Headlines 3


Creep Biden Flat Out LIES In Poland

Putin Puts Fear Of God Into New World Order

Hillary Clinton’s ‘Hitler’ Overreach

Ron Paul - Crimea None Of America’s Business

Russia Remains G8 Member - Merkel

Ukraine Authorizes Use Of Weapons In Self-Defense

Protesters Storm Sevastopol Navy Base - 30 Flee

Ukraine Navy Cmdr Leaves Navy HQ In Sevastopol

Crimea 'Back Home' Putin Tells Moscow Crowd

China, India Back Putin In Crimea Reunification


Lavrov Talks Consequences Over US Sanctions

Crimea Gets First Of Russian Financial Aid

Ukraine MP, Thugs Beat TV Channel Chief - Vid

Nat Geo To Update Map With New Russian Crimea

Stratfor Founder - Ukraine Is US Regime Change Puppet

Jeff & Gerald Celente - Psychopaths, Sociopaths & War - Vid

Anon Exposes US False Flag Attack In Ukraine

Twit Kerry Warns Of World War Over Crimea

Kristol Calls For Americans To Be Rallied To War

Ukraine Puppets Cry Robbery Over Crimea Loss - Vid

Russian Warns West Against Sanctions


US Warns Russia More Sanctions Coming

Ukraine, Chevron, Condi Rice And Shale Gas

America’s Biggest Clowns, Jerks Out On World Stage

Maldives Islanders See Low-Flying Jet Heading To Diego

Diego Garcia Programmed In Flt 370 Capt's Simulator!

Flt 370 Pilot Simulator Had 5 Indian Ocean Runways

Thailand Offers Radar Data 10 Days After Flt 370 Gone

Another Banker, 28, Jumps To His Death

We Are Now Living In A Corrupt JP Morgan World

Pelosi Admits Congress Is Scared Of The CIA

Sky High Food Prices Ahead From The CA Mega Drought

MD Considers Confiscating Guns From 110,000 Residents

Federal Agents Raid Gun Store For Customer List

25m Earn Less Than Obama Increased Min Wage

Obamacare NOT Covering $407,000 Heart Op 3 Mos Later

Ukraine Town Dismantles Cell Sites Over Cancer Fears

Pike - A Simple Chronology Of Last Days Events

Utilities Shut Off Activist Leader’s Electricity

Gates Describes Our Jobless Future - Vid

'Transhumanism', Genetic Manipulation And Human Destruction

Uploading Our Brains To Computers & Mysteries Of The Future

White Man March - Beginning Something Much Bigger?


On The Jewishness Of Israel

Can The World Feed China?

Cop Breaks Student's Arm In Texas High Schoo - Vid

WATCH - Often Shave-Headed, Sub-Human KIller Cops -- Vid

Philly Cop Criminally-Charged In False Arrest Case - Vid

Massive Roadblock, Warrantless Searches In MD

Open Sourcing Food, Nutrition, Supplements

Medical Conspiracies Believed By Many

4 Things That Interfere With Vit D Formation

Jeff & Gerald Celente - Psychopaths, Sociopaths & War - Vid

Ukraine Zionist Jewish PM - 'Crisis Now In Military Phase'

2 Shot Dead At Crimea Military Research Center


Pilger - Wahington Coups From Canberra To Kiev

Indifference, Hostility To Life A Leadership Requirement?

Kirwan - Surrendering All Rights

Crimeans Choose Russia

Post-Crimean Referendum Propaganda

Stealth Tech Seizure Behind Flt 370 Disappearance?

Malaysian Airlines Mystery - 'Sandy Hookish' Hoax?

Iran, China Say US Violates Basically All Human Rights

Jeb Bush To Run For White House?

Ron Paul Blasts Complaints About Spyring On Senate


When Hope Turns Rancid - From LBJ To Obama

What IF Citizens Really Understood The Constitution?

Should You Teach Your Child To Escape?

Bank Of England Admits Money Created Out Of Air

GMO Farmers Riding A Dead Horse - Graphic

The US Should Disarm Isreali Nuclear Weapons - Vid

'Take The Ultra-Orthodox, Give Me The French' Israel Says

Israel Soldiers Wound 4 Palestinians In West Bank

Tel Aviv Jews Regime Backs Syria Mercenaries

New Details Of Sabotage On Iran Nuke Facilities

Egypt Army Destroying Houses On Gaza Border

Br Nathanael - How Ukraine Will Implode (Article)


Venezuela Deals Blow To Bankster Fascists

America’s Greatest Tragedy - Human Overpopulation

The Medical Matrix - The Flu Isn't The Flu

UFOs Over Edmonton, Canada - Vid

Huge, Cigar-Shaped UFO Glides Over Ukraine City

Pocket Knife In Locked Car - Student Arrested, Jailed

Weekend Warblers Whose Character Is Fate

US, UK 'Enemies Of The Internet' For First Time

20% Of New Yorkers Now Depend On Food Aid

Police Attack CA Students Protesting Tuition Hikes

Toxic Waste Sites Cleanup Inefficient Shell Game


‘Britain To Lose Nuke In Case Of Scottish 'Yes' Vote

Osborne - 40% Tax & The Marie Antoinette Moment

NEW ERA IN PHYSICS With Discovery Of Gravity Wave

Saving Seeds - Open Pollinated vs Hybrid

Russia, Crimea Sign Historic Reunification Treaty

Putin - Crimea Similar To Kosovo, West Ignoring Own Rules

Russia Sanctions List - US Senators, High Ranking Obama Officials

Europe Wages Full-Scale Economic War On Russia - Report

US, EU Sanctions On Russia Big Mistake - French Pol

Idiot Obama Won't Rule Out Sanctions Against PUTIN

Russia Hints May Force Ukraine Into Default - Owes $20 Billion


France - Russia Participation In G8 Suspended (aww)

IMF Plans Massive Austerity For Ukraine - Crimea Leaders

Russia's Richest Man Dumps Apples, FB For China

Ukraine Steals $16 Million Of Russian Trucks

McGrath - Ukraine An IMF Inside Job - Vid

Crimea Names Ruble As Its Currency

Obama - 'Ukraine Will Never Accept Crimea Annexation' - Vid

Flt 370 Onboard Flight Path Computer Altered

Obama - It’s Your Fault You Can’t Afford Obamacare

Obama Eyes Less Immig Enforcement, Deportation

Obama Sets Records On Low Transparency

US Cites Security More To Censor, Deny Records


Head of Press TV London Detained By MI5

Ex CIA - Flt 370 Disappearance More Skillful Than 9/11

Flt 370 - ALL Boeings Have BUAP - Allows REMOTE CONTROL

Terror In The Skies - Boeing 777 Skin Flaws

Google Says Will Now Encrypt All Search Data (right)

Google Wants Email Scanning Information Blocked

19 Signs US Consumer Is Tapped Out

Wall St Jobs, Profits Down...But Bonuses Up

FDIC Sues Eight Families' Banks - Vid

Banker Deaths - Walking With Devil Has Consequences

Br Nathanael - The Religion Of Vladimir Putin - Vid


Mad Chess, False Flags & The Point Of No Return

Border Patrol Agents Train For War

Authority Of Shame Under Zionist Occupation

Kevin Trudeau Sentenced To 10 Yrs In Prison

Some Of History's Big Mysteries

Town Turned Poverty Into A Prison Sentence

Dazzling, Colorful Wonders Of Nature! - Pics

Carbon Fiber Clothing Stops Tasers

How To Tell A Lying Cop Where To Go...Politely - Vid

Private School Says Strip Search Is OK


The Incredible Shrinking Planet Mercury

NYPD Freedom Of Information Manual Is Confidential

Atmospheric Re-Entry As Seen From The ISS

Legacy Of The Big Bang?

Should Einstein Have Won 7 Nobel Prizes?

Billionaires Are Privatizing US Science

Main Ingredient In Party Drug Could Help PTSD

Honey Could Be The Next Antibiotic

Reality Star' Doesn't Vax Her Kids - The World Ends

Researchers Create Pizza That Lasts For 3 Years


10 Of The World’s Greatest Lost Treasures

Defending Giordano Bruno

15 Ways To Discover Your Passions

Secrets Of China Terra-Cotta Warrior Weapons

Putin Formally Recognizes Crimea As Sovereign State

Russians Massively Support Crimea Joining Russia

Ukraine Recalls Ambassador From Moscow

Obama Off The Ukrainian Deep End

Madness Of Stirring A War Over Ukraine

Galloway - West Created Ukraine Frankenstein Monster - Vid

Malyasia Denies Flt 370 Diverted To Diego Garcia


Was Flight 370 Redirected To Diego Garcia?

Everyone Onboard Flt 370 Under Scrutiny - Vid

Lawmakers Don’t Abide By Laws They Pass - Ron Paul

Kirwan - Where's The Reality?

Lt Gen Jerry Boykin Warns America - Vid

List Of Military Elite Purged And Fired Under Obama

MoD's Secret Cyberwar On Internet Users

N Korea Test-Fires 25 Rockets Into Sea

US Seals Take N Korea OIl Ship In Libya

Kirwan - That's It...God's On Vacation & Obama Stepped In


35 Countries US Has Backed Terrorists, Drugs, Fascists

Venice Independence Vote In EU Almost Unnoticed

Zio Media Implying Whites Behind 'Knock Out Game'

MI Muslims Demanding Own Sharia Patrols!

VZ Troops Teargas Anti-Maduro Protesters

Swiss Bank Refuses To Give Client His Gold

CIA Suspends US Chief Of Iran Op

British-Israeli Cyberpact Signed

Are Jews A Dog People Or A Cat People?

How Doctors Do Fake Diagnoses Of Diseases

Keyhoe To USAF - End The Secrecy On UFO Sightings

Larry Bryant & UFO Group Picket Outside GAO Office


How Atomic Bombs, UFOs Created Modern America

Are UFO Experts Being Murdered?

MIT Attempt To Create Nano-Bionic Plants

Atlanta's Food Deserts Leave Poor Stranded, Struggling

Met Cops Strip Searched Over 4,500 Kids In 5 Yrs

On Being Able To See Around Corners

Never Been A Safe Vaccine - Never Will Be

Ukraine Calls Up Troops After Crimea Vote

Ukraine Military Hardware Now At Russian Border

Roberts - Obama Regime Sets World On Warpath

Ukraine Boosts Security Of Natural Gas Pipelines


Roberts - 95.7% Of Crimeans Give Finder To US Tyrant

Crimea Vote 'Great Farce' Say Farce Ukraine President

Obama Inks EO Freezing Assets Of 7 Putin Aides

Russian Stocks, Ruble Up Obama Sanctions

Zionist EU Sanctions 21 Russians, Ukrainians

Sanctioned Russian Slams Obama As Soviet 'Comrade'

BBC Is Obama-Washington Mouthpiece

Zio West Using Crimea To Hide Real Intentions

Shocking Secret US Hiding From Ukraine, World

Crimean Vote Fixed Soviet Mistake - Gorbachev


Chile - Coast Evacuated After 6.7 Quake

4.7 Quake Rumbles Los Angeles

96.6% Of Crimeans Support Joining Russia

Crimeans Elated, Celebrate Massive Referendum Victory

Landslide Crimea Vote To Leave Ukraine And Join Russia

Backfire - Crimeans Take Shelter From West Imperialism

What Are Russians Doing Off The Coast Of FL?

Sinclair - Putin Has A Nuclear Economic Bomb

Flt 370 May Sent Signals 'On Ground' 7 Hours Later

Not First Time Plane With GPS Tracking Vanished

FBI Blocked In Probe Of Sen Harry Reid And Lee


Graham, Kerry Open Mic Talking About Boehner - Vid

It Is Now Time To Defund And Abolish DHS

10 Strange And Obscure Secret Societies

Snord - False Flag...Coming Soon! - Vid

The State, Deep State & The Wall St Overworld

Pike - Soros Funds Palestinian-Friendly Evangelicals

New Fed Boss, Same As Old Fed Boss - Fed Up Yet?

Very Serious Dangers Of Posting Photos On The Net - Vid


14 Years For Pointing A Laser At A Helicopter?

Gun Activist Exposes ‘Bang' Cop Gets Threats

The Age Of Imagination

What Will Happen If Cumbre Vieja Is Dropped - Vid

Encore - Ex CIA Scheuer - I'd Dump The Israelis Tomorrow - Vid

Napolitano - How US Fights Wars For The Saudis & Israel - Vid

Moon Landings - Problem With ‘Those Photos’ - Vid

Canada, Oz, Europe And The US - Endless Immigrationdoom

Why Did Sunrise Semester Fail?

Rocks vs Tanks

Cocaine - New Face Of Deforestation In CentAm


FL Town So Corrupt, Lawmakers Want To Abolish It

Br Nathanael - Yats The Yid Coming To Jewmerica

The Benefits Of Medical Cannabis

Cannabis Less Addictive Than HFCS, 6 Other Things

Flu Vax Increase Infectious Bacteria Counts 100 Fold

Have YOU Been Here Before?

China Locates 3 Large Pieces Of Debris - Missing Jetliner?

Oil Rig Worker Email Says He Saw 'Burning, Intact Jetliner'

Proof US Orders False Flag In Ukraine? - Vid

Ukraine Zio PM, Obama Warn Russia Over Referendum - Vid

Lendman - Crimea Independence Vote On March 16

Ukraine Crisis Not A Game


Hague Out Of His Depth - Russia Energy Grip On Europe Is Real

Roberts - US Is Completely Busted, Non-Delivery Of Gold, War

Dueling East-West Agendas On Ukraine

Sandy Hook Shocker - AP Photos, Stories Pre-Date 'Massacre'

Sandy Hook Is Our Last Chance To Stop The Lies

ObamaCare's Secret Mandate Exemption

Sebelius - Obamacare Premiums Will Go UP Next Year

Obama Doesn’t Know How To Spell Respect?

Flt 370 - Cell Phones Of Loved Ones Said Ringing


Malaysia Military Tracked Missing Plane To West Coast

E-Bomb Weapon Can Make A Plane 'Vanish' - Vid

Does A 100 Trillion Debt Total Matter?

OK Sen Oks Bill To Make Gold, Silver Legal Tender

MtGox Still Has 'Stolen Bitcoins' Say Hackers

Kirwan - Just-Us And The Law

Feinstein Says CIA Intimidating Senate Staff Re Torture Report

Snowden Accuses Feinstein Of Hypocrisy

Greenwald - 'Feinstein Is Outright Lying" About NSA Abuses

Top, Emmy-Winning CBS Journalist Quits Over CBS Bias

Will We See The End Of American Hubris?


55 Things About America You May Not Know

Does A 100 Trillion Debt Total Matter?

Chelsea Addresses Tech Conf In Hillary’s Media Makeover

George P Bush & US Obsession With Pol Dynasties

"Netanyahu, We will neither forgive nor forget"

Israel Plans To Destroy Many More Pal Homes

Israel 'Sorry' For Murdering Pal Judge

Cameron On First Grovel Visit To Israel

Egypt Govt Tightens Noose Around People In Gaza

Saudis Try To Forbid Muslim Brotherhood In MidEast


UN - Terrorist Groups In Syria Had Sarin Nerve Gas Lab

Assad In Rare Public Showing Outside Central Damascus

OH Stops Fracking After 2 Frack-Caused Quakes

California Democrats To Ban Fracking

Big Anti-Fracking Rally In CA

Fracking In Public Forests Leaves Huge Damages

Crowd Support & Barrett Brown's Partial Victory

Megalithic Ruins In Russia - Largest Stone Blocks Ever Found

Ex Navy Serviceman Reports UFO Monitoring Ship

Monster Rare Yellow Hypergiant Star Discovered

The Roswell ET Slides - Once Again

Cancer To Be No. 1 Killer In US

9 China Cities More Severe Smog Days Than Beijing

Scotland Is Already A Country Apart

UK Interest Rates Could Rise 600% In 3 Years

Down The Liars Highway To Hell At Turbo Speed

Roaming Through Michigan In 1949 - Vid

Permaculture - Sustainable Alternative To Big-Ag

Top 11 Spring Cleaning Products You Must Avoid

Two US Drones Said Shot Down In Crimea

Obama WH - US War Games In Black Sea 'Speak Clearly' To Putin


NATO Air Drills Near Ukraine Borders

Russian Paratroopers Massive Drills As Crimea Vote Nears

Russia In Major Defense And Security Staff Reshuffle

Ron Paul - 'Best For Ukraine If US Just Stays OUT'

Crimea Parliament Gives Broader Rights To Tatar Minority

Crimea Bans Nationalist, Neo-Nazi Groups

No Russian Nationals In Crimean Self-Defense Forces

Ukraine Parliament Ultimatum To Crimea Over Referendum

Russia Slams Violation Of Media Freedoms In Ukraine

US Firms Warn Obama Of Economic Losses If Sanctions Used

EU Tells Russia To Start Ukraine Talks Of Face Sanctions


Russia Sanctions Could Start This Week Says France

No Case For EU 'Gas War' With Putin

Energy Dependent EU Never Go Against Russia - Expert

US Financial Aid To Kiev Govt ‘Illegal’ – Moscow

Tymoshenko Millions Hidden Around World

Ukraine Pushes West Lies As Truth, Russia Truth As Lies

US Hypocrisy On Crimea Tragically Laughable

US Violates Own Laws By Aiding Ukraine Coup Govt

Roberts - The Western Media Is A Lie Factory

Obama's Ukraine Power Grab


Advancing US Empire - Putsch, Pillage, Duplicity

McGrath - Planetary Designer Super Storm Will Devastate - Vid

Snowden Accuses Sen Intel Comm Chair Of Hypocrisy

Snowden, Feinstein, CIA & NSA - The Internal War

Rand Paul - Degenerate, Liar, Warmonger

US To Give Israel $429m For Its Iron Dome

NYPD Use DHS & Armored Car To Serve Warrant!

Cyberwar Could Change History With A Click

Fracking In Public Forests Leaves Great Damage

Jeff Rense - Life-Changing, Anti-Aging Secrets - Vid

Copper Mining Poisoning NM Groundwater - Vid

FDA Cancer Drugs May Cause Tumors

7 Types Of Fish You Should Never Eat

FL Family Ate Walmart LSD Steak

What's It Like To Have Schizophrenia? - Vid

Rivers As Weapons In Ancient War

Did Sponges Pave Way For Life On Earth?

Microbe That 'Eats' Electricity

Fastest-Approaching Object In The Universe


Underwater Drones To Map World’s Oceans

About Dimensions, Holograms, Reality & Energy

H7N9 Sequence Identity In Baiyun Cluster

Putin Talks About Ukraine

Yatsenyuk Comes To Washington

The Media War Behind The Ukraine Crisis

Adolf Hitler - The Original: 'Rock Star'

Mind Control NOW - As Easy As Falling Off A Log

Most Of The Internet Is 'Deep' & Hidden From View

OCare Cloud Contract To Cost 10x Original Value

Kirwan - Land Of The Free...


Snowden - NSA Too Busy Spying On Us To Stop Terror

Snowden - 'I'd Do It Again'

Snowden - 'Constitution Violated On A Massive Scale'

Snowden, Inc

Disney Bets $1b To Track Theme Park Visitors

US Commercial Drone Pilots Come Out Of Shadows

Drones Will Cause Biggest Societal Change In 700 Yrs

Smart Meters, Monopolies And Quest To Go Analog

Cdn GM Salmon Company Seeks OK For Consumption

Terminator Seeds Headed Back To Brazil Congress

Missing Jet Hundreds Of Miles Off Course - Vid

Did Flt 370 Pilot Commit Suicide?


Flt 370 Husband Gave Wife Wedding Ring At Boarding

Flt 370 - Flightradar24 Rips Bad Reports, Wasted Time

Flt 370 - Flightradar24 First Images Route, Last Location - Vid

China Using 10 Satellites In Search For Jet

How It's Possible To Lose An Airplane In 2014

Does Kerry Think Al-Qaeda A Human Rights Org?

'Arabs Out!' The Knesset Voted

Netanyahu Shows Seized Rockets - 'Iran Fools World'

Israelis Shoot Pal-Jordanian Judge At Crossing

Cameron To Make Yarmulke Trip This Week

Previous World Leaders Yarmulke Trips


Trafficking ?Women For Sexual Exploitation

11 Yr Old Left To Die After Israelis Open Fire

Rothschilds Glencore South Sudan Oil Grab

Latest NY 'Knockout' Victim Speaks Out

Family Of FL Street Artist Executed By Cops In Protest

'Paym' Smartphone System Brings Cashless Society?

Banking Bonuses Worldwide Up By 29%

Marco Rubio Wants To Sell Off Govt Airwaves

15 Ways To Thrive In A New Economy

Out Of The Shadows & Into The World's Of Light

Close Encounters - Arizona Objects

Assumption Consumption, How We've Been Sold

Why Do Archeologists Lie? New England’s Stone Chambers

Toilet Paper, Now With More Technology!


The United States of Coal

Some Of The Best Photos You'll Ever See

Ukraine Gold Reserves Flown To US Fed For 'Safe-Keeping'

Did Ukraine Airlift Its Entire Gold Hoard To The US Fed?

Price Of Ukraine 'Liberation' Giving Its Gold To The Fed?

World Bank Pledges $3b 'Loan'...To Enslave Ukraine

Crimea Parliament Declares Freedom Before Vote

US Will Not Recognize Crimea Referendum

Ex-Amb McFaul - US Plans Worst Case In Ukraine

Crimea Invites OSCE To Monitor Exit Vote

Crimea Creates Own Military By Swearing In Forces


US Jets To Poland And Lithuania

UK Drones To Poland, Romania To Watch Ukraine

NATO AWACS Over Poland, Romania To Spy On Ukraine

Ukraine Blocks All 5 Russian TV Channels

Russia Shows Force Around Ukriane Crimea Bases

17 Mind-Blowing Facts About Russia

Ron Paul - US Sanctions On Russia 'An Act Of War'

Paul Craig Roberts - Putin Speaks

Russia Preparing Counter Offer To US Demands

Cheney Urging Obama For A Nuclear Winter

Ukraine May Have To Go Nuclear - Kiev 'Lawmaker'


Snowden - NSA Setting Fire To Interet's Future

New Privacy-Focused Smartphones

Four Important Bills Languishing In Congress

Venezuelans Take Mark Of Beast For Supermarkets

The 25 Rules Of Disinformation...

Br Nathanael - Become A Constitutional Money Pro - Vid

The Worst US States To Die In

Seven Reasons To NEVER Drink Tap Water

40% Tax On Beer?

Mummified Body Found In Foreclosed Home

3D Printing Adventures


Why King Tut's DNA Is Fueling Race Wars

Should We Be Making $ On WW1 Anniversary?

The Mystery Glowing Orbs Of Marfa, TX

Rocks vs Tanks

Brits Trying To Sell Their Organs On FB

Gigantic Walls End US Tornado Threat?

Scientists Learning To Read Our Minds

Chemists Discover New Class Of Antibiotics

Without These Cells, You Wouldn't Be Here

New Drug Killed Cancer Tumors In 12 Weeks

Father Of Vax Program & Why History Is Repeating

The Benefits Of Medical Cannabis

Wilde - The Time Frames Of Karma

Confrontation In Ukraine As Diplomacy Fails

US Woos China...Hoping To Isolate Russia

US Private Military Contractors In Ukraine?

Heightened US-Russian Tensions

The State Dept's New World Order Agenda

Biden Describes VZ Situation As 'Alarming'

VZ Points At US As Mastermind Of World Violence

Is Edward Snowden Lying?


Americans Call For Immunity For Snowden

Duff - America Is Now Unrecognizable

Cerberus Capital - The Big Dog That Hunts And Preys

Global Debts Rise To 100 Trillion Dollars After Crisis

West Uses Economics To Enslave Countries

Money, Debt Slaves, & The 2014 Cadillac (Parody) - Vid

HazMat Alert To Approach Kellogg's Froot Loops

Netanyahu's Dictatorship Is Born

50,000 NYC Ortho Jews Israeli Army Draft

Israeli Forces Set Up Checkpoints In West Bank


Arab League Not To Recognize Israel As ‘Jewish State’

ORD To Stop Surface, Ground Water To Klamath Farms

The Cornucopia Of Grace & Holocaust Porn

Hollywood - The Strange Death Of Brittany Murphy, Pt 1

Remember...What We Do, Children Do - Vid

Introducing The Traditionalist Youth Network

Pike - In Search Of The Authentic Church

Photos Of America Back When Ir Was Alive - Pics

Missing Plane Mysteries Through History

Carl Sagan Helped Pioneer Search For ET Life

Scottish Scientist Can Talk To Animals


Hollywood Directors Faked WW2 Footage In Docs

Mysterious Ozone-Destroying Chemicals In Atmosphere

Teen Jailed 13 Days Over Pocketknife In His Car

Avatars And Their Behavioral Effect On Reality

Mars Retrograde 2014

A Blood Test Tells If You'll Die In Next 5 Years

42% Of Drug Reactions Are Vaccine Related

BPA Linked To Breast Cancer Tumor Growth

EM Sensitive Move To WV Town That Bans WiFi

NeoCon Cheney - Leave Military Options Against Russia Open

Robert Gates Admits Crimea Won't Slip Away From Russia

RT Vid - NGO Documents Plan Ukraine War - Vid

Fisk - West Cannot Face War With Russia


London Will Balk At Russia Sanctions - Putin Knows It

Russia Mulling Sanctions Against West

China Urges US To Show Restraint

Crimea Preparations For Joining Russia Underway - PM

Moscow Denounces Gun Attack On Pro-Russians In E Ukraine

Russian FM Outraged At Provocations In East Ukraine

Ukrain Oligarchs - Which Side Are They On?

Pro-Russians Take Over Lugansk City In Ukraine

Putin - Crimea Legit Leaders Acting Within Intl Law

Russian Forces Tighten Grip On Crimea

Russians Block Ukraine Navy In Sevastopol - Vid

Russian Troop Convoy Enters Crimea Military Base - Vid


Ukraine Paratroopers, Jets Training Exercises - Vid

Obama, Pentagram Strike For World Domination

Obama's Advancing Empire - Putsch, Pillage And Duplicity

71% Of Obama Voters Regret Voting For Him

World Bank Insider Will Blow You Away

Neurologist Warns About Aluminum In Chemtrails - Vid

Returning Veterans Fight Identity ‘War’ At Home

2 Days Later, Still No Sign Of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

20 Top MIcrochip Engineers On Missing Jet - Was It Bombed?


Did A Missile Destroy The Malaysia Airlines Jet?

JAL Boeing Dreamliner Emegency Landing In Honolulu

Revolution Or Martial Law - Vid

FBI Investigating Corrections Corporation Of America

6.9 Quake Hits Off NoCal Coast West Of Eureka

Atzmon On Jewish Power & Cultural Narcissism

US Signaling To Israel By Denying Visas

CT Cop's Outrageous Remark To Gun-Owning Patriot

Doom - Remember Sunrise Semester?

Happy Birthday Barbie! You're Over

4,000 Yr Burial Find Rewrites British Bronze Age


Buy Your Own Ghost Village For £50,000

Motorist Spots UFO Triangle Above Hythe

UFOs Caught At Argentina Air Show? - Vid

Eyewitness To Enormous V-Shaped UFO, Pt 2

Skin Cancer Causes Other Cancers...It's A Bacteria

An Apple A Day? Not Anymore

Five Warm Drinks That Fight Cancer

Stock Up - Food Shortages, Price Hikes Coming

Breast Screening Increases 'Lethal' Breast Cancers

What You Should Really Be Eating For Breakfast


The Fat Drug

Effort To Clean Mt Everest Of Climber Trash - Vid

Ukraine Zionist PM To Fly To US To Meet With Obama

Roberts - Obama Against Crimea Self-Determination

Mass Pro and Anti-Russia Rallies Grip Ukraine

Crimeans Speak Out On Ukraine - Vid

Europe Faces 'Shooting' If Russia Enter East Ukraine

US Destroyer In Black Sea As Crimea Vote Nears

Here Come Stupid 'Neville Chamberlain' Comparisons

Kissinger - How The Ukraine Crisis Ends

Rogue Reactors & Putin's No-Bama Zone In Crimea


Has Blackwater Been Deployed To Ukraine?

54 Member OSCE Mission Denied Crimea Entry 3rd Time

Big Western Lies Drown Out Truth

Ukraine People To Suffer - Regime Shows Austerity Plan

Oligarchs Given Ukraine Control - Dumb Protestors Upset

Deputy PM Says Russia Should Re-Arm

Russia May Stop Honoring Nuke Weapons Treaties

McGrath On Wahl And RT's Openness And Fairness - Vid

Ex Chess King Kasparov Chatters Of Putin Overthrow

US, China Ready To Assert Naval Power In Pacific

The Cold War & Destabilization Of The Evil Empire

Kirwan - Stalking The World

No Political Fix To America’s Death Spiral

Assange Talks NSA, Hints At More Leaks


Israel vs Paletine - If Americans Knew...

Israel Brings Peace To Cyprus

Israel Teenagers Refuse To Join Military

Israeli Attacks Palestinian W Bank Protesters

Israel Plans To Judaize Palestinian Education!

Israel Denies 45,000 Palestinians Water

Jew Mafia Blackmails Pal Official With Prostitute

US Companies Celebrate Women’s Day in Palestine

Saudis Approach To Terrorism Is Hypocritical

PM: Saudi Arabia, Qatar Declare 'War On Iraq'

Rift Widening In Foreign-Based Syrian Opposition


Countries US Supports Fascists, Drugs, Terrorists

WaPo Uses Biased Experts To Push VZ Propaganda

25 Items About The Internet On Its 25th Anniv

Surveillance State On Display At 4th Amend Hearing

Top Adviser To Queen Founded Pedo Support Group

Salmond Demands UK Apology For Rad Leak In Scotland

CUPID Drone To Carry 80,000 Volt Stun Gun - Vid

Met Cops Taser Use On UK Kids Soars 600%

Make Taser-Proof Clothing With Carbon-Fiber Linings

Beautician Thinks 'Barraco Barner' Is UK President

Is US Losing New Cold War?


Jetliner Debris Said Spotted - Terror Probe Opened

Malaysian Jet In Last Minute Course Change? - Vid

Bitcoin May Die But Digital Currency Will Endure

Bitcoin Exchange MtGox Faced 150,000 Attacks Per Sec

Obama WH Hiding Yellowstone Supervolcano Activity

The Fight Against Elephant Killers In Africa - Vid

Invisibility Cloak Called 'Quantum Stealth'

Record 33 Tiny 'Cubesats' Launched From ISS

Astronomers See Mysterious Asteroid Disintegrate

Breathtaking HD Satellite Footage Of Earth

Why Cosmos Will Be Better Than Ever

12 Essential Childhood Stories That Don't Exist


Tutankhamun’s Blood

Secrets Of The Pharaohs - Vid

God’s Chorus Of Crickets

The Children Of Draco With Judgment In The Wind

9,000 Yr Old Stone Portraits In Jerusalem

Proof Consciousness Can Alter Our Physical World

Azores Pyramid & Submerged City Of Poseida

13 Ways Foodies Are Changing The Food Industry

The Truth About Green Tea

Vit D Could Prevent Breast Cancer Tumor Growth

Stevia - Super Sugar Alternative ... No Calories Or Carbs


Earl of Durham Beats MS With Veggie Diet, Vit D

EU Inspectors To Dig Up Plants From Your Garden

What Lies Beneath - Karst And The Ozarks

The Crying Fields

Kerry Warns Russia Against Annexation Of Crimea

Hollywood & Ad Agencies Attack Russia

Ukraine Is About Oil...So Was World War I

Assange - NSA, GCHQ Can 'Almost' Surveil EVERYONE

Rand Paul Wins CPAC Pres Straw Poll For 2nd YR

Ortho Jewish Wives Have Husbands Beaten Into Divorce


Israel Supports Both Sides In Ukraine

Are You Living A Life Worth Remembering?

Ukraine Crisis Escalates

Hillary Clinton Playing A Dog-Eared 'Hitler' Card

Roberts - No Jobs, Economy, No Prospects For Peace, Life

Most Gun Control Legislation By Jewish Reps, Senators

Roberts - Obama Comes Out Against Self-Determination

Kirwan - Zeroing-Out Zero-Tolerance

Snowden - NSA Forced EU Into A 'Bazaar' Of Spy Networks'

Google - We Were Attacked By The Chinese AND The NSA

Schmidt - 'You Don't Turn Off The Net, You Infiltrate It'

US 'Worried' About China Military Budget


Br Nathanael - Putin Kills Kerry's Plan For Ukraine

Swanson - Thermonuclear Monarchy And Revolution

Creator OI Bitcoin Did Classified Work For Navy, Corps

Israel Hypes Nonexistent Iranian Threat

Zionism Exposed On C-Span In Stunning Program - Vid

Br Nathanael - The Jews Who Own The Media - Vid

Experts Stunned At Loss Of 'Very Safe' Boeing 777

The Elite’s Mono-Minding Global Plans For All Children

This Is Only A Test - Watch Out!

Your Money Is Not Safe In Europe, Or Anywhere

Winners And Losers In Latin America Mining Industry

NH House OKs Bill To Ban Use Of Warrantless Data

Why Is Everyone Moving To Oregon? - Vid


Commercial Drone World Exploding...In North Dakota - Vid

How Wolves Change Rivers In Yellowstone Park - Vid

4,000 Aircraft Sit In The Military Boneyard In Tucson - Vid

Don't Slip And Slide Wth The Herd

Woman Who Can Will Herself Out Of Her Body

Most Think Watching Porn Is Morally Wrong

Malaria 'Spreading To New Altitudes'

Volcanoes Guard Ice Age Secrets

Woman's Brain Scanned During OBE - Amazing Results!

German Tourist Survives In Oz Outback 'Eating Flies'

Earthquake Lights Are Probably Real


UFO Triangles Fly In The Face Of Logic - Vid

The Best Layoff Letter!

JoeTalk - It's All In The Math - Vid

An Age-Old Mystery About Rivers Sold

Diagnoses Of The Fictional Illness ADD/ADHD Jump

My Flight From the Modern Medical Establishment

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need And Why?

Stay Away From Conventional Toothpaste

Malaria 'Spreading To New Altitudes'

Volcanoes Guard Ice Age Secrets

Tensions Flare As Military Standoff In Ukraine Continues

Russia Indicates It Is Prepared To Annex Crimea


Crimean Vote Widens US-Russia Split

Gunmen Seize Missile Defense Post In Crimea

Russia Starts Massive Air Defense Drills

Shoulder-Fired SAMS Missing From Ukraine Army

Pentagon Studying Putin's Body Language

UK Banks In Row Over Yulia Tymoshenko 'Millions'

Inconvenient Truths - MSM Mistakes On Ukraine

Sanctions Against Russia Will 'Boomerang' On US - Lavrov

EU Plans To Send Gas To Ukraine If Russia Cuts Supplly

Russia’s Gazprom Warns Ukraine Of New Gas War

US To Replace Russia As Ukraine New Gas Supplier


Political, Military Standoff Escalates In Crimea Region

American Fantasies Put Ukrainian Lives At Risk

Kirwan - Will We Never Change?

NSA Secret Advice Column For Its Paranoid Employees

Poll - Crazy John McCain Least Popular US Senator

US Chickens To Be Shipped To China & Back For Sale!

17 Countries Generating The Most Nuclear Power

As States Allow Pot Sales, Dutch Reverse Course

24 Extinct Animals Scientists Want To Bring Back

Earth Plasma Shield To Battle Solar Storms


Madsen - Secret Agenda Of Ashton & Nuland Revealed

Is Ukraine's New Prime Minister A Jew?

Meet Ukraine's Zionist Kosher 'Ultra-Nationalists'

Ukrainian Money Has The All-Seeing Eye On it

US Fighter Jets To Fly To Poland For 'Training'

Russia Scuttles Ship To Block Ukraine Ships From Black Sea

Why There Will Be War in Ukraine

EU & American War-Jaw Will Not Faze Putin

Western Zionist Mercenaries Killed Protesters In Kiev


Oldest Underground Pyramid Complex in Crimea

Europe's Energy Security Obsession & The Ukraine Crisis

Kirwan - End Of The Line

Talking Peace While Waging War


'Hitler In Argentina' - Stunning New Book Reveals All

Putin vs Obama - Geopolitical Opposites

Drones And The Dream Of A New Genie

Malaysian Jet, 239 Onboard, Missing En Route Beijing - Vid

Climate Engineering, Media Deception, And Hard Facts

Engineered Snowstorms, What Are They Spraying?

The Academy Awards Or The Anti-White Awards?

Closings - Radio Shack, Staples, Penny, Sears, Office Depot, More

Power Grab At The Top Of The Natural Foods Industry


US Next-Gen Aircraft Carrier Begins Testing Phase

RIP Psychiatry - The "Chemical Imbalance" Theory Is Dead

Oakland Forced To Dial Back Full-Spectrum Surveillance

Hubble Witnesses Asteroid's Mystery Disintegration - Vid

Massive Fireball Explodes Over Yellowknife - Pics

Snowden Leaks Cost Billions To NSA, CIA

Pentagram Morons - ?Climate Change 'Enables Terrorism'

Bukhara Blues - Zionist Hero Har-El Died

House Passes Bill To Expand Military Ties With Israhell

Atzmon - US Signaling To Israel By Denying Visas


Dozens Of Israeli 'Settlers' Raid al-Aqsa Mosque

Israel Cuts Off Water Supply To Palestinians

Venezuela Protests - Two More Dead In Barricades Clash

Police Probe 'Unnatural' Death Bitcoin's Autumn Radtke

Man Denies Being Bitcoin Inventor Amid Media Frenzy

UK - The Flood Families Return To Hell

Allegorical Tales Of The Bloodsucking Oligarchs

Glowing Orbs Seen During Fukushima Quake Earthquake

UFOs Photographed North Of Houston

Myrtle Beach Man Shares UFO Experience On TV - Vid


Prankster Arrested, Vid Confiscated For 'Evidence'

Researchers Discover Why Cannabis Relieves Anxiety

Antibiotic Resistance Soars

Saving Seeds - Open Pollinated vs Hybrid

A Quanta Of The Greater

US Warship Nears Black Sea

US, EU Impose Sanctions And Warn Russia To Relent

Obama Imposes Property, Visa Bans Over Ukraine Crisis

Russia May See 2nd Round Of Sanctions Over Ukraine

EU Imposes Asset Freeze On Ukrainians

Sanctions Won't Help Ukraine Conflict - China

Crimean MP Vote To Join Russia Sparks Outrage

Ukraine Crisis Deepens As Crimeal Votes To Join Russia


Greenwald - There Are More Snowden Docs On Israel

Greenwald, NSA Docs & Checkbook Journalism - Vid

72% Americans See US Govt As Greatest Threat

Feds Will Bail Out Failing Health Ins Companies

Christie Quiet - Emails Link Staff To Bridge Scandal

11 AGs Claim WH ObamaCare Changes Illegal - Vid

Shocking TODDLER Vid Shows US Violence, Thuggery - Vid

Signs Of Extreme Social Decay In America

Motorola Patents E-Tattoo That Can Read Your Mind

'Underwear Bomber' Was Working For CIA

Modern 'Art' Was Another CIA Weapon

Top 10 Revelations From Robert Gates Memoir


How Much Do F-35s Cost? Beware Of Answers

Carmakers Keep Data On Drivers Travels, Locations

Dutch Pension Giant Divests From Israeli Banks

Israeli Rape Of Africa Reaps Fruits

Atzmon On Dieudonné And The Quenelle - Vid

French-Pal Solidarity Deserves A Quenelle!

