - Why Are You NOT Doing Your Job?

OK Selected As Test Site For Unmanned Aircraft  

UFO Behind Wildfire-Fighting Helicopter - Vid

Food Sovereignty Activism Pays

Justice Roberts Attacks Unfounded & Wrong

Fukushima Radiation Monitor Spikes Twice After 5.2 Quake

What Is Being Demolished At Fukushima? - Vid

SFP 2 Cooling System Stops


Extreme Radiation At Reactor 1 Makes Work Nearly Impossible

Democrats Protest House Of Reps Contempt Charge Against Holder

Top Obama Lawyer Admits ObamaCare UnConstitutional?

Obamacare Ruling Paints Different Picture Of Health

Romney Collects $1M in 3 Hours, Vows To Repeal Obamacare

Lawyers For Ron Paul Expose Romney Fraud - Vid

RT On The Supreme Court ObamaCare Decision

McGrath - Is Collapse The Only Answer? - Vid

Dems Walk, Vote Goes Forward

FKN News - Kill 'Em All...It's War! - Vid

Relentless is as Relentless Does


Why is SOCOM Lying About Domestic Drone Activities?

Army's $5 Billion Failed Pixelated Uniform Scrapped

Americans Are Being Conditioned For Full Spectrum Tyranny

Cop Suspended For Investigating Elite Pedos

Alawi Republic Of Latakia Saves Syria

Jon Stewart On 'Fast & Furious' - Vid

MSM Pimps Ask - Is 'Fast & Furious' Investigation Racist?

BLM OKs Arsenic & Mercury But Kills Wild Horses

Why Gold Will Soar Again

The Scam Wall Street Learned From The Mafia

US Army Now Training On North St. Louis Streets

Texas College Hacks Government Drone

SWAT Tries To Take Down Internet Meanie, Gets Granny Instead

Facebook Changed Your Default Email w/o Your Consent

First Water On Mars, The Moon, Now Ocean On Saturn's Titan?

Chinese Space Crew Lands Safely

HCG Ultra Diet Drops - Do They Really Work?

William Shatner Drops His Pants For TSA At LAX

Jesus Christ In Richmond Park - Vid

Mutated Pests Adapt To GMO Crops In Disturbing Ways


World's First GMO Human Babies Born

GMO Farming & Glyphosate Are Major Water Polluters

Nature Trumps Monsanto: Rootworms Develop Tolerance

BPA Changes Behavior, Gene Expression For 4 Generations

The Elephant Whispereg...An Amazing Story

Solar Tornadoes - More Proof Of An Electro-Magnetic Universe?

Madison Rising Takes Anthem To New Heights - Vid

5.2 Quake Centered A Few Miles From Fukushima Plant

10 Sieverts/Hr At Top Of Water In Reactor 1 Flooded Room

Plutonium Levels Point To Shattered Fuel Rods In Explosions


TEPCO Implies Plenty Of Unreachable, Damaged Fuel In SFP 4

Japan Ignores Protests To Resume Nuclear Power

Residents Continue To Flee Fukushima, Tokyo, Too

Atty General Holder Held In Contempt Of Congress

Kirwan - Life Without Laws

Raapana - Final Balance Between Common Law & Law Of Nature

High Court Backs Obamacare, Leaves Public On Life-Support

ACU Chairman Cardenas Responds TO SCOTUS Ruling

Is There Still A Chance To Get Rid Of Obamacare?

Devvy - Supreme Court Ruling On Obamacare Is Insane


Socialist Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare As Constitutional

Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare

Obama Wins Health Care With Tax-A-Dope

Electoral Calculus Guarantees Obama Defeat In November

Obama Orders More And More Drone Murders

Colorado Horror - Fires Force 32,000 To Flee

US Tests Interceptor Missile Off Hawaii Coast

GOP Forcing Paul Supporters To Sign Romney Loyalty Oaths - Vid

Romney Seeks Retraction Of WaPo Outsourcing Story

Turkey Builds Military On Syrian Border

Saudi King Puts Military On High Alert


Mossad Kills Hamas Member In Syria

A Clean Break

Has Zionist 'Arab Spring' Spread To Sudan?

State Of War In Syria

Doors Left Unlocked At CDC BioLab Germ Lab 

Biden Declares 'It's A Depression' - Vid

Die Welt Compares Eurozone Crisis With Weimar Hyper-Inflation

Rise In German Jobless Equals More Gloom For Europe

Merkel Dismisses Spain And Italy Pleas For Aid

Banks Rigged Interest Rates - Greedy Crooks Made Fortunes  


Barclays Rate Rigging Shows 'Corruption At Heart Of Banking'

Time To Consider Locking Up The Bankers?

Big Companies Let Off By UK Taxman

Incredible 350 Foot Wiltshire Crop Circle - Photos

Pigs Regain Health After Going Back On GMO-Free Diet

Radiation 'Therapy' Can Make Cancers 30x More Malignant

Kite Surfer Over FL Pier During Tropical Storm Debby - Vid  

Miami Face-Eater Had Not Taken Bath Salts

TX Man On Synthetic Drug Kills, Eats Dog

Synthetic Drugs Leading To Violent Behavior - Vid


All In The Red - Challenging Student Debt

74% Pakistanis consider US an enemy country

Foreign forces stoke insecurity in Afghanistan: Iran

Commemorating Anti-Torture Day

Scientists Uncover New Tunguska Blast Evidence

100 Dead, 250,000 Stranded In Bangladesh Floods

Voyager 1 Poised To Enter Interstellar Space

1st Privately Funded Deep Space Mission Announced

How Ford Tries To Dial Back Driver Distractions

65% Think Obama Can Better Deal With ET Invasion


Reactor 4 Foundation Extremely Soft

Suppression Chamber 1 Broken, Flooded, Hotter Than PCV

Google Takes On Apple, Amazon With Nexus Tablet

Zionist Banksters Behind US Financial Meltdown - Analyst - Vid

Merkel Rules Out Eurobonds For 'As Long As I Live'


Federal Appeals Court Upholds EPA Carbon Endangerment

SCOTUS Obamacare Scandal - Was Kagan Involved?

Bank For International Settlements On Big Banks

Stockton, CA Bankruptcy Due To Garish Overspending

Girl Can Start Fire With Her Brain Mystifies Scientists - Vid

Gary Johnson - A Vote for Freedom Is Never Wasted - Vid

More Democrats Skulk Away From Unpopular Obama DNC

Illegals Could Received Free Organ Transplants

FBI Arrests 24 Hackers In Sting Operation

2009 Swine Flu 15 Times Deadlier Than Reported


Was The 1918 Flu Caused By Vaccine?

Barclays Fined $453m For Rigging Money Markets

Welfare Case Worker Reveals Truth Of Entitlement System

NutraSweet Makes You Fatter

Antioxidants Kill Cancer

Ending the Drug War Should Appeal To All

USDA Ends Funding For 'CWD' Deer Slaughter

Record Radiation Levels Found In Basement Of Reactor 1 - Vid

'You're Done, That's It' If SFP 4 Water Seal Leaks

Br Nathanael - Why Israel Is A Threat To World Peace - Vid


S Korea Bans 35 Japan Seafood Products Over Radiation Fear

Plutonium Found In Fish Off Fukushima (big surprise)

Wildfires Of Epic Proportions In Colorado

Fighting In Syrian Capitol As Turkey, NATO Threaten War

Syrian 'Rebels' Desecrate Christian Churches

Romney Ends Primary Season With Win In Utah

Did Rand Paul Even Read The GMO Label Amendment?

Kirwan - Where Do We Go from Here?

NASA Builds Zombie From Dead Satellites

Sauder - Of Meat Puppets & Biological Robots


Law Student Puts Cop In Place For Unlawful Gun Stop - Vid

Are Noctilucent Clouds Space Chemtrails?

Witness Tells Of UFOs After Titan II (Nuclear) Missile Explosion 

Tony Blair Says He'd Do The Same Thing Again!

Tarpley - Erdogan Continues Provocations Against Syria

Assad Declares Genuine 'State Of War'

Syria Can Only End Up As A World War - Vid

Turkey, Syria And Xymphora

Simulating An Iranian Attack On Israel - Why?  

Advancing The Ball For War On Syria


An Omen Of How Syrian Conflict Could Spread

Anti-Israel Aid Billboards Come Down In Los Angeles

G4S in Israel - The Soldiers Of Global Occupation 

Rabin Square, Tahrir Square

Iran Talks End - No Progress, More Sanctions & War Loom

Boland Amendment Redux

Devvy - Are Americans Really This Stupid?

Leaders Draft Federal Plan To Save Eurozone 

Kirwan - The Price Of Everything & The Value Of Nothing

Hatch-Rangel Survive Primary Challenges

Red Headed Step-Child

FL Judge Won't Stop Removal Of Non-Citizens From Voter Rolls

Major US Banks Are Curbing Loans

Empirical Proof Of Deflation 

Pentagon Observes LGBT Pride Month - Vid 

Branson - War On Drugs Biggest Failure In 40 Years

NATO Loses Plane Violating Syrian Airspace

Weird British Airways Commecial Says 'Don't Fly' - Vid

Footage Of Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs - Vid

Top DEA Agent Won't Admit Crack, Heroin Worse Than Pot


Small-Town Cops Load Up On Deadly MIlitary Gear 

Border Agents Taught To Flee & Hide When Confronted

FBI Tracking 100 Suspected Extremists In Military 

No HTTP Code For Censorship - Should There Be?

Demands On UFO Researchers By The Media & Groups

Rocks Reveal Water On Mars Ran Deep For BILLIONS Of Years

Famed SoCal Crystal Cathedral To Become Catholic Church

Baltimore To Sell Ad Space On Fire Engines

We Define The System, The System Doesn't Define Us - Vid

How To Clean The Inside Of The Body...Ayurveda - Vid


NYT - At Least Two Walls Of Reactor 4 Are Bulging, Tilting

TEPCO - Can't Order Workers To Stay At Plant If They Could Die

Insane Japanese To Burn Unprocessed Radioactive Waste

Collapse Of SFP 4 Would Be The End Of Japan

The Never Ending Lies From The Bastards Of TEPCO

Local Official - It's Better For You To Leave Fukushima

Japan Bird Assn Notes Huge Loss Of Birds - No Chirping

Seismologists Warn Japan Against Nuclear Restart

A Special Message For The New Age Prophets


History Of The US-Israel 'Relationship' - Part 1

Russia Halts Plan To Send S-300 Missiles To Syria

Syria - Furious Turkey Mobilizes Tanks & Troops At Border

Israeli Army Soldiers Accused Of Drug Running

New Cyber Weapons Launch Without Human Command

The New Gay Pride Oreo-Pentagon

In Obamas America

Checkpoint Of Future Takes Shape At TX Airport


Rash Of New Illegal Immigrant Abuse Lawsuits Expected

Of Royal Bondage And The Hierarchy Of Blood

Alaskan Arctic Oil Exploration Brings Noise To Whales

Superbug vs Monsanto - Nature Rebels Against GMO King

If Slaughter Houses Had Glass Walls...

Another Attack On The Second Amendment

US Banks, Corporations Wage War Against Working Class

Bank Robbers Should Become Bank Bosses, Skills Are The Same

Nervous Investors Fill Swiss Safes With Cash And Gold


Bi-Polar Disorder - Why Is It So Common?

DC-3 Passengers Observe Jetman In Full Flight - Vid

Quantum Researchers Able To Stop, Restart Light

Vitamin D Tests Can Predict Cancer

Your Right To Say NO To Vaccines

Fears Accompany Fukushima Fishermen

Man Inside 20km Zone Rejected As Radioactive By Family

Gulf Shrimp Widely Contaminated With BP Carcinogens

Déjà vu: Censoring Online Sites Critical Of Obama

SCOTUS Negates Romney Compact With Illegals


The American Dream Is Now A Myth - Stiglitz

Celente Launches 2nd American Revolution

Chiappalone - Highways To Hell - Part 2

Rense & Bill Puckett - UFO Hovers Over Gas Stn, Pt 1 - Vid

Rense & Bill Puckett - UFO Hovers Over Gas Stn, Pt 2 - Vid

US, Israel To Hold Biggest Joint Military Exercise

Social Justice Protests In Israel

Atzmon - On Choseness & Kosher Independence

Family Guy Offends Hollywood Jews - Vid

Syria Blamed For Turkish Provocation


Zionist Mercenaries Clash With Assad Guard

Turkey To Take Action Against Syria

India Allows Use Of Iran Ships For Oil Imports

First We Take Paraguay, Then We Take Bolivia

Egypt's Morsi To Pick Govt Of Technocrats

Fisk - Egypt Has No Constitution, Parliament Or Control

Muslim Brotherhood Win-Win For Obama-Clinton

Visible- The BP And Fukushima Nightmare Twins Do Lunch

Fraud Ring In Hacking Attack On 60 Banks

China In Talks With US Home Builder


EUSSR Drafts Federal End Game To Save Euro

EUSSR To Control Countries Budgets

Bank Bailout To Spark Fire Sale Of Corporate Spain

$80 Billion A Yr In Food Stamps - Purchases Kept Secret

Audit The Fed To Be Voted On Weds, June 27

Superbug vs Monsanto - Nature Rebels Against GMO King

Using The Trans-Pacific Partnership To Expand NAFTA

Transition Towns - Agenda 21 Comes To Life

'Astonishing' Cyber Espionage Threat From Foreign Govts

Assange...Hero On The Run


Electronics Go Dead Near Baltic Sea Object - Vid

Maury Island Puget Sound UFO Incident - Vid

Loyalty Cards Reveal Eating Habits Of 25 Million In US

Idiot TSA Agent Spills Dead Man's Ashes On Airport Floor

TSA Testing Scandal Uncovered At Philly Intl Airport

GMO Industry Make An End Run Around The Court

Travelers Run For Covers As Cops Kill Cops In Mexico

The Queen Gets Pay Raise Despite Recession

Reporter Infiltrates Security Firm To Expose Roth Olympics - Vid

Top Researcher Calls For New Scientific Probe Of UFOs

Hebonics Now A Second Language At NY Schools


Five Broken Cameras - Vid

Maine Prepares For Zombie Attack

Tinnitus - What Causes It, What Can Be Done?

Say No To Vaccines - Don't Risk Your Life

Magnesium Stearate - Dangerous Ingredient In Supplements

Ex Merck Scientists File Suit Against Merck

'Syria Stonehenge' - Mysterious Ruins May Be 10,000 Yrs Old

Large Dust Clouds Blowing Into Air In Bldg 4 Work - Vid

Japan Prof - Death May Pour Into Pacific For Many Years

First Fukushima Seafood Sold Since Nuke Meltdown

Tilted, Leaning Walls Found In Reactor 4 Building


Expert 'Can't Believe SFP 4 Will Survive Next Big Quake' - Vid

High Radiation Found In 13 Of 14 Tokyo Samples

Ron Paul Delegates Disqualified From The RNC? - Vid

Paul Supporter Attacked Trying To Return Stolen Ballots - Vid

Clinton & The UN Attack The Second Amendment

Obamacare - Supreme Court Decision Issues

Justice Scalia Blasts Obama's Deportation Stay

Obama Admin Ends States Right To Enforce Imm Laws

McGrath - Is A Freedom-Ending Debt Attack Days Away? - Vid

Zionist War Crimes Continue: Netanyahu Ready to Hit Gaza If Truce Broken


Daniel Barenboim - 'Germans Are Prisoners Of Their Past'

New Egypt Pres Calls For New 9/11 Probe

Iraq Orders Closure Of BBC, 43 Other Media Outlets

Moodys Cuts Ratings Of 28 Spanish Banks

Paraguay's President Ousted, Venezuela Stops Oil Supply

Social Networking & Electronic Games - Hollow Victories

Troops Train For Martial Law - MSM Covers It Up

Leading Warming Alarmists Declare It Is Over

Truth - Land Is Sinking, GW Sea Level Rise Is A Hoax

Shays Vs WWE's McMahon In CT US Senate Battle


Mysterious Baltic Sea Object Raises More Questions

Massive UFO/s Near ISS? - Vid

Guardianship Abuse - Woman Refuses To Be Bullied - Vid

Roche Pharmaceutical Ignores 80,000 Complaints, 15,000 Deaths

Americans Want Meat Raised Without Antibiotics

5 Foods For A High Protein Vegetarian Diet

Herbal Remedies For Headaches

LA Court Discriminates Against Independent Media - Vid

Einstein - The Amazing African Grey Parrot - Vid

Stunning Satellite Photos Show US As Never Before


Scientists Building Device To 'Hack' Into Hawking's Brain

Maine Prepares For Zombie Attack

Judge Orders Girl's Ponytail Cut Off in Court

Steel Support Under Reactor 4 Bldg Badly Damaged - Vid

Bulge In Reactor 4 Building 40% Bigger Than Thought

Radioactive Black Substance Is 'Everywhere In Tokyo Now' - Vid

Nuclear Shutdown Now Or Never

Signs Of Revived Volcanic Activity At El Hierro

Mitt Romney Weekend Away With 700 Rich Pals

Debate #2 - Romney vs Obama - Vid


Obama's War On Democracy

Is It Treason And Who Will Stop It?

Farage - The Whole Thing's A Giant Ponzi Scheme! - Vid

The Third Way

Tax-Letting: Wealthy Bleeding The Economy

Fiddling Sincerely While Rome Burns

Watergate To Fast And Furious

Putin To Israel For Iran And Syria Talks

Russia To Make 2nd Try To Deliver Helicopters To Syria

Hedges - Why We Fight


Footage Proves Turkish Jet Violated Syrian Airspace - Vid

War Of Words Over Turkish Aircraft Incident

33 Syria Military Defect To Turkey

Netanyahu Threatens Hamas

Israel To Demolish Solar Energy Panels For Palestinians

Egypt And Iran - An Alliance Is Born

Military Suicides Result Of Multiple Deployments, Poor Care

Carter Savages US Foreign Policy Over Drone Strikes

No, You Can't Use A Drone to Spy On Your Neighbor

Save Money By Killing People


Brit TV Star - Americans Are 'Dangerously Uninformed'

Boeing, Gulfstream, NASA To Create Successor To Concorde

Robert Hastings Urges New Scientific Study Of UFOs

GeoEngineering Could Turn Skies White

The Truth Behind The Energy Lie - Vid

FL Issues State Of Emergency For Trop Storm Debby

Rio+20 Prince Charles In Climate Change Warning - Vid

Globalists Blame 2008 Crisis Used For One World Currency

OR Officials Use Fear To Force Parents To Vax Kids

Scientists, Govts, Private Industry Conspire To Fool World


Australia - Mystery Turtle Deaths Stump Scientists

Major Fish Die-Off In India River

Angelina Jolie Talks To Madonna - Vid

The Statue Of Liberty Smiles At Americans

Fukushima Worker - The Plant Could Go 'At Any Minute'

Tearful Fukushima Resident - 'What Has Happened To Us?' - Vid

Cesium In Rice 1,000x Higher - 1 Million Live With High Radiation

Cesium 137 Found In Virginia Rain - Vid

Supremes Strike Down Part of AZ Immigration Law - Vid

SCOTUS Bans Mandatory Life Sentences For Young Killers


Ex Star Wars Chief Says Cheney Is 911 Prime Suspect

CNBC Admits We Are Slaves To The Central Bankers - Vid

Obama Using Prisons To Bolster 'Green' Agenda

Astronomical Tax Dollars For War And Surveillance - Vid

Comprehensive List Of 'FEMA Camps'

UN Gets Pledges Of $513b For A-21 Sustainable Development

Israel To Put African Immigrants In Concentration Camps

Islamist Morsi Named Egypt's President

GMO Mosquitoes Released Into The Wild

Florida Hopes To Fill Its Skies With Drones


Kirwan - Prohibition...Our Real Founding Document

Do You Lose Free Speech Rights If You Speak Via Computer?

Maxine Waters To TEA Party - 'Lets Get It On'

The Campaign To Fluoridate America

Rove Lies On Fox News About Siegelman Case

The Moment Of Truth

New World Order Blueprint Leaked

UN Climate 'Science' Awash In Grey Lies

Germany's Expensive Experiment In Green Energy

The Suppressed Works Of Wilhelm Reich

Owner Of SWAT Destroyed Home Has To Pay For Damage - Vid

Is Hemp The Answer To The Global Food Crisis?

BLM Tries 'Backdoor' Wild Horse Roundup

Border Patrol Stops Ex AZ Gov For Radiation Risk

Mexico - 14 Mutilated Bodies Dumped At Supermarket

US Govt Funding Tesla Wireless Energy For UN Control

Brir Heath Services Euthanizes 130,000 People Per Year

Brit Says Beating Cancer With Dairy-Free Tumeric Diet

Pineal Gland - Biggest Physical Coverup In Human History?

Giant Crystal Pyramid Discovered In Bermuda Triangle


Is BPA Replacement Worse???

6 Foods To Increase Brain Power

A.C. Griffith, Internet Activist And Researcher

LA Times - Japan To Restart Reactors Despite Mass Protests

Japanese Outrage Over Restart Of Nuclear Plants Soaring

27,000 Bq/Kg in Kawasaki, 240 km from Fukushima

The Final Battle Of The Iron Age

Radioactive Crawfish Brought Into Kids Classrooms

Fukushima Seafood Back In Stores Next Week...Minimal Testing

Large Portion Of Reactor 4 Top Floor Has Been Removed - Vid


85 Micro Sieverts/hr In Mud In Fukushima City - Vid

Judge Napolitano On Obama Executive Privilege - Vid  

Napolitano - Can Obama Rewrite Federal Law?  

