Headlines 2

Russian Foreign Ministry On Syria And Crimea

Putin Calls For Probe Into Strikes On Syrian Civilians

Has The OPCW Abandoned Its Mandate?

US Still Pouring Masses Of Weapons Into Yemen

Are Yemeni Kids Children Of A Lesser God?

Amazing Amount Of Gold Exported From The US.

Dentists Dying From Lung Disease - CDC Doesn't Know Why

Deaths Of The Homeless Aren't Counted In Oakland
And Most Other Places As Well

UK Mother’s Day Cards Going Gender Neutral
Sheer Zionist Communist Bolshevik Fueled Insanity

Transparency Is Lacking In Nevada Govt (shocker)

Daylight Saving Time is Literally Killing Us

Another Nor'easter Is Going To East Coast

Flooding, Heat Waves & Destabilized Ecosystems

Hurricane Maria Refugees Resettle in Amish Country

Can We Bring Hearts Back From The Dead?

What is Your Weapon Of Last Resort?

Ancient Love - Karmic Relationships

Elephants Are Strangely Resistant To Cancer

Strange Tales Of The Vanished Oscars

Trump Praises Himself Over Possible N Korea Talks
But Washington Doesn't Even Have A Framework

Kim Says Will Halt Missile Tests Until Meeting

Korean War 2 Would be Far Worse Than First

Stepping Back From The Brink In Korea?

Orwell's Warning - Vid

Nearly 50% Dems Running For Congress Are Intelligence
Operatives - In 57 Of 102 Congressional Districts - Vid

The CIA Democrats

Justice Kennedy To Retire This Summer?

Putin - Maybe The Jews, Not Russia, Meddled
In US Election - The Elephant In The Bathroom

US Jews Condemn Putin's Suggestion That Jews
May Be To Blame For Election Meddling

Putin - Russians Accused Of Meddling In US Election
Might Work For US Firms

Trump Lawyers Seek Deal With Mueller To
Speed End Of Russia Probe

Deal Nears For Trump Testimony To Mueller

RussiaGate Now Used To Target Any Dissent In US

Putin - The Blame Game Between The US
And Russia Is A Road To Nowhere

Why The West Cannot Stomach Russians

Roberts - Make-Believe America

Bob Woodward Says Reporters Are Actually Becoming
'Emotionally Unhinged' Over Trump

'Entirely Your fault!' Assange Says Obama AG
Forced WikiLeaks To Counter-Attack With Truth

UK Is A 'Hypocritical Mother F**ker' Over
Its Claims Of 'Free Media' - Assange

Fake News Isn't Spread By Russia Or Bots

Results Of The Largest-Ever Study Of Fake News

Newsweek Exec In Secret Tape - We Gotta
Turn The Business Around

Russian Spy Ship Off Georgia Coast

US Continues Massive Military Build Up

The Danger Of Nuclear Annihilation

A Dire Warning From The 'Doomsday Vault'

Russia's New Hypersonic Successfully Tested

STRATCOM Cmdr Says US Submarines
Can 'Decimate' Russia And China

More Problems, More Money - F-35 Turkey Costs
Soar Faster Than The Planes Do

Russia To Shell Out $48 Billion In Defense
Spending Defense Spending In 2018

AI Has A Hallucination Problem

Globalist In GOP Weighs Blocking Trump's Tariffs

Susan Rice Gave 'Stand Down' Order To US Intel
While Russians Were Attempting To Meddle In Election

Google Admits Collaboration With Illegal
US Drone Murder Program

Dem Botches Gun Destroying Stunt

Inside The State Department's Troll Farm

TSA Body Scanners Now In NYC, L.A Train Stations

RAF Video Of Drone Strike On ISIS Sentries

Trump's iInfrastructure Push Hits Wall In Congress

Is Depopulation Only Way For Govt Not To Collapse?

New Cell Phone App Shows Illegals Best Routes
To Enter United States Undetected! - Vid

US Emby Issues Another Alert, This Time To US Govt
Employees vs Travel To Mexico's Playa del Carmen

Las Vegas Massacre - Newly-Released Video
"It's Coming From Multiple Directions" At 7:20 - Vid

NRA Sues Over FL Gun Legislation

Florida SWAT Members Suspended For
Responding To Parkland Shooting

Disgraced Broward Sheriff At Parkland Lied,
Radio Dispatch Recording Reveals

The FBI Now Admits It Could Have Prevented
The Florida High School Shooting

One Of Georgia's Safest Cities 'Requires' Its Citizens
To Own A Gun - CNN Unsure Why Crime Is So Low

Israeli Slow-Motion Genocide Of Gaza

Israeli Undercover Forces Terrorize Palestinian Univ

Israeli Soldiers Murder Disabled Palestinian

First Group Of Terrorists Surrender, Leave E Ghouta
After Russia-Brokered Talks

E Ghouta Terrorists Planning Another CW Attack?

Allegations Of Chemical Weapons By Damascus
Are Fake News - Putin

East Ghouta Terrorists Collapsing?

Fury As UK And Saudis Sign Huge Arms Deal

Third Nor'Easter In 10 Day Could Strike
Mid-Atlantic By Early Next Week

CostCo Rolls Out Prepper Food Storage - Feeds Four
For A Year With 25 Year Shelf Life...

Diesel Engines Kill Thousands Of Germans Annually

'Duterte Needs Psychiatric Evaluation'

God's Reps Are Not Into Offshore Drilling

Peace In Our Time? Only If US Is 'Agreement Capable'

Why Canada Defends Ukrainian Fascism

Russell 'Texas' Bentley - 'The Parasites Must Be Stopped'
A Letter From Ukraine To All Good People Of America

'We Will Not Sit Idly By' - Here's How China
Might Retaliate Against US Tariffs

Australian Prime Minister Praises US Decision
To Exempt Canberra From Tariffs

Cutting-Edge - Russian Robot Operates On Pig
In Futuristic Gynecology Surgery - Pics

China Emerges As An AI Research Hub

MasterCard intends To Patent 30 Developments
In Blockchain Sphere

London Commuters After 2017 Tube Blast - Vid

An Academic Journal Converges To Leftism

Molesting Doctor Causes President To Resign

Oxford Extends Math Test Time To Boost Women's Grades

Million A Week Club - Your Radiation This Week

Terrifying Robo-Wolf Being Used To Protect Farms

Barcelona Revealed As Europe's Cocaine Capital

Trash Islands Are Still Taking Over the Oceans

What To Bring When Camping In The Rain

Listen To Strange Encounter With
Mysterious Craft Over AZ - Vid

UFO Elizondo Sits For Indepth Interview

View From A Void

The Hidden Power In Uncertainty

Over 47,000 Shanghai Residents Registered For
Body, Cornea Donation By 2017

Chuck Schumer - US Senator From AIPAC

LISTEN - Great Bill Cooper On Traitor Chuckie Schumer

Why David Icke Had To Go Meet With Local
'Anti-Terror' Cop & 'Anti-Extremist' Politician - Vid

Warhead Lab Leaks Killed Thousands
In The Fukushima Disaster

Russia Bashing Over Poisoning Of Ex Intel Official

Four Russophobic Senators Call For
Strategic Dialogue With Moscow

US Senators Call To 'Urgently Engage With Russia

'Positive Sign After Years Of Hardline Rhetoric' - Russia

US 'Outgunned & Outmatched' By Russia In Europe

War With Russia Or China - It's Lights Out For US Satellites

Putin Is Not 'Rattling Nuclear Sabers' ? It's Real

West Wing Adventures Of Ivanka And Jerry Ending?

Fears Of Brain Drain Hit West Wing

US Legal System Any Match For Trump?

How The NSA Tracks Other Countries? Hackers

Google To Make Military Spy Drones Even Smarter

Drone Swarms Are Going to Be Terrifying and Hard to Stop

Hey Google! Who Should The US Kill Today?

Trump Correctly Pardons Kristian Saucier,
Former Sailor Jailed For Nuke Sub Pics

Two Miramar SWAT Officers Suspended For
Heading To Parkland Massacre - ?

Doctor Who Treated Nikolas Cruz Has
NASA, Military Intelligence Background

Marine Corps - 'Less Than 30% Of Young Men
And Women' Are Fit To The Join Military

Hellstorm - Exposing The Real Genocide On Nazi Germany

Monsanto To MONOPOLIZE GMO Cannabis? - Vid

Record 1 Million Full And Part Time Jobs Added

Canada, Mexico To Be 'Exempted Indefinitely
'From Tariffs' - NAFTA Lives

The Latest Bezos Casualty - Claire's To File BK

Tons Of Human Waste, 14,000 Needles Cleaned Out
Of One SoCal Homeless Encampment - Calcuttafornia!

Shocking Study - Penicillin Changes Childrens'
Brains Making Them Grow Up Angry And Violent

Scientists - People Will 'Love' Black, Arab Muslims
When Dosed With Oxytocin - Why No Resistance!

Oxytocin Put In Dairy - Forces Public To Be Passive

Public Being Dosed With Oxytocin Which Reduces
'Xenophobia' - The Urge For Self-Protection!

NYT Finally Reports On Sweden's Muslim
Crime Problem But Leaves Out Key Details

Cost Of CA Bullet Train Now $77 Billion!

Atzmon - The Only Jewish Ghetto In The Middle East

Israel Holds Largest Joint Drills With US
Amid Tensions With Lebanon

US Building A New Terrorist Army In Syria

Unverified CW Attacks Falsely Blamed on Syria

The Hot Potato Of Thomas Merton's Death

Russian Farmers Feeding Half The World
On Biggest Grain Harvest Ever

Energy-hungry China To Up Imports Of Russian Nat Gas

China Set To Gradually Internationalize Yuan

Bureaucratic Hell Of Denying Health Insurance Claims

Why Does Bankruptcy Fail So Many Americans?

The Battle Over Charles Manson's Corpse

The Trauma If Child Trafficking, Hidden In Plain Sight

Diamond Reveals Mineral From Earth's
Mantle Never Before Seen

Lessons from History ? Starving Spring

Images of Jupiter reveal clusters of giant cyclones

Wearing Masks?

Cosmic Rays Hitting Earth are Bad and Getting Worse

CIA War Games Simulating Electronic Assault On The US

Billionaire Adelson Aiding Zionist Push To Oust McMaster

Sessions - 'I Have Appointed A Person Outside Of
Washington' To Investigate FISA Abuse

Trump Sings Steep Tariffs On Steel, Aluminum
But Exempts Mexico And Canada For Now

Charles Koch Slams Trump And Tariffs - 'Free Trade
Is Essential To American Prosperity'

Trump Tariff Plan Will Kill Steel Jobs In US - GOP Senator

US Steel To Reopen Idle Plant Thanks To Trump Tariffs

EU, China Gear Up For Trade War With Trump

Br Nathanael - Notes From A Gas Chamber

FL Lawmakers Pass Gun Bill Which Allows
The Arming Of 'Some' School Staff

Cops - We're The Experts - Don't You Dare Criticize Us

Pentagon 'Disappointed' By Putin New Weapons

Putin's Hope Springs Eternal For
Improved Russia-US Relations

Putin -'Why Would We Want A World Without Russia?'

Russia Too Menacing To Ignore?

Trumps Stocks State Dept With $120 Million
For Continual Russia-Bashing

Ex Obama Aide Wants Schumer OUT Of Office
After Disgusting Pro-Israel Speech

Roberts - A Stalinist Purge In America?

Dem Rep - Trump-Russia Probe Is Joke Among Dems

Russian Embassy In US Suggests Something 'Broke'
In State Dept Amid Fake News Stream

How US Provoked And Likely Lost
A New Nuclear Arms Race

Next Gen US Bomber Has Severe Engine Problems
...Another F-35 $2 Trillion Turkey?

US Navy Chief - Aircraft Carrier Strike Groups
'Working The Russian Presence Problem'

Hey Google! Who Should The US Government Kill Today?

China Outbreak Of Highly Contagious Bird Flu

CIA Warns Of Extensive Chinese Operation To
Infiltrate American Colleges And Universities

Pentagon - China Even Bigger Threat Than Thought

Beijing Blames External Forces For Sowing
Trouble in South China Sea

Beijing Needs Defensive Structures On Its
South China Sea Islands

The First Amendment Applies To The FDA, Too

Our Elected Leaders Breaking Our Laws

Israeli Soldiers Pose As News Crew To Kidnap
Student Leader From West Bank University - Vid

Israel Deliberate, Carefully Planned Theft Of Palestine

Israel Law Aims To Strip Palestinians Of Residency

'Top Secret' Details Of Israeli Military Systems And Tactics Briefly Leaked Online

Netanyahu Says He May Call Early General Elections

Netanyahu Refers To Nutty Nikki As 'Hurricane Haley'


How Propaganda Mind Control Vilifies Syria, Russia

E. Ghouta Terrorists Attack Convoy Of 300 Families

Syrian Army Seizes Large Batch Of Weapons
Bound For Terrorists In Eastern Ghouta

MBS Says Turkey & Iran Are Part Of 'Triangle Of Evil'

Will Russia Challenge Escalated US
Aggression in Syria if Launched?

Boris Johnson - Britain's Nutty Nikki Haley

Chavista Turncoat Running For President In VZ

VERY BAD - US Lifts Ban On Elephant Trophy Imports

Shocking Victory For Proponents Of Alt Medicine

The Military Is Looking For Ways To
Slow Down Biological Time

11 Secrets Of Volcanologists

Coca-Cola Plans To Launch First Alcoholic Drink

Wooldridge - Bicycle Adventure Pacific To Atlantic
Columbia River Gorge?A Ride Through History

Global Populism At Highest Level Since World War II

Billions Flown From Gaddafi 'Frozen Funds' in Belgium

ExxonMobil Blamed For 7.5 New Guinea Quake

Turkey Threatens Exxon Mobil And The
US 6th Fleet Off Cyprus

Egypt Approves $7 Billion Deal For Russian
Industrial Zone Near Suez Canal

Mapping The Death Of Diesel Across Europe

Shell To Enforce 3:1 Ratio For Gas And Oil Output

Sometimes Scientific 'Eureka!' Moment
Really Does Change the World

How To Park A Warship

Something Every Prepper Should Consider

Russian Politician's Unusual Hairstyle Goes Viral

How To Re-Purpose Used Motor Oil

Iconic Stellar Ring Much Stranger Than Thought

Detox With Activated Charcoal

Confessions Of The Vatican's Favorite Male Escort

The Benefits Of Being A Loner

Ex CIA Agent Says Agency Supplies Children To Pedos

DNC Hack Involved Russian Agents 'Within The
Democratic Party? Unreleased Steele Memo

Sessions Blasts Oakland Mayor And CA Dems For ?Radical Open Borders Agenda'

Trump DOJ Sues CA For ?Interference? w/Immig Enforcement

Judge Issues Surprise Ruling On Withholding
Funds For A Sanctuary State

Tucker vs Immigration Attorney On Chicago Plan
To Offer ID Cards To Undocumented Immigrants

Seattle Police Begin Gun Confiscations - No Laws Broken,
No Warrant, No Charges

Tucker Warns Oz-Style Gun Control If Dems Win Congress

Madsen - Israel Owns And Operates US Foreign Policy

Disgraceful, Shameful Haley Grovels At AIPAC

Netanyahu Launches Another Tirade Against Iran At AIPAC

Netanyahu At AIPAC's Annual Israel Lovefest

New Israeli Ethnic Cleansing Law

Israel To Legalize Withholding Bodies Of Palestinians
Killed By Israelis - Organ Harvesting?

Israeli Army?s Lies Can't Salvage Its Image

Watch Israeli Cops Hurl Stun Grenade At Couple w/Baby

Iran Missile Production Tripled Despite Israel-US Pressure

The 10 Commandments Of A Democrat

US Steel Reopening A Plant And Bringing Back
Jobs Says CEO Regarding Trump tariffs

US Aluminum Manufacturer Announces 300 New Jobs
In Middle America After Trump's Tariff Announcement - Vid

Cohn Resigns After Confrontation With Trump

Trump Loses Cohn ?Over New Tariffs'

Trade Wars Set To Go Nuclear - US Considering
Broad Curbs On Chinese Imports

Europe Renews Tariffs On China Steel Pipes Up To 72%

EU Says Ready For ?Stupid? Trade War With US

Putin - Russia May Use Nukes Only As A Response Strike

Attacking Russia Would Be Catastrophe For Mankind

Putin Praises Trump But Says The Entire
US Political System Is Eating Itself

Putin Made His Speech, Now Watch US Bankrupt Itself

Putin Sings Russian Natl Anthem With 130,000 - Vid

US Pumps Billions Into Meddling In Affairs
Of Foreign Nations - Russian Senator

Leaked Emails Show UAE Lobbied For Tillerson Firing

Ex-Russian Double Agent Skripal & Daughter
Were Exposed To Deadly Nerve Agent

The Spy With The Louis Vuitton bag

US Establishment Lies Through Its Teeth
For War Against Russia

Strzok Ignored Evidence Of Clinton Server Breach

Oz Diplomat Whose Tip Prompted FBI Russia-Probe
Has Tie To Clintons

FBI Agent Was Told Of Possible Breach
Into Clinton's Server But Didn?t Follow Up

China Takeover Of Djibouti Port Bad Consequences For US

China Ups Defense Budget By 8% To £125 Billion

China?s Hypersonic Tech Poses Existential Risk To US Carrier Fleet - Pentagon Official

Chinese Space Station Could Emit Highly Toxic
Vapors When It Crashes Back To Earth

US Navy To Dispense With Almost 140 FA-18 Fighter Jets

Google Working With Pentagon On AI For Drone Improvement

Belgium Begins Free Distribution Of Iodine Pills
'In Case Of Nuclear Disaster'

Oops! UK Tabloid Presents Text Of 8th Grader
As Proof Of Anti-Spy Conspiracy

1978 - The Year Today?s World Was Made

Here Is Broward Sheriff's Capt Who Told Deputies To
Wait Outside Cruz Slaughtered Students And Teachers

Miami Dolphins Owner - 'All Our Players Will Be
Standing' For National Anthem

ISIS-Inspired Teen Tries To Detonate Bomb At UT HS

Facebook ?Secret? File On You Bigger Than You Think

The Unrealized Promise of Joe Biden

Syrian Muslim In Germany Threatens Women Who
'Irritate' Husbands After Killing Own Wife

Man ?Mutilated & Scalped? In Paris Restaurant
By Muslims With Machete And Saber

NYT Admits 'Trump Is Right' About Grenade
And AK-47 Attacks In Sweden

US Threatens Escalated Military Action In Syria

500,000 'Captagon' Drug Tablets Found On Syria Border

Alarm Over Pentagon?s 60,000 Terrorist Army In Syria

Ukraine Begins Seizure Of Russian Energy
Giant Gazprom's Assets

Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine Create New
Anti-Russian, Pro-NATO Alliance

Uber Trucks Shuttling Goods Across AZ - By Themselves

Imminent Collapse Of US Dollar & Other Currencies

The Image Of What The Economist Predicted In 1988

Steve Bannon Lauds Cryptocurrency As A Tool
To Resist The "European Establishment "

Cryptocurrencies Subject To Regulation As
Commodities - US Judge Rules

VZ Opposition Judge Declares Petro Crypto Illegal

Oz Anti-Vaxxers Provide New Model For The World

Hollywood Honors Anti-Russia Propaganda Film

AI Now Being Used To Predict Crime?