$2 Billion NSA Spy Center Is Going Up In Flames

McGrath - IMF Says Collapse Likely

1930s Style Debt Defaults Likely - The Table Is Set...

50% Households Make Less Than $35,000 Per Year

China E-Commerce Giant Alibaba Banned Bitcoin


When The Dollar Dies…

Atty For Goldman CEO Is Holder's 'Best Friend'

Obama Campaign Donors Bag Record Wall St Profits

CO Pot Shops Will Be Sold Out Any Day Now

CME Heading For Earth As AR1944 Produces X1 Flare

IN Guardsman Stopped For Speeding - 48 bombs

'This Officer Who Shot My Son NEEDS TO DIE' - Vid

Border Patrol Agent A True American Hero - Vid

Facial Recog App Matches You To Online Profiles

Living In A Time Of Darkness On A Sea Of Madness

Rule From The Shadows - A Look Behind The Curtain - Vid

Dallas Police Chief Announces Firings On Twitter

GMO Apples The Won't Brown To Be Approved

Pyramid Power

Language – The War Behind All Wars

Germany's Top UFOs

UFO 300 Metres from Werder Bremen Stadium - Vid

UFOs Over, Virginia, Illinois - Vid

New Aspartame Lies

Disease Resistance To Antibiotics At Tipping Point

Refreshing Reaction From Cop At Checkpoint - Vid

Virtual Sounds Use Headphones - Vid


100% Horse Meat In Selected Aldi Beef Products

Cancer-Causing Chemical In 100 Shampoos, Soaps

5000 Yr Old Egyptian Artifacts Came From Space

Woman With H1N1 Dies In Salem, OR Hospital - Vid

B.C. Woman From Okinawa Dies Of H1N1 Flu - Vid

H1N1 Flu Racing Through Pittsburgh

Fatal H5N1 Encephalitis In Edmonton ex-Beijing

Stunning Photos Of US Polar Vortex Big Freeze

Kirwan - Your Mind & Your Space?

FBI Admits Primary Focus Is 'Not' Law Enforcement

JPMorgan, Madoff, And No Questions To 'The 'Cult'


Br Nathanael - Petrodollar Scam Breaking Down - Vid

Outing Public Wickedness More American Than Apple Pie

US Navy To Get Drone Size Of Boeing 757 Plane

US Bug Detected In UAE's France-Built Spy Satellite

50 Years Of US 'War On Poverty' Fails

Gates Takes Aim At Obama, Biden In New Book

US To Raise Military Presence In South Korea

US Using al-Qaeda For Mideast Dominance

Zionist Idiot Gohmert - Let's Blow Up All Iran Nuclear Sites

Iran Nuke Talks Hit Snag

America's Eulogy

Criminal Unaccountability


Twenty Years Of NAFTA Sucking Sound

Goodbye To Your House And Freedom

Mein Kampf Topping Amazon ebook Charts

A Time Of Darkness On A Sea Of Madness

HS Students Take 'Conspiracy Theories' Class

Soon - 'On-Demand' Nano-Vaccines Funded By Bill Gates

12 Ways To Homestead In Place

BPA Increases Risk Of Cancer In Prostate Tissue

Amazing Array Of Actors Greet Alfred Hitchcock - Vid

CA Woman In SF Area Dies Of H1N1

Record Freeze Extends East - At Least Nine Dead


Polar Vortex - Temps Below Freezing In All 50 States

The Polar Vortex Explained - Vid

It Was So Cold In Canada, The Ground Exploded

Huge Snowstorms Throughout History

What Happens To The Salt We Dump On Roads?

Plan To Avert Warming By Cooling May Backfire

Climate Engineering And Climate Lies

More Israel Disclosures To Come From Snowden

Trove Of Disclosures About Israel To Come From Snowden

Need More To Feel Paranoid About The NSA?


Google And The World Brain

Jeff & Dr. Joseph Chiappalone...The Final Countdown - Vid

Millionaire Obama - I Hate Income Inequality

Freedom Not To Participate In Federal Health Insurance

80 NYPD, FDNY First Responder Heros In SS Fraud?

Will CA Break Up Into 6 States?

Gatto - The Insidious Purpose Of Schooling - Vid

France's Iranian Nuclear Obsession

Japan Jet Chases China Plane Over Disputed Islands

CT Asst AG Won't Release Sandy Hook Medical Records


Why Does The Navy Need 100,000 Flash Bang Grenades?

Internet Mystery Cicada 3301 Starts Up Again

'Sochi Safest, Most Secure Olympics Ever’

First Photos Of Alien Worlds By New Exoplanet Imager

Russell - The Greatest Scandal In US History

Voluntary' Government Checkpoints Spark Backlash

Parking Violation Turns Into Police Assault On Video

Film Star, Ex Miss VZ Murdered By Highway Killers

Huge Sunspot Targets Earth - Vid


Mexican Vigilante Gunmen Disarm Local Police

Earthquakes And The Solar System - Vid

6 Credible ELF Incidents?

Law To Stop Almost Anyone From Doing Almost Anything

Cop Executes Teen With Schizophrenia - Vid

Burglars Who Beat J. Edgar Hoover & The FBI

Ancient Rock Formation Smashed By Extreme Storm

Astronomical Oddity Will Test Einstein Again

8 Giant Tunnels Being Built Under City Near You

How Earth Sounds Six Miles Below Ground


Would Time Travelers Leave Online Traces?

Egyptian 'Ankh Cross' Temple - Built By The Aztecs?

Scientist On Hazards Of Sugar - Vid

Filer’s Files #1 -2014 Happy New Year

Filer’s Files # 52 – 2013 Mexico’ Reveals ET Visits

Filer’s Files # 51 – 2013 Merry Christmas

H1N1 Flu Explodes In San Diego County

FDA Announces Shortage Of Children's Tamiflu

3 Reasons Viruses Are Most Successful In Winter

Gore’s Odyssey - Another Record-Breaking Freeze

Who Knew? Obama Has A Jewish Brother

Secret Court OKs 3 More Mos Of NSA Phone Spying


Two States Seek To Ban Data-Sharing With NSA

CA To Fight NSA By Cutting Off Its Water Supply

Exonerate Edward Snowden...Unconditionally

Global Surveillance Can Be Forced To End

Chicago Ban On Gun Sales Ruled Unconstitutional

Kirwan - The Oldest Infants

Will US Senate Crown Netanyahu Emperor?

Pike - Three Times Evil Jewish Leaders Fled

Judicial Watch - 10 Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians

OK Satanists Plan For Giant SATAN Statue In Capitol

As US Re-Enters The Dark Ages, Remember Your Place


Communists & Homosexuals - What's The Connection?

Drone Crashes Into Battleship - $30m In Damages

Do Children Start Better Banks?

Corporate Taxes In America

Whole Foods To Support Local Growers With $25m

Let's Talk About Obamacare Subsidies

Gulf War Illness Tied To Cipro Antibiotics

Japan Offers 50% Loan For Super Maglev DC Train

Mossad-Chabad Link Implied by Knesset Decision

Israel Building Another New West Bank 'Settlement'

Pentagon Fast-Tracks Hellfire Missile Deliveries To Iraq


Al Qaeda’s Expense Report - Penny Lane Terror

Biggest Terrorism Scaremongers Are Promoting It

Cunningham - Al-Qaeda’s Real Origins Exposed

8 Yr Old Girl Suicide Bomber Caught By Afghan Cops

Saudi Royals Provide al-Qaeda With Fnancing

Molestations In Public Are Womens Own Fault - Saudi Poll

Entire List Of Things Nanny Bloomberg Has Banned

Sitting In The Bakelite Chair Waiting In The Bus Station

UFO Mystery Over Sacramento Solved? - Vid

Bremen Airport: UFO On RADAR - Flights Diverted

Mystery Deepens Over Barnoldswick UFO Sighting


Court System Finally Exposed - Vid

Man Gets 8 Months For Slapping Toddler On Plane

Dog Left To Freeze To Death - Vid

China's New Donut-Shaped Hotel - Pic

8 pH1N1 Pittsburgh Patients On ECMO Machines

Deadly Polar Vortex Spreads Even Wider - Vid/Pics

Arctic Freeze Grips The US - Pics

Boiling Water Into The Air Turns To Snow - Vid

Pentagon Plans For Drone ProgramThru 2038 - Vid

The New 'National Security State' Fundamentalists

The Last Gasp Of American Democracy

Truth - The Enemy Of The State


Kirwan - The Failed State Of Israel

1,600 Applicants For 36 Dairy Plant Jobs?

4 States Confirm Water Pollution From Drilling

Technology Impact On Privacy

Battle Over GMOs - 93% In US Favor Labeling

The Incredibly Flat World Of Monsanto

4 States Confirm Water Pollution From Drilling

CO Pot Friendly But DIA Is A No Pot Zone

The Wanta Reconstructing-America Plan

It's Still The Economy, Stupid

Japan ‘Solar Girl’ Sheds Reliance On TEPCO

UK Assesses Hitachi-GE BWR Design


ET Could Share More Technolody With Us, If... - Vid

Booming Subterranean Marijuana Railroad

Garlic Kills Brain Cancer Cells Without Side Effects

Cannabis Can Kill Cancer Cells, Curb MS

Is Industrial Hemp The Ultimate Energy Crop?

The Great West Coast Sardine Crash

The Rise And Fall Of The Battleship

Does A Woolly Mammoth Need A Lawyer?

Uncovering The Science Of Belief

The Oracle At Deadwood

Meet Mick Dodge - A Natural Man - Vid


8 pH1N1 Pittsburgh Patients On ECMO Machines

7 Dead In Portland OR, 180+ Hospitalized

3 Dead Of H1N1 In Kirkland WA Hospital

Deadly H1N1 Flying (Airlines) Across America

Historic Freeze - DANGER Warning To Parts Of US - Vid

Stunning Aerial Views Of UK Storm Damages - Pics

Climate Engineering And Climate Lies

Secession And Civil War In Our Future?

Janet Napolitano - Snowden Should NOT Get Clemency

From The Pentagon To Life In A Van


Jobless Workers Enter Free Fal

‘Americans Have No Constitutional Right To Privacy’

America Under The Management Cult

Pilger - Is Media Another Word For Control?

Television News...The Stage Play

A-21 Swat Teams Are Seizing Private Property

American Pessimism - Vid

The Dow's 'New High' Is Pure Illusion

The Fed Is Playing Global Pump & Dump

Marxists Love The 'New World Pope'

Cutting US War Funding Enrages Israel Lobby

Kirwan - The Failed State Of Israel

Leading Rabbi - 'Palestine Is A Terror Organization'


Iran, The US And The Mideast In 2014

Al-Majed Was Top Saudi Intel Official

Iran Says Al-Majed Death 'Suspicious'

30,000 African Migrants Protest In Tel-Aviv

Kerry Anger - Pal Refusal To Recognize 'Jewish' Israel

Iraq Faces All-Out War With al-Qaida In Falluja

Operation Iraq Liberation Spells Oil And Trouble

How Many Iraqis Were KIlled By US/UK In 2003?

UK Gun-Running To Somali Pirates

UK Govt Said Indirectly Arming Somali Pirates

Confirmed - CA Crop Circle Mystery Solved - Vid


10 Signs The Global Elite Are Losing Control

Top 10 Studies Proving Medicinal Power Of Cannabis

Three Ways To Protect Your Heart

How To Fix A Vehicle Dent Without Body Work - Vid

H1N1 Kills Two In OR, Eight Hospitalized

H1N1 Flu Now Widespread In OR And WA

Canada Hit Hard With Deadly H1N1 Flu Cases

Polar Freeze Blast Much Of America - Vid/Pics

Dumbest Gore Warming Quotes On Coldest Day In Decades

Aerial Views Of Shocking Damages In UK Storms

For Queen Michelle 17 Days In Hawaii Not Enough

Obamacare’s Four Biggest Lies


Kirwan - Faces Of Treason

Rand Paul Lies - Doesn't Deserve To Be Senator - Vid

Rand Paul vs NSA Spying

2nd Top Military Man Calls For Millions To March On DC

Kerry - US Will Support Iraq, But Without Troops

Chomsky On Growing Threat Of Nuclear War In 2014

Kerry's Peace Plan - Worthless

The Guardian Laments Sharon

Royal Navy Poor Response To Russian Warship Off Scotland

Strange Link - Ronald Reagan And Manly P. Hall

Encore...Judge Napolitano's Great Speech - Vid

Surprising Time People Spend On Big Social Networks


Major Steps For World Trade Center In 2014

Fighter Jets With 3D Printed Parts

Fischer...Dual Citizen, Pro-Israel Activist, Fed Vice-Chair

JPMorgan Nears Deal In Case Tied To Madoff

Moscow Enters The Eastern Med Gas Fields

Pike - A&E's 'Bias Crime' Against Duck Dynasty Clan

Stanley Kubrick On Mars

UFO Over St Petersburg Russia - Vid

Giant UFO Over St Petersburg In Sept 2013

Cracking the 1896/97 Airships Mystery?

UFO Hotspots Of 2013

Unsealed - Alien Files....Seriously?

US Universities Of Shame - Part II


Nuclear Test Site Selection During The Cold War

You Have The Right To Stay Out Of Jail

'Forest Of Trees' Needed For Carbon In Polar Rescue

Born To Shop?

My Anxious Life In An Age Of Anxiety

3 Hidden Dangers Lurking In Your Tea

After 400 Yrs, Indonesian Volcano Wakes Up, 1,000s Flee

When Did Volcanoes Erupt On The East Coast?

Mayor Declares 2014 'Year Of Bible' In TX City

Surfing Through Success

12 Little Known Laws of Karma

50 Foods You Really Should Be Eating


JoeTalk - There's No Hope Left - Vid

Can I Increase My Brain Power?

Mystery Of Amazon Web Formations Unraveled - Vid

Is This Why The Profumo File Is Still Secret?

Texas pH1N1 Deaths Exploding

Latest On Genetically-Engineered & Pandemic Viruses

Coldest US Temps 'In Decades' - Vid

'Life-Threatening' Cold In Midwest - Vid

US To See Low Temps Unknown For A Generation

Deep Freeze Spreading Across Much Of US

UK Storms Worst In 20 Yrs And More On Way

Four Winter Driving Myths Shattered


Supervolcano Eruption Risk Far Greater Than Thought

NSA Fails To Deny Spying On Congress

US Offers To Help Russia With Olympics Security

Rand Paul To File Class-Action Suit Over NSA Spying

Would You Prefer Civil War Or WW3?

Obamas Live Like Royalty On Lavish Hawaii Holiday

US Icebreaker To Try To Free 2 Other Trapped Icebreakers

Oz Asks US Icebreaker To Free Oz, China Rescue Ships

China To Cash In Big On Cannabis Boom

Education Is Not A Joke…Or A Joker


New York To Relax Laws On Marijuana

Israel Snubs US Offer On Jordan Valley

Kaffiyeh-Kippah Soccer War

West, KSA Relieved At Death Of al-Majed

Obamacare Equals Impoverishment For Many - Vid

Planned Parenthood Rep - Christianity 'Going Down'

LA Sheriffs...Rape, Drug Smuggling, Kidnapping - Report

Jim Rogers - 'Bernanke Set Stage For Fed Collapse'

The Fed Is Hiring Lots Of Cops

Bitcoin Can Now Buy New York Real Estate


Financial Fascism And Its Come-Uppance

Western Economies - A Tale Of Thieves And Tapers

Bitcoin Versus Gold

Murder of Brit May Spell End Of Libyan Oil Industry

Is It 1914 All Over Again?

Parallel Universe Therapy

UFO In Near MIss With Airliner - Pilots Actually Ducked

Debunking Misconceptions About The Electric Universe.

What Martin Scorsese Hid In 'Wolf Of Wallstreet'

Jewish Role In African Slave Trade Admitted By Rabb

How Einstein Ruined Physics

Rise Of Exorcists Catholic Church


H1N1 Flu – Possible Healing & Defense

How Many Steps Does It Take To Make MSG?

18 Unregulated Chemicals Found In Drinking Water

Tamiflu Resistance Driving Severe CA pH1N1 Cases?

H1N1 Virus Exploding Across US And Canada

Arctic Blast Delivering Lowest Temps In Years - Vid

Giant US Blizzard Visible From Space - Pics

Cairo Sees First Snowfall In 112 Years - Pics

Seattle Tunnel Boring Machine Hit Steel Well-Casing Pipe

Clemency For Snowden? Greenwald Calls Out DC Media

47 US Senators Side With Jewish Lobby vs Iran


NAFTA - 20 Years Of Regret For Mexico

Legislating Tyranny

Fascist Origin And Essence Of Privatization

3 Warning Signs A Financial Crash Is imminent

Obama's Gun Confiscation Plans Are A Prelude To Genocide

US Waived Laws For China-Made F-35 Parts

Kirwan - Let's Change Everything

2014 10% Expropriation Of Everyone’s Accounts?

Disney Can Track Every Move With New Wristbands

Opposition To TPP Explodes On Twitter Special

Cell Phone Microwave Stations May Soon Be On Airliners

4-H Promotes Biotech To 'Facilitate Youth Programming'


GMO And ‘Natural’ Food Fight - Treacherous Terrain

Illegals Crowd NV DMV Offices For Driver Cards

Bishop Jakes Wise Advice To Black America - Vid

Zio RT Host Cuts Caller At Mention Of Jewish Privilege - Vid

BBC Sketch - Enlarging The Israeli Embassy - Vid

Palestinian Children In Cages

Brutality Against Afghan Women Soars In 2013

Ukraine Protesters Use Mirrors On Cops - Vid

New Years Ghost Outside Parliament? - Pics

Best UFO Videos Of 2013 - Vid

Intelligence Fused With High-Tech Is Heart Of UFO Puzzle

UFOs Over El Cajon, CA - Vid

UFOs? Readers Shoot Down Speculation


Moonbeans (spoof video)

Carl Sagan’s Rules For Bullshit-Busting

Addict Rep Hasn't Talked About His Drug-Testing Vote

Warming Idiots - Melting Ice Causes Expanding Ice Cap!

Ten Best Science Stories Of 2013

The Most Abused Principle In All Of Science

Student Debts - The Bankers New Socially Engineered Trap

Sub-Human Killers Decimating Africa's Elephants

Saving The World’s Most Endangered Big Cats

Reconstruction Gives Stonehenge Man A Face - Vid


Five Reasons To Stop Using Antibacterial Soap

Yuppie Prohibition League Denounces Legal Pot

11 Accidental Discoveries - Potato Chips, Plastic, More

Shakedown Or Sundown For The World Solar Industry 2014

Arctic Blast To Drop Temps To Lowest In Yrs - Pics

21 Inches Of Snow In MA Closes Offices In Boston

Record Massive Freeze To Hit On Sunday - 5,000 flights Delayed

Bostonians Brace For Dangerous Cold

US Winter Storms Kills At Least 16

Fiercest Brit Storms In 20 Yrs Leave Trail Of Destruction

Snow, Arctic Winds To Plunge Britain Into Deep Freeze

Record Cold Doesn't Impress The Warming Cult


Chemtrails Over Pacifica, CA Facing South On Friday, 1-3-14

Kirwan - 'Law' No Longer Exists

US Senator - Does NSA Spy On Congress? (is grass green?)

Another Corrupt, Unconstitutional Judge Rules For NSA

The NSA And The Paradise Of The Border

FB Sued For Allegedly Monitoring Users Private Messages

Pentagon Waived Sanctions Rules On F-35 Parts For China

Pentagon Cuts ‘Imminent Danger Pay' To US Troops

Americans Sick And Tired Of DC Shenanigans - Vid

PETA 'Activist' Drones Enabling The Police State?


Obama Issues New 'Executive Actions' On Guns

Mixed Reactions To Cheerios Dropping GMOs

Obama WH Mocks 'We The People' Petitions For 2 Years

Paul Craig Roberts - Case Of Missing US Economic Recovery

Welcome To The New America - Low-Wage Nation

US Losing $1b A Week From Jobless Benefits Cut

UK Housing Recovery Built On Sand

Michigan Bill Would Take On 'Policing For Profit'

Idaho To Reclaim Control Of Privately Run State Prison

USDA Proceeds With Herbicide-Resistant GMO Seeds

Was UK's Jack Straw Sacked By Bush For Blocking Iraq War?

Why The Peaksters Got It Wrong

Top 10 Proofs People Can Be Completely Manipulated

Russian Navy to Get 40 New Ships in 2014

Russia To Test 70 New Rockets, Missiles In 2014

Russian Navy To Expand Air Patrols In Arctic

Israel Successfully Tests Arrow Space Missile Interceptor

Saudi al-Qaeda Leader Conveniently Dies

Lamb - Israel Not Liable Under International Law

Understanding The Zionist New World Order

Ariel Sharon's Final Mission Might Have Been Peace

UNRWA Bitter Winter Solstice And Now Dershowitz!


Explosions Hit Syrian Gas Pipelines, Electricity Cut

Syrian 'Rebels' Turn On al-Qaeda-Affiliated Isis Jihadists

Three Blasts Hit Egypt Military Convoy In Sinai

13 Die In Brotherhood Clashes With Police In Egypt

Iraq Loses Control Of Fallujah To Militants

They Took Away My Planet And Gave Me Revolution

Putin Lifts Blanket Ban On Protests Pt Sochi

Catalonia Seeks Support From EU For Independence

935,000 Displaced In CAR Amid ‘Unprecedented’ Violence

South Africa - 'Corrective Rape' Aimed At 'Curing' Lesbians

2013 Russian Meteor - Best Video Collection - Vid

Cosmic Laundry Day... Slip Sliding Away


Soft Killing Americans With Toxic Food, Bad Water & Vax

Obesity Triples In Developing Countries

GPS Satellites Suggest Halo Dark Matter Around Earth

What’s Really Inside Lake Vostok

3 More Die From H1N1 I In Michigan...12 More On Life Support

5 Dead, Nearly 1,000 In Infected With H1N1 In Alberta

H1N1 Dead In Santa Clara County CA

Now It's About To Get Insanely Cold

Cold Snap Is Colder Than Mars Surface

Paul Craig Roberts - 2014 Will Bring More Social Collapse

NSA Looks To Put End All Forms Of Encryption


Keiser Report: NSA Manipulates Bank Accounts? (E541)

CO Pot Shops Make Over 1 Million On First Day - Vid

Big Cannabis - America's Next Corporate Titan?

Goy Sharon Killed Twice

Gay Jews Have 'Higher Souls' Than Gentiles

What Really Happened To Ariel Sharon?

Has The House Of Saud Seen Its Stalingrad?

'The Country You Destroyed' - A Letter To Bush

Undetected Asteroid Explodes Over Atlantic

Can Parents Save Children By Leaving The US?

Domestic Drones Patrolling Skies Above You Soon

Ultra High Tech SR-71 Replacement...The Mach 6 SR-72


Cigar Shape UFOI Hovers Over Brazil - Vid

UFOs Sighted Over Virginia - Vid

UFOs In Medford, Oregon - Vid

‘UFO’s Attracted To Nuke Military Base - Expert - Vid

Objects In Space We Really, Really Can't Explain

Practice Your Mercury Escape Plan

Buffett Bought Pipeline Stake Same Day Oil Train Crash

Phil Everly, Half Of Everly Brothers, Passes - Pics

NC Cop Orders Man With Cam Off 'My County Property'!

Million+ Students Fingerprinted At UK Schools

'The Take' Give All Writers A Kick In The A*S

Scientists Search Net For Evidence Of Time Travelers


Laser Firing Spider Called 'Brilliantly Terrifying'

Earthquake Lights Mystery - Vid

'Baboon Syndrome' Complication Of Antibiotics

Intrinity - The Merkaba Portal

Michigan pH1N1 ECMO Machines Maxed Out

UK 'Unprepared For Flu Epidemic'

140m Americans Face Sub Zero Temps, Snow - Vid

Snow Blankets Boston As Storm Crisis Grows

UK Towns Flooded, Roads Collapsed, 500 Flood Warnings

Deadly Storms To Pound UK For Weeks

Icy Grip Of Fear That Global Warming Is Trash


Br Nathanael - Why Jews Must Be Purged From Power

MSM Hid Fact Ice-Bound Ship Was On Warming Mission

Chinese Icebreaker Stuck Helping Rescue Warming Idiots

The Obamacare We Deserve - NYT

Feds Prep For Attacks On Social Security Bldgs?

Hillary Revels In Death - We Came, We Saw, He Died - Vid

DOJ Pays Linkedin $500k For Access To YOUR Data

NSA Wants Super Computer To Crack Most All Encryptions

The Police State In Review 2013

20 Years Ago, This Comic Predicted...

US Imperialism Danger To World

Mossad, Bush et al Planned, Executed 9/11


Sandy Hook School Wiped Off Map...Like Murrah, WTC, Waco

Springman On CIA Bringing Terrorists Into The US - Vid

Cunningham - Pope Needs To Condemn US Warmongering

Military Drones To Make Own Decisions During Missions

CA First Steps Toward Gun Registration?

Stop-And-Frisk Architect Takes Over NYPD

Report Against Big Ag, Big Pharma & Governments

Mass Animal Die-Offs 2013 - Map

Orange 'Fireball' Report Pour Into NUFORC

UFO Reports, Sightings Expand To Oregon - Vid

NUFORC Got About 200 Reports Over New Years - Vid

UFO Sightings Over Sweden On New Year’s Day


Lynne Stewart Arrives Home

NY Times Bashes India's Jocks For Steroid Use?

Why Do Americans Still Support Israel?

Peace Process Hypocrisy Continues

Major General - 'IDF Uniform A Shame'

Israel To Keep Jordan Valley Settlement Forever

Israel Killed Most Argentina AMIA Perps

Salbuchi - False Flag Attacks In Argentina

Stories Of Palestinians In Gaza Told

Is 2014 The Year Scotland Finally Gains Independence?

David Cameron's Most Comically Staged Photoshoot

Levitating Objects With Sounds

Bomb Kills Policeman, Hurts Another Near Moscow

Zahi Hawass Compares Egypt's al-Sisi To A Pharaoh

West's Debt Hits 200 Year High

Coming Expropriation Of 10% Of Everyone's Accounts

Great Dollar Rally Of 2014

Great Italian Auto Bailout - Courtesy US Taxpayers

UK Household Finances At Breaking Point

Europe's Energy Transition Paradox

1984 French Bomb In London 'Astonished' Thatcher

Hollande Snubbed Handshakes In 2013 - Pics


People Get Ready For The Changes Coming

S Sudan Rebels 'Forcibly Recruiting Civilians'

Another Death Of A Gang Rape Victim In India

Pilger - India A Dystopia Of Extremes

The View From The LA Wall

1,000 Tabbed For 'Reality TV' Pick For 1-Way Mars Trip

5 Meter Asteroid Burns Up In Atmosphere

Do Dogs Align With Earth's Magnetic Field?

How Mystery Orbs Might Predict Earthquakes

Do You Chew Gum? If So, You Better Read This

Dad Does This To Kids Lunches Every Day

'Grow Cubes' Offer Indoor Gardening Solutions

H1N1 Patients In Ann Arbor 'Very, Very Ill'

H1N1 On Rise In Utah

H1N1 Worries In Vermont

H1N1 Kills Member Portland OR Family

100 Million In Huge Storm's Path - Pics

Nor'easter Blasts Millions With Snow, Wind, Bitter Cold

Britain Faces More Fierce Storms

Stop Animal Holocaust...Wake Up...Get Vegecated - Vid

Group - No One Has Lower Health Costs Under O/Care


NYT, Guardian Urge Obama To Help Snowden

Difference - Whistleblower & Conspiracy Theorist

True Cost Of Cyber Attacks On Companies

NSA Seeks Quantum Computer To Crack Most Encryption

'Scary' NSA Spies On You Every Way Possible

Judge Who Ruled NSA Spying Legal, Let 9/11 Israeli Skate

'Jewish' Americans Control US Economy, Media & Politics

Rabbi Weiss Rips Zionism - Vid

The Top 2014 Elections

40% Jobless Youth Face Mental Illness, 33% Suicidal

DC Draconian Gun Re-Registration Begins

Most Americans - Congress Worst In Their Lifetime


Deadlier Drones Mapped Out In Defense Plan

Is World War Three About To Start?

China's First Aircraft Carrier - Pics

China Accelerates Push For Its Citizens To Buy Gold

Surveilance Of Secret Nuke Tests - Surprise Boon

Kirwan - Castles Of The Heart

Sydney New Year’s Eve - Big Brother Is Watching You

US Plan To Transfer 3,000 Terrorists To Romania

Border Patrol Needs No Suspicion To Take Laptops, iPhones

No 501-3C Church Can Be A Church Of God

LA Co Government Attack On Solar Homes


When Orbs Leave Chemtrails? - Vid

UFO Sightings All Over CA On 12-31 - Vid

7300 Sq Mi Ring Of Mercury Around Tar Sands In Canada

Resident Records UFOs Over San Francisco - Vid

Mystery Boom Sound Frightens Corpus Christie Residents

Alien Clouds Blanket Nearby 'Super-Earth' Exoplanet - Vid

Italy Court Overturns Pedo Conviction...11Yr Old 'In Love'

Neil Sanders - Control Of Popular Music - Vid

7 Reason Why You Should Listen To Your Heart

Powassan Tick Virus Kills Popular Maine Artist

Wal-Mart ‘Five Spice Donkey Meat’ Recalled In China

Is Consciousness Universal?

Banker Nabbed In Fraud Case - Year After His 'Death'

Hubble Reveals Super-Planets Covered In Clouds

Parallel Worlds Exist And Will Soon Be Testable

Never Poke Unexplained Balls Of Fluff

Scientists Makes Things Fly Using Sound Waves

Obama To Americans - You Don’t Deserve To Be Free

Complete List Of All Bloomberg Has Banned

EU Commission To Ban Heirloom Seeds!

Top 10 Greediest People of 2013

Single Payer Health Care Is The Better Way?


100 Million In Path Of Northeast Blizzard - Pics

Severe Drought In NoCal And So OR - Lakes Dry Up

Antarctic China Helicopter Rescue Mission Success - Vid

After The Machine Mind Died

NYT - Snowden A 'Hero' But Won't Say Obama Criminal

NSA Quartering 'Digital Troops' In Our Homes?

Poll - US Is Biggest Threat To World Peace

Americans Extremely Pessimistic About Govt

Kirwan - Unmasking The Unreality

Kirwan - Castles Of The Heart

AIPAC's Federal Reserve Vice Chairman


Prepare...There Will Be No Economic Recovery - Vid

US Judge - Why Aren't Financial Execs Prosecuted?

Email Confirms BOA ‘Social Media Trolling’ Spy Team

4-H Sells Its Soul to Monsanto US Soybean Council

18 Million AR Blackbird Deaths Called Intentional - Vid

Sub-Human Black On White 'Knockout' Attacks Spread - Vid

Unmistakable Signs Of Race, Hate War In US - Vid

One Guy KOs 3 Punks For Assaulting His Wife - Vid

Constitution-Free Zones

Watch - Apollo 11 Astronauts Faking It - Vid

Amazing CA Crop Circle Draws Major Attention - Vid


CA Crop Circle Mowed Down - Designed Explained - Vid

CA Crop Circle Hoaxed Grows - Vid

'Earthquake Lights' Mistaken For UFOs?

Leaked US Regime Change Manual, Admits Ukraine - Vid

Sikh Temple Shooter - Revealed As FAKE - Vid

I'd Dump Israel Tomorrow - Ex-CIA Tells Congress - Vid

An Interview With Gilad Atzmon

Israeli-Palestinian 'Peace' Talks - Perpetual Notion

Israelis, Palestinians Back Two State Deal

Kerry Chronicles - Israel Evicts Canaan 10, Leaks Pal Doc

Quenelle - Courage Or Reverse Nazi Salute?


Israel Terrorizing US Politicians, Academia

Death Watch For 'Butcher Of Sabra & Shatila' Sharon

Israel Targets Conscientious Objectors

Palestinian, 85, killed by Israeli teargas fired into his home

Syrian Warlord - 'Rebels' Funded By Saudi, US

KSA Behind Terrorist Atrocities In Iraq

Egypt Govt Illegal, Undemocratic

Egypt - 96 Artifacts Missing From Museum

US-China Military Conflict Will Lead To Nuclear War

China Military Pesence Growing - Collision Ahead?

First China Aircraft Carrier Completes Sea Trials


MI Bans 'WAR SUX' License Plate!

3 Of 4 NFL Playoff Games Still Not Sold Out

Marijuana Shoppers Flock To Colorado

Colorado Blazing A Welcome Trail Legalizing Pot

Woman Fixes Her Scoliosis In A Month With Yoga

What We Learned From The 1%

Chomsky - Rich Countries Racing Toward Disaster

The Year Of Living Dangerously With Mr Apocalypse

Dog Shot By Insane Cops Recovering - Vid

Number Of UK Working Pensioners Up 33%

UK Diplomats’ Expenses Cost Taxpayers Millions


History Of Brit Petroleum Part III - Big Oil Free Lunch

10% Of Young Brits 'Have Nothing To Live For'

We No Longer Understand What Money Is Worth

Trial By Twitter - Cops Name Drunk Drivers Before Conviction

Mystery Bright Flashes Linked To Quakes (pietzo)

Dreier - No Country For Old Souls

Conscious Activism - An Inspiring Story - Vid

Antarctic Helicopter Rescue Mission A Success - Vid

Thursday Snowstorm To Affect 70 Million In US

Winnipeg Canada Colder Than Mars At -63F

Black On White Crime Unveiled - Vid

Rangel - Tea Party Push To Repeal O/Care Is Mental Illness

Obamacare Joins UN Making Guillotines, Hanging Legal - Vid

Most Important Elections Of 2014

Wall St Sings While Americans Sob

Netanyahu Temp incapacitated Due To Med Exam

Viral CT Photo That’s Giving Gun Owners Chills - Pic

Obama F/F Guns Showing Up At Murder Scenes

How Will Our Troops Ever Get Home?

2014 Fed Law BANS 40w And 60w Light Bulbs


Enforcing Mark Of Beast - RFID Chips, Obamacare - Vid

Fiat Buys The Rest Of Chrysler

Just 2% of Britons Feel Economic Recovery

6 Ways Retail Will Change In 2014

Student Loans - Wicked Bankster Engineered Traps

UK Banksters Get Fat Bonuses

Just 2% Of Britons Feel 'Economic Recovery'

How Safe Are Your Digital Online Memories?

FedEx Sued By NYC For Illegally Shipping Cigarettes

Boy Scouts Ready To Allow Gay Scouts From 2014

Doom - More On Fixing Remediation


UFO Sightings Reported Across CA - Vid

California Crop Circle Sparks UFO Talk - Vid

Best News Bloopers Of 2013 - Vid

Thieves Use Mystery Gadgets To Unlock Cars

Dimwit Thief - 142 Felony Counts Over Instagram Page

TSA Destroyed Cdn Man’s 11 Homemade Instruments

EFSA Godfather - 'Ain't No Aspartame Crime Around Here'

Colorado's Pot Shops Go Legal

The Great European Property Sale

Ready For Your Parents To Move In?

‘Around The World In 125 Yrs’ - Stunning View


Ancient Peruvians Practiced Brain Surgery

Five More Contract MERS In KSA And One in UAE

H1N1 Spikes In St Louis

H1N1 Moves Into Eastern TN

H1N1 Now In Central CA

Newest Obama Lie - NSA Has Never Abused Authority

NSA Violates US Constitution

NSA Boss Vid ‘Most Hated’ On YouTube In 2013?

Apple Denies NSA iPhone Backdoor Collusion

NSA's Top Hacking Unit


Schmidt 2014 Predictions - Genomics, Smartphones Everywhere

Hackers Reveal 4.6m Cell Numbers - Expose Snapchat

Kirwan - 2014...Can We Stop The Hands Of Time?

Top 10 Concerns For 2014

The Future Of Drone Swarm 'Awareness'

Childrens Books Glorify Homeland Security (sickening)

You Say You Want A Revolution

West Nile Virus Kills 27 Bald Eagles In Utah

What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain - Blaylock

GMO Food - It's Worse Than We Thought - Blaylock

Mother Nature Laughs At Warming Idiots Expense

Trapped Warming Idiot Insists Polar Ice Is Melting

Constitution 'Exempt' Zone 100 Mi Inland Of US Border

China Could Defeat US In West Pacific War By 2020

Israel - 'Warsaw Ghetto Is A Myth'

Pal Amb To Czech Republic Dies In Home Blast

Israeli Lawmakers Push Petition To Free Pollard

Tel Aviv Tortures Palestinian Children

Israel’s Democracy Claims Eroding - Clare Short

Rachel Corrie - Zionists Don't Want You To See This - Vid

Academic Zionist Agents In US Go Public


Iran Installs 1,000 IR-2m Centrifuges

Terrorist Crimes Against Humanity

Icelanders Overthrow Govt For New Constitution

Salbuchi - 2013/2014...A Tipping Point?

S Sudan Rebels Seize Regional Capitol

Japan Minister Follows Abe To War Shrine Irking China

Latvia Reluctantly Joins Euro Zone

Kim Jong-un Condemns Uncle As 'Filth'

Putin Vows To Totally Destroy Terrorists After Bombings

Russian Navy Gets New Nuclear Attack Submarine


Highlights Of The MSM's 2013 UFO Coverage

Mystery UFO Captured On Security Cam - Vid

UFO Sighting Causes China Airport Emergency

1000s UK Families With Carers Hit By Bedroom Tax

Whistleblower On Deadly Hazing Rituals In US Fraternities

Inside America’s Deadliest Fraternity

Steampunking On The Gloom Train

Glitter Nail Polish - New Way To Protect Your Data

How Love, Other Emotions Are Mapped In The Body


The Gift Of Depression - Vid

Zen Gardner - 2014, When Awakening Erupts

Ultimate Water Park In Oz - Pics

A Megadose Of Vit E 'Slows Down' Alzheimers

2014 America - Monstrous Police Checkpoint Attacks

Guess How Many New Laws Take Effect In 2014...

World Celebrates Dawn Of 2014

People We Lost In 2013

Kiss 2013 Goodbye - Vid

What’s In Store For Our Freedoms In 2014?

Hypocrite Nancy Pelosi Flees Interview - Vid


Levin Wants Russian Roulette For The Constitution

Here's Why Google Is Building A Robot Army

NBC Med Editor Forced Kids To Sign For Obamacare

The Psychological Dark Side Of Gmail

Ex NSA Chief - Obama Should Keep On Spying

What OS NSA Executive Order 12,333?

Windows Error Messages Let NSA Spy On People

‘NSA Has Carte Blanch To Hack Computers’

‘Scary’ NSA Will Spy On You Every Which Way They Can

Dell 'Sorry' For ‘inconvenience’ Caused By NSA Backdoor!