Obama - The Ultimate Manchurian Candidate

MO Of The Manchurian Candidate Obama

US, Japan Begin Naval Drills Near China

Syria Nabs 40 Germans For Arms Smuggling 

Syria 'Rebels' Accused Of Massacring 25 In Village

Brit Media, NATO, UN Hype Turkish Jet Shootdown

Tel Aviv Rally Against Police Brutality Turns Violent


'Strings' Of US Military Yanked By Israel

Muslims Reinforce Jewish Criminal Class As Religion - Vid

Destroying Susiya Village To Save It

American-Backed Putsch In Paraguay

JFK Terminal Evac...TSA Metal Detector Was Unplugged

Corp Profits Hit All-Time High, Wages All-Time Low 

Heading For Economic Collapse

Herman Cain - Blame Congress, Not The Fed - Vid

Christ Turns ‘Green’ At UN Earth Summit - Literally 

EU Should Undermine National Homogeneity - UN


US Middle Age Unemployment Rate Unprecedented

'US To Fall Off Fiscal Cliff' Warns Joseph Stiglitz

Eurozone Nations Stuck In A 'Doom Loop'

Ex Russia Finance Chief Predicts Eurozone Collapse  

Russia Shifts From Resource Nationalism To Globalism

Sky-High & Abyss-Deep - China Double Record-Breaker

Cameron Rips Brits While Mounting Own Mass Fraud 

Congressmen Trade In Same Companies They Make Laws For

Polis Questions DEA On Marijuana Policy - Vid

EU Should Undermine National Homogeneity - UN


Drone Future - Supersonic Robot Bug Swarms - Vid

CBS Reports GMO Grass Produces Cyanide, Kills Cattle

Examiner Reports Cyanide Grass Is A Hybrid, NOT GMO

Governor Jindal - Is Gulf Seafood Safe?

Martial Law Training in St. Louis

Zombie Apocalypse Training As Zombie-Like Attacks Increase

Living In Fear Is Worse Than Losing Freedom

Breivik Violence Not Common Sign Of Mental Illness - Vid

Breivik - Lone Nut Or Sane, Connected Militant?

Muslims Reinforcing A Jewish Criminal Class As Religion


Déjà Vu And Parallel Universes - Vid

Was Father Justified In KiIling Daughter's Alleged Abuser?

Brit School Calls Police On 'Study Obsessed' A-Student

Latest On Massive Protests At Japan PM Residence - Vid

Why Julian Assange's Ecuador Move Is Brilliant

Washington Vile Hypocrisy Over Russian Arms In Syria

Brit Media Confused Over Turkish Jet Shootdown

Cries Of Coverup In Possible Vote On AG Holder

Iceland Indicts Former Prime Minister & Arrests Bankers - Vid

Judge Napolitano On The Constitution - Vid


Congress Allows Monsanto To Continue Polluting

Are US Drone Strikes War Crimes?

IRS Snitching Drops Due To Whistleblower Payoff Delays

Don't Look For Answers...Find The Questions

Katrina Housing Reconstruction Nightmare Continues - Vid

Gen X Took Biggest Hit In Financial Downturn

Seattle Police Delete 100,000 Dash Cam Videos

AMA Recommends Market Safety Testing of GMOs

Know The Truth About Government Health Care Bill - Vid

Medical Marijuana May Be Good For Osteoporosis


The Science Behind The Knuckleball - Vid

Scientist - Fukushima Spent Fuel May Be Damaged (gosh) - Vid

Tsunami Debris Common Sight On Many BC Beaches

Shoes From Japan Tsunami On Washington Beaches

House Could Send Holder To Jail 

Sandusky's Work Release Program Announced

BBC Apologizes For David Icke 'Planet Zog’ Jibe

David Icke Tells It Like It Is On The BBC

Outstanding Interview With David Icke - Vid

Ankara Vows 'Necessary Action' After Jet Shot Down


Gul’s Goal - Turkish F-4 Downed By Syria

Tarpley - NATO Is Arming al-Qaeda Death Squads In Syria

Gulf Of Tonkin Redux?

Zionists Fund Mercenaries In Syria Thru Saudis

Russia Rejects Setting Iran Nuclear Deadline

Japan Mitsubishi Corp Renews Oil Deal With Iran

British Complicity In The Iranian Holocaust?

Israel Bombs Gaza Again...And Again

Israel Reneges On Hunger Striker Deal

Devvy - No Latino Issues For Any Presidential Candidate


Cold War Politics Replay

Kirwan - Presumptions Of Privacy

US Gives Classified Tesla Technology To The UN

Booming Iceland Makes 2nd Early Loan Repayment To IMF

British Bank Breakdown Causes Chaos

Drockton - Stock Market ALWAYS Corrects To Value  

BoA Fined $2.8 Million For Overbilling 95,000 Accounts

St. Louis Police Warn Public Of Military On The Streets

Lovelock, Warming Godfath, Now Calls It 'Drivel' & Hysteria 

India Orders GMO Food Labeling As Of Jan 2013

Roll 300 Heads Save Pakistan - Part 2


The Losses Of 9/11

N England Gets Month Of Rain In 24 Hours

Bird Flu Virus 3 Mutations From Mass Human Pandemic

It's An Electric Universe After All

Alien-Like SeaOrbiter...High-Tech Underwater Wonder - Vid

Fake Meat - Sciene Fiction Becoming Fact

Hated Cockroach Essential To Planet Ecosystem

Chile Aeronautical Administration Launches UFO Website

The Great Alien Hoax And The UFO Community

Duke University Creates 50,000 Megapixel Camera


Edano, Hosono Comment On Huge Protest At PM Residencel - Vid

45,000 'Ordinary' Japanese Protest Nuke Power Plant Restart

New TEPCO SFP 4 Cover Can Only Take 56 mph Wind

Migrating Tuna Accumulating More And More Cesium

Lithuanian Fools Signs With Hitachi For New Nuclear Plant

Sandusky Guilty On 45 Out Of 48 Countsl - Vid

Fast Sandusky Trial, Verdict To Cover Huge Pedo Ring?

Obama Wants Your Wedding, Anniv And Birthday Gifts

Vile Senate Won't Let States Require GMO Labeling

The World Is Choking On Cartoonish Hypocrisy

NASA Now Says Moon Crater Holds TONS Of Ice


WY Senate Candidate - 'Criminals Are Running The Country'

Iran Says New Massive Cyber Attack On Its Nuke Facilities

Syrian 'Rebel' Terrorists Massacre 25 Villagers

Armed Rebel Gangs Hamper Rescue in Syria

At Least 39 Somalies Slaughtered By CIA Drones

White House Rejects Requests For Obama 'Kill Lists'

Urgent New Warning About Cell Phones & Brain Cancerl - Vid

30 Trillion Tons Of Toxic Liquid Injected Into Earth Ground Water

Women Protest & Reject UN Agenda 21 Conference in Rio

Social Security In America - Writing Off The Elderly


CA Gov Brown Smacked Down On Enviro Exemptions

The Vietnam War And The Struggle For Truth

Strange, Bizarre Anti-White Video Campaign

Rumblings Under Fukshima On 3-14-11 Caused By Melt-Throughs

Fukushima Hospitals In Crisis From Radiation Fears

TV Tubes Could Help Contain Fukushima Radiation

TEPCO Nuke Disaster Report Called 'Sloppy' And 'False'

Countries That Tested Nukes, Where's The Radiation Now?

Who IS This Guy? Rand Paul Votes NO On GMO Labeling

Br Nathanael - The Futility Of American Elections


Bernie Sanders Blasts The Farm Billl - Vid

Romney - Discussing Recovery Will Hurt My Election Chances

Obama Moves To Block Drone Kill Files

Fast And Furious Turns Into Obama's Watergate

What If The Martin Gun Had Been From Fast & Furious?

Stewart Slams Dem Hypocrisy Over Obama Exec Privilege - Vid

Student Bullying Of Bus Monitor Causes Outrage - Vid

America - Drugged Up, Dumbed Down & Crazy Dangerous

Bogus Police Warning For Olympics

Thousands Of Starving Greeks Line Up For Food 


McGrath - Bank Downgrade To Plant Fear And Panic - Vid

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Senator Specifies No Content in Form Response Letter 

UK Now Testing Drones In Civilian Airspace

New Computer Virus Steals, Emails Blueprints To China

US Special Forces ‘Floating Base’ To Persian Gulf

Turkey - 'Understood Syria Shot Down Turkish Jet Fighter'

CIA Secretly Operates On Syrian Border, Supplies 'Rebels'

Russia Rejects Schemes To Oust Assad

Saudi Arabia Plans To Fund Syria 'Rebels'


Israel Waging Proxy War On Syria

CIA Arming Syrian Insurgents

USA And Israel Extortion Of Croatia

Western Hypocrisy On Iran Nuclear Rights

Iran Looking for Dragons in Caspian Sea

Iran - Terrorists Arrested, Hopes Renew

Fallujah Hospital Of Horrors - Courtesy US DU

H5N1 Could Learn To Pass From Human-To-Human

Bo Xilai Wife 'Confesses' To Neil Heywood Killing

N Korean Film Exposes Western Propaganda - Vid


Ed Milliband And His Phony Populism  

They Start to Talk About The Role Of The Jews - Vid

New Jewish Home For Afrikaners - Vid

ACTA Rejected By EU Committee 

Krugman Alien Invasion Defense Idea To Save Economy

Martin - Watergate Lies Multiplied...

Washington's Cyber Wars At Home And Abroad

The Importance Of Selfless Networking

The Spreading Crisis - Telling The Facts, Naming Names

How History's Greatest Inventions Really Happened

Mysterious Baltic Sea Object Raises More Questions - Vid

Infrared Cam See Two UFOs Near Shenzhou-9 Spacecraft 

When My Crazy Father Actually Lost His Mind

Arkansas High Court Rules Execution Unconstitutional

Robots Enter The Job Market

Lyme - Multiple Co-Infection Symptoms Often Complicate 

Scientists ADMIT Creating Dangerous Bird Flu

Easter Island Statues...New Theory - Vid

Subatomic Particles' 'Misbehavior' Pokes Holes In Reigni


Voyager 1 At The Final Frontier - NASA Science

Japanese Researchers Grow Liver Using Stem Cells - Vid

Some Foods And Spices Slow, Perhaps Reverse Alzheimers

Nine Healing Herbs You Can Grow At Home

What Happened To Reactor 4 Since May 2012? - Vid

What Caused Radiation Spike In Reactor 3?

'We Still Don't know What Happened To Cores 1, 2 & 3'

Removing Reactor 4 Fuel Rods To Start Early, Building Buckling

Wrecked Fukushima Plant Degrading - TAPE Used On #3 Gas Leak

Ron Paul, MIllionaire, Is On Social Security

Obama Executive Privilege Only Applies If Obama Involved - Vid


Kirwan - No President Has The Right

Senate Passes Farm Bill, Goes To House

Russian Ship Bound For Syria Carried 3 Old Helicopters

A-21 - Banks Commit $175b To Thwart GW From Transportation

Kirwan - Oracles From History II

Kirwan - Oracles From History I

15 Big Banks Downgraded By Moodys

Proof Cameron Lied Over Oil Find In The Falklands

World Markets Drop Despite Bernanke 'Twist' Stimulus

Huge Profits & Lobby Spending By Privatly-Owned Prisons


Salbuci - Revealing Antarctic Mysteries

USS Liberty Survivor Email To Aide About Sen McCain 'Jerk' Remark

DoD Developing Mosquitoe-Size Drones

NH Passes First State-Wide Fluoride Warning Law

Huntsman Corp - BPA & The Molecular Vision Of Life

Jurors Waking Up To Jury Nullification In Drug Cases

Uruguay Could Become First Govt To Sell Marijuana

Watch TSA Nude Body Scanners Get Defeated - Vid

Lawyer & Wife Plant Evidence In Teacher's Car

Top 5 Toxic Cleaning Products & Natural Alternatives


Turmeric & Curcumin Prevent Chronic Disease

Natural Energy Boosters To Amp Up Your Day

NYT Rips TEPCO For Exonerating Itself

As Tsunami Debris Crosses Pacific, Dangers Emerge

Drone Nation - Rise Of The Unmanned Aerial Machines

Iran Increases Naval Defenses

Staged Media Coverage In Syria

EXTENSIVE Water Found Inside Mars

Mission To Mars - The Radiation Problem

The Acxiom Corp Knows Everything About You


Ron Paul Attys Call For Mutiny To Strip Romney Of Delegates

Capitol Hill Blue Site Offers Public Apology To Ron Paul 

Sen. Candidate Connie Mack (R-FL) Accused Of Making Threats

Assange - Patsy Or Fool?

Zimmerman Enactment Tapes Helping Defense

Zombie America - Man Attacks, Bites Off Part Of Arm

Manufacturing, Jobs Reports Add Up to More Bad News

New NSA Docs Contradict 9/11 Claims

9/11 – Then As A Farce

AMA Says GMO Food Labeling Not Needed 

USDA Admits Exterminating Birds, Crops, And Bees

Bee Die-Offs A Growing Crisis - EPA Must Act Now


Hovde Campaign Challenges Arianna Huffington

ACU Launches CPAC Colorado

Genetic Engineers Blast GM Crops

High Court Throws Out FCC Indecency Policy

Summer Solstice - Why The Days Will Shorten Now - Vid

People, Zoo Animals Flee Minnesota City Flooding

NASA Plans For Large Scale Power Grid Failure

The Framing & Coverup In The Schapelle Corby Case

EveryMe - The Social Network For Privacy Fans 

English Football Fans Rip BBC 'Anti-Semitic' Ukraine Hysteria


Sweden On Nuke Alert...Explosive Found At Plant

Putin To Attend Rothschild Olympics As 'Private Spectator'

Jogging In Forest Twice As Good As Trip To Gym  

Gastric Bypass Surgery - Dangerous Weight Loss Technique

Survival - How To Turn Your Truck Into A Generator

Two Exoplanets Found In Extremely Close Proximity

Cameron Considered Using Military To Grab Russian ship

Zionists Offer Assad ‘Gadhafi’ Immunity Trap

CIA Arms 'Rebel' Killers In Syria

Syrian Armed Groups Threaten To Kill Civilians To Push Out Army


UN Monitors In Syria Spy For Washington

Iran 'Enriched Uranium At A Faster Pace' -  Zioloon ISIS

Israel Declared An Apartheid State

UK Blames Palestinians For Israeli Crimes

Karzai $3b Oil Deal For Drug Trafficking Cousin?

Pakistan PM Nominee Arrest Ordered

Libya Tribal Wars - Hundreds Killed, Wounded In Week

Security Giant G4S Predicts Mass UK Police Privatization

G4S Part Of The Israeli Occupation Industry

How G4S Is 'Securing Your World'


Trayvon Martin Case Police Chief Sacked

'Joe The Plumber' Ties Holocaust To Gun Control

Is Pot Prohibition Ending In The US?

Struggling On Empty Stomachs For Justice

Japan Tsunami Debris 'House' Washes Up In Washington

WA State Governor Announces Tsunami Litter Plan

More Reports Emerge Of Fukushima Coverups

Reactor 3 MOX Fuel Particles Blown Supersonically In Big Blast

Japan Suicides Surge In Wake Of Fukushima Catastrophe - Vid

McGrath - Financial Death Of America...More Crisis Ahead - Vid

Mitt Romney 'Thoroughly Vetting' Marco Rubio


McCain Confronted On USS Liberty Coverup - Vid

Canada Tosses Internet Hate Speech Law

Arundhati Roy On Obama's War - Vid

Greeks Queue for Food Handouts - Vid

America Is Greece On Steroids

China's First Manned Space Docking - Vid

Sen. Bernie Sanders - Label All Genetically Modified Food

Monsanto-Funded 'Science' Denies Roundup-Cancer Link

Who Appointed The Cartoonish Elites As Gods?

CA - Constitutional Sheriffs On Public Land Closure


Wood County Ohio Sheriff Pressured To Stop NDAA

Selling Used IPod May Be Criminal Depending On SCOTUS

Gates Funds Bracelets That Can Monitor Students

Pesticides Hit Bumblebee Reproduction

Police State Checkpoint Nullification In PA - Vid

Mobile Authority Resistance Van (MARV) Is Up For Raffle

Young Households Got Crushed During Recession

Will Toledo Be First Major US City Owned By China?

60 Dams In Brazil's Amazon Forest?

UN Official - 'West Doesn't Need More Cars, More TV, Etc'


90 Million Workers Won't Be Needed By 2020 - Study

Jeff Rense - How A Plant Defeated Cancer Pt 1 - Vid

Abusive Cop Tasers Domestic Abuse Victim - Vid

Research Shows How To Prevent Pancreatic Cancer

Baby Soap Causing Babies To Test Positive For Pot

Robot Boats To Sail Into Tropical Storms, Improve Forecasts

Major Concession On New Supplement Guidance

WWII Vet Warren Renn Bodeker Needs Your Help

New TEPCO Report Describes Reactor 4 Explosion

TEPCO Says Unknown How Much Radiation Has Been Released


Rand Paul Backing Away From Dumb Romney Endorsement

Rand Paul Rips Romney

Ron Paul - Romney Doesn't Have Hearts & Minds Of The People

Obama Drone Death Figures Dont Add Up

Assange To Seek Asylum In Ecuador

Oz Betrays Its Own Citizen Journalist Assange

Man Calls JPM CEO Jamie Dimon A Crook To His Face - Vid

Immigration Hurts American Employment

'Made In The USA' Label Will Disappear If WTO Succeeds

Power Brokers Meet At Private Renaissance Weekend


Devvy - End The Violence, Legalize All Drugs...A Pipe Dream

White House Nervous Over Sinclair News

Checkmate - Executive Privilege!

FBI Wants To Ban New Internet Protocol

Globalists Switching Gear - CO2 Not Affecting Earth Temps

Religious Tax Breaks Cost America $71 Billion A Year

CIA Everygreen Airline - Dropping Poison On Us All

The Saturn Myth

Chiappalone - Why Your Religion Is Killing You

Not HIS Image


British Firm Offers Moon Trips On Soviet-Era Spacecraft

The Moon's Peculiar Dust Gets More Peculiar Still

Why Your Coffee Isn't Tasting As Good Lately

House Panel Recommends Holder Contempt Citation - Vid

Fed Ramps Up Economic Stimulus...More To Come - Vid

DHS Underrates Risks To National Bio, Agro-Defense Facility

DHS To Seize A Dinosaur

Putin - Syrian People Must Decide Their Own Leadership

The Putin-Obama Talks

Mubarak 'Close To Death'...Suffers Stroke In Prison


Egyptian Rivals Unite To Confront The Military

Israel Plans Artificial Islands

Palestinian Footballer Wins Release

Weldon Vs Mack - Vid

The Department Of Injustice

Kyle Downey Named GOP Press Secretary

The Agony Of Bankster Controlled Athens

How The Globalists Stole The Greek Election

Greece - What Can be Done?

Dithering Europe Heading To Democratic Dark Ages


Ashton Spokesman Said A US Psy War Expert

Women Singled Out For UK Airport Strip Searches

Olympic Sponsor Adidas Scraps 'Slave Shoes'

Perils Of Half-Baked Rescue For Spain And Italy

Jamie Dimon Has Exposed A Huge Global Loophole

Underwater Photos - Europe And US Gap Is Widening - Vid

NASA Orbiter Discovers Even MORE Water (Ice) On Moon

Smartphones - Overuse Causing New Health Crises

Behind The GM Wheat Trial

Cameron Caught On The Wrong Foot By Argentine President


Gunderson - Hot Particles & Measuring Radioactivity - Vid

180,000 Bq/m3 Tritium In Groundwater Of Fukushima Plant Area

Fukushima Worker - 'Soon Nobody Can Get Close To Areva Facility'

Is Rand Paul Backtracking On Romney?

Ron Paul CNN Interview 6-19-12 - Vid

The Manufacturing Of A President

The Jamie Dimon Show - Politicians Pretend To Care

Russian Ship Allegedly With Attack Copters Turns For Home - Vid

More From A DHS Insider On The State Of America

City Dwellers Show Roundup In Urine Tests


USDA OKs Useless GM Corn

Flame Cyber Virus Exposed As US, Israeli Invention

Tourism In Israel - Settlements Practice Shooting Palestinians

Pike - Is The 'Rapture' Biblical?

Strange - Another On-Air Announcer Talks Gibberish Live - Vid

Which CNN Reporter Spoke About The Armenian Massacre?

Fraudulent Normalization Of Chemtrails Continues

Human Metabolism Meets Cosmic Metabolism - Vid

Major Fish Die-Off At Nebraska Sutherland Reservoir

Naked Mom Found Eating Ice Cream After Car Wreck


Environmentalists Upset With 'Weak' Rio + 20 Agenda 21 Text

'Dirty Dozen' List Of Insecticide Contaminated Crops

Six Easy To Avoid Health Hazards In Your Home

Not All Chocolate Is Created Equal

Fukushima Fishing Industry To Start Up Again 

Popular Vegetable Juice Shows Radioactive Cesium 137

Falun Gong Attacked In SF China Town - Vid

The Betrayal Of The American Dream

UK Protesters To Face Roths Olympic Corporate

Woman Accused Of Groping TSA Agent 


Third Grader Strip-Searched After Accused Of Stealing

Br Nathanael - Who Will Lead After Ron Paul? - Vid

The US Military - Death Merchants Of The NWO

CA Bar - Illegal Immigrant Should Get Law License 

Bachelor's Degrees - Have They Lost Their Value?

Rural Women March In Rio To Protest 'Green Capitalism'

Typhoon Hits Japan - City Near Fukushima Evacuated - Vid

Plutonium MOX Fuel Went Up In Reactor 3 Mushroom Cloud

Black Smoke Fell For Hours After MOX Reactor 3 Exploded

A Never-Ending Fire Of Death If SFP 4 Collapses


Was Ron Paul Sold Out? - Vid 

Henry Kissinger Headlines Romney Fundraiser 

Can The 'Fix' Be More Blatant? Kissinger & Romney

Fraud At The Polls

'380 Americans Killed' A LIE - MI Blast & Radiation Pt 1 - Vid

NSA - It Would Violate Your Privacy To Say We Spied On You

Celente - Rotary Censors The Trends Journal

Govt Freaks Forcing Preppers To Go Back On The Grid

Agenda 21...How Will It Affect You? - Vid

Chemical Countdown - Israel vs Syria


Israeli Turned Palestinian Activist

The Egypt Revolution Has Been Crushed

US Invites Mexico To Join Trans-Pac Partnership 

Govt Freaks Forcing Preppers To Go Back On The Grid

Report - Prepper Contacted By NatGeo For Prepper Show

The Osama Bin Laden Staged Media Psy Op Mind Control Op

Silent Spring For Us?