Severe Agricultural Damage Across Europe

Dead Sea Creatures Has Turned
England's Beaches Into A Horror Show

Nor'easter No. 2 Hits East Coast

Native Am OR Tribe Sees Hope With Legal Pot

US Cities With The Worst Commute To Work

Why I'm Beginning To Dislike UFOlogy - Randle

UFO Research Gets New Life By Way
Of The Pentagon's Mysterious Project

Dazzling ?Meteor? Blazes Across Sky In Russian Urals - Vid

World Has No Plan In Place For Next Cataclysmic Eruption

Japan Launches Guest-Saving Floating Hotel - Vid

These Are The Dirtiest Places In Airports

Has Dopamine Got Us Hooked On Tech?

13 Yr Old Denied Life-Saving Treatment
Because He Used CBD Oil

Ex CIA Agent Says Agency Supplies Children To Pedos

Trump DOJ Sues CA For 'Interference' With Immig Enforcement

Trump Chief Economic Advisor, Gary Cohn, Quits

Genocidal Racist SA Political Leader Julius Malema
Says 'Go After The White Man' - Trump Must Act NOW

'Potentially Hazardous' Asteroid Bigger Than
Golden Gate Bridge Hurtles Towards Earth

Conway Violated Hatch Act On Two Occasions - Feds

Flynn Selling Home To Pay Legal Fees In Guilty Plea

Kelly Has No Idea What Jerry & Ivanka Do All Day

Trump Reverses His 'Take The Guns First' Remark

Federal Judge - Trump Within His Authority To End DACA

Trump, Bibi Chat About Palestine For Just '15 Minutes'

Netanyahu & Trump - Law Closes In On Both

Trump And Netanyahu Plot Next Moves

Sinister AIPAC's Annual Israel Lovefest

Guatemala To Move Embassy To Jerusalem In May

Israeli Firm Can Hack Into Any Cellphone, Tablet

Jeff Sessions The Mr. Magoo Buffoon


Weinstein Lawyer - Sex To Advance Film Career 'Not Rape'

Authorities Are Hiding The Surveillance Cam
Footage Of Parkland Shooting - Guess Why...

There Are Fewer School Shootings
Now Than During the 1990s

Bill Gates vs Freedom

A Day In The Life Of US Media Propaganda

Former Russian Spy In Critical Condition After
Exposure To 'Unknown Substance'

Western Media Speculates Over Ill Russian Spy - Vid

Boris Johnson Threatens World Cup Boycott
If Russia Behind Mystery Spy Incident

Macron Threatens Freedom Of Speech In France

US Supports Terrorists It Claims To Oppose

Navy First Shipboard Deployment Of F-35B To Pacific - Vid

How Far Can The Americans Be Pushed?

'My First Day As CIA Director'

US Aircraft Carrier Arrives In Vietnam

Translating Putin's Message For The 'Drooling Idiocracy'

The Day The BBC Decided Putin 'Murdered His Mate'

'Ludicrous' Samantha Power Blames Russia For
Anti-Establishment Success In Italy's Elections

'Gerasimov Doctrine' Finally Put To Rest? Russia
'Expert' Apologizes For Coining Snappy Term

The Day Putin Cried

Putin's CLEAR Message - The West Needs To Stop
Provoking War We Don't Want & No One Can Win

Sharia Law Makes Its Debut In Swedish Court

Germany Owes Poland $850 Billion For WW2 Reparations

UK Is World's Largest Legal Cannabis Producer - UN

Antifa Protesters Storm 'Alt-Right' Speech At King's College

Israel To Prevent Iran From Building Missile
Factories In Syria, Lebanon - PM

US Turned Our Region Into 'Gun Powder Depot' - Iran FM

Trump To Consider New Military Action Against Syria

Russia Offers Militants Passage From Syria E Ghouta

Russian Transport Crashes On Landing In Syria, All 39 Dead

Erdogan Won't Drop S-400 Deal With Russia Despite Sanctions

Who Loves Ya, Saudi?

Ukraine Is Freezing

Fascist European Union Demands Google, FB
Step Up Internet Censorship

Italian Election Results

Italy tells the EU to F**k-Off In Election That
Rejects EU Globalist Establishment - Vid

Make Your Choice - Change By Pain Or Insight

Martini - Will Canada Stop Requiring Aspartame Labeling?

Pak Govt Bans Ajinomoto's MSG!

Pak Gott Bans Importing Of Ajinomoto Salt

Window Shopping Gator Near Daytona Beach

Mistresses Are Big Business In China

Bacteria From Musk's Space Tesla
Could Really Mess Up A Planet

Kentucky Child Marriage Ban Delayed

Amid Cypriot Tensions, US Navy, ExxonMobil
Arrive In Mediterranean

The Truth About US Energy Dominance

These 35 Minerals Are Absolutely Critical To US Security

Imminent Collapse Of US dollar & Other Major
Currencies Will Push Gold To $10,000 - Analyst

US Upholds Ruling To Seize Bank Melli Iran's Assets

Russia Secures Spot As World's #3 Gold Miner

The Xi Silk Road Is Here To Stay

Committed investments In Russia's Far East Top $63b

PayPal Files Patent For Crypto 'Transaction System'

'Liquid Metal' Paves Way For 3D Printable Gadgets

WATCH Huge Eruption Of Japanese Volcano

Scenes Of US Homelessness A 'National Disgrace'

Apple Employees Call 911 After
Walking Into Glass Walls

Why BBG Needs Tor & Its Influence Over The 'Anonymous Browser'

Porn Age-Verification 'A Treasury Of Information'

How Do You Hear Without 'Ears'?

14 Of The Biggest Myths About Sleep

Trump All Love And Kisses To Besieged Netanyahu
At White House Visit - Vid

Steele Puff Piece Prompts More RussiaGate Hysteria

Christopher Steele - The Man Behind The Trump Dossier

NYT On Possible Illegal UAE Money To Trump Campaign

Ex Trump Campaign Aide Will Refuse Mueller's Subpoena

Br Nathanael - In Defense Of 'Hate' Speech

America's News Media Foment Hate

Race Baiting For Media Ratings

Segregation At Comic Book Con - No Straight,
White Males Allowed At Parties - Insanity Rules

Ryan Rejected - Trump 'Not Backing Down' On Trade


Americans Demand Trump End Illegal DACA Amnesty

DACA Protestors Arrested In DC March

Biden Family Drama Has Everything - Sex, Hookers,
Debt, Cocaine And Son Sleeping With Dead Bro's Wife

Trump Slams Obama Admin's 'Unprecedented' Actions

Trump Raps Bush - Iraq War 'Single Worst Decision Ever'

Left Wing Moron Kimmel Drags Oscars Into The Dregs

Alt Left Zionist Political Whore Kimmel Wrecks Oscars

Oscars Ratings May Be Lowest Ever

'Russian Doping'-Themed Documentary Wins Oscar

Hollywood Honors Anti-Russia Propagand Film

Zionist ABC News Mum After Jewish Host's Anti-
Christian Hate Bigotry

Fair Media Is Dead In America ? House Intel Chair Nunes

The Great US Disinformation Double Standard

FL Teacher Kicked From Class For Her Private Views

Russia Has Its Own Web If Cut Off From The Internet

US Trying To Meddle In Russian Presidential Election
And Sow Chaos Says Ryabkov

Worldwide Election Meddling Is A 'Rich US Tradition'

Suppose You Write To You Child But Then
Remember He Can't Read?

Thousands Sign Petition Asking Trump To Let White
Farmers In SA Migrate To US - Should Be ALL Whites

Hogg Says His 'Interviews' Occurred At '9:30 am'...But
Parkland Shootings Didn't Start Until 2:21 pm! Hogg Lies

Meet The Conservative Parkland Massacre
Survivor The Media Has Largely Ignored

Parkland HS Shooting Building To Be Demolished

NRA Memberships Surge In Wake Of Media Bias

China To Increase Defense Budget By 8.1% In 2018

China Warns Taiwan It Will 'Never Tolerate
Any Separatist Schemes'

US Army Tanks To Get Invisible Israeli Missile Shields

Only Half Of US F-35 Turkeys Are Ready To Fly
The Most Expensive Fighter Jet In History

UK Conspiracy Of Silence - Rape Gangs Exposed

Atzmon - The AZZ Freak Show Starring Tom Pessah

Bibi Pushes Trump To Attend Jerusalem Emb Opening

Israel Murders Palestinian For Crime Of Farming

Israelis Spray Pal Farms In Gaza With Toxic Herbicides

NYT Pays Homage To Fascist VZ Coup Plotter

Putin Wants Arms Control

Merkel - Another Chance To Destroy Germany

German Anthem May Soon Go Gender Neutral

Brussels Forgot To Tell Berlin About Anti-Russia
Sanctions As Trade Surges

What The MSM Isn?t Telling You About Eastern Ghouta

Russia Has Evidence US Is Trying To Save
Nusra Front For Syria Regime Change - Lavrov

UK, US De Facto Confirmed Support Of Syria Terrorists

Terrorists To Allow Civilians To Leave Ghouta

US & 'Allies' Breaking Ceasefire In Syria, Not Russia

Liberating East Ghouta Rapidly

The Kleptocracy Of The Middle East

Sex Slave, Drugs, Isis & Al Qaeda in Africa

Cancer Claim Over Monsanto's Roundup
Gets Judge's Scrutiny In California

Musk's Boring Co To Dig Two Mile Test Tunnel In CA

Flippy The Burger Flipping Robot Is Now
Cooking At The CaliBurger Fast Food Chain

'Emotional Support Animals' Hurting Airlines

'The Top Of The Mountain Came Loose'

'Exceptional' US Drops Out Of Top 10 In Innovation Rankings

Harvard Prof On Leave - 18 Sex Harassment Accusations

The Truth That Was Out There...
Long John Nebel's Fight For UFOs - Pt 1

The Truth That Was Out There...
Long John Nebel's Fight For UFOs - Pt 2

Venusian Spaceships Are Landing!

Prehistoric Native Am Burial Site Found Underwater

How I Lost 45 Pounds In A Year

The Insane, Dangerous Lives Of
Alaskan Crab Fishermen

AIPAC Thanks Trump For Jerusalem Recognition

Holder Says Mueller Already Has Charges Prepared vs Trump

Putin - Russia Will Never Extradite 13 Mueller Indicted

Mueller Probe - Did UAE Donate To Trump Campaign?

Gowdy 'Reluctant' To Call For Special
Prosecutor In Hillary Email Probe - WHY?

China Will 'Take Necessary Measures' In Trump Trade War

WH Trade Director: 'No Country Exclusions'
But There Will Be Tariff 'Exemptions'

Rickards - 'Now, A Trade War - Next, A Shooting War'

US Aluminum Industry On Life Support - Gone In Two Years

All US Anti-Russian Sanctions Are Illegal - Kremlin

Globalists Weaponize Stock Market To Control Presidents

Free Press.Net Sues FCC To Save Net Neutrality

Russia?s FM On Its Presidential Election And Syria

Trump's Peace Plan Legitimizes Apartheid

Amnesty HRW Support The US War On Venezuela

1939 - Hitler's Letter To French President Begs For Peace

Mexican Illegal Assumes American's Identity For 37 Yrs
Steals $361,000 In US Taxpayer Funded Benefits!

Delegate Nick Freitas Speech Explodes - Viral Vid

The Weaponization of Social Media - Corbett Report

The US Is A Failed State

Insane US To Ring Russia With Missiles

Russia To Make Mirror Response To 'US 400 Missiles'

Russia Completes Trials Of Miniaturized Nuclear
Reactor For Cruise Missiles, Underwater Drones

Russia Avangard Strategic Systems Enter Series Production

Navy Chief Lifts Veil On The Capabilities Of
Russia's New Stealth Underwater Drone

Putin Stopped Washington's Regime Change Rampage

US Meddling in Foreign Elections - A CIA Tradition Since 1948

The US Media Manufactures More 'Fake News?
Than Russia Ever Could

How The US Establishment Lies Through Its Teeth
To Push For War Against Russia

America's News Media Foment Hate

Taipei To Boost Military Spending Over China Threat

China Accelerating Plan For Military Base In Pakistan

US Reportedly Expands Missile Strategy
...Here Are The Alleged Targets

Saakashvili's Supporters Clash With Kiev Police -Vid

Swiss Paper Reveals Alleged Ukraine-NATO Base

Roberts - Putin?s State Of The Union

Russian Su-57s in 60 Secs - Mind-Bending Stunts - Vid

Wilders - I Applaud The Way Putin Stands For His People

Making Sense Of Russian 5th Gen Fighters In Syria

NYT Blames Syria For US-Led High Crimes On Syria

Terrorists Block Civilians From Fleeing E Ghouta

The US Safe Haven For Terrorist Killers In Syria

Iran Has Evidence Of US-ISIS Collusion - Official

Iran Wants To Slap West In Face With Irrefutable
Proof Of ISIS Support

US-Led Coalition Reportedly Bombs, Kills
Civilians In Eastern Syria Again

Turkey Kills Dozens Of Pro-Assad Militia Near Afrin

Protesters Demand Netanyahu Resignation - Vid

The Real Reason Israel, Lebanon On Verge Of War?

Signs Iran And Saudi Arabia Preparing For War

As US Forces Struggle To Hold Territory In Somalia
International Peacekeepers Continue Exodus

Social Democrats Pave Way For Merkel Fourth Term

Brutal Anti-Muslimt Fight Riles German Town - Vid

'Rent-For-Sex? - Landlords Exploit Broke Millenials

Kim Dotcom Proposes Twitter Alternative Over
?Censorship Of Seth Rich Tweets'

YouTube Secretly Using Left-Wing Hate Group
Tied To Jewish Extremism To Police YT Videos

The Upside Of Corporate Internet Censorship

Someone Is Trolling The Oscars In Hollywood

Australian Anti-Vaxxers Provide New Model For World

Russia, China Agree Joint Data Center For Lunar
And Deep Space Exploration

Engdahl - Latvia Bank Killing DC Financial War On Russia

Gas Supplies To Europe As Reliable As Before - Russia

Russian LNG Heads To UK Amid Record Cold Snap?

Ukraine Freezes After Russia Halts Gas Deliveries

New Tax Law Benefiting Shareholders

Haiti, The 'Republic Of NGOs'

The Scam Artist Who Sold Fake Armored
Trucks To The US Army

Stone Age Statue Was Too Racy for Facebook

Someone Is Trolling The Sh*t Out Of The Oscars

?Bomb Cyclone? Blows Planes Like Feathers - Vid

Why Even Start Prepping?

Listen To Strange Encounter With
Mysterious Craft Over AZ - Vid

UFO Elizondo Sits For Indepth Interview

Scientist Says He?ll Prove NASA Coverup Of
ET Life On Mars With Bombshell Report

Mr. President - Start Tweeting About UFOs,
Now...Before It?s Too Late

Department of Defense UFO Program
Luis Elizondo and The Chain of Custody

Analysis Of Putin's Six Impressive New Weapons

Stunning Revelations On New Russian Weapons

A Hypersonic 'Arms-Race' Erupts As DARPA
Demands More Funding To Counter Russia

White House Reveals Concerns Of European
Leaders Over Russian Advanced Weapons

Putin's Ultimatum Is The Next Stage Of The War

'US Encircling Russia With 400 Anti-Ballistic Missiles'

US Stockpiles In Europe Are Enough To Deploy
An Extra 300,000 Troops - Russia's top brass

US-Russia Agenda One Issue - Prevention Of War

Russian Su-57s In 60 Seconds - Cutting-Edge
Fighters In Head-Spinning Stunts - Vid

Russian New Combat Laser Nuclear-Powered?

Russian Lawmakers Emphasize Putin's Address
Was A Call For Peace And Talks

Putin - This Is Not A New Cold War

Putin's March 1 Tour De Force Address

Putin - New Arms Race Was Started By US

Killer AI Just 10 Years Away - Ex Google Schmidt

Putin Demands Evidence Of Guilt Of Individuals
Accused Of Meddling In US Election

SPLC Zionists Leading YouTube's Channel Killing
...To Crush Free Speech And Erase History

Trump's America - Weaker, Divided And
Losing International Prestige

Trump Collusion? RussiaGate Is A Colossal Hoax

Contradictions In Seth Rich Murder Continue
To Challenge Hacking Narrative

World Top Five Most Evil Corporations

Trump Increases Trade War Rhetoric
Threatens EU With Tax On Cars

Trump - 'Trade Wars Are Good And Easy To Win'

Furious World Vows Retaliation To Trump Tariffs,

Gary Cohn Said Near Resignation Over Trump Trade War

Europe To Retaliate With Tariffs On Harley,
Bourbon & Blue Jeans - HOG Tumbles

Henderson - Trump's Tariffs

Does Trump With Kelly That Jerry And The Princess
Must Leave The White House?

Kushner's Real-Estate Firm Sought Money
Directly From Qatar Government

'Jared Has Faded'

How Did Melania Trump Get An 'Einstein Visa'?