3000 Travelers Used Iris As Plane Boarding Pass

Brainwashed By The Cult Of The Super Rich

Globalist Agenda Behind Russia Blasts

Russia Blasts Same Template As US, Syria, Afghan Attacks

Chinese Village With The Secret For Long Life

The Year Of Bitcoin

FBI Implicated In US Border Patrol Agent Death

The Looming Battle For Real Social Security

NDAA Resistance Is Just Getting Started

2013 Fewest Police Deaths By Firearms Since 1887


Mysterious, Unusual UFO Sightings In Alvin TX - Vid

Mysterious Crop Circle Spotted In Salinas CA - Vid

Another Mystery Creature Washes Up Onshore - Pic

Sioux Chief Speaks On Chemtrails - Vid

Private Prisons Pushing To Increase Profits

Ten Most Popular News Stories For 2013

Why You Won't Keep Your New Years Resolution

100+ Synthetic & Non-Organic Item Okayed As 'Organic'

Why Your Grandparents Didn’t Have Food Allergies

Inside The 'Torture' Of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity

Elusive Biblical Blue Found


Most Important Little Known Surveillance Order

Body Atlas Shows Where We Feel Happiness, Shame

A Megaphone To Pressure Food Companies

How Our Thoughts Affect Water And Us!

Americans Still Driving Less Than They Did In 2007

The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic - Vid

Alcohol Leaves Its Mark On Youngsters’ DNA

Are Hobbits Human?

Algae Blooms Stunningly Beautiful From Space

Beyoncé Shuttle Disaster Clip Upsets Astro Families - Vid

Mission To Mars Narrows Down Field To 1,058 People


Four Things You Might Not Know About Dark Matter

Cosmic Horsehead Dances With Flame Nebula

Silent Spread Of H1N1 Deadly RBD Change L194I

Kirwan - What Happened?

2014 Predictions

Tha Manchurian Candidate Wishes You A Happy New Year

The World According To Monsanto

Bitcoin - Problem, Reaction, Solution?

Stocks End Steller Year On High Note

Don't Keep Calm...

Israelis Torch Palestinians’ Cars In West Bank


Br Nathanael - Top Trends For 2014?

‘Israel Wants Palestine Obliterated’

False-Flag Terror Targets Middle East

Israel Pulls a Rhino Out Of A Hat

Boycott Of Israeli Universities Angers NY Lawmakers

Released Palestinian Prisoners Aren't Free

Planned Israeli Jordan Valley Annexation?

US Vets Angered By Cuts To Pension Benefits

North Dakota Oil Train Crash Sparks Fireball

Todashev Father Says FBI Murdered His Son

Inflexible Processes & Cultural Decline

Illuminati Eye For Sydney Harbour Bridge - Vid


Reporter Passes Out On Live TV, Bravely Carries On - Vid

MDs Financial Rewards From Administering Flu Shots

Gardasil - The Carnage Continues In France

Jeff & Jay Weidner - Kubrick & The Moon Landing - Vid

Paul Craig Roberts - 2014 Will Bring More Social Collapse

Possible East Coast Blizzard On Friday

Wi-Fi Signals Enable Gesture Recognition In Entire Home

Newly Found 400' Asteroid To Zip Past Earth - Vid

5 Asteroids That Nearly Hit Earth


Dave Barry - The Year Of The Zombies

Fitts - US System Dependent On Crime, Fraud

Does Obama EO 13603 Reintro Slavery To America?

DARPA & Google - Electronic Tattoos Are Cool - Vid

Israel - Gas, Oil And Trouble In The Levant

Oz 'Knockout' Called 'King Hit' - Many Dead

Futuristic Predictions Came True in 2013

You're Men, Ain't You?

Pre-Arnold UFO Sighting In Nebraska 1897

The Sinkhole That's Eating Louisiana - Vid

2014 - When Awakening Erupts

Eat Beef? Better Think Again

The Sinkhole That's Eating Louisiana - Vid

Dolphins Get High By Sucking On Puffer Fish - Vid

Two Super Moons Coming in January

Japan To Support Road Network Expansion In Asia

Wonder Why Your Phone Battery Doesn't Last?

Chagas Parasites May Be Killing Tiny Oz Marsupials

Miraculous Healing Properties Of Cannabis

Orphaned Bear Cub Living With Chickens

Smoking Caterpillar Uses Nicotine As Defense


Killer Fungus That Turns Ants Into Zombies

100 Yr Old Negatives Found In Antarctic

Bizarre Physics, Exomoons & Humanoids

One-Third Of Americans Reject Evolution

Kenya - Goat Born With Human Face - Pics

NSA Steals Data From Undersea Cables, Too

Data Brokers Won't Tell How They Use, Sell Your Data

Obama & Bored Family Attend OSU-Maryland Game

DNC Email Defends Obama From Impeachment Possibility

Kerry Will 'Consider Freeing Jonathan Pollard'?


New Hampshire Moves Toward Nullifying NDAA

Ted Cruz Moving To Renounce Cdn Citizenship

New NY Gun Law Results In 1,146 FELONY Charges

30 Blacks Try To Storm Into Movie - 600 Teens Riot

LAPD To Take Blood, Saliva At New Year's Checkpoints

St. Louis Outrage – Driver Blood Tests REQUIRED

2014 - Currency Reset And Gold Backed Trade Note

US Economy Hijacked By Capitalist Bankers - Vid

Genetic Devolution

Six States Chosen For Extensive Drone Testing


Hawaii Among States Picked For Drone Tests

US Universities Of Shame

CIA-Saudi Terror Bombings In Russia

Russian Terror Plots Foiled - Terrorists Killed

Putin Orders Higher Security After Bombings

Putin Signs Law Punishing Separatism With Jail

Putin Named Intl Person Of Year By London Times

Soviets Secret Parapsychology Ops Began In 1917

Saudi Arabia Gives Lebanon $3 Billon For Military

Israel, KSA Feel They Are Losing Ground


New Interchange Bisecting West Bank Approved

Egypt Arrests al-Jazeera Journalists

Syrian Govt Evacs 5,000 From Rebel Besieged Town

Syrian 'Rebels' Commit More Atrocities - Vid

Erdogan Denounces 'Conspiracies' Against Govt

Palestinian Political Prisoners

Iran Nuclear Talks Resume In Geneva

Japan Beating War Drums After Years Of Pacifism

British Economy Addicted To Debt

Romanian MPs Warn Of Migrants Heading To UK

Idaho Man Dies Of Mad Cow Disease

Blood Can Transmit CJD (mad cow disease)

Petras - Christmas vs Xmas...A Political Reading

At Least 70 Journalists Killed In 2013

40 Tons Antibiotics A Day Just To Grow US Food

Four Alien Species Visiting Earth - Ex-Defense Minister

UK Police Calls About Aliens Revealed

Newhouse's Tremonton, Utah UFO Movie - Pt 2

Predictions For 2014 By 'Nostradamus, Jr'

Now Comes That Most Welcome & Unwelcome Year

Strong Quake Canary Islands - El Hierro Volcano Set To Blow


El Salvador Volcano Erupts, Evacuations Ordered

Celebrated CERN Physicist Blasts IPCC Summary

Global Warming? Scientists Trapped In Antarctic Ice

Evidence For Global Cooling For Next Three Decades

UK Wind Farms Get £5m To Shut Down As Storms Hit

Shark ‘Photobomb’ Has SoCal Parents Gasping - Pic

MPs Detain Man For Photographing Base From St!

Netflix Drops Some 'Classics' From Film Catalog

Part Of Mexican Hwy Drops 300' Down Mountain - Pics

Top Ten Trick Plays In College Football - Vid


Artificial Fruit Drinks Create Cancer Causing By-Products

Food That Can Prevent Heart Disease & Diabetes

Nurse Fired For Refusing Flu Shot

Flu Deaths Spike - At Least 13 Dead In Houston Area

H1N1 Swine Flu Claiming Lives Again - CDC ‘Concerned’

Dumbed Down TED Talks - Recipe Ror Civilizational Disaster

Brain Function Up For Days After Reading A Novel

Spread Of H1N1 Tamiflu Resistance In Japan

Second Blast In Volgograd Kills 10

Weather Forces 2nd Icebreaker To Turn Back In Rescue


Gosh...How Did The NSA Miss 9/11 & Boston Bombings?

NSA Grabbing Laptops Bought Online To Install Spyware?

Legalizing NSA Spying - Vid

NSA - An Orwellian Surveillance System Gone Global

IT Firms Lost Billions After Snowden Exposed The NSA

CIA Controls US Society Through Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll

Third Wave Of US Martial Law - Mass Detentions

Opposition To TPP Explodes On Twitter Special

FBI Probes Letters Asking 30 Governors To Resign - Vid

FBI Warns Of Terrorists Carrying Old Farmers' Almanac


1.1 Million Signed For Obamacare, 5 Million Lo Plans

Still Can't Sign For Obamacare After Month Of Trying

MO Bill Will Gut Obamacare, Ban Penalties

Obama Taxation w/o Representation Brings Revolution

Mtge Rise Will Plunge A Million Into Perilous Debt

Doom - Why Remedial Students Should Leave College

Why Wasps Are An Endangered Species In The US

Pentagon Blueprint Sees Major Robot Warfare Ahead

Criticize Israel – Go To Jail!

Iran’s Bushehr Nuclear Plant Halts Work For 2 Months


US Moving 'More Sophisticated Weapons' To Okinawa

US Death Drone Program Whistleblower Talks

Russian Troops To Get New Air Defense Systems In 2016

How Hollywood Cloaked S Sudan In Celebrity Lies

Strange Cloud Seen Over Area 51 In Google Images

Mysterious Attack On CA Power Plant Dress Rehearsal?

Phil Robertson Attack Shows How Far US Has Fallen

Hundreds Of Black Teens Trash NYC Mall - Media Won't Say 'Black'

Eleven Things You Didn't Know About Apple

Psycho Cop Forced Dozens Of Anal Searches For Fun

US Has 25% Of The World’s Prisoners - Bill Moyers


Drones Come Closer To Japan

Sun 'Flips Upside Down' In New Magnetic Cycle - Vid

New FL Law After 7 Yr Old On Psych Meds Suicides

Nestle To Get Sued Over Slave Labor Claims

Religion As A Product Of Psychotropic Drug Use?

Island Of The Dolls, The Creepiest Place In Mexico

Shocking Memories Away

World Will Struggle To Find Enough Water

3 Things You Should Never Do When You Pump Gas

Risks Of Aspirin Outweigh The Benefits

The Talented Mushroom - Vid


25 Habits To Lose Weight This Holiday Season

Wilde : The Etheric - Vid

NSA Hacking Unit Hits Computers Worldwide

Wage Crisis - America's New Underclass - Vid

Obamacare's Next Test Begins New Year's Day

Suicide Bomber Kills 16+ At Russia Train Station

Obama's Taliban Partners - Soccer With Human Heads

Israel Moves To Seize Entire Jordan Valley

Israel Discriminates Against Jews

'Holocaust Survivors' And Psychological Terrorism

Gay Jews Have 'Higher Souls' Than Gentiles


US And Israeli Season's Greetings - Part II

20% Of Israeii Kids Suffer Sex Abuse - Vid

Hitler Visits Oprah (Just Released)

Salbuchi - Japanese War Crimes...'I'm Sorry'?

Debating Syria

Barber - 10 Liberal Limericks For 2013

Mystery - Seattle Tunnel Machine Still Stuck After Month

Seattle Tunnel Drill Stuck After Hitting Something - Vid

Secret USSR Underground Subway & Cities - Vid


UFO Fireball Lights Up Midwest - Vid

UFOs Spotted Over Essex (UK)

NY Man Wins $700k With Ticket Found After 'Sandy'

Ways To Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Rabbi Butchers Baby Boy's Circumcision

Emotions - The Archonic Trap

Six Shooters In The JFK Murder Identified

This Week, Mass Surveillance Wins

US District Judge William H. Pauley III Called Traitor

Advisory Panel Wants More Oversight For NSA


Obama Admin Tries To Stop Courts Ruling On Spying

Why China Is Moving Into Detroit Auto Industry

China Icebreaker Forced To Turn Back In Rescue Mission

Michigan Nullifies NDAA Indefinite Detention

Judge Says DHS Is Complicit In Human Trafficking

Can M-16s Defeat F-16s In The Coming Civil War?

Preston James - High Speed Rail

Finkelstein On Nazis, Holocaust And Alan Dershowitz - Vid

Rising Household Debt Cause For Alarm

US Austerity Proves Hard Nut To Crack


The Truth About America’s Working Poor - Vid

US Agriculture Considering Opposition To TPP

Black Tries To 'Knockout' Mom Walking With 7 Yr Old

Mayoral Cand. Robbed, Beaten By Black Females In Mall

LAPD Cracks Down On Jaywalkers - $197 Fines

Amazing Alien Planet Discoveries Of 2013 - Vid

Solved - The Last Great Mystery Of Rain

Sighting The Mothman

Japan Beauty Queen vs Yakuza-Run Media

Blazing A Cannabis Trail


Evolution Or Extinction?

Anti-Elephant Poaching Story Goes Big In China

Tanzania Nature Reserves Threatened By Uranium Mines

Millions Were Contaminated With SV40 In Polio Vax

Food Behind Bars Isn’t Fit For A Dog

Einstein - 'Foolish Faith In Authority Is Worst Enemy Of Truth'

The Beauty Of 'America's Breadbasket'

Possible Meteor Flashes Across Night Sky In Iowa - Vid

Can Hidden Information In Photos Spot Criminals?

Historical Places You Are Not Allowed To Visit

Dolphins Swimming In 2010 Gulf Coast Oil Spill - Vid

The Dangerous Chemicals in Your Laundry Soap

Update - Radiation On Northern CA Beach...It's Here - Vid

'DHS Preparations Finished For Unprecedented Crisis'

Obama's Tyranny, TPP And The Economy - Vid

Gen Calls For Massive DC March To Oust Obama

Obama Sees Tiny Protests In Hawaii

Think Obama Unpopular? Try Francois Hollande

US Completely Infiltrated By Israeli Spies

Greenwald - US/UK Media Servants Of Spy Agencies

The Coming Chinese Invasion Of America


Br Nathanael - The Fed's Pipeline To Israel - Vid

US Begins Economic Fight With China

Wall St Financial Advisor Recommends Guns, Ammo

Veteran’s FB Post To Paul Ryan Skyrockets

LAPD Oral Swab Tests For Pot, Xanax, Pain Killers, More

Arak’s Plutonium Not Usable Bombs

A Peres For A Pollard

'Netanyahu Leading Israel To Sanctions'

Israel Bombs Gaza - Again

Atzmon - Jew Christmas News – Bugs Bunny Is A Jew

Mazal Tov To Chomsky & Jews Voice For Peace

Atzmon - 'The Answer To BDS Is Jewish Power'

Rabbi Josef Antebi On Israel, Zionism - Vid

$1 Million Bet - Jews Better Connected Than Blacks

US Fighter Jets To Patrol Baltic Airspace

Is Putin Destroying Russia With Multiculturalism?

Worldwide Globalist Attack On Bitcoin?

History Of British Petroleum - Part 1

History Of British Petroleum - Part 2

Black Female Tries To Kill White Politician In Mall

Shermaine Miles Arrested For 397th Time

Cameron Confronted By Angry Flood Residents

Growing Exodus Of UK Doctors To Australia


France May Ban Comedian Over Antisemitism

France's Culture Tax And The Cult Of Exception

Public Forces A&E To Keep Duck Dynasty Star

The Surprising Paintings Of Adolf Hitler

Gotchaland & The Angels Of Retribution

UFOs Over Tokyo - Vid

Alien World Could Be One Of The Closest Ever

Mysterious UFO Almost Wrecks Plane - 1957

13 Most Underreported News Stories Of 2013

Pentagon Sees 50% Rise Of Sex Assaults In 2013


Master Wood Carver's Astounding Achievement

Vaccine Drone Strikes?

Watch The Beautiful Truth

Deadly Vaccine Kills 8 Infants - Maker Says 'Coincidence'

Jeff & Jordan Maxwell - Symbols & Saturn Worship - Vid

Kirwan - The House Of Just-US

Ruling Overturned - NSA Phone Spying 'Legal'

NY Judge Cites 9/11 In Ruling NSA Phone Taps 'Legal'

Facebook Is Broken, Collapsing Under Its Own Weight

C-Span Question - Is The US A Police State? - Vid

Is This Still America?


Homo-Trans Sexual Wave Sweeps US Schools

Thousands Marooned Across Britain

2013's Wildest Weather

Brown - Monsanto, The TPP And Global Food Dominance

New Obamacare Fees Coming In 2014

Bailouts For Ins Companies Ruined By Obamacare - Vid

1.3 Million Jobless Americans Lose Benefits Today

Holder Protecting JPMorgan Chase From Investigation

Debtors Prisons Making A Comeback In America

Reality Behind US Foreign Policy & Military Might


Obama’s Death Drone Strikes Continue

Obama’s Illegal Behavior Could Spark Armed Revolt

Hero Nuke Whistleblower Vanunu Fights To Leave Israel

China Eases 1 Child Policy - Drops Labor Camps

Muslims Kill Christians, Bottle Their Blood, Sell For $100,000

Christian Programming To Be Restricted From TV?

NYT - Exhumation Proves Ex-Brazil Pres Murdered

Oligarchs, Demagogues & Mass Revolts Against Democracy

Walt Disney's War With Hollywood Jews

How To Be A Hacker

A Valley, A Cabin And A Dream


Top 5 Most Inspirational Stories Of 2013 - Vid

The Most Beautiful Space Stations - Pics

Multiple UFOs In Formation Over Andover, MA - Vid

UFO UpDates Fades To Black

13 Major Clean Energy Breakthroughs Of 2013

How Hemp Threatens The Corporatocracy - Vid

97% Terminal Cancer Patients Had ROOT CANALS

Biotech Will 3D Print Human Liver In 2014

Vaccination Voodoo

Hospice Firms Draining Billions From Medicare

'Seasteads' - Floating Cities For The Future


Scientists Predicted Size, Location Of An Earthquake

The Art Of The Impossible

10 Truly Bizarre Victorian Deaths

Woman Surgically Gives Herself Elf Ears - Vid

Obama Plays Russian Roulette With Missile 'Defense'

Radio Station Software Meltdown During Anti-NSA Show

NSA Can Easily Find Individuals Hidden In Metadata

New York Times DC Correspondent Covers Up 9/11

Revealed - Climate Change Caused By Weather Weapons

US Military Power Fades As BRICS Drops Dollar

Navy Ocean Drones To Wage Underwater War


FBI Allowed Informants To Commit 6000 Crimes In 2012

Duck Dynasty On Trial

NY Times Uses 'Critics Say' Trick To Race Bait

Post Reporter Continues Forrestal Coverup

Facebook Now 'Dead And Buried To Teens'

China Daily Urges Retaliation Over Abe Shrine Visit

China Nuke Bomber Can Hit US Bases

Netanyahu Threatens More Slaughter In Gaza

Israeli Fuel Blockade Shuts Gaza’s Only Power Plant

Israel Plans 1,400 More West Bank 'Settlement' Homes

US And Israeli Season's Greetings


Eritrean Pub, Muslim Synagogue And Netanyahu Racism

Israel Defence Forces Deploy 'Selfie Squad' To Raise Image

US Secretly Sends Hellfire Missiles, Drones To Iraq

MKO Is Proof Of US Support For Global Terrorism - Iran MP

AIPAC's Fed Candidate Fischer On Warpath Against Iran

Corruption Scandal Rocks Turkey

Separation Wall Replica in Central London - Vid

French Troops Increase Patrols In CAR

South Sudan - 120,000 Flee Fighting

South Sudan Rebels Seize Oil Wells


Second Big Storm In Week For UK

Hypocrisy - One White Hits Black & It's A 'Hate Crime'

UK Anti-Muslim Hate Crime Soars

Fury With MPs Main Reason For Not Voting

Apathetic, Disaffected Gen May Never Vote

Wind Turbines To Take 190 Years To Repay Cost

'Seasteads' Offer Elite Escape From Peasants

ACLU vs Clapper Ruling

10 Predictions For 2014

The Debtors Prison System Resurrected From The Grave

TV Ads Nutritionally Unhealthy For Kids, Study Finds (shocker)

Popular Diabetes Drug Causing Vitamin Deficiencies


Screen Stars Immortalized By Legendary Photographer

Most Remarkable Photos Of The Year - Pics

On The Doorstep Of A New World

'Siren Servers’ As The Matrix

Brave New Year

What Are Spirits?

Bee-Harming Pesticides May Harm Humans

Mega-Bargains Lure Post-Christmas Shoppers

Retailers Counting On After Christmas Sales To Escape

Massive Online Sales Surge Behind UPS Christmas Eve Pile-Up


The Chris Dorner Enigma - What REALLY Happened & Why

WARNING - 8 Die From Using Power Generators

Vladimir Putin And The NYT

Ukraine Being Blackmailed Into The EU - Vid

A Tale Of Two Diplomats

US Presence In S Sudan ‘Worrying’

Media Disinfo And Framing The Syrian War

'Exclusive Club' To Command Global GeoEngineering

Fury At Israel For Selling Advanced US Tech To China

Americans Killed By Cops More Than US Killed In Iraq


McDonalds Shuts Employee Resources Site

Hidden Costs Of A Big Mac - Vid

53% Increase In Books Banned By US Schools

Viewer Robs Bloomberg Anchor Of Bitcoin Shown On TV

Encore - If You Could SEE Cell Phone EM Radiation - PIcs

Twitter Sorry For Blocking Duck Dynasty Support Petition

Did Queen Victoria Talk To Ghost Of Her Darling Albert?

UK Braces For More Storms And Floods

Lenin's Goelro And The Myth Of Total Electrification

The Stealth Renationalization Of Energy In The UK


Quantum Theory Won’t Save The Soul

Closer Study At What Happens When Body Dies

Company Offers Outer Space Burials - Vid

Dark Inter-Dimensional Entities Taking Over The World

Toxic Soil Hurdle For $1 Billion Watts Project

Met Office To Forecast Solar Storms

You Can Avoid Sharks By Their...Tweets?

Here's How Mechanical Hearts Work

Space Exploration Can Drive Next Ag Revolution

Evolutionary Secrets Within The Messel Pit

Red, Green 'Christmas' Auroras Over Sweden - Vid


7 Foods, Drinks With Ingredients From Human Body

1 Of Every 8 Brits Now Taking Statins

D225G And Q226R Driving H1N1 Deaths?

H1N1 Q226R In Mississippi

Austin H1N1 ECMO Machines Maxed Out

CDC Issues H1N1 Advisory

Snowden - Big Brother 'Nothing' Compared To Tech Now

Behind The Interview - How Snowden Thinks - Vid

The NSA Paid To Steal Your Private Data

Keiser Report - NSA Manipulates Bank Accounts?

Kirwan - Catch 22


Save Yourself While You Still Can

Celente - Top Ten Trends 2014...A Year of Extremes

Think Obama Unpopular? Try Francois Hollande

Kirwan - Anatomy Of The House

America's War On Humanity

FAA To Pick 6 States As Drone Test Sites

Elves Put Gas Fracking Rig On Governor's Lawn

Scorsese & Coppola - How Hollywood Films Are Now Trash - Vid

Feds Charge WHITE With Hate Crime For Black 'Knockout'

Small Box May Revolutionize Off-Grid Net Access - Vid

222,000 In CA Face Loss Of Jobless Benefits

UK Banks To Accept Smartphone Check Photos

Who Is To Blame For The Crisis In S Sudan?

Chinese Workers Evacuated From S Sudan

What If Germany Has Won The First World War?

China Summons Japan Envoy Over Abe Shrine Visit

Abe Visit To War Shrine Angers China, S Korea Hard Line

Washington Vexed By Abe Yasukini Visit

Abe Runaway 'Decisive Politics' Has No Brakes

80% Of Japanese Worry About Financial Collapse

'Greater Israel' - The Zionist Plan For The Mideast

Israel Replaces Africans' Names Nazi-Style Numbers


Profile Of A Racist, Zionist State

BiBi To Demand Pollard Release For Peace Talk Progress

Israeli Actors Protest 'Settlement' Plans

Russia - Arafat Death Not Caused By Radiation

Saudi Blogger May Face Death Penalty

Egypt Declares Muslim Brotherhood A Terror Group

Thailand Cops Fire Rubber Bullets At Protesters

The Effectiveness Of EFT Tapping

Politics Colors Russian Criminal Cases

Best And Worst Investments Of 2013

A Year Of Egalitarian Imagination

Utilities Fighting Green Energy To The Bitter End

Report Of UFO Towing Another With A Beam

Poetry In Motion, Wave Upon The Ocean

US Race Horse Champion Dies In Japan

Faith In Authority Is Foolishness

Mystery Dust Coats Cars In Texas - Vid

What Was The Star of Bethlehem, Really?

Women's Immune Systems Tougher Than Men's

Surgeon 'Branded' His Name On Patient's Liver

5 Reasons Salt Is a Powerful Ally In The Winter

Lost In The Snowy White Limbo?


Surprise Attack By School Of Piranha Injures 70

Arduino-Based Backyard Aquaponics

Antibiotics In Agriculture Creating Public Health Crisis

Mistletoe Extract Beats Chemo Against Colon Cancer

The Shaolin Assassination Of Being Happy

Snowden Talks Privacy Rights In Christmas Message

Ballot Initiative To Make Silicon Valley A New State

Israel Transfers US Military Technology To China

Israeli Air And Ground Assaults Pound Gaza

Israeli Plans Another New 'Settlement' Push


UN Condemns Christmas Eve Israeli Demo Of Pal Homes

Syria Signs Oil, Gas Deal With Russia

Bloomberg - TPP Is 'Corporatist Power Grab”

Passengers On Dubai To India Flight Hiding Kilos Of Gold

Peace On Earth Is Up To Us

Breaching The Weapons Export Ban

Japan Obsession With Humanoid Robot Goes Creepy

Scientist Proves Old Movies More Creative Than New

Disneyland 1955 - Vid


Christmas Chaos As Fierce Storms Rage Worldwide

Half Million Without Power In NE US And Canada

Insane Images From Canadian Ice Storm

Many Gifts A No-Show...Huge UPS Backlog - Vid

No Joy to the World This Christmas

Snowden To Give Channel 4s' Alt Christmas Message

Mission Accomplished, Says Snowden

Opposition To Obamacare Soars To Record High


Secret Contract Tied NSA And Security Industry

Who’s Controlling The Snowden Documents?

Smartphone LISTENING To Encryption Software Can Crack It

Americans Beginning To See Govt As Worst Enemy

Kirwan - Swiping Your Card While US Goes Up in Smoke

China Rejects 545,000 TONS Of GMO Corn From The US

Cell Phone Use Linked To Lower Grades, Anxiety, More

100 Yrs Of Darkness Ends, Bitcoin Breaks The Bank?

100 Years Of The Federal Reserve

Depraved 'Caligula' Life Of Rothschild Prodigy Bankster


7 Rip-Offs Corporations And The Wealthy Hide

That 'Thing' Everyone's Talking About

Obama Rejects 2013 'Worst Year' Claims

US Nuclear Weapon Plans To Cost $355 Billion

Oak Ridge Lab Behind China Thorium Power Push

Russia To Decide On Missiles At NATO Borders

Russia Foiled 12 Terrorist Attacks This Year – Putin

Israel Aims For 'Short, Sharp' War Against Hezbollah

Bedouin Expulsion Law Is Well And Drinking Tea

Atzmon - Alain Finkielkraut...Jews And Immigration

US Death Squad Diplomacy In Syria

Senate Hawks Vow Veto-Proof Vote On Iran

'IAEA Has No Right Or Duty To Visit Military Sites'

Elie Wiesel's Anti-Iranian Agenda

(Zio) Saudi Arabia Threatens To Torch Region

9/11 Families Win Right To Sue Saudi Arabia

US Hypocrisy Over Diplomatic Immunity

Is Jon Stewart Helping Whitewash War Crimes? - Vid

Why George Galloway Is Killing Tony Blair

Russia To Ban Sites That Call For Rioting, Extremism

Khodorkovsky More Like 'Another Berezovsky?'


2018 Mars Mission Landing To Be Live Streamed

Washington Abuses Indian Diplomat

Romania's Rise Against Fracking

Powers, Placements & Potentials - Now Is The Moment

Scientists Have Made Old Mice Young Again

The Pharmacratic Inquisition - Vid

Energy Vampires Among Us

Druids Take Up Arms At Stonehenge

The Meaning Of Decent Society

Roseanne On Vatican, 9/11, KSA & Geriatric Porn - Vid

Astronauts Emergency Space Walk To Repair ISS - Vid


Solar System To Be Explored Within Century

Former News Reporters Recall Enormous UFO

UFO Detector - There's An App For That

Mercury Crater Named After John Lennon

Power Of Biological Light In Healing

Science Review Reveals Health Hazards With Splenda

Unethical Journal Retraction Fuels Mistrust In GMO Science

How Biological Farming Can Transform Your Food Supply

DNA Evidence Debunks 'Out-of-Africa' Human Evolution

Polynesians Used Binary Numbers 600 Yrs Ago


Multivitamin Hitpieces - A Natural Health False Flag?

More Vaccines Or Better Nutrition To Stop Disease?

Houston Fatal, Severe H1N1pdm09 Cases Increase

Houston Fatal, Severe H1N1pdm09 Cases Confirmed

Jeff & Preston James - Stranger Than Fiction

Google Is Going To Blackmail You - Vid

Xbox Kinect Could Be Game-Changer For DHS

Napolitano - NSA Not At Liberty To Collect Metadata

Made In America - The Communist EUSSR

Kirwan - Israel, Global Dogs Of Global War Incorporated

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Exposed


First, You've Got To Get Mad

How Many Nuke Does The U.S. Have? Congress Clueless

Robot Drones To Decide Who To Kill

Abe Wants Next Tokyo Gov To Be Young Woman

Rep Trey Gowdy On Benghazi - Vid

UNRWA Bitter Winter Solstice, And Now Dershowitz!

Chinese Don't Want Dollars, They Want Gold

Where FBI Agent Left Secret Interrogation Manual...

CIA Held Syrian Militants Responsible For Lockerbie

40 Maps To Help You Make Sense Of The World

7 Homeless Freeze To Death In Richest Area In US

Catholic Expert Says Angels Don't Have Wings

25-Plus Drugs In More Than Half Of US Drinking Water

Scientists Find Way To Stop And Reverse Aging


Baby Dies After 9 Vaccines In One Day

1,250 Bags Of Obamacare Heroin Found In MA

States Totally Unprepared For Major Virus Outbreak

China Investigating New Deadly Bird Flu Strain

McCain - Snatching Snowden Would Be 'Dangerous' (gosh)

Eyes Everywhere - NSA Second Tier Spies Identified

Greenwald - US Uses 'Terrorism' Excuse To Do Almost Anything

Republicans Demand Consequences For 'Willful Lie' By Intel Boss

GCHQ, NSA Targeted Charities, Germans, Israeli PM EU Chief

NSA Attacks US And The People


Hezbollah Chief Vows To Avenge Cmdr's Death

Khodorkovsky In Germany After Release From Prison

Salbuchi - Global Arctic Wars Already Started

Russia Needs Naval Buildup In Arctic – Deputy Premier

NY Times OBSESSION With Putin Continues

Paul Craig Roberts - Manipulations Rule The Markets

Facebook Won't Pay Taxes Again, Will Get Refund Instead

Paul Craig Roberts - Washington Has Discredited America

US Lawmakers Eye Another $8 Billion Food Stamp Cuts

US Court Revives 9/11 Case Against Saudi Arabia

Ralph Nader - Invest In People, Not War

Prince William Emails To Harry And Kate Hacked


US Hypocrisy Over Diplomatic Immunity

Huge Tunnel Machine Under Seattle Hits Mystery Block

The Year In UFO Sightings - Vid

Obama Advisor To Discusses UFO Secrecy - Vid

Probability Of ET Life Determined By Exoplanet Mass?

IDF Vet Offers Holographic Google Glass Competitor

The Case vs Corporate Media & Big Pharma Science

Big Dairy Wants To Medicate Our Milk

Americans Health Care Costs More Than Money

Iraq Veterans Find The War At Home Is With Red Tape


Get Enrolled Obamacare Video - Vid

Perverted Jewish Pornographer Al Goldstein Dies At 77

Martin - Associated Press Pushes Statehood For Puerto Rico

Hospital Food Tastes And IS Horrible For You

5 Inexpensive Ways To Store Your Food

Snow And Roses

Kirwan - The War Within Wars

Target Cyber Breach Hits 40 Million Payment Cards

Victories Behind The Great Firewall Of China

John Bolton - Ed Snowden Should Be Killed - Vid

Br Nathanael - Secrets Of Putin's Success


ObamaCare Will Also Restrict Where You Live & Travel

Sen Dems Block Amendment To Restore Vets Benefits

The Hideous Truth Behind Social Security

Dirtbag Senator Max Baucus To Be US Amb To China

Obama Campaign Boss Messina For Baucus Seat?

American People Want Security Over Freedom - Vid

DHS Helps Smuggle Illegals Alien Children Into US

IBM - Five Predictions For Our World In 2018

Living Sick, Dying Young In Rich America

$2.75 An Hour?! The Shocking Secret Of Goodwill


Unemployment Benefits Apps Soar To 9-Mo High

Buffett's Wealth Soared $37 Million A DAY In 2013

SoCal High School Students Have TB (guess who)

Lyme Disease Can Damage Heart - Deaths In NE

Study Links BP Oil Spill To Dolphin Deaths

UK Hitting Small Firms For Tax, Corporations Skate

Africa To Build World’s Largest Hydro-Electric Dam

Canadians Skeptical Of ‘Official’ 9/11 Theories

How Eerily Alike World's Suburbs Have Become

No EU Labels - Meat, Milk Of Offspring From Cloned


12 Heartbreaking Things Kids As Santa For

Turkish Village's Amazing Black Roses

Gaia Telescope Billion Pixel Camera To Map Milky Way

Halley's Comet Tied To Famine 1,500 Yrs Ago?

Madagascar Battles The Black Death

US Military Switching To ‘Green’ Bullets

A Third State Of Consciousness Could Exist

The Looting Of A 16th Century Library

For Early Euro Plague, Blame Halley’s Comet?

Messengers Of Deception


Stunningly Beautiful Black Roses Of Halfeti

Blood-Thinning Drug Warfarin Can Double Strokes

Scientists 'Print' Eye Cells That Could Help Blindness

1% Of Women Think They've Had 'Virgin Birth'

The Big Riddle - Who Are We?

How To Induce Lucid Dreaming

Simulations Back Up Theory Universe Is A Hologram

The Surprising Healing Qualities…Of Dirt

Another Patient With 'Mystery Illness' Confirmed H1N1

H1N1 KIlls Six, Leaves 14 Critical In Greater Houston


H1N1pdm09 Confirmed Again In Montgomery Co, TX

H7N9 Shenzhen Case Confirmed In Guangdong

Obama Rating Worse Than Bush, Worst Since Nixon

America’s Greediest: The 2013 Top Ten

Obama Half-Brother's Book On Life With Dad In Kenya

Salbuchi - Global Arctic Wars Already Started

Bracing For An Eventual Day Of Reckoning

Kirwan - We've Been Captured

Kirwan - Mechanisms Of Conquest

FED Reduces Bond Buying By $10 Billion Per Month


Obama WH Says US Debt Ceiling Could Be Hit In Feb

The Invasion Will Come From Within

NYT Editors Support Wrong Over Right

Brazil Delays Ok Of Terminator Seeds Until 2-14

How Jury Nullification Speeds Drug War Demise

Disarm Cops - LAPD Executes 'Drunk' Driver On TV - Vid

End The Remedial Education Scam

Sandy Hook Cleansed...Any Questions?

'Robot Olympics' - 17 Cyborgs In DARPA Challenge - Vid

Ex Top NSA Official - 'We're Now In A Police State'

NSA Spying Costs Boeing $4.5 Billion Brazil Contract

Obama Panel - Ban NSA From Taking Phone Records

Russia Has Never Worked With Snowden - Putin


Putin - I Envy Obama Because Gets Away With Spying

NSA Methods Like Those In USSR Under Stalin – Lavrov

FB, Zuckerberg, Banks Face Lawsuit For Misleading Investors

Pakistan Outs 3 US CIA Station Chiefs In 3 Years

Super-Light Drone Can Fly By Itself - Vid

Russia To Build Drone Killers Based On Pantsir-S Systems

Putin Says No Iskanders Deployed In Kaliningrad

Ukraine-Style Protests Not Allowed In Russia – Putin

Why Ukraine Spurned EU And Embraced Russia

Europe Gets Nuked In China Moon Rover Promo?!

Chinese Journalists Face Ideology Exams


Beijing Warns US Against Meddling In China Sea

Japan's Reckless Road To WWIII

Madsen - US Military Buildup In Pacific 'Recipe For Disaster'

Netanyahu Vows To Continue 'Settlement' Construction

Christmas Tree At The Knesset

US Author Praises Academic Boycott Of Israel

Native Americans Join Academic Boycott Of Israel

Another Palestinian Killed By IDF In West Bank

Saudis Say Ready For Unilateral Action On Syria

West Admits It Cannot Remove Assad From Syria

Al-Qaeda In Syria Training Kids To Be Fighters

Somewhere In Recent History, Normal Killed Itself


10 Cities That Could Run Out Of Water

The Psychedelic Secrets Of Santa Claus

Thor - A Comic Book Versus A Religion

Astounding UFO Activity At RAF Bentwaters - Vid

What Aliens Might Look Like - Live Webcast

Former Colonel Reveals Early UFO Investigations - Vid

JoeTalk - The Dream Is Gone - Vid

Your 'Open Sesame' To Happiness!

Dogs, Cows Toxic Vials - What Vaccines Are Made Of!

46 Pioneer Skills For The Modern Homesteader


10 Reasons To Skip Wine And Do Grape Juice

Do TV Ads Contribute To Childhood Obesity?

45 'Fossil Fuel' Disasters Being Hidden

Death - The New Retirement For US Citizens

Big Pharma To Stop Bribing Doctors? - Vid

How Military Severed Brains To 'Cure' PTSD - Vid

The Worst CEO Screw-Ups Of 2013

Gaia Spacecraft Set For Launch Thursday + vid

Innovating, Outside The Federal Box

The Most Amazing Science Images of 2013

What Causes Spontaneous Combustion?


Near Collision Of Fighter And Airliner - Vid

Sauder - On the Brink Of Something Really BIG

NSA Official Wants To 'Reform' First Amendment!

CNN Child Host Cuts Klayman's Mic Re NSA Court Decision - Vid

Edward Snowden Is A Patriot

Charges Dropped On FL Cop Who Kept Mask On - Vid

Scientology, CIA, MK ULTRA Illuminati Mind Control - Vid

Huge Premium Hikes Rock Employer-Insured Workers

Next Immigration Hurdle - Obamacare

Bitcoin Value Sinks After Chinese Exchange Move


US Treasury Warnings On Bitcoin Have 'Chilling Effect'

How China Weapon Thieves Penetrate US Defenses

China, US Need Cold War Air-Sea Rule Book

Navy Pays $26 A Gal For Biofuels For Ships - Vid

Superbugs Breeding At Wastewater Treatment Plants

RT - Who Has Nukes In The Middle East - Vid

Zionists Kill Palestinian With Help Of PA

Atzmon - The Sycophantic Palestinian Solidarity Movement

Gaza Drowning In Power And Media Blackout

The Palestine Comedy Show - Concealment & Truth - Vid

Hollywood Park - Another Legend Lost To GREED

Hollywood Park Going Way Of Other Great Tracks

300 Million Year Old Machinery Found In Russia

UFO Exploration Continued By Discovery - Vid

Army Seeks Removal Of Lee, ‘Stonewall’ Jackson Honors

Black Student 'Hangs' Two White Men – Calls It Art

Arkansas Mother Obliterates Common Core in 4 Minutes! - Vid

BP GoM Oil Found 30,000 Feet BELOW Fossil Level

Neonicotinoid Pesticides Damage Brains Of Children?