Mobile Devices - Craving, Addictive, Changing Personalities

How They WILL Steal Your Pension  

Judicial Watch Sues ATF For Fast & Furious Records


WTO Seeks To Eliminate 'Made In The USA'

Western Intel Feeding Information To Syrian 'Rebels' 

10 Things Will Happen If Obama Continues Immigration

Google Is Evil 

Iceland Economy Grows Fastest Since Crash

Net Worth Implosion - It's Not Just Housing

Media Storm Over Russian Ships 'Bound For Syria'

Russia To Send Marines To Naval Base In Syria

West Takes Step Closer To War On Syria 

Secret US-Israeli Plan Is To Break Syria Into Pieces


Syria 'Rebels' Getting Weapons From Israel

Kirwan - 800 MILLION At WAR

Israel Kills Four More Palestinians

Israeli 'Settlers' Set Fire To Mosque In West Bank

Israel Deploys Tanks Along Egyptian Frontier

Muslim Brotherhood Election Win Sets Up Fight

US Recognizes Iran Right To Peaceful Nuclear Energy

Kirwan - Death Directs This Dance

Greek Rage To Force Bailout Changes

Banksters Running Out Of Rabbits In Hats - Roubini


Barroso Blames Eurozone Crisis On US Banks

46 Million Americans Have No Health Insurance

Family Of Rodney King Suspect Foul Play

UK Schools Praised For Labeling 4 Yr Olds 'Transgender'

Facebook To Buy Face Recognition (Face.com) Company

Warming Guru Lovelock Wants To Put All Sheeple In Cities

Stunning Mushroom Cloud Over Beijing - Residents See 'Omen'

Coca-Cola CEO Denies Blame For US Obesity

Middle School Boys Masturbating Watching Porn In Class

Japan Typhoon 330 Miles Diameter...52' Tall Storm Surges


Br Nathanael - MSM - Corporate-Owned Or Jewish-Owned?

San Onofre Could Become CA Fukushima

McGrath - This Will Usher In Collapse - Vid

Russian Warships Ready To Sail For Syria

Iran, Russia, China, Syria In Biggest Mideast War Game

The Experiment Has Failed. Are You Ready?

1,000s Of Military Drones To Be Deployed Over US Mainland

The Mysterious Case Of The Vanishing Genius

PA Activists Nullify Unconstitutional Checkpoints - Vid

Blue Chip Group Rejects Official 9/11 WTC Reports

Sauder - We Are Now In The 300 Day Trial Of America


Kirwan - What Happened To The Promise?

Hello, Is Anybody Out There?

'Hellish Nightmare World' After 10 Yrs Of Playing One Vid Game

Prince Charles Whines About Climate, Pushes Agenda 21

Rio + 20 Agenda 21 Sustainable Development Meeting

A Deeper Look At Sci-Fi Propaganda

Baltic Sea UFO Mystery Deepens With Dive - Vid

New Ticks Spread Across Southeast, Diseases Rise

Tick Bite Sends VA Man To Hospital After Steak Dinner

Japan May Absorb Iranian Oil Tanker Insurance


Crushing Life-Destroying Stress Skyrockets Since 1983

143 Delegates Have Joined Lawsuit Against GOP

Egypt's President Undecided, Military Still In Control

New Adidas Shoes Have Orange Shackles Live Slave Wore

Gunderson, Others Blast Future Of Nuclear Power

Reactor 2 Hydrogen Spikes 2.5 Times In Four Days

Strong Unusual June Typhoon Aims At Fukushima Area

Fault Lies Beneath Nuke Plant To Be Restarted

Anti-Nuke Protest At Rothschild Muppet PM Noda Tokyo HQ

Japan Reactor Restart Protests In Europe, America, Asia


6 Million Sign Anti-Nuke Petition - Vid

David Duke - The Racist Hypocrisy Of Israel And World Zionism - Vid

Secret EU Doc Shows First Step To Banking Union

Greece Is Still Doomed...So Is The Rest Of Europe

Divided Greece 'Risks Social Explosion'

Brits Stop Russian Ship Carrying Attack Copters For Syria

World War III On Syria...The Slide Into War - Vid

Washington Arming Syrian Insurgents

Netanyahu Strikes Africans

Israel Demands Minute Silence At Rothschild Olympics


Israeli Air Strike Kills Two Palestinians In Gaza

Confirmed - Why Ron Paul Will Not Endorse Mitt Romney - Vid

Obama Ex Professor - President 'Must Be Defeated'

Obama Attys Argue He's Not Democrat Nominee

Presidential Debates #1 - Obama vs Romney - Vid

Atzmon - On BDS & 'Integrity' - Vid

Google Reports 'Alarming' Rise In Censorship By Govts

Lockheed Mystery Drone In Satellite Photo

Adelson's Election Donations, Pledges Total $71 Million

Dr. David R. Hawkins - Mystic & Spirituality Consciousness


Rothschild Gold Fixers, Dubai & The Annunaki

The Trans-Atlantic Partrnership Agreement

List Of Foreign-Trade Zones By State

Young Illegal Amnesty Will Impact Jobs, College

Eugenics - Toxic Meat Glue Of The Elite Agenda

The Empty Suit?

Pike - Is 'Christian Identity' True?

Where Is Class Consciousness?

A Whole New Version Of The Internet Is Coming

Pentagon Builds Megadrone Surveillance Craft - Vid


Are Stars Celestial Water Springs?

The Forbidden History Of Unpopular People - Vid

Executive Pay Is Still Climbing Despite Crisis

Police Openly Hunt For Citizen Journalists - Vid

TSA To Fire 7 Philly Workers After Bribery Probe

'You Cannot Say Cell Phones Are Dangerous' - Vid

MN Man Brutalized By SWAT For Talking Loud On Cell Phone

Top Ten Drone Stories Of 2011

Woman Sues Tulsa For Cutting Her Edible Garden - Vid

Lifespan-Crushing Stress Levels Soar Since 1983


Lack Of Hygiene Top Cause Of Disease Transmission

A Virus Called Fear - Vid

UV Index - Extremely High Readings

Fat People Threaten World Food Security

'Useless Eaters' Getting Too Fat For The Planet

Scientists Predict Time Will Stop Completely

Palestinian Footballer Near Death

Nobel Winner - Nuclear Power Must Go To Preserve Human Life

A Day In The Life Of A Fukushima Researcher

Pro-Austerity Party Wins Greek Elections


Greek Voters Decide To Accept Austerity

Obama Is The Biggest Govt Spender In World History

Obama Tied To Architect Of US Collapse

Massive Israeli Zionist Manipulation Of US Media Exposed

US Invasion Of Syria...Not If But When

UK Government And Media Promote Terrorism In Syria

1,000s March In NY Over New 'Stop And Frisk' Policy

Raapana - Final Balance Between Common Law & Law Of Nature

Secret Air Force Space Plane, X-37B, Lands After 15 Mos

Underground Tunnels, Cities And Civilization - Vid


Rense & Larry Weaver - USS Liberty Survivor Talks - Vid

Rense & Larry Weaver - USS Liberty Survivor Talks, Pt 2 - Vid

Canada Installs Mics, Cams To Record Airport Traveler Talk

FBI Files On Physicist Feynman Released

Controversial Artifacts No One Wants To Examine

Mysterious Sink Holes In Russian Forests

OFID Awards Palestinian Ex-Detainees...Where's The Money?

Rodney King Of The LA Riots Dead At 47

China - Police Force Mother To Abort 7-Month Old Fetus

Prison Profits - Teens Jailed For Sex & Tardiness


UN 30-Day Conference On International Gun Control

$91 Million Renewable Energy Credit Scam

4 Natural Treatments For Rheumatoid Arthritis


Fukushima Near Center Of Super Typhoon Storm Track

Class 4 Super Typhoon Moves Toward Japan - Vid

Algae Is Bio-Concentrating Radioactive Material In Japan Cities

Diluted Black Substance Still As High As 5,000,000 Bq/kg

Serious Radioactive Hotspots In City Up To 300,000 Bq/kg

Br. Nathanael - Barbecue For Ron Paul Supporters?...(It's Over)


Massive Israeli Zionist Manipulation Of US Media Exposed

Encore - Flip Side Of Ron Paul For President

Ron Paul...Reclaim Your Mind - Vid

US To Forcibly Stop Ship Carrying Russian Attack Copters

Debka Says Russians Sending Fleet Of Warships To Syria

Prime Culprit Behind Syria Bombings Said Killed

Israeli Tanks, Bulldozers Attack Central Gaza Strip

Obama Honors Israel Thermonuclear Bomb

Prominent Israeli Rabbi Rejects African Workers


Atzmon - The Palestinian Kosher Place

The Truth About Israel In France

Saudi Arabia Aims At 10 Billion Tank Deal With Germany 

Washington's Imperial Brinksmanship

White House Admits Death Drones In Yemen And Somalia  

CIA Refuses To Confirm Or Deny Drone Attacks

‘Gray Eagle’ Drones Fail Often, Army Wants More

Fed Members Gave Their OWN Banks $4 Trillion In Bailout

Farage - The Genius Of Europe's Mutual Indebtedness - Vid

World Bank - Euro Collapse Could Spark World Crisis


Europe In Crisis

Drockton Financial Report 6-17-12   

NSA 'Insects' Are Now Flying And Watching Us

Nano Hummingbird Surveillance Drone Flies - Vid

The Future Of Government Surveillance Technology - Vid

Mystery UFO Shaped Object In The Baltic Sea - Photos

Ocean X Team Press Release On Baltic Sea UFO

FCC To Consider Lowering Deadly Cell Phone Radiation

DHS Claims Terrorists Want To Attack Movie Theaters

How The CIA Ran Crack Cocaine To The US Streets


Big Corps Like Monsanto Hijack Higher Education

Revisited - CNN Fake Gulf War Newscast 

Who Owns The Mainstream Media? 

Big Pharma Third World Drug Experiments For Profit

Mysterious Blue Lights Appear Over the Poles - Photo

How We Create False Memories

Cortisol...The Stress Hormone ~ Explosive & Dangerous

'Strawberry Flavor' Consists Of 50 Different Chemicals

Cold Virus Hitches A Ride To Kill Cancer 

Mandate To Buy Was Health Insurance Industry Idea


Bush Threatened To 'Get Rid Of' Iain Duncan Smith 

Arab Spring Plunges Mideast Intoi 1950s For Israel

US Outsources African Spy Missions

Nixon Would Probably Have Gotten Away With It Now

A Lesson In The Value Of Kindness

Swifts Fly 3,000 Miles In Five Days

Radiation Dose Is Increasing In Rain Around Fukushima Plant

Kirwan - Prohibition Opened the Door

Sunday Greek Vote Could Jolt Euro

How Greece Shock Waves Will Hit The US


How Auto Bailout Screwed Taxpayers, Paid Off Unions

Goldman Board Member Gupta Guilty Of Insider Trading

Americans Hang On After Recession Claims Wealth

Romney - Obama Immigration Action 'Complicates Things'

Reporter Heckles Obama Over Immigration

Devvy - Lawsuit Coming Over Obama-Soetoro Illegals Amnesty

Mad Police State Crimes In Maine

Mormon Dissociative Disorder

Women & Children Taped In Sears Dressing Rooms

Protect Your Business Domain Names


Former White House Photographer Sues Police

It's Time To Wake Up - Vid

RAF Pilot's Close Encounter With UFO

The WORST Place to Store Your Cell Phone

New Edible Food Packaging to Replace Plastic

How To Dramatically Boost Your Digestive System

Worker - 'Poor Ground' Stopping Work, TEPCO Lying About It

Japan To Restart Two Nuclear Reactors

Japan MSM Pretends Restart Protest Didn't Happen!

70% Japanese Opposed Nuke Plant Restart


Japan Engineer Predicts Catastrophe If SFP 4 Loses Water

6 Million Bq/kg Black Substance! 523 microSv/hr & 174,000 CPM

Ron Paul Reveals Himself

Et tu, Rand Paul?

Ron Paul Speaks But Not A Word About Rand's Sellout - Vid

Scoundrel Media Support For Obama

'Rebels' Using Thermobaric Weapons In Syria - Vid

US Talks With Syrian 'Rebels' Seeking Weapons 

Russian Sends Anti-Aircraft, Anti-Ship Missiles To Syria

US Pushing Syria Crisis For Showdown With Russia


Pentagon Finishes Plans For Syria Invasion

Gaza Blockade Fifth Anniversary

Ex Israeli Soldier - ‘I hate Zionism’

Israel Demolishes Arab Village 38 Times

Soros Stooge ElBaradei Acts As Egypt Peoples Champion

Bomb Kills 26 In Pakistan Market, 65 Wounded

New 4 Horsemen - Oil, Nuclear Fission, Central Banking, War

Earth Summit - Humanity An 'Unsustainable Danger' To Planet

Acid Rain Makes Meat-Eating Plants Go Vegetarian

Bank Thugs Intend To Steal Greek Elections


70 Facts Banksters Don't Want You To See

Alexis Tsipras - He's Got The Euro In His Hands

10 Things We Can Learn About Greek Disaster

When Derivatives Crash, Taxpayers Will Swing In The Wind

18 Examples Of The Nanny State Gone Wild

Oz Wants To Start HOME Visits To Check On Kids

Stop Monsanto From GMO Poisoning Hawaii

Robot LEARNS To Talk...Not Programmed To Speak

Nikola Tesla's Wireless Electric Automobile Explained

The Unusual Effects Of Magnetic Water


Mini Water Wheel Makes Electricity With On 20cm Drop

Vampire Devices - Sucking Energy While You Sleep

Safest US City And Worlds Most Dangerous Only 300 Feet Apart

EMF And Frequency Levels And Plant Growth

Soul Crushing Despair Of Lowered Expectations

Another Mass Fish Kill Outside Tokyo - Photo

Noda Administration To Declare Nuke Plant Restart

Cedar Tree Deformities Likely From Radiation

Ron Paul Speaks But Not A Word About Rand's Sellout - Vid

Republicans Outraged By Obama Immigration Treachery


Obama Creates 1000s Of 'Jobs' With Stroke Of A Pen

Finally A Reporter Shows Guts In Questioning Obama

AIPAC And The Zionist Hex On America

Pentagon Lists 110 Potential Drone Bases In US

US Death Weapons Sales Surge Overseas

New Trans-Atlantic Partnership Worse Than NAFTA

Faux Capitalism & Great Middle Class Debt Anchor

Max Keiser - Silver Drachma Can Save Greece - Vid

Greece - Central Banks Promise To Save The World

Drachmageddon? Athens Waits For Volcano To Explode


The Most Dangerous Man In Europe

Impeach The United States Government

Hugo Chavez Builds A Drone

Syngenta GMO Corp Busted Over Animal Deaths

Wallenda Wire Walks Across Niagara Falls

EPA To Outlaw Coal & Diesel Trucks

McGrath - Will the Financial World Collapse This Weekend?

LA County Sheriff Deaf, Dumb On Surplus Of Billions

USS Ronald Reagan Floating Car Lot

More USS Ronald Reagan Car Lot Photos


Cops Taser 90 Yr Old 'Confused' Nude Woman W/Cane

Hundreds Of Sheep Rain On Melbourne Motorists

Sex & The New World Disorder

'Xena' Protests Shell Oil Drilling, Faces Jail Time - Vid

Nearly 20% Of Teens Admit To 'Sexting'

The Role Of Water In The Electric Body - Vid

North Pole Expedition To Prove That The Earth Is Hollow

Beneficial Bacteria Promote Good Health

Radiation Exposure Soars With Profits From CT Scans

New Cover Put Over SFP 4 - Photos


Rand Paul Refuses To Answer Questions About Bilderberg - Vid

Romney's Foreign Policy Advisers Exposed As Globalists

Lawyers For Ron Paul Taking Over His Campaign? - Vid

Obama To Offer Immunity To 'Younger' Illegals - Outrageous

Opposition To Obama Amnesty Plans For Illegals

Devvy - The States Must Fight The Fiction Of Anchor Babies

Tarpley - Russia Will Respond To US Attack On Syria

US Military Completes Planning For Syria

US, Israel Linked Killers Of Iran Nuke Scientist Arrested


US Deploys Biggest Aircraft Carrier Near Pakistan

Egypt Military Coup After Court Dissolves Parliament

Rigged Democracy - Egypt As Israel

Pakistan Says It Can Nuke India In Eight Seconds

Water In Blockaded Gaza Not Fit For Consumption

McGrath - Exposing The Ultimate Control System - Vid

Obama Dirty, Secret Backdoor Deal With Corporate America?

Toxin From GM Crops Found In Human Blood

Mexico Replaces China As US Low-Cost Supplier


FKN News...A Review Of 2012 - Vid

Google Wants To Merge Humans, Computers - Transhumanism

Army Embeds Psyop Soldiers At Local TV Stations - Vid

We Must Leave Afghanistan & The Mideast Immediately

Gang Rape Epidemic In India

Sexual Violence Is A Worldwide Epidemic

Hedge Funds Reap Record Profits From Bets On QE

Fed Judge Drops Silver Manipulation Suit Against JP Morgan

Executives At Collapsed Iceland Bank Jailed For Fraud

NV Witness Captures Sphere UFO Moving Toward Area 51


Long John Nebel - The Flying Saucer Story - Vid

Long John Nebel Explores Subterranean Civilization - Vid

Gen Charles Cabell - 'I Want The Answer To The Saucers!'

Flying Saucer Over New York In 1955 - Photo

The Rising Of The Conscious Warrior

Proven Solid-State Power Generator From Env Heat

Ecstacy To Be Used In Canadian Study To Treat PTSD

Los Alamos National Lab Studies Tree Deaths

Birds Fall From Sky In Seymour, TN

60,000 UK Patients Put On Pathway To Death


Toughest Animal On Earth...And In Space

2012 Floods Cost UK Estimated £13 Billion

Matt Damon Takes On Fracking In New Film

Record Number Of Deaths Tied To Flu Jabs

Social Media Spreads Milk Thistle Hangover Cure

Norovirus - Suspected Outbreaks On 2 Cruise Liners

Standard Supernova Model Wrong?

Rense & Bollinger, Farley - Natural Cures, 27 Ailments - Vid

H3N2 Low Reactor Abolishes HA Glycosylation Site

Research Moratoriums And Recipes For Superbugs


Car Breaking And Entering Now A Piece Of Cake

'Irresponsible' Councils Cut Local Services, Hoard £13b

UK To Track Tagged Criminals By Satellite

Pak Boong Fai Daeng - Vid

Tarpley - NATO Following Hitler Model In Syria

Tarpley - Bloodbath Awaits Syria If 'Rebels' Win

Nearly 400 Reported Killed In Deadly Day In Syria

Syrian Troops Catch 4 Turkey Jet Pilots In Aleppo

Syria 'Rebels' 'Beheaded Christian, Fed Him To Dogs'

Avigdor Lieberman Formally Charged With Corruption


Israel's Elections Degenerate Into Religious War

The Gatekeepers - Exposing Israel's Dark Side

Israel Eases Building Materials Blockade On Gaza

Cairo Senior Official - Jews Should Return To Egypt

Israeli Tanks, Bulldozers Enter So. Gaza Strip

2/3 Of Israelis Support A Palestinian State

Yemen - Al-Qaeda Offers Bounty For US Ambassador

US Transforms Hotel In Yemen Into Military Base

Pak Militants Kill 41 In Mass Execution Of Shi'ites

Azerbaijan No Launch Pad For Iran Attack - Azeri FM


Secret Human Testing Revealed In Declass Army Docs

A View From Arunachala

Tri-Command Merges US-Canada Military Policy

I Am Spartacus

Milk Prices To Increase, Farm Bill Compromise Agreed

Hillary Clinton Admitted To Hospital With Blood Clot

Post-Concussion Blood Clot Found - Hillary Hospitalized

Pravda Warning To Americans - Do NOT Give Up Your Guns

$1 Trillion Obamacare Tax Hike Hitting On January 1

Br. Nathanael - My Journey Into The Orthodox Church - Vid


Why 'Affordable' Health Care Act Unlikely To Help You

Goldman Sachs Scores Big In Japan Stock Market

Wary Eyes Look Up As Drones Are Tested In OK

'Organic Diet Helped Me Beat Breast Cancer'

3 Points The Sailors Should Not Miss

3 Mysteries About US Navy Sailors Suing TEPCO

Kirwan - Goodbye To History...As We've Come To Know It

Sandy Hook A Satanic Center? - Ritual Forces - Vid

Americans Most Spied On People In World History

Hollywood Hypocrites And Whores! 'Demand A Plan' - Vid


The Banning Of Guns - Idiotic At Best

SF And Oakland Residents Hand Over Guns In Buy-Back

End Armed Guards For President, VP & Their Families

What History Teaches About Gun Confiscation

US Drone Strikes Are Causing Child Casualties

Docs Reveal Genocide Caused By Chemtrail Testing - Vid

Forging Communist Bolivia

Atzmon - Jewish Progressive Racism, Pt 6 - Vid

West Wants Muslim Brotherhood To Rule - Vid

Devvy - 'Smart' Meter Opt Out For Texas Is Unacceptable


Austrian Prof - 'Global Warming Deniers Should Get Death'

End Of 2012 And The Unleashing Of Evil

Milk At $8 A Gallon Within Weeks?