Constitution Didn't Fail The People, It's The Opposite

FBI Denies Secret Comey-Obama Meeting

Nation's Sheriffs - 'Dangerous, Reckless' Oakland Mayor
Giving 'Criminal Illegals Safe Harbor'

Trump Camp Now Selling $50 'American Dreamer' Hats

15 Strange Secrets Of The White House

Tor Project 'Almost 100% Funded By The US Govt'

Disturbing Acceptance Of Google's New 'Smart' Cam

Vatican Trains Exorcists To Fight Rising Demonic Crisis

Sharyl Attkisson Accuses Obama DOJ Of Secretly
Swapping Out Her Computer Hard Drive

Cities Archive - 100 Resilient Cities

Trump OKs Sale Of Anti-Tank Weapons To Kiev
For Porky's War On Donbass

Iran Tells US - Surrender Your Nukes, Then Talk Missiles

Soros Revenge Behind Anti-Netanyahu Effort In Israel

Israeli Police Attack Couple Carrying Baby - Vid

Israelis Shoot Palestinian Farmer To Death

US Army Journal Concedes Russian Victory In Syria

Rebellion Against Captivity in Eastern Ghouta?

What Turkey, US Really Want In N Syria

US Creates 'Terrorist Reserve' In Syria

US Will Make Ghouta Full-Fledged Terrorist Stronghold

Illegal US Sanctions Extended On Russia, Venezuela

OPEC & Shale Producers To Discuss Oil In Houston

Iran Officially Bans Using US Dollars in Trade

NSA Used Porn To 'Break Down Detainees' in Iraq

Beijing Praises Putin On Russia-China Relations

China To Build Bigger, More Advanced Aircraft Carriers

In Colorado, Legal Pot Increases Housing Values

Consumers Are Revolting Against Animal Cruelty

Stings, Cow Kicks Kills More In US Than Sharks

7 Cereals You Might Think Are Healthy

Incredible Images Of LA When It Was Wetlands

Unknown 'SuperColony' Of 1.5 Million Penguins Found

Bibi Named As Beneficiary In Telecom Bribery Case

Purim Holiday - Israel Closes Border With Palestine

Israel's War On Ahed Tamimi And Family Members

Moscow Would Allow Jihadists To Lave E. Ghouta - Lavrov

Pentagon Admits Zero Evidence Of E. Ghouta Chem Attack But Still Blames Russia!

US Must Allow Humanitarian Access
To Parts Of Syria Under Its Control

Lavrov - 'Unacceptable' To Divide Terrorists
Into 'Good And Bad Ones'

Russia Helps Baghdad To Ensure Security

Fox News - Satellite Images Reveal Iran
Establishing Missile Base Near Damascus

Iran Accuses US, UK Of Attempting To Hide
Complicity In Yemen War


For Yemen's Sake, Stop Giving Saudis WMDs - Iran

Hungary's New Law Seeks To Stop Soros

State Department Gets $40 Million To Fund
New Propaganda Troll Farm

Ceasefire Farce Continues In Syria

Fake News UN Report On North Korea & Syria

Trump - US Troops Can Stay In Iraq, Syria Indefinitely

Henderson - UN Security Council A Political Weapon

How Monsanto Destroys Farming

The Truth About the US Jury System

EU To OK Marriage From Hell Between Bayer & Monsanto


Rothschild Scion Takes Banking Dynasty Crown

The US Government Lost $1.2 Trillion In 2017

India Turns To China-Based AIIB For Loans
To Fund Its Infrastructure Dream

Automakers Bow To #MeToo Pressure, Ditches Booth Girls

Cryptocurrencies Are Killing People - Bill Gates

Europol Points Finger At Alt Cryptos Criminals Go For

Why Are Central Banks Are So Scared Of Cryptos?

Bitcoin Climbs To $11,000 As China Opens
New Front Again Cryptos

Silicon Valley Joins War On Cash - Apple's
Tim Cook Seeks 'Elimination Of Money'

Telecom Giants To Set Up Mobile Internet On The Moon


Google Wants To Predict (& Prevent?) Your Death

Robot Will Bring You Beer Straight From The Fridge

Watchdog - Pesticides Put Bees 'At Risk'
NO...They Are Killing The Bees

The Battle Over The Bayou Bridge Pipeline

Dementia On The Rise In Australia

The Reason Europe Is Incredibly Cold And Snowy

Arctic Temps Rises 40 Degrees Above Normal

Patient Charged $20k For Urinalysis!

Four Firearms Every Prepper Should Consider

Shaolin Monk Throws Needle THRU Glass Pane - Vid


In This World – Not Of It

Instead Of Human Faces - She Saw Reptiles

Inside The Drug Capital Of Spain

Why You Don't Need Fish Oil Supplements

Four Strategies To Help Conquer Social Anxiety

'Hymns To The Silence'

Trump Bashing Of Sessions Called 'Mind-Boggling'

Hillary Accuses Trump Of 'Surrender' To Russians
Over Election Interference

Supreme Court Rules Detained Illegals Don't
Get Automatic Bond Hearings

Kushner Stripped Of His Top Secret Clearance

Officials From Four Countries Talked
About Exploiting Kushner

Mueller Drops Charges vs Gates In RussiaGate

Schiff Hints Mueller's Next Indictment To Hit Trump Team

Trump Tweets - Russia Probe Is A 'Witch Hunt'
With 'No Evidence Of Collusion'

Hogg-Tied To The Gunfire At Parkland School (Pt 5)

CNN Chief Jeff Zucker, Jake Tapper Mock
Critics Of Town Hall Farce - 'They'll Get Over It'

Broward Deputy Works For CAIR & 'Muslim Mafia'

Youtube Has Gone Full Blown 1984 Over The
Parkland HS Psyop - Free Speech Under Attack

Armstrong - Get Ready For Civil Unrest On A Scale Not
Seen Since The Revolutions In The USA Or In France

Br Nathanael - How To Strip The Goys Of Guns


Judge Who Was Blasted By Trump Rules
In Favor Of Wall - Says It Can Proceed

Fed Judge Rules Against Challenge To Trump Wall

Michael Wolff Busted Faking Earpiece Malfunction
During Question About Trump Affair

Hillary's Election Blame Game Zeros In On Facebook

Post Orwell Social Media Censoring Dissident Voices

Endgame Russia - NATO Sprawl Invades
Eastern Europe, No More Illusions

Are You A Russian Troll?

Trump Wants Nuclear Missiles On US Warships

US Nuke Review Assumes Risk Of Russia Confrontation

USAF Boss - Space Wars Just A Few Years Away


Averting The US-Russia Warpath

'Do You Want War With Russia?' - Backlash At
German Paper Over 'NATO's Eastern Front' Piece

Did The CIA Sabotage Russia At The Olympics?

US Warns Turkey Against S-400 Buy From Russia

US Spy Planes Spotted Near Russia's Crimea

Ukraine Gen Staff Announces Imminent War w/Russia

CDC MD Who Said Flu Shot Caused Epidemic
Vanished Over A Week Ago, Feared Murdered

US Taxpayers Pay For Big Energy Toxic Cleanups

85% Of Americans Unhappy With Congress (gosh)

Even Landlords Are Fleeing The Bay Area


California Court Ruling Ends Pesticide Spraying

The New Deal REQUIRED World War II

The Individual Is On Trial

Prominent CDC MD Vanishes After Warning Flu
Shot Caused Epidemic, Feared Murdered

Global GeoEngineering Climate Collapse...
Dead Leaves And Defoliants

Newsweek Unraveling - Dozens Of Journalists Bail
As Fraud Probe Heats Up

These CA Agents Are Coming For You Guns

US Foreign Policy Made In Israel

Merkel Admits There Are Now 'No-Go' Areas Now In Germany - She Has Done Her Job Well...

Germany - Polygamist Child Rapist On Benefits
Thanks To Communist, German-Hating Merkel


Immigration Is THE Cause Of Our Problems
Not The 'Solution' As The Left Says

Muslims Told To Kidnap And Murder Christians

Islam Must Be Stopped Or The West Is Lost

German Women March Against Muslim Violence

Swedish Feminists Headed for Parliament
With 'Completely Open Borders' Rhetoric

Welcome To Sweden - Vid

The Islamic State Of Sweden

Israeli Hackers Find Way to Break Into Any iPhone

1,000s Of US troops in Israel For Joint Military Drill

Seriously Injured 15 Yr Old Cousin Of Ahed Tamimi br /> Arrested By Israel Soldiers - Vid


EU - All Israeli Settlements 'Illegal, An Obstacle To Peace'

Israel Mulls Criminalizing Criticism Of Armed Forces

Purim Secrets Of Judaism

Russia Tu-95MSM Bomber In First-Ever Syria Strike

Russia's Su-57 In Syria 'A Message' To US – Analyst

UK Has Spent $2.4 Billion Bombing Iraq & Syria

Globalist US Ups Threat On Iran After Russia UN Veto

Growing Risk Of US-Iran Hostilities Based
On False Pretexts, Intel Vets Warn

US, Britain Liable For Saudi War On Yemen - Iran

Saudi Arabia King Salman initiates In Big Military Reshuffle


Funding Infrastructure - Why China Is
Running Circles Around America

More State Regulations And Higher Minimum Wage

Russian Startup Helps VZ Issue Oil-Backed Crypto

The Pros And Cons Of Nord Stream 2

Alibaba To Challenge Amazon & Microsoft In Europe

Cuban Cigar Sales Smokin’ On Rising Chinese Demand

Russia Sberbank Richest Bank In Europe - Briefly

US Investors Scramble To Keep Russians From
Taking Over Refineries From Texas To Maine

Fed Chair Admits 'US Is Not On A Sustainable Fiscal Path'

German Top Court Rules Cities Can Ban Diesel Cars


499 Of Every 500 People Who Think They 'Own'
Gold Really Just Own Paper- There IS NO GOLD

Jim Willie - We Need A $16,000 Gold Price To
Cover The Fed's Liabilities (But There's A Problem)

The Pillars Of US Petro-Dollar Are Being Taken Out

Hogg-Tied To The Gunfire At Parkland School (Pt 5)

UFO Battle In The Daylight Skies Over Las Vegas?
Begin At 9:14 - Video May Be Already Be Set - Vid

SHOCKER - Mueller’s Indictment Names Sanders
As Beneficiary Of Russian Election Meddling

Sanders Bashed For Spreading 'False Story' While
Deflecting Blame For Being 'Kremlin-Backed'

Oh, My - What David Hogg's Father's Employer Created -Vid

Trump: "I Would've Confronted Florida
Shooter Even If I Didn't Have A Gun"

Questions Emerge Over FL Shooter's 'Full Metal Garb'

Parkland Teacher - Masked Shooter Wore SWAT Gear - Vid

Free Listen - Yoichi Shimatsu Explains
The Zionist Parkland, Florida Shooting Op

Soros Puppet Agent David Hogg Attacks Sheriff Clarke
Over Clarke's Statement About Hogg's HERO Soros

The David Hogg Scam


Student Alexa Meadnik - Shooter Was In OPPOSITE
Direction Of Cruz During Evacuation

Coward Broward Deputy Breaks His Silence

Info Wars Gets YouTube Strike Over Parkland Video

Record Numbers Flock To Florida Gun Show

OH Sheriff Offers Free Gun Training To 50 Teachers
...Forced To Cap At 300 After Huge Response

Congressman Shot Down Instantly For Bringing
Up Zionist Hollywood Culture Of Violence, Death

CO Sheriff Firmly Defends Gun Ownership

IDF Soldier Reservists Attend U VA Jewish Panel

Catherine Austin Fitts - The State Of Our Pension Funds,
This is An Extremely Important Analysis

Trump Pivots Toward Trade Wars With Promotion Of Trade Uber-Hawk Peter Navarro


Poverty Pay, Food Stamps At American Airlines

Real Estate Bubbles - These 8 Global Cities Are At Risk

Trump: U.S. Should Execute Major Drug Dealers

Trump Orders US Veteran’s Day Military March

Undemocratic Dems Counter-Memo Lays An Egg

Orwellian FCC 'Restoring Net Freedom' Order Published

CA Democrats Refuse To Endorse Feinstein For Reelection

Oakland Mayor Tips Off Illegal Immigrants To ICE Raid

Millennials Are Fattest Generation In History

Two Somali Blacks Shoot White Shopper At Patty Doyle's
Hometown Supermarket...The Negro War On Whites


Russia’s March Presidential Election

Xi Jinping Set To Rule Beyond 2023

Chinese Protest Xi Jinping Extending Rule To 2023

The Coming War To End All Wars

London Now More Dangerous Than NYC

Next Stage Of Net Neutrality Conflict Begins

China To Change Constitution, To Let Xi Stay Forever

Argentina Fires At Chinese Vessel 'Illegally
Fishing’ In Country's Waters - Vid

Jim Carrey Penning US Govt Statements? – Russia

US Aid Ups Odds Of Civil War In Recipient Nations


Ron Paul Warns 'We Can't Continue To
Try To Run The World'

India Tests Domestic Drones Modeled After
General Atomic's Predator

Only 22 Countries Have Never Been Invaded By Britain

Iran Urges Muslims To Oppose Trump Moving
Embassy To Jerusalem

Israel OKs Bill Leading To Annexation Of West Bank.

Israel Tax Force Closure Of Palestine’s Christian Church

Palestinian fisherman Killed By Israeli forces Off Gaza Coast

Israel Blames F-16 Shutdown By Syria On Pilot Error

'Saudi Kills 20 Of Its Own Troops In Yemen'

Saudi Arabia To Allow Women To Join Military


Erdogan Telling Sobbing Girl In Army Uniform,
'If You Are Martyred We Will Honor You'

Democracy Now & Guest Slammed For Backing
NeoCon Regime Change In Syria.

Zero Chance For Syria Ceasefire

Same Old: Notorious White Helmets Report
Chemical Attack, Blame Damascus Again

Russia Rebuffs 'Bogus' Syria Chemical Attack Reports

US Sees No Evidence Of Chem Weapons In Syria

Zionist Media Blames Syria For Ceasefire Violations

Staggering Task Of Rebuilding Aleppo In Drone Video - Vid.

Russian 5th Gen Fighter Deployed To Syria

US Threats Of Force vs Damascus 'Seriously Alarm'


Terrorists In Eastern Ghouta Breach Ceasefire

Terrorists Fire US-Made Weapons At Syrian Army
In Eastern Ghouta - Reports

US ISIS Terrorists To Training Camp In Syria...Again

Turkey Deploys Special Forces To Afrin,

Putin Orders Daily Five Hour Truce In East Ghouta

E Ghouta Terrorists Hold 100s Of Civilians Hostage - Russia

E Ghouta Terrorists Hold 100s Of Civilians Hostage - Russia

Natural Gas Sets The Stage For Armed Conflict
In The East Mediterranean

Lebanon Plans to Start Offshore Drilling
In 2019 Amid Dispute With Israel

Water Most Mispriced Commodity In The World


Arctic Doomsday Seed-Vault Is Getting Upgrades

Russia To Give Over 2,000 seed Specimens To Vault

Excellent Ban Aspartame Article…They Arrive Daily

Apple, Amazon, YouTube Urged To Pull
NRA TV Channel In New Act Of Censorship

Spectacular Light Pillars Illuminate St. Petersburg

Antartica Is Freezing Not Melting

The 7 Countries With The Strictest Weed Laws

Is Earth The Largest Garbage Dump in The Universe?

The Woman Who Crawled into An X-ray Machine

Loneliness Is A Warning Sign To Be Social


The Vatican Is Training More Exorcists

Chemtrails, GeoEngineering Cover Las Vegas Skies

Chemtrails, GeoEngineering Cover Las Vegas Skies

What's Up With Those Pentagon UFO Videos?

Object Lands On Highway

Russia Overtakes China In Gold Reserves
Race To Find US Dollar Dominance

Iran Creating National Crypto To Bypass US Sanctions

Bitcoin Slides As Coinbase Informs 13,000 Customers
Of Imminent Data Handover To IRS

Why Bitcoin Is Soaring: Goldman-Backed Circle
Buys Crypto Exchange Poloniex

What's Really Happening With Venezuela's 'El Petro'?


US Senator Seeks to Crush Venezuela's Petro
Cryptocurrency Amid Sanctions

How Cryptocurrencies Spawned A New Media Industry

Trump On Shooting - Attackers Love 'Gun Free Zones'

Broward Sheriff Admits He Learned Deputy
Never Entered School BEFORE CNN Town Hall

Calls To Remove Broward Sheriff Israel For
Inaction And Incompetence Growing Fast

Student Survivors Calls For Sheriff’s Removal - Vid

When Asked About A Potential Stand Down Order
Sheriff Israel Dodges Jake Tapper's Question

Cops Mistakenly Watched Parkland Shooting
Suspect On '20+ Minute Video Delay' On YouTube

YoutTube Deletes Video Of Female Parkland Student
Who Says There Were 'Definitely' Two Shooters

Note - We Have Seen TWO Other Videos Of Male H.S.
Students Stating They Definitely Heard Shooting. Going On
In 2 Different Locations - Those Videos Are Now GONE

'March For Our Lives'
Is The Spearhead For A CIA Coup

Watch David Hogg Kicking His Zionist CNN Lines - Vid


A Gallery Of Rogues For Gun Control
(Who Want Their Own Monopoly Of firepower)

Cruz Called Cops After Guardians Took His Guns

Illegal Alien Student In Rochester Threatens HS

Key CDC Employee Missing For Over A Week
Another One Who Probably Knew Too Much

How The NSA Can Greatly Reduce School Shootings

Newsflash - Teachers Are Already Armed!

FBI Never Contacted Google After 'Professional
Shooter' YouTube Threat Reported

'Saw Something...Said Something...FBI Did Nothing!!'

WH Considering Taking Guns From 'Dangerous People'

Trump’s No Peace, Peace Plan


Watch - The Great Eustace Mullins Explain
The New World Order And How It Works - Vid

Ed Curtin - The Coming War To End All Wars

Invisible Empire - Vid

House Dems Release Memo Countering
Republican Claims Of FBI Abuse

'Total Political & Legal Bust!' - Trump Slams Dem Memo On Russia Probe & Surveillance Abuse

Trump Border Wall Begins Construction In Calexico

Does The ACLU No Longer Defend Civil Liberty?