LA Sheriff's Dept Admits Hiring 80 'Problem Officers'


Search Warrants Based On Future Crime Prediction

New Strain Of Bird Flu Kills Woman

Govt Forcibly Sterilizing Deer To Control Herds

20 Leafy Greens And Herbs To Juice

Antarctica Ice May Contain Diamonds

DMT Use Skyrockets Among Americans

Tourist Walks Off Pier While Facebooking

6 Secrets 'They' Don’t Want You To Know

How Volcanic Rocks Turned Earth To Ball Of Ice

Consciousness And The Social Brain

Charismatic LIfe, Death Of Notorious Criminal - Vid

'Virgin Births' Show Health Survey Problems

Life And Death In The Tongue

Digging For The Truth At Megalithic Site - Vid

Buffalo Tosses Lion Into The Air - Vid

Moon Anomalies Stump Scientists

What Explains Supermassive Black Holes?

First Exomoon Glimpsed

50,000 DNA Shows Neanderthals Highly Inbred

Life Science vs Death Science

Fewer Should Be On Blood Pressure Meds


Google Seeks Internet Surveillance Of The Smart Grid

H1N1pdm09 Confirmed As Mystery Fatal Disease In TX

JiangChen Yangjiang H7N9 Cluster In Guangdong

Jeff Rense & Texe Marrs - Zionist Supremacists - Vid

The Federal Reserve - 100 Years Of Failure

Madsen - Snowden Safer In Russia Than Brazil

Is Google Becoming Skynet?

Tech Companies Call For Aggressive NSA Reforms

Merkel Compared NSA To Stasi To Obama

Pentagon Fears Entire World

US Is Global Source Of Poverty & War

Congress Cites 9/11 Bush Coverup, Demands Obama Act

My Experience With Obama(doesn’t)care

Soviet Union Vied With US In Mind Control Research

Federal Judge Rules Against Mass Surveillance

Budget Deal - Progress...OR....

Boston Treason - 'Superman' Exposed In Marathon Drill

Nukes On The Loose

Hope In The Holiday Season

Bill Gates Drive Towards Mandatory Vaccination

Kerry Pledges To Boost Aid To China Neighbors

Iran Paying Price Of Economic Independence

US Scholars Endorse Boycotting Israel

Gaza Residents Crushed Under Israel-Egypt Blockade

Eyewitnesses Recount Massacre In Adra, Syria

Russia Condemns Massacre, Calls On World To React

West Signals To Syria Opposition Assad Can Stay

NY Times Mocks Putin's Olympic Torch Relay

Russia Develops New ICBM - US Develops Zero

Russia Rail-Mounted Missiles To Counter US Global Strike

US To Deploy 'ABM Systems' In Euro Despite Iran Deal

NATO Alarmed By Russia Nuke Missile Deployment

Ukraine PM - Russia Deal Saved Nation From Collapse

Russian Ukraine Aid vs US-EU Neoliberal Harshness

Russia - US Main Obstacle In Fight Against Terror

McCain vs Putin Latest In Personal Feud

Bogus Bolivian Escape Of American Haredi

India Pulls US Mission Security Barriers Over Arrest

College Cops Increasingly Expand Reach

6.4 Million US Home Mtges Still Underwater

Profits Über Alles?

Sandy Hook Cleaned - Any Questions?

BP...A History - Pt I


On Not Criticizing The Criminals Who Abuse Us

New COOL Rules Will Boost Local Meat Economies

Women Laughing Alone With Vaccine Injection Sites

Number Of Kids On Rx Drugs Tripled...The Implications

Guilt - A Powerful Trap Of The Past

China Moon Rover Landing - Shadow Anomalies?

H1N1pdm09 La. Tamiflu Resistance Cluster Expands

H1N1pdm09 Likely The Mystery Fatal Disease In TX

Russia Bails Out Ukraine For $15 Billion

NSA Spying May Harm Economy - Tech Leaders

Greenwald - US Doing Much vs The Constitution - Vid


The Biggest Pinocchios Of 2013

EPA Warming Expert Avoided Doing Work For 13 Yrs!

Kirwan - It's All Good

Guess Who's Investing In America’s Future? Nobody

Cams Placed In Mannequins To Track Shoppers - Vid

How Glyphosate Is Whitewashed For US-EU Review

It's Illegal To Wash My Car In My Driveway - Vid

The Military Industrial Complex Comes To Japan

Fracking Licences Cover 60% Of UK


Peter the Great O’Toole In The Palace Of Wisdom

Drones - RAF Charm Offensive For ‘Unmanned Aircraft’

First Glimpse Inside Drone HQ

The Trouble With Terraforming Mars

Radioactive Rain Falls At Nuke Plants In Normal Times

When Ordering Seafood (Nothing From Pacific!)

3 Years Later, BP Oil Still Flows Into Gulf

A Map Of Weirdest Sex Laws In The US

Honesty, Ethics Rating OIf Clergy Slides To New Low

83 Crazy Numbers From 2013


Obama - No Amnesty For Snowden

Snowden - Judge Ruling Vindicates NSA Spy Disclosure

Snowden - NSA Spying Is About Power, Not Safety

Snowden Offers To Help Brazil For Asylum

CIA Faker Edward Snowden Targets Brazil

State Can Seize Your Assets To Pay For Obamacare

If Drone Hit A US Wedding, We'd Ground Our Fleet

US Spreading Military Tentacles Everywhere

Br Nathanael - The Jews Behind DHS Jeh Johnson

Jeh Johnson Is New DHS Chief


Israel Shelves Forced Relocation Of Bedouins

Israel Refused Black Lawmaker Blood Donation

Syria's War - The Next Phase

Obama Drone Kills 15 Wedding Guests In Yemen

'For Once US Says No To Saudis

EU Parliament - Ukraine Can Hold Early Elections

Ukraine, EU Agree To Work On Association Deal

Catalonia To Vote On Independence, Defy Madrid

Spanish Cave Dwellers Revolt Against Ancient Eviction

Female Cops Sue MI Dept For Secret Locker Room Cam

Creepy Telemarketer Sounds Human, Denies Being Robot

When Candy Cane Street Cars Rolled Thru Hollywood - Pic


A Cruelty-Free Christmas Vegetarian Recipe

70% Of All Antibiotics Used In US Are Given To Farm-Animals

Celente - Top Ten Trends 2014...A Year Of Extremes

What Do Celente, Rogers, Maloney See For 2014?

US Takes Steps To Smooth Obamacare For January

New Super Stealth Drone Revealed - Vid

The Most Dangerous Woman In America

TPP Will Take Away Most Basic Rights If Ratified

Syrian Refugees Facing Blizzards

US Drone Strike Kills Thirteen In Yemen Wedding Convoy


Vile Greenpeace Warming Video Aimed At Kids - Vid

Who Owns The Children?

Rob Reiner - 'I've Got Toys For Goys' (really)

The Federal Reserve - 100 Years Of Boom And Bust

Cash Will Be Obsolete In 3 Years - PayPal

Poll = American Dream Fading As Income Gap Widens

Abandon The Euro Says Nobel Economist

‘World Must Unite Against Colonialism’

Drug Search Result - Water Has Bad Side Effects!

FDA To Crack Down On Antibiotics Used In 'Meat' Animals


How Porn Is Destroying Modern Sex Lives

China Tells Pilots To Learn To Land In Smog

Chinese Proclaim 'Unexpected Benefits Of Smog'

Different Psychopaths - Vid

World's Top Child Porn Dealer May Skate In Ireland

Hideous Cruel & Unusual Punishment In Prison - Vid

Physicists Believe We Could Be Living In A Hologram

Simulations Back Theory Universe Is A Hologram

Organic Milk More Nutritious Than Conventional

Photo Of Conrad Heyer, Revolutionary War Veteran - Pic


Kim's Ousted Uncle Executed As Traitor

Obama Approval Rating Hits New Low - Vid

Understanding Obama - The Making Of A Dictator (2008 encore)

NSA Chief Pleads With Senate To Keep Surveillance

FBI Is A Political Police Force

New Wi-Fi Technology Can Track You Through Walls

HI Certifier Of Obama Fake Birth Cert Dies In Plane Crash

CT Governor Inks GMO Labeling Law...But...

Deformities, Sickness, Deaths - Cost Of GM Animal Feed?

Brazil Farmers Fear 'Terminator' Seed Vote


Br Nathanael - Repeal ObamaCare Impeach Obama - Vid

Br Nathanael - This Video Was Banned By YouTube! - Vid

The Post-GMO Economy

The White Wave Of Organic Deceit

US Cities Growing Hunger, Homelessness

This Is How You Create Jobs In America

Hunger 'Games' - Homelessness Rising Across US

Senator Aide Fired Amid Child Porn Raid

DC Cop Said To Produce Child Porn Found Dead

Mandella Service Sign-Language Interpreter 'Hallucinating'

The Great American Class War

JP Morgan To Pay $1b To Settle Madoff Probe

Kirwan - The Unspoken War

Ukraine Still To Sign EU Pact - US Considers Sanctions


Russia To Use Nukes If Attacked By US

'No One Will Prevail Over Russia Militarily' - Putin

Putin - US Missiles Threathen Strategic Balance

$486m In New Planes Sit In Weeds In Kabul

Thailand Protesters Cut Power To PM’s Office

Hitting IDF Lt. Col. Gets Plea Bargain

Ethiopian-Born Israeli MP Not Allowed To Donate Blood

Israel Moves African Migrants To New Facility

Zionism Was Born To Wage Wars And Occupy

Zio Claws & The Imperial War Bank Machine


Anti-Iran Plot - Scions Of Zion At Work

World Awakening To Western Lies On Iran

US Hits Firms For Iran Violations

White House ‘Misrepresents’ Iran Deal

Top West-Backed Rebel Run Out By Islamists

NATO War On Syria Just Got Dirtier

DC's Al Qaeda Doesn’t Exist, Never Did

Chilling Geometry Of US Bases From Space

Protests Against Chevron, Fracking In Romania

Milwaukee Paper Exposes Shameful ATF Tactics


Forced Flu Shots For 150,000 NYC Children

Cops Brutally Slam 72 Yr Old Woman To Ground

Rich TX Teen Gets Probation After Killing 4 While DUI

Lloyd Pye...Starchild Skull, UFO Researcher Memorial - Vid

8 Professionals Make A Strong Case For ET - Vid

Madagascar Village Hit By 'Bubonic Plague'

Zio Claws & The Imperial War Bank Machine

Ex-BBC Chief, Zio Mark Thompson, ‘Lied’ Over Savile Scandal

British Govt Stops MPs From Questioning MI5 Boss

Celebrity Sex Offenders May Get Longer Sentences


Oz High Court Strikes Down Same Sex Marriage Law

Berlusconi - Arresting Him Would Incite Revolution

Outcry In France Against New i-Snooping Law

NASA Unveils 6' Tall Humanoid Robot - Vid

Water Vapor Venting Off Jupiter Moon

View Of Earth As Inbound ET Sees It

Comet ISON Dead By The Sun

If Your Theory Requires Wormholes, Try Again

Being Alone Together

Did Charity Wander Off?

Risk Of Big Earthquakes Underestimated


This Fly Hijacks An Ant’s Brain

Mystery Of Epping Forest 'Big Cat' Solved

Cancer Research - Important Brain Discoveries

6 Reasons You Should Eat Pumpkin Seeds

H7N9 Sequences At 2 Longgang Shenzhen Markets

Jeff & Dane Wigington - The 6th Great Extinction - Vid

Ex Bank Of Israel Gov To Be New Fed Vice Chair

US Should Be Friends With Iran - Vid

Save Higher Education - Toss The Cheaters

Obama Just Became Worst President For Immigrants - Vid


Which Govt Agency Spying On Your Smartphone?

US Gets Budget - Just Don't Mention Tax, Welfare

Obamacare Spanish-Language Healthcare.gov Debuts

Homelessness, Hunger Climbing In US Cities

This 14 Year Old Will School You On GMOs - Vid

Dementia The Next Global Pandemic

5 Yr Olds Kept From School For Serious Sexual Abuse

BYU Geologists Find 'Super Volcano' In Utah - Vid

Yellowstone Supervolcano 'Even More Colossal'

Amazing Optical Illusion Taking The Internet By Storm


Reality TV Funded Colony In Space Closer

The Secret Influence Of The Moon

How American Health Has Changed Since The 90s

Oz Sharks to Be Killed en Masse by Government

What Is The Flower of Life?

Struggling With Chance

How Antidepression Drugs Work

36 Foods That Detox, Cleanse The Entire Body

9 Patents That Make You Lose Faith In Humanity

Is the World Empty? Or Overcrowded? It's Both

Uncovering ETs And Crashed UFOs

Veteran Ufologists Appear In New UFO Series - Vid

Real UFO With ETs Caught On Camera in Germany? - Vid

UFO Advocate Podesta Named Newest Obama Advisor

Uruguay Legalizes Production And Sale Of Cannabis


Uruguay Breaking Intl Conventions On Drug Control

Egypt - No Justice For Mass Protester Killings

Veteran AZ Cop Resigns After Found To Be Illegal Alien

Paranormal Researcher, Writer Lloyd Pye Passes

Hersh Revelations And False Flag Media Chatter

Roberts - More Misleading Official Employment Stats

NSA Uses Advertisers Cookies To Track Web Browsers

Kirwan - Eleven Years Too Late...

Russia Warns Of Nuke Reply To US Global Strike Prog

Racist - Using Term 'Obamacare' Means YOU'RE Racist


Dick Morris - Obama’s Phony Populism

Obamas, Bushes & Hillary Best Pals On AF-1 - Pics

Hilarious Obama Photo Drama At Mandella Memorial - Pics

Interpreter For Deaf At Mandela Event Said A Fake! - Vid

Did Lady Gaga KIll Lou Reed?

Tia Tequila's Odd Embrace Of Adolf Hitler - Vid

Obama TSA Airport Forced Rectal Exams Dehumanize

FBI Lists SPLC Extreme Left Group As A 'Resource’

Panetta Gave Secret bin Laden Info To Hollywood Writer

Blogger Jailed - Exposed A Powerful Political Family

Gates Foundation Invested Millions In Private Prisons

EPA Employees Special Treatment In Rigged Courts

Is Govt Aid A Giant Money-Laundering Scheme?

Oil Flowing In Southern Leg Of Keystone Pipeline


Chemtrails...The Most Ignored Conspiracy Of Our Time?

The Sickness Of Factory Farming

Dial 00000000 For US Nuclear Armageddon

Christmas Of 1800 NWO Bomb Nearly Kills Napoleon

David Duke - Israel The True Rogue Nuke Regime

Petras - ZIonist Power Configuration Wins Again

Israel Panicking Over Assad Success In Syria

Morocco's King Muezzin Sings In Israeli Synagogue

US/UK Stop Syria Aid After Islamists Seize Weapons

Yanukovich Is Right To Insist On A Fair Deal

Crisis In Ukraine Instigated By Western Banksters


WH Hypocrisy - Force In Ukraine 'Unacceptable'

US, EU Politicians Dive Deeper Into Kiev Protest

Magnitsky List May Grow By Year End Says US Amb

More Wall St Villains Freed On Technicality

Why Business Franchising Is A Bad Deal

NYPD Cops Beat Family, Even Stomp Pet Parakeet

Police Militarization Doom A-21 Community Policing?

Hoffman - In Defense Of Norman Rockwell

Reid Made Feds Fix Casino Rules For Foreigners

OH Ends Amish Girl Forced Chemo Standoff


Mr. Dutroux To The White Courtesy Phone

New Twist In Decades Old ET Autopsy Controversy

UFOs On Night-Vision Video Cam Over Phoenix

Wanaque UFOs Explained By Seismic Theory?

Oz Army Fear Drill To Tough - Caused Mental Illness

More MERS Clusters In Saudi Arabia Raise Concerns

Jeff & Dane Wigington - The 6th Great Extinction - Vid

Obama Laughs It Up At Mandela Memorial Service - Pic

Obama's Disdain For Constitution - We May Lose All

The King Of Spy Satellites


NATO War On Syria Just Got Dirtier

New York City Confiscating Rifles, Shotguns

Air Force To Steal Land Of Millions Of Americans

McGrath - Budget Deal Targets Vets & Unemployed - Vid

Cover Your Internet Cam With A Post-It Note

Fox News Paid Former Exec $8m For Silence

'Murdochisevil' Appears In News Corp Paper Puzzle

Swiss Bank Agrees To ‘Sellout’ Its US Clients

Hoaxes Fuel Ukrainian Protest

China, Russia Moving Away From Using Dollar


Putin Orders Strong Military Presence In Arctic

Russia To Recruit 500,000 More Soldiers By 2022

Putin Again Slams US Missile Defense Plans

Pink Floyd's Waters Draws Parallels Of Israelis, Nazis

Lendman - World Blind Tp Genocide Of Palestinians

Data Sharing Among US Law Enforcement In 'Chaos'

What's Wrong With The Police In Iceland?

Victim Outraged By Sentence For Nassau Cop

Another Cops Skates Over Excessive Use Of Force - Vid

You’re Under Arrest And We'll Need Your DNA

Trading Food Stamps For Cash For Beer, Vodka, Cigs

Denver Legalizes Pot For Use On Private Property

JoeTalk - The Rapture Is Upon Us?- Vid

30 Little Known Facts About America - Vid

New Greenhouse Gas '7,000x More Powerful Than CO2

Malta Sells Passports To Foreign Investors For £546,000

Human Rights Day 2013 The Dirty Truth About Cheap Meat

The Science Of Reincarnation

Prehistoric Underwater Wall Divides Scientists

Robotic Mars Mission To Pave Path For Human Colony


Looks Like Comet, Feels Like Asteroid. Why?

Countdown On For NASA OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Mission

The Highest Energy Particles In The Universe

Kids, Teens Cell Phones Mean 5x Brain Cancer Rise

Drinking Water Chemicals Giving You Cancer?

Time To Cut Back On Child Product Marketing

10 Gardening Methods To Food Independence

Are Your Prescriptions Killing You?

Woman's World Or Man's Paradise

New Volcanic Island In Japan Triples In Size


Cybernetic Implant Could Repair Brain Damage

The Historical Origins Of 6 Swear Words

Woman Glued To Home Depot Toilet Seat - Vid

Familial H7N9 Cluster In Hangzhou Zhejiang

What If Buying Coffee Was Like Buying Obamacare? - Vid

Ave Deductible For O-Care Bronze - $5,000/yr...Every Year

The Creepoid Behind Obamacare

Kirwan - A Proportional Response, To Zero-Tolerance!

Obama In New War - Will Support France In Africa

French Soldiers Dying In Central African Republic

Hypocrite Obama Chides Leaders Who Stifle Dissent

Obama Poses For Selfie During Mandela Memorial

Kirwan - The Trial of Global Hypocrisy

New Battle Looms In US-Russia ‘War Of Blacklists’

9/11 Link To Saudi Arabia In 28 Redacted Pages

US Prison Population Jumps By 27%

Brazil Voting To Accept Terminator Seeds

East, West Battle For Ukraine

Ukrainian Opposition Party Raided - Protesters Dig In

US Rejects Assad Offer To Fight Al-Qaeda


Iran - Nuke Deal Is Off If New US Sanctions

NYT - US Conduct Threatens Iran Deal

‘Extremist' US Lawmakers Depend On Israeli Cash

Israel Oks Detention Without Charges For Africans

Brit Govt Warns Against Doing Biz In Israeli Settlements

Greenwald Strategy Against Bootlicker Journalism - Vid

500+ Famous Authors Ink Anti-Surveillance Petition

State Surveillance Of Personal Data Is Theft

Tech Giants Side With Citizens On Spying - Not Enough

Xbox Live Targeted By US, UK Spy Agencies

Canada Set Up Spy Post For NSA - Report

Local Cops Borrow From NSA Playbook

Witness In No Fly List Trial Shows DOJ Flat Lied

18 Sheriff's Deputies Charged In LA Inmate Abuse

Average WalMart Take Home Barely Livable

Central Banks Lose $400b In Gold Rout

Bitcoin Into Pop Culture - Snoop, Ashton, Simpsons

Why You Are Speculating Instead Of Investing

Israeli Newspaper - Israel Is The Kingdom Of Evil

Peace Without Occupation

Some 2.5m Brits Will Have To Borrow For Heating

Food Prices To Rise Faster Than Salaries Until 2018


Britain Is Now A 'Developing Country'

Border Force Failing To Protect UK Say MPs

BBC Charity Invests Millions In Arms, Tobacco, Alcohol

Argentine Looting Spreads Amid Police Strikes

Good, Better, Best Vibrations

Top Ten UFO Sightings In Manchester - Pics

Diet Soda Sales Falling Faster Than Regular Soda

We Want Your Soul - Vid

Aspartame Diet Soda Sales Falling Faster Than Regular

Hanging Bodies & Dark Towers Of Radiating Torpor

Nobel Winner Boycotts Top Science Journal


Obama Sentences Lynne Stewart To Death

'Meat Glue' Pig Skin Put Into Supermarket Chicken

Junk Food And Fizzy Drinks Cause Child Depression

Uruguay Set To Legalize Marijuana

Materialism - A System That Eats From The Inside Out

Colony Of 80,000 Bats Driven From Oz City - Vid

Vitamin D Can Fight MS

Polio Vax Launched In Mideast

Once-Per-Decade Fog Fills Grand Canyon - Pics

Coldest Temp Ever Recorded...Antarctica: -135.8F


35 Yr Study - Exercise Reduces Dementia Risk

Graham - Obamacare Worst Is Yet To Come

Insurers Limiting Drug Coverage Under Obamacare

Bloomberg To Force Useless Flu Vax On All NYC Kids

Deep Divisions As US Pressures To Close TPP

Second Release Of Secret TPP Documents

Black Tries To 'Knockout' Girl - Gets Face Kicked In By BF - Vid

I Googled 'Evil' And It Took Me To Google

Ken O'Keefe - Obama Should Be Tried For Treason - Vid

Chemtrail Pictures That Will Blow Your Mind


New Stealth Spy Drone Already Flying Over A-51 - Pix

New 'Blackjack' Surveillance Drone Being Tested

'Co-Traveler' The NSA Cell Phone Location Tracker

Grace Hopper vs The NSA - Whose Enemy Is US?

New World Order Dead Ahead

A Convention of States...Con-Con Gaining Steam?

Govt Dumps GM Stock, Loses $10b On Auto Bailout

Mandela The Murderous Marxist - A True Story

'Saint' Mandela? Not So Fast...

New Iran Laser-Guided Missile Can Hit Within 2 Meters

Watch A West Bank Settler Run Away - Vid

How 'Whites' Took Over America, Pt 2 - Vid


Entire Gen Won't Be Able To Buy Or Rent A Home

The End Of Private Property In The US Police State

Local Govts To Seize Homes If Payments Not Made

Brown - Amend The Fed...We Need A New Central Bank

How Wall Street Bankrupted Detroit - Vid

The Bitcoin Derivatives Market Has Arrived

3 Ways Super Rich Suck Wealth From Everyone

25% Of Europeans Face Poverty

Fixing Higher Education, Pt 4 - More Accreditation Fixes

We Are Now Able To Eavesdrop On The Brain

Hero FL Cop Arrested For Refusing To Remove Mask - Vid

The Criminalization Of Everyday Life

Police Used Deadly Force On Fullerton Man - Ex FBI Agent

Cop Who Executed 13 Yr Old CA Boy Back To Work!

Man Refuses Checkpoint ID - Forced Blood Samples By Cops - Vid

IN Cops Tracking Cell Phones - Won't Say How, Why

VA State Cops Launch Crime Reporting App (snitch)

Stuffed Sock Monkey Toy Gun Taken By TSA Goons

Diet Aspartame Sodas Wrinkle Your Skin, Make You Fat

History Is Always Now

Former Police Officer Murdered In Bethlehem


Dutch-Israeli Dispute Over Gaza's New Scanner

2012 Solar Storm Points Up Need To Prepare

How Traffic Fumes Can Be Deadly - Even At 'Safe' Levels

Evidence Of Ancient Freshwater Mars Lake Found

The Lonely, Long-Abandoned Space Observatory

NASA Finds The Coldest Place On Earth - Vid

Ancient Estate, Garden Fountain Found In Israel

Oldest Human Footprints In N America Identified

How To Stop The Illuminati...Leaked - Vid

You Picked A Fine Time To Leave Me, Blue Shield - Vid


Oahu GMO Protest Set For Dec 15

Does Smoking Pot Give Some Men Boobs?

Nosocomial H7N9 Sequences At HK Hospital?

Why Obamacare Is Bad for Your Health

Snowden Voted Guardian Person Of The Year

Snowden To Give Evidence To EU Parliament - MEP

Cell Phone Data Spying - It's Not Just The NSA

NSA - Tech Firms Demand Big US Law Changes

The Dark Side Of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela - The Myth And The Reality


China Wants Chinese City With Theme Park In NY!

Satanists Statue Next To Ten Commandments In OK

37 Reasons US Economic Recovery Is A Lie

Congress Strategy To Stick It To The Poor

Cashing In On The Bitcoin Boom

US States Jump As Legal Marijuana Mkts Open

Workers Face Huge Fall In Living Standards

The Triumph Of 'Ron Paul-ism'

EPA To Control Your Private Streams, Creeks

SF Gives Gunowners 90 Days To Turn In Mags

Art, Imagination And Magic


The Secrets Of Death Inside Disney World

Ukrainian Protests Continue

Hersh - Obama LIED About Gas Attack In Syria

Obama Knew Syrian Extremists Could Make Sarin

New Israeli Oil Strike Should Belong To Palestine

Kirwan - Israel's Unending War Has Failed

Obama, Bibi Downplay Differences On Iran Deal

Bibi Urges Sextet To Use Military Threat On Iran

Israel Ranked Poorest Member Of OECD

US Officials Forced At Gunpoint By Israel

Red-Dead Is Running


John Kerry's Anti-Palestinian Agenda

Fisk - Documenting Israeli War Crimes In Lebanon

Syrian Troops Take Strategic Highway

US Pushes MidEast Militarization Despite Iran Thaw

China Missile Tests With Fighter Jets - Vid

Thailand's PM Dissolves Parliament

Singapore Hit By Worst Riots In Decades

Bolivarianism Triumphs

Ukraine Sends Interior Troops To Kiev

Maduro Cements Power In Local VZ Elections

RIA Novosti To Be Liquidated In Big Media Overhaul


Brazil Child Sex Trade Soars As World Cup Nears

TX Campus Cop Shoots Student To Death

My Week As One Of Amazon's HUMAN Drones

Invasive Cockroach Found In NYC Can Take Cold

More Whales Die In FL Everglades

Life On Earth May Have Developed Below Ground

Bad Neighbor Aims Cam Into Couple's Bedroom?

PA Boy Suspended For Firing Pretend Bow & Arrow

Cricket Burgers And Tacos Surprise Hit In NYC

Comprehensive List Of Healthy Spices


8 Scary Facts About Antibiotic Resistance

The Pill Implicated In Blood Clot Death

Probiotics Alleviates Autism-Like Behaviors In Mice

Watch Pot Instantly Change Cerbral Palsy! - Vid

Wait A Femtosecond, I Can See Atoms!

The Top 10 Worst Foods To Eat

Storm Move Up East Coast, Deep Freeze Temps, Snow

Sleet, Ice, Deep Freeze Hit Large Swath Of US

'Crossing Obama Can Be Deadly'

Kirwan - The World Of 2013 Is Obsolete


21st Century Global Resistance & Rising Anarchism

What Has The Shadowy NRO Just Put In Orbit?

AF Mystery Space Plane Nears Year In Orbit - Vid

'There Are Two Americas - My Country Is A Horror Show'

Chinese Want A 600 Acre 'China City' In New York State

The Forgotten 9/11/94 White House Plane Crash - Vid

7% Nov Jobless Rate Nothing To Cheer About

Idiot Pelosi - Unemployment Great Way 'To Grow Economy'

1,148,000 Fewer Have Jobs Today Than 7 Yrs Ago

Call For Obama Exec Order To Raise Min Wage - Vid


Rand Paul Wants ‘Economic Freedom Zones’

Luxury Home Foreclosures Soar Up 61% In Yr

Fed Don't Have To Reveal Obamacare Site Breaches

US Army Officer Wants YOU Disarmed

Massive Sphere Caught By NASA - Hercolubus, Nibiru? - Vid

The State Is An Institution Of Theft - Vid

No Icelanders Overthrow Govt, Rewrite Constitution

Mandela Eulogies - Reinventing His Disturbing Legacy

Blogging ‘Gays’ Urge Murder, Castration Of Christians

Surge Of Internet Self-Obsession - Smug Shots, Selfies


The Fight To Control The Global Climate

DOJ Argues Unlawfully Obtained Evidence Still Valid

Why Didn't We Learn From Vietnam?

Fukushima Radiation Deforms OR Organic Tomatoes - Pics

GMO Contamination Of Organic Farm Spurs Lawsuit

Ukrainian Protestors Destroy Statue Of Lenin

Western Officials Collaborating vs Ukraine Govt

Destroyers Threaten Eastern Mediterranean Gas Fields

Israel Minister Proposes Partial West Bank Annexation

Chomsky - US, Israel Two Rogue Actors In The Mideast

Israeli Troops Shoot, Kill Pal Teen In Back - Report

Middle East Mass Murder Is Funded By The Saudis


IAEA Inspectors Visit Arak Nuclear Site in Iran

Congress Warns Oil Firms Against Iran Business

N Korea Confirms Kim's Uncle Ousted From Military

S Korea Extends Air Defense Zone To Overlap China's

Venezuelan Municipal Elections

How To Commit Fraud And Get Away With It

UK Govt Gave $$$ To Child Sex Ring In The 70s

Today's Child-Snatchers As Evil As Philomena's Nuns

UK Military Brass Blew £180m On Luxury Hotels, Cars

Wind Turbines Policy Is All At Sea

The Gollum Progression & The Grinch From Talmudia


Curious ProMED Comments On H7N9 Human Trans

Tremonton UFOs 'Were Large, Disc-Shaped Things'

The Solstice Vibe

Dreier - Significantly Overworked, Ready To Rumble

Illegal Alien Charged With Raping Deaf-Mute Woman

Okapi And Flufftail Face Extinction By Humans

ADHD - Prime Example Of A Fictional Disease

Undersea Freshwater Could Quench World's Thirst

Concern About Tree-Burning Power Plants

Bank Tracked Business Linked To China Hiring

Brains Of Social Anxiety Sufferers Found Faulty


Mixing Tylenol, Alcohol Could Yield Kidney Disease

Expedition Finds Unexpected Ocean Mysteries

The Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory Detox

Effective $50 Eye Drug But MDs Use $2,000 Copy

Meditation Changes Your Genes For The Better

Wicked Winter Storms Heads To Eastern US - Vid

Obama Defends Iran Deal

Obamacare Is A Catastrophe That Cannot Be Fixed

Assange Marks 3 Years Of UK Detention

Kirwan - America! And Our Forgotten Dead

Richard Sauder - Who Really Runs The Earth?


Corbett - How Monsanto Silences Scientific Dissent - Vid

The NFL's Role In Coming Martial Law?

Brown - Let The Fed Drop Money Into Your Bank Account

Germany...A Rothschildian Financial Agency

Central Florida Garden Update - Sick, Dying Plants

Hangzhou, Hong Kong H7N9 Clusters Raise Concerns

Huge Storm Hits Europe Causing Death And Destruction

'Worst Ice Storm' In Years Whacks TX, Midwest

Doctor Describes Obamacare In One Sentence - Vid

Kirwan - The Dirt Beneath The Badges

US Tests Classified Spy Drone With 'Superior Stealth'


Hezbollah Accuses Israel Of Assassinating Commander

Foreign MDs Raise Alarm Over Syrian Birth Defects

'Rebels' Consider Joining Syria Army To Fight al-Qaeda

When Saving Interest Rates Go Negative

‘Tis the Season - Grinch THIS, Corporate America!

Britain's War On Press Freedom

More On Giant WW2 Japanese Sub I-400 Found Off Hawaii

Metal Filings In Your Breakfast Cereal - Vid

New Generator Converts Heat, Solar Into Electricity

Study - Long-Term Health Effects Of Jet Lag

Rack'em & Stack'em, Critical Mass

Gen Twining's Son And 'The Roswell Confession'

Airline Pilot Reveals UFO Encounter During Flight

What Happened To Comet ISON? - Vid

SkyJack...Hunt Down, Hack Other Drones - Vid

There Is No Selfish Gene

Shocking Link Between Induced Abortion, Cancer

Mind-Blowing Picture Of Grand Canyon

The Climate Policy Trap

Spooky Physics Phenomenon May Link Wormholes

Dawn Or Twilight? Future Of American Science

Keeping Shareholders In The Dark

EU - Record Fines On Banks For Rate Fixing

The Bogus Check Scam That Won't Go Away

Depopulation Of The Masses Has Begun

Human Intelligence Is Slowly Declining

Obama Ignoring Laws Could Lead To A Coup d'Etat

A Third Of Obamacare Enrollees May Not Be Signed Up!

Shocking Truth About Who Wrote Obamacare

Americans Want Urine Drugs Tests For Congress


Judge Rules Detroit Eligible For Bankruptcy - Vid

The War On Twitter

Wigington - ABC Omits All Climate Engineering Facts

Applebee's To Replace Waiters With Tablets - Dehumanization

UK Food Poverty Now 'Public Health Emergency’’

Feds Sued Raisin Farmer For Selling His Own Product

Green' Grocery Bags Contain Toxic Levels Of Lead

Pike - Is It A Sin To Be Rich?

US Govt Caught Using Pirated Software - Pays $50 Million


Divers Save Man Trapped In Sunken Tugboat - Vid

School Forces Parents To ID As Liberal Or Conservative

Sony SmartWig To Control Your Brain

Kardashian 2013 Christmas Card - Dark And Darker

Let’s Help Light The Matrix

Lizards Of Waverly Place - Vid

Amazing - One Man Builds His Own Stonehenge - Vid

Women Archived The News For 35 Yrs On VHS

Cam Records Amazing Undersea Rescue - Vid

Britons Pump £46 Billion/Yr Into Gambling Machines


Filer’s Files #48 – 2013 – President Washington’s Thanksgiving

Filer’s Files #47 – 2013 — US Got Technology from ET

Filer’s Files # 46 -2013 – UFO Tidbits

MERS Infects Entire Family In UAE, Kills 2 In Qatar

More MERS Deaths Reported In Gulf States

Kirwan - Justice In America?

US Denies Report Of Obama Trip To Iran In 2014

Fresh Perspective On JFK - CIA Owns The Media

Ron Paul Rages - 'Easy' Money Causes Hard Times


Br Nathanael - Point Plan To Stop AIPAC - Vid

Walmart's Corporate Surveillance On Black Friday

Obama 'Most Hostile' To Journalists In US History

NSA Employees Got Talking Points For Thanksgiving Dinner

700,000 On US Watch List - Once On, No Way Off

Technocracy Is Failed Mind Control

Secret Plan To Shut Cell Phones & The Net Explained

Backdoor Gun Control - No Lead Means No Bullets

New Algorithm Will Find You In Untagged Photos

Why Do Hospitals Charge $500 Per Stitch?

Inflation Watch - Price Of Christmas Surges 7.7%


Delivery Drones To Usher In Economic Transformation

Can This Spray-On Clothing Clean Up BP Oil Disaster?

Obamacare Website Costs Top $1 Billion

Hacker - No Security Ever Put In Obamacare Site - Vid

Healthcare.Gov Obamacare Site Still Troubled

Obamacare - New Lawsuits Should Be Equal Protection

Hitman? Man Self-Poisons in Court After Sentenced, Dies

If HPV Vax Were Consumer Goods Would Anyone Buy Them?

Jeff Rense – The GMO End Game - Vid

GMO Contamination An 'Act Of God!' - Seriously?


US 'Deeply Concerned' At China Air Zone

Ukraine Govt Survives 'No Confidence' Vote

Putin Accuses Militants Of Attempted Ukraine Coup

Temporary Truce In Thailand, Tensions Ease - Pics

US Moving Away From Israel, Saudi Arabia - Vid

Israeli Judaization

Master Plans Israel Increases Annexation (theft) Pace

Bibi Gives Pope Book On The Spanish Inquisition

Israel's Killer Robots - Vid

Confessions Of Jewish Zionists & Israelis


New, All-Time Opium Crop In Afghanistan

A Catastrophe Could Occur In Syria In Winter

US Death Drone Kills Five In Afghanistan

How The '1%' Will Escape?

China Yuan Passes Euro As #2 World Currency

Spain And Japan Move To Criminalize Protests

The Most Corrupt Countries In The World - Vid

Spies Cracking Of Encryption Undermines The Net

3D Printed Guns In Spotlight In US Law Renewal

The Escape Of Adolf Hitler To South America

WW2 Japanese Mega-Sub Found Off Oahu - Vid

Christie Threatens Veto Of NJ’s Dream Act

My Brush With Officialdom

Beware Of The Truth - Vid

Dr Ed Ward MD - Halt Handshaking For Better Health

H1N1pdm09 La, Tamiflu Resistance Cluster Grows

HK Quarantines 17 People Over Bird Flu Case

More MDs Rejecting New Medicaid Patients

How WH & Reporters First Reacted To AIDS

New Malware Jumps Air Gaps Using Inaudible Sound

Dancing In The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death


The Terrifying Future Of The United States - Vid

Great Red Spot On Jupiter, Mystery Finally Solved? - Vid

First Garden On The Moon? - Vid

Pluto Never Deserved To Be A Planet

Natural Nuclear Fission Reactor In W. Africa

Male Contraceptive Pill Brought Closer

Volcano Sends Pillar Of Fire 1,000m Into Sky

Insane Domino Tricks - Vid

Seven Remarkable Things About Elephants

The Amazing Potato Battery - Vid


Electricity From Pennies - Vid

Sensing The Body Can Be Complicated

Hong Kong H7N9 Case(s) Raise Concerns

Obama Lies Compilation...Wake Up, Sheeple - Vid

US Shoppers Spent $9.7 Billion On Black Friday

McGrath - False Flag Terror Event Coming? - Vid

‘Bizarre Behavior’ Could Derail Christie White House Bid

Snowden Revelations Prompt UN Investigation

Advanced US Navy Patrol Planes Arrive Okinawa - Vid

Thailand - Uprooting Wall Street's Proxy Regime - Pics

China Launches Moon Rover Mission


Ex-PM Olmet - Netanyahu Declared War On Obama WH

Bibi Orders Mossad To Find Iran Deal 'Violations'

Netanyahu - 'I Will Not Shut Up'

1 Pal Child Killed By Israel Every 3 Days For 13 Yrs

Gilad Atzmon On O'Keefe's Middle East, Pt 1 - Vid

Mass Power Outage Plunges Most Of VZ Into Darkness

Russia's New Amazing Shark Stealth Fighter - Vid

New Russia Subs So Quiet, US Calls Them 'Black Holes'

The 'New Democracy' in Ukraine? - Vid

Oz Now Officially A Police State


NHS Didn't Sterilize Mad Cow Tainted Surgical Instruments

Mad Cow Risk Prompts UK Blood Screening Probe

Mad Cow Disease in British People

Hobby Lobby And The Supreme Court

OH Court - 'Polite' Drivers Are Not Suspicious

Doom - Kill The Monopoly System Of Accreditation

Latest Hawaii Shark Attack Kills Man On Kayak

Film Of Paris Streets, Circa 1895 - Vid

800,000 ‘Lifted’ From Fuel Poverty - By Redefining It!