Payback - Florida Homeowners Foreclosing On Banks

1.5 Million In UK Got Loans To Fund Christmas

Weak Reason Given For Obama Money In 'Total Recall' - Vid

Charlotte Iserbyt - The Secret History Of Public Education - Vid

Female Cop Who Pulled Over Speeding Cop 'Fears For Life'

Clear UFO Photographed Over New York (1967) - Photo

From UFOs To 'Tsunami Bomb' - NZ Archive Secrets Revealed


Video Of Passenger Jet Crash In Moscow - Vid

Wild Dolphins Give Humans Gifts - Vid

Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n Roll - Australia's Other Boom

Man? Or A Predator Race Amongst Us - Vid

Wilde - The Metaphysics Of A Paradigm Shift

MN Soda Shop Rebuked For Selling Candy Smokes

Stanford Gets A Chaplain For Atheists

Gun Shows Draw Enormous Crowds Of Americans - Photos

Fearful Of Ban, Frenzied Buyers Swarm Gun Stores

Obama EO Pay Hike To Congress, Federal Workers


Duff - 'Unimaginable Number Of Veterans Homeless'

Madsen - Zionist Israel Using Nazi-Style Occupation Tactics

Egypt Allows Building Materials Cross Into Gaza

Arab Officials Visit Cash-Poor Palestinian Territory

US, Israel Major Players In Syria Death, Destruction

Without Negotiations, Syria Will Turn Into A Somalia

Iran Denies Blocking Strait of Hormuz

First Borey Class Nuclear Sub To Joins Russian Navy

Paul Craig Roberts - The Fiscal Cliff Is A Diversion

Cliff Notes


US 'Cliff' Just One Small Part Of Gigantic Debt Crisis

Obama's Secret Drone War Survivors Fight Back In Court

Afghan Gold Goes Missing...Big Surprise

VA Cop Tells Photog He Needs Permit, Smashes Cam - Vid

Treasonous Congress Extends Warrantless Spying On Us

WW2 Negative Stereotypes Must Be Stopped

Do NOT Use E-15 Gas If Your Car Is Older Than 2012 - Vid

The Delusion Of The Self Proclaimed Elites

Bolivia Nationalizes Spanish-Owned Electric Companies

Is Red Food Dye #40 Driving Your Child Crazy? - Vid


Cosby - Best Explanation Of Birth Ever - Vid

US Navy Sailors Given No Mask To Scrub USS Reagan Decks - Vid

Reagan Sailors Describe Serious Illness From Fukushima Radiation

Did TEPCO Lie To Get US Navy To Help After 3/11?

USS Ronald Reagan Sailed Near Center Of Fukushima Radiation

USS Reagan Sailors Suffer Pain, Destroyed Health From Radiation

Alarms Going Off In Radiation Scans On USS Ronald Reagan - Vid

Another Strong Quake Hits Fukushima - Vid

Kirwan - Sun Tzu & Fatal Errors

Essential CRITICAL FACTS For All Americans To Read


Rapporport - How Television Takes Your Guns

Let's Ban All Pointed Objects

Cooper's Book Predicted School Shootings To Take Guns

Drone Missiles, Guns And Mass Murder...American Style

All Laser Printers Secretly Encode Your ID On Every Page - Vid

China Citizens Buy 1 Of Every 10 CA Homes Sold In 2012 - Vid

Striking Parallels - The Roman Empire And The US

Bin Laden, The Doctor And The CIA

US Adolescent Seasonal Flu Deaths Increase To 20

Alcoholism - It Often Starts With Wine - Vid


Neotame - USDA Certified Organic’s Dirty Little Secret

Plastic PVC Poisoning Of All Living Things - Vid

Extreme Weather And Natural Disasters Of 2012

Stuart Wilde - Emotional Techniques

NDEs - Where Science Can't Go, Mystics Can

Ancient Tomb May Be Too Deadly To Explore

Raiders Of The Lost Heart

Advanced Humanoid Ro-boy To Be ‘Born’ In Nine Months

'Alien' Skulls Found At Ancient Mexico Burial Site- Vid

Gun Control Tramples On Citizen Virtues


Teachers Taught How To Handle Armed Assaults

CFR Plan For Global Governance In 2013

Most Important Bills Blocked By Republicans In 2012

Senate Extends Warrantless Wiretapping Under FISA

Obama's War On Wistleblowers

Republican Poodles Have A Hoover Moment

Why Claiming US Has Best Health System Is A Joke

Obama Signs Law Against Iran-LatAm Relations

Iran Denounces WSJ Article On Nuclear Scenarios

Netanyahu Breaks Leftwards


Saudi Monarchy Betraying The Muslim World

Britain's Kabul Embassy Installs Anal Scanners

India Gang-Rape Six Men Charged With Murder

On The Cusp Of Ending Big Pharma?

Banks At Risk Of Perpetual Bankruptcy

Belgium To Charge Church Of Scientology With Fraud, Extortion

French Panel Overturns 75% Tax On Ultra Rich

UK In Family Breakdown Now 'Epidemic'

Celebrating The Prince Of Peace In The Land Of Guns

Americans Buying Guns Like Crazy - Vid


Br Nathanael - How The Jews Mock Jesus - Vid

Thousands In LA Exchange Guns For Groceries

Guns Pour In To LA Buyback Events - Vid

Media Quiet About San Antonio Theater Shooting

Israel's Long Arm

Libor - Biggest Financial Corruption Case In History - Vid

Libor Scandal Biggest Wall St Story Of 2012 - Vid

Greeks Return To The Land To Survive - Vid

How To Handle Tax Rate Uncertainty

Fed Targets Unemployment...More $$$ For Banks - Vid

The Inactivation Of The Body Scanners


A John Barbour Rant - The Human Lottery - Vid

Lame Cops Go To Wrong Home On Probation Check

Final Print Issue Of Newsweek Released

Top Journalists Expose Major MSM Coverups

Occupy Homes - One Year Old And Growing Daily

The Year In Food And Farming

Results Of Codex Meetings 2012, In Frankfurt, Germany

The Science Behind Good Vibes

First 'Alien Earth' Will Be Found In 2013


Riding The Shuttle Booster With Enhanced Sound - Vid

University Research..Sold Out

H-Bomb Blast Reaches 400 Miles into Space (1962)

Everything Petroleum Does, Hemp Does Better

Hadrian's Auditorium Arts Center Found...123 AD - Photo

China Laborer Letter Found in Halloween Decoration

Psychotic Psychopaths Now Run Japan

TEPCO May Be Planning To Restart Fukushima Dai-Ni

Fukushima Graveyard Has 380 Microsieverts Per Hour - Vid

Gallop - 74% Americans Oppose Ban On Handguns


Confirmed - Feinstein Bill Will Ban Most Guns

Goodbye To Handguns, Shotguns Under Feinstein Law

Hypocrisy Of Liberals Who Cling To Their Guns

Aleister Crowley, Interview Freak Show, Police Audio

Will Sandy Hook Wake Us From Our Collective Nightmare?

Morris - Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax? - Vid

Sandy Hook Used For Anti-Gun Psy-Op?

Very Good UFO Video On Christmas Day - Vid

Kirwan - The Rock & The Hard Place

US Preparing For Military Invasion In Syria - Israel


Syria Chem Attack Claims To Justify West Moves

Syrian 'Rebels' Gorging On War Spoils

Syria Just A Part Of The West's Battle - Vid

UN Syria 'Peace Plan' A Fraud

Moscow Talks On Syria

Duff - Turkey Furthering US-Israeli Agenda In Mideast

Avigdor Lieberman Faces New Charges

Israel Discriminates Against African Jews

UK Minister Accuses Israel Of War Crimes

Israel Criticized By Britain Over West Bank Univ Plan


The Raise Of The Jewish Home

Photos Show N Korea Nuclear Readiness

Putin Signs US Adoption Ban

Russian Policies In 2012...A Look Back - Vid

Chinese Hackers Suspected In Cyber Attack On CFR

Bahraini State Terror

US Death Drone Strikes In Yemen Tripled In 2012

Over 20 SEALS Who 'Killed OBL' Now Dead

Savile's Private Letters To Mrs Thatcher Censored, Edited

A Fiscal Cliff...Or Maybe A Solution?


Stuart Wilde - Gold Confiscation Video

Spain's House Prices To Fall Another 30 Percent

Claims Of Facebook, Twitter Related Crime Up 780% In 4 Years

Medical Errors #3 Cause Of Death In The US

Piers Morgan Says Bible Should Include Gay Marriage

America Is A Society Organized For War

Frosty - 27,000 Children Die Of Starvation Daily - Why?

Second Horrific NYC Subway Murder In Month

James Carroll On The James Forrestal Murder

Eight Adolescent Seasonal Flu Deaths In Week 51


Spike In Adolescent Seasonal Flu Deaths

Passenger Steals $238,000 Via Airplane Toilet

The Ancient Origins Of Doomsday Anxiety - Vid

9 Mistakes Typically Made By Preppers

Best WeAreChange Confrontations Of 2012 - Vid

Indian Tea Workers Burn Boss, Wife To Death

Indian Gang Rape Victim Commits Suicide

India To Name, Shame Sex Offenders - Rape Protests Grow

China Denies Producing Fake Medicines For Africa

‘Kneeling Hitler’ Placed In Warsaw’s Jewish Ghetto


Ex-Feds, Wall St Execs Moving To Secure Locations? - Pt 2

Spectacular Time Lapse Dam 'Removal' - Vid

Video Gaming Addiction Can Control Your Thoughts

20 Genetically Modified Foods Coming To Your Plate

Unlabeled GMO Salmon May Soon Be In Stores

Non-GMO Foods Take Storable Food Market By Storm

Mop-Up...Newton And Webster As Inter-Agency War - Pt 3

Arizona AG Calls For Arming School Employees

Group Offers Weapons Training For Utah Teachers

Kirwan - It Really Is This Simple


Brits Petition To Keep Piers Morgan In The US

FBI Ignored Deadly Threat To Occupiers

US Energy Production Grows Faster Than Usage

Iceland Was Right, We Were Wrong - The IMF

New Taxes For Americans Coming In 2013

Winter Storm 'Euclid ' Marks Extreme Weather Year

TX Resolution For State Referendum On Independence

Homeless, At-Risk Veterans Double

DARPA Robot, LS3 Can Follow Troops into Battle

Almost All Ingredients Added To Food Linked To Cancer


The Solar Killshot...The Facts - Vid

Earths Twin Will Be Discovered In 2013, Astronomers Predict

Possibly Habitable Super-Earths - Catalog To Date - Vid

Impermeable Wall Between Fukushima & Pacific Not Built

LA Prepares To Fight Fukushima Debris

NBC News - 4 Handguns, No Rifle In Sandy Hook School - Vid

Celebrities Call To Ban Guns From Government - Vid

Are Some Members Of Congress Waking Up?

Chavez Struggles To Recover


Kirwan - It Really Is This Simple

Price Of Milk To Double Without Farm Bill

Zion Elders Block Avigdor Lieberman

Netanyahu-Lieberman Coalition

Israeli Regime Deploys New Brigade To Egypt Border

Barak Formally Approves West Bank University Of Ariel

Origins Of The Jewish-Palestinian Conflict

Netanyahu, Jordan King In Secret Talks On Syria

Atzmon - Jewish Projection For Christmas

Atzmon On The End Of Israeli Militarism - Vid


Netanyahu - Spook, Terrorist Or Criminal? (1996)

Syria Half Of Homs Destroyed - Homs Professor

Al Jazeera Correspondent Quits Over News Lies

West Abandoned Africa, Manipulates It

The Year's Most Popular Letter - America In Decline

Time To Profile White Men?

Buried Truth - Uncovering The Keystone XL Pipeline - Part 1

Wage History And The Case For A Living Wage

Capitalism & Mental Illness - Back To The Future?

PI - Whitney Houston Murdered Over $1.5m Cocaine Debt?


Cornstalks Everywhere But Nothing Else, Not Even A Bee

Processed Meat Ups Pancreatic Cancer Risk - Vid

A Letter Of Thanks To Organic Farmers

Codex Nutrition Committee Chooses Malnutrition

15 Million US Children Live Without A Father

Every Child Visiting A&E To Be Tracked In UK

China Tightening Controls On Internet

Biggest Star Of 2013 May Be Comet Of The Century

Russia Launches $70b Space Program For 2013-2020

Russia To Build Two New Radar Stations In 2013


Off The Record New Years 'Chat With Obama'

The Unstoppable Liberation Of Humanity

UK Firms Paying Less Tax Than 12 Years Ago

70,000 Brit Jobs At Risk From EU Climate Change Law

Pensions Will Not Exist By 2050 - Expert

Toxics And Endangered Species

Man Made Tornadoes Could One Day Power Cities

Germany 'Exporting' Old, Sick To Foreign Care Homes

FDA Approves Neurotoxic Flu Drug For Infants

The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging - Vid


World Flu Pandemic Inevitable

Worst Pandemic In History Is Still Mysterious

Big Money Seen In Stem Cells

How Giving Became Cool

Eagle Video Hoax Creates Real Ignorance About Nature

Six Die In US Winter Storm Spawns Tornadoes

6 Weeks Of UK Rain Predicted, Deluge Continues

100s Evacuated As Nicaragua Volcano Spews Ash

Ecstasy Reduces PTSD Symptoms

Brit Wakes From Stroke Speaking Fluent Welsh - Vid

Gerald Celente...A Country Of Cowards! - Vid

McGrath - Crisis Event Unleashed Soon - Vid

Iran Navy Shows Off New Missile System

237 Israeli Troops Commit Suicide In Ten Years

Br. Nathanael - Creeping Steps Of 'Jewish' Gun Control


More Sandy Hook Puzzle Pieces?

The Sandy Hook Actors? Part 2 - Vid

Silence Is Default

Feinstein & Cuomo Admit Planning Oz Style Gun Control

NSA Targeting Domestic Computer Systems

Air Passenger Records UFO - Footage To FAA - Vid

Large, Silent, UFO Reported Over Haverhill, MA

UFOs Recorded Over Laredo, TX - Vid

AEC Asked For Info On Flying Saucers In 1950


How To Get Rid Of Your Old Electronic Gadgets

Grand Cayman's House Of 19,000 Corporations

Feds Sacrifice Wyoming Water To Mine Uranium

Where Is All The Food?

Reconstructing Our Global Reality

Superfoods, Superherbs And Super-Immunity

Yet Another Doomed Doomsday

Why The World Didn't End Dec 21

Obama Freaks - Tries To Stop Sibley, Suppress Subpoenas

Glenn Beck - Is Obama Headed For Prison


Zionist Feinstein Wants Mandatory Gun Buyback Law

A Little Gun History

Murdoch Urges America To 'Wake Up' On Gun Control

NBC's David Gregory Breaks DC Gun Law On Meet The Press

Outrage - NY Paper Publishes Names, Addys Of Gun Owners

Duke - How We Can Defeat Zionist Globalism - Vid

If You're On This List You May Be In Grave Danger

Don't Relax - Here Are 5 More Apocalypses To Consider

Army Trains Counter Rioting US Hurricane Victims

One In 12 In US military Has Clogged Heart Arteries


'Unhinged' French On Cocktails Of Pills

Senate OKs Military Detention Of US Citizens In US

Gen Y - From American Dream To A American Nightmare

Say Goodbye To The Good Life

Kirwan - Tears Of The Sun

Video Chinese Elementary School Knifing Released - Vid

Independent Journalist Assaulted At Anti-Gun Rally

Southern USA Experiences Rare White Christmas

Br. Nathanael - My Journey Into The Orthodox Church - Vid


US Zionist Kingpin Senator Lieberman Leaves Senate

Our Society Has Seriously Failed Young Men

NY Firefighter Killer Leaves Sinister Note

Obama Turns His Guns

Israel OKs 5,500 New 'Settlement' Homes In A Week

Jan 23, 2013, Israel - Year Zero

Israel Violated Lebanon Territory 3,000- Times In 2012

Human Rights Get Short Shrift In Israel

Iran Stages Naval Drills in Persian Gulf

Defining The Imperial Aims On Iran & Syria - Morris


Russian Warships Gather In Mediterranean For Drills

Syria MIlitary Police Chief Defects To 'Rebels'

Turkey Helping Fighters Into Syria

Syrian Refugees In Lebanon - 'Syria Was A Paradise'

Iran Stands By Syria Against US

Afghan Suicide Bomber Attacks US Base

Morsi Inks New Egyptian Constitution

Russia To Bring Back Railroad-Based ICBMS

On The Killing Of Children...

2013 Resolution


10 Predictions For 2013

Is It Too Late To Start Prepping?

UFO 'Nothing Like I've Seen In 30 Years'

London Austerity And The End Of Capitalism

Fraud - Banks Pledge Same Gold To Numerous People

Proposed Coles Hill Uranium Mine - Treasure Or Threat?

Good Samaritan Tasered By Cops As He Tries To Help

50 UK Ttroops Suicide After Iraq, Afghan Tours

Scientist Wants Tomorrows Troops to Be Mutant-Powered

2012 - A Humbling Year For The Powerful


More Evidence For Plentiful Water Once On Mars

Thunderbolts Of The Gods - Vid

The Solar Killshot  The Facts - Vid

Anyone For Crap Eggs? Bizarre Asian Menu

West Coast Preps For More Tsunami Debris In Winter

Radiation Fears Keep Fukushima Kids Indoors

Nuclear Village Readies To Rear End Japan Again

Fox TV - 6 Mos Before 9/11 Remote Control Boeing Into WTC! - Vid

Is The Universe Just A Big Computer Simulation? - Vid

Ryan Lanza Facebook Hoax - Imposter Fools MSM


Comp Wiz Adam Lanza Slithered Halls, Barely Spoke

Lanza Rifle Jam May Have Saved Lives

Nancy Lanza Bought Bushmaster At Riverview Gun Shop

New York Cant Afford $1b 'Assault Rifle' Buyback

Bloomberg Plans 'Secret War' On Smoking In Your Apt

Congress Drops Warrant Requirement To Watch Email

East Next After Southern Tornadoes, Midwest Snow

Floods - UK To Remain On Alert For Another Week

OWS Activists Called Domestic Terrorists

FBI Probed 'Occupy' As Possible 'Terror' Threat


Kirwan - Free Your Imagination!

Postal Workers Hunger Strike Against Cuts In Delivery

Indian Jews From 'Lost Tribe' Move To Israel

Netanyahu Set For 'Stage 2' In Expelling Migrants

Spain Joins Israel's Gas Alliance

Abbas Says Honor Killings 'Benefit Women'!!

Scrambling For Africa's Resources

Hoffman - The Forgotten Slaves...Whites In Servitude

Codex Alimentarius - An Inside Story


GSK's Quadrivalent Flu Vax - 4 Times The Poison

Philly Putting Condom Dispensers In High Schools

TX Cop In Body Cavity Search Suspended WITH Pay - Vid

Real And Virtual Firearms Nurture Marketing Link

Asteroid Gives Earth A Cosmically Close Shave - Vid

Most Extreme Space Discoveries Of 2012

Ho Ho Ho...The UN Wants A 5% Budget Increase

Top US Navy Seal's Afghan 'Suicide' Under Investigation

Vortex Engine For Controlled Tornado Power?

Hubble Snaps Spectacular Galaxy Edge-On


Too Much Internet May Leave Kids Brain Dead

Exercise For A Smarter Brain

TED - A Scientists Powerful Stroke Of Insight - Vid

New MRSA Superbug Strain Found In UK Milk

Living Vegan Is A Great Decision

109 Christmas Cats - Photos

Christmas In Pakistan - Where Faiths Meet

Hajj 2012 - Lessons and Advice

How The CIA Helped The Yakuza & The LDP In Japan


Radioactive Fallout Around Incineration Plant Hidden

Powerful Storm Bring White, Stormy Christmas - Vid

Devvy - There's No Money In 'Peace On Earth'

Obama 'Eager' To Fall Off 'Cliff' - Top Rep Senator

It’s Not A 'Fiscal Cliff'...It's A Descent Into Lawlessness

Hagel Said To Have 'Endemic' Hostility To Israel

Sandy Hook - Unanswered Questions

CA Lawmakers Take Aim At Guns

Deport Piers Morgan Hits 59,000 Signatures

Tarpley - 2nd Great Depression Deepening Around World


Shooter Lanza Didn't Exist For Last 3 Years, No Records

Adam Lanza Smashed Computer Hard Drive

Anti-Gun Psychos Call For Murder Of NRA President, Members

Israel And Sandy Hook Terrorism - Vid

Another Fort Hood Shooting - MPs Kill Soldier

Semi-Automatic Rifles Sell Fast At Walmart

Walmart Sells Out Of Assault Rifles In 5 States

Tell The System - You're Not Getting The Guns...Period

The Massacre Of The Children Of America

Citizen Drone Warfare...Dangerous Information - Vid


Kirwan - The See In Tranquility

Congress Drops Protection For Citizen From NDAA Detention

Anti-NDAA Bill Introduced In Nevada

NY Stock Exchange Sold To Derivatives Company

NYSE Ruled From From 1792-2012

Obama Budget Deficit Grows $52 Billion In One Month

Henderson Press TV - The Money Trail...Merchants Of Death - Vid

Zionists Want To Block Hagel As New US Sec Def

Did Petraeus Grant Friends To Top Secret Files?

Benghazi Report Forces Four Out At State Department


FISA Spy Bill Could Be Renewed Without Discussion

Israel Gives Christmas Gift Of Hatred

Israel Air Force Worried About Hezbollah Drones

All Russians In Syria Are ‘Legitimate Targets’ Say 'Rebels'

Zionist West's Foreign Fighters Pour Into Syria

Iran Urges Support For 6 Point Syria Peace Plan

2,000 Foreign Troops To Turkey-Syria Border

Iran Citizen Dies In US After 'Interrogation'

Russia Forges Union With Former Soviet States

Cameron Thinks Food Banks Are Cool


7 Pakistan Polio Vaccination Workers Have Now Been Killed

Iowa H3N2v Child Matches 2012 Cases

A New Approach To The Mayan Calendar

Reported Military Academy Sex Assaults Up 23%

Gay Marine Proposes To Boyfriend At White House

Merry Christmas From A Mexican Funeral Home - Vid

How Narcissists Shop For Christmas Gifts

Two Billion Pixel Image Of Everest

Egyptian Mummy Reconstructions

Mound Builders And Giants Of Ancient America - Vid


History Would Be Extraordinary - If Only It Were True

Gun Debate - GOA Larry Pratt Takes Piers Morgan Apart - Vid

McGrath - Martial Law, Murderous Govt & Lawless Elite - Vid

Obama Urges Congress To Ban Military Assault Weapons

Gun Lobby - We Need More Guns, Especially In Schools

Paul Craig Roberts - No Doubt They'll Take Guns Away - Vid

Al Qaeda Gains More Power As Syria End Game Nears

Netanyahu's Rage To Judaize Palestine

Hitler's War - What The Historians 'Forget' To Write - Vid

Gun Control Explained - Vid


Br. Nathanael - How The Jews Stole Christmas - Vid

Texas School Allows Teachers To Carry Guns - Vid

Soyuz With Russian, US, Cdn Astronauts Blasts Off For ISS

China's New MIRV ICBM Is A Big Deal

Obama, Boehner Clash As Cliff Edge Approaches

Fiscal Cliff May Delay 100 Million Tax Returns

New York Times Fiscal Cliff Duplicity

Poor Elderly Women To Get Screwed In Fiscal Cliff Deal

Were Going To Be In A New Recession In 2013

GM To Buy Back 200m Shares, Splits With Feds

Court - Peace Activists Can Sue US Military For Infiltration


Brad Steiger - Aliens We Have Heard On High

On the Cusp of 12/21/12 or Whatever

Digging Into Data Of America's Gun Culture

New Earth-Like Planet Could Sustain Life - Scientists

Scotlands Mysterious Canine Suicide Spot

Two Women Cavity Searched For LITTERING - Vid

Photos Doctored At Many US Nuclear Power Plants

Up A River Without A Cleanup - Boeing's Meltdown Makeover, Pt 5

Obama Will Start War On 2nd Amendment On Jan 1, 2013 - Vid

Obama’s Just Another Chicago Player Throwing The Game


Kirwan - Article Two

Obama's Hideous Drone Child Slaughter In Pakistan

Senate To Vote On Federal Land Seizure Act Thursday - BAD Bill

Pike - The True Meaning Of God's Covenant With Abraham

Kaiser Permanente Issues Warning On GMOs

Ellen Brown...Fiscal Cliff - Let's Call Their Bluff!