Washington Has Engaged In Information Warfare
Including Fake News and Trolling, For Many Years/a>

Erased From History - Hitler's Final Testament

Kaku - Fear Robots, Not Aliens


An Empire Of Drones And Robots

Moscow Calls On Ukraine's Western 'Patrons'
To Stop It From Destroying Itself

Saakashvili's Supporters Launch Protest Near
Ukraine's Chief Prosecutor's House - Vid

Eight Sacrilegious Reflections On RussiaGate

Facing The Tragic Comedy Of RussiaGate

Idiot US Officials Claim Russia Hacked Winter Olympics

German Media Scares Readers With Russian
Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

'Serious' Russian influence - Ex-UKIP Leader Farage
Admits To Russian (Vodka) Connection

'Bibi Go Home!' Israelis Demand Netanyahu Resignation Over Corruption Charges - Vid

Hamas On US Embassy Jerusalem Move In May


Turkey - US 'Destroying Grounds For Peace'
With Jerusalem Embassy Move In May

South Africa To Cut All Ties With Israel

UNSC Syria Ceasefire Resolution Is Another Farce
US, NATO, Israel Want Endless War, Regime Change

Nutty Nikki's NeoCon Lunatic Rage In UNSC

Media Scoundrels On UNSC Syria Ceasefire Vote

UN SecGen Antonio Guterres Is A US Imperial Tool

Syrian Operation To Liberate Eastern Ghouta

5 Terror Groups Create Joint Command In E Ghouta

US And Russia Exchange Jabs After UN Security
Council Adopts Syria ceasefire resolution

US Coalition Should Stop 'Occupation Attitude'
in Syria - Russian Ambassador To UN


East Ghouta Militants 'Deliberately' Undermine
Humanitarian & Reconciliation Efforts - Russia

Israeli Satellite Pictures Allegedly Show
Russian Fifth-Gen Fighter Jets In Syria

US Envoy Haley Expresses Doubt Damascus
Will Comply With New UNSC Ceasefire Res

In Warning To US, Erdogan Vows To 'Break
Arms And Wings' Of militants

ISIS Not DINE, US Relocating It - Iran's Zarif

Iraq Needs S-400 Air Defense Systems
To Defend Against Air Attacks

Mosques Flattened In New Fresh
Saudi Airstrikes In Yemen

Iraq Rejects Riyadh's Request To Extradite
Over 400 Saudi 'Terrorists'

Taliban Kills At Least 18 Afghani
Soldiers During Assault On Military Base

You Could Have Been A Mllionaire - 5 Best ICOs
You Missed So Far In 2016


Cryptos Pose Serious Threat To BoA - In Its SEC Filings

Turkish National Crypto 'Turkcoin' Is On The Way

Apple Loses Bid To Ban Protests By
French Tax Campaign At Its Stores

Snapchat CEO Gets $636 Million As
Company Loses $720 Million

Berlin Logs Highest GDP, Cash Surplus Since 1990

Saudis Ready To Swing Oil Market Into Deficit

Living In A Student Dormitory - What To Know

Cave Paintings, Jewelry To Old To
Have Been Made By Homo Sapiens

Martian Sand Is Swallowing The Phoenix Lander

ATC Tapes Of OR UFO Event Released

Bigelow's Decades-Long Obsession With UFOs


Shermans 480 Acre Ranch A Hotbed For
UFOs And Bizarre Paranormal Activity

Winslow Meteorite Sells For Record Price

'Black Panther' Is Inspiring Black
Brazilians To Occupy Elite

The Humbling Power Of Holy

The Hidden Awakening Inside Religion


Is Trump Going To Fire Two Of His Top ‘Generals’?
Are Globalist CFR McMaster & Kelly On The Way Out?

The McMaster Of War

Mueller’s RussiaGate Team Is Virtually 100% Democrat !

Roberts - Russiaphobia Is Out of Control

When Will Congress Investigate Israeli
And Saudi Meddling in Our Elections?

US Foreign Policy For Dummies

Free Listen - Yoichi Shimatsu Explains
The Zionist Parkland, Florida Shooting Op

Now It Turns Out There Were FOUR Broward
Deputies Who Refused To Enter The High School!

Trump Slams Cop As ‘Coward’ For Hiding
During Shooting, Quits, Home Now Guarded


Coward Broward Cop ON Campus Who Did
Nothing While Shooting Went On Resigns

Outrage - Zionist CNN Gave Student Survivor
Question - Told Him ‘Stick To The Script’

Student ‘Reporter' David Hogg Interviews
Classmates During Shooting

‘Organizers’ Plan For 500,000 In DC For The
Zionists Anti-Gun ‘March For Our Lives’

Nobody Wants to Talk About What Many
Mass Shooters Have in Common

Time To Let Teachers Carry Guns In Class

Prohibition Never Works - Banning Alcohol Didn't Work
...And Banning Guns Won't Either

Will The Real Crisis Actors Please Stand Up?

NYT Takes Offense To The Term 'America First'

DC Dave - Mount Obama


Trump Threatens To Remove ICE Officers From
Law-Breaking Sanctuary State Of CA

Secret SpaceX Satellites - Musk Seals Years-Long
Mission To Put Starlink In Orbit - Vid

America's 4G Network Is Ranked 62nd 'Best’ In World!

Anti-Democratic Alliance For Security Democracy

Newest White-Hating Racist SA President
To Take All White Farms w/o Compensation

Award-Winning Journalist Exposes
The True Origin of the Term Fake News

Japan Erects Huge New Roof Over Fukushima Reactor

Merkel Walks Out Or Parliament After AfD
Leader Blasts Her Over Muslims

Mischief-Making Russians Are Coming?

Russia To Bar US Monitors From March Presidential Election


Did The Russians Hack English Language,Too?

State Dept Anti-Russia-Anti-Syria Big Lies

Moscow Begins Crypto-Elections Testing - Thumbs Nose At

NATO is Turning EU Into A Battlefield vs Russia

Trump May Open Path For Saudis To Acquire Nukes

US To Open New Embassy In Jerusalem In May

Murdering Palestinians By Israel Is OK

Israel OKs Building Of 3,000 New ‘Settler’ Units In E

Nikki Says Israel ‘Won’t Love’ Peace Plan
Drafted By Pro-Israel Trump Advisors

Netanyahu Fights For His Political Life


Iran Training Militants For Possible War On Israel?

Physical Evidence Prophet Isaiah Existed Is Found

Porky’s Ukrainian Law On Donbass Slammed
By Russian Duma As Step To New War

Corruption Is Still King In Ukraine

Anti-Russia-Anti-Syria Propaganda War

Russia Slams ‘Mass Psychosis’ Over Syria’s E. Ghouta

Syria’s East Ghouta Distorted By MSM Propaganda

Turkey Destroys Convoy In Syria - An Aid Convoy? - Vid

What Russian Su-57 Jets May Be Doing In Syria

Russia Has No Evidence That US-Led Coalition
Targets Nusra Front Militants - Lavrov


Pro Syrian Govt Forces Bolster Kurds In Afrin - Vid

Fuming John Prescott Slams Tory’s Corbyn Spy-Claim Tweet

UK Police Warn Drivers Against Vaping At The Wheel

Trudeau’s Indian Outfits Mocked Tirelessly On Twitter - Pics

Mag Retracts Story About ‘Alt Right Bots’ And Sen. Franken

One In 2000 - What Makes VZ Petro Crypto Special

Cryptocs - High Risk, High Profit But Can You Spend It?

Russian Gold Reserves Explode...
Plan To Dethrone King Dollar Continues

Big Pharma's War On Our Children - Over One Million
Children Under Age 6 Are On Psychiatric Drugs

Ron Paul Truth On Inflation - 'It's The Fed's Fault'


Mnuchin's Most Bizarre Claim Yet - ‘There Is No Link
Between Rising Wages And Inflation'

Venezuela - Revenge Of The Mad-Dog Empire

FBI - Marijuana Arrests Outpace All Violent Crime

Microplastic Contamination Is Affecting People
And Animals In Even Remote Alaska

CA Considering Permanent Water Restrictions

American Kids Die Earlier Than Children
In Other Developed Nations?

German Nurse Charged With 97 Murders

Maps Show Where Antarctica Is Shrinking Fastest

Bigfoot Caught In Mysterious Footage?

And Now - The Push For Antidepressants

5 Warning Signs Your Tongue May Be Sending

Living In A Student Dormitory - What To Know

Cave Paintings, Jewelry To Old To
Have Been Made By Homo Sapiens

Martian Sand Is Swallowing The Phoenix Lander

ATC Tapes Of OR UFO Event Released

Bigelow's Decades-Long Obsession With UFOs


Shermans 480 Acre Ranch A Hotbed For
UFOs And Bizarre Paranormal Activity

Winslow Meteorite Sells For Record Price

'Black Panther' Is Inspiring Black
Brazilians To Occupy Elite

The Humbling Power Of Holy

The Hidden Awakening Inside Religion


Is Trump Going To Fire Two Of His Top ‘Generals’?
Are Globalist CFR McMaster & Kelly On The Way Out?

The McMaster Of War

Mueller’s RussiaGate Team Is Virtually 100% Democrat !

Roberts - Russiaphobia Is Out of Control

When Will Congress Investigate Israeli
And Saudi Meddling in Our Elections?

US Foreign Policy For Dummies

Free Listen - Yoichi Shimatsu Explains
The Zionist Parkland, Florida Shooting Op

Now It Turns Out There Were FOUR Broward
Deputies Who Refused To Enter The High School!

Trump Slams Cop As ‘Coward’ For Hiding
During Shooting, Quits, Home Now Guarded


Coward Broward Cop ON Campus Who Did
Nothing While Shooting Went On Resigns

Outrage - Zionist CNN Gave Student Survivor
Question - Told Him ‘Stick To The Script’

Student ‘Reporter' David Hogg Interviews
Classmates During Shooting

‘Organizers’ Plan For 500,000 In DC For The
Zionists Anti-Gun ‘March For Our Lives’

Nobody Wants to Talk About What Many
Mass Shooters Have in Common

Time To Let Teachers Carry Guns In Class

Prohibition Never Works - Banning Alcohol Didn't Work
...And Banning Guns Won't Either

Will The Real Crisis Actors Please Stand Up?

NYT Takes Offense To The Term 'America First'

DC Dave - Mount Obama


Trump Threatens To Remove ICE Officers From
Law-Breaking Sanctuary State Of CA

Secret SpaceX Satellites - Musk Seals Years-Long
Mission To Put Starlink In Orbit - Vid

America's 4G Network Is Ranked 62nd 'Best’ In World!

Anti-Democratic Alliance For Security Democracy

Newest White-Hating Racist SA President
To Take All White Farms w/o Compensation

Award-Winning Journalist Exposes
The True Origin of the Term Fake News

Japan Erects Huge New Roof Over Fukushima Reactor

Merkel Walks Out Or Parliament After AfD
Leader Blasts Her Over Muslims

Mischief-Making Russians Are Coming?

Russia To Bar US Monitors From March Presidential Election


Did The Russians Hack English Language,Too?

State Dept Anti-Russia-Anti-Syria Big Lies

Moscow Begins Crypto-Elections Testing - Thumbs Nose At

NATO is Turning EU Into A Battlefield vs Russia

Trump May Open Path For Saudis To Acquire Nukes

US To Open New Embassy In Jerusalem In May

Murdering Palestinians By Israel Is OK

Israel OKs Building Of 3,000 New ‘Settler’ Units In E

Nikki Says Israel ‘Won’t Love’ Peace Plan
Drafted By Pro-Israel Trump Advisors

Netanyahu Fights For His Political Life


Iran Training Militants For Possible War On Israel?

Physical Evidence Prophet Isaiah Existed Is Found

Porky’s Ukrainian Law On Donbass Slammed
By Russian Duma As Step To New War

Corruption Is Still King In Ukraine

Anti-Russia-Anti-Syria Propaganda War

Russia Slams ‘Mass Psychosis’ Over Syria’s E. Ghouta

Syria’s East Ghouta Distorted By MSM Propaganda

Turkey Destroys Convoy In Syria - An Aid Convoy? - Vid

What Russian Su-57 Jets May Be Doing In Syria

Russia Has No Evidence That US-Led Coalition
Targets Nusra Front Militants - Lavrov


Pro Syrian Govt Forces Bolster Kurds In Afrin - Vid

Fuming John Prescott Slams Tory’s Corbyn Spy-Claim Tweet

UK Police Warn Drivers Against Vaping At The Wheel

Trudeau’s Indian Outfits Mocked Tirelessly On Twitter - Pics

Mag Retracts Story About ‘Alt Right Bots’ And Sen. Franken

One In 2000 - What Makes VZ Petro Crypto Special

Cryptocs - High Risk, High Profit But Can You Spend It?

Russian Gold Reserves Explode...
Plan To Dethrone King Dollar Continues

Big Pharma's War On Our Children - Over One Million
Children Under Age 6 Are On Psychiatric Drugs

Ron Paul Truth On Inflation - 'It's The Fed's Fault'


Mnuchin's Most Bizarre Claim Yet - ‘There Is No Link
Between Rising Wages And Inflation'

Venezuela - Revenge Of The Mad-Dog Empire

FBI - Marijuana Arrests Outpace All Violent Crime

Microplastic Contamination Is Affecting People
And Animals In Even Remote Alaska

CA Considering Permanent Water Restrictions

American Kids Die Earlier Than Children
In Other Developed Nations?

German Nurse Charged With 97 Murders

Maps Show Where Antarctica Is Shrinking Fastest

Bigfoot Caught In Mysterious Footage?

And Now - The Push For Antidepressants

Toxic Perfectionism Is On The Rise

Do Trees Talk To Each Other?

What Happens To Our Brain In Complete Silence

Why Scientific Peer Review Is A Sham

Consciousness And The Nature Of Reality

Full-Size Titanic Replace Built In SW China

Pence At CPAC Rips Media ‘Fawning’ Over Kim’s Sister


Did Trump Fail To Preserve, Protect & Defend Constitution?

Manafort, Gates Hit With 32 New Bank And Tax Indictments

McCain Associates Take Fifth On Trump Dossier Questions

RussiaGate Suddenly Becomes Bigger

Br Nathanael - The Killing Of Martin Luther King - Vid

Big Turmoil Within Trump's Veteran Affairs Dept

Emord - School Shootings & Psychiatric Drugs
Shouldn’t We Expect Aberrant Behavior? - Vid

FL Shooting Survivor - CNN GAVE ME Scripted Question After
Denying Question About Armed Guards - A Zionist Media Op

FBI Was Warned About Shooter Five Months Ago

Zionist Bolshevik Plants In CNN Town Hall Crowd
Boo A Pro Second Amendment Rape Survivor!


CNN’s Long History Of Democratic Town Hall Plants

Woman Receives Zionist Abuse, Violent Threats After
CNN Tracks Her Down And Publicly Shames Her

Media Blasts Trump Gun Chat Because He Had Notes

OH Schools Districts Train Teachers To Handle Guns

Is US War With Russia Inevitable? (Yes, As
Long As World Zionism Controls America)

Trump Advisor Overconfidence - McMaster Of War

The NYT Supports US Wars Of Aggression

Russia UN Amb Reminds Nerd Nikki That Russia Has
Legally Elected Government...Not A ’Regime'

Russia’s FSB Stops Terror Plot In St. Petersburg

Russia Sends Brand New Su-57 Stealth Fighters To Syria


Russia’s Baltic Fleet To Get Advanced S-400s In 2018

Chinese AF Deploys Advanced Fighters To Indian Border

Chinese AF Passed Through Taiwan, Philippine Airspace

Chinese Fighter Jets Train Over Tibet

US Making Biological Weapons Around The World

US Refuses To Clean Up Carcinogenic’Waste At Azores Base

NASA’s $1bn Mobile Launch Tower May Work Only Once

Japan Wants 25 More F-35s, Also Considering F-35Bs

Turkey Must Develop ‘Unmanned Tanks’ - Erdogan

Sweden Eyes Massive $22b Defense Budget Hike


Denmark Vamps Up Navy, To Hunt Submarines

Russia Opposes US Bid To Condemn Iran Over Yemen

Ex-CIA Giraldi - Israel Is Not Our Friend, It's Our Enemy - Vid

Jewish Foundation Says US Should Cut Ties
With Poland Over Holocaust Speech Law

Africans Rally To Denounce ‘Racist' Israeli Expulsions

Israeli Forces Beat Palestinian Youth To Death

Gaza On Brink Of Collapse - Author Norman Finkelstein

Humanitarian Crisis In Damascus Countryside

Lavrov Slams Trump Regime Change Agenda In Syria

Syria’s East Ghouta Terrorists Derail Peace Talks


Syrian Govt Ouster Is Aim Of West UNSC Resolution

Trump - US Troops Can Stay In Syria Indefinitely

Trump Risking Major Escalation By Killing Russians In Syria

New South African President Wants ToTake All Land
From White Farmers Without Compensation

Exposing Africa's Manmade Water Crisis

Listeriosis Outbreak Kills 172 In South Africa

Culture Wars - A Child's ‘Medical Right’ To
Change Gender In This Brave New World

CNN Full Length Interview With William Cooper
Start Listening At About The 45 Minute Mark - Vid

After Releasing Oil-Backed Petro, VZ President Hints
At Gold-Backed 'Petro Oro'

Traders Are Bullish on Bitcoin Rival Ethereum, Here's Why


Experts Ponder Impact of Ripple's
Global Expansion On XRP Rate

Who Will Buy Trillions Of US Treasuries???

Fed Rings Alarm About US Soaring Debt

Russia Surpasses China With Massive
Gold Purchases In January

ECB Minutes Reveal Fears About Currency Wars

Raising Interest Rates Is Like Starting Nuclear Chain Reaction

Hawaii Locals Fight To Save Ala Moana Beach Park - Vid
-Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell wants to change Ala Moana Beach Park

Brennan Is in Serious Legal Trouble - Lot Of Enemies

Too Many Happy White People???


China’s Great Leap Forward In Science

Watch The Boston Dynamics Robot Dog
Fight Back Against A Human - Vid

Inside The Chilling World Of Britain's Moped Gangs

Musk SpaceX To Cover Earth in High Speed internet

AI Poses Risks Of Misuse by Hackers

Funding Main Street in Rural America

Who Is The Best Oscar Winning Lead Actor Ever?