Green Energy Could Crash US Power Grid


You Can Be Fined Thousands For Negative Feedback

Ice Rinks Ready For Peak Of Holiday Season

Youth Football Tourney in Vegas Hit By Mystery Bug

Computers Read Your Emotions On Your Face

Einstein’s Lost Hypothesis

Eagle Takes Camera And A Selfie - Vid

The Hospital Is No Place For The Elderly

The Brain Actually Has Two Internal Clocks

And The Sea Dances On…

Drinking Milk As A Teen Not Linked To Stronger Bones


Did Giants Live In Huge Buried Cities Across US?

Hardwired Difference Between Male, Female Brains

The Gift Guide For Billionaires

100s Of Sharks Surround Kayakers In San Diego - Vid

Qatari Camel MERS Sequences Re-Confirmed

Kirwan - On Being Dead Last

America Is Now DEAD LAST In Education! - Vid

The Road To Freedom

Feinstein Says Terrorism Threat To US Is Increasing

What Now For The Surveillance State?


WH Delays Another Obamacare Deadline Until After Midterms

FDA Scientists - FDA Unable To Protect Public Health

Man Pulled Off Airliner In Phoenix - Had ACTIVE TB

Cyber Monday To Sales To Break All Records

Black Friday Materialism Frenzy In Morally Bankrupt US

WH - Food Stamps 'Are Boosting The Economy'

Bitcoin - Get Out Now While The Getting’s Good

Bitcoin Plunges Into Bear Market

Self-Driven Vehicles To Eliminate Countless Jobs

China Plan To Quit Dollar Infuriates US


Unprecedented China Debt Binge And Buying Spree

Nobel Economist Warns Of US Stock Market Bubble

Currency Collapse, Hyperinflation & Rise Of Dictators - Vid

The Lies Behind EU-US TransAtlantic Trade Deal

Gen Twining Confession - ET Survived Roswell - Vid

Journal Retracts Séralini Study - Unscientific, Unethical

New Hazards In GMOs From Synonymous Mutations

Bill 113 Hawaii GMO Ban – Mayor Could Veto It

A Tale of Two Protests - Ukraine And Thailand

Ukrainians Launch General Strike


Kiev Protesters Control Parts Of The City

Thousands Of Protesters Block Govt HQ In Kiev

Bangkok Protests And Violence Spreads

Russia Launches 'Stealth' Sub In St Petersburg - Vid

Peace Index - 50% Reject The US As An Israel Ally

Saudis, Israelis Making 'Super Stuxnet’ To Hit Iran

World Protests Against Bedouin Ethnic Cleansing

Sanctions Regime Against Iran Crumbling - Bibi

US Moving Away From Saudi Arabia, Israel

Ex-CIA Chief - US Accepted Iran Enrichment Right

Iran And Usual Treachery Of West

Syria Army Captures Israeli-Made Arms

Personal Account Of Daily Life In Gaza City

Contesting Stolen Honduran Election

Amazon Drones Can Deliver Up To 5lbs To You - Vid

Man Cited After Tossing Cash At Mall Of America

Gun Confiscation Notices Go Out in New York

If There Is A Devil, The Devil Is Your Mind

At The Point Of No Return

Morris - Tribals And Natives Under Threat Everywhere - Vid

Morris - Booming Frontier Towns In Tribal Areas - Vid


You Are On Indian Land - Vid

Winter Colors And The Spirit Of Place

How To Forage for 5 Common Edible Wild Plants

NSA 'Spies On America For Israel' (big surprise...)

Communist CA Now Confiscating Legally Bought Guns

WH Claims Obamacare Net Site 'Mostly Fixed' - Vid

Congress' Obamacare Has Better Benefits, Service

Pastors Are Getting The Obamacare RFID Chip - Vid

Who Is Watching The Watch Lists?


What Does TSA Do With Your Confiscated Stuff?

Top 25 Censored Stories From 2012-2013

Easiest And Hardest Cities For Finding A Job Now

Agenda 21 Enslavement Of Colorado

NYPD To Businesses - Turn Cams Toward Streets

76 Yr Old Elderly Woman 10th NYC Knockout Victim

Four Dead As Demonstrations Rage In Thailand

Pike - 'Many' Evangelicals Now Criticize Israel

China Aircraft Carrier Now In South China Sea

EU Involved In New Jewish Colonies In Palestine


Amazon Unveils Mini-Drone Delivery Plan

PA Judge Gets 28 Yrs For Putting Kids In Prison

The Dark Side Of Duck Dynasty - Vid

Amazon Plans Drone Delivery - Vid

One Packet of Aspartame Killed Me Three Times in 24 hours

Royal Mint To Be Issuing Gold-Backed Physical Bitcoins

A Week's Worth Of Groceries...Around The World

Why Is Sweden Closing Its Prisons?

Ukraine Protests - ‘It’s Not A Rally, It's A Revolution’

Ukraine Protests - Hundreds Of Thousands In Steets


Rage In France About Tax Hikes Boils Over

Thailand - Protests Demand PM Step Down

Man Says Was Fired For Refusing To Work Thanksgiving

Global Warming? - People Dying Of The Cold In UK

The Secret Society Of Warmists

Cats Hit By 'Tom And Jerry' Seizure Syndrome

Doctors Ignore 'Wonder Drug' Of FRESH AIR

Top Surgeon - Vitamin D Cuts Breast Cancer

Bad Eating Habits Start In The Womb

Kale is Great For One's Sex Life

Western Media In China A Bunch Of Wimps? - Vid

Kirwan - 'Made In The USA' - Not Anymore!

Glasgow Copter - Witnesses Reveal Horror In Pub

Hollywood, Filmdom Shock Over Paul Walker Death - Pics/Vid

'Name' People Lost In 2013

D-Day For Obamacare Site Fixes

Race To Rescue Obamacare Site & Obama

Did George Washington Predict America’s Fall?

Most Americans Don't Trust Each Other


Peace, Love, & Pepper Spray - Vid

Animals Die During Filming Of New 'Hobbit'

Corruption - Thief Of Economic, Social Development

No Fatness, No Glasses, No White Hair, No Shoes - Vid

Calm Solar Cycle Questions Impact On Earth

End The Violence Against Women Journalists

Women Having Far More Lesbian Experiences Now

China, US Butt Heads Over Competing Moon Landers

Calm Solar Cycle Questions Impact On Earth

Why We Get Sick On Airplanes


Are Humans Creating A Posthuman Future?

Bosnian Pond Swallowed By Sinkhole Fuels Legend

10,000 Yr OId House Found In Israell - Vid

Why Watching TV Could Make You Fat For LIFE

What's Wrong With Personal Genetic Tests

Scientists Make Cheese From Armpit, Feet Bacteria

Transcending 'Love Conditioning'

Jeff Rense & Gerald Celente - We Need A Revolution - Vid

Wicked Weather Threatens Thanksgiving Travel - Pic

Huge Storm Heading To US East...And Holiday Travel


Obama Sends 2 B-52s Into China Air Defense Zone

China Sends Carrier To South China Sea

Chuck Schumer Promises More Iran Sanctions

Transatlantic Trade And Investment Partnership Betrayal

Madsen - US Trying To Boost Bases In Asia

Spies Worry About 'Doomsday' Cache Stashed By Snowden

Snowden 'Hero' For NSA Disclosures - Zionist Wiki Founder

EU Demands Protection From US & NSA Spying


Kirwan - 'The Chosen Ones'

NSA Infects 50,000 Computer Systems Worldwide

Monsanto Man

GMO Salmon That Grow TWICE As Fast OK'd

USA Today Joins Media Boycott Of WH Official Pics

United States Has Lost World Trust

CIA Turned Guantanamo Detainees Into Double Agents

New Chemtrails Documentary...Trailer - Vid

Iran Deal A Prelude To War, Not 'Breakthrough'

Broken From Within - Haredim Cheer Iran Deal

Iran Deal Nullifies Needs For Euro Missile Shield

Iran Nuclear Deal Bashing

Israel’s Threat To Us All Becomes Obvious


UK Tells Defiant Netanyahu Not To Disrupt Iran Deal

'Coincidence' - Israel Launches Largest Ever IAF 'Exercise'

Israel Still Holds Plenty Of US Cards

US, Saudis In Growing Rift As Power Shifts

Alex Salmond's Blueprint For Independent Scotland

Private Armies For The One Percent - Vid

At The Point Of No Return

Terminator Robots To Take Over Battlefield By 2023

Suzuki - Humans 'Are Part Of A Massive Experiment'

Canada OKs GM Fish Eggs - An Environmental Threat


Britain’s 30,000 Winter Deaths

France To Triple Forces In Central African Republic

Quebec To Spain, Anti-Protest Laws Threaten Freedom

Comet Ison To Light Up Pre-Christmas Morning Skies

28 Delicious Vegan Holiday Recipes

12 Yr Olds Committing Sex Abuse On Other Children

Sexual Coercion Becoming Normalized - Lancet

Cop Faces Charges For Making Black Dance Like A Chimp'

TX Cops Ask Drivers For DNA, Blood Samples

Welcome To The Age Of I Don't Give A Sh*t

WWII Navy Veteran ... Saw The Tremonton UFOs

Most Versatile Word In The English Language?- Vid

Getting The Doomsday Hunger?

Why Should A Poem Exist In This World?

Zen Gardner - Riding The Turbulence

Giant Ant Colony...Astonisihing Underground! - Vid

Science For Potheads

Science In The Garden Of Good & Evil

Most Devastating Maritime Disasters

Sinkhole Swallows Pond In Sanica, Bosnia

Terrifying Looking 'Skeleton Shrimp' Discovered


Canterbury Earthquakes Were Highly Unusual

Discovered - Vital Clue To Buddha's Age

Murder - Experts Say Michael Hastings Car Hacked - Vid

Obama Ruthlessly Purging Generals And Admirals

US Generals Take Action To Watch Obama

Sides Forming For The Coming Civil War

At The Point Of No Return

Imploding The Myth Of Israel

Al Gore Could Become World's First Carbon Billionaire

Google's Computers OUTWIT Their Human Masters

Pro Life Russia


GMO Salmon Eggs To Lead To GMO Salmon

Persecution Of Christian Photogs Foreshadows ENDA, Pt 2

A Fine Time To Leave Me, Blue Shield (Parody) - Vid

Stand-Up Paddler Finds Great Whites Off SoCal Beach - Vid

The £150 House

Decline Of The American Empire?

GQ Names Obama 17th Least Influential Celebrity

Shaken NSA Grapples With An Overhaul

ACLU vs Clapper

Barrett - Israel Was Behind JFK Assassination

JFK Murder Upped Heart Attacks In Dallas For Years

Faurisson - The Problem Of The 'Gas Chambers'


Denial, Desperation And Despotism

US Blue Flag Starts In Israel, Is The US Bluffing Iran?

Saudi Arabia Trying To Obtain Nuclear Bombs

Israeli Nukes Threatening Mideast, Entire World

Secret US-Iran Talks Made Nuke Deal Possible

Iran Agrees To Nuclear Slowdown - Now What? - Vid

Deal Bears Obama Personal Stamp

Israel Approves More Outrageous 'Settler' Units

Israel's War On Palestinian Children

Karzai Refuses To Sign US-Afghan Security Pact


Afghanistan May Resume Public Stoning Of Adulterers

Egypt Interim President Signs Anti-Protest Law

Meet Felix, The Mexican People Smuggler - Vid

Diana Murder Conspiracy Author Receives Threats

Murdoch Struck By Curse Of Blair Friendship?

There's No Peace For Poor Old Mr Blair

16th C. Mural Of Henry VIII Is Satan Viewed Upside Down

Japan Pays 13 Million Yen Per US Serviceman

CDC Investigates H1N1pdm09 Louisiana H274Y Cluster

Social Logins For Govt Services Profile User ID


10 Ring Of Fire Volcanos Suddenly Roar To Life - Why?

Fukushima Man

The Seek, Speak, Spread The Truth Conference

Numerous Animal Deaths in Movies - Including 'Pirates'

Tiny Four-Winged Robot Flies Like A Jellyfish - Vid

Photo Of An Apparent 'Rod' By Nightshot Infrared Cam

UFO Orb Captured On Trail Cam - Vid

Did Viruses Survive On Anciet Mars?

Will China's Moon Lander Cause Problems For NASA?

The Pies Have It!

PCBs Still Harming Our Health Decades Later

It Is Raining Rocks In Sicily - Vid

5 Chemistry Tips To Make Thanksgiving Tastier

Underwater Hotel - Guests Sleep With The Fishes

How Networks Become Conscious

Intense Gamma Ray Burst Spell Doom

Ayahuasca Could Revolutionize Psychotherapy

10 Ways To Prevent Diabetes

Storm Kills 13 In US, Threatens Holiday Travel

Newest Chemtrail Film 'Look Up' By George Barnes -Vid

Israel Was Behind The JFK Assassination -Vid


Netanyahu Is Now On His Own

Bibi Sez Iran Nuke Deal 'Historic Mistake' -Vid

China Tells US To Butt Out Of Island Row With Japan

New UK Law To Criminalize For Thought Crimes -Vid

The Man Exposing The US Dirty War

Another Word For 'Holocaust'

Murray Talks About Micheal Jackson's Death

Blow By Blow - 10 Politicians Linked To Cocaine

Doom - What To Do If You Are Failing In College

Impossible, You Say?


Meteorite Or Space Junk Over Portland, OR? -Vid

UFO Mystery Unsolved For Years But Memories Are Clear

Sea Creatures Gather For Extra Anchovies -Vid

Persecution Of Christian Photogs Foreshadows ENDA, Pt 1

Comet ISON Could Bring Spectacular Sky Show

MERS Deaths In KSA Reach 55

TX Man Say His Unseen Film Shows Second JFK Shooter

Ex-US Official - Netanyahu Wants Iran Surrender

Pro-Israel Lawmakers Attack Obama For Iran Deal

Netanyahu - World 'More Dangerous' After Iran Deal


Br Nathanael - Holocaust On Tour In Iran - Vid

Iran's Jews Support Nation's Nuclear Program

The Deal In Geneva - Hold The Cheers

Iran Nuclear Deal - 5 Things To Know

Ex-CIA - Obama Planned Massive False Flag Hit On US

DOJ Internal Memo Confirms Obama Gun Confiscation

Marxist Obama & Treason Congress Bring Mex Killers To US

Kirwan - The 3am Tweet

Obamacare Restricts Choice Of Hospitals, Doctors

Obama FBI Partners With Left-Wing Extremist Group

Communist US House OKs $5,000 Fee For Drilling Protests

The Legal Attack On The NSA


Alan Hart - Are We Stupid?

Iran's Jews Support Nation's Nuclear Program

DOD Urban Warfare Drills Over Phoenix

Black Hate Crimes Surge - 'Knockout' Assaults, Murder - Vid

White College Student Killed By 'Knockout' - Vid

Black Flash Mob Robberies - Vid

Young Black Man Outraged Over 'Knockout' Game - Vid

The Odds Are Never In Our Favor

Israel - Worse Than A Nuclear Bomb

Life In Occupied Gaza

Pentagon's Costly Foray Into Biodefense Drugs


Why India Is Going To Mars

US Opposes China Air Defense Zone Over Islands

Lawlessness Can Bring Back 1917 Revolution – Putin

Scahill...Fighter In The Global War Against Journalism

Murdoch's 'Terminal' Feud With Blair Over Wife Wendi

UK Can Send You To Jail For Objecting To Unknown Offense

A Third Of Young UK Women Feel They 'Can't Cope'

Imran Khan Anti-Drone Blockade Of NATO Supplies

Toys Training Tots For Smart Phone Enslavement

Bitcoin Tops PayPal For First Time In Total Transactions


Zombie Nation - 28% More US Children Taking ADHD Meds

Kirwan - An Ode To Gabriel

Allgire - Try A Tofurky For Thanksgiving - Vid

Horrific Animal Cruelty Vid Prompts Tyson To Cancel Contract

Undercover Probe - Mass Animal Abuse At Tyson Farm

Is This What Happened The Night Jackson Died?

Getting the Doomsday Hunger?

Television Slows Cognitive Devolopment In Toddlers

Scientists To Bioprint The First 3D Heart In 10 Yrs

How & How Much The 50 States Do Drugs - Maps


Neuroscientist Who Discovered He Was a Psychopath

Man Arrested 62 Times For Trespassing At Own Job

NASA - Super Human Abilities Through Sungazing

Thank You From Zen Gardner

Teenager Musical Genius After Suffering Head Injury

Diet - Daily Eating Nuts Prolongs Life

Qatar Announces Fourth MERS Death

Humans And Animals Likely Spreading MERS

Historic Iran Nuclear Deal - Vid

Landmark Iran Deal At Geneva


Obama To Israel - 'F**k You' - Vid

Obama Welcomes Iran Deal

Kirwan - Questions & Answers

NSA Hacked Over 50,000 Computer Networks

NSA Collecting Mass Data On Americans Since Reagan

Obama Personally Lobbied Senators To Curb Filibuster

The Vicious Murder Of 'Nazi' Wilhelm Gustloff

NY Lawmaker Wants 25 Yrs For ‘Knockout Game’ - Vid

Judge Slams DoJ For Not Prosecuting Wall St Execs

Gulf Of Mexico To Take 'Decades To Recover' From Oil

Are TED Talks Now Against Alternative Health?

2 Comets Race To Earth & Sun - ‘Unprecedented’

Rapper DMX Says Satan Propositioned Him 3 Times - Vid

Tertelgte Found Guilty By Jury - Vid

Prosecutor Deliberately Convicts Innocent Man - Jailed

NFL Suspends Ref For 'Profane' Words at Redskin

The Great Cholesterol Myth

Kirwan - Spitting On History

US Enslaved To Israel Since JFK Murder - Vid

Zionists Plotting World War III


No Breakthrough In Geneva

Sayanim Kerry And Hague In Geneva For Iran Deal

Hollywood Producer Milchan Did Arms Deals For Israel

'Saudis Are Allied With The Israelis' - Prince bin Talal

Israel Wants Walls, Not Peace

6 Syrian 'Rebel' Groups Combine To Oppose al Qaeda

Islamist 'Rebels' Claim They Seize Big Syria Oil Field

Egypt Junta Attacks Turkey

Putin Turns NSA Spying Into Punchline For Joke

Paul Craig Roberts - The Dying Dollar


Rothschilds Bank Of America

Federal Republic Of Germany - A Rothschild Financial Agency

Fed Step Up Regs To Counter Bank Runs

Twitter Can Predict Where FLU Outbreaks Will Occur

Japan, Oz Dumping Carbon Tax Scam Commitments

Huge Defeat For EU...Ukraine Returns To Russian Control

Spain Drafts Strict Anti-Protest Laws

'Rude' Beyoncé Banned From Pyramids By Zahi Hawass

Inside Hamid Karzai’s Presidential Palace

Pak Church Now Using Biometric Security Gates


10 Other Shocking Political Killings

The Most Famous Assassinations In History - Pics

WH Orders Review Of 5 Million Security Clearances

IRS Has Left US Taxpayers At Risk

Denver Cops Use 'Nose Telescope' For Cannabis Detecting

Preparing America's Children For Slavery

Improved Non-GMO Corn Better Than GMO Corn

Scientific Evidence Of An Alien Artifact? - Vid

The Story Of Mars

The Pole Shift Has Started

Is ‘Feeling Sad’ The New Depression?


Incredible Video Shows How Fragile The Brain Is

Tension, Flaws Before Health Website Crash

Toxic Chelation Compounds To Be Added To Wine

Wilde - Guard The Energy - Vid

The Pale Blue Dot - Vid

Sugary Drinks Linked To Womb Cancer - 78% Increase

Zionists Plotting World War 3

Latest Snowden Leak - NSA Out Of Control

Obama's New America 2014-2016...Wake Up - Vid

The Dark Heart Of Centralized Power

Surveillance Threatens Future Of Democracy


Hollywood Producer Also A Secret Israeli Spy

AIPAC To Obama - 'Either Back Down On Iran Or It's War'

Black Teen Playing 'Knockout' Gets Shot Twice By Victim

Corbett - JFK...A Conspiracy Theory

Where New JFK Evidence Points

Jackie's Bloody Suit...'I Want Them To See What They've Done'

If John Kennedy Had Lived

Architectural History Of JFK Assassination Site

John F. Kennedy's NASA Legacy - Pics

Sunken WW2 German Sub Found In Indonesia


Wind Energy Co. Guilty In Eagle Deaths

Mystery Cave Find Wows Spanish Scientist

What A Laser From The Moon Looks Like

Your House Is Full Of Space Dust

Please Do Not Hug The Sharks

I, Cockroach

US Winter Outlook...Dire Drought News

Days Before Launch, Obamacare Failed To Handle 500 Users

Walmart Bid Stratfor To Probe Rival CEO’s Alleged Affair

5 Ways To Detox Your Home & Your Life


JFK Specials - CBS Sees Biggest Numbers Since 1996

50yrs After JFK Murder/Coup - Time For You To Choose Sides

Did Israel Call The Shots From The Grassy Knoll?

John Barbour's The Garrison Tapes - Watch Free - Vid

JFK Assassination - Ten Unanswered Questions

Bill Hicks On The JFK Murder - Vid

Kirwan - The Citadel...Of Broken Dreams

List Of Purged Military High Officers Terrifying

Largely Black On White Hate 'Game' Of 'Knockout' Spreading


Cops Execute Handcuffed Teen In Backseat Of Cop Car

Man's Stunning Defense Leaves Judge Speechless - Vid

More People Homeless In NYC, LA

Another US Navy Official Suspended - Purge Continues?

Martin - Parade Magazine In Full Propaganda Mode

Record Fracking Industry Campaign Donations To Congress

GOOGLE Private Jets Blow 100 Million lbs CO2 Into Atmosphere

Press Angry With Obama WH Over Access

Spy Group Regards Citizens As Enemy

China Successfully Tests First Stealth Combat Drone

Russia’s 5G Stealth Jet Flies To Test Center

Graffiti In Elad, Israel - 'Hitler Was Right'


Israel All Or Nothing Iran Stance Will Lead To War

Bibi Estimate For Iran Nuclear Breakout 'Sheer Nonsense'

Longstanding Anti-Iranian Sentiment

Israel’s Unwritten Veto Power - Immunity To Intl Law

Syrian War Failure Sends Fuel Prices Tumbling

Gaza Becoming Uninhabitable As Blockade Tightens

Americans 'Have Made Up A New Islam'

Permanent US Afghanistan Occupation

Putin Victorious As Ukraine Halts Trace Talks With EU

Europe In Shock...Ukraine Kills Integration Plan


Putin - EU Blackmailing Ukraine Over Trade Deal Halt

Ambulatory House Plants & Burning Bacon Heads

UFOs Captured On Cam While Driving ET Highway -Vid

Extraterrestrial Particles Found At South Pole

Brightest Explosion Ever Seen In The Universe -Vid

Venus Orbits Sun With Huge Band Of Dust - Scientists

Jeff & Texe Marrs - Obamacare, Treachery And Treason - Vid

California Won't Extend Health Plans

Senate Dems Stop Filibusters On Nominations

Boehner - Immigration Reform ‘Absolutely Not’ Dead

Lawmaker's Sickening Answer To Homelessness - Vid


Paul Craig Roberts - The Kennedy Assassination 50 Yrs Later

JFK Shot In Face - Nail #21 Of 37 In America's Coffin

Was Israel Involved In The JFK Conspiracy?

Some Easy Fixes To Higher Education

Paul Craig Roberts - The Money Changers Serenade

Son Of Flame - To Kill A Centrifuge & Infect The Planet?

CIA Analysts Helping Chevron Spy On Activists?

40,000 NATO Troops Stage Euro War Games - Vid

Driver Arrested For Empty Secret Car Compartment

The Funniest MAYOR ROB FORD Compilation - Vid

The Turkey Industrial Complex

OR School Crackdown On Racist PB&J Sandwiches

LA Officials Miss Sign Of Quake Fault In Hollywood

The NYPD Executed 16 People In 2012

Hidden Costs Of A Big Mac - Vid

‘Bert’ And ‘Ernie’ - A New Age Of Astronomy?

Has Mars Preserved Evidence Of Ancient Life?

Monster' Gamma Ray Burst...Death Of A Star

Ancient DNA...New Questions About First Americans - Vid


Seven Awesome Robots You Can Buy Right Now

3 Women Freed...30 Yrs Of Slavery In London

6 Volcanoes Erupting Today In 6 Countries

West Coast Evac From Fukushima Radiation Possible - Vid

Gunderson - Up To 3 Explosions Hit Fukushima R4

Wilcox - The Nuclear Establishment's Spin

Fukushima Design Engineer - State Of Plant 'Hopeless' - Vid

Qatar Reports MERS Fatality

Ret Army General Wants Forced Resignation Of Obama

Senate Strikes Down 225 Yr Old Filibuster Rules


Feds Demand New Cars Broadcast Location, Course, Speed

GMOs And The Indiscriminate Use Of Force

Solid Evidence: Glyphosate Root Of Many Diseases

Caught - Google Is Astrosurfing Youtube

US Plots To Kill World Digital Privacy At UN

US Worried About China Nuke Bombers Hitting Bases

China Challenging US Military Power

Troubles In US Nuke Force Run Deep

Kirwan - Freedom Becomes Slavery

Take The Police Out Of The Police State

2014 And The Queen of Spades


Israel's Growing Gang Violence

On A Whale And A Strange Alliance Against Iran

Netanyahu To Putin - Resolve Iran Like You Did Syria

Canadian Harper In Love With Zionism

Reuters Plays Dirty Little Game Over Iran

Obama Death Drone Kills 6 In Pakistan

The Purpose Of Kerry's Phony Talks With Iran

Remembering Jack Kennedy

Mad Cow Brain Illness In Entire Brit Family Of Eleven

UN Climate Fail As 132 Countries Storm Out

'We've Got To Get Rid Of This Green Crap' - Cameron


NSA 'Right To Analyze UK Citizens Pattern Of Life'

UK Airports Millimeter Wave Full-Body Scanners

Stonehenge Experts 100 Yr Wrong Area Clue Search

How Jewish Artists Built Broadway

Giving Thanks For What, Exactly?

Gaza Humanitarian Crisis Over Raw Sewage Flow - Vid

Modern Day Slavery in Qatar

Americans Want Better SS, Medicare & Less Military Spending

A Real MAN Stands Up To The Court - Vid

Is Your TV Spying On You?


90 Companies Emit 63% Of Global Emissions

753 Dolphins Have Now Washed Up Dead On East Coast

Philadelphia Begins To Sell Off School Buildings

Wikipedia Names Texas PR In Manipulation Of Site Entries

US Police Pay Bitcoin Ransom In Malware Scam

Boeing 747 Lands At Airport Too Small For Takeoff

UFO Fireball Explodes Over Oregon? - Vid

UFO Filmed During Indiana Tornadoes - Vid

Huge 'Sea Monster' Washes Ashore In SE Asia - Vid

French Paper Pulls All Photos To Show Power Of Images

Dispassionate, Objective, Algebra Enabled, Distraction Free Mind

Eight People File Suit Over TB Exposure In Hospital

Solar-Powered Battery Woven Into Clothing Fabrics

Heavy Metals, Vaccines And Your Health

Deadly Equine Herpes Virus At Parx Racetrack

Herpes Virus Used To Create Stress Vaccine

Mutated Ebola Virus Epidemic In US?

Ebola In Circovirus Hits Pigs

Ebola Circovirus Now Killing Dogs In CA, OH, MI?

Large Scale Study Shows Nuts Decrease Cancer Risk


JoeTalk - Joe's Dog Professionally Killed To Shut Joe Up? - Vid

The Brilliance Behind Curiosity Landing On Mars

Clock Ticking For 2018 Private Manned Mars Mission

Volcanic Eruption Creates New Land Off Japan

Turkmenistan Drilling Error 'Door To Hell' Burns Since 1971

Medicalization Of Misery Cause Of SSRIs Rise

How Depression Treatment Differs Throughout Europe

Couple Marries 75 Years After First Kiss

From A Single Point To 4-D Hyperspace

Chaos Reigns In Unexpected Places

'Dead’ Baby Wakes Up At Chinese Funeral Parlor


Fukushima Unit 4 Cask Moved, New Underwater - Vid

Japan To Store The Nuclear Waste Of Iraq, Vietnam

New Fukushima Radiation Release Estimates Compiled

10 Obamacare Stories Almost Too Crazy To Believe

America Has Entered A New Level Of Tyranny

Home Sales Plunge At Fastest Rate In 16 Months

Next Great Wave Of Economic Crisis Rapidly Approaching

Secret Deal Lets NSA Spy On Anyone British

All Leaked NSA Documents In One Place

Insurers Restricting Choice Of Docs, Hospitals

BP Pays Trolls To Threaten Online Critics - Vid


JPMorgan Pays

Fox Full Frontal Assault On Black 'Knockout' Mobs - Vid

McGrath - Govt Lies Will Lead To Mega Implosion - Vid

John F. Kennedy’s Vision of Peace

UFOs – What Does The President Know?

More UFO 'Fireball' Reports Pour Into NUFORC

Sarah Salibi - Turn The Gaza Lights On

Jewish Light Bulb Jokes

Private Outsourcing Firm - 'We Need More Wars’

Dad Arrested For Trying To Pick Up Kids After School


Al Qaeda Building Base On The Moon (Humor?) - Vid

Our Story In Two Minutes - Vid

The Skyscraper Curse Hits New York

Two-Headed Ray Fetus Found In Oz

Mars Moon Phobos Is A Captured Asteroid

Saudis Announce Two More MERS Cases

Saudi Arabia Reveals Another MERS Death

Jeddah MERS Camel And Case Sequence Update

Obama Awards Medals Of Freedom, Honors JFK - Pics

Poll - Obama Approval Sinks To All-Time Low


Sutherland Wants Hunger Games To Start Revolution

Jury Verdict Proves CIA Killed JFK

Inside The Warren Commission

Art Is Dangerous To Authorities

Only Rich Americans ‘Deserve To Live’

How Obama's DC Is Sucking The Life Out Of America

America Has Entered A New Level Of Tyranny

Top DARPA Projects That Should Creep You Out - Vid

Kirwan - For Your Eyes Only


Ex DARPA Boss Talks About Beast Tech - Vid

Ex DARPA Chief Dugan, Now At Google, On The Future

Massive Pentagon Waste, Fraud and Grand Theft

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Economic Enslavement

American Borders Will Be Changing

School Force Feeds Garbage To Kid, Parents Fined

US Eyes Russian Encirclement Via NATO ‘Trojan Horse’

US Networks Reject Mandatory Smartphone Kill Switch

Pike - Pseudo-Biblical Book Of Esther...Mainspring Of Zionism

Lieberman - Israel Needs New Ally (Not The US)


Iran Calls Israel 'Rabid Dog' Amid Nuclear Talks

Resumed Iran Nuclear Talks in Geneva

Israel In Multiple Air Strikes On Gaza Strip

Israeli Unaccountability

Obama Won't Cave In To Israel Pressure - Vid

No Sanctions On Israel Are ‘Historic Mistake’

US Senate Delays Votes On New Iran Sanctions

Iran, China Talk Nuclear At Geneva

US Considers Destroying Syrian Chemicals At Sea

Targeting Iran in Beirut

Russia Pilot Put Airliner Into Nosedive Before Crash

Putin Calls Tor Tougher Crackdown On Extremism

Ontario - Three Potential Cases Of Flesh-Easting Drug


Soundwave-Borne Viruses Can Stop Naval Fleets

Maduro Gets Power To Rule Venezuela By decree

Comet ISON Puts On Greatest Display Yet

Don't You Know We're Riding On The Disinfo Express

America's Gas Stations Through The Years - Pics

Texan Battles Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline - Vid

Millions In Hidden Costs In LA School iPad Program

New Video Game Feeds Off Your Fear - Vid

Five Weird Crimes That Will Get You Jailed

Alcoholics Paid With Beer To Clean Amsterdam Sts


Hints That A Fourth Human Subspecies Existed

Evidence Advanced Civilization In Egypt Mysterious Prehistory

Antibiotic Resistant Germs: Are You In Danger?

A List Of Over 100 Heirloom Seed Suppliers

The Countless Benefits And Uses Of Coconut Oil

5 Healing Foods That Changed My Life

Nuclear Prof - Too Late To Encase Fukushima In Concrete

TEPCO Boss - Fukushima Disaster A Warning To The World

Jeff & Mia Pope - Strange Deaths Around Barack Obama - Vid

Four Top Cyber Experts Says Shutdown Obamacare Site


Obama Ratings Dive After Obamacare Debacle

Microsoft, Google Unite To Eradicate Online Child Porn

Google Violates Apple Owner's Privacy - Pays $17m

Top DARPA Projects That Should Creep You Out - Vid

Google Throat Tattoo Tells When You Are Lying

Kirwan - Murder One! The Theft Of America’s Copyrights

Looks Like NASA Hid Entire Cities On Mars - Vid

Think NSA Snooping Bad? See MPAA Theater Security

NSA Vowed Repeatedly To Fix Collection Errors


Obama Admin Tries To Ban Phone Unlocking

Chinese Supercomputer Twice As Fast As US Best

DHS Black Worker Calls For Mass Murder Of Whites - Not Fired

Chinese Soldiers Arrive In US For 'Joint Exercise' - Vid

Israel Forces Gaza Children To Wade Through Sewage

Huge Trove Of Mid-20th Century Euro Art Discovered

Seattle Cops Fight Reforms To Quell Police Brutality

Boston Cops Angry Over GPS Trackers On Cruisers

The 25 Most Dangerous Cities In America

'Voluntary' Saliva, Blood Checkpoints In 30 Cities

We Are Your Enemy - Vid


Collecting Rainwater Now Illegal in Many States

Insanity In The Poisoned Society

How Trucking Became Frontier Of Work Surveillance

The Rise Of Bitcoin & Decline Of The Dollar - Vid

WalMarts Food Drives For Its Own Low Wage Workers

Raise Minimum Wage To $100.00 An Hour

End Poverty By Just Giving People Free Money

Scrawny Turkeys Leave Butterball Scramblings

McDonalds To Workers - Break Food Into Pieces To Stay Full

5 Worst-Paying Corps & WalMart's Wage War - Vid


SEAL Team 6 Bin Laden Shooter - Man Didn't Look like Him

New Exit Portals at Syracuse Airport Prevent Re-Entry

Philadelphia Cops Deny Beating 14 Year Old

Comet ISON Begin To Brighten As It Nears The Sun

Comet ISON - Six Essential Facts

DNA Proves Ancient Humans Had Sex With Mystery Species

Researching The Australian UFO Files

Microwave Popcorn...An Absolute Health Nightmare

Invasion Of Easiest Fish In The World To Catch

Dolphins, Humans...A Special Relationship?


The Evolution Of Beauty

10 Things Billionaires Won't Tell You

Stone-Tipped Spears Predate Existence Of Humans

Britain's Personal Debt Time Bomb = £1,430,000,000,000

Moby On Piracy, Music Therapy, Animal Cruelty - Vid

The Most Irreplaceable Sites On Earth

Brain Scan Impact Love Has On Child’s Brain

'Blood Avocados' - The Dark Side Of Your Guacamole

Wheat May Promote Diabetes

What It Feels Like To Want To Kill Yourself

Unleash The Power Of Your Dreams

‘Gate To Hell' Guardians Recovered In Turkey

Fukushima Rad Damaged Thyroid Glands Of CA Babies

Gunderson - R4 SFP Could Go Nuclear As Rods Pulled - Vid

Japan Nuclear Prof - 'One Mistake From Disaster' At Fukushima - Vid

TEPCO Pixelates 2 Parts Of Fuel Container For R4 SFP

22 New (MOX) Fuel Assemblies Transferred To Container

US Foods Begin To Be Monitored For Fukushima Rad

Hanford Nuclear Site Clean-Up - The Mess Gets Worse


Br Nathanael - What If You Don't Like Your Plan?

WHO Confusion On Spain MERS Hajj Cluster

Qatar Announces Third MERS Death

Louisiana Tamiflu Resistance Cluster

Pentagon Hid Massive $8.5 TRILLION Fraud For Years

Napolitano - Obama Makes Free Speech A Felony - Vid

DARPA Dir On Ingestible Chips, Beast Tech Tattoos - Vid

Chinese Military Will Be Knocking At Your Door

Space Shuttle - Part Of US Nuke Attack Arsenal?

Veterans Benefits May Be Cut To Reduce Fed Deficit


Texe Marrs - DNA Science & The Jewish Bloodline - Vid

Declassified - Golda Meir On Kennedy’s Assassination

British Intel Operation To Kidnap Snowden?

NSA Monitored 33 Million Calls In Norway - Snowden

Yahoo To Add Encryption To ALL Services

Supreme Court Blocks Challenge To NSA Phone Tracking

Surveillance Technology Is Out Of Control

Private Firms Selling Mass Surveillance Worldwide

Obama, Netanyahu Battle In Congress Over Iran


Kerry Postpones Visit To Israel

Sabotaging Rapprochement With Iran

Saudi Prince Bandar’s Mideast Crusade

Iran Unveils Attack Drone With ‘2,000 km Range’

Warren Comm - Most Absurd 'Investigation' In US History

Israeli Rabbinical Scandals

Obama's 'Power Africa' Turns The Lights Out?