Jesus Behind The Apartheid Walls

Appeal To The UN To Help Syrian Refugees Enter Palestine

Oil Sheen At BP's Gulf Disaster Site Remains

New Retirement Model Of Working Into Old Age


Mystery Code On WWII Carrier Pigeon Has Been Cracked

Was Adam Lanza Mind-Controlled? CIA Docs Evidence

Bizarre Descriptions Of Shooter Emerge

Asperger’s Is A Red Herring To Explain Sandy Hook

Cops Fail To Recover Data From Lanza's Computer

Bullet-Proof Backpack Sales Soar

Zen - Snap Out Of It

'America Is A Large Lunatic Asylum’

Br. Nathanael - How The Jews Stole Christmas - Vid

Oust Obama To Stop World War III


X-Ray Body Scanners In Schools, Malls, Theaters?

More US Unemployed Young Adults Become Homeless

Mobile Israeli 'Pre-Crime' Tech Marketed To US

Angry Unions Plan New Offensive After Michigan Defeat

China Arrests 500+ Members Of Mayan Apocalypse Sect

Syria Says Opposition May Use Chem Weapons

US Navy Pulls Two Carriers Away From Syria Shores

Israel OKs Another 2,610 New 'Settler' Units Says NGO

75% Israeils Biggest Fear An Economic, Social Collapse

The End Of The Jewish State


West Bank Palestinians Go On Strike Over Sanctions

Harris - Zionist Media Fueling Culture Of Violence

America's Relentless Struggle To Shield Israel

When Judaism Marries Feminism

Iran Indicts 18 US Officials For War Crimes

Lindorff - Obama, Biden Are War Criminals Under UN Charter

War Crimes are War Crimes - Prosecute Bush, Impeach Obama

US Seeks World Supremacy Through Advanced Weapons

Moscow Warns Over US Naval-Based ABM

The Marshall Scam - Birth Of The Communist EU


The Long, Dirty History of HSBC Money Laundering

Libor Corruption Exposed As UBS Fined £940 Million

UBS Libor-Rigging - How Brokers And Traders Colluded

Japan's Abe Prepares To Print Money For The Whole World

China's Multimillionaires Emigrating In Droves

German Law Demands Facebook Pseudonyms Be Allowed

Not A Revolt, A War – The 25th Intifada Anniversary

Hope Not Holocaust

Technical Problems In Paradise

FDA Sued For Hiding Animal Antibiotic Data


Bob Hope Christmas With The Troops - Vid

Airman Claims 'Missing Time' After UFO Encounter - Vid

Moon’s Crust Thinner Than Expected - NASA

Venal Blair Defends Europe, Immigration, Banksters

UK Judge Orders Boy's Cancer Surgery, Overrules Mother

1,000s Animals Being Blown Up, Poisoned At Porton Down

Eighth Man Arrested In Savile Sex Abuse Inquiry

35,000 Teachers Go On Strike In Canada's Ontario

Silvio Berlusconi To Italy - 'You Need Me'

Elite London Hotel Avoided Tax For 17 Years

Oil Sheen At BP Disaster Site A Mystery


Norovirus Spread Surges As Christmas Nears

Car Emissions Killing Millions In China And India

Deadly Lamb, Calf Virus Spreads Through England

Paralyzed Woman Controls Robotic Arm With Mind - Vid

Cats vs Printers - Vid

Dancing Traffic Cop - Vid

Official Inquiry Blasts State Department Over Benghazi

Parts For Patriot Missile Batteries Arrive In Turkey

Sandy - 1,000s STILL Displaced, No Heat And Power

Kirwan - Does Any Government Dare Do This?


Intel Files Prove US-Israel Relations An Ongoing Tragedy

Fiscal Cliff Doublespeak Duplicity

Americans 'Unprecedented' Gun-Buying For Protection - Vid

Possible Motive - Lanza Was To Be Committed

I Am Ryan Lanza's FB Friend

NRA 'Shocked, Saddened' By Killings

Injuries, Deaths Due To Guns In Home

Are Sandy Hook & Aurora Both In Dark Knight Rises? - Photos

'Call Of Duty' Video 'Game' Linked To Mass Murders

Scared 11 Yr Old Brings Gun To School For Protection


The War On Kids - The Failure Of 'Public Education' - Vid

Berkeley's Free Speech Movement

Autumn In Crimea

CO Dispatcher 'Hears' Murder-Suicide - At Least 4 Dead

Making A Killing With Psychotropic Drugs - Vid

Hunter 'Harvests' Iowa Deer With Mad Cow CWD

10 Signs Your Regime Is In Trouble

HOAX - Golden Eagle Snatches Toddler In Montreal Park - Vid

Human & Synthetic Hormones Found In Fresh Produce

Sandy Hook Shootings...What No One Dares Say - Vid


Obama 'Baiting' Next American Civil War - Vid

Austin Gun-Store Owner Offers Teachers A Discount

How To Stop The Slaughter Of Innocents

Sales Soar But Gun Industry Faces Uncertain Future

No Cyberstalking Charges To Be Filed Against Broadwell

When Is Social Media A Crime - Vid

Shimatsu - The Mayan Clock Was Broken By The Inquisition

China Detains 100+ People For Doomsday Rumors

Orwellian Government Oppression, Never-Ending Wars


Number Of Homeless US Students Passes 1 Million

NBC's Engel And News Team Freed From Captors In Syria

'My 20 Minutes With Globablist Whore Michael Moore'

Livestock-Associated MRSA Isolated In Bulk Milk Tanks

Blue-Eyed Indians...Paleolithic Giants In America - Vid

The Incredible Human Eye - Photos

Sandy Hook, Dark Knight Rises, Aurora, Skull & Bones

How Newtown Massacre Became A Mind-Control TV Event

Child-Killer Obama's Presidential Tears

Duff - Intel Analyst Sees Israeli Mossad In Sandy Hook Terror


Israel And Sandy Hook...A Connection? - Vid

Zionist-Controlled Media Fuels Culture Of Violence - Vid

Kirwan - Open Letter To Lt. J. Paul Vance, CT Police

Wooldridge - Newtown, CT...Our Violent Culture

Morris - Shooting Shows America Is Irreparable - Vid

US Education And National Security

US Jewish Advocacy Groups Slam Israel 'Settlement' Plan

Obama Asks Federal Judge To Drop Drone Death Cases

Police State - AR Cops To Make ALL Pedestrians Show ID

New Wiper Virus Targets Iranian Computers


Russia Sends Warships To Mediterranean

Italian Technician, Two Russian Workers kidnapped in Syria

US To Sell Oman Missiles, Bombs

Five Polio Vax Workers Shot Dead In Pakistan

Huge Asteroid Caught On Video As It Flew Past Earth - Vid

Eerie UFO Lights Recorded Over Santiago, Chile - Vid

Central Banks Risk Bond Market Crash

Debate - MIchael Hoffman's New Book 'Usery In Christendom'

How And Why They Hide In The Light

Mexicans, Guatemalans To Celebrate New Maya Calendar


Revealed - New Capitol City In Jungle Of Equatorial Guinea

Pharaoh's Murder Riddle Solved After 3,000 Years

GM 'Frankenstein Food' Lies Continue

New Press Freedom Group To Fight Govt Attacks

Hacker Who Leaked Nude Scarlett Johansson Pics Gets 10 Yrs

BBC, ITV Apologise To Lord McAlpine For Sex Allegations

BBC Blasted Over Climate Change ‘Bias’

Who Should Meat Workers Sue Over Pink Slime?

Vax Industry Panic Over UN Mercury Removal Plan

Shill Pediatricians Want Thimerosal To Stay In Vaccines!


Doomsday - Watch The 'End Of The World' Live Online

Chinese Detain 93 For Spreading Doomsday Rumors

Obama's Washington Targets Syria And Iran

War Ever Closer To Central Damascus

Israeli Emb - 'If Alive Now, Pals Would Lynch Jesus & Mary'

Rebecca Peters, Director IANSA - Wants To Take Your Guns

Br Nathanael - The Globalization Of Hanukkah - Vid


Sandy Hook Elementary - 3 Shooters? - Vid

'Lone Gunman' - Similarities, Norwegian, Oz, US Killers

JoeTalk - They'll Take Your Guns, Make You Criminals - Vid

16,808,538 US Gun Applications In 2012 So Far

JoeTalk - Obama Will Now Move To Take Your Guns - Vid

Charlotte Iserbyt - Deliberate Dumbing Of The World - Vid

MSM Realizes Big Banks Are Criminal Enterprises

Secret Service Bans Some Gold, Silver Coins On eBay

NASA Crashes Twin Spacecraft Into Moon

Women Suffer Radiation Burns After Close Encounter - Vid


Huge UFO Photographed Over Macungie, PA - Photo

WalMart Slashes iPhone Prices

35mm Film Fades To Black - US Production Ends In 2013

Fox Will Stop US 35mm Film Distribution Within 2 Years

Cop Gives Driver Ticket...And $100 Bill - Vid

25 Studies Prove Fluoride Reduces Your IQ

Top Ten Legal Drugs Linked To Violence

Is Your Diet Making You Moody?

Tracking High Altitude Microbes

Cat Rescued After Stuck In Tree For Week - Vid


LA Wants Public Hearings On San Onofre

No Plans To Reinforce Fukushima Unit 3 For At Least 40 Yrs

NHK Fukushima Documentary - Horrible Plight Of People - Vid

Are Sandy Hook & Aurora Both In Dark Knight Rises? - Photos

US Presidents And Their Advisors Are War Criminals

The Shadow Forces Behind Government

Tarpley - Scenarios For Obamagate In Second Term

Right To Bear Arms Is No Right To Violence

Adam Lanza - Headful Of Vid Games, House Full Of Guns

CT Cops...Indy Journalist Whistleblowers To Be Prosecuted - Vid


Two 'Suspects' Behind School, Police Catch One? - Vid

Kirwan - CSI

Obama - 'These Tragedies Must End'

Schools Around US Increase Security

McGrath - CT Shooting Connection & Govern By Crisis - Vid

More References To Violence And SSRIs

Israel Approves 1,500 More Homes In E. Jerusalem

Labor Leader Supports Settler Budget

Senators Want To DOUBLE Israel Missile Funding

Why Obama Will Ignore Israel


Dean - Intel Files Prove US-Israel Relations A Tragedy

Atzmon - Holocaust Not Hope...An Expose'

Premeditated Israeli Violence

Did Jews Sell Blacks Into Slavery?

Tony Blair Is Not Useless At All

Goldman Sachs And The Protocols - Vid

Shocking Decline In Ethiopian Israeli Birthrate

The Pretense The Zionists Need?

Syria Rebels Did Aqrab Massacre, Not Assad Forces

Syrian VP Says Neither Side Can Win War


Islamo-Fascist Killers Threaten Syria

Afghan’s Baffling Gold Exodus

Egypt - Islamists Claim Victory

The Woes Of An American Drone Operator

HSBC Skates

Fiscal Cliff Diversion - Derivatives Tsunami & Dollar Bubble

US - The Five Pillars Of Growing Inequality

Venezuela - Bolivarianism Wins Big

Chavez Allies Sweep To Victory In State Elections

Gun Incidents Continue Across The US


IN Cops Find 47 Guns Over Alleged Threat To School

2 Kansas Officers Fatally Shot Outside Market

Two Wounded In US Theater Shooting

Sandy - Mass Trauma Mind-Manipulation

US Water Supply Will Soon Become Slim Pickings

Humanity vs The Machine - Vid

Pilot Goes Missing During UFO Encounter - Vid

The Awakening Nears Critical Mass

Queen Victoria Hated Her Children Say Academics

Leaked Doc Exposes 36 Infants Dead After Vax


Rappoport - The Real Gun Psychosis

Red China Calls For 'No Delay' On Gun Control In US!

Two Mass Murders, Two Movies - Torrid Political Implications?

Odd 'Hunger Games' Coincidence & Killer's Mother A Prepper

LIBOR Link - Fathers Of Killers Holmes & Lanza Were To Testify

Stunning Links Between SSRIs And School Shootings

Brits Warns Us...Gun Ban Caused 40% Rise In Crime - Vid

Look What Happened In Oz When Guns Were Taken - Vid

Banning Guns Won't Help

Prevailing Against Anti Gun Propaganda With Facts

Kennesaw - Anti-Gun Nuts Think You Have A Duty To Die


Kirwan - Children First, Who's Next?

Iran - Mossad Kidnapped Ex Deputy Defense Chief

Rense & Celente - Gerald Defeats Google...For Now

The Great Social Security Robbery

Egypt And Argentina - The Right-Left Alliance

'Legal Imperialism' And International Law

Smelling A Rat  The Move To Suppress Seralini GMO Study

Ventura's 'Ozark NWO Underground City' Is NOT...It's THIS - Vid

Goodbye To Liberty


A State Of Beggars Lengthens The Occupation

The Nuclear Mafia Derails Democracy In Japan

Newtown Mourns After Shootings - Obama Due

'I Am Adam Lanza's Mother'

Mass Killings Stopped, Scores Saved By Armed Citizens

Obama Let $1b School Security Funds Lapse Day Before

Clinton Recovering At Home Following 'Concussion'

Clinton 'Concussion' Delays Her Benghazi Testimony

CIA, Mossad Staged 9/11 To Further The Zionist Agenda

Duff - School Killings...First Shock, Then Blame & Conspiracy


Lindorff - Obama, Biden War Criminals Under UN Charter

Obama To Nominate Anti-Israel Hagel Sec Defense?

Kirwan - The Suspect Sky

Chemtrails. Aerosol GeoEngineering & BioEngineering

Russia Ousts Meddling US NGOs, Fake Protests Fade

The Chosenites - Vid

Atzmon On The Jewish Lobby - Vid

Iran - NATO Missiles On Turk-Syria Border Signal 'World War'

Militants In Syria Recruit Children, Footage Shows

West, Israel Resort To Colonial Tricks In Syria


Syria Descends Into 'Holy War'

Summary Of Sayed Nasrallah Speech Of Dec 16 - Vid

Blockade Relaxed, Pal Fishermen Bring More Fish Home

I Am Ashamed Of The US Government

Alan Hart - Can American Leaders Lead?

Afghanistan - Victory Or Illusions?

More Loud Booms Reported In GA, Other Cities - Vid

Police Officer Claims Flashing Blue Light Was UFO

The Estimate Of The UFO Situation (Secret USAF Document)

John Lennon's Happy Christmas...War Is Over (not) - Vid


SPLC Demonizes 'Anarcho-Capitalists', 'Voluntaryists'

UK Police Revisit Grim Pedo Mystery Of Elm Guest House

Why They Call Him ‘Agent’ Cameron

India's Sunny Clime

Meet A Remarkable Cancer Survivor

Obesity Bigger Health Crisis Than Hunger

When Wind And Tractor-Trailers Don't Mix - Vid

The Hollywood MK And Monarch Deception Series - Vid

MK-Ultra And The Laurel Canyon Hippies

Hippies And Mind Control - Vid


Br. Nathanael - Jews Behind US Foreign Policy

True Source Of Mass Shootings And Violence?

Gun-Free Zones Are Where Victims Go To Die

The Hidden Hand Of Controlled Opposition

Roundup Linked To Overgrowth Of Deadly Bacteria

CO Man Blames UT And CA For Stealing Snow

Wind Blew Deadly Sarin Gas To US Troops In Iraq War

The Untold Story Of Psychotropic Drugging

Another Look At The Tsunami Hitting Japan - Vid

What Is This Near The Sun? - Vid


Forget The Mayans, Hollywood Destroys Earth In 2013 - Vid

Morris...The Chabad Are Programming Us All - Vid

Did N Korea Launch A New EMP Weapon System?

22 School Children Knife Attacked In China School

Salbuchi - 'Human Price' In The Capitalist Equation

Cease And Resist

FKN News - Shopping For Jesus - Vid

Good, Better And Best Vibrations - Everything Vibrates

Silent, Glowing Dragonfly UFO Over Asheville, NC - Photos

Bethlehem: Christmas Message With Female Touch


Futuristic Handcuffs Will Administer Shocks, Drugs

Too Big To Jail

FL Zero Tolerance For Human Trafficking? Not Really

Farage - Euro Chiefs Like Drug Addicts, Alcoholics - Vid

State Sen - 'Nullifiers' Should Be Hanged & Shot? - Vid

China Tightens 'Great Firewall' Internet Control

US Gulag Incarceration Surpasses The Soviet's

'Tweeters' Could Become Legitimate Military Targets

Samsung's Smart TVs Can Spy On Their Owners

Mysterious Metallic Blobs Help Reveal Planets' Insides


Geodesic Aquaponics Greenhouse Network

Common Chemical In Plastics Linked To Asthma & More

City Gives Speed Cam Ticket To Motionless Car

Hillary Faints, Falls, Has 'Concussion' & 'Stomach Flu'

Depressed Shooter 'Wicked Smart' And Said On Meds (surprise)

Adam Lanza 'Obviously Not Well'

Icke On School Shooting & Obama Crocodile Tears

Obama Wipes Fake Tears Over School Shooting

Lanza, Bloomberg, Obama, Mass Hypnosis - The TV Script

Here Come The Grief Counselors...And Prescription


Obama Signals Gun Control Push Coming

Pat Robertson - Obama Wants To Take Over, Destroy US

Obama Lets States Decide On Marijuana

Obama Signs Trade, Human Rghts Bill That Angers Russia

Taitz - 7 Days To File For TRO To Stop Election Certification

Venezuela Rips Obama's Remarks On Chávez

Chavez Recovery Will Be Complex

NATO Turns Up Heat In Syria Psy-War

UN Plans 10,000 'Peacekeepers' In Syria

Israeli Hawk Lieberman Quits Over Fraud Charges


Holding Israel Accountable

Dec 15, 2012 - Third Intifada Begins

Hungarian MP Burns Israeli Flag At Anti-Zionist Protest

40% Of Israelis Thinking Of Leaving

Kirwan - The Suspect Sky

Devvy - Employers, Doctors, ObamaCare & Supreme Court Cases

Watching The Death Of Small Business In America

Weidner - Tolkien At The End Of Time'

NASA Finds A River On Saturn's Largest Moon - Vid

Republicans Continue To Delay Sandy Aid

Denial Of GeoEng Despite Mountain Of Evidence


Chicago Police Execute Man With Two Taser Shots

The World Bank's Climate Hypocrisy

Greek MP Calls For Gun Crackdown

German Population Up As Immigrants Flee South Europe

ESA To Study Solar Max Effects On Satellite Comm

Der Spiegel's Astonishing Condemnation Of Germany

The Coming Twilight Of The Four Year College

Our Age Of Diminished Expectations

The Fed Central Bank Controls America

Resentment Grows Among China's Have-Nots


Some Happy News Stories Of 2012

Pediatricians Endorse Cell Phone Safety Legislation

Pesticide Exposure Growing In Children

UK Now Safe Haven For Traitors, Terrorists, Criminals

Prince Charles's £700m Estate Accused Of Tax Avoidance

Comedian Donates £50,000 For Gitmo Inmate To Sue M16

Univ Students To Face Fingerprint Scanners At Lectures

Another Blow For Troubled Bankster Nat Rothschild

Police State Nightmare For Innocent Mother

Publishers Feed Craze For Teen Erotic Fiction


US Heading To A Soviet-Style Collapse - Gorbachev

Locals Say Gun Control Is Not The Answer

12 Facts About Guns And Mass Shootings

Internet Still Unregulated - UN Treaty Blocked

Maya Calendar Predicts Life Goes On

UFOs May Have Been Chinese Lanterns - Vid

How The Mighty Mississippi Has Fallen From The Drought

Greece...They Live Among Us

Jobs Council Czar Immelt - Communist China 'Works'

Chinese Doomsday Pods - Vid

Codex Nutrition Committe Chooses Malnutrition!