Canadian City Plagued By Mystery Noise For Eight Years


David Clarke - FL Students ‘Gun Control’ Push Has
George Soros ‘Fingerprints' All Over It

A Cure For Mass Shootings Doesn't Exist

Ron Paul - Gun Control Won't Solve The Problem


FL Teachers Pension Is Long AR-15 Gunmaker Stock

Mother Of Exploited Shooting Survivor Turns
Out To Be A CNN VIP & Anti-Trump Activist

Trump Promises Students Changes In Gun Laws

Trump Screws Base Again, Tells DOJ To Ban Gun Mods

The Military-Industrial Complex Is Winning
The 'Guns Vs. Butter' War In America

America's Toxic Cult Of Violence Turns Deadly

Emord - School Shootings & Psychiatric Drugs
Shouldn’t We Expect Aberrant Behavior? - Vid

TX Police Chief Advocates Arming Teachers

Watch - Epic Videos Of Americans Smashing Guns

1917 - GREAT Year For The Jews, Very Bad For World

Skull & Bones, Antony Sutton, Bankrolling The Enemy

The Disgraceful NYT Lying Machine

Mapping Trump’s Empire

How Much More Humiliation Can Melania Take?

Trump Jr To Give Foreign Policy Speech
While Shilling Condos In India

New Mueller Charges Again Manafort, Gates

Another Mueller Witch-Hunt Investigation Indictment

Trump Sends Warships To Black Sea To ‘Desensitize’ Russia

Trump Compromised By Russia?

Trump Mulling MORE Russia Sanctions

Russia Falsely Believes Diplomacy With US Can Work

Roberts - Nunes President, McGovern CIA Director

California By The Numbers - How Illegals Have Killed CA

Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything


ALIPAC Backs 11 GOP Senators Who
Voted Down Amnesty Bills

US Ready For Possible Space Wars - McMaster

Terrorists, Criminals Could Weaponize AI In 5 Years

Latest US Missile Intercept Failure Cost $130m

Why US, Russia, China Make Big Deal Out
Of Hitting Satellites

China To NY In 2 Hours - New China Hypersonic Jet Design

Maldives Crisis Locks China & India In Tug Of War

India To Build Major Military Base Off Africa To Face China

China Warships To East Indian Ocean In India Rivalry

Israel Preparing For Escalated War

Israel Arming At Least 7 Syria Terror Groups

Netanyahu Linked To More Suspected Bribery

Bibi Confidante To Testify Against Him In Graft Probe

Israeli Opposition Readies To Celebrate End Of Bibi


Iranian Warns We Will 'Level Tel Aviv To The Ground'

Iran Reportedly Turns Down US Secret Talks

History Lessons From Years Under Islamism

Why US Unlikely To Face War Crimes From Afghan War

US Elite Thinks It Has Divine Right To Rule The World.

US Foreign Policy - ‘Do As We Say, Not As We Do'

Why Is US Navy Ramping Black Sea Presence?

Nutty Nikki Haley Insults Palestinians And Humanity

Abbas At The Security Council

Trump Uses US Helos To Evac More ISIS
Terrorist Killers - Vid

Trump Selling US Weapons On Syrian Terrorist Website

Western Officials Complicit In Terror Crimes
On Civilians - Syria

Russia And Syria Falsely Blamed For
Civilian Deaths In Eastern Ghouta


US Caused The Military Conflict In Syria’s Afrin - Lavrov

Purported Video Of Syrian Forces In Afrin Preparing
To Fight Against 'Foreign Aggression’ - Vid

Assad’s Syrian Checkmate

Slaughter In South Africa - Vid

South Africa - Civil War - Vid

Disaster Capitalism In Puerto Rico

JoeTalk - Last Stop…Hell - Vid

Chinese Rage As Terracotta Warrior's Thumb Stolen In US

Missing History - US Oligarchs Finance Socialism

'The Petro Is Born Today’ - Maduro Launches
Oil-Backed Crypto

VZ Raised Raised $735m On Launch Of
Oil-Backed ‘Petro’ Cryptocurrency

VZ State Oil To Make Deals With Petro Cryptocurrency

Iran Mulls Own Cryptocurrency Amid US Sanctions


Bank Of England Governor Claims Bitcoin Has 'Failed'

Hackers Hijacked Tesla's Cloud Platform To Mine Cryptos

Glitch Allows Traders To ‘Buy' $20 Trillion In Bitcoin For Free

Applebees To Close 80 More Restaurants

Fed President Sounds Panic Over Level Of US Debt

Brandon Smith - New Fed Chair Will Trigger
A Historic Stock Market Crash In 2018

Peter Schiff Warns 'We're Ripe For A 1987-Style Crash'

The Calm Before The Inflationary Storm

To The One %ers - 'You Better Wake The F**K Up!'

Across The Developed World, Millennials
See Boom Times Turn To Bust

Saudis Ready To Swing Oil Market Into Deficit

Turkey Moves To Revive Iraq Oil Prod As Iran Looms

Escobar - China's 'New Silk Roads' Reach LatAm


Lavrov - US Admits Envoys Assigned To Dissuade
Partners From Doing Business With Russia

Russia To Counter Unfair US Competition
In Military Tech Field

Positive She Saw Bigfoot, Now She’s Suing CA

The Alien Agenda Just Jumped The Shark

Mike Wallace 1958 Interview With Donald Keyhoe
...UFOs Are 100% Real - Vid

UPDATE - F-15s Scrambled Over UFO
Radar & Audio Data Released Via FOIA

F-15's Scrambled Over Mystery Aircraft

The Lost Files Of Project Blue Book

Federal Agency Kills Kratom

Ancient Elephants & Mayan Shrine

Look Inside These Six Presidential Homes

Water Quality Map Of ‘Hot Spots’ Of Violations

Indonesia's Mount Sinabung Erupted
...And The Photos Are Spooky as Hell

Local Reporting Is Dying


‘Liberal’ Hollywood Celebs Shaming Porn Stars

Accused Rapist Will Probably Win Oscar

How Much US Astronaut Can Earn With NASA

Things That Drive Preppers Crazy

No More Stripteases At Funerals, Rules China

Meet The Italian Government's Orwellian
New Automated Tax Snitch

Sony Developing AI-Powered Taxi Hailing System

Fury After Twitter Purges 1,000s Of ‘Conservative’ Accts

Soros Investing More To Fight Big Tech ‘Menace'

Yale Offers Racist ‘Constructions Of Whiteness’ Course

Yellowstone - 200 Quakes In 10 Days - Ring Of Fire Awakens

Yellowstone Eruption Imminent?

Google Retinal Scan ‘Can Diagnose Cardiac Problem'

'Three Suns' Seen In St. Petersburg Sky - Photos


Wow - US To Jettison Spy Planes, Satellites Due
To Russian And Chinese Missiles - Reports

Iserbyt - The Great NeoCon Deception

Three Global Super-Powers & The End Of M.A.D.

Munich - We Are Facing Threat Of Nuclear Conflict

Watch - Secret US Rocket Leaked Online

Trump May Attack North Korea By April
Won't Wait For Congress To Declare War

US, S Korea Send N Korea A ‘Dire Warning’

US Forcing S Korean Joint Military Drills Despite NK Detente

N Korea Backed Off Secret Meeting With Pence At Games

Kim’s Sister Said Pregnant

N Korean Skater Disqualified For ‘Dirty Tactics’

Europe War Prep - Romania Orders $1 Billion
Of US HIMARS Missile Launchers

Western Pattern - ‘Seek Out Ethnic Tensions,
Inflame & Use Them As Agenda Leverage'

US Zionist Elite Thinks It Has Divine Right To Rule

FL HS Shooting Survivor Blasts Zionist Media
For Using The Dead To Push For Gun Control

Florida School Attack Exposes Pedophile Jewish Vigilantes

Manipulated Dupe & Shill Students Stage WH Demo To
Demand Gun Control - They Should Protest SSRIs - Vid

Family Members Say Florida School Shooter Was
On Antidepressants for Emotional Issues

Florida's 'Teacher Of The Year' Bluntly Explains
Why School Violence Is Out Of Control

Their Entire Objective Is To Create Fear...

Training Exercises Dovetail With
Mass Shootings…What Are The Odds?

Gun-Control Advocates Are Now Arguing Against
Safety Measures For Children

Cruz Bought 10 Rifles Before Shooting Spree

Trump Endorses Romney...Who Called Him A Fraud!

Kushner In Probe Crosshairs As Mueller Shifts
From Russia To China

Trump Orders To Determine If Russia Violated INF Treaty

How US Meddles In Other Nations Elections

Russian ‘Meddling’ As Bad As Pearl
Harbor Attack (oh, please!)

Deep State Behind Indictment Of 13 Russians - Ron Paul

Roberts - CBS Contradicts Itself On Mueller Report

CNN Roots Through Russian Garbage
Gets Tossed Out Of Russian 'Troll Farm'

CNN Talk Trash In Hunt For Russian trolls

Buchanan - 'Is That Russian Troll Farm An Act Of War?'

‘Why Is She Not Penalized?’ - US Columnist
Attacks ‘Strategic’ Russian Skater Zagitova


Why The US Democrats Desperately
Need A Russian bogeyman

Watch A Flustered John Podesta Respond To
'How 13 Russians Operatives' Outsmarted Hillary

Roberts Sums Up Mueller's Investigation - ‘Nothing!'

National Identity Demands Restrictive Immigration

Downtown SF Rotting In Third World Filth - Drug
Needles, 100s Of Piles Of Feces, Trash On EVERY Block

LA County Homeless Take City Down Third World Sewer

Letter To FDA Dr. Joseph Thomas - Imminent Health Hazard

Top Israeli General Warns War In Golan Heights

Netanyahu Confidants Arrested In Graft Probe

Spot.IM Israeli Commenting App Company Blocking
Speech Critical Of Zionism And Occupation Of Israel

Israel - From Helping Create Hamas To Bombing It

Israeli Jets Pound Gaza After Border Bombing


Ukrainian President Signs Donbass Reintegration Law
That Allows Him To Use Army To Retake Donbass

NATO Creates Military Schengen, Launches Iraq Mission

Duterte - China Military Bases Only Threaten The US

India Tests Nuclear Capable Ballistic Missile

US Actions Against The Kurds In Syria Look Like
A Deliberate Provocation - Lavrov

Dozens Of Russian, CIS Citizens Killed & Injured In Syria

Why Washington Struck Russian Contractors In Syria

Dozen+ Civilians Killed By US In Syria’a Dayr al-Zawr

White Helmets Ready Forr False-Flag
Chemical Attack In East Syria

Syrian Fighters Enter Afrin - Turkey Immediately Retaliates
With Bombardment - Turkish Lira, Stocks Tumble

Erdogan - Syrian Pro-Govt Forces Fled After Turkey Shelling

The Flu Is Ravaging America This Year


The US Wants The War In Syria To Continue

There Haven't Been 18 School Shootings This Year

US Tax Reform Boosts Corporate Profits

None Of The Promises That Were Made Will Be Kept

It’s All Designed To Transfer Your Life & Wealth To The Elite

The System Is Breaking Down - Collapse All But Guaranteed

Here Is Goldman's Chart Showing Why US Is
Headed For 'Banana Republic' Status

OPEC Pops The Question - Will Russia Say 'I Do'?

Saudi Arabia Wants $70 Oil

Anonymous Trader Becomes Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin Higher As Cryptos Regain Their Confidence

S. Korean Regulator In Charge Of Crypto Crackdown Dead

Hollywood Actor Seagal To Front New Digital Currency


Singapore Firm To Mint Islamic Crypto Backed By Gold

Bitcoin An Asset Not A Currency - New Israeli Tax Reg

Stock Dive Was ‘Appetizer’...Main Course
Is Ahead - Morgan Stanley

Bank Bail-In Risk In Europe Seen In 5 Key Charts

London's Property Crash Has Begun

150km In 25 Minutes - India Hyperloop
Test Track Open 2021

Obsession With Presidential Hair Long Before Trump

The CIA Secret On The Ocean Floor

Silicon Valley - From Disruption To Dystopia

New Yellowstone Earthquake Swarm

Fake Videos Are On The Rise

10 Cool Season Plants You Can Grow Today

The Day Amazon Murdered History

Witchcraft & Possession Driving UK Child Abuse

N Korea Media Announces Trump Plans To
Resume War Games With South Korea

US Has No 'Bloody Nose Strategy' For North Korea
As Pyongyang Prepares For 'Dialogue And War'

NK Cheerleader Talks About Preparations For Games

Will Underperforming NK Athletes Be Somehow Punished?


FL School Attack Exposes Pedophile Jewish Vigilantes

School Shooter Nikolas Cruz Admitted He Was
Jewish On Social Media Before His Rampage

Meet 'Fellow White Person’ - A Strange Twitter
Account That Exposes Jews Who Pose As White People

The List Of US Mass Shooters & The Links To SSRIs

Trump Supports More Background Checks On Guns

Is Corrupt GOP Waffling On Our Second Amendment?

Who Organized The Much Too-Quick Students ‘Nationwide’
Anti-Gun March Just Days After FL Shooting?


Disarming Those With 'Mental Illness’ Is 25% Of Pop!

Who Was Marjory Stoneman Douglas?

Soviet America Is Here - 100 Chicago Profs 'Propose To
Exclude All Viewpoints They Find Personally ‘Objectionable’

Can The Sovietization Of American Dissent Be Stopped?

Trump Motorcade Press Van Drivers Abruptly
Replaced After Gun Found in Driver’s Bag

The NYT - An Imperialist Tool

Celente - WW III To Stop Worst World Market Crash - Vid

Incredible Pandemic Hoax From The Ministry Of Truth

The US Is Executing A Global War Plan

Beating The Dead Horse Of Nonexistent Russian Meddling

The US-UK Deep State Empire Strikes Back
...'It's Russia! Russia! Russia!'

The Media-Created Russia-Collusion Story Collapses


Duma Speaker Blasts ‘Absurd’ Charges Vs The 13 Russians

Russian Meddling - Gagging On The Irony

Indictment Of Russians Over US Election Meddling
Is Pot Calling The Kettle Black

Trump Attacks Oprah - 'I Hope She Runs So She Can
Be Exposed Like All The Others'

In Raging Tweetstorm, Trump Says Russians ‘Laughing
Their Asses Off’, Mocks 'Leak Monster' Schiff

Trump Lashes Out At FBI & HR McMaster In Sat Tweets
Hey, Donald, He’s YOUR Man, Why Not Just FIRE Him?

Improvised Explosive Device (IED) At TX Border Bridge

FB - Postcards Verify Location Of Election Ad Buyers

Fearless Adversarial Journalism Doesn't Work When
You Are Funded By A Billionaire

Kim Dotcom - 'Let Me Assure You, The DNC Hack
...Wasn’t Even A Hack'

Rick Gates To Plead Guilty, Testify Against Manafort
As Part Of Mueller Deal - Report


Nationwide UFO Sightings Hit Record Highs
OR Event Reveals ATC Confusion Over UFO - Vid

The Prisoner Promised Land

CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling
Released From Wrongful Imprisonment

If NYC Was All White There Would 96% Fewer Shootings,
91% Fewer Murders And 83% Fewer Rapes

Pope Francis Says On A ‘Waiting List’ To Be A Saint!

Sergey Lavrov in Munich - More Warnings To The West

Munich Descends Into Russia-Bashing Warmongering

Russian Senators List 100 Examples Of
US Meddling In Foreign Nations’ Affairs

The Five Most Bizarre Political ‘Show And Tells'

‘US Only Gets Away With Meddling
Because Of Its UN Veto’

Why Outcome Of Potential US-China Clash
Can Be Determined By Russia

Thousands March In Kiev Demanding Porky Quit


Dueling Bibi-Iran Foreign Ministry Addresses In Munich

Lavrov - Russia Won’t Accept Statements On
Destroying Israel Or On Fighting Iran

Moscow Calls On US Not To Play With Fire In Syria

Russia, Saudis Work Out Details Of S-400 Deliveries

Lavrov Tells US It Must Get Out Of Southern Syria

Russia Terrorists Gaining Strength In US-Controlled S Syria

Who's Responsible For Destabilizing The Middle East?

If Syrian Forces Enter Afrin, It Will Be Catastrophe - Turkey

Iran Has No Military Bases In Syria - FM Zarif

Israeli Aggression On Gaza Continues

Jews Collaborating With Nazis During The ‘Holocaust’
Is A Confirmed Fact - Poland


Inside The Mind Of A Lunatic Running A Higher Ed Asylum

New Zealand Pregnancy Study - Are Diet
Fizzy Drinks Really Any Better?

Are Robots Quietly Taking Over The World?

Waymo's 'Uber-Killer' Robo-Taxi Set For AZ Rollout

Japanese Scientists Reveal On-Skin Display

Mapping the World's Wealthiest Cities

China Threatens To Retaliate If US Imposes Metal Tariffs

US Fiscal Policy Will Lead To A Debt Catastrophe: Goldman

Deutsche Bank To Fire Up To 500 Amid Tumbling Trading Revenues

ECB Governor Detained For Corruption

Bill Gates Urges Super Rich To Pay Higher Taxes

Wall Street's Most Recognizable Trader Says
‘I Have Never Owned A Share Of Stock In My Life’

Mystery Trader Buys $344 In Bitcoin As Rally Grows

Here's Why Banks Hate Cryptocurrencies

Polish Central Bank Secretly Funds Anti-Crypto
Youtube Propaganda Videos

Ethereum Founder Cryptos Could Hit Near Zero Any Time

Telegram Could Raise A Staggering $2 Billion
In Biggest Ever ICO - Another Scam?

Ukrainian Cyber-Thieves Bagged $50m In
Bitcoin Phishing Scam

Venezuela About To Launch Its ‘Petro’ Cryptocurrency

Offshore Oil Is Poised For Significant Growth

Israel To Sell Gas To Egypt In Multi-Billion Deal

Russia's Novatek And Saudi Aramco Ink
Memo Of Cooperation

Someone Forgot To Tell The Machines
The US Markets Are Closed

Space Time Capsules - Asteroids May Hold
Secret To Earth Life

Ancient ‘’Gate To Hell’ Still Emitting Poison Gas

Watch - Sumatran Volcano Blasts 5 km High Smoke Plume


Trump Motorcade Press Van Drivers Abruptly
Replaced After Gun Found in Driver’s Bag

Trump Wanted Comey Out Day One - Why Didn’t He Do It?