Church Is On Brink Of Extinction - Ex-Archbishop Warns

Lowering The Moat Portcullis

Couple Fined $3,500 For Negative Online Review


Mainstream MDs Astounded At Chelation Therapy Results

Twins Mimic Life In The Womb...Amazing Video - Vid

Student Finds Way To Boost Conductivity 400x

Jill's Herbal Diary - Natural Deodorants

First Day Of R4 SFP Fuel Rod Removal Completed

New Radioactive Water Leaks At Fukushima

Greenpeace Finds Cesium In Japan Grocery Store Fish

Delayed Spain MERS Cluster Testing Ups Concerns

Spain Admits New MERS Hajj Case

Four New MERS Cases Raise Epidemic Fears


Document Expert - Murder To Protect Obama ID Fraud - Vid

Team Arpaio - New Obama Fraud Evidence

Homeland Security Calls Bitcoin An 'Emerging Threat'

23 Obama Broken Promises Or Cold-Hearted Lies

Report - $8.5 Trillion Unaccounted for by Pentagon

Significance Of The JFK Assassination

Young Children Should Avoid Using iPads, Tablets

GCHQ Spying On Diplomats In World's Hotels

Google Targets 100,000 Terms With Child Sex Abuse

Doom - The Second Big Lie Of Community College


JFK On Adolf Hitler

Photo Taken Of Flying Saucer 2004

Idiots Claim No Warming 'Pause'...Just Forget The Data

5 Yr Old Girl Found Trying To Eat Herself In A Cage

Baby Dies After 9 Vaccines In One Day

First Of Unit 4 SFP Rods Loaded In Cask At Fukushima

Greenpeace Finds Cesium In Japan Grocery Store Fish

Cracks In Tepco’s 3/11 Narrative

Spain MERS Hajj Cluster Raises Concerns

Obama Rejecting Phone Calls From Netanyahu Over Iran


Henderson - 'Obama Won’t Cave In To Israel Pressure' - Vid

Obamacare - Final Nail In The Coffin For The Middle Class

DC Official Fired For Slamming Obamacare

Kirwan - It Comes Down To This

Oprah - Racists Have To Die For Racism To End

TPP Also Boosts GMOs And Drug Monopolies

Kirwan - Defiance & Submission

Americans Frustrated With Corporate-Controlled US Media

JFK Niece Doubts Oswald Was The Lone Shooter

The Coming Bust Of The Great Bakken Oil Field

Blackwater Founder ‘Unapologetic’ For Atrocities, Blames US Govt

US Cops Shoot Another Teen Holding A Fake Gun


NY Times Eulogizes Former Stalinist

Pope To Replace Obama As Poster Boy For Change

LAX Shootings - Paramedics Delayed 33 Minutes By Cops

NSA Staffed US-Only 'Fusion Center' In Mexico City

TPP High Treason! - Obama's Secret Meeting - Vid

TPP - NAFTA On Steroids

TPP Draft - US Reasserts Role As World's Bully

'Direct Kill' Air Defense Complex Unveiled In Russia

Russia Delivers $2.3 Billion Aircraft Carrier To India

Hollande Backs Israel On Iran Nuclear Deal


Zionist, Arab Despots Are ‘Strategic Partners’

Fisk - The Real Poison Is In Arafat's Legacy

4 Syrian Generals Among 31 Dead If 'Rebel' Bomb Blast

Microbiologist Defined Al-Qaeda Detained In Armageddon

Anti-Iranian Israeli/Saudi Alliance

If I Were A Rothschild & The Yearn For Mammon - Vid

XYZ vs Gaza - Vid

Israeli Ex-Chief Rabbi Nabbed - White Collar Crimes

Chief Rabbi, Alleged Child Abuser Arrested In Israel

UFOs, Aliens And The Question Of Contact - Vid


The First ETs We Discover May Be Purple

Solar Panels On 'Pacific Flyway' Migration Paths Burn Birds

Assassins Change History – But Now How They Expect

Quantum Leap Towards Superfast Computers

Pike - The Secret of Finding Your Destiny

Science Behind The Numbers That Govern Our Lives

World's Oldest Animal Accidentally KIlled By Scientists

Rich Nations Face Fury Over Broken Climate Pledges

JoeTalk - Death And Total Dominance - Vid

Asteroids Should Be Colonized Say Russian Scientists


Comet ISON To Shine Brighter Than The Moon?

Harmful Food Additive You Must Watch Out For

Japan Scientist - Fukshima Radiation Coming To North America

Ex-TEPCO Eng - Meltdowns Were Caused By Quake Not Tsunami

US Physician - Fukushima Will Impact Our Health...'Random Murder'

Midwest Tornados - 'The Wind Was Insane' - Vid/Pics

NY Senator - 'We All Knew' Prez Was Lying About ObamaCare - Vid

Universal Healthcare And The Heritage Foundation

GPS Ankle Bracelets Can Listen, Record Conversations

Feds - No Lunches From Home Without Doctor’s Note!


Br Nathanael - TPP & One World Government - Vid

Chinese Soldiers Arrive In US For Disaster Relief Exercises’

How Britain's Biggest Racists & Financiers Created Zionism

Scientologists Can Get 'Super Powers' In New 377,000 Sq Ft Bldg

Connecting The Dots - GMOs And Vaccines

Abu Dhabi Etihad Places $25 Billion Boeing Order

Addiction Treatment With A Dark Side

NASA Newest Mars Flyer Set For Takeoff

Space Probe Searches For Galaxy's Dark Energy

17% Unit 1 Spent Fuel Damaged Before Fukushima Disaster

80 Damaged Spent Fuel Assemblies Leaking Rad In SFPs

Mystery - Sea Stars Being Annihilated Along Entire West Coast

Fukushima Evacuees Housing Units Crumbling

Deadly Tornados Ravage Midweast - Vid

Obama Used 'Fraudulent Marketing' To Pass Obamacare

DARPA Hacking Humans - The 47th Chromosome

America And Israel - Police States Writ Large

US 'Crossing The Line' With New NSA Bill

FBI - Anonymous Has Hacked US Govt Sites For A Year

Russia GPS In US Stirs Spying Fears In CIA, Pentagon

Kirwan - Forgotten Victories In Global Wars Against Us

Drone Crashes Into Navy Ship Off California


JFK, RFK, MLK All Killed By Same Forces

Bizarre-Looking Non-Human Secret Service Agent?

Food Safety Modernization Act - End Of Fresh, Live Food?

Making Liberty Lemonade From Atheist Lemons

Peres Admits Israel Ordered Arafat's Murder

Duff - Saudi Arabia Assumes Israel’s Mantle

Netanyahu - Iran ‘Directly Threatens Israel’s Future’ (bs)

French-Israeli Attack On Iran?

Mystery Explosion At Iran Heavy Water Reactor

Israel & Saudis Work On Iran Nuclear Contingency Plan

Fire Deaths In Gaza Strip Due To Electricity Cuts

Assad Gaining Ground In Syrian Civil War

Syria Opposition Talks Of Iranian ‘Invasion’

31 Syrian Soldiers Die In Bomb Blast

Egypt Brotherhood Dumps Morsi

Egypt Involved in Crimes Against Humanity In Gaza

The Real Criminal - Our Government - Jails The Real Hero

Wonderful New Film On The Beatles Secretary...Trailer - Vid

Wealth Of Billionaires Doubles Since Crisis

Pike - The Secret Of Finding Your Destiny

Falling Off The Edge Of The World

Insane - State Cop Shoots At Minivan Full Of Kids


TX Cops Shoot Therapy Dog In Wrong Address Raid

Cop Caught Speeding 737 Times - Not One Citation

Dad Tasered By Cops On Learning Of Toddler’s Death

Molly Young’s Mysterious Headshot Still 'Suicide'

Up In Arms

Sacha Baron Cohen Kills Presenter & Accepts Award - Vid

Weird Japan - TV Mummification Game Show - Vid

Kauai Council Member Stand Up Against GMOs

Inhuman - Sentenced To A Slow Death

For PTSD Veterans, A New Demon - Their Meds


Student Self-Defense Gets Univ Disciplinary Action

Superbugs Could Erase 100 Yrs Medical Advances

Bones May Need Calcium But Not From Cow's Milk

Hall Of Shame - 7 Species That Humans Wiped Out

Depression May Speed Up Aging Process

Can Computer Virus Communicate Via Your Speakers?

Climate Change Depicts A Planet In Peril - Vid

The Return Of The Son Of Twitterhead

Time To End The Light-Dark Experiment

Our Cultural Destruction - Same Sex Ed For 30 HI Schools


New Type of Quasar Found, Baffling Scientists

US To Destroy 6 Ton Stockpile Of Poached Ivory

Superbugs Could Erase 100 Yrs Medical Advances

5 Facts To Know If Your Vitamins Are From China

First Human Trials Using Cannabis On Brain Cancer

Sesame Seeds Beat Tylenol For Knee Arthritis

Four Natural Remedies For The Common Cold

Anonymous Protests CA TV Stn Lack Of Fukushima News

Scary - Japan Buildings Swaying In The 9.0 Quake On 3-11 - Vid

Animal Anomalies From Fukushima A Tipping Point?


Open Skin Lesions On AK Seals, Wildlife, Also Japan Seals

'Fukushima Major Threat To All Living Flora And Fauna'

The Nuclear Lobby’s Lying Propaganda

MERS Link To Camels Opens A Pandora's Box

WHO Confirms Two New Deaths From MERS

Insane - Oz To Force Vaccinate By Aerosolized GMO Vaccine

Five Of The Top JFK Conspiracy Theories - Pics

TX Law Prof - 'Time To Repeal Second Amendment' - Vid

Unemployed Far Surpass Number Of Available Jobs

Kirwan - Ending Nation States


Seattle Elects Socialist To City Council

Google Transparency Report Curiously Opaque

Satellite Reveals Mystery 'Supergun' In Chinese Desert

Robowar - Is The Next Gen Of War Humanity's Nightmare?

1915 - NY Times Sells The Lusitania Lie

The JFK Murder 50 Years Later...The Coverup Continues

Common Core Lessons - Mind Control In Elementary Classrooms

Parents Slam Pro-Islam Slant In FL School Textbook

Yale Chief Looking Horse Speaks About Fukushima Crisis

Death Toll From MERS Rises To 66


Jeff & Mia Pope - Shocking Obama Revelations, Pt 2 - Vid

Lying Obama, Pelosi...Obamacare 'Find Out What's In it' - Vid

The Sinking Ship Of Obamacare

Obama's Healthcare 'Fix'

Obamacare - 1 Million In CA Back In Limbo

Repubs Lauch As Obama & Obamacare Stumble

Obama's Second Term Meltdown - Vid

Kirwan - Implied Finality!

America's Chemical Weapons Hypocrisy

Did Weather War Hit The Philippines?


Controlling The Weather Is Reality - Vid

America's Heroic Women Made Winning WW2 Possible - Pics

Chemtrails? Fibers Fall From Sky In France

'Clueless' Yellen Will Trigger Collapse - Vid

News Media Making 'Simple Mention' Of CAFR

Cops Staking Out Twitter And Facebook

Officials Admit Red Light Cam Scams On Pubiic - Vid

San Diego Cops Get New Mobile Face ID System

CIA Agents Signed Post-Benghazi Non-Disclosure


Israel Gets Pink

NPT Useless In Middle East - Netanyahu

Saudi-Israeli Liaison Will Come To Nothing

Peace Threatens Israeli Agendas

Warmongers, Zionists Build Walls Of Oppression

Libya In Shambles - Fighting, Dying Increasing Daily

Targeting Press Freedom In Palestine

Drone Of The Dawn - Vid

MK Ultra - Handlers, Propagandists & Mind Control - Vid

Walt Disney, MTV & Hollywood & Mind Control - Vid

Mind Control Through TV And The Media - Vid

Illuminati Mind Control & The Report From Iron Mountain


US Chem Weapons - Hypocrisy, Conspiracy, Forgotten History

Why Does The MSM Make Fun Of Preppers?

Detroit Activists Turn Gun Buy-Back Into Gun Show

Your Seafood Is Sick...And Dangerous

Mutated Ebola Virus Epidemic In US?

Ebola In Circovirus Hits Pigs

Ebola Circovirus Now Killing Dogs In CA, OH And MI?

The Incredible Growth Of Las Vegas 1974-2010 - Pics

When Ruby Bridges Walked Into School - Vid

A World Beyond Lawyers & Vampire Banks

Ex-LA Teach Charged With Molesting 23 children


UFOs - What Does The President Know? - Part 1

UFOs - What Does The President Know? - Part 2

UFO Photo in Southern Italy Causes Debate - Pics

What Happened To Mars? - Pics

My Paranormal Pursuit Of Life After Death

Two Galaxies Caught Masquerading As One

8 Incredible Facts About Human Evolution

Tracking The Evolution Of Cancer

$3,500 Fine, Low Credit Score For Bad Biz Review

Chem Weapons - Hypocrisy, Conspiracy, Forgotten History

World's Largest Snake Has Invaded The US

Geese Inhumanely Slaughtered Salisbury, NC Park

Probiotics A Promising Treatment For Depression


The Brain 'Sees' Objects You Don't Perceive

TEPCO To Start Manual Fuel Rod Removal Monday - Japan Times

Gunderson - Remove TEPCO Before Trying To Pull The Rods - Vid

Endless Cesium-Strontium Water Plume Nears West Coast

Gunderson - R4 SFP Fuel VERY CLOSE To Going Critical - Vid

House Defies Obama's Fixes For Obamacare

The Obama 11-Point Plan To 'Fix' Obamacare

Obama Rips Lobbyists, Hires One To Push Obamacare

Americans Suffering From Failed US Policies


How You're Being Mind Controlled And Don't Know It - Vid

Senate Bill Doubles Annual Flow Of 'Guest' Workers

Secret Service Sex Misconduct In 17 Countries?

Feds Raid Conservative Journalist's Home
- Vid

Doom - The Community College Secret

German Discoverer Of X-Rays Erased From History

OZ Rejects UN 'Socialism Posing As Environmentalism'

Another Stunning 'Roll Cloud' Over Texas Skies - Vid

TPP - From Corporation Personhood To Corporate Nationhood

China Tests High-Speed Precision-Guided Torpedo


Possibility Of Mind-Reading Robots Grows Closer

Russian Lawmaker Seeks To Ban US Dollar

What The Hottest Place On Earth Looks Like

1 In 7 College Students Abuse 'Smart Drugs'

Ocean Acidifying At Shocking Rate

Science Should Not Suppress Ideas

Healthy, Fast, Vegan Avocado Salad

Massively Radioactive Water Leaking From Tanks

Koreans Shun Seafood Over Fukushima Radiation

Vid Shows R1 Containment Ruptured, Water Pouring Out - Vid

House Votes To Defy Obamacare Fixes

Obamacare - Now What? - Vid


Articles Of Impeachment Filed To Oust AG Holder

Congressman - DHS Buildup For Civil Unrest No Conspiracy

DHS Taking Control Of Local Police

Kirwan - Three Worlds

Americans Suffering From Failed US Policies

Atzmon Conference In London - Saturday 11-23-13

JFK Explains The Real Purpose Of Our First Amendment

The Kennedy Assassination And The Press

Slew Of New JFK Books Add Fuel To Conspiracy Fire

Abe Zapruder And History's Most Infamous Home Movie

Kirwan - Unseen Forces Infiltrate The Chessboard

Anon Hacker - 'FBI Directed My Hits On Foreign Govt Sites'


CIA Monitors Americans Financial Activities

Hagel - 'Troubling Lapses’ In US nuclear Forces

US Imperialism Controls Foreign Policy - Schoenman

Cop Describes Stop And Frisk Corruption At NYPD

Sheftel - 'US Secretary Of State Is The Enemy Of The Jews'

Israel Pushing Congress For More Iran Sanctions

Israel Speeds Up Illegal Park Project In West Bank

Atzmon Important - Everything But Real News - Vid

Atzmon Review - Goliath...Life & Loathing In Greater Israel

Gaza Humanitarian Crisis Over Fuel Shortage

‘Saudi Money Spent To Pervert Islam’


House Of Saud Fears Own People

Syrian Military Gains On 'Rebels'

We Are Not The Enemy

Iran Peace Talks - Dead In The Water

Oz Govt Won't Pay New Fees For Climate Change

Former Fed Official Apologizes

What Would You Do If Someone Kicked In Your Door?

Multiple Videos Of UFOs Over Tomball, TX - Vid

UFO Expert Writes Latest Haynes Manual

UFO Enthusiast, Space Pioneer Wants Moon Base - Vid


Naval Ocean Surveillance Satellites - A 'UFO'

Boomer On A Grampage

Quantum Physics Proves There IS An Afterlife

Sun Will Flip Upside Down Within Weeks - NASA

Virus That Killed 800 Dolphins Found In 4 Dead Whales

Google Maps Show Horror Rate Of Global Deforestation

3.5 Billion Yr Old 'Horribly Smelly' Fossil Found In Oz

Domestic Dog 10,000 Yrs Older Than Throught

15 Yr Old Invents Cancer Detection With 3 Cent Test

New Mystery Interspecies Disease In Dog Kennels


Brit Councils To Be Able To Ban Peaceful Protests

40% UK Voters Reject ALL Parties

Teacher Blackmailed Girls To Send Him Sex Images

Barclays Bank To Cut 1,700 Jobs Across Britain

UK Immigration...Ready To Explode

New Video Shows Massive Damage To Fukushima R1 - Vid

The Nuclear Physics Of Radiation Poisoning

Borated Fuel Rod Rubber Gone, Explosion If Rods Touch - Vid

R4 SFP Rods Cracked, Leaking Deadly Radioactive Gasses

Doomsday? Broken, Fused, Bent R4 SFP Fuel Removal To Start


Can Obama Presidency Recover From Obamacare?

17 Arguments Against Socialized Medicine

Kirwan - Unseen Forces Infiltrate The Chessboard

Jeff & Mia Pope - Shocking Obama Revelations, Pt 1 - Vid

Obama’s 'Society of Fear'

Syrian Air Strike Kills 'Rebell' Cmdr In Aleppo

After NSA - Who'll Listen To US On Human Rights?

Americans Personal Data Shared With CIA, IRS, Others

Join The Media Revolution - Unplug The MSM - Vid

DHS Must Disclose Internet Kill Switch, Court Rules


McGrath - Greatest Transfer Of Wealth Ever - Vid

JPMorgan Fruitful Ties To Member Of China Elite

JPMorgan Cancels Twitter Q&A After Abusive Tweets

CEO Contradicts Walmart Support For Amnesty

Dr. Bronner Replies To Rappoport Article On GMO Labeling

Do We Live In The Matrix?

Fears Confirmed - Offshore Fracking A Toxic Mess

Scientists Shocked - H6N1 Flu Shows Up in Woman

Life On Prison For Shoplifting Under 3 Strikes Law - Vid


What Mars Looked Like 4 Billion Yrs Ago

Smartphones Are Changing Human Sexuality

New Display Lets You Remotely Move Physical Objects - Vid

The Right Distractions Can Boost Creativity

The Deadliest Of All Vaccines

So-Called Healthy Oils You Should Avoid

Borated Fuel Rod Rubber Gone, Explosion If Rods Touch - Vid

R4 SFP Rods Cracked, Leaking Deadly Radioactive Gasses

Doomsday? Broken, Fused, Bent R4 SFP Fuel Removal To Start

Fukushima Workers Live In Constant Fright - Vid


Obama Wrote Rule To Cancel Your Insurance! - Rand Paul

Kirwan - Unseen Forces Infiltrate The Chessboard

Vulnerable Dems Try To Distance From ObamaCare

Establishment Repubs Want To Fix, Control Obamacare

Simple, Easy Fix For Government’s Forced Healthcare

Rep Bridenstine - One Minute Beatdown Of Obama - Vid

‘Now Hiring Must Be Mexican’ - Burger King Controversy

Immigration 'Reform' Will Hurt Economy, Lower Wages

Rep Franks On Grid-Ex II And EMP Threat

The Individual Vs The Planned Society


Yellen Objects To Audit Of Monetary Meetings

USAF To Tighten Screening By Using Google Searches

Paul Craig Roberts – Real Agenda Of American Police State?

MIT Develops Guide-Drone To Ease Campus Confusion

Settlers Avenge Killed Soldier

Palestinian Children Die In Jew 'Settler' Attack

Netanyahu - ‘Bad Deal’ With Iran Will Only Lead To War

Kerry Warns Congress Against New Iran Sanctions

Egypt To Seek Bid For First Nuclear Plant s for first nuclear plant

Russia Fears Return Of Jihad Fighters To Syria


New Russian Missile Cruiser Welcomed In Alexandria

Saudi Arabia Police Kill Yet Another Migrant

In Finland Saunas Are Hot, Retirement Is Cool

Organic Lights, Solar Cells Straight From A Printer

Vax Contamination Causes Sinking Big Pharma Profits

MI6 Spy Dead In Bag Likely Locked Himself Inside - Met

Tories Delete Every Pre-2010 Speech, News Story From Site

Tories Deleted Pre-2010 Broken Promises From Their Site

Cowell 'Gives £100,000 To Israeli Soldiers And Families

Cameron To Open Floodgates To Indian Students, Migrants


Brand Calls Cameron A 'Filthy, Dirty, Posh w***er'

The Last Gasp Of The Satanic Ridiculous & A Primer

New Car Will Disable Itself Over Financial Status

250 Fetuses Found Dumped In Russian Forest

Wounded Warriors Making Millions Off Disabled Vets?

Alaska Island Shows 'Significant' Fukushima Cesium

Holes In Bottom Of R1 Containment 'Gushing' Water - Vid

Fukushima Tourist Resort On Exclusion Zone!

Admiral Says Obama Is Benghazi Co-Conspirator

Busting The Nuclear Power Myth


Kuwait Reports Its First Two Cases Of MERS

Opium Greed Keeping US Troops In Afghanistan - Vid

US Atrocities In Afghanistan

One Group Of Americans Loves Obamacare

Gates, Clinton On NSA, Safe Sex, Exceptionalism - Vid

Govt Plans To Track Us Using Our DNA

America Is The Loneliest Country In The World

The Best Jobs In America

House Votes To Protect Citigroup If It Gambles, Loses


$5m In Bitcoin Crypto-Money Lost In Memory Hole

Confessions Of A Quantitative Easer

Vietnam Shows How To Clean Up Banking

Young US Adults Who Move Hits 50 Yr Low

Judaizing Palestine

Irrefutable Proof Recorded History Is Wrong

New Accusations Of Misconduct At Secret Service

Tube-Fed 3Yr Old Treated Like Terrorist By Insane TSA

NM Cops Use Enemas, Cavity Searches & Surgery On Drivers

SC Cops Get UN Armored, IED-Resistant Vehicle


33% Of DC Covered By Acoustic Sensors

‘Nasal Ranger’ Sniff's Denver Marijuana Violations - Pic

23 Petty Crimes That Have Put People In Prison For Life

Facebook Letter Rips Obama - Vid

Eyewitness - Pilot Dies In Pursuit Of UFO (1948) - Vid

Alien Life May Thrive In Impact Craters

Penwith Man Spots UFO Over Rosudgeon UK

CA School To Test Gunshot Detection Software

Israeli Discover Revolutionary Alternative Fuel Process

Africa's 50 Richest - Forbes


US Blocks Publication Of Chilcot Report UK-Iraq War

Did All Life On Earth Come From Clay?

Structures, Serpents And A Lake In Antarctica - Vid

JoeTalk - Mass Death - Vid

R4 SFP Fuel Rods Deformed, One Bent At 45 DEGREE Angle!

R4 Building Is Buckled And Could Collapse Anytime

Rad Water Gushing Bottom Of R1 Containment - Vid

Will Be Centuries Before Molten Fuel Corium Dealt With

Obamacare First Month Total Enrollment Only 106,185

Obamacare Site Unlikely To Work By Dec 1


Br Nathanael - Point Plan To Stop Jewish Rule

Is Obamacare Doomed?

How Private Is Your Online Search History?

How Republicans Rig The Game

Could Oil Be America’s Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card?

Kirwan - The Days Of Rage

International Space Station Attacked By ‘Virus Epidemics’

McDonalds Sues Protesters For Rejecting Fast Food Junk

More US Soldiers Dying From Suicide Than Combat

TX Frackers Sue Victim Of Their Water Pollution!

WikiLeaks Releases Full Text Of Secret TPP


Criticize Moneymen Who Want GMO Labeling - Get Silence

Spread Of GMO Plants Out Of Control

Like Rats At A GMO d-Con Trap

Obama's Ethanol Policy An 'Ecological Disaster’

Why Are Western Forces Deployed Across Africa?

21st C. War - Robots Are Replacing Human Soldiers

Nov. 14, 1908 - Happy Birthday, Joseph McCarthy!

Pike - 'Christian' Materialism

Kirwan - To Speak & Listen

Link Between Sunspots, Global Cooling & Agenda 21


Private Pays Price Of Jewish Racism

Palestinian Villages Subject To Israeli Mock Raids

Israeli Soldier Fatally Stabbed On Bus

Netanyahu Halts West Bank Settlement Plan

Afghanistan Poppy Farmers Plant Record Opium Crop

Nuclear Rogue States Israel, France Wreck Iran Deal

Kidnapped Syrian Girls Used As Sex Slaves - Report

Vilifying Venezuela's Maduro

Waging Economic War On Venezuela

Economics Of Non-Governmental Organizations

Of Right Left Paradigms And Red Scar(e)s

Israel Killed JFK & Wants To Enslave, Exterminate You

Link Between Sunspots, Global Cooling & Agenda 21

Dreier - Getting The Doorway Influx?

Monsanto 'Roundup' Weedkiller Promotes Cancer

Triangular UFO On Night Vision Cam Over Germany - Vid

Second Insider Confirms Existence Of AK ‘Dark Pyramid’

'Old Faithful' Comet Encke Makes Appearance

Sun Is Weakest In 200 years

Taxing The Sun - Spain's Solar Police Kick In Your Door

Carl Sagan Archive At US Library Of Congress

Sharp Rise In Prescription Drug Deaths

8 US Food Additive Banned In Other Countries

Why Are Western Forces Deployed Across Africa?

Experts Reshape Treatment Guide For Cholesterol

Archaeologists Uncover Secrets Of Portus

World's Oldest Creature Is A 507 Yr Old Shellfish

3.5-Billion-Year-Old Bacterial Ecosystems Found

US-Israeli Computer Virus Threatens World Nuke Reactors

Record High Radiation In Fukushima Test Well Water

Unit 4 Fuel Removal; What You Need To Know

Esquire - The Fukushima Crisis Comes To The US


Bill Clinton Tells Obama To Keep Health Plan Promises - Vid

Dems To Fix Obama ‘Broken Promise’ On Keeping Policies

Obamacare - Employer Plans Also Cut Workers From Coverage

New Pro-Obamacare Ads Are Beyond Ridiculous

Obamacare Mental Health Regs Tied To Gun Control

Another 2nd Amendment Win - Face-Off Outside Dallas

Obama Wants To Cut Social Security

Obama Record Effort To Tap Wealthy Donors

Google Tracks Everything You Do, Even Offline


Jeff And Preston James - Obliterating Morality, Pt 2 - Vid

US In Throes Of A Paralyzing Recession - MSM Mum

Guy In Charge Of Quantitative Easing Apologizes

Kirwan - Deepwater Horizon's Legacy

McGrath - Government Spying Exposes Media Cowardice - Vid

Americans’ Participation In Labor Force Hits 35-Year Low

ADL's Foxman Wants 'Crippling' Sanctions On Iran

US Talking About Moving Gitmo Inmates To Yemen

Grid-Ex II And The Impact Of An EMP Attack

GridEx II 2013 - Simulations For Power And Control


LA DA Connick DSFC - Mass Fraud, 60% Yearly Surcharge?

Bush To Raise Money For Second Coming Of Christ

Voting Machine Co Charged With Worldwide Crime

Cops Use All Tear Gas, Shotgun Beanbags On ONE Party - Vid

Osborne - Britain Is En Route To Prosperity (har)

John Tavener - His Final Interview

100s Dead Sea Turtles Wash Up - Dogs Die Eating Them

MERS In Two Kuwait Travelers Raises Concerns

Media Myth On Jeddah Camel MERS Sequence

MERS Jeddah Camel And Case Match Concerns

MERS Jeddah Camel And Case Sequences


Big Question The Natl Security State Isn’t Asking

CIA Concerned Over Drone Expansion Across Planet

Improved Drone Death - Swims, Flies, Drives, Kills

Kirwan - Deep Water Horizon's Legacy

Why GMO Labeling Really Failed In WA State

Secret, Dirty Cost Of Obama Green Power Push

Strange Doings On The Sun - Vid

Marxist Elite To Pay $85 MILLION For Balloon Dog

Pike - Cyber-Sabotage Cripples Anti-ENDA Fight


Anonymous Factions Threaten Cyber On Each Other

Primer On Backup Power For National Grid 'Test'

Okinawa - Pentagram's Junk Heap Of The Pacific

After Betraying US, Pollard, Is China Israel's Next Victim?

John Kerry’s New Iran Blame Game

Russia Says Iran Not To Blame For Talks Failure

Scuttling Middle East Peace

US Is A 'Colonized Entity' Serving Israel

Saudis Seek Samson Option With Israeli, French Aid

Palestine's Land Defense Coalition


US Supports Troops By Funding Afghan Terror

Challenging Wrongful Convictions

Stop Sex Deviants From Using Science To Debunk The LIE

UFO-ET Abduction FOIA Drags On For 3.5 Years!

OZ UFO Sightings Continue - Vid

Friedman vs Klass On ABC News 1987 - Vid

Doom - The Community College Scam - Pt 2b

Dragon Of The Apocalypse At Crossroads Of Impasse

Large Spike In Flesh-Eating Bacteria In Gulf

BPA Harms At Much Lower Levels Than Previously Thought


Scottish Boy Speaks Backwards Fluently

Polio Vax Campaign In Sudan Has failed - UN

Japanese Duped Into High Prices For Faux Ingredients

Invisibility Cloak Design 'Drastically Reduces' Visibility

Pianist Faces 7 Yrs In Jail After Neighbor Complains

Garage Inventor Dramatically Boosts Battery Power

Radical Life Extension Quest For Immortality

Wild Food Foray - Wild Grapes

WATCH - Critically-Important Fukushima Radiation Overview - Vid

Dr. Helen Caldicott MD On The Massive Danger From Fukushima - Vid


US A 'Colonized Entity' Reporting To Israel - Vid

US Cops Have Killed Over 5,000 Civilians Since 9/11

Obama Using Food Stamp Cash To Fund Michelle’s ‘Let’s Move’

Obamacare Will Be Repealed Well Before 2014 Elections

Obama Warns 'A 'Price To Pay’ For Blocking Immigration Bill

Kirwan - 'Business' Is The Real Enemy

Govt Can Send A Drone To Target Your Mobile Phone

Should Food Stamps Buy Soda?

Why Canada Will Divorce The US And Marry China - Vid

Street Lights That Watch And Listen

MD To Regulate Chicken Poop - Maybe Tax It Like Rain

11 Reasons Why Flu Shots Are More Dangerous Than Flu

Ultra Wealthy Now Bulletproofing Cars

The Evil Trans-Pacific Partnership

UK Cops To Be Granted Sweeping New Powers

Encore - Amazing Mind Reader Reveals His 'Gift' - Vid

Wi-Fi Kills Plants And Could Harm Kids

Sun’s Magnetic Field Will Flip Soon - Vid

Evidence Suggests Death Isn’t the End


10 Famous People Killed By Bad Medicine

Chicken Nuggets Described As Edible 'Super Glue'

'Will The Paranoids Please Raise Their Hands?'

Remarkable Life Appearance Of The Woolly Rhino

Depression World's 2nd Biggest Cause Of Disability

Japan Expert - 'Praying' R4 SFP Fuel Removal Doesn't Explode

Japan MD Wants Tokyo Evacuated - Meds No Longer Work - Vid

MERS Jeddah Camel And Case Sequence Match

MERS PCR Confirmed In Jeddah Camel

What Veterans Wish You Knew - Pics

Eustace Mullins Warned Of Obamacare 20 Years Ago - Vid

The Rise Of The Psychiatric State Under Obamacare

President Psycho - A True Story (updated)

McCain Says NSA Chief Should Resign Or Be Fired

Time To Thank Edward Snowden

Documents Reveal Chemtrails Originated At DoD

Tsarnaev (Innocent Until Proven Guilty) Cruel Jail Restrictions

Military Officials Ignore Reports Of Sex Abuse

Chossudovsky - Derivatives Destroying The Real Economy - Vid

US Airspace To Crawl With 7,500 Drones In 5 Years

Seattle Cops Can Track ALL Wi-Fi Enabled Devices

Malcolm X Family Sues To Stop Diary Publication

More Defendants Blaming Their Brain For Criminal Acts

Grid Ex II And Martial Law...Foreign Mercs?

Beware The White Flags And Amnesty Subterfuge

Was Reagan The Last Duly Elected President?

Dissecting US Elections - The People Vs The Politicians

YouTube, Netflix Traffic On The Rise

Satellite Falls To Earth In Fiery Finale

Iran Nuclear Programme Deal Fails Due To France

France Wrecks Iran Nuclear Deal...For Arab Money

Graham - Israel ‘Apoplectic’ About US Approach On Iran

Sen Menendez Calls For More Sanctions Against Iran

Putin, Saudi King Discuss Syria, Iran

Top US Jewish Leaders Slam Obama Administration

How Medicine Views Obamacare

Google Bans Babylon

Libyan Separatists Take Over Oil Exports

Syrian Kurds Military Gains Stir Unease

Atzmon - What Killer Deliberately Leaves Fingeprints?

How God Made Brits A Chosen People - Vid

Palestinian Police Nab Dir Of Radio Bethlehem 2000

Improper Conduct By Egyptian Government

Long Lost Documentary On Kubrick's 2001 Found - Vid

Support The Dupes Who Die In The Banker Wars

The Unknown HItler

Do 1947 Slides Show Roswell ET?

Boomerang Shaped UFO Photographed Over OZ Lake - Pic

Fireball Rises From Lake; Divides Into 6 Smaller Lights 1860

Gas Industry Employee To Draftt UK Energy Policy

GCHQ Used 'Quantum Insert' To Spy On Cell Phone Giants


If The Killer Marine Is Guilty, What About Blair?


Soon - Corporate Tools To Shred National Sovereignty

Real-Time Facial Recognition Offered To Police

Six Easy Ways To Recycle Water

The Bad Apple President

Space Cadet Pelosi - ObamaCare Launch 'Gone Very Well' - Vid

Delaware Spends $4 Million To Enroll FOUR In Obamacare

Obamacare - 400% Poverty Can Put You On Hook For $10,000!

How Much More Israeli-imposed Poverty Can We Take?


Secret Seattle Mesh Network Spies On Everyone In Downtown

Report - The Saudis Are Preparing An Attack On Syria

Kerry - Obama Is Prepared To Use Force On Iran

20+ Years Of Chemtrails Admitted By NASA Scientist - Vid

10,000 Dead As Typhoon Slams Philippines - Vid

Detroit Is America - Vid

World Wide Uprising Against The Mainstream Media - Vid

Palin, Trump, Murdoch At Billy Graham’s 95th Birthday

DMV Official Pleads Guilty Giving Illegals Drivers Licenses

UC Berkeley Student Govt Bans Terms 'Illegal Immigrant'


French Riot Cops Use Tear Gas On Anti-Tax Protesters

JoeTalk - Liar Obama! - Vid

Monkey Controls Virtual Arms With Thoughts - Vid

Find Your Power In Self-Sufficiency

Scientists - Extreme Fukushima SFP Risk To Humanity

Busting The Nuclear Power Myth

Mystery Starfish Disease On East And West Coasts

First MERS Case In Oman Dies

Typhoon - 10,000 Dead In One Philippine Province - Vid

Vietnam, China Prepare For Typhoon Haiyan

Obamacare Three Big Chllenges - Vid


Repubs Accuse Obama Of Betraying US Over Healthcare

Obamacare 'Not Real' Healthcare Coverage

Only FIVE Enrolled In DC Obamacare

‘Gays’ Admit ENDA Game To Outlaw Christian Morality

Kirwan - Honor And Fear

The Deadly Globalist Agenda Exposed

Dying Euro Satellite Expected To Come Down Today - Vid

Horrifying Truth About Google Secret Project

Kerry - Lee Harvey Oswald Didn't Act Alone

US Presidents Become More Narcissistic Over Time

Mass Surveillance Violates EU Law


Bollyn - Greg Palast Is Related To Mossad Chief

Israel’s Sneaky Way Of Undermining Peace With Iran - Vid

Israel Behind US Pressure On Iran

France Torpedoed Nuclear Deal With Iran

Overtime In Geneva

Police Terror And The Israeli Kristallnacht

Polio In Syria May Threaten Europe

GMO Wheat Silences DNA Sequences, Can Kill Children

NAACP ENDORSES HR 1523 - Respect State Pot Laws Act of 2013

100 Year Murder - 37 Nails In America's Coffin

Wind Turbines Killed 600,000 Bats In 2012

Wind Turbines Make Bat Lungs Explode - Vid

Cop TASER Man Trying To Save Toddler From House Fire

Cop Tasers Cuffed Woman IN HEART For 'Mouthing Off'

Should Cops Have 'Do Not Fire Unless Fired Upon' Rule?

Stop Searching Peoples A**Holes For 'Drugs'

Pilots Reveal Debilitating Stress Beyond Virtual Battlefield

Gore Vidal Family Claims He Was A Pedo

JFK, Accidental Trauma Nurse & Vanishing 'Mystery Bullet'

Jeff Parish LA Legal Disabled Death Decrees


Boomerang-Shaped UFO And Explosion In Argentina?

'Historically Significant' UFO Records

Where Did UFO-Alien-Abduction Research Go?

9/11 Responders - Kidney Damage From Air Pollutants

It’s Time To Listen To The Voices In Your Head - Vid

Incredible Whale Skeleton Warehouse - Vid

9 Questions That Stump Every Pro-Vax Advocate

If Publicized, This Study Would Be A Vax Schedule Bomb

Is It OK To Drink While Pregnant?

Giant Moon-Forming Impact On Early Earth - Vid

Dad ‘Unfit Parent' For Refusing Son McDonalds


How Far We Have Gone In Trashing Earth Inhabitants

Can You Ever Change If You're A Flake?

New Hammerhead Shark Species Found Near SC

Archaeologists Find Conehead Skulls In France

The Curious Case Of Polywater

Saudis Report 2 More Cases Of MERS Virus

Tepco To Train Amateurs To Pull Fuel Rods From R4 SFP

Radiation In West Coast Seafood Coverup - Vid

Biggest Typhoon Ever KIlls At Least 10,000 In Philippines

Tokyo Area Hit By 5.5 Quake


Br Nathanael - ObamaCare 'Code' Can't Be Fixed - Vid

Jeff & Preston James - Obliterating Our Morality, Pt 1 - Vid

Kirwan - Trial & Error - The Hunt For The Golden-Goose!

Israel Fury As Kerry Heads To Iran Talks In Geneva

Saudi Nuclear Weapons 'On Order' From Pakistan - BBC

US Navy's Newest Supercarrier - Pics

Hollywood Gets $$$ To Push Obamacare On TV Shows

The 100 Year Murder - 37 Nails In America's Coffin

Nullify NSA - The Resistance Begins Now?

American Zionists Incubating A New 'Hitler'

The Battle Of The Bilge

De Blasio Visited Communist USSR In College - NY Post


Found In Trash - A Box Of Otherworldly Notes, Drawings

Man Successfully Sues Wife Over Ugly Children

Fukushima R4 SFP Fuel Rods May Crumble When Pulled - Vid

Radioactive Water A Few Months From Hitting West Coast - Vid

Fall 2013 US Garden - More Mutations, Sick Plants - Pics

It's Not A Matter Of If...But When..The Lights Go Out

Understanding Global Smart ID

Forget Back Doors - Feds Want Keys To Internet

A Libertarian Farmer’s Take On GMO Labels

Criminalizing America


DoD Says You're An EXTREMIST If You Grow Your Own Food

Is Military Ready For New Future War Technologies?

Navy Admirals Investigated In Growing Bribery Scandal

The Rothschild Family...The World's Only Trillionaires

FAA Proposes Widespread Civilian Drone Use By 2015

Israel - 'The US Crossed Red Line'

Israeli Settlements Are War Crimes

Israeli Bombers - Al Qaeda's Air Force

Dubya On A Christian Mission To Convert Jews

Reported Iran Nuclear Deal - Hold The Cheers

Doom - The Community College Scam - Pt 2


Guardian Editor To Be Questioned Over NSA Leaks

Big Six Energy Firms Conceal Their Profits

The CIA Memory Prison

TX Prosecutor Jailed For Convicting Innocent Man

Typhoon Catastrophe In Philippines - Pics

Typhoon Death Toll In Philippines Estimated 1,200

Typhoon Haiyan Biggest Yet As World's Storms Get Bigger

Tuna Tagged In Spain Found Off VZ Coast

VA Govt 'Occupies' Gouging Electronics Chain

Letter From US About Worldwide Debt Cancellation


Krugman - Death Panels, Sales Taxes To Solve Crisis - Vid

Without Third Party, Bitcoin Is Safer Than Fed Notes

Mumbai's Odd Socialist & The British Raj

Zimbabwe - Casting Shadows On Our Streets

O’Hare UFO Incident 7 Yrs Later - Still No Answers

'Photos' Of O'Hare UFO In Leaked News Footage - Vid

Flu Vax Reactions From Same Gelatin In Gummy Bears

HPV Vaccines Exposed: Subterfuge In A Syringe?