Obesity Killing 3x As Many As Malnutrition

'Plethora' Of Diseases Caused By Low Vit D

Add Vitamin D To More Foods, Docs Urge

Dog Sniffs Out Superbug

Man-Made Global Warming Is A Farce

California Sees Unusually High 'King Tides'

2 Large Quakes Off California Coast

Survival Among Malis Desert Elephants

Japan Nuclear Lie - Buys Uranium From Uzbekistan

Fukushima One Of Most Contaminated Places On Earth


Military To Continue Bombing Nuke Waste Dumps In HI

Gun Control Laws In America - Vid

Adam Lanza Had Ryan's ID During Shooting - Vid

Shooter's Girlfriend Nowhere To Be Found

Obama, Leahy Open To Relaxing Federal Pot Laws

Your Paycheck Is Hanging Off The Fiscal Cliff

Fiscal Cliff Splits Big And Small Businesses On Taxes

China's JF 17 - A Jewel In The Sky

New Army Manual Orders GIs Not To Criticize Taliba

McKinnon Won't Face Trial For Pentagon, NASA UFO Hacks


Your Need to Know - The Cometa UFO Report - Vid

TX Dad Says Son 'Terrified' After Photographing UFO - Photos

Whites Will Be A Minority By 2042

Americans Eat 35 Lbs Of 'Stupidity'-Linked HFCS Yearly

The Trouble With Beef

Shooter Not Ryan...Was Brother Adam Lanza

20 Year-Old Adam Lanza Was Elementary School Shooter

Neighbors Describe Adam Lanza As 'Odd'...Mentally Ill

Adam Drove Mother's Car To Elementary School

A Timeline Of Mass Shootings In The US Since Columbine


WH - Today Not The Day To Discuss Gun Laws

Is This How CIA Trained Connecticut Shooter? - Vid

They Shoot Children, Don't They?

CNN Morgan Calls For Immediate Handgun Ban (surprise)

TSA Holds Sick Child - 'Tested Positive For Explosives'

CA Cops Execute Man In His Yard...America Is Gone - Vid

Duff - Totally Misleading Intelligence Of CIA

CIA 'Tortured, Sodomised' Terror Suspect

Harsh CIA Interrogation Methods Ineffective


EUSSR Plot To Control All National Spending

Nurse Who Took Prank Call Re Catherine Found Dead - Vid

Is British Queen Legitimate Monarch?

China's J-17 Jet Fighter Gets Rave Reviews

FKN News - The Way It Is - Vid

Droit de Seigneur In Last Gasp Country

Sharing Is Not A Crime - A Plan To Fight Back

Kenya Ban On All GMOs Draws Cheers, Jeers

Space Firm To Offer Private Missions To The Moon

France Denies It Will Ditch Seaborne Nuclear Deterrent


Natural Cure - Scientists create stem cell contact lens

Burglar Calls 911 On Gun-Brandishing Homeowner

Exclusive - How We Can Stop Obama!!

Detroit To Obama - We Voted For You, Bail Us Out!

Patriot Act Allows US To Spy Worldwide! - Vid

Iran - When The Drones Backfire On America

Sudan Captures Vulture With Israeli Spy Device

Speechless In Gaza

New 9/11 Vid Shows Pentagon Blast But No Plane - Vid

Trowbridge - Is Obama's 'Uncle Frank' Socialist Fred Newman?


UN Wants Control Over The World's Internet

DeMint (R-SC) Shrewd Move Resigning Senate For Heritage

Apple Brings iMac Assembly Jobs Back To The US

EU High Court Rules On GMO Contamination

'Yes On Prop 37' Was Classic Controlled Opposition

NYC Gives Sandy Victims Unkempt Citations - Vid

Ten Years Of The Bush Tax Cuts

UFO Briefing Document - The Best Available Evidence - Vid

UFO Cluster Over Japan - Vid

Zimmerman Sues NBC Over Edited 911 Call


Earth Booms/Ground Shaking In 7 States Last 24 Hrs

The New Border - Illegal Immigration's Shifting Frontier

MI Cops Spray, Arrest Right To Work Law Protesters

Slaughterhouses...Where Racehorses Retire - Vid

Stem Cell Pioneer Sues Nobel Assembly - 'False Statement'

If A Goat Won't Eat It, Why Should I?

5 Scary Bugs You Don't Want To Mess With

Program Trains Farmworkers To Be Organic Farmers

Is Nature Somewhere Else?

Gluten And The Whole Grain Assault On Health


Healthiest Foods Out Of Reach For Most

Jerusalem Folklore Between Development & Judaization

Egyptians Demand Amendments To Camp David Agreement

How An African Tribe Deals With Crime

World's Tallest Woman Dies - Vid

Japan TV - 80% Homes In Japan Still Have Radiation

Most 3/11 Radiation Was Not I-131 Or C-137

More Than 25% US Nuke Plants Have Leaked Tritium

Huge Cost Of Decommissioning US Nuke Plants

Fukushima Kids...Nose Bleeds, Diarrhea, Purple Spots, Sudden Death


Disintegration Of Fukushima Daiichi Gaining Speed

Duff - West Making Big Money From War Threats

NDAA 2013 Still Allows Military Detention In US

Domestic Drones Already Flying Regularly Over US

US Becomes A Nation Of 'Downward Mobility'

Nearly All Citizens Under Surveillance - Ex-NSA Analyst

Adelson Recovers Year Of Campaign Spending In ONE Day

Cuts Failed - National Debt, Deficit Skyrocketing

Rense & Clark McCelland - Astronaut UFO Encounters - Vid

Kirwan - Theater Of The Obscene


Iran Shows Captured Navy Drone - US Claims 'No Evidence'

5.6 Quake Hits Iran - At Least 8 Dead

Thousands Of US Troops Arrive Near Syrian Shore

US Carrier Arrives Off Syria Coast

Will West Pull False Flag Chemical Attack In Syria?

Germans OK Patriot Missiles To 'Defend' Turkey

Israel Under Pressure, Queues Up More Holocaust Tales

Israel - Heading For A Political Cliff?

Israeli Regime’s US Made F-16 Engines Stolen

Dean - It's Sanction Time For Israel


Corruption In Israel

NO To Arabs In Israeli Public Transport - Vid

Egypt In Turmoil...Al Ahram Foreign Editor - Vid

Egypt Protesters Torch Muslim Brotherhood Offices

Egypt Violence Worsens, 5 Die In Cairo Clashes

Japan Deploys Patriot Missiles Over NK Rocket 'Threat'

US Air Strike Kills 5 More Afghan Civilians

Colombia Chaos - Anti-Govt Mass Protests Hit 20 Cities

The First Signs Of Ancient Life On Mars?

Marijuana Now Legal In Washington State


Youth Unemployment Serves Corporate, Military Interests

Rove Reversal - Fox Takes Republican Star Down A Notch

Another BBC Star On Pedo Charges

Paedophilia Being Decriminalized In Rothschild UK

China Rocked By Five Sex Scandals In 6 Days

France Unemployment Rate At 13 Year High

Citigroup Slashes 11,000 Jobs

Amazon's Billion Dollar Tax Shield

Ireland Budget Imposes More Austerity

Rothschild Zionist Osborne Denies Robbing Middle Class


Israeli Apostate Blamed For UK Anti-Semitism

The Jewish 'Philsopher' - Vid

Actor Vince Vaughn Risks Pairing With Glenn Beck

47 Scientists Find Huge Greenland, Antarctic Ice-Melt Numbers

Iranians Told To Flee Tehran's Air Pollution

Freak Tornado Hits Auckland Suburb

WNS Recovery In Bats May Share HIV-Aids Similarities

Majestic Marvels Of Nature - Photos

A Palm Tree Grows Outside Philly

Happy Holidays

Is 'Just Label It' Controlled Opposition?


Nowhere To Run Or Hide From The New Killer Robots

NATO Official 'Suicided' - Mind Control Again?

West Pointer Quits, Cites 'Criminal' Behavior Of Officers

Warrantless Oz Private Net, Phone Spying Up By 20%

Taser, Intl Sued - Tasered Man Left With Brain Damage

Stunning NASA Earth At Night Images

2nd-Graders Charged For Bathroom Breaks - Vid

School Dumps Baby Jesus For Frosty The Snowman

93,000 Sq Mi Of Amazon Rainforest Destroyed In 10 Yrs

Study Raises Questions On Coating Of Aspirin


For Athletes, Risks From Ibuprofen Use

One Can Of Soda Ups Aggressive Cancer Risks By 40%

Why Autism Is Drastically On The Rise

Jack Webb vs Obama - Vid

Gunderson - 70,000 Shad Gone...Only 16 Left - Vid

Quake Could Dump R4 SFP Rods Onto Ground

More Mutations In Birds, Insect Around Fukushima

Giant Nets To Keep Radioactive Fish In Fukushima Port?

Rense & David Duke - Elite Are Not Just Wealthy - Vid

Whistleblower Reveals More On NSA Domestic Spying


Fascism, Anyone? Google Chief Likely For Cabinet Post

Manufactured Fear - 15 Min To Change Your Life - Vid

Americans Face Govt-Caused 'Fiscal Cliff' Disaster

Tarpley - 1% Wall St Sales Tax Will Stabilize Budget

FCC Chair To Help Murdoch Buy LA Times & Chicago Tribune?

Roger Ailes Urged Petraeus To Run For President

Petraeus Says Murdoch Wanted To Bank His Campaign

Kirwan - Catastrophic Complexity

Congress Imports 100,000 Immigrants Every Month

Reports Of Triangle UFOs Pour In From Across Country


Ret Navy Cmdr Bethume Describes Enormous UFO - Vid

UFOs Filmed Over Kissimmee, Florida - Vid

Duff - Portentous Unison Of US Intel Agencies

West Moves In For Syria Kill & War On Iran

McGrath On RT...Syria Fighting Spills Into Lebanon - Vid

Russia Rips West For Over Syrian Chem Weapons

Syria - 28 Students Killed' In Rebel Attack On School

Corruptus In Extremis

Zionist US Senate Votes For Military Action In Syria

Iran Say Data Fully-Extracted From US Drone


Iran Tells US To 'Recount' Its Drones

Israel Mocks UN Call For Nuclear Transparency

Israeli Settlement Construction Fallout

Palestinians To UN - Stop 2 Big Israeli Settlements

Israel Accuses US Of Backing Euro 'Settlement' Backlash

UK Dismisses EU Sanctions On Israel

Pike - Before Zionism, Most Christians, Jews Pro-Palestinian

Whatever Happened To The American Dream

California Dreaming - Bankruptcy, Pensions And Taxes

Shakespeare - Tricks Of The Global Financial Elite


Stathis - Economic Fascism Stunts Any US Recovery

Study Calculates The Cost Of Geoengineering

MI6, CIA Secrets Stolen By Swiss Spy

Madsen - Zionists Up Control Of Pacific Micro Nations

Venezuelans Vote Again

From Jonestown To The Mad Hatters Tea Party

UN Internet Regulation Talks Threaten Freedom

Serb UN Amb 'Jumps To His Death'

20 Examples Of How Evil & Cruel People Are Now

A Celebration Of Vipers And Trembling Dominos


Tesla Tech Used To Wirelessly Charge Elec Bus

Interview With UFO Legend Stanton Friedman - Vid

Scientists Warn Of Sperm Count Crisis

Half Million Brits Hit With Norovirus

Philippines - Typhoon Bopha Killed Over 270

Encore - Hollywood Streetcars Of The Pacific Electric - Vid

Secret Space War You Are Not Allowed To Know

Kirwan - The Dysfunctional USSA

NATO Will Deploy Patriot Missiles On Turkey-Syria Border

Br. Nathanael - Israel Gives UN Vote The Finger - Vid


UN Resolution Demands Israel Disclose Nuclear Arsenal

UN Pressures Israel to Open Covert Nuke Facilities - Vid

Chemtrails & Horizontal Gene Transfer - GMO Connection

Boehner Faces Massive Conservative Fury

Weather Channel Helping Hide Geoengineering

OSI Intel Report - Huge V-Shaped Craft Over Albuquerque

The Peoples War

Insider Exposes Retaliation Tactics Of Criminal Judges - Vid

Navy Fails To Prove HIV, Dismisses Charges


Judge Napolitano Slams Gun Control On Veterans - Vid

US Spook Factory - Pentagon's New CIA Twin - Vid

New York Wants $42 Billion For Sandy Damage

Scientists Forecast Dramatic Temperature Increase

Brad Steiger On The 'Legacy Of The Sky People'

Stress Shrinks Important Regions In The Brain

26 Facts About Finland's Amazing Education System

Microcosmos...The Grass People - Vid

Elephants Are Dying Out In US Zoos

Take Two Pills And Charge Me In The Morning


2012 The Year In Pictures

Kirwan - Thought Forms...

Last Of 4 Old San Onofre Generators Shipped - Vid

Drive-By Shows Generator Rad Reading At 329 CPM! - Vid

Filer's Files #48 - 2012 - Commander Bethune's Sighting

Filer's Files #47 -2012 - Happy Thanksgiving

Who Hates Putin?

Obammy To Fill Key Posts In Weeks

Bradley Manning - A Window To The American Soul

Montgomery Sibley's Electoral College Suit vs Obama


American Sheep Back At The Feeding Trough

How The Feds Can Still Get Your Digital Data

GMO Clauses Could Be Back In 'Fiscal Cliff' Funding

Jay Leno Describes The Fiscal Cliff - Vid

Not Without Our Consent

Syrian Refugee Camps Targeted By Traffickers - Vid

The Art Of Being Still

The Great Cholesterol Caper

Obama Shamelessly In Bed With Al-Qaeda To Oust Assad

Rahm Emanuel Likens Obama To Lincoln - Vid


US Repeats Syrian Chemical Weapons "Warnings"

Obammy Preps Sheeple For Syria WMD False Flag

UN To Pull Non-Essential Staff From Syria

US Increases Illegal Spy Drones Flights Over Iran

Tehran Claims Intact Capture Of US Spy Drone - Vid

Navy Denies Any US Drones Missing Over Iran

Zionist Fingerprints All Over US-Led Iran Sanctions

Morris...The Jew As A Race Is A Fraud - Vid

Will Israel Force A Palestinian Exodus?

UN Tells Israel To Let In Nuclear Inspectors


Israeli Settlement Construction Fallout

Entire Ukraine Government Resigns

Monsanto's Dicamba Soy Worst Of 13 More GMOs Coming - Vid

Group Wants US To Build 'Death Star'

Are The Feds About To Steal $3.5 Trillion?

US-Led Military Fascism Endangers Entire World

5 Facts About US Pathological Wealth Distribution

Eric Holder Chief Of Staff Resigning This Week

Bloomberg Asked Clinton To Become NYC Mayor

Everyone In US Is Now Under Virtual Surveillance


US Forces Rape Women In N Afghan Village Say Locals

Finally, Romney Creates A Job...For Himself

Swedish Politician - Toxic Chemtrails Are Quite Real - Vid

Hanford's Ugly 1949 Nuclear Experiment On Residents

Why Earth Is ET's Top Rated Reality Show

Beijing UFO Research Society Probes New Sightings

Distant Solar Systems Eyed As Home To Life

Ancient Catastrophe And Plate Tectonic Theory

NNC News Interviews Lendman

Northwest Pummeled By Rain, Rising Waters - Vid


Jet Stream Leaves Southern US In Record Heat

Batshit City and Organ Harvesting, Disney World

London Mayor Calls For EU Referendum

Brits Pay Most Taxes In The World

Terrorism Has Quadrupled Since Iraq War

Psycho TV Host Lights Man's Head On Fire - Vid

Doomsday French Mountain To Close On 12-21-12

Amsterdam To Build 'Scum Villages' For Law Breakers

Vatican - New Security Measures After Big Scandal

Dental X-Ray Machine 10x Over Limit Radiation


McGrath - Debt Pimps Taking Total Control - Vid

Obama & Hillary Lies About Syrian Chem Weapons - Vid

Palestinians Can Sue 600K Israeli Occupiers - Vid

Killing Palestinians & Rationalizing Obama Police State

Narco Republic Of Afghanistan Drug Sales $80 Billion - Vid

Kirwan - Israel Spits On The UN

Historic 'Super Typhoon' Smashes Into Philippines

Did Hundreds Die In BanglaDesh Factory Fire? - Vid


The New CIA Spies - The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) - Vid

Judge Napolitano On 'Maternity Motel' For Citizenship - Vid

Hillary Begs Tor Taxpayer $$$ For Propaganda - Vid

Cargo Ships Stack Up As LA Port Strike Hits Day 7

Tom Woods On The Anti-Secession Mind Controllers - Vid

An Alternative Explanation For Global Warming

Kaiser-Permanente Warning On GMOs

Bats Surviving WNS Can Have Major Immune Problems

Truth By Consensus - How To Control Our Thinking

Prince William & Kate Expecting First Baby


'Curiosity' Finds 'Hints Of Carbon'

Solar Systems FAR More Habitable Than Ours Found

Girl With Her Cat On Treadmill - Vid

Dec 2nd Radioactive Fukushima Rain Falls On Ontario - Vid

Gunderson - Fuku Radiation To Spread Worldwide For 300 Yrs

Rense & Jeffrey Smith - GM Food Report & Prop 37 Loss

Cheerios Removes App During Anti-GMO Backlash

Pentagram Grows CIA Twin To Spy On Americans

Revolving Door From Pentagon To Private Sector

Security Obsession Drives 100 Scientists From NASA


Putin - Russia Not Assad's Guarantor

The West Can't Pay Syria's Price - Vid

Israel Calls West Bank 'Disputed' Not 'Occupied Territory'

'Settlers' Take Over 5-Story Pal West Bank Home

Israhell E1 'Settlements' Will Split West Bank In Half

Israeli Espionage And New Senate Iran Sanctions

Voices From The Occupation

Iranian Medicine Saving American Lives

The Top Eight Energy Risks For 2013


Kirwan - Quest Versus Conquest

Popular Culture Promotes The Police State

Cops Execute 2 Detroit Citizens With 137 Bullets - Vid

Novel Beta Coronavirus HCW Clusters Raise Concerns

Fatal Novel Beta Coronavirus HCW Cluster In Jordan

Authorities Reassure Russians Over Mayan Doom

Global Warming Hype Is Filling Holiday Season

European Combat Drone Tested In France

Oz Surveillance 'Out Of Control' - Up 20% In 1 year

China Concern Over N Korean Rocket Launch


Satan In Cyberspace

Oyster Co. Put Out of Business By Agenda 21

Pike - Hate Laws Worldwide...Wins And Losses For Freedom

Think Like A Serial Killer Assignment In Oz School

Denver UFOs Still Have The Mile-High City Abuzz

Venusian Volcanoes Caught In The Act?

Another Big Storm To Hit Soaked OR, WA Late Monday

Senator Graham - 'We're Going Over The Cliff' - Vid

Netanyahu Mocks World Over Massive New 'Settlements'


Rabbi - We're All To Become Slaves Of The Jews

Rogue State Israel - Waging War On Palestine

Obama Eligibility Challenged Again

Susan Rice's Imperial Credentials

Drone Makers Want Congress To OK Faster Use On Us

Corn (Junk) Ethanol May Cost Foodservice $32b A Year

Punishing Palestine - State Terror Is Official Israeli Policy

Political Resistance To Unfolding US Holocaust Is Futile

Manning Trial Delayed 'About A Month'

Assange On The Horrible Treatment Of Bradley Manning


Erasing Manning - NYT, AP Launch Operation Amnesia

9 Dead Recovered In Japan Highway Tunnel Collapse - Vid

Broadwell Busy Re-Branding Her Image

The Many Small Lies Of Paula Broadwell

GMOs Wont Feed The World (They'll Kill It) - Vid

DOJ Suddenly Quits Monsanto Antitrust Probe (gosh)

Eat Organic - Food Justice For The 99%

Stop Being Food For The Reptilian Complex - Vid

After A Billion, What's Next For Facebook?

The Plot Against The Internet


Tribute To The Heroes Of Benghazi - Vid

Stunning Deep Space Star Forming Region Photo

Doomsday Hysteria Grips Russia

JoeTalk - Hell You Want? Hell You're Gonna Get - Vid

DNA Photo Shows Double Helix For First Time - Photos

To the Smart Ones? Hydrogen

Inhuman Reality Of Feathers For 'Fashionable' Coats - Vid

Devvy - I Can Still Hear Their Screams

Tobacco Company Liars And The Lies They Tell

Monster Sinkholes - Major Earth Changes To New Madrid Fault?


Mine 'Sniffing' Dolphins To Be Replace By Robots

Dolphin Bites 8-Year-Old At Sea World - Vid

Vegan Diet Role In Triumph Over Cancer

Chaka Khan Loses 60 Lbs, Cures Diabetes On Vegan Diet

What Do Vegans Really Love?

Why White Bread Is So Incredibly Bad For You

City Warns Of Cell Phone Cancer - Vid

30 Yr Coverup Of Vaccine Dangers Exposed In UK

The Lottery Of Loss For Those Dying Of Hunger

Psychiatrists OK Vast Changes To Diagnosis Manual


US Birthrate Falls To Lowest On Record

The Single Deadliest Ingredient In Your Pantry?

Obama Deploys SS To Protect Goldman CEO From Press!

Most Outrageous NDAA Myths - Vid

US To Build New Spy Network As Big As CIA

Drones To Fly Over US As Safety Record Questioned

Obama Drone Strikes Slaughter More Children - Vid

Drones Kill Far More Innocents Than 'Militants'

Boeing EMF Drone Can Cripple A Nation's Electronics

US Collecting The DNA Of World Leaders


Duff - New Israeli Bunker To Hide Its Nukes, BioWar Labs

Secret US Construction In Israel

Netanyahu Revenge - Israel Will Build 'Settlements' EVERYWHERE

Israel To Steal Palestinian Tax Funds Over UN Vote

Punishing Palestine

Gaza Tunnels Back In Business Since Cease Fire

Israel And Palestine Go To War

Israel Routes US Forces in 'Six Hour War'

Turkey Presses For Patriot Missiles Over Syria 'Threat'

Russia Blast US 'Iron And Blood' Democracy For Syria


Syria Internet Back After 2 Day Blackout

New Iran Flagpoles...Satellite Jamming Technology?