Gingrich - Comey In With Clintons, Out To Get Trump

Mystery Trader Buys $344 In Bitcoin As Rally Grows

Hushed Up US Nuclear Football Skirmish In China

Lavrov Orders US To Leave Area Of Control In So Syria


Globalist Mitt Romney Joins The 'We Gotta Do
Something' Crowd On Gun Control

Cruz Showed Zero Warning Signs Say Couple
Who Had Taken Him Into Their Home

Jr ROTC Leader Shocked Cruz One Of His Cadets

Media Ignoring SSRIs In FL School Shooting

Who Really Controls The World?

There Is No Justice In Our World

Roberts - Rosenstein And Mueller Running For Cover
Leaving Brennan Exposed

CBS Never-Trump Reporter Says Trump Is Aggressive
Toward Crime Only If Committed by Immigrants

Coons Blames Trump For DACA Failure

More And More PROOF Bacteria Cause Cancer

Tillerson ‘Listening’ But Won’t Drop 'Big Stick' vs N Korea

Canada Deports N Korea Asylum Seekers

Kim Impersonator Gets ‘Kick’ By North Koreans At Games


HI Bill Requires Background Checks For
Home-Schooling Parents

Your 'Smart' TV Is A Privacy & Security Dumpster Fire

The House That Spied On Me

Al Qaeda Leader Praises Israeli Strike On Syria

MBS Allows Women Increased Freedom
In Saudi Arabia

Minimum Wage Largely Unenforced

Mexican Cartels Becoming Hemispheric Threat

Some Stories About George Washington
Are Just Too Good to Be True

Australia’s PM In Damage Control

Legal Marijuana Could Save CA Wildlife

Ancient Love II – The Alignment & The Synchronicity

Lost Artwork Found Under Famous Picasso Painting


Must Read - From William Cooper’s ‘Behold A Pale Horse'

5 Reasons To Question The Official Narrative
Of The Florida School Shooting

Critical FL Shooting Facts Ignored By US Propaganda Media

Father Of FL Shooting Victim Viciously Attacked
Online For Supporting Trump (@ 2nd Amendment)

Tech Start-Up Launches 'Active-Shooter’
Mobile App For Schools

FL Teacher Of The Year Comments On Shooting


Pressure Mounts On FBI Director Wray To
Resign After Florida Tragedy

Schools On Lockdown, Students Arrested
Over Florida Shooting Copycat Threats

Reality Check - More Minnesotans Own Guns
And Violent Crime Remains LOW

New Trump Nuke Doctrine - US No Longer A Superpower

No Chance For Normalized Russia-US
Relations In Our Lifetime

Democrats & MSM Wreaked Far More Havoc
Than Russians’ - White House spokesman

Longstanding US Hegemonic Meddling Abroad

Trump Splits With McMaster On Russia Impacting Vote

Ex CIA Clapper - ‘Other Shoe To Drop’ In Mueller Probe

US Hasn't Presented Any Evidence Of
Russian Alleged Election Meddling

Facebook VP - 'The Majority Of Russian Ad
Spending Happened AFTER The Election'

Hillary Outspent The Russians 53-1 - And Lost


Ex CIA Chief Admits US Meddles In Foreign
Elections 'For Their Own Good'

Rand Paul: Is Our Military Budget Too Small
Or Is Our Mission Too Large?

City Of London's Ownership Of American Colonies

Soros Op-Ed To Control Google, FB Draws Outrage

Retail Disaster Worsens - 200 Winn-Dixie Stores To Close

Loan Shark Nation - Forcing Our Kids To Choose
Between Student Loans…And Everything Else

Russian Foreign Ministry On Syria

Incredible Vaccine Lies From The Ministry Of Truth

Black Voter Registration At ‘Black Panther’ Screenings

Beijing Building World’s Largest Drone Ship
Test Site By South China Sea

US Won’t Stop Patrols Near China Artificial
And Real Islands In South China Sea: Navy

Atzmon - The Final Stage Of Chosen Narcissism

Haaretz Propaganda On Downed Israeli F-16


Ridiculous Netanyahu - Iran In Greatest Threat To World

Netanyahu Corruption Scandal Deepening?

‘Jewish Perpetrators’ Of Holocaust Remark
By Polish PM Sparks Outrage In Israel

Bibi Slams Warsaw Claims Of Jew Holocaust ‘Perpetrators'

Swastikas Painted On Polish Embassy In Israel

McMaster's Remarks Part Of US Iranophobic Policies - Iran

Merkel Longevity Masks Disintegration Of German Politics

Escalation In Syria, How Far Can Russia Be Pushed?

China Steps Into The Middle East Maelstrom

White House Doubts Turkey's Alleged Use
Of Chemical Weapons In Syria


Yemen's Houthis Release US Embassy
Employee After 6 Months' Captivity

All 66 Die In Iranian Passenger Jet Crash


Indonesia To Buy 11 Su-35 Jets From Russia

Ukrainian Radicals Storm Russian Cultural
Center In Kiev, Burn Russian Flag

Saakashvili Says Ukraine Is A Shambles
Faces Becoming 'Failed State'

Switzerland Embraces Bitcoin Amid Global Crackdown

No Chance Of Cryptos Replacing Fiat Money - JP Morgan

China ‘One Belt, One Road’ Is Threat To US In LatAm

Armenia To Create Black Sea-Persian Gulf Transit Corridor

EU Considers US Sanctions More Than Ambiguous

4.4 Quake Shakes UK

'Ring Of Fire' Quake-Cluster Prompts Scientists
To Warn Of 'Large Rupture Sooner Than Later'

'Sudden Stratospheric Warming Event’ Fractures
The Polar Vortex In Two

Stanford Scientists Create Human-Sheep Chimera
Hoping For Affordable Organ.Transplants

Lone N Korea IOC Official Suddenly Leaves Games


Has ‘Breakthrough’ NYT Navy UFO Been Debunked? - Vid

Trump Slams FBI Over Missed Signal In FL Shooting

Roberts - The Result Of Mueller’s Investigation - Nothing

Ex-CIA Agent - US Has Long Meddled In Foreign Elections

Mind-Altering Drug Makers Fund
Anti-Gun Mainstream Media

Omarosa Asked If She Had Sex With Trump

Iranian Airliner Down With 66 Onboard

Israelis Hit Over A Dozen Hamas Sites

Japan Flexes Military Muscle Despite Olympics

Can Olympics Lead To Lasting 2-Korea Peace?


The US Needs ‘Eureka!’ Moments In Vetting,
Displacement, Discernment And integration

Dozens Of Muslim US Resettlement Agencies
Are Said To Be Closing

1944 - The Mass-Murderous
Allied ‘Liberation’ Of France

What’s Next For US Stocks

The Polar Vortex Split – Wild Weather To Come

Spring Weather Is Arriving Alarmingly Early

America Is Descending Into A Dangerous Psychosis

Who's Been Running MUFON?

Navy F-18 'Gimbal UFO' Video Explained?

Kidnapped By ETs - First Person Accounts

Japan - Underwater Magma Could Kill 100 Million

Mexico Is In The Worst Possible Place For Quakes

How To Cope With Temper

South Korea Troops, Armor In SE Asia Drills

US, S Korea Chirp - 'Too Soon To Talk Weapons With NK'
(We Have A False Flag Induced Slaughter Of N Korea First)

SK’s Moon (Pressured By US) Halts Quick Talks With N Korea


Trump Is Disposable, He's The Doorman
...'The Deep State Runs The Show'

Playboy Model Details 9 Month Covert Sex
Affair With Trump - New Yorker Mag

Inside Minds Of Hardcore Trump Supporters

More Evidence How GOP 'Tax Cut' Really Works

Kunstler On The Left's Dangerous Collective Psychosis

Cruz Posted Vid Of Cutting Himself On Social Media

Cruz’ Brother Taken And Put In Mental Hospital
‘For Tests, Evaluation’ - Can Be Held Only 12 Hrs

Zionist Media On Script - Blasts Trump, ALL Guns
Ignoring SSRIs Are Nearly Always Taken By Shooters

Mega Zionist GOP Donor Won’t Give To Pols Who Refuse
To Support Banning ‘Assault Rifles’…All Semi-Automatics
(...To Expedite The Genocide Of White American Culture)

Mass Shootings In 40% Of House Districts In 2017

Nobody Wants To Admit To The Real Reasons
Behind American Mass Shootings

The NRA Is Being Sued Over Its
Relentless Telemarketing Campaigns

Phony Mueller Investigation Witch-Hunt Indictments


Lavrov On Mueller Election Indictments - 'It’s All Blather’

Russians Did Not Alter The Outcome Of The Elections'
Highlights From Rosenstein's Press Conference

Trump - Mueller Indictment Shows 'Campaign Did
Nothing Wrong - No Collusion!

Underwhelmed Netizens React To US Indictments

Mueller Probe To Continue 'For Months'

Social Media Giants Vow To Cooperate Closely
With US Authorities In RussiaGate (yawn)

FEC Dems Wage 'Underground’ War On
Drudge, Cons Media

How WaPo, BuzzFeed, And Soros-Backed Group
Pushed The Phrase 'Fake News' Until It Backfired

US Pac Command Admiral 'Ready For War With China'

US Must ‘Prepare’ For War With China - Admiral


Russia Tests New Arctic Air-Defense System - Vid

Falsehoods And Lies - Inciting War Is A War Crime

America - A Military Nation

Zumwalt Stealth Destroyers To Get New Weapons

US Seeks Hypersonic Weapons As China Zooms Ahead

US Tests Advanced Guided Missiles From Apaches

Not A Single German Navy Submarine Is Seaworthy

Atzmon On Jews, Jewishness & Zionism - Radio
Cypress Vid

Israel To Punish Groups Supporting BDS

Debunking US Zionist David Harris
‘Special Israel' Arguments

UN Chief and Netanyahu Meet in Munich

Israelis Fire On Gaza After IED Injures Four


The Coward’s Way - Israel’s War On the Young

Turkey Hits Kurds With Toxic Gas, 6 Civilians Injured

Russian FM Warns US Against Interfering In Kurdish Issue

ISIS Hidden Landmines Injure Returning Raqqa Residents

Iranians Want jobs, Not Regime Change

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 2-17-18

Burger-Flipping Robot Set For Big Rollout In California

Father Of Artificial Intelligence - ‘Singularity In Less Than 30 Yrs'

Russian Tech Giant Tests Self-Driving Car
On Moscow Snowy Streets - Vid

Making The Fairness Doctrine Great Again

The Age Of Competitive Lying

119,000 Passports & Photo IDs Of FedEx
Customers Found On Unsecured Amazon Server


Belgian Court Orders FB To Stop Collecting Citizen Data

US Sets Date For Largest Oil, Gas Lease Sale In History

Russia’s Grain Exports Near New Record

Japan Eyes Hiking Optional Pension Age Beyond 70

Global Trade Wars Begin - Ross Recommends Major
Tariffs On Steel, Aluminum Focusing On China, Russia

Amish People Stay Healthy In Old Age

'100,000 Orangutans’ Killed In 16 Years

Making Medical Preparations

Storms Deepen Florida’s Beach Sand Crunch

Spice - Why Some Like It Hot

Link Between Sugary, Processed Food & Cancer

Inside Mystery Of The Havana Embassy


Latest Married Trump Affair - Slept With Playmate Of Year

Trump Tweets ‘No Collusion’ With Russians

Russia Denounces US Election Indictments As ‘Absurd’

13 Russians Indicted For Alleged US Election Meddling

Bannon Met With Mueller Over RussiaGate
Multiple Times This Week - Reports

Br Nathanael - Israel's Desperate Hour - Vid

Pence ‘Stopped’ Breakup Of US-S Korea Alliance

Another Kim Aide MSM Says Executed Turns Up Just Fine

N Korea Unhappy About Warmbier Mention During Games

Why NK Sent Hundreds Of Cheerleaders to Olympics

Kim Reaching Out To South Over Fear Of Being Attacked

Forbes - Why NK Should Not Have Been Allowed In Games


Elections In America Are Exercises In Deception

Justice Thomas 'Worn Down' With US ‘Victimhood Culture’

Zionist Mnuchin Breaks With Trump White House
Calls On Congress To Address Gun Violence

FL Valentine’s Massacre Saves DWS
Dems From Awan Probe

As Usual - Family Members Say FL Shooter Was On SSRIs

FL Gov Calls For FBI Boss Wray To Quit Over
Bungled Tips On Shooter’s Potential

Guantanamo ‘Prepared’ For New Inmates - US Admiral

Will 'Black Panther' Movie Lead To Anti-White Violence?

Oprah Mocks God…Waits To Hear From Him About 2020
Backs Behar For Mocking Pence ‘Listening To Jesus’

The Trump Presidency - A Repeat Of G.W. Bush?

Assange Hits Back At Intercept Claims He Backed Trump

Globalist RINOs In Senate Search For New
Amnesty Plan After 'Plan A’ Fails


SCOTUS Weighs Intervening In 'Dreamers' Problem

American Win Over Amnesty Bills And
Our Next Steps To Save America

Senate Votes Down Amnesty Proposal

Elon Musk Points Up America’s Terminal Dilemma
Diversity Or Greatness? (It Can’t Have Both)

Zionist New World Order Quotes

US Cold War Nukes In Europe Almost Useless
Pose Huge Terrorism Risk

US Flag Destroyed, Replaced With ISIS Flag At UT HS

Nixon Wanted To End The UFO-ET Coverup And Left
A Secret Letter Hidden Deep Beneath The White House

Claims Nixon Hid Proof Of ET In WH Time Capsule

JoeTalk - Big Brother Is In Control - Vid

Vice Provost Needed...Whites Need Not Apply

Over 130 Top White House Officials
Didn't Have Full Security Clearance

Sessions Cruel Prescription For Pain

How States Can Fight Sessions Marijuana Crusade


Mormons Want To Save Republican Party's Soul

Silicon Valley Billionaires Are Prepping
For The Apocalypse In New Zealand

For Whom Are The 'Useless Wars' Useful For?

78 Yrs Ago, Mass Murderer Churchill Incinerated
100,000 Defenseless Civilians in Dresden

US Army Makes Massive Artillery Orders
To Train For Conventional War

China's Rapid Military Modernization Is Stunning

US Admiral, Envoy-to-Be Warns Congress Of China War

China Militarizing So China Sea With 7 New Bases

Afghan Ex-President Karzai - No Need For
The US To Build So Many Bases

NORAD - Russia Poses 'Existential' Threat To US

Dutch Lies Over Putin's ‘Aggression' Expose
NATO War Agenda

If America ‘Won The Cold War’ Why Is There
Now A Second Cold War with Russia’?


Belgium Euthanized 10,000 In 15 Yrs - Some w/o Permission

US Preps Fleet Of Killer Robots For New Combat Vehicle

Mysterious Death Of Finnish Arms Agent in Uganda

Russia Is Taking Over Syria’s Oil And Gas

Turkey, US To Work Together In Syria Occupation - Tillerson

US Syria Strategy Means Its Military Stays 'For Ages' - Lavrov

‘Afghans File 1.7 Million War Crimes Complaints With ICC’

Atzmon - Guardians Of Judea

Israel Installs Checkpoints At Popular Old City Gate

Israel Believes Up To 50% Of Syria Air Defenses Destroyed

Brutal Bahraini State Terror Continues

Venezuela Banned From Summit Of The Americas

Boris On Brexit - Is Bojo The Cleverest
Clown In Christendom?

Right-Wing German AFD Member Under Fire
For Calling Turks 'Camel Drivers'

Soros Accuses FB & Google Of Manipulation And Deceit


With Traffic Sliding, Facebook Unveils Its Latest
Dirty Trick To Juice Engagement

Thomas Merton, Anti-War Hero

China's Dystopian Tech Could Be Contagious

Dissecting The Muted Response To Mass Shootings

New IRS Scam That Targets Your Tax Refund

Exxon Is Trying To Play The Victim

SpaceX May've Launched An 'Apollo Moment'

Press TV - NAFTA On The Ropes?

SEC Blocks China Takeover Of Chicago Stock Exchange

US Stops ‘Communist China’ Chicago Stock
Exchange Takeover

Bitcoin Recovers To $10,000 Inspiring Cautious
Optimism For Crypto Market

Maduro - ‘Illegal’ Embargo Of VZ Oil Won’t Help US


Leading Crypto Exchange Glitch Drains Customers Accounts

Sweden Poised To Become 'Battery Metal Mecca'

China Unveils Oil-Futures Launch Date

Opioid Epidemic Has Cost US $1 Trillion Since 2001

Top ICE Lawyer Admits Stealing Immigrants' IDs For Cash

Solar Storm Will Strike Earth Tonight
Weak Power Grid Fluctuations Possible

NASA Longest Running Survey
Of Ice Shattered Records In 2017

Chicken Nuggets, Cereal, Bacon Linked To Cancer

Watch How Easily This Gas Tanker
Just Crossed The Melting Arctic

The Five Graph Fetish

London's Fading East End


FL Valentine’s Massacre Saves
DWS Dems From Awan Probe

MK-Ultra - FL Shooting ‘Suspect' Cruz Says Voices
In His Head Told Him To Carry Out The Massacre

SPLC LIES Exposed - Law Enforcement Says NO TIES
Between FL H.S. Shooter And FL Militia Group

The FBI Keeps Missing Mass Shooters
...Before It’s Too Late

Student Says There Was A SECOND SHOOTER At FL HS

Another Student Says There Were TWO SHOOTERS - Vid

SWAT Terrifies Students - Force Them To Raises Bands
Threaten Them Not To Take Photos With Phones - Vid

Probable MK-Ultra Mind Controlled Shooter Called
‘White Supremacist’ By...The Zionist ADL !