Trent Shelton - Know Your Circle - Vid

Dilettantes, Dabblers & Ouija Board Warriors


Went Fishing in Alaska, Caught 4 Deer

CNN Airs Outrageous Lies About Nuclear Energy

Fukushima Dead Zone - Monitor Off Scale...Over 180,000 CPM!

Fukushima Biggest Ticking Bomb In Human History

LA Expert - Fukushima Rad Water 3-4 Mos From West Coast

Biggest Typhoon Ever - 100+ Dead In One Philippine City - Vid

Super Typhoon Hits Philippines - All-Time Record Winds - Vid

Econ Collapse NOW - 932,000 Drop From Labor Force In Oct - Vid


Israel To Get Osprey Tilt-Rotor Aircraft - Zionist Hagel

Schwarzenegger Will Try For The White House In 2016

IRS Lois Lerner Gave Confidential Tea Party Tax Info To FEC

Leno - WH Techs Can't Log On To Fix False Obamacare Promise - Vid

Top Censored Stories The MSM Won't Dare Touch

Understanding Global Smart ID

Bill Moyers On Why TPP Is Death For Democracy

Lawmakers Shirk Shutdown Pledge, Keep Paychecks

Bitcoin Virtual Currency - Passing Fad Or Good Investment?

Secrets In Trade - Vid


Report - IRS Refunded $4 Billion To Identity Thieves

The Savage Continent: Europe After World War II

Top Censored Stories MSM Won't Dare Touch - Vid

Tesla Stock Tanking - 3rd Model S In Two Mos Catches Fire

Sun Unleashes Most Powerful Solar Flare Of The Year

Six-Tailed Asteroid Leaves Astronomers ‘Dumbfounded’

GMO Trees Under USDA Consideration May Harm Environment - Report

Fireball Streaks Across LA Skies - Vid

Oz Student Doctor Snaps Pic Of UFO Over Douglas

ABC Developing Alien Drama


Lubbock UFO Mystery Solved - Vid

FDA To Ban Trans Fats In Try To Prevent 7,000 Deaths A Year

Scientists Leans Why Wounds Heal Quicker For Young People

Spiritual Life Is Not Therapy

Pandora’s Promise - What You Need To Know

Nuclear Whoppers

Why Fukushima’s Reactors Failed

TEPCO Wonders How To Dispose Of Rad Rainwater

TEPCO Close To Starting Try To Remove R4 SFP Fuel Rods

Pro-Nuke Eng - Fuel Removal 'Very Serious Disaster Potential'


1,000s Of Japanese Food Products Untested For Radiation!

US Puts Major Strings On Offer To Help With Fukushima

Obama Accused Of Crimes Against Humanity At ICC

America - Rumors Of Food Riots, Realities Of War

FAA Proposes Wide Civilian Drone Use In US By 2015

Court Asked To Block Release Of Newtown 911 Tapes

Unarmed Teen Executed By Iowa Police

Pentagon - Military Sex Assault On Rise

Dept Of Education's Growing Gun Library


Google Testing Program That Tracks You Everywhere

Google Wants To Follow You Shopping

Brazil Anger Over Alleged Google Street View Spying

James Bamford, The NRO And 9/11

Gerald Celente - 'Peace Prize Killer' - Vid

Questioning Of Spy Chiefs Wouldn't Scare A Puppy

US Spying Threat To Internet Freedoms, Cloud Computing

Big Brother’s Loyal Sister - Dianne Feinstein

Randi Zuckerberg Warns Of Perils Of Social Media

Motorola Plans Neck Tattoo That Doubles As A Microphone

Navy All-Electric Destroyer A Seagoing Microgrid

China Deploys New Bomber With Long-Range Missile

Israel Killed Arafat

Israel Murdered Yasser Arafat - Palestinian Official

The Iranian Deal And Netanyahu's Hairdo

Israel Warns Kerry Over Iranian Nuclear Deal

Kerry Warns Israel Of ‘Third Intifada’

Israeli Troops Kill Another Palestinian

Jewish Parents Sue Jewish Officials for Anti-Semitism

Iran Nuclear Talks Resume


Could Pakistan Give Saudis Nuclear Weapons?

Saudis To Spend Millions Training New 'Rebel' Force

Egypt Eyes $4 Billion Russian Arms Deal

Healthcare Professionals Involvement In US Torture

World's First 3D Printed Metal Gun

The Most Effective Globalist Weapon

The Cesspool We Call Politics

Toronto Mayor In A Rage, Threatening To 'Kill' Someone - Vid

Wi-Fi Makes To Electric Power Efficiently As Solar Panels

An Apocalyptic Frottage In An Age Of Hannibal Lectors


Nurse Calls Parent 'Loser' For Not Vaccinating Her Child

Strange Whale, Dolphin Encounters Off Vancouver

Starfish - What's Going On In BC Waters? - Vid

Caldicoitt - At Least 50 Yrs Of Radiation Into The Pacific - Vid

TEPCO To Begin R4 SFP Fuel Rod Removal - Vid

Obama - No Reason Can't Do Amnesty Before Year End

Obama Isn't Destroying America By Accident

Perry Returns To Iowa, Pounds On Obama - Vid

DHS Testing Facial Recognition Accuracy

CIA Said To Pay AT&T For Call Data


The Role Of The BBC In The Syrian Conflict - Vid

Lawson - War For Israel With New US Ally...Al Qaeda - Vid

EU Rules That Gay Africans Entitled To Asylum

Bloomberg Giving NYPD Bodyguards Jobs To Shut 'Em Up

Twitter Shares Soar In Frenzied NYSE Debut

AOL CEO Fires Employee In Front Of 1,000 CoWorkers

Shocking - Chicago Flash Mobs Stealing Merchandise - Vid

Next-Generation Flash Mobs - The Breakdown Of Law & Order

Sauder - Farewell To Earth...The Long Good-bye

Fall Of America And Fall Of The Dollar - Vid

Billy Graham's Final Sermon - 'I've Wept For America' - Vid


Super Typhoon Hits Philippines - Winds Of 235 MPH - Vid

China Can Kill The Dollar And The Entire US Financial System

50 Million Americans Now In Poverty - Vid

Whole Foods Is Crumbling?

Parents Make Case For 'Free Play' PE

Skydivers Terrifying Collision & Chaotic Plunge - Pics

Sleeping Stranger Subway Pic Defines Empathy - Vid

AR Cop Tasers Woman Who Refused To Show Breasts

The Struggle For The Soul Of Physics Under Hitler

How Particle Physics Can Save Your Life


The Gender Gap That Boggles Even Physicists

Maternity Worker With TB May Have Infected 100s Of Babies

Man Lights Wife On Fire At Gas Station

Era Of Antibiotics Over - Time For Natural Cures Again

'Oil Industry Spending Big For Unfettered CA Fracking

Heart Specialist - Saturated Fat NOT The Cause Of Heart Disease

New Findings Intestinal Bacteria Directly Linked To Disease

Letter Sent By Albert Camus To Teacher After Nobel Win

Extreme Danger - R4 SFP Fuel Rod Attempt To Start

Big Fukushiima Quake May Cause West Coast Evacuation


Strange Whale, Dolphin Encounters Off Vancouver - Vid

Starfish - What's Going On In BC Waters? - Vid

New MERS Case In Abu Dhabi

MERS Hajj Medina Mecca Jeddah Madrid Journey

Paul Craig Roberts - How America Was Lost

WH Tries To Reassure Dems About Obamacare - Vid

Couple Worked For Obama, Lost Health Ins wObamacare

You Can’t Keep Your Doctor - Seattle Hospital Sues

Obama’s Executive Order On Climate


Kirwan - ‘Democide’ In The Disunited States & Beyond

CIA Pays AT&T Millions For Call Records

FBI Monitored Antiwar.com In Error For Six Yrs

NSA In Partnership With North Carolina State Univ

Apple Urges Feds To Lift Gag On NSA User Data Requests

How Feinstein Is Betraying Civil Liberties

US May Split Command Of Spy & Cyber Agencies

US Spooks Play Into Hands Of Russia, China, Others

FBI Wants Hacker Who Helped Catch Cheating Lovers

A Fixed Vote = No Vote

Engdahl - GMOs Are A Eugenics Program - Vid


3rd Top Navy Officer Charged With Taking Bribes

Bitcoin Doubles In Value In One Month - Now $267

Owe Taxes, Talk Bad About Govt? No Travel For You

Is This Why Bitcoin Is Surging?

'Experts' Say Fed Should Increase Inflation

Chase Isn't The Only Bank In Trouble

Netanyahu Launches Anti-Iran


Twitter Campaign Obama Sees Bibi As A 'Pain In The Ass'

Whitewashing Crime In Israel

United States Tired Of Israel’s Lies?

Middle East Cold War - Pakistani-Saudi Deal

Why US Doesn’t Want An End To All Wars

11 Signs Of A False Flag Op

Institutionalized Spying Targets Freedom

US Spies On VZ For Its Vast Resources

Leak Shows US Plan To Destabilize VZ Govt

AR Christian School Arms Staff With Guns

Is US Being Deliberately Pushed To Civil War?

Paranormal You

Defense Attys Seek Retrial In Chandra Levy Murder

Cops Force Man To Pay For His Anal Invasion - Vid

Mad Cow Mumbo Jumbo - US Eases Regs On Import Beef

Chagas Disease Now Widely Prevalent US...Ignored

Alleged Piece Of A UFO - Pics

Area 51 With Abductee, Travis Walton & Kardashians - Vid

Travis Walton New Theory Of His ET Abduction - Vid

MI Security Cam...Bizarre Color-Shifting UFO - Vid


Smart Prepping - Maintaining A One Year Stockpile

JoeTalk - Dead Souls - Vid

Why Some People Feel Perpetually Unclean

Immense Super Typhoon Heads For Philippines

Talent? Or Nature Unimpeded - Vid

Cargill Reveals Much More About Pink Slime

Chemical Terrorism In Our Food

Counterfeit Drugs - A Silent Serial Killer

MegHemp - Growing XXL Cannabis Plants

Winter Seed Saving - Pumpkins And Squash


Tobacco Science iIn Medical Research

Anyone Can Learn To Be A Polymath

10 Decaying Giants Guard Spirit Of Soviet Union

Record High Pollution Levels Reported By UN

Deadly MERS Virus In Spain - Patient Back From Hajj

Spain Confirms MERS In Hajj Pilgrim

MERS In Hajj Pilgrim Raises Transparency Concerns

Chernobyl Revisited - Like A Sci-Fi Movie

Jeff & Michel Chossudovsky - Beware Irradiated Exports - Vid

Fairy Dust - TEPCO R4 SFP Fuel Rod Removal Plan - Vid

Nuclear Expert - R4 SFP Fuel Rods Are 'In A Jumble'

BBC 'Extraordinary Danger' In Pulling Fuel Rods Out Of SFP


LIAR - 36 Times Obama Said You Could Keep Your Health Plan

Sebelius - Obamacare Enrollment Will Be Quite Low

Felons Could Have Been ObamaCare 'Navigators'

Kirwan - There Are No Secrets

Google Employees On NSA - 'F*ck Those Guys'

iPads Banned From Cabinet Meetings Over Spy Fears

5 Essential Online Security Tips For Your Family

Hillary Again Shuts Out Media From Her Speeches

Kirwan - Not Everything’s For SALE!

Scientists Say Polonium Found In Arafat's Remains

Multi-Millionaires In Congress Funded By AIPAC

Globalist Senator Intoxicated On Senate Floor - Vid

Kirwan - Be Angry At The Sun

Tent Cities In US While Billions Given In Foreign Aid

Henderson/PressTV - Business Spending Slumps - Vid

How Crypto-Anarchists Will Store Their Bitcoins

My Country Tis Of Thee, Sweet Land Of Misery


Russell Brand's Hypocritical Utopian Fantasy

'Brand Is A Moron And His ‘Revolution’ Is Garbage'

China Labor Camp Inmate Tells Of True Horrors - Vid

Hundreds Of Rare Sea Turtles Dead Off Costa Rica

Stephen King - What If JFK Had Lived?

Risk Of Meteors Bigger Than Thought

Operation Gladio - NATO Sponsored Terror - Vid

Only In Amerika - Land Of The Boiling Frogs

Beware The Candyman - Don't Get Willy Wonked

1959 And 1992 Pontiac Bonneville Side-By-Side

The Forgotten Space Art Pioneer

'Ghostly' Blur Tears Mirror Off Cops Car - Vid

How Many Lives The Government 'Eats' Each Year

Measuring Consciousness

Pastor Manning - Mia Pope Outs Obama As Gay - Vid

Giant Tsunami Debris Field To Hit West Coast

Fukushima - From Why To How

Starfish Rip Themselves To Pieces, Like A Horror Movie

Huh? WA Voters Reject Mandatory GMO Labeling

Five Things Learned From The Election - Vid

Christie - Weight Loss Changed Me - Vid


Br. Nathanael - Hagel Sucks Up To ADL Jews

Video Shows Toronto Mayor Smoking Crack? - Vid

NSA Spying: Get It All

NSA Cites ‘Stop & Frisk’ Trying To Explain Spying

Apple Reveals Requests By Govts For Users Data

Want To Know What US 'Soft Power' Is, See Twitter

James Corbett - Breaking The Set - Vid

Paul Craig Roberts - Dollar Fate Is Fate Of US Power - Vid

Climate Change By Executive Order

GeoEngineering Projects Doomed To Fail

IPCC Warns Don't Stop ‘Solar Radiation Management’

Geoengineering - 'Look UP' - Vid


Masked Brand Leads Anonymous March Against Austerity

Russell Brand - We Deserve More...

'Iron Man' Suits For US Special Ops Forces?

What Post-Apocalyptic US Might Look Like - Pics

EU Allows GM SmartStax Corn In Food And Feed

Was Kenya Mall Leader Backed By CIA Cash?

CIA, Not Pentagon, To Run Drone Wars

US 'Ready' For NK Missile That Can Hit America

How America Learned To Play God

Pike - How ENDA Ends Workplace Freedom - Part 1

Pike - How ENDA Ends Workplace Freedom - Part 2


Nightmare On Main Street

Doom - The Community College Scam

Kerry Calls Illegal West Bank 'Settlements' Illegitimate

Israel Levels Catholic Church Property In E Jerusalem

Putin To Meet With Netanyahu On November 20

Avigdor Lieberman Back To Israel Cabinet After Acquittal

McCarthyism Loses Israeli Battle - Lieberman Acquitted

Balfour Declaration Called 'Crime Against Humanity'

Iran And Israel In Secret De-Nuclearization Talks

Saudi Arabia Urges Arming Syria 'Rebels'

Dean - Mid East Three Ring Circus Continues

Kerry in Cairo

Groovin In The Grove On The Rainbow Wisdom Highway


NZ Approves Email And Phone Snooping Law

Spain Opens Inquiry Into NSA Surveillance

US Spying Angers Japanese Government

New, Hot Toronto Street News Front Page

TX Court OKs Explicit Adult-Minor Sex Talk Online

Obama WH Mum As Another Green Energy Firm Fails

Resonance In Nazi-CIA Antigravity Drones

Grandfather Of Amish Girl Refusing Chemo Speaks

Tax Resister Defeats IRS With Hung Jury

Even In Los Angeles - Gentle Things


NM Man Gets Govt Anal Probe

TV News Investigates Traffic Stop Nightmare

Gingham Dress

2 Brit Students Dress Like WTC Towers For Halloween

Vaccine Mafia & Its Jury Of Thugs - Your Rulers

The Perils Of Taxation By GPS.

Anti-Austerity Strike Brings Greece To A Halt

Oil Traders Says Crude Prices Fixed

BAE Chops 1,800 Jobs, Shuts Down Shipbuilding Yard

EU Misspent 6 Billion Euro In 2012 – Auditors


Space Telescope To Measure Billion Stars In Milky Way - Vid

UFO 'Donut' Caught On ISS Live Cam - Vid

Second Sighting Of UFO Over Scunthorpe

The Future Is Fungi - Vid

Favorite Foods - Things People Don't Want To Know

The Ten Rules For Being Human

African Lioness Bonds With Her Rescuers.- Vid

Indonesian Crop Circles And Strange Events In Holland

2013 Dutch Crop Circles - Vid

Stunning Photos From The Rare Solar Eclipse


200 Yr Old Mystery Of Mercury's Orbit Solved

Why The Moon Should Be An Intl Park

Largest Ever Recorded Solar Flare In History

China's Forbidden City Built With Giant 'Sliding Stones'

Venus Transits Capricorn

Why Stress Affects Your Relationship

23 Items Under $5 That Can Save Your Life

Eight Things Marvel Got Wrong About Thor

Questions That Should Keep Chemists Awake

New Body Part Discovered In Human Knee


37 Yr Old Collapses After Opening ‘Pandora’s Box’

Feds Reviewed Only ONE Bid To Build Obamacare Site...

The Exit Polls...How They Won - Vid

Only 5 In Congress Show Up To See Drone Victims - Vid

Drone Wars: Pilots Reveal Debilitating Stress

Israel To Destroy More Palestinian Homes In Jerusalem

An Interview With Paul Craig Roberts

Filer’s Files #44 – 2013 Albert Einstein Secret Alien Document

Filer’s Files #43 – 2013 – CIA Spy Says Roswell Real

Filer’s Files # 42 -2013 UFOs Are Biological Machines


Radiation - West Coast Starfish Deaths Baffle Scientists

Journalist Stunned At Lies, Coverup Of Radiation - Vid

Japan Surgeon Enraged Over Cancer Rates From Fukushima

Another H7N9 Dongguan Case Raises Concerns

Third H7N9 Zhejiang Case Raises Concerns

Mystery Around Release Of Obamacare Signup Data

Multi-Millionaires In US Congress Funded By AIPAC

Br. Nathanael - Why ObamaCare Must Be Stopped - Vid


Welcome To The United Police States Of America

Senate Legislation OKs Lawless Surveillance

CNN - Anyone Who Questions US Actions, Motives A Threat - Vid

Kirwan - Blackmail...No Substitute For Diplomacy

Pike - Senate Will Vote On ENDA By End Of Week!

Planetary Weapons & Military Weather Modification

Usury - Weapon Of Control And Enslavement – Part 2 of 2

New 'Pre-Crime' Computer Model Deployed In CA

China Redefining Global Political Paradigm

Q & A About The Execution Of RFK

Israeli Media - Two Editorials Fall Short

Mossad Stews Large Operation - Where?

Sham Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks Continue

Art Tells Why He Left SiriusXM

Albert Einstein Secret ET Document

Kardashians On UFO Hunt At Area 51 - Vid

Did UFO Strike The Russian Meteor? - Vid

UFO Or A Stellar Prank In Vancouver? - Vid

Milky Way Teeming With Billions Of Earth-Like Planets

India's Mars Rocket Blasts Off


2 Billion Planets In Our Galaxy May Have Life

'Open Handgun Carry Reasonable Suspicion Of Crime'

CA Cops Body Cams Cut Violence, Complaints

Capability Is Driving Policy At NSA & Police Depts

10 Corporations Control Almost Everything You Buy

Russell Brand Hits Back At Criticism

1,000s Of Online Pedos Snared With Fictional Girl

LBJ Killed JFK - Interview With Roger Stone - Vid

Space Burial Co. To Send Human Ashes To Orbit


Voting Rights At Risk In Georgia

Crowd Cheers As Man Burns In Halloween Carnival - Vid

50 Greatest Breakthroughs Since The Wheel

Woman Suffering From 'Face Blindness'

UK Police Chiefs Ignore Child Abuse By VIP

Latin American Drone Use On Rise

Military Cocktails At The Feeding Ground For Ghouls

'Nazis' Did Not 'Loot' Works Of Art. They Often Saved Them

Gay Sex Pundit Paid $24k To Talk To Students

The Day After Halloween - Vid

Eight Life-Changing Disasters

Prehistoric Clues May Help Answer Bee Die-Off

Honey Bee Decline Hits Almond Production

Fukushima Cancer Cases Rising Faster Than Expected

TEPCO Tore Down 75% Of Natural Seawall To Build Daiichi

Fukushima R4 SFP Fuel Removal Delayed...For Weeks?

Doesn't Think They'll EVER Get Fukushiima Melted Cores Out

The Global Terror Of Fukushima R4 Spent Fuel Pool

Obama Ex-Bodyguard: Scandals 'Worse Than You Know' - Vid

A Dishonest Presidency (oh...really?)

Leaked 2010 Memo - Obamacare Will Be 'Unsuccessful'


Obama Wrote A Blog Post...And It Sucks

Kirwan - The Criminal Afterglow Of 911

AP Slams WH For Faked Photos...Obama’s ‘Propaganda’

Madman Bolton - Israel Must Make Decision On Iran War

Kirwan - Feeding The Treason!

Feinstein To Make $1 Billion Off USPS Properties - Vid

Ret Army Captain Warning DHS Preparing For War

Soldier's Quick Cremation Deepens Chinook Disaster - Vid

'Vast Majority' Of Food Products Tainted With GMOs

Google Chair - NSA Spying On Us Is 'Outrageous'


We’re About To Lose Net Neutrality

Cams In Cable Boxes To Monitor TV Viewers - Vid

War On Christmas - NJ School Dist Bans 'Religious' Carols

DHS Clueless For Hours To Cdn Plane Crash In Nashville

Spectacular Electrical Fireball Running Along Powerlines - Vid

US Media Viewing To Ave 15.5 Hrs Day By 2015

Mexico Meteor Turns Night To Day

Study - 8.8 billion Earth-Size, Just-Right Planets

The Echo Flight UFO Incident - James Carlson Still Wrong

Sun Worship And Other Shortcuts To Nowhere


Female Spider Wants Gifts Before Sex

The Trap Of Time

Inside The Most Secretive Place On Earth

Banana Drama! Terrified Family Flees London Home

Australia Moth Invasion

Cop Kills Boy - Result...Call For More Rules For Toy Guns

WHO Update Supports MERS Jubail Timeline

Turning Mass Shootings Into Police State & Other Games

Chuckie Schumer Gives Hillary An Early Endorsement

Germany Should Offer Edward Snowden Asylum


WH Rejects Clemency For Snowden Over Leaks

What The NSA Revelations Mean To You

Where Does Facebook Stop And The NSA Begin?

White House Deploys A Twitter Army

Freaky Psychedelic Obamacare Ad

Jury Nullification Last Refuge For Justice

Fifty Years After JFK, The Empire Strikes Back

Ex NYT Exec Editor Defends The Indefensible

CIA Made Drs Torture Suspected Terrorists After 9/11

US Vows To Talks To Israel On Iran Nuke Deal


Russian Fireball Explosion Shows Meteor Risk Worse - Vid

Meet The Black Hornet Nano Drone - Vid

World's First Hypersonic Drone In Development

Usury - Weapon Of Control And Enslavement – Pt 1 Of 2

Australian Citizen Kidnapped By Bolivia

Israeli Apartheid Ruthlessness

Will Morsi Trial Ignite More Egypt Violence?

Police State Britain

Ex EPA Scientist Explains GMO Disaster To Jackson Co, OR

How Long Can Heart Stop & Still Allow Treatment?

Lasers Zap Tiny Holes In Heads Of Flies - Vid

Elvis The Seeker

Watch A Spider On Drugs - Vid

Cannibalism And Calculation


Remains Of Italy Holy Woman Spook Investigators

New Therapy That Can Banish Pain

Electro-Magnetic Energy Pollution

Herbal Supplements: Some Rice, Some Weeds

Healing Relationships

The Grain That Damages The Brain

Black Walnuts - A Local Remedy

US Secy Energy 'Shocked, Stunned' After Fukushima Visit

Radiation - West Coast Sardines Vanishe...Species Collapse?

TEPCO Accepts US Offer To Help With Fukushima Catastrophe

LAX Set-Up To Smear Patriots? Murrah-McVeigh Pt-2? Read...


Ciancia Acted Alone Say Cops - Look At His Eyes...

Internet Rife With Disinfo - Sandy Hook...Where's The Proof?

Obamacare Deconstructed

November Power Grid Take-Down Drill For Several Days

Government Preparing For Power Grid Shutdown

Dangerous ENDA Is Back

Iraq Returns To Haunt Obama

Israel Owns The US Congress

Reverse Engineering The Illuminati Mindset - Pt 2

Capt Philips - Crew Members Emphatically Deny His Heroism


Skydive Planes Collide - All Jump Safely Down

Some Kind Of UFO Event Or Photo Anomaly?

Deadly Aspartame Changes Name To AminoSweet

Facial Changes Caused By Smoking

The Effect Of Butterflies - The EMF Debacle

Is this Bigfoot? Google Earth View Of Mysterious Hairy Beast

Bats confirmed as source of SARS virus that killed 774

Mexico To Tackle Obesity With Junk Food Taxes

Albania - 100s Ill After Harvesting Cannabis

Thermoelectric Wristband Can Heat, Cool Entire Body


5.0 Quake Hits Near Fukushima, Felt In Tokyo

Fukushima Calamity Will Go On To Near Infinity - Never Resolved

Cancer Cluster Emerging Around Fukushima Area - Vid

Obama Said He's 'Really Good At Killing People' - Report

Top Obama Donor Gets Paid To Fix Obamacare Net Site!

Obamacare Stonewall Stymies The Media

Sebelius Gets Present - 'Web Sites For Dummies'

WTF Did Obama Just Say? - Vid

China Sub Fleet Can Nuke The US, Coast-To-Coast


AIPAC Vows To Continue Anti-Iran Effort

US Refuses To Deny Spying On Israeli Politicians

Google Goes To Sea And The World Wonders Why

Fury As FB Login Requests 'Govt ID' From Users

NSA Secretly Invaded Google And Yahoo Servers

Swiss Lawmakers Want To Meet Snowden In Russia

NSA Spying On Ameircans Began Before 9/11 - Vid

LAX Shooting...Another 'Exact' Drill Overlay...LAPD Chief Slips Up? - Vid

TSA Union Wants Armed Guards At Every Checkpoint

Secret Government - The Constitution In Crisis (FULL) - Vid

Kirwan - Truth & Rumors

Endless Congressional Hearings = No Accountability

SEALs Must Remove ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ From Uniforms

Hamas Downs Israeli Drone

Gaza Running Out Of Fuel And Medicines

Iraq Today - America's Genocidal Legacy

Kirwan - Wargames..War Is Not A Game

US Navy Reveals New Helicopter Drone

60 Years Of Devastating Brain Drain In The Midwest

China Gold Hoarding - 2,200 Tons Imported In 2 Yrs

Why The Consumer Could Tank Wal-Mart

Does The Dollar Have A Future?


Warning Signs Flash As Stock Market Soars to Records

Open Gun Carrier Wins Settlement In OR

Cosmonaut Tells What NASA Will Not - Vid

The Coyame UFO Crash

Drones Causing Worldwide Spike In UFO Sightings - Vid

Oliver Stone Blasts American Exceptionalism - Vid

Who’s Crazy...Us Or The Psychiatrists?

How Simulate Physical Attacks In Emergency Drills?

When Being Called ‘Evil’ Is A Kindness

On The Slow Kill Of The World's Oceans


Yellowstone Supervolcano Alert

5 Weird Effects Of Daylight Saving Time

IRS To Jail Woman Who Owes $0 In Taxes

Dichotomy Of Mainstream Media vs Alternative Media

MP Warns Of Biggest Threat To UK Press In 300 Yrs

Police Insider - 'Coverup' Of Elite Abusing Children

Are Bees Over-Stressed?

Micro-Algae Passes Cancer-Fighting Test

10 Amazing Things Kids Have Said About Past Lives

For 1st Time, Sea Tunnel Links 2 Continents - Vid


Why Does Sweden Have So Many Billionaires?

Be Prepared, Decoded - Vid

Victims Of Foreign Banker's Wars In The Land Of Stupid

The Mystery Of King Tutankhamun's Death

Supernova To Be Visible From Earth

Antarctic Hills Haven't Seen Water In 14m Yrs

Why You Shouldn't Use Alligator Handbags - Vid

Halloween Auroras Creep Over Sweden Night Sky - Vid

The Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse Of 2013 - Vid

The Western World's Oldest Surviving Song


CBC News - Fukushima Radiation Hits AK Coast

West Coast Mass Star Fish Die-Off DOUBLES In Just A Few Days

Suzuki - Fukushima...The Most Terrifying Thing I Can Imagine - Vid

Israel Buys Congress - Sabotaging US-Iran Peace Talks

LAX Shooting Amid Growing TSA Aversion, Disdain

LAX Shooting - CIA Illuminati Freemason Symbolism? - Vid

Obama Weaponizes Food To Enslave America

Disease Now Decimating Starfish From Orange Co To AK - Vid


Kirwan - Yesterday's Gone

Kirwan - PS To Yesterday's Gone

Americans Headed Over 'Food Stamp Cliff'

Some Health Plans Get Pricier As Obamacare Debuts

Consumers Abandoning Healthcare.gov

Obamacare Fallout

NYT Insanity - 'Inflation Not Rising Fast Enough'

The Scholars Who Shill For Wall St

Orwell - No One Seizes Power Intending To Give It Up


Obama Knew About NSA Spying On Merkel

Dreier - Listen, Merkel, Are You Really THAT Stupid?

'US Used Yorkshire Base To Hack Merkel'

Cops Buy eBay Data To Target Criminals

Sexual Predator Honored With US Postage Stamp

Brazil Rules Against Monsanto Over Seed Contracts

Silencing Dissent By SWATing Messengers Of Truth

Condos At Germ Island? Deadly Secrets Of The Plum


McResources 'Help' Line Nancy Salgado - Vid

3 Ways To Avoid NSA Detection On The Internet

FBI To Probe CA Cops Murder Of 13 Yr Old w/Pellet Rifle

Police Deploy Tracking Devices From 'Cannon' - Vid

US Army Investing In Smarter 'Spy Rocks'

Over 10% Of US Largest Firms Pay No Tax

Hollywood Struggles To Half Exodus Of Film Makers

New Narrative For Syria - Assad's Bio Weapons

Syrian Refugees Now 25% Of Lebanon Population

New Crisis In Syria As Polio Strikes


'Spy On America' Program Scrapped By Israel

Israel Avoids Human Rights Scrutiny

Thousands Occupy Hebron In Celebration of Death

Israeli Lobby Very Active vs Iran Over Nuke Talks

US, Israel, KSA From Troika Of Evil

Dozens Saudi Women Drive Cars To Protest Ban

Northern West Coast Starfish Still Turning To Goo - Vid

Feds Are Prepping For Major Natural Disaster

We're One 'Oops' Away From Armageddon

UK Naval Bases May Become Nuclear Dumps

Manhattan Project - Life In The Town That Didn't Exist

The Open Spaces We Played In As Kids Are No More

School Computer ‘Replaces’ Parents w/Children's Development

US Food Corps Fueling Obesity w/Addictive Ingredients

Mount Etna Eruption Sends Lava And Ash Over Sicily

Next Shot Heard Round The World In NoCal, So, OR?

Brig General Who Handled Roswell Debris Speaks - Vid

The Mysterious Bridgewater Triangle - Vid

Halloween UFO Is Really Flying 'Grim Reaper' - Vid

Auto See-Through System For Safer Passing - Vid

JoeTalk - The Writing Is On The Wall - Vid

US Pubic Schools Enrolled 1.1 m Homeless Students

Marines Snub Obama’s New ‘Girly’ Hats

How Much Mercury Escapes From Broken CFL Lights?

Science Has Lost Its Way...At Big Cost To Humanity

Congress Controls DC’s Purse Strings

Why Is NATO Stalking Our Schoolchildren?

The Mystical Healing Powers Of Sun Gazing

Global Effort Needed To Defend Earth From Asteroids


Why These Cats Cost Thousands Of Dollars

A Bee When It’s Magnified 3000 Times?

9 Reasons You Should Drink Green Tea

8 Foods For Healthy Teeth

All Of Humanity Threatened Is R4 SFP Rods Touch, Ignite

Fuel Removal From Fukushima R4 SFP Threatens Apocalypse

Abe's Quest For A Nuclear Base

Corbett - Is Martial Law Imminent? - Vid

Key Official Question Over Obamacare Site Fiasco

Ten Explosive US Government Secrets About Israel

The EPA Controls ALL Water, Food Production & Private Property

McGrath - NSA Gone Out Of Control - Vid

10 Steps To Protect From Internet Surveillance

Stop Watching Us - Vid

How NSA Leaks Could End The Internet As We Know It

Boeing, Lockheed Martin Team Up On New US Bomber

China's 'Armed' 5 Year Olds vs America's Girly Boys

US Congress Plans To Sell Off Our National Parks

Citi Forecasts Unstoppable Debt Spirals In Italy And Portugal


Samsung Paid People To Write Bad Online Reviews About Rivals

How The World Is Getting Used To Bitcoin

Dozens of S&P 500 Firms On Zero Percent Tax Rate

Funding, Industry Leave US, Followed By Top Minds

Sarah Palin Taunts Piers Morgan By Killing A Bear

UK Police Taser Kids As Young As 11 Almost Daily

Where Have All The Geniuses Gone?

Hidden World Of Thefts, Scams, Phantom Purchases

Interstellar Travel - Starship Troopers


Learn How To Time Travel In 3 Minutes - Vid

Eating 30 Almonds A Day Cuts Hunger Pangs

Saturated Fat To Be Cut In Chocolate Products

Study Points To Drought In Bronze Age Mystery

Huge Ancient Monument In Sweden

Climb Your Family Tree - Online Genealogy Tools

Rad Water Dumped As Typhoon Passes Off Fukushima

Fuel In Fukushima Spent Fuel Pools 'Severely Damaged'

US Says Plutonium Is From Rectors Not Fukushima SFPs

95% Of Fukushma Radiation Transported Across Pacific - Vid


Kirwan - After 65 Years Of War

Supreme Propaganda On Road To Global Tyranny

Mobility Within The Matrix

Secret Google Massive Barge On San Francisco Bay

Filesharing Site Revealed To Be Anti-Piracy ‘Honeytrap’

Food Stamp Cuts Begin Next Friday, Nov 1

Reefer Madness Grips Bureaucrats

The Housing Recovery Is Dead (So Is Fukushima) - Vid

Snord - Old Soul - Vid


Kirwan - Still Asking The Wrong Questions?

Spy Chief Hayden Discussed Secrets On Public Train

Apple Fingerprint ID Means You Can't Take The Fifth

Snowden - All Phone Calls, Internet Business Recorded By NSA

NSA Spying On World Leaders

Ex-CIA Official - NSA Leaks Most Serious In History

US Been Tapping Merkel's Phone Since 2002! (hilarious)

Merkel In NSA Crosshairs

Did Israel, Not US, Hack Millions Of French Phones?


Glenn Greenwald - Guardians Of Freedom?

In Spy Uproar, ‘Everyone Does It’ Just Won’t Do

IMF Readies Global Wealth Confiscation

Russia To Debate Taking Kids Away From Gay Parents

$174,000/yr Rangel Wants Us To Pay For His Obamacare

People Protesting GMOs Use Commercial For GMO Corn - Vid

GMO Ban Moving Ahead In Josephine County, Oregon

Apple Fingerprint ID Means You Can't ‘Take The Fifth’

Israel Rehashes Anti-Iran War Rhetoric

Livni - Israel, Saudi Arabia ‘Speak Same Language’ On Iran


Simon Cowell Reportedly Gave IDF £150,000

Galloway Addresses The Most Dumb Question - Vid

A Modest Proposal To The ADL

Syrian Chemical Weapons Facilities Under Rebel Control?

Syria Kurds Capture Crossing From Mercenaries

Behind The Saudi Crack-Up

Saudi Women To Continue Defying Driving Ban

150 Liberal Achievements Conservatives Want To Destroy

Was Jesus Crucified? - New Evidence Proves Otherwise

Judges To Legalize Suicide On Demand?


Strong Link Between WTC And A Small Town In Sicily

Top Secret Military UFO Sightings, Crash Reports - Vid

What Is That Mysterious Blob On Radar?

Pilots Ridicule 'Air Force Secrecy' On UFOs (1958)

Busy Year For UFO Sightings

NASA Warp Drive Solution For Faster-Than-Light Travel

BIG BANG Afterglow...New Mysteries - Halloween Feature

Ancient Bee Die-Off Linked To Mass Extinction Event

75% French Super-Tax Punishes Soccer Players

Sooner Or Later, Out Of The Hearts Of Humanity


Wild Walk - Persimmons

Jeff Rense - GMOs...Know What You're Eating - Vid

Spectacular ‘Canyon Of Fire’ Rips Acros Sun - Vid

The Last Of The Sheiks?

Study Finds Carcinogens At Canada Fuel Hub

Electrocution - New Way To Erode Mountains

The Artificial Womb Is Born

Academy Makes 'God' Optional In Cadets’ Oath

Marcia Wallace - Voice Of Simpsons Star Passes On - Pic

US Says Plutonium Is From Rectors Not Fukushima SFPs


Fuel In Fukushima Spent Fuel Pools 'Severely Damaged'

95% If Fukushma Radiation Transported Across Pacific - Vid

Why Are Thousands Dreaming About This Man?

Five Myths About Jackie Kennedy

Up Is Down - Vid

Photos Of Fukushima Landslide From Last Typhoon - Pics

Cams Show 7.1 Quake Shaking Fukushima For A Minute - Vid

TEPCO Admits Damage To R4 Fuel And SFP

Shocking Changes In Pacific NW Killer Whales - Vid

Next US Govt Shutdown Coming Feb 2014 - Vid


Salbuchi - The Elites Guide To Rogue States

Why Wall Street Experts Are Worried

The US Must Stop Groveling To Israel - Ex-US Marine - Vid

The Return Of Sarah Palin - Vid

Sun Fires Off 2nd Monster Flare In 1 Day - Vid

GCHQ Tried To Keep Mass Spying A Secret

Another Privacy Service Shuts Down To Avoid Feds

Chasing Typhus In Texas - Brought In By Illegals

Proof Of GMO Harms To Pigs In New Study

Four Simple Steps To Increased Computer Security


JP Morgan Agrees To $5 Billion Fine

Govt Benefit Recipients Outnumber Full-Time Workers

Healthcare.gov Executing DDoS Attack On Itself - Vid

Shocking Truth Of The Alien Coverup - Vid

Astronaut Gordon Cooper's UFO Experience - Vid

Britain’s Very Own X-Files & Their Space Slime Mystery

They Are Coming For Our Water

Britain's Lights Could Go Out This Winter

Hate Crime - 87 Yr Old White Man Beaten To Death

Vast Undersea Lights In Atlantic Ocean - Fishing Boats?