Iran Reactor Fuel Pulled Over 'Construction Debris'

Suicide Bombers Hit US Afghan Base

Taliban Attack Big NATO Air Base In Afghanistan

1st Female Afghan Rapper Not Deterred By Threats - Vid

DIA To Send Hundreds More Spies Overseas

Cars Trapped After Japan Tunnel Collapse Starts Fire

A Broken Body Isn't A Broken Person - Vid

Glenn Beck - Path To Agenda 21 - Vid


Agenda 21 - Pinko Or Progress? - Vid

Why Did You Risk Your Life For Me? - Vid

Bank Overdraft Rates Of 20% Devastate Customers

German Put In Psych Hospital Over Bank Allegations

US Fracking Chemical Linked To Organ Damage

OH Sinkhole, Size Of 4 Football Fields, Eats Highway

10 Ways To Prep Your Community For Collapse

Decentralizing Telecom For Local Communities

The Real Human Beings

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters On Israeli Criminality - Vid


NASA Scientist Answer 'End Of The World' Questions - Vid

Another Stunning Sighting Of A Triangle Shaped UFO

Huge Triangle UFO Reported Hovering Over MO Home

MK Ultra And Mind Control In The White House

FBI Intimidates Satanic Ritual Abuse Victims/Witnesses

Sammy Davis Jr Experimented With Satanism

Satanic Subversion Of The US Military

Spoon Benders And Satanists In The US Military

Sex Addiction - The Truth About A Moden Phenomenon

Harvard Approves Kinky Sex Club On Campus


Rabbi 'Forced 12 Yr Old Girl To Do Oral Sex On Him'

Pelosi Won't Defend Hospital's 1st Amendment Rights

Buffalo, NY Teachers Get Free Plastic Surgery - Vid

Did Some American Indians Descend From Europeans?

Tutankhamun Treasure - Mysterious Curse Of 90 Yrs Ago

Multiple Blasts Rip US Base In Afghanistan

Explosion In Gaza Amid Fragile Ceasefire

Atzmon - The End Of Jewish Power

Jewish 'Progressive' View Of Israeli-Pal Conflict - Vid

Br. Nathanael - Hungary Begins Backlash vs Jews


Operation Pillar Of Death - Naming Gaza's Dead - Vid

Three Things I Learned While My Plane Crashed - Vid

Organizing Agenda 21 Resistance In CA - Vid

Officials Fine Texas Brine $100,000 Over Sinkhole

Walmart Shifts Health Burden To Medicaid, Obamacare

If Fighting For Majority Is 'Radical', Call Me Radical

Tibetan Monks Statement For 12-21-12 Doomsday

Researcher Offers Alternative Explanation For Warming

200 Sq Ft Tiny Homes Pop Up In DC - Vid

Tiny Homes Elbow Their Way Into Urban Life


Homemade Square Gardening PVC Watering System

Man Kills Deer Unlike Any Other

Take A Drive Down Hollywood Blvd In 1957 - Vid

Dog Plays While Owners Away - Vid

Manning - I Thought I Was Going To Die In That Cage

So, How Do We Stop The Chemtrail Spraying?

Corexit Made BP Gulf Disaster Worse (gee, really?)

Redford Supports Obama Keystone Pipeline Rejection - Vid

States Seize Citizens Property To Balance Budgets


Dawson Takes Alex Jones To The Wood Shed - Vid

Citizens Winning War Over Recording, Photographing Cops

109 Locations Jews Have Been Expelled Since 250 AD

Israeli Lieberman - 'The Palestinian Authority Doesn't Exist'

Duff - UN Pal Vote A Humiliating Defeat For US, Israel

Amateurish Hoax - Textbook Graph 'Implicates' Iran

Zio Senate Threatens To Stop Aid To Palestinians

Zio Senate Votes To Tighten Iran Sanctions

Lendman - Zionist Lobby Supports Israel Worst Crimes

Soccer Stars Condemn Holding Championship In Israel


Lebanese Conduit For The Syrian Insurgency - Vid

Syria's Internet Loss & Future Of Info Warfare

Obama Drone Strikes Murder 4, Hurt 3 In Pakistan

NYT Slams Obama’s Targeted Drone Killing Ops

US Drone Crashes Increasing

Russia Increases Demands On NATO Missile Shield

Massive Snowfall Creates Havoc In Russia

Of Goldman Sachs & Tengizchevroil

EUSSR Breaking Europe Into Weaker Regions?

Ebay's Double Tax Base Prompts Calls For Investigation


More WHO Novel Beta Coronavirus Reporting Issues

Athens In Spiraling HIV-AIDS Crisis - Health Officials

JoeTalk - America Is Now A Third World Country - Vid

Family Sues CIA Over Bioweapons Expert's 1953 Death

Mobile Phone Addiction Ruining Relationships

Facebook Ordered To Remove Pedo Monitor Page

Mysterious Blood Red Algae Glows Blue At Night

Cyril Smith Teen Sex Assault In Houses Of Parliament

UK To Open 60% Of Countryside To Fracking

The Downside Of Easy Money


Watergate Scandal: Secret Files Released

'White Witch Coven' Ritualistic Sex Abuse Of Girls

MN Creating GPS-Based Car Tracking, Tax System

Woman Sues - Tasered While Cuffed In County Jail

New, Can't Miss Rifle 'Tracking Point' Demo - Vid

Dog Saves Woman From Water Moccasin In FL - Vid

Palestine UN Vote Postmortems

The UN Vote On Palestine

Dble Deck Bus HIts Miami Overpass, 2 Dead, 3 Critical

A 16+ Ft Burmese Python Captured In FL Everglades - Vid


Obama Wants Dictatorial Power to increase Debt

Little Progress In Fiscal Cliff Talks

Obama Crazy To Claim Unilateral Debt Ceiling - Vid

21 Vile, Odious Lies Obama Has Told America

NDAA Amendment Passes - But Is It Enough?

Giant Loophole In NDAA Amendment

Nader - Reining In Obama And His Drones

US Drones Use - The Legality Issue


Sen. Sanders - Wall St CEOs Are The 'Faces Of Class Warfare'

Israeli's Retiring Defense Chief Ready To Hit Iran

False Flag Nuclear Christmas To Be Blamed On Iran?

F. William Engdahl...CIA Favors Egyptian Brotherhood - Vid

Bilderberg Group Captures Bank Of England

Tortured Wikileaks Suspect Manning Chokes Up At Hearing

Earth Under Chemical Attack From Chemtrails

34 Blatant Signs America Is In Decline

(Pro GMO) EU Finds Fault With French GMO Rat Study

The Other Dark Side Of The GMO Coin


Kaiser Permanente Issues Warning On GMO Food

A Totally Vegan Supermarket To Open In Phoenix

World Bank Warns Of New Norm Of High Food Prices

Young Female Psychopath Forbidden To Own Duct Tape

The TSA As We Know It Is Dead - Here's Why

A Mosaic Of JPL Messenger Images Of Mercury Ice

Money Costs More To Produce Than It's Worth - Vid

Megastorms Could Drown Massive Portions Of CA

Academics To Study Threat Of Robot Uprising

Court OKs Warrantless Home Video Recording


Killer Whales Endangered Status Challenged - Photos

3D Printers Could Use Moon Rocks

Discoverer Explains Astoundingly Large Black Hole - Vid

Experts Call For Mental Illness Screening For Children

Can Schools Be Stopped From Electrocution, Brutality? - Vid

Is McDonald's A Zionist Restaurant? - Vid

24 Foods That Can Save Your Heart

Ohio Firm Demands Employees Get Flu Shot

Scary Elevator Ghost Prank - Vid

Huge Increase Of Tsunami Debris On Hawaii Beaches - Vid


Gunderson - Oyster Creek Plant Leak Worse Than Said

Brave, Older Japanese Work At Fukushima,Tell Truth

AP's Disgraceful Iran Bomb Drawing Hoax

Netanyahu Revenge - 3,000 More Illegal 'Settlement' Homes

Senate Votes To Curb Indefinite Detention

Obama Escalates War, Death, Destruction In Middle East

Bradley Manning Testifies On His Detention

Gennifer Flowers To Broadwell - Call Me

Petraeus Blames His Mistress

FKN News - Arab Dictator Revolution...LOL - Vid


Week 47 Iowa H3N2v Child Without Swine Exposure

Orange County, CA Bird Die-Off Worrisome

Organic - Food Justice For The 99%

Massive Sinkhole In Ohio - Vid

CBS News - Is Palestine Now A State?

Rice Anger As UN Gives Palestinians 'State' Status

Jews Announce 3,000 MORE Illegal 'Settlements'

Israeli Revenge - 3,000 New Jerusalem 'Settlements'

US Pledges More Money For Israel's 'Iron Dome'

Nazemroaya On The Gaza-Israel War - Vid


Chess Game Behind The Recent Gaza-Israel 'War'

US Building Huge 'Secret' Underground Complex In Israel

Israel's Rabin Approved Saddam Hussein's Murder

Corporate Media Lying To Sell Iran Nuke Threat

Internet Down Across Syria For Second Day

How The Globalists Write The Script

N Korea Defense Chief Replaced With Hardliner?

La. Sinkhole & Too Many Natural Disasters - Sarah

DHS Loons Add Underwater Drones To Arsenal

Kirwan - The Borg


Martin - Who Killed James Forrestal?

Identical Beta Coronavirus Sequences Signal H2H

Jordan Fatal Beta Coronavirus Cluster Confirms H2H

Fatal Beta Cornavirus Cluster In Jordan Confirmed

Moscow Records Heaviest November Snow In 50 Years

Morgellons...And What You Can Do About It - Vid

US Debt Burden Realy $100 Trillion?

Earth From The International Space Station - Timelapse - Vid

State Senator Proposes Dissolving City Of Detroit

USPS Chief Lays Out Plan For USPS Survival


The Kali Yuga - The Age Of Destruction

Churches Renting Out Steeples As Cell Towers

Trooper Charged With Stealing From Dead Crash Victim

Lunatic Cops Force Disabled Drivers Car To Crash

The Bankrupt, Fraud Government - Shut It Down!

9/11 And How To Proceed - Vid

2012 And The Pyramids At Giza

Mayan Explanation Of December 21, 2012 - Vid

Shifting Sands In Amorphous Zones Of Vagueness

MA Witness Describes Silent Triangle UFO Encounter


Flickering Stars = Could ET Be Sending Us Signals?

Oz Rapidly Turning Into Total Surveillance State

College Says Students Can’t Sell 'Christmas' Trees

Derailment Send Chem Tank Cars Into NJ Creek - Vid

Medical Tyranny Is Here - We Were Warned...

Mayor Of Serb Village Warns Of Vampire On Loose

Church Sets Up Exorcist Hotline To Deal With Demand

Why Are Cows Tails Dropping Off?

Mayor Of Serb Village Warns Of Vampire On Loose


Assange - Absolute Control Thru The Internet Is Ready - Vid

GMO Giant DuPont Hires Ex-Cops To Hunt Down Farmers

Belarus President Says Putin Hurt In Judo Throw

Noda Cancels Russia Trip - Cites 'Bad Health' Of Putin

Putin Health Mystery Sparks Investor Fears

Palestinians Win UN Recognition As Sovereign State

Damascus Airport Not Accepting Flights

Battles Near Damascus Airport - Net, Cell Phones Down

Internet Service Blackout In Syria

Israel's Genocidal War On Palestine


Why Israel Loves To Be Hated By Palestinians

McGrath - Off The Cliff - Vid

Obama Wants State-Sponsored Murder Legalized

New 2013 NDAA - Easier To Detain Americans

Why Are These States Opting Out of Obamacare? - Vid

X-47B Unmanned Combat Jet Hoisted Onto USS Truman - Vid

China Shows Off New Carrier Landing Capability - Vid

UK Judge Recommends Oversight Of The Press - Vid

Senate Comm Sensibly Rejects Unwarranted Snooping


Fitch Downgrades Argentina, Predicts Default

The Next Grecian Tragedy

Rand Paul On The Fiscal Cliff & Taxing The Rich - Vid

Fight vs TX Tar Sands Continues - Arrests. Hunger Strike

Was The Grand Canyon Carved Out In Dino Days?

2012 And The Pyramids Of Giza

Water, Water Everywhere - Mars, Moon, Now Mercury

Bizarre, Giant Gigantic Black Hole Baffles Scientists

Fukushima Woman Warns Of Huge Health Crisis Coverup - Vid

Foreign Docs Says Fukushima Symptoms Always The Same - Vid


Giant 100 Meter Sarcophagus Rises Over Chernobyl - Vid

138 UN Countries Grant Statehood To Palestine

Palestinians UN Recognition As A Sovereign State

Obama Hosts Romney In Private WH Lunch

Obama Signs Whistle-Blower Protection Law

Br. Nathanael - Petraeus Under Jewry's Thumb - Vid

Br. Nathanael's Amazing Videos

Lindorff - US Ending The War In Afghanistan?

WHO Acknowledges Milder Beta Coronavirus Cases

Latest Sanction Against BP Goes Beyond Gulf Spill


NYPD Officer Buy Boots For Shoeless, Homeless Man

Guess What Kills One Person Every 19 Minutes?

UFO SW FL Mystery Solved? - Vid

Monster Black Hole Is Biggest Ever Found - Vid

Antarctic Lake Untouched For 2,800 Years Probed

Your Moisturizer Could Increase Diabetes Risk By 60%

Obama Memo On 'Insider Threats' Why Now?

FBI May Impound Pro-Obama Voting Machines - Vote

Event At Iran Isfahan Nuclear Plant - Some To ER

US Overseeing Mystery Israeli Construction Project


Israel Jewish Laws And The Kingdom Of Evil

Pentagon To Award Medal To Israel's Barak

Israel Drops Threat To Pal Leadership Over UN Vote

Gaza 'War' Cost Israel $1.8b In Tourism - Vid

'Why I Am No Longer A Zionist'

The Kol Nidre - Judaism's License To Lie

Arafat's Body Exhumed

Qatar Arms Syria 'Rebels' With Antiaircraft Missiles - Report

Rebels' Shoot Down 2 Syrian Aircraft With Looted SAMs

CIA Sued Over Death Of Scientist Given LSD


2011 - Piers Denies All Knowledge Of Phone Hacking

2003 - Piers Talking About Phone Hacking In Video

WHO Confirms Third Fatal Beta Coronavirus Case

Massive H5N1 Wild Bird Outbreak In Krasnodar

Food Stamp Biometric ID Program Introduced

Tea Party Phonies

May 10, 1940 - Zionist Britain Invades Nuetral Iceland

Greeks Turn To Forests For Winter Fuel

Bangladesh Sweatshop Fire

Disney, Sears, Others Tied To Bangladesh Factory Fire


Factory Mgrs Refused To Let People Escape Bangladesh Inferno

Jesse Ventura - Conspiracy Theory Ozarks, Pt 1 - Vid

Jesse Ventura - Conspiracy Theory Ozarks, Pt 2

Tour Billionaire's Hi-Tech Castle In Ozarks - Vid

Dissolution Of 1st Amendment Begins...In Great Britain

Soldier Kills Pregnant Wife, Himself After Argument

NY Actually Has A Day With No Violent Crime

Britain To Oz In Four Hours With New Engine

Google Error? 'Phantom' Pacific Is. On 136 Yr Old Maps

China World's Biggest Film Market By 2020


Back Holes - The Myth vs The Math - Vid

Stem Cell Clinical Trial For Heart Failure - Vid

Pharma ’Experts’ Want Mental Illness Screening For Kids

Infected And Unaware - HIV-AIDS Hitting US Youth

Painkiller Addiction Plague Sweeping US

Wounded Warrior Project Admits It Is Anti-Gun

Israelis Will Flee The Next War - Hamas

Report - Obama To Deepen Syria Intervention

NASA Backs Off On Mars 'Historic Announcement'

Ron Paul...Both Parties Are Dinosaurs - Vid


Broadwell 'Too Creepy' For On Camera TV Jobs

Congress Looks At Dark Side Of Drone Use

TX NDAA Nullification Bill...Charges For Feds

Cyber Corps Program Trains Spies For Digital Age

Congressman Wants 2-Yr Ban On Internet-Related Bills

Internet Skeptical Of Issa Internet Freedom Bill

Japan's Nuclear Mistake

Iran To Move Ahead Intensely With Nuclear Enrichment

New Iran Warship Launched Near Hormuz

Abbas To Sign Letter Not To Accede To ICC


Challenging Morsi On Tahrir Square

Widespread Novel Beta Coronavirus Alerts

Kissinger Architect Of The New World Order

The Madness Of A Lost Society - Vid

Corporate Food Industry Tree Over America

Mississippi River May Be Impassable In 2 Weeks

Beginning To Look A Lot Like Saturnalia

Gennifer Flowers Talks About Affairs & Bill Clinton - Vid

Your Brain On Video Games - Vid

Genocidal Israel Goes Vegan - Talk About Hypocrisy


69% Of Pork Contaminated With Bacteria

A High Schooler's View On Vegetarianism

Nanotech Gives Dental Fillings Greater Longevity

2 Ex-USAF Security Police Discuss UFOs At Nuke Sites

ET Mummy Found In Egypt? - Photos

Life On Saturn Moon Titan? - Vid

Cassini Spacecraft Sees Polar Storm On Saturn

Saturn Moons Resemble Pac-Man In NASA Pics

Nuclear Power Could Blast Humans Into Deep Space

Tuition Sex - Students Offered Up To £15,000


12 Incredible Stories Of 2012

Zurich To Open Drive-Up 'Sex Boxes'

Doctors Tell How Children Are Put On End Of Life Plan

Giant 100 Meter Sarcophagus Rises Over Chernobyl - Vid

Radiation Rises Sharply In Fukushima R3 Building - Vid

Caldicott - What We've Learned From Fukushima - Vid

One Person Quits Fukushima Every Day - Vid

GOP Splits Over Obama Tax Plan, 'Cliff' Looms - Vid

First Cracks In GOP Stance On Higher Taxes

How A Fake Google News Story Spread Online


Pentagon Demands All Electronics Be Marked With DNA

The Illuminati Fear Program

100,000 Egyptians Protest As ‘Pharaoh’ Morsi Won't Budge

Syria Names 142 Foreign Mercs Who Fought With 'Rebels'

Damascus Car Bombs Leave 40 Dead - Vid

Iran Heavy Water Reactor On Schedule

Fisk - Israel, Yasser Arafat And Polonium 210

Petras - Israeli Terror...The Final Solution To Palestine

Nobel Winners Call For Boycott Of IDF Over Gaza Assault

IAEA Hacked Over Israeli Nuclear Bomb Program


The Day Before Palestine - Israel Tests Antimissile

Saudi King Abdullah Clinically Dead - Report

This Is Why They Don't Allow Guns In China - Vid

Programming The Nation

Kirwan - Nails In The Coffin, Part 1

Kirwan - Nails In The Coffin, Part 2

You Go To Prison, They Get Paid - Vid

Student Loans - 90+ Day Delinquency Rate Soars

Fed Feud - 'Horrific Consequences' For Unlimited Easing

US Middle Class Net Worth Lowest In Decades


Kabul Bank Fraud - Half A Billion 'Diverted'

Amazon Says UK Sales Were £207m...Actually Were £2.9b

Glenn Beck Dunks Obama Figurine In Jar Of 'Urine'

Is It FAIR To Tax The Rich Out Of Business?

65% Of Millionaires Left UK To Avoid 50% Tax

Man With Data On Huge Russian Fraud 'Drops Dead'

Danske Bank - New Normal Demands New Standards - Vid

Madsen - Dark Side Of Medical Intelligence Gathering

UK Schools Can Teach Kids About Porn

BBC Inquiry Into Savile Scandal To Stay Secret


Prosecutors Missed 3 Chances To Get Pedo Cyril Smith

FBI Most Wanted 'Hiding With Mormons'

Qatar Novel Beta Coronavirus Case In Mecca

Novel Beta Coronavirus Mecca Linkage Raises Concerns

Hugo Chavez Back To Cuba For Cancer Treatment

Suppose You Were An Idiot...

Chinese Man Builds Ark For Mayan 'Doomsday' - Photos

No Room In French Village For Apocalypse Pilgrims

NZ Man Films Strange Aerial Phenomena - Vid

Mankind's Nuclear Death Wish In Time-Lapse - Vid


End Times Madness Condition To Be Reckoned With

Indian Vegetarianism Fathers Child At 96

HFCS Fueling Diabetes On Global Scale

1 Soda A Day Raises Prostate Cancer Risk 40%

100s On Net Sites Urge Girls To 'Starve For Perfection'

New Technique To Remove Fluoride From Water

One Of China's Richest Fights Obama For Wind Farm

Amazon Deforestation Hits Record Low

Britain Faces Coldest Winter In 100 Years

Big Freeze Follows Big Floods In Britain

Doha - Global Warming Slowing Down


Gay ‘Conversion Therapy’ Faces Test in Courts

1652 British Coin Fetches $430,000 At Auction

15 Things More Likely Than Winning The Lottery

NASA Announces Magnetic Portals Do Exist

Jewish Charities Feed Zionist Lobbies In Britain

Congo War Exposes Folly Of Western 'Aid'

Western-Backed Congo Rebels Surround Central Bank

Syria Launches Air Strikes - Fighting Rages In Damascus

Nuclear Christmas - False Flag In US To Blame Iran

Planned Murder Attempts On US Officials By AIPAC? - Vid


GOP Senators 'More Disturbed' After Meeting Rice

Northrup X-47B Pilotless Drone To Try Carrier Landings

The Drone Wars Have Begun

Obama Vetoes A Carbon Tax...In Europe

Brzezinski - US Must Stop Following Israel Like A Mule

Emergency Delegation Enters Gaza

IDF Chief Propagandist Wears Blackface

Jerusalem...Alter Of Sacrifice - Vid

Paul Craig Roberts - The Bin Laden Myth

Exhumation Of Arafat's Body Opens Can Of Worms - Vid


Obama Has Upped US Debt By $49,000 Per Household

Manhattan Gold Depository Declares A Force Majeure

Employers Will Cut Work Hours To Dodge Obamacare

States Give Obama Dose Of Obamacare Medicine

Obamacare Catch 22 - New Patients, No Doctors

College Profs Lose Hours Thanks To Obamacare

Agenda 21 Battled In New Hampshire

9/11 Conspiracy Solved, Names & Details Exposed - Vid

Saudi Women Fight GPS-Style Tracking By Husbands

Peru Passes Monumental 10 Year Ban On GMOs


A Prop 37-Like Law Will Pass Somewhere, And Soon

Is Genetically Modified Food Killing Us?

GMO Labeling Fight Gains Momentum In US

GMOs May Cause Male Sperm Counts To Dive

Dr. Chiappalone - La Commedia e Finita Part 2

What's It All About, Visible?