Trump, Japan Say NO Talks With North Korea
Unless It Gives Up Its Nuclear Weapons

Pence Brags He Ignored Kim’s Sister At Olympics


Ron Paul - Tillerson Laid Out A Raving Neocon
Foreign Policy In His Senate Hearing

US Intel Try To Strong-Arm Trump Into Russian War

Confirmed - 'Unknown' Republican And A Democrat
Paid For The Anti-Trump Report

Why Ridiculous Official Propaganda Still Works

YouTube Joins The "Fake News" Crusade
Shuts Down Popular Conservative Channel

MSM Meltdown - Journalists Seek 'Safe Space'
To Discuss 'How To Cover Trump'

US To Pay $2.2 Billion To Lejeune Poisoned Marines

Majority Of Americans Don’t Have Even $500 In Savings

Obama - Iran Still A Threat To US, Extends Sanctions

Obama Orders Russia Sanctions Extended Another Year

Russia's S-400s Now On Combat Duty In Crimea

Russia Extends $11 Billion To Bangladesh For Nuke Plant

Escobar - So What Happens Next In Iran?


ISIS Erases Myth Of Germany's Leopard 2 Tank

Palestine Asks Russia to Stop US Embassy Move

Iraqi Forces Fully Recapture Mosul University From ISIS

Algeria Busts International Israeli Spy Cell

Tokyo Water Site Shows Benzene 79 Times Over Normal

Dr. Meryl Nass MD - Trump Doing Great, Important Things

Patterns Of Abuse By Chicago Cops

Radiation Weeks #89 And #90

Global GeoEngineering Report 1-14-17

Japanese Tourist - 6 km Off Oz Beach On Surfboard

AI Robot Created As Friend For Elderly Lady

Human Rights For Robots As 'Electronic Persons'

Prepping is Better Than Politics - Morris

Ex Philippine Cop Of 28 Years - Morris


Conway - Trump Has 'Very Specific
Plans' During First 100 Days

Trump Gets $90,000,000 In Donations For Inauguration

Pentagon Orders Head Of DC National Guard
To Resign At 12:01 PM On Inauguration Day

Not Only Are 747s Cheaper With Trump, So Are F-35s

How Donald Trump Might Be Assassinated

The Soft Coup Collapses

Rosie O’Donnell Calls For Martial Law

The Presidential Limo Is A True Beast

Trump Tweetstorm Promises Full Hacking Report

UN Org Pushes 10,000 More Muslims Into Europe
106,000 More Are Planned In The Next 2 Years


13 Yr Old German Teen Outsmarts
Dim-Witted Muslim Rapist

Snowden Overwhelmed By Talk Of Presidential Pardon

Depp Sues Ex Managers Alleging Millions In Losses

TX Doc Says Costa Rico Health Care Beats US

Israel's Manipulation Of UK Politics Must End

Navy Tried To Use Bioluminescence On The Soviets

More Than 40% California Out Of Drought

The Best High-Paying Job In Every State

Woman Killed By Superbug Resistant
To All 26 American Antibiotics

Methods Of Carrying Concealed

What Earth Will Look Like In 250 Million Yrs

Planet Nine Could Be Rogue Planet

Why Has WH Suddenly Released A Strategy For
Dealing With A Catastrophic Meteor Impact?


To Get Caught In An Avalanche

Trees - Social Networks, Complex Relationships

Defeat Diabetes & Supercharge Your Life

AI Robot Created As Friend For Elderly Lady

Human Rights For Robots As 'Electronic Persons'

Clinton Is 'Guilty As Hell' - Trump Returns To Form

Did Comey Break Rules In Clinton Email Probe?

Trump Blasts ÎSleazebag OperativesÌ For ÎRussian DossierÌ

Trump Promises Powerhouse Day 1 Agenda

Audio Of Protesters Plans For Inauguration


Insane, Violent Liberals Fantasize Of An Inauguration
Purge - 'A Murderous Bloodbath On The 20th'

Trump To Get Upgraded Limo On Inauguration Day

Roberts - Why Are Ten US Carriers Aligned In A Row?

Beijing Warns US Only 'Large Scale War' Can Stop
China From Accessing Its South China Sea Islands

China Daily - Tillerson's 'Disastrous' Statements
Could Lead To A 'Devastating Confrontation' - WAR

Disturbing Tillerson, Mattis Rhetoric On Russia, China

China-US WAR May Be Inevitable - Chinese Media

China, Russia Work Out 'Countermeasures' Against THAAD

US Tanks, Troops In Poland Threaten Russia - Kremlin


Four S-400s To Arm Western District In 2017 - Russia

Disgraceful NYT Praises Obama

Americans On Obama's Lies & Failures To Deliver

Roberts - Review Of The CIA As Organized Crime

Kirwan - Oklahoma & Outlaw Territories

Trump - CNN Is In 'Total Meltdown With Fake News'

RT Broadcasts Live On C-SPAN Feed For 10 Minutes

If You Think "Fake News" Is New, You're Wrong

Teaching WaPost How To Do Journalism One Last Time

FT Editorial Seeks Free Speech Block To Stop Fake News

Fake News Facebook One Of US 'Most Hated Companies'

Snowflake-fornia To Teach Moronnials To Spot 'Fake News'

Student Debt Doubles Under Obama - Fake News Spins It

CIA Has Spoken - Fate Of US Democracy
Is In The Hands Of Just One Russian Woman!


DC Dave - The BBC Wanted Me

May - UK Intel Officer Behind Fake Trump 'Dossier'
Has Been Unemployed From Govt For Years

Ex Brit Ambassador Key Role In Trump Investigation

Ex MI6 Spy Who Compiled ‘Golden Showers’
Report Was FBI Source For FIFA Scandal

Kremlin Blames UK For Trump 'Sex Storm'

Biden Rejects Compromising Material On Trump

Guccifer 2.0 Accuses US Of ‘Falsifying Evidence’

Merkel Hides 560,000 Muslim Crimes - Bans Reporting

French Authorities Ignore Radicalized Muslim Cops

Breakup Of EU Could Be Chance To Save Europe

News Roundup Jan 13 & More - Morris

WhatsApp Backdoor Allows Spying On Encrypted Mail

Israelis Bomb Damascus Military Airport; Syria Vows Reply


Israel Terror-Bombs Damascus Military Airport

Israel Attacks Syria After Damascus Water Secured

Terrorists Use Mustard Gas, Sarin In Syria, Iraq

Lebanese Special Forces Arrest ISIS Recruiters

Saudi Tortures Daughter On Cam To Spite Ex-Wife

Pres Medal Of Freedom Replicates Nobel Hypocrisy

A Well-Kept Open Secret - US Is Behind
India’s Brutal Experiment Of Abolishing Cash

EpiPen Maker To Lose $800 Million In 2017

Cash-Banning Harvard Prof Slams Naysayers

Bill It To The Oil Sheiks

50 Years Of Teaching Math In 'Exceptional' America

Judge Auctions FL Cops Property To Pay
For Shooting Victim’s Medical Bills

Woman With Bird Flu In China’s Macau Region

17,000 Chickens Killed In Taiwan Amid Bird Flu

JoeTalk - Commie


Why Are Wal-Mart And Boeing Laying Off Workers

El Salvador Illegal On Run After Raping 5 Yr Old Girl

Rats' Intestines Destroyed In Just 90 Days On GMO Corn

Washing Synthetic Fabrics Kills Sea Life

How Special Effects Of Silent Films Were Done

Physicists Have Created A New Form Of Hydrogen

The Scottish School For Secret Agents

The Great Molasses Flood That Ate Boston

Storm Slams into Southern California

Wolf Moon - What Is It?

What The Huygens Probe Saw On Titan

7 Causes Of Candida Overgrowth

High-dose Vitamin C Kills Cancer Cells

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits


1,000s US Troops Creep Up On Russian Border - WHY?

US Tanks, Troops On Border Pose Threat To Russia

Assange Would Agree To Extradition To US
If Obama Would Pardon Chelsea Manning

Giuliani - Trump May Re-Estabslish Ethics In Journalism

Soros Lost Nearly One Billion On Trump Election

Obama, Biden 'Knew' About 'Dossier' Before Leak

Bolton On Unverified Leak Of Dossier

Israel Bombs Syria To Drag Trump In - Morris

Ivanka Trump Shifting Gears

Another Obama Parting Gift - Increase The Police State

Hungary 'Border Hunters' Keep Muslims OUT

Congress MUST Tighten TB Testing Of Muslims And Illegals


Distinct Possibility Obama May Cause War With Russia

Obama Pours Thousands Of US Troops To Russian Border

Obama Sneaks Massive Uranium Shipment
To Iran Just Before Leaving Office

WAR TALK? Tillerson Says US Will Block China From Its
South China Sea Islands - China Is NOT Amused

WAR TALK? Mattis Says 'Russia Is Principle Threat To US'

WAR TALK? Pompeo...Trump CIA Nominee... Says It's Clear
Russia Responsible For Hacking US Election - Is He Crazy?

WAR TALK? Mattis - Russia, China & Terrorists Threaten
World Order But The US Is Ready To Engage All Three

Cartels, Smugglers Big Border Wall Push Ahead Of Trump

US Intel Nothing To Do With Memos
Compromising Trump Says Clapper

Trump - Head Of US Intel 'Denounced
Fictitious, Illegally Circulated Report'


Trump Runs Own Sting To Nab Intel Briefers - Catches Leaks

‘Profound Dismay’ - Clapper Meets With Trump Over 'Dossier'

Trump Blasts CNN Fake News - 'Credibility Will Be Gone'

Soros Lost $1 Billion Following Trump Election

FBI Reportedly Sought FISA Court Warrant
To Spy On Trump Campaign Officials

Identity Of Ex-Intel Officer Who
Prepared The Trump Dossier Revealed

Ex-MI6 Spy Flees Home After Being Outed As
The Man Behind The Trump 'Pissoir' Dossier

Dead Giveaway The 35 Page Dossier Was A Hoax?
British Don't Use 'Confidential'...They Use 'Official'

How 4Chan McFooled McCain, Buzzfeed, CIA
Into Believing Trump's Golden Showers Hit Piece

Trump Meets The Press

Why Fake News Matters

Trump Calling CNN Fake News A Good Start


Is Aljazeera The Real Thing Or A False Hero - Morris

Chuckie Todd Excoriates Buzzfeed's Editor

CNN, BuzzFeed Publish ‘Golden Shower’ Lies
...Other Media Outlets Mock Them

Two New Bills To Combat 'Fake News' In Online Media

Outrage At BBC Claims Of SECOND Russian
'Dirty Dossier' On Trump - Fake News Continues

Neocons Declaration Of War Against Trump

DC Seems On Brink Of Civil War As Elite Rip At Trump

'That's Not How Hacking Works' - Anonymous Activist
Deconstructs ODNI Report On ‘Russia Hackers’

Trump Wall Remarks Drop Peso To Historic Low

DOJ To Probe FBI Handling Of Clinton Email Probe

Roberts - War Criminal Obama Butcherer Of Women, Children

Obama Farewell Soap Opera For Liberals & Minority Pawns

Farewell, Obama, You Talked Far Too Much

Br Nathanael - Don't Move The Embassy Mr Trump!


Under Obama, Family Income Dropped, Dem Party Imploded

Senate Votes 51-48 On Resolution To Repeal Obamacare

Obamacare's Death Throes

What Deal Did Trump Make With Goldman Sachs?

Forecast - Emerging Economies To Peak, US Fades

Amazon To Create 100,000 New Jobs In The US

Why Hedge Funds Changed Mind About Trump

French Pres Candidate Le Pen Seen In Trump Tower

Discussion Of What May Be Trump's MASTER PLAN

Russia Views US Military Buildup in Europe As Threat

Russian MoD Slams US Media Allegations
Of Increased Military Presence In Syria

First Of Sukhoi-24 bombers Fly Home From Syria

Precision Weapons Could Replace Nuclear Bombs

Russia Won't Get Pulled Into New Arms Race


Crashed Russian Tu-154 Fragments
Show No Traces Of Terrorist Blast

Norway On Its Way To NATO Missile Defense

Christianity Is World's Most Persecuted Religion

Merkel Picks Up Diplomacy Award !

S K To Protest China Retaliation Over THAAD Deploy

Saudi Oil Output Lowest In 2 Years

Reconstruction Begins In Eastern Aleppo

US Military Admits Killing 30 More Afghan Civilians

US Paying Salaries To 1,000s Of Afghan 'Ghost Soldiers'

Proposed Israeli Law Gives Security
Forces Immunity From Murder

Bibi - Middle East Peace Talks 'Rigged' By Palestine, France

Israeli Embassy Countering Anti-Israel News In UK

Israeli Emb Trying To Topple Britain’s Pro-Pal Student Leader

Millennial ‘Self-Interest’ Harming Recruiting Says UK

UK Use Of US Drone Murder Model 'Shocking'


Brit Pound Hits 31 Year Low Against US Dollar

Over 20 UK Hospitals Declare Mass Overcrowding

CA Cops Skate Over Killing Man Holding e-Cig Device

Microsoft Workers Sue Over PTSD Caused By Porn!

Scientists Trying To Resurrect Elephant-Sized Cows

Deaths From Frigid Cold Rising In Europe

Watch Record Floods Hit US West Coast

'End Of The World' Sign By Italian Nostradamus Sighted In Italy

Saturn’s Spooky ‘Death Star’ Moon In New NASA Image

Is Cancer Rising From Drinking Dead Water - Morris

The Liberal Mind Crashes And Burns

Germany Wants Its Disabled To Get Laid

Camera Technology That Turned Films Into Stories

9 Fun Tricks With Static Electricity

NASA Finds Gigantic Ice Towers On Pluto

The 3 Essential Self-Defense Moves

In The 1960s, Telephone Poles Had Nuke Bomb Alarms

12,600 Yr Old Human Handprints In Himalayas

Geriatric Opioid Use: The Silent Addiction

Why Pain Is So Hard To Measure

We Were Abused As Boy Scouts

Murder, Marriage And The Pony Express

Make A Date With Another Dimension

The Bird-Like Soviet Flying Machine

Diet , Not Drugs, Is Curing Diseases

UFOs Chase Cars, Air Force Investigates 8-11-63

UFO Landing Investigated By Air N'tl Guard 9-17-66


Cloud Over Amazon WaPost And
Trumped-Up In Moscow - Pizza 9

Cheap, Whore 'Journalists' Ran The Fake Trump Sleaze

Steele - Seven Questions Answered For The Outer Dark

Brown - President Trump And Corrupt US Intel Agencies - pdf

US Intel Community Freaks Out About Russia

Intel 'Shadow War' Ends With Mighty Trump Victory

The Final Takedown Of Trump Begins in Earnest

Deep State Goes To War With The President-Elect

See Videos Of Trump Against 'Political Correctness'

FB Literally Banned ‘God’ For Criticizing US Military

David Bowie Predicted Future Of The Internet


Trump - If Putin Respects Me, I Consider That An Asset

Trump Slams BuzzFeed BS As A 'Failing Pile Of Garbage'

Trump Slams Media After Unverified Russia Connection Claims

Trump Rips CNN Reporter - 'You Are Fake News'

Trump - 'We're Going To Start Building' US-Mex Border Wall

Protesters Threaten To Paralyze DC On Inauguration

4Chan Says It Fabricated Anti-Trump Report As A Hoax


Archived Posts Prove 4Chan Trolled The CIA
With the Bogus Trump Golden Shower Story

BuzzFeed Publishes Totally Unsubstantiated
Trump Report Raising Severe Ethics Questions

Here Is The Full Report Alleging Trump Was
'Cultivated, Supported And Assisted' By Russia

Wiki - Claims Of Russia Holding Trump Data Not Reliable

Media Blasts Buzzfeed’s 'Unverified’ Trump Dossier

Even NYT Accuses CNN, BuzzFeed Of Peddling 'Fake News'

Kremlin Denies Having Compromising Data On Trump, Clinton

Russia Has No Compromising Info On Trump, Report Is BS

McCain Admits Giving 'Sensitive Info' On Trump To FBI


Gathering Of 'Compromising' Data On Trump
Financed By Democrats And Republicans

Trump And The Clinton Elite Who Amplified Fake News

US Intelligence Agencies Have No Clothes

EU Proposal Would Kill Spam In All Forms, Phone
And Net, Without Consumers Opting For It

Assange Blasts Soros Over Russian Propaganda Campaign

Hungary To Launch Crackdown On All
George Soros-Funded Organizations

Tillerson - Desstroying ISIS Must Be
America's Foremost Priority In MidEast

Tillerson - US Needs To Work With Russia When Needed

Tillerson - US Should Have Given Ukraine Weapons (wrong)


Tillerson - China's Illegal Actions In S China Sea Not Good

Clinton Email Probe Not Going Away’ – House Oversight Chair

Oregon Woman Evicted Over $338, Freezes To Death

Obama’s Clash With Israel May Cost Him Golf Membership

Best Buy Employees Paid By FBI To Spy On Customers

US Police Officers Worry More For Their Safety
In Wake Of High-Profile Shootings

US Indicts Ban Ki-Moon’s Bro & Nephew For Bribery

US Coalition ‘Acts Secretively In Syria’ – Russian Military

Russia's S-400 Regiment Enters Service Near Moscow

US Marine Corps Sends Ten F-35s To Japan

US Sends Sea-Based Radar To Korean Peninsula

N Korea Has Plutonium For 10 Nukes Says S Korea

Beijing Heavy Bomber Over Disputed S China Sea Islands

Pentagon & CBS Unveils 'Drone Swarm' Weapon

Intel Admits Era Of US Dominance Drawing To A Close

France Gets US Reaper Drones - Sends Them To Niger

IRS To Delay Refunds To Millions Of Working & Poor Families

Bitcoin Plummets After China Starts Probe Of Bitcoin Exchanges

HSBC To Relocate To France Or Ireland Post Brexit

Mario Draghi's Email Hacked By A High-Ranking Mason

Europeans Plan For Fallout From Potential EU Collapse

Russia Is Key In China-UK Eurasian Freight Rail Route

Reform Euro Or Watch It Die Within A Decade

S K Decision To Deploy THAAD Hurts Ag Trade With China

Syria Finds ISIS Chemical Substances In Aleppo

Rebels Fight Govt At Damascus Water Source

Saudi Newspaper Cartoon Shows Foreign Workers As Rats

US Immig Official Okays Muslim 'Migrants' w/Fake Passports

German Police Union Chief Lambasts
Politicians Over Skyrocketing Migrant Crime

Arms Sales Surge In Czech Republic Over Terror Fears

Germany Hunts Huge Neo-Nazi Underground Movement

More Swedish Women Haunted By Fears Of Rape

Maduro Says VZ National Assembly Attempted Coup

Giant Telescope To Search For Alien Life In Alpha Centauri

Astronomer Boldly Predicts Two Stars To Collide In 2022

High Sugar Diet Could 'Program' You To Die Younger

Weird Underwater Museum Revealed Off Canary Islands

Will Last Antarctic Peninsula Ice Shelf Crumble?