Dreier - The Mystical Venus – Avalon Connection

7 Lies The Food Industry Sells Us

How To Make A Zombie (Seriously)

A Game Of Shark And Minnow

The House That's Frozen In Time

I Will Not Be Filed, Stamped, Indexed Or Numbered

When Crime Scene Evidence Crawls Away

Radar Blob Reveals Odd Man-Made Phenomenon

New Flu Virus Found In Peruvian Bats

Monkey That Purrs Like a Cat Discovered


The Ocean's Most Horrifying Monster

Setting Science Free From Materialism

Things To Consider Before Getting Flu Vax

6 Alcohol Myths From The Prohibition Era

Latest Rad Water Releases Into Pacific 'Unprecedented'

Fukushima - 44.9 Trillion Bq Into Sea & Air In Last 2 Years

Radiation Doubles To New High In R1 Ditch

Japan Lies - 'Radioactive Water Not Flowing Into Pacific'

Fukushima 'Nothing To Worry About' Report Shredded

Workers Tricked Into Being On Fukushima Front Lines


How Badly Will ObamaCare Screw You? Answers Here!

Contractors Shift Obamacare Site Disaster Blame

Obamacare Operator Who Took Hannity Call Fired - Vid

Constitution Con? 11 Hidden Facts

Each US Drone Hit Creates 40+ New Militants

Lawless Drone Killings

Kirwan - Crime & Crime Again

Paul Craig Roberts - US Already A Third World Economy

Santorum Calls Hollywood The Devil's Playground'

US Govt Afraid Of The American People

NSA Whistleblower Tice - NSA Taps Obama

NSA Monitored Calls Of 35 World Leaders


US Intel Warns Allies Of Snowden Leaks Ahead

NSA Boss - Journalists Must Be Stopped

US Papers Biased Towards NSA In Snowden Coverage

Germany Wants German Internet After Spying Scandal

Martin - JFK Murder Propagandists At Work

Feds Take Reporter’s Confidential Files In Raid

Congress Pushes National Park Sale - Vid

Top 10 US CEOs Earned Nearly $5 Billion - Vid

ADL - 100 Years Of Hate

New Israeli Discriminatory Laws Tabled


Anti-Bedouin Unit Becomes Operational

Will Israel Merge With Saudi Arabia?

US Warships To Remain Off Syria Coast

Paranoid Saudis Fear US Treachery

Bandar Furious At US For Not Backing War On Syria

Syrian Militants Claim Kidnap Of Russian Engineer - Vid

The Pleasure Model Of The Future

They Are Coming For Our Water

UNIQLO Evil Method To Oppress Workers Revealed

MN Archdiocese Pays $11m To Priest Abuse Victims


The Pending Descending & The Treasures Of The Heart

JFK Murder Propagandists At Work

CA 13 Yr Old Shot, Killed By Cops 7 Times in 10 Seconds

UC Davis Cop Gets $38,000 For Pepper Spraying Protesters

Dallas Cop Caught On Cam Shooting Mentally Ill Man Fired

CA Cops Sued For Firing Taser At Teen's Testicles

Cop Goes On In-Store Rampage...For A Squirrel

The Great Culling...Water - Vid

Abe Threatens Freedom Of Press - Crackdown Begins

Japan Builds Floating Windmills


Japan Solar To Surpass Nuclear By 2018

Does Humanity Even Want Freedom?

Whale Fantasia And Consciousness - Vid

7.6 Quake Rips Fukushima Area - Tsunami Warning Issued

Japan Typhoon Merging With Cold Front - Vid

Radiation At Record Highs Around Entire Fukushima Plant

Fukushima And The End Of Humanity - Vid

New Photos Inside Destroyed Fukushima Plant - Pics

Five More Saudi MERS Cases Reported To WHO

Another Saudi Dies Of MERS

Kirwan - The Promise


Snowden Disputes Feinstein Over NSA Surveillance

Violent Crime In America Up 15% Last Year

Monsanto Denies Its Pesticides Poisoning Argentina

Diebold Charged With Bribery, Falsifying Records

Your Life Depends On You Taking Your Money Out Of Banks

The Trillion Dollar Money Pump For The 1%

US Spied On UNSC Members Before 9/11 - Vid

7 Signs Your Child Is An iPad Addict

Does Your iPhone Have Free Will?

Meet The Private Companies Helping Cops Spy - Vid

Genetic Mutations Cause Obesity - Vid

The Milibands, The BBC And The Proletariat

John Bolton Whines The West Cannot Trust Iran

George Galloway Accused Of Racism

Netanyahu Walking On Thin Ice

Iranian Nuclear Talks Continue

IMF Proposal To Tax Bank Deposits

Pike - Is Christianity Hard? Part 1

Billionaire Salinas Price - Elite Plan To Control The World

Freedom & STDs At The Wham, Bam Emporium

Jobs Believed He Was WWII Fighter Piloit In Past Life

The Shapeshifting Shill Of Illusory Change


Boy Uses Google Earth To Find Home After 25 Yrs

The Dilemma Of Finishing College

Clues To Decades-Long Coronal Mystery

One-Way Speed of Light

Nestlé: Global Water Predator

How To Prevent Golden Gate Bridge Suicides

The Man Who Couldn't Form New Memories

Oregon Grape Root: A Natural Solution for Resistant Infections

Happiness Lowers Blood Pressure

Dreier - Avalon And The ‘Oneness’ Matrix

Meet ‘Fukuppy’ – Creative Brain Child Of Fukushima Industries


The Controversial ‘Tomb Of Herod’

7 Ways to Overcome the Insanity Of Modern Life

Safety Violations Listed By Site At US Nuke Plants

Fukushima May Get Eye Wall Of Typhoon - Vid

San Onofre’s Risky Business

Congress Vote To Put Off Crisis Canceled - Vid

Kirwan - The Third Rail Awaits

McGrath - On The Verge Of National Suicide - Vid

Debt Talks In Disarray As House Balks

Kirwan - Down To The Wire, Here We Go!


No Clear Plan To Avoid Default As Deal Collapses

Fitch Puts US Debt Rating On Downgrade Watch

Ratigan - Rages Over The Looting Of America - Vid

Greenwald On Snowden - Worst Is Yet To Come

NSA Spying Didn't Stop A Single Terror Plot

Panoramic Look At US Case Against Syria

Food Stamp Users Get Hit With Two Blows

Supermarkets Have Less Than One Day Supply Of Food

Personal Preparation For Grid Ex II

Theft, Sale Or Gift? A US Apache Attack Copter In China


1973 UFO Abduction Turned Man's Life Upside Down

Fireball Sightings

Salmonella Outbreak Hits 317 People, 20 States

Britain’s Use Of Food Banks Triples

Listen To Any Police Dept Live, Anywhere For Free

Amazing Cases Of People Brought Back To Life

1920s Slang Phrases We Should Start Using Again

Non-Hallucinogenic Cannabinoids May Cure Cancer

Deadliest Known Toxin Found - But No Antidote

Preserved Fetuses Available For Donation in China

18' Oarfish Found Off Catalina Island


Complete Mystery Collapse Of Sardines Off Of Vancouver

Gunderson - AnEven Bigger Fukushima Calamity Coming

'Once In A Decade' A Typhoon Threatens Japan

Veggies Protect You From Fukushima Radiation

Br. Nathanael - Ron Paul Money VS Sound Money - Vid

Brother Nathanael's Amazing Videos!


Br. Nathanael - Here's Who REALLY Runs Things In America

H7N9 Case Confirmed in Shaoxing Zhejiang

House GOP Disarray Over Shutdown Plan - Vid

Washington Brinksmanship Masks Class War

Shutdown - Many Veterans Stop Receiving Checks

Debt Ceiling Hype

US Shutdown Reaches The Earth’s End

The American Collapse - One Giant False Flag

Real, Easy, Current Economics Report

Br. Nathanael - Ron Paul's Gold Standard Nightmare - Vid


Internet Giants Plan To Track Users Even More

Businesses, Govts Seek To Evade NSA Spying

Brazil Announces System To Block NSA Snooping

Domestic 'Internet Of Things' Merging w/Smart Grid

NY Times Used To Praise Stalin, Now Hates Putin

Why Can't Churches Consign Monsanto To Hell?

Letterman - This Day In ObamaCare Enrollment - Vid

NASA Admits Chemtrails? - Vid

NJ Gov Christie Flips - Wants Tuition For Illegal Aliens

Chris Hedges - The Folly Of Empire


The Huge Problem With Moringa

West Failing On Syria Deals With Russia - Lavrov

Madman Bibi Makes Case For Pre-Emptive Hit On Iran

Zion - Jerusalem Is Ottoman

Pike -Jewry Mourns Death Of 'Greatest' Racist Rabbi

Arafat Belongings Show Traces Of Polonium-210

Obama’s Soviet Style Purge Of Military Brass

Rense – Satanic Sexualization Of Our Children - Vid

Dry Ice Explosions At LAX Remain A Mystery

US Teacher Killed In Front Of Students


Mind Boggling Nanotechnology & Micro-Robots - Vid

Weird Space Cloud Spotted Outside Space Station - Pic

Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Greenhouse Gas Cases

US Moose Die-Off Alarms Scientists

Holographic Mind Programming

Tasers Spread Through London Cops - Public Fear Grows

People Power Alone Can Save Us!

Gold Market Sunk To Keep Bond Market Afloat

Starbuck's Evolution Opens $70 Million Plant

Cops Stop Homeless Man From Free Coding Lessons


Spy Cams Coming To UK Care Homes

Wild Walk - Persimmons

Beyond The Lizard Skins In The Flame Room

China Bridge Full Of Tourists Collapse - Vid

China Restaurants Spike Foods With Opiates - Happy Diners

Microsoft Phone Update To Feature Driving Mode

Stuart Wilde – The Sound Of Water - Vid

Young Apes Develop Empathy

US Lab In Georgia At Center Of BioWar Claims

Rasher Of Bacon A Day Harms Male Fertility


Pope Francis Bids Farewell From Problematic No. 2

Otzi The Iceman Has 19 Living Relatives

Workout Supplement Has Meth-Like Compound

BPA And The Miscarriage Risk

Coral Epidemic Could Be Caused by Virus

Defective Toilet Power Flush Device Hurts NYC Man

Dreier - The Mystical Scent Of Avalon.

Typhoon Heads For Fukushima

Shutdown - Reid Urges Patience, Remains Optimistic - Vid

Three Statistics Which Spell Doom For America

Chossudovsky - Shutdown Of The US Govt And 'Debt Default'


Obama Zombies Are Alinsky Fanatics

NSA Takes 100s Of Millions Email Contact Lists - Vid

Boeing Caught Selling Used Parts As 'New' To US

4 Ways To Detox GMOs

HK TV Reporter Records Clear, Spectacular UFO - Vid

Google, Facebook Staggering Domination Revealed

Facebook Buys Israeli Startup

Doom - More Following The Money In Higher Education

Three Statistics That Spell Doom For America

Most In US To Work During 'Retirement'


Grasshopper Rocket 'Hop' 2,500'...Lands Upright - Vid

UFO Group Works With Sheriffs On Sheep Mutilations

UFO Photographed Over Newquay (UK)

Did UFO Emit Beam Of Light? - Vid

Volcanic Eruption Creates Deadly Acid Lake

Air Pollution 'Fertilizer' Threatens Natl Parks

Workers Speak Out About TPP - Vid

The Political Cesspool.

Bionics, Transhumanism And End Of Evolution

Transsexual Chose Euthanasia After Botched Surgery

How To Click-Train The Cabal

Meet Jack - 93 Year-Old Living Alone In Wilderness - Vid

Why Do We Eat Cereal For Breakfast?

Maybe You Eat Too Much?

What Was Arsenic Doing In Our Chicken?

World Emergency Should Be Declared Over Fukushima

Starfish Radiation (?) Disaster Spreading Down Into WA

San Onofre - Black Swan SONGS

San Onofre - SONGS Lethal Legacy

Shutdown - Obama Postpones Meeting With Senators - Vid

Kirwan - The Country Without A People


WalMart Shelves Cleaned Off During Food Stamps Panic - Vid

How JP Morgan Controls Food Stamps! - Vid

Paul Craig Roberts - What Became Of Western Civilization?

The 7 Types Of American Politicians

Fitts - Moral Investing And The Coming Crash Up

Snord - It's About Shutting YOU Down - Vid

IDF Major General Detained in London

Israeli Settlers Storm al-Aqsa Mosque

Israel Beating Iran War Drums Again

US Jews Critical Of Israel Policies


Netanyahu Follows & Unfollows Iranian 'Hot Sex Books'

Israel Stops Construction Products To Gaza

Ghost Village Beitin

Who Will Narrate Space And Time In The Future?

The Downside of Technology

Sun, Sewage Used To Produce Hydrogen Fuel

How Easy Was Unschooling?

Haitian Cholera Victims Sue For Redress

5 Food Additives To Avoid And Their Side Effects

Why Some People Always Focus On The Negative


No Deal, Little Hope...Shutdown Nears Third Week - Vid

Charlie McGrath - Warning Of Financial Apocalypse By Design - Vid

Schiff - Debt Ceiling, Gold, Yellin - Hype vs Reality

Lagarde - US Lawmakers Risk Tipping World Recession

US Lawmakers Split Despite Oct 17 Debt Deadline

Complete 100% Shutdown Effects NO ONE Talks About

Shutdown Wreaks Havoc On Poor Americans

War Is Raging In The Hearts Of Men

The Left's New Crusade - Adult-Child Sex


Pike - Are Your Family Values God's Values?

Illuminati And Masonic Movie Symbolism - Vid

Have The Martians Visited Us? Asks Charles Fort (1926)

Royal Mail Privatization And Modern Britain

JoeTalk - Judgement Day - Vid

Albert Pike's 'Three World Wars'

Artifacts Of A Golden Age

Six Tibetan Monks Walk Into A Physics Class…

Harvard's 3rd Most Popular Course Is A Surprise

New Ideas On How Earth's Core Formed


Hajj And MERS - 'Good Thing CDC Is Shut Down'

What MERS Worry? - Throngs Arrive As Hajj Begins

Negative Zio Media Fails To Stop Constitutional Truckers In DC

Shutdown - 13 Days In, Only 4 Days Left To Fix It - Vid

'Greasy Harry' Reid 'Confident' Crisis Can Be Averted

Veteran Storm WW2 DC Memorial

Truth Is The First Casualty Of Obama 'Transparency' Lie

Shutdown - Fed Could Simply Cancel $2 Trillion In Debt

US Shutdown Threatens Global Recovery

The True State Of The US Economy


Italy To Sell 50 Historic Sites To Pay Off Debt

Debt - China Calls For World To Be 'De-Americanised'

Xerox Says Access To Food Stamps Restored

Food Stamp System Glitch Hit 17 States

EBT System Down - Shutdown Propaganda Or SHTF?

Snowden - NSA Surveillance Programs 'Hurt Our Country'

Skype Probed In Luxembourg Over NSA Links

Government Surveillance - Fight Back Or Cash In?

Girl Scouts And Girl Guides Fight Against GMO Cookies

Coexist With Monsanto Or Destroy It?

Turning The Tide On Monsanto


5 Ways Monsanto Wants Profit Off Climate Change

CO Farmers Ignore Feds, Harvest Hemp

Peak Crackers - $70 Trillion US Debt, No Chance Recovery - Vid

Replace Obamacare With Nothing

The Global Plot To Steal All Retirement Accounts

US Banks No Longer To Big To Fail Says BoE Deputy

Vignettes Of Historic Civil War Battles - Vid

Kerry Fails To Secure US ‘Troop Immunity’ In Afghanistan

Netanyahu Pushes UK, Fr Not To Ease Iran Sanctions

Atzmon - Jews Not A Race...Jewish Identity Is Racist

Racist BiBi Lectures UK Not To Restore Iran Ties


Israel Lobby Controls US Politics - Dankof

Land-Robbing Law Expanded By Israel

US Zio Media Uses Defense Industry To Sell Syria War

Anti-Assad Atrocities Committed

Palestinians Right To Resist

Yossi Gurvitz - On Jewish 'Ethics' - Vid

IDF Exposes Next War

TPP - The Biggest Unknown Internet Threat - Vid

Pilot-Union Memo - Terrorism Dry Runs Happening On US Flights

Kirwan - Anatomy Of This Murder


Airport Insecurity - Make A Joke...And Face Arrest - Vid

Pentagon Fakes Dead Soldier Arrival Ceremonies

Chupacabras Migrating To Texas? - Vid

'Men In Black' Sightings Began In The 1940s - Vid

Motorist Sees Green Orb Near Salt Lake City - Pic

New CA Feudalism Benefits Few At Expense Of Most

Morgellons...Officially Doesn't Exist - Vid

On The Brink Of Irresistable Change

Breathing Difficulties? COPD Myths And Facts

Tell Nestlé Stop Trying To Patent The Fennel Flower


Vatican Misspells Jesus Name In Papal Medal

Sisters Refuse MMR Jab Despite Judge Order

Cops Raid Home Of Ex-Vice Madam About To Tell All

Middle Class Young To Fare Worse Than Parent

Russians In DC To See US Democracy Not Impressed

Earthquakes - SoCal Concrete Building Risks

China’s Bizarre Pet Craze - Vid

Astronauts Spot Strange Cloud in Space

Mystery Of Bizarre Icelandic Lava Pillars Solved

Prevent Salmonella By Cooking Chicken Safely


Basking Sharks Returns To British Waters

Fukushima Radiation Hurting World...Entire Pacific Ruined - Vid

All Japan At Risk Of Radioactive Food, Land, Water - Vid

No Mers Among Hajj Pilgrims...So Far

Shutdown Alarms Health Officials Over MERS Threat

Latest Updates On Shutdown - Vid

Negotiations On Fiscal Deal Intensify In Senate

GOP Warns Definitely Chance Talks Will Pass The Deadline

EBT Food Stamp System Goes Dark - 'Glitch' Blamed

Govt Creating Phony Crisis To Pretend To Save Us


Massive Shakeup At Highest Levels Of US Military - A Push? - Vid

Obama Admin Proposes 2,300 Pg 'New Constitution'

Kirwan - Freedom’s Torch is Threatened

Sauder - Nothing More Surreal Than Fed World

Staging The News And Staging Reality Are The Same Thing

Snowden - 'US Spying Defines Our Humanty’ - Vid

NSA Isn’t Foiling Terrorist Plots

Corbett - Learning 9/11 History With Philip Zelikow! - Vid

Cyclone Phailin Slams India, 10 Million At Risk - Vid

Next Wave Of Middle Class To Be Worse Off

4K Flat Panel Screens - A Waste Of Money...Right Now


Hemp Vs The Petrochemical Industry - Hemp 0001 - Vid

A Banzai 17 Table Of Wall St Criminal Elements

Hitler's Economic Miracle

Solar Storms Cause Dropped Cell Phone Calls

UFOs Over Barra da Tijuca, Brazil 1952 - Pics

Chile UFO Files - Your Need To Know

Social Rejection Feels Like Physical Pain

A Nightmare Reconstructed - Vid

How Peanut Butter Can Save MIllions Of Lives

Cost Of Flood Insurance And Worries Rise


Johnny Cash's Dark California Days

20 Great Uses For Olive Oil Outside The Kitchen

How To Survive A Zombie Invasion

The Plight Of The Pangolin

Fukushima - Something Terrible, Dreadful Happening - Vid

Top Nuke Officials - Fukushima An Unprecedented Disaster - Vid

Many Ways To Destabilize Fukushima Bldgs, Melted Cores - Vid

Fukushima Radiation 100x Higher Than Govt Would Admit

Fukushima Towns A Post Apocalyptic Nightmare - Pic

Shutdown Talks Hit Brick Wall - Vid


Fiscal Fix At Standstill

US Shutdown A Political Psy Op

Shutdown Closes Nation's Nuclear Labs

Only 17% Of All Fed Employees Are Essential - Vid

Same Idiots Are Responsible For The Current US Shutdown

Essential Govt Employees Treated Like Indentured Servants

Shutdown Puts Furloughed Workers In Bad Spot

Ex-CIA Agent - Obama Had Breitbart, Clancy Killed

Ex Hillary Associate, Larry Nichols, Her Personal Hit Man?

Kirwan - The Martrix Explodes!


NSA Isn't Foiling Terrorist Plots

Secret US Court Ruling On NSA ‘Bad Step’

1,000s Of MDs Fired In CT By Health Ins Company

Obama Care Site Confuses Insurers, Too

Obamacare - IfYou Opt Out Of Buying Health Insurance

TPP Made Easy...The Straight Scoop - Vid

Arafat Murdered With Polonium - Medical Journal

Syrian Army Retakes 40 Villages

McCain Supported al-Qaeda In Syria

Secrets Within The Walls Of The Kremlin


Google To Put Your Face In New Ads

ReThink 9/11 - Revealing Truths, Dispelling Lies

9/11 – The Consummate Exposé - Vid

The Adolf Hitler They Don't Want You To Ever See

Nobel Hypocrisy Repeats

Who Killed JFK

The Spooks Strike Back Over GCHQ Leaks

The Secret State Is Just Itching To Gag The Press

UK Education Adviser - Genetics Outweighs Teaching

Court - Sisters Must Have MMR Jab Against Their Will


Casimir Cools Coulomb’s Barrier to Fusion Law

Lab Learns How To Suppress The Casimir Force

Quick Fusion-Powered Trips To Mars Real

'Gravity's' Groundbreaking Special Effects

Dr. Huber On GMOs - Vid

Quest Of The Spiritual Warrior

My Embarrassing Picture Went Viral

A Moon Cake Uneaten And A Wish Unfulfilled

Dreier -'The Firm' Still Has You, Neo

Diana - Time For Cops To Make Arrests


Rolling The Dice On Food-Borne Illnesses

5 Reasons To Drink Coffee

Why Corpses Aren't Rotting In Norway

Behavior Problems Aren't Genetic

Ghouls Haunt Papua New Guinea

Being Fearless

8 Healthy Foods To Replace Less Healthy Counterparts

Heroes - Responding From The Heart - Vid

50% Of 350 Fukushima Radiation Water Tanks Won't Last 5 Yrs

Fukushima Report - Interview With Dr Richard Wilcox


120 Bq/Kg In 2 Bags Of Fukushima Rice...All Bags Shipped

Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - Psychopaths In Charge - Vid

US Nuclear Regulator Shuts Doors Due To Shutdown

GOP Scrambles After Obama Pans House Plan

Some States Re-Open National Parks

Obama Brings Chilling Effect To Journalism

Latest Step In The Evolution Of The US Police State

Patriot Act Author Bill To Put End NSA Bulk Coillection

Guardian NSA Revelations - Spies To Go Under Spotlight

Second US Nuke General Fired

Kirwan - Welcome To The 4th World


Russian Military Now Within Striking Distance Of Syria

US Cuts Aid To Egypt As Violence Continues

Iran Jumps 35 Yrs By Reverse Engineering US Drone

Martin - Lies About Kennedy Assassination

The Fed...A Massive Jewish Monopoly

Jeff Rense - They Control Everything Now - Vid

Truckers Threatened In DC By Government

The Downside Of Americas Wave Of Civil Disobedience

Zuckerberg Spends $30m Buying 4 Houses For Privacy

Sites Secretly Track Users Without Relying On Cookies


Over 865,000 Gallons Of Fracked Oil Spill In ND

Ultrasound Causes Brain Damage In Unborn Babies

Lore Of The Werewolves

Meet the Asteroid That Might Hit Earth in 2880

Alarming Facts About Mental Illness In America

Army's Ironman Suit Superhuman Strength, Computers - Vid

US Army Finds Tech Solution To Soldiers Altitude Sickness

The Nobel Propaganda Prize

Fake Rabbi Preys On NJ Women

Tel Aviv Anger - Court Orders Release Of Illegals


An Elite Consortium Building World's First Super Brain

Hemp Offers Hope For Struggling CO Farmers

Americans Find Little To Like In Washington

Roswell Color Kodachrome Slides Show Alien Up-Close

Alien Abductee, Calvin Parker, Breaks Silence - Vid

Strange UFO Caught On Video Over Cumbria - Vid

Two USOs Seen & Photographed In England - Vid/Pics

The Acclaimed Farmington Armada UFO Incident - Vid

SA Hospital Sells Body Parts To Witch Doctors

Whooping Cough - The Reality Behind the Myth


Physicists Suppress the Mysterious Casimir Effect

Why You Should Stop Trying To Be Happy

Why Kissing Matters

What's Up With The Bubonic Plague?

11 Odd Hybrid Fruits And Vegetables

Photog Shoots Portraits With a Thermal Camera

Why Plasma TVs Are Dying

In The Far Reaches Of Outer And Inner Space

Is Pain Essential For Personal Growth

Man Aputates His Own Leg


Painter Dies After Eating Energy Mints

Environmentalist Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri Passes

CA Docs Warn Of Pacific Fish With Fukushima Radiation - Vid

Warning To Keep Kids Away From West Coast Beaches - Vid

5.0 Quake Hits Near Fukushima

Olympic Athletes Warned - Cesium At EVERY Venue

Surging Bursts Of Radiation Around Fukushima

Boehner, Obama Agree All Sides To Keep Talking - Vid

Obama, GOP Inch Toward A Shutdown, Debt Deal

US Gen In Charge Of Nuclear MIssiles Fired - Vid


American Truckers Putting Washington DC On Notice

China Begins Acting To Hedge Against US Default

Who Really Runs Things In America

Ameircans Say Third Party Needed - Vid

Snowden Safe But Not Journalist Dealing With Him - Vid

US Continues Tp Gag And Kill 9/11 Truth Seekers

Ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Jailed For 28 Years

Pentagon FAKED Repatriation Of Dead Soldiers For Years

Fed Families Banking Cartel Sinking US Further In Debt - Vid


Colonel Killed In Intifada-Light

Private Gulf Donors Funded Mass Killings In Syria

Foreigners Trained Syrian 'Rebels' To Use Chem Weapons

Radical Mercs Kidnap, Kill Christians, Muslims

NATO Chief Rules Out War On Syria

Palestinians & Israelis: Unequal Treatment

Iran To Launch 3 Satellites In 6 Months

Iran Nabs Netwrok Of Gays And Satanists At Party

GOP Offers Debt Hike - No Deal Yet To End Shutdown

McCain - ‘Defunding Obamacare Is Not Achievable'


Snowden Accepts Whistleblower Award

Trucker Protest Hits DC Beltway But Has Little Impact

Migrant Boat Capsizes In Med Sea - Dozens Feared Dead

Cyclone Phailin Forces Thousands To Flee Eastern India

Utah National Parks To Reopen Despite Govt Shutdown

USDA - Salmonella Infected Poultry Plants Can Stay Open

277 Fake Test Results Found At South Korean Reactors

EPA OKs Frack-Water For Livestock To Drink

NASA Finds Hidden Portals In Earth’s Magnetic Field

Merck Mumps Vaccine Fraud Exposed


Rice Grown Near Daiichi - Farmer Wouldn't Dare Eat It - Vid

UN Nuclear Agency To Monitor Fukushima (gosh)

WH, GOP Begin Talking, 'Working Together' - Vid

NBC/WSJ Poll - Shutdown Debate Damages GOP

10 Days AFTER Shutdown - Obama, GOP Start Talking

Woman Has Reconstructive Surgery After Cop Destroys Her Face

Nowhere To Hide - Facebook Ends 'Invisibility Cloak' For Users

What Happened To ‘No Negotiations’ w/Debt ‘Hostage Takers’?


Inside Beltway IV - Left Behind, Treason Beyond Measure

NY Fed Fired Examiner Who Took On Goldman

Snowden Accepts Whistleblower Award

Edward Snowden Deserves A Nobel Says Father

CIA Warning On Snowden In ’09 Slipped Away

Obamacare Sign-Up Crash - What's Really Behind It?

Trucker Beltway Protest Not A Hoax - Truckers

SD Blizzard Kills, Buries Cows - Vid

The Collapse Of Industrial Civilization - Vid


DHS - Cheaper To Deport Illegals Than Let Them Stay

Red Cross Starts Emergency Plan For UK Hungry

Doom - Following The Money In Higher Education

Bacteria Cause Cancer - The Microscopic Evidence

Stopping Border Cops From Reading Your Laptop

US Army ‘TALOS’ Suit With Liquid Armor

Woman Calls 911 For Diabetic Fiancé, Cops Kill Him

Animals That Like To Drink A Little Booze

Evidence Of Giants And Megaliths - Vid


US Nutrition Data Fatally Flawed

Drinking Mother Nature's Yummy Mommy Juice

Industrial Hemp Cultivation Begins In Colorado

Five Most Notorious Secret Societies - Vid

How Can You Phone Be Tracked?

Seven Things Outstanding Leaders Do Differently

TED - Treat Violence Like Contagious Disease - Vid

Proof Old Movies More Creative Than New Ones

A Geoengineering Megaplan For Earth

Raining Diamonds On Jupiter & Saturn?


In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...A Water World

Smell This? - You May Not Have Alzheimers

Is Your Olive Oil Lying About Its Virginity?

JoeTalk - Zombie Nation - Vid

Solar Hydrogen Generation Via Microbes

Upper Class Less Empathy To Suffering Of Others


People, Not Thngs, Bring Happiness

MERS Kills Two More Saudis

CA Tuna May Be Being Contaminated On West Coast - Vid

Fukushima Radiation Levels Hit Two-Year High

Huge Cesium Readings In Pacific Off Fukushima

House GOP Offers Short Term Debt Proposal - Vid

The Possible Outcomes Of The Shutdown Theater

Napolitano - The Obama Admin Has Gone Rogue

20 Ways To Stay Well Cheaper Than Obamacare

The United States Of Inequality


Five Things About Obama’s Fed Chair Nominee

Snowden Honored In Moscow As Father Arrives

Snowden Father - Russia Only Safe Place For Son

Brazil - Greenwald Condemns 'War Against Journalism' - Vid

Brazil Lawmakers Press Greenwald For More On NSA Leaks

Health Care vs Death Care

Inside The Republican Suicide Machine

‘US Unchained Itself From Constitution’ - Vid

FBI Using No-Fly List To Recruit Informants

Future Warfare To Be Decided By Drones Not Humans


Russian Warheads Fuel Half of US Nuclear Power

Kirwan - The Truth Beneath The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Oil Above $102 On US Budget

Iranian Drones Fly Into Tel Aviv - Iran Cmdr

Iran Urges World Pressure On Israel Over Its Nukes

Israel Wins Elections in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Releases Vote Results - Before Polls Open

Mossad Threats To Stop Agents Family Life Film

Israel And Saudi Arabia - Best Frenemies Forever?

Unholy Alliance

Militants Hit Major Refinery In Syria


Is Egypt Set To Become Syria 2.0?

How US Raid On al-Shabaab In Somalia Went Wrong

Libyan PM Freed After Being Siezed Over US Raid

Maduro Blames US Sabotage As Economy Slips To Chaos

Magic Trick - Promoting Diseases That Don't Exist

Kirwan - Ending The Motherload

How Twitter Was Founded

Commuters Stare At Phones Miss Gun-Wielding Killer

GMOs, Neurological Disease And Bees

Farmers Face Fines Or Prison For Selling Food Direct

Putin vs Obama ... You Decide


US Adults Dumber Than The Average Human

Mars - More High Strangeness From NASA

Potential Sex Offenders Banned From Net Before Conviction

MI5's Andrew Parker Lives In A Different World

Another UK Horse Meat Scandal As Food Fraud Rises

UK Universities Move Into Uzbekistan

UK Debate Grows On Orwellian NSA, GCHQ Spying

Kelly UFO / Alien Incident Witness To Speak

Photo Of Alien Remains Found Building DIA? - Pic

Resident Snaps Pic Of UFO Over Shipley (UK) - Pic

World Food Prize Awarded To Population Poisoners


The Ballad Of The Federal Reserve

The Pro Abortion Hypocrisy Of The NY Times

Fasting The Hunger Games In Freak Out City

Detroit Continues To Rot Away - Pics

The Tenth Year Of Australia's National Shame

Lost Prehistoric Code Found In Mesopotamia

10 Escaped Lab Animal Populations

Terrifying Brain Images - NFL's Concussion Problem

Fake Fingerprints In Five Minutes Flat

High-Tech Floodgates To Stop Venice Floods - Pics


Over 24,000 Chemicals In Bottled Water

Did Brit Scientists Discover A Pill To Cure Alzheimers?

Russia’s Klyuchevskoi Volcano Spews Ash 3.7 Miles

Laser Asteroid Defense System Pitched To NASA

The Cosmos Is Cracked

Scientists Find Lonely Planet Without A Star

Fukushima Might (will) Make 2020 Olympics Impossible

Vancouver - Rivers Of Starfish Body Parts, Odd Otter Actions - Vid

Canada Study Warns Of Radiaition In Pacific Seafood

Removal Of Fukushima Melted Fuel May Be Impossible - Vid


Paul Craig Roberts - A Caesar In Our Future?

No Limits On Obama If He Calls 'National Catastrophe'
The Blunt Truth About The Government Shutdown

Small Businesses Feel The Shutdown Pinch

Stuck And Hungry At The Grand Canyon

Obama Trying To Provoke A Revolution

China's Role In Africa Is Obama's Obsession

Libya 'Rebel's Kidnap Prime Minister - Vid

Taxpayers Tab To Build Obamacare Site? - $634 Million!

Should You Trust US Companies With Your Data?

90 Days From Complete Loss Of US Sovereignty?

Snowden's Dad To Russia, Hopes To See His Son

Henderson - The Awakening vs The Illuminati

Yellowstone Supervolcano Roaring To Life?

US Opens Drone Facility In Germany

USAF Spends $500m, Sends Fleet Directly To Storage

Netanyahu Likens Palestinians To Nazis (har) - Vid

FBI Loses Appeal In StingRay Surveillance Case

US Women Dying Younger Than Their Mothers


Annie Lennox Condemns 'Pornographic' Music Videos

Frozen Food Better Than Fresh Say Industry Shills!

The Mystery of Earth’s Oxygen

Hitomi And The God Particle

Mars In Extremely High Resolution - Pics

Jupiter-Bound Craft Runs Into Problem After Flyby

First Ever Evidence Of A Comet Striking Earth

Ground Control To Major Tom

Chelsea Manning - I'm Not A Pacifist

Reptiles Gathering?


15 Simple Ways To Reduce Toxins In Your Life

Amazing Scenes From The Wild Faked - Vid

This Wearable Sensor Helps Prevent Back Pain

DMT - Mediating Consciousness And Other Realities? Vid

Plutonium Found 30 Km From Fukushima...More Farther Away

Cesium Found In More And More Japan Children’s Urine

Next Week Hajj - Major Risk Of MERS Outbreak

Jeff & Larry Nichols - Truth About Hillary & 2016 Pt 2 - Vid

Kirwan - $9 Trillion Is Missing!

Is GOP Dropping Obamacare In Shutdown War?


Br. Nathanael - A Racial Philosophy Of History

US Shutdown - Truckers To Clog DC Beltway In 3 Day Protest

Cops Prevent Drivers From Stopping To View Mt Rushmore

What US Default Would Mean For The World Economy

Yellen Makes It 5 Consecutive Jewish Fed Chairmen

OK Trying To Shoot Down Obamacare As Illegal

Greenwald - Canada Spying Techniques 'Aggressive And Insidious'

Mass Spying - US Supremacy Over The Pacific Region

MI5 Chief Blasts Edward Snowden Leaks


S-7442 - 2 Million LEGAL Immigrants To Come In Yearly

Immigration Reform Chances Derailed In 2013

Bitcoin 1, FBI 0

Russia Sends Azov Warship Back To Mediterranean

Russia To Up Nuclear Weapons Spending 50% By 2016

Hezbollah Members Leave Syria - Israel Media

Britain In Talks To Restore Iran Ties

Sewage Plant Designed To Benefit Zionist Colonies

Netanyahu - His Own Worst Enemy

Netanyahu Calls For Stricter Sanctions On Iran

Academic Witchcraft Course To Solve Israel's Emigration


Double Standard Victims Of Israel's War On Palestine

Libya Militants Want Revenge For Al-Qaeda Boss Capture

US Moves Marines To Italy Over Libya Situation

Lavrov Rips US Op In Libya

The Darfur Conflict's Deadly Gold Rush

Detective Arrested In NYC Motorcycle-SUV Melee

Psyop Psyence

Pet Cyborgs Created in DIY Neuroscience Project

10 Survival Tools That Should Be In Your Survival Pack

Pat Robertson Slams Low Carb Diets


Carrie Stunt Terrifies New York Cafe Customers - Vid

BBC 'Fakes Wildlife Shots All The Time' - Veteran Photog

What Happens When Only 16% Of Flu Patients Have The Flu?

Rehypothecation Of Collateral

US Scientists Notch Nuclear Fusion Milestone

The Darkside Blues Again

Gravity - Official Main Trailer - Vid

UFO Recorded Over Hong Kong - Vid

UFO Reports Common In Sandy Springs, Georgia

Man In Front Of Judge Told He's Legally Dead


Evidence For The Multiverse? Just Look Up

The Last Smartphone You’ll Ever Need? - Vid

Rights Advocates Suing U.N. Over Haiti Cholera

Major Foodborne Outbreak Hits During Shutdown

Traditional vs Modern Medicine - 4 Common Ailments

Search For God Eventually Leads To Love

This Bird Can Stay In Flight For Six Months Straight

Dreier - Swim...Cry The Crawling

Explaining The 4 Fundamental Forces

Giant Helicopter Magnet To Find Groundwater

Big Data Requires A New Mathematics

Cancer-Sniffing Dog Rivals Colonoscopy


Stalking The Wild Mushroom

Eight Members Of Congress Arrested In DC Protest

Obama - Stop The Excuses, Open The Government - Vid

Obama - Raise Debt Ceiling Or Risk US Credit Rating

Can California Pay If Federal Funds Dry Up?

Shutdown Cancels All US Antarctic Research

McGrath - Is DHS Preparing For Next Financial Collapse? - Vid

Syrain Army Moves Toward Allepp - Vid

Obama To Name Yellen As Next Fed Chairman

Will Seniors Be Denied Medical Treatment Under Obamacare?


Kirwan - Nothin' To Worry Bout Here, We're All Just Fine!

GOP Payback For Ignoring Obama's Eligibility

Case For Chicago Becoming Next False Flag Venue

New MI5 Chief Defends Spying

Quiet Zones - Where Cell Phones And Wi-Fi Are Banned

Genes Suggest Euro Women At Root Of Ashkenazi Tree

Pike - Once Saved, Are We Always Saved?

Samsung Unveils First Smart Phone With Curved Screen

Telephone Companies and Fiber-Optic Foolishness

5 Mind-Blowing Weapons Cops Use On Protestors - Vid

What Happens When A Homeless New Yorker Dies?


Why Are Famous Paintings Turning Black?

Rense...Hidden History Of The Human Race - Vid

Chicken Nuggets Are Only Half Chicken

Scientist Foresees Lab-Made Alien Species

Scientists Thought Pinocchio Lizard Long Extinct

Plane Noise Linked To Heart Attacks

How To Turn Bacteria Against Themselves

Japan Prof - Fukushima Leaks Are Catastrophically Large

Rods In The Spent Fuel Pool May Have Melted

High Radiation Levels Found At Tokyo Olympic Sites


Saudis Deny Withholding MERS Data

MERS More Deadly Than SARS

Obama Issue Debt Ceiling Warning - Vid

Obama To Shut Down 16 States To Save Obamacare?

Boehner Prepares To Let The US Default