Chuck Woolery On The Mexican Fence - Vid

Judge Orders Tobacco Co To Say They Lied

Morris...The Age Of Push - Vid

Higgs Boson Discovery And Conscious Intention


UFO Witnesses In 3 Separate FL Locations Speak Up - Vid

The LHC May Be Creating A New Kind Of Matter

NASA To Resume Plutonium Use In Deep-Space Probes

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse This Wednesday

Math Is Not Physics

Cambridge To Study Threat Of Killer Robots

How To Truly Annoy A Frog - Vid

Woman Who Rescues Cats From Cops Harassed

Cat And Dolphin Play - Vid

ECDC In Denial Of Beta Coronavirus Human Transmission


We're Eating What? The Drugstore In US Meat

FDA Shuts Biggest Organic Peanut Butter Plant

Statins Cause More Nerve Damage Than Thought

Bay Area Breast Cancer Clusters Seen

High Blood Pressure Damages Your Brain

HFCS High Fructose Corn Syrup Linked To Diabetes

Evidence Vit D Shuts Down Cancer Cells

UCLA Student Tasered By Police In Library - Vid

Cuffed Woman Tasered, Sues Subhuman Cops

More Pig Cops Caught Tasering A Cuffed Woman


267 lb FL Cop Tasers Girl In Back, Now Brain Dead - Vid

OK Police Taser Handcuffed Woman - Vid

The RCMP Taser Execution Of Robert Dziekanski

Worst Case Was Unfolding At Fukushima Reactor 3 - Vid

Obama Legalizes The Illegal And Targets The Innocent

Paula Broadwell...Whistleblower

Will US Troops Commit Genocide Against Americans?

Morgan Stanley’s Doom Scenario - Major 2013 Recession

What if Obama Admin Wants Catastrophic Climate Change?

Five Year DNA Research Project Confirms Bigfoot Exists


Kim Jong-un Warns Against Unrest In N Korea

'Cruel' Secret Military Porton Down Experiments

'Rebels' After All Turkey-Syria Border Posts - Vid

Atzmon - Britain Supports UN Palestinian Bid For A State

UK To Back Pal Statehood If Israel Genocide Ignored

Ehud Barak Going & Iran Resupplying Gaza - Vid

Israel Former FM Livni Hands Victory To Netanyahu

Argo And The Iranian 'Savage' - A Film Review

Barak Misread Mideast Politics - Israeli Minister

Israel Tests 'Magic Wand' After Iron Dome Failure


Pike - The Old Testament Best Friend Of Anti-Zionists?

Morsi Told To Roll Back Power Or Leave - Vid

Egyptian Rage As Morsi Sticks To Power Grab

Russia's Cossacks Start Patrolling Moscow Streets

Revolving Door From Pentagon To Private Sector - Vid

The Breaking Of Private Manning

Feds, States To End Private Pensions, Retirements

Congress Raps His Knuckles But Corzine Skates

Paid To Protest, Some Homeless Almost Make A Living

Walmart Failed To Protect Dead Workers


US Consumers Will Spend $200b Less If Taxes Rise

Ex-Goldman Bankster New BoE Governor

Goldman Sachs - A Criminal Enterprise

Big Business Has Corrupted Economics

Ret Federal Auditor's Letter To Walter Burien - CAFR1

Feds Shut Down 132 Sites For Selling Counterfeit Goods

Long Island Power Sends Bills Even Though No Power

Could A Sonic Weapon Make Your Head Explode?

Richest Family Takes $180m More From Americans

Chicken Jerky Imported From China Sickening Dogs


Anonymous Hacks School Bd For Spying On Students

Richest Family Takes $180m More From Americans

Shipping Containers To Become Condos In Detroit

20 Surprising Facts About Hunger In America

New Body Parts With 3D Printing

Saudi Arabia In $109 Billion Solar Strategy

India To Launch First Aircraft Carrier In 2013

Tourists flee Oz Beach's 'Red Sea' Algae Bloom

Flooding Leaves Mess Across Britain - Vid

Mayan Prophecy And The Shift Of The Ages - Vid

Sweden Dreaming Of A Gender-Neutral Christmas

N Korea Activity Suggests ICBM Launch Soon

Israel Signals Hardline Policy Intentions

McGrath - A Disgusting Display Of Reality - Vid

The 'Best' Of Black Friday Insanity - Vid

Royal Air Force Testing Costly Drones In Wales - Vid

Ben Swann Blasts Obama's Drone Program - Vid

Obama, You Are Fooling No One - Vid

The Judge On Cell Phone Privacy & The Courts - Vid


The UN's Internet Sneak Attack

ACLU Challenges Warrantless Wiretapping

700 Million New Jobs To Balance The Budget

Goldman Sachs Criminal To Run Bank of England

Is The New 'Normal' Total Control?

Doomsday - How The End Times Was Engineered

Obama, UFOs And His Second First 100 Days

Did UFOs Help Denver Fox TV Ratings?

Super Earths, Broken Satellites And Rogue Planets


The Effects Of Electrosmog On Your Vibration

The Sinister Roots Behind 'Thanksgiving' - Vid

1/3 Of All Tumors Found By Mammograms Harmless

How To Prevent Low Bone Density Naturally

Custom Fit Genes - The World Of GMOs

Enraged Farmers Hose EU HQ With Milk

Adverse Effects Of EMF On Quaking Aspen Seedlings

5 Yr Old Pianist An Argument For Reincarnation? - Vid

Vegan Clam Linguine - Vid

News Anchor Blunders Compilation 2012 - Vid


Severe Radioactive Contamination 350 km From Fukushima

Supreme Court Rejects Attempt To Stop Recording Of Cops

Jamie Foxx Calls Obama 'Our Lord And Savior' - Vid

Exposé On The Obama/Buffet Criminal Enterprise

'Morsi Must Go' Chant Thousands Of Egyptians - Vid

Rogue Terrorism For A Greater Israel

Curious Coronavirus Comments By Saudi Health Official

Vomiting Virus Sweeps Britain - At 5 Year High

Mexican Beauty Queen Killed In Army-Cartel Gun Battle - Vid

Cam Shows Breivik Parking Van-Bomb That Killed 8 - Vid


Does Science Admit When it's Wrong?

‘Bigfoot’ DNA Sequenced In Upcoming Genetics Study

200 Groups Object To Lead-Poisoning Provision In Sport Bill

Are The Feds Preparing For Civil War?

Obama 'Drone Rulebook' Condemned By Rights Groups

Republicans Pin Hopes On A Third George Bush

Is Secession Healthy Decentralization?

Denver UFOs Get World Attention - Dozens On Site With Cams - Vid

Mexico's Fearless Woman Mayor Beaten To Death

Is HAARP 2.0 Wrecking Our Environment?


Israel's Barak, Architect Of Iran Policy, Quits

Israel Defense Minister Barak Quits

Israel Backers Want To Ban Hamas From Social Media

The Suffering Of Sderot

Pike - Palestinians Should Copy Gandhi's 'Passive Resistance'

New Assange Book Says Internet May Enslave Us

The Fascist Programmers

Graham - 'I Will Violate Pledge' To Not Increase Taxes

Will FDIC End Coverage Of All Insured Deposits On 1-1-13?

Company Fires 150 For Not Getting Flu Shots


BBC Film - The Money Trap...How Banks Control the World - Vid

There Is Only One Real Answer - Split Up The Banks

Offshore Secrets Revealed - Shadow Side Of Boom Industry

Spain A Microcosm Of Collapsing Global Capitalism

Nationalists Triumph In Catalan Elections

US Planned To Nuke The Moon During Cold War

Farage Declares War On Cameron Over Ukip Racism 'Slur'

$16 Trillion Giveaway?

Now UN Promotes Global Education For Youth

Ex DARPA Director Joins Cannabis Science Industry


Mom Faces Down SWAT & Tank - Won't Drug Daughter - Vid

Smoking Can Threaten Brain Functions

Eating Grapefruit With Some Rx Drugs Can Be Deadly

New Study - Key To Maintaining Healthy Knees

Rise Of Acid Ocean Eats Away Base Of Food Chain

In CO, Pot Got 50,000 More Votes Than Obama

Parrots Use Sounds Like People Use Names

Netanyahu Plans More War

Confusion Surrounds Ceasefire Between Israel, Hamas

Israel Tests David's Sling Missile Defense

Gentiles Exist Only To Serve Jews - Jerusalem Post


Gaza Still Boils

Senators Threaten To End Aid To Egypt

EU Sanctions Create Medicine Shortage In Iran

Black Friday Online Sales Top $1B

The American Holocaust Is Beginning

Kill List 'Rule Book' Coming To The WH Situation Rm

Mtge Relief Tax Exemption Ending - Homeowners Worry

FCC Plotting Massive Giveaway To Rupert Murdoch

Conflict - Corporate Biologists Hold GMO Patents


Fracking The Great Lakes

China Expects Obama To Tackle Climate Change

Demise Of Bin Laden - A Delusional Tale

More Witnesses, Photos Surface For PA UFO Sightings

UFOs Seen At 5 Nuke ICBM Launch Sites Within 2 Hours

Drug Industry Bias Over Research Grows

10 Supplements That Can Enhance Intelligence

New RNA Vaccine Creates Immunity To Future Flus

Implant Lets Blind Read Braille With Their Eyes

How To Bring Your Cat Inside - Vid


Black Friday Spending Hits New Record

Who Makes More On Gas, Oil Companies Or Govt? - Vid

US-Created Syrian 'Opposition' Led By Big Oil Rep

Special Forces Seek Quiet, Subsonic Bullets

New Updated Treaty May Re-Shape Internet

On Pilgrims And Zionists

Life Inside The Iron Dome

Hamas - We Will Not Disarm

Blast Hits Egypt Intel Building In Rafah

Morsi Decree Divides Egypt


Egypt's Morsi - Biting The Bullet

Huntsman To Resurface For Bipartisanship

Agenda 21 Made Simple - Vid

The War on Parents - Vid

Judge Rules In Favor Of Girl Refusing RFID Device

Public Sugar-Eating Crisis Made Worse By GMOs

Sodas Linked To Stroke - Vid

SARS-Like Virus Claims Another Life - Pandemic Coming?

Duff - AIPAC, Decapitators Inside US Government

White House Presses For Drone Rule Book


Obama Tried To Accelerate Drone Attacks Before Election

NJ Sandy Victims - !5 Days To Demo Homes Or Be Fined

'Imminent Bankster Mass Arrests' Hoax Exposed - Vid

US Carrier Strike Force Readies In Case Of Iran War

Russian Expert Warns Of Large Scale Mideast War

Israel May Hit Ship Allegedly Carrying Rockets To Gaza

Hezbollah Will Hit Tel Aviv In Next War

Hamas Emerges Stronger - Photos

Abbas - Collaborating With The Enemy

Israel War Crimes Against Palestine - Witness Accounts


Drums Of More War

Gaza Still Boils Under Israeli Siege, Blockade

Egypt Top Judges Condemn Morsi Power Grab

'Rebels' Blow Mosque, Accuse Syria Army Of Doing It - Vid

China Lands First Jet On Aircraft Carrier

Mexico - No Large Scale GM Cornfields Planted...Yet

Cyprus Becomes 4th EU Bailout Country

Thousands March In Dublin Against Austerity

Thousands Of Italians Hold Anit-Austerity Demo

US National Guard, Reservists Unemployment Crisis


The Out Of Touch With Reality Crowd

Fingerprint Scans Create Unease For Poor Parents

Kirwan - Aftermath...No Longer An Afterthought

JoeTalk - Whites Are Their Own Worse Enemy - Vid

Alex Jones Pushes The Iran 'Wipe Off Map' Lie - Vid

Surveillance Grid Moves Ahead With VoIP Spying

Google, Microsoft Invest In Augmented Reality Future

Fear Of Nature Drives Reactionary Politics

The Visible Darkness Of The Unyielding Night


33 Conspiracy Theories That Are TRUE

1,000s Of Natural Gas Leaks Found In Boston

Buckingham Palace Security Chief View Child Porn

UK Gives £19m To SA - Zuma Spends £17m Of It On Palace!

Tributes Continue For Dallas Star Larry Hagman

How To Bring Your Cat Inside - Vid

Black Friday Sales Off Nearly 2%

Leveling Gaza - Israelis Do At Least $300 Million In Damage

Drone Makers Push Congress To Open Skies

Future CHP - Drone Versions Of Cars And Motorcycles?

Broadwell Emails 'Unhinged' Says Kelley Friend


Rense & Maxwell - Those Who Cant See Perish, Pt 1 - Vid

Rense & Maxwell - Those Who Cant See Perish, Pt 2 - Vid

Rense & Maxwell - Those Who Cant See Perish, Pt 3 - Vid

Rense & Maxwell - Those Who Cant See Perish, Pt 4 - Vid

'Small Business Saturday' Helps Local Economy

Jarrett Visits Stores On 'Small Business Saturday'

Facebook May Take Away Your Right To Vote

The Brain Dead GOP Of 2012

Opposition To Maryland's Agenda 21 Campaign

Post Election Flip-Flopping - Plans To Cripple Americans

Female President In 2016? The Potential Candidates

HR 814 In defense Of The Second Amendment

History Speaks...Will America Listen?

UFO, ET Proof - Eyewitness To Crash, Disc Retrieval Talks

Climate Change Goals Growing More Elusive

Atzmon - Pillar Of Impotence

Israel To Test New Missile After Iron Dome Failure

Duff - Darkness Of The Western Media Over Gaza

Gaza Slaughter - Just Live War Games For The IDF

Israel Losing Battle Of Words In Social Media


Uri Avnery Wants Peace But Does The Knesset?

Iron Dome, Pillar Of Cloud & Netanyahu's Next War

Syrian Rebels Take 3 Military Bases In A Week

Galloway Criticises Syrian 'Rebels'

Iran Accuses US Navy Of Illegal Act In Gulf

Zio US Says No Conference On Nuke-Free Mideast

UK Lord Wants Neutron Bomb On Pak-Afghan Border

Cop Likens Massachusetts Blast To Missile Strike

Bernanke Confronted On Secret Fed Bailouts - Vid


TSA Abuse - 17,000 Travelers And Counting

Global Powerhouses Aim To Privatize CA Roadways

Mankind Must Go Green Or Die - Prince Charles

Tokyo Resident's Fear Of Earthquakes

Magnitude 4.9 Quake Jolts Tokyo

Warning Of Japan's Collective Economic Suicide'

Chilling Claims Of Cyril Smith Child Abuse Coverup

EU Budget Talks Collapse As Cameron Says 'No'

Brit Towns, Fields Submerged After Days Of Deluge

British Assisted Suicide 'Comedy' Coming Soon

Sharing User Data Alarms Over Facebook Policy


Bored French MPs Play Online Poker During Debate

WHO SARS-Like Cornavirus Reporting Delays

Media Myth On Betacornavirus Nomenclature

UN Wants To Use Drones In Congo Conflict

Timeless Beethoven...A Flash Performance - Vid

US Jew With Evidence Denying The Holocaust, Pt 1 - Vid

10 Freest States For Homeschooling

Last Chance - An Off Grid Opportunity

Security Cams Capture Good Deeds - Vid

Canadian Cancer Cure Blocked By Big Pharma? - Vid

Your Driving Commute Is Hazardous To Your Health


Civil War Relics Found In Fredericksburg Basement

Civil War 'Boy Soldiers' Before Going Off To Die

The Ocean Is Destroying Ft Lauderdale Beach

Did Kentucky Town Fight Off Aliens In 1955? - Vid

Ufologist Jim Moseley, Still Supreme Commander - Vid

Mystery Road - Car Rolls Uphill In Jeju, Korea - Vid

Black Friday Riots A Preview Of Austerity, Breakdown?

Iran Thrilled Over Obama Re-Election

Rice Battles Critics As Her Abrasive Style Takes Toll

Br. Nathanael - Israel...Butchers Of Gaza - Vid


Righteous Condemnation Of Israeli Mass Murder

Iran And Egypt Won In Gaza

What Gaza Taught Israel About Iran

Israel's War On Palestine

Pilger - Israel's Gaza Rampage, It's Not Just War

Gaza Slaughter Portends More Criminal Wars

Dow Jones Passes 13,000 On Black Friday

Walmart Union Protests Fail To Dent Shoppers

Forget Black Friday - It's Online 'Cyber Monday' - Vid

FKN News - Climate Voodoo - Vid


Renal Failure In Riyadh Betacornavirus Fatal Cluster

Betacornavirus Sequences in Saudi Arabia, Qatar Match

Disease Onset Gap - Betacornavirus H2H Transmission

The Real, Bitter Costs Of Obamacare

The Destruction Of Ex-King Petraeus

MT - County Residents Fight Own Govt Over Agenda 21

Impossible To Pass A Farm Or Biz To Your Kids?

Best UFO Sightings Of May, 2012 - Vid

JFK Researcher Bets $25,000 Oswald Is Not Guilty

Dallas Star Larry Hagman Dies At 81


Watchdog Group Calls For Ban On 'Killer Robots'

Planned Parenthood Doctor Spilled Beans In 1969

FL Man Recounts 'Brutal' Tasering By Police - Vid

Sara Harvey Kept From Seeing Husband On Thanksgiving

Gen-Y Kids Living At Home - Dirty Little Secret

5 Reasons Urban Farming Is Most Important Movement

Plants Draw Energy From Other Plants, So Can People

Workplace Chemicals Up Breast Cancer Risk

Curious About Going Vegan? - Vid

A Raw Food Diet Can Cleanse And Heal


How To Exercise Your Brain

Security Cams Catch People Being...Nice - Vid

More Security Cam Action Of Good Deeds - Vid

Wreckage Of Ship Sunk In 1911 Found Off Key Largo

Some Daring And Talented Humans - Vid

The Love Hormone As Sports Enhancer?

Shelters Black Friday Deals On Black Cat Adoptions

Radioactive Insects Spreading Radiation All Over Japan

Riots In Walmart Fighting Over Phones - Vid

Black Friday Video Game Section At Walmart - Vid


Netanyahu Buoyed By Gaza Massacre, Eyes Iran

Shoppers Lust Over Early Black Friday Start

US Readies For Fracking Energy Bonanza - Vid

DARPA Now Planning Drones To Patrol The Oceans

Guns Or Butter?

Palestinian Amb Calls On Israel To Invade Gaza

Stench Of Israeli Crimes Engulfs Debate

Novel Sars Virus Infected 6 And Killed 2 So Far

WHO Suggests Broader Betacornavirus Testing

Future Murky Under New China Leadership


USAF Coverup At Malstrom? Four Sick, No Cause? - Vid

Top UK Spies Can't Crack WWII Cipher

The Ambien Made Me Do It

Ambien Side Effects

IDF Kills 1 Palestinian, Wounds 19 More - Vid

Egyptians Burn Morsi Party HQ - Rage Spreads

Morsi Grabs Dictator Power In Egypt, Protests Erupt

Morsi, Egypt, Gaza And Iran...Al Ahram Editor - Vid

Egypt Heading For Chaos And Conflict - Vid

Israeli Slaughter 'Pillar Of Cloud' Ends Unfinished


Madsen - US Can't Afford Blank Checks To Israel

Alan Hart - Excuse Me While I Vomit

Fisk - What Was It All For?

China Supports Palestinians, Gives $1 Million In Aid

Did Obama Promise Netanyahu US Troops In Sinai?

Russia Urges United Action Against Israel

NATO Missiles In Turkey Won't Solve Syria Crisis

Syrian 'Rebels' Capture Key Oilfields

West Has Caused Over 40,000 Syrian Deaths

Afghan Bomb Blasts Hit US, Casualties Hidden


Gaza Postmortems

Palestinians - Dying To Live Free

Why A Military Coup Is Impossible In Russia

Jill Kelley Got Military Civilian Honor From Petraeus

Epitaph For A Four Star General

Devvy - Plotting For US To Be Ruled Under Sharia Is Sedition

Kirwan - Welcome To The New US...Prisons Without Bars

US - Cracks In The Union

NDAA 2013 - ID Traitors To The US Constitution

Illinois May Give Driver's Licenses To Illegals


Biometric Facial Data-Basing Of Americans In Hyperdrive

Roosevelt's Revenge?

Going On Fifty And Nothing Has Changed

Chiappalone - La Commedia e Finita

Merkel's Day Of Reckoning As On Greece Looms

EUSSR Resolution 'Direct Assault On Sovereignty'

The First 12 Hours Of The Day The Dollar Died - Vid

My Picks For Obama's 2nd Term Cabinet

Betacornavirus Cluster Raises Pandemic Concerns

4th Betacornavirus Case Ups Pandemic Concerns

40 Ideas For The Prepper Gift Giver


A Key JFK Assassination Witness And His Fate - Vid

Coincidental 'Fill Material' Before JFK Speech Nov 22 - Vid

SF Approves 220 Square Foot Apartments

JoeTalk - Real Or Not? - Vid

When Will Blacks Do Something For Themselves? - Vid

How Native Americans Lost The West

The Mena Coverup...Massive Govt Drug Dealing - Vid

The Chernobyl Disaster In Sand Animation - Vid

Saudi Husbands Track Wives Travels Electronically

Nuclear Blast Could Destroy Dangerous Asteroid - Vid

Future Ban On Bee-Killing Pesticides Considered


9.6 Million Acres Protected For Spotted Owls

Flu Jabs Called Waste Of Taxpayers Money

Gardasil Vax Contaminated With Recombinant DNA

Yes – You ARE What You Eat

30 Yrs Of Breast Screening - 1.3 Million Wrongly Treated

Jim Moseley & John Keel Talk CIA, UFOs & Aliens - Audio

Vanished Pacific Island That Appears On World Maps

Cop Fired For Ticket Over 3 Yr Old Peeing In His Yard

PARIS 1914 - Stunning Color Photographs Show Daily Life

1990...The Last Train Across Canada - Vid


Southern Israelis Unhappy Over Ceasefire

Israel War On Gaza Shifts Mideast Power

A Humanitarian Gesture

Israel Has Journalists In Its Sights

Does Broadwell Know Far Too Much?

Obama's 'Insider Threat' Policy To Crush Whistleblowers

FL Cop Volunteers To Assa