How To Create And Succeed At Personal Goals


Protesters Threaten To Paralyze DC On Inauguration

Trump Blasts Reports Of Russia 'Hacking' At News Conf

Trump Rips CNN Reporter - 'You Are Fake News'

Trump - If Russia Had Anything On Me, They'd Release It

More Allegations Against Trump Nominees

Tillerson - Russia A 'Danger'...Won't Call Putin War Criminal

Obama's Deplorable Last Hurrah

Fake News Of Russian Perv Material On Trump

Russian Hacking Fake News - Drilling To Pay Dirt

Fabricated Russian Hacking Claim Getting Surreal

The Clapper Claptrap Russian Rubbish

Bipartisan Neocon Senators Introduce
New Illegal Sanctions On Russia

Lost Documentary...Now PizzaGate - 'America's MIA Children'

Debunking US Claims About Russia
Accomplishing Nothing In Syria

Atzmon - The Plot Against Britain

Queen Elizabeth Recovers, The Enquirer Fakes News

Madagascar Plague Outbreak - 26 Deaths Reported

China - Dozens Of H79N Bird Flu Cases From December


Activists Want To Turn Trump’s Inauguration
Into One Of The Biggest Riots In US Histoiry

Roberts - 'Don't Count On Trump Being Inaugurated'

Roberts - Is Trump Beginning To Bend?

Clinton Stole Sanders Nomination - Ex CIA Agent

Trump To Inherit Biggest NATO Buildup Since Cold War

A Message For Trump…And The
73% Who Didn't Vote For Him

Obama Hiding Truth About Failed Presidency

Taiwan Scrambles Jets As China Carrier Enters Taiwan Strait

Chabad's Trump More Spreading Debt Slavery - Morris


How Many British MPs Are Working For Israel?

Driverless Vehicles Powered By AI

The Crimes Of SEAL Team 6

A Tour Of One of America's Most Toxic Rivers

Newfound Asteroid Gives Earth A Close Shave

How To Eat Healthy In 2017

Don’t Get Caught In The Cold Without This

Fly Through A Huge Volcanic Cave

Green Grass Is Fading Away In SoCal

How A Moon Slows Decay Of Pluto’s Atmosphere

The Day The Nimbus Weather Satellite Exploded


Lunatic Obama Sends 1,000s More US Troops To Europe

Watch Scores Of US Tanks Roll Through Germany On
Way To Join Thousands More Along Russian Border

US Troops Begin Arriving In Southeast Poland

US Troop Deployment Makes Europe Ready To Explode

What Obama's Farewell Address Won't Say

Assange Blasts Soros For Anti-Russian Smear Campaign

Dirtbag Dems Impede, Hassle Sessions Confirmation

Sessions Decries Caricature Of Him At AG Hearing

Heavy Security Preparation For Trump Inauguration

Bibi Cancels Davos Trip - May Attend Trump Inauguration

GM Lied To Public And Trump About Where
Cruze Sedans Sold In The USA Are Assembled

Top Trump Aide - Russia Sanctions May Be Rolled Back


A Likely Way Trump Could Be Forced Out Of Office?

Devvy - Fake News Everywhere - Who Do You Trust?

What Did Obama Tell Trump In That White House Meeting?

Is Trump The Back Door Man For Kissinger & Co?

Pressure on Trump to Continue Dirty Business As Usual

Trump Natl Security Policy To Be ‘Peace Through Strength’ - Flynn

Obama Claims 'Made America Better, Stronger'
Despite Being At War Every Day Of His 2 Terms

Trump to Stop Campus Sex Police?

Liberals Using Witch-Hunting McCarthyism On Trump

The Liberal Mind Crashes And Burns

Democrat Hysteria - Liberal Dems Claiming Russian Election
Hack And Putin Control Over Trump Are The New ‘Birthers’

Hillary's Failed Campaign Chief & Proxy Robby Mook
Blames Russia For Nonexistent US Election Hacking

State Dept - Presenting Evidence Of Russian
Election Hacking Would Be 'Irresponsible'

No Evidence Russia Altered US Election Vote Tallies - Clapper


FBI Requested Access to DNC Servers But
Has Been Repeatedly Denied - Comey

Many Equate Ridiculous ODNI Report To Iraq WMD Disaster

Insider Leaks, Not Russian Hacking - CIA & MI5 Veterans

ODNI Report Only Serves To Push Political Theories

Giraldi - Obama's DC Invented Russian 'Hacking, Interfering'

CNN Is Now Least Trusted News Network Among Viewers

Greenwald Blasts 'Fake News' Peddling Through WaPost

US, EU Seek To Control World News By Targeting RT

Against The Tyranny Of The So-Called Experts

Germany Probes Huge Spread Of Fake News Online

Where Was Streep When Obama Was Prosecuting
Whistleblowers And Bombing Weddings?

Ron Paul - Sore Loser Americans Now Political Grandstanding

China To Overtake US As Most Powerful Country - Kerry

Obama US Sanctions Five Prominent Russians

Obama Worried Americans Trust Russia More Than US Govt

Obama Regime Moves To Federalize Elections

Barack Obama’s World Is Collapsing

Prof Wants Whites To Have Individual Reparations Accts

Most US Troops Have Negative View
Of Obama As Cmdr-In-Chief

Shut Down Obama Muslim Invasion Before We're Germany

TX Rep Says Trump Will Stop Insane Muslim Deal With Oz

Scores Of Muslim Sex Attacks In Berlin Despite Security

Illegal Muslims Now Sneak Into EU Via Belarus, Lithuania

UK Racial Gang Attacks - Why Won’t MSM
Tell Us The Truth And The Numbers?

Swedish Social Workers Get Death Threats
From Angry Spouse Of Underage Girl

Swedish Street Sweepers Demand Police
Protection Against Muslim Firecracker Attacks


Henderson Press TV - Alice In Wonderland

Two Dozen Apache Choppers On Way To Seoul

B-52 Bomber Strike In Syria's Idlib Killed 20+ Civilians

West Still Wants Assad Ousted, Turkey Position Uncertain

Assad Still Stands, As Obama Prepares To Leave

Some UNSC Members Still Want War In Syria
And Removing Assad Over Having Peace

Post-War Syria Will Require Russian Security Help

ISIS Cuts Off Water To Thousands In Mosul

Dutch Journalists Blast MH17 Probe Results
After Finding Many Pieces Still At Crash Site

Dutch Court Blocks Truth-Telling On MH17 Crash

Fake Bomb Threats in 16 US Jewish Centers

IDF - 41 Israeli Soldiers Died in 2016, 15 By Suicide

US Jewish Institutions Increasingly Targeted By Violent Threats

Israeli Diplomats Warned vs Operating Brit Jew Organizations


Children Killed In Saudi Airstrike On Yemen School

ISIS Propaganda Chief Lived & Married In Britain

The Islamization Of Britain In 2016

France's Le Pen Wants Car Plant Return…Like Trump

Communist Krugman (NYT) Is Now Against Deficits?

Senior Russian Diplomat Dead In Athens Flat

Inflation In Russia Reaches Historic Low Of 5.4% In 2016

VZ Opposition Passes Anti-Maduro Motion

Mexico Cops Arrest 19 Of Their Own For Looting

Asteroid Almost Hit Earth While You Were Asleep

NASA Captures Iras Snowstorm From Space - Amazing

Could Blood Test Predict How Well You Will Age?

China’s Calls For Enhanced Measures Against Bird Flu

Pesticides Kill Over 10 Million Bees In Brazil

JoeTalk - It's Coming…


Insider Leaks, Not Russian Hacking - CIA & MI5 Veterans

FBI Releases More Documents On Clinton Probe

ISIS Has A New Weapon - Fire

Roberts - Obama Tries To Federalize Elections

Can Trump Enforce His Red Line On N Korea?

Trump Cabinet Picks Are Preparing For Grilling

5 More Big Fat Lies Obama Is Leaving Us With

How Corporations Hijacked Personhood


German Father Rescues Daughter From Syrian Rapist

12,000 Black Africans Brought Across US Border

Update - 12,000 Black Africans, Some Haitians
Brought Into US - About 30% Said To Be Muslims

1,000s Of Black Africans Try To Storm US Border

Iran To Get Natural Uranium Shipment From Russia

It’s A Retail Apocalypse

Storm Brings Wide Flooding Across NoCal

New Soda Tax Doubles Drink Prices In Philly

Europe In Grip Of Arctic Outbreak

CA Famed Tunnel Tree Is No More

Why? 100s More US Tanks Join 1,000s Already In
EU To Keep 'Peace & Freedom' At Russian Borders

Obama Vilifies Russia On ABC News Sunday

German Rage Over Obama, NATO Armor On Russian Borders

Idiot Obama Vows 'Complex’ Training ‘To Deter Russia’

OSCE Finds More Ukraine Tanks, Missiles Just
Outside Withdrawn Weapons Area In Donbass

Ukrainian Conflict To 'Escalate Until Trump Inauguration'

US Destroyer Fires Warning Shots At Iranian Vessels

Iran - UK Has Blueprints For Partitioning Mideast

Does Trump Now Accept The Fake Russian Hacking Claim?

Jewish Jared Kushner To Be Trump Senior Advisor

Delegitimizing Trump Prelude To Ousting Him Once In Office?


Trump Steps Up To AUDIT THE FED

Beijing Will Cut Ties With US If Trump Drops One-China Policy

Assange Accuses Obama Of Destroying Records

Assange Blasts ODNI Report - Says 'No Evidence' Given

Create Non-Existent Russian Hacking To Nullify
The Election Under Continuity Of Government?

Russia Slams ODNI Report On Russia 'Hacking' US Elections

Russia Tired Of Baseless US Hacking Allegations

The Op - Unelected Agents Infiltrating 'Critical Infrastructure'

Obama Urges Trump To Trust US Intel (sure thing)

Senate Will Move To Dump Obamacare This Week

Creep Streep's Disgraceful Golden Globes Speech
The Second Worst Performance Of Streep's Career

Roberts - The Coup Against Truth


Amazon Owners Bezos, Bilderberger, CIA Supplier,
Owner Of Fake News WaPost Going With AI, Robots

Trump Meets With Founder Of E-Commerce Giant Alibaba

Trump Praises Fiat Chrysler's Plan To Invest In MI, OH Plants

Trump Gets Some Revenge On Kasich

Hamburg Nurse Lured To Park By Fake Cries For Help
Then Beaten, Raped By Five African Blacks

German Rape Crisis Still Being HIdden By Govt And Media

US Muslim Kills US Embassy Worker In Mexico

60% Of Belgians Realize Islam Incompatible With EU

Scandinavian Homelessness - Side Effect Muslim Horror

Alcohol Ban, Friday Prayers - Is Bosnia Going Muslim?


Germany May Cut Aid To Countries
Refusing Deported Muslims

Man Arrested Demanding Muslim
Music Be Played At McDonalds

Laughable Pentagon Claims US Fighting ISIS Alone
And That Russia Is Doing ‘Virtually Zero’ In Syria

Russia Mulls Sending Uran-9 Combat Robots To Syria

US-Led Coalition Is Destroying Syria’s Infrastructure

ISIS Video - Toddlers Executing Prisoners On Carnival Ride

Netanyahu Invents New Way To Persecute Palestinians

Israel Won't Return Body Of Palestinian Trucker

Netanyahu Arrives In Georgia On Two-Day Visit

Netanyahu On Tape Trying To Bribe For Better Coverage


Jerusalem Attack To Keep The Truth Away - Morris

Manufacturing Winter With GeoEngineering

Fake Threats Lead To Military Budget Hikes In Sweden

Poland Gets First Strike Ability To Pose Threat To Russia

Japan Scrambles Jets Amid Flight Of Chinese Aircraft

Pakistan Tests Submarine Cruise Missiles For First Time

India To Test Nuke-Capable Sub-Launched Ballistic Missile

65,000 Rohingya Muslims Flee Myanmar To Bangladesh

Ivory Coast PM Resigns, Dissolves Government

Tucker Carlson On Streep & His New Fox Time Slot

Orlando Cop-Killer Manhunt - Female Officer Killer

US States Object To Obama’s Election Systems


UK University Reforms Pandering To 'Snowflake' Demands

Poppy Fields Forever

Putin Orders Lending Rate Slashed For Russian Regions

FBI Arrests VW Exec On Charges Of Conspiracy, Fraud

Is India’s Cash Ban A Test Case For The West?

Cabal Corrupts The Oppressed & Oppressors - Morris

Britain's Ticking $30 Billion North Sea Oil Time Bomb

Norwegian Economy At The Mercy Of Saudi Prince

Break-Up Of EU No Longer 'Unthinkable'

Wendelstein 7X Star-Machine
Proves Limitless FREE Energy

5.8 Quake Shakes Northern Canada

Two Large Meteors On Cam In NW Russia


Madman Obama Sends 100s More
US Tanks To Russia Border

Nutcase Obama Urges Trump To Trust US Intel

WkiLeaks Reveals Who Leaked Hillary's Emails

Steele - The Soft Coup Collapses,
Blackmail Revealed...What Next?

Fiat Chrysler - $1 Billion Investment In US Manufacturing

Can Trump Govern Through Twitter As President

NeoCon Hell On Earth

Israel's Impunity Continues...Social Media A Weapon - Morris

US Navy's 'Solar Warden' Deep Space Fleet Is Real

Asia’s Winners & Losers Under Trump In 2017?

ABC Enrages NFL Viewers With Anti-Trump
'Black-ish' Promo For Heat Street

Broxmeyer - Questioning The Zika Virus


Psychopathic Suicidal Univ Students Demand Philosophers Like
Plato & Kant Be Deleted From Syllabus Because They're White

Queen Almost Shot By Startled Guard During 3am Walk

Reptilians Have Created Humanity's Evil, Vicious Reality
By Implanting Their Brains Into US - We've Done Their Work

David Icke - Reality Is An Illusion

Oregon Scott's GMO Grass Seed Wars

Chemical Terror Attack 'Huge Concern' - London Fire Chief

'UFO' Photographed Over Buckingham Park UK

Disclosing Classified Info To The Press - With Permission

Chilean Navy 'UFO' Video Explained?

Official Press Release Re Chilean Navy UFO Incident

Japan Company Replaces Office Workers With AI


There Is A Coup - Homeland Security Takeover Of US Elections

Am I A Kremlin Agent For Publicizing Hillary's High Crimes?

US Report On Nonexistent Russian Hacking
Made Intelligence Community A Laughing Stock

Priebus Says - Dems To Blame For Email Hack

China Rejects US Hacking Claims

Obama Refused To Sanction China For 2014 Hack

Wiki - MSM Blindly Pro Clinton, Pushes Russia Hack Lies

Will Trump Defy Expectations & Be A Peace President?

RT Ed-in-Chief Mocks Chargers Of 'Kremlin Propaganda'

Herman - Confessions Of A Fake News Reporter


George Soros' World Is Falling

How RT Became 'Star' Of CIA, FBI & NSA 'Big Reveal' Joke

US Aristocracy Panics That Maybe Trump Is Serious

Bikers For Trump

Neo-Liberal Paranoia Is Extreme And Everywhere

Lauderdale Shooter Told FBI CIA Made Him Fight For ISIS

Anti-Intellectualism & Dumbing Down Of America

Who Does America Believe? Here Is The Answer

Newsweek Editor Viewed Child Porn 22 Times

'False Flag Weekly News' CENSORS 'PizzaGate' Reports 1/2

'False Flag Weekly News' CENSORS 'PizzaGate' Reports 2/2


Kirwan - San Francisco…An Occupied City

Kirwan - San Francisco Is Gone!

Democratic Party 'Post-Election' Strategies

Air Force Secretary - No Substitute For F-35 Turkey

CA Murderer Gets State-Paid Sex Change Surgery

Russian Sarmat ICBM Can Pierce Any Defense

Germans Protest NATO Troop Deployment

German Pols - US Tanks Undermine Regional Stability

World War III On The Way Say Western Countries

Germany - Merkel Rival Wants To Shut All Salafist Mosques

‘Germany Must Stay German’ - Bavarian Anti-Muslim Leader

Over 50% of German Women Feel Less Safe

German Vice Chan - Euro Break Up No Longer Unthinkable


Israeli Double Standard On Terrorism

Israeli Diplomat On Cam Plotting Takedown Of UK MPs

Netanyahu Threatens Jews And Arabs Alike

Hamas Says Facebook Colluding With Israel

Israel Mulls Legal Immunity Extension For IDF

Israel To Cut UN Funding In Revenge

Leaked Kerry Audio - Obama Wanted ISIS In Syria

Israeli Intel - Russia Has Iskander Missiles In Syria

War in Syria Far From Over

Syria Would Have Fallen To Terrorists Without Russia

60 Dead In Car Bomb Blast In N. Syria Town

Iraq - Turkey Agrees Pull Troops From N. Iraq

HQ Of Chechen ISIS Terrorists Seized In Mosul

Another Car Bombing Hits Baghdad’s Sadr City

Br Nathanael - Jared Kushner...Trump's Court Jew


Turkey Says Can Sell Companies, Strip Expats Citizenship

Turkish Energy Minister Says US
Hackers Attack Country’s Power Network

China Will Have 3 Aircraft Carrier Groups Soon

Beijing To Force 300,000 High-Emission Cars Off Roads

Chinese Man Guarded Bomb Shelter Forr Over 40 Yrs

Duterte Hosts Russian Navy & Invites Trump

India To Privatize Leading Defense Company

China Calls On African Nations To Join Silk Road

US State Department Warns Against Travel To Gambia

Armed Revolt Gunfire In Ivory Coast Commercial Capitol

Press TV - Oil Prices Hit 18-Month High


China Confirms Human Case of Bird Flu in Hunan Province

Moscow Celebrates Despite Coldest Christmas In 120 Yrs

From Istanbul to Moscow, Cold Snap Wreaks
Havoc Across Europe (PHOTOS)

Black Hole Spews Shredded Star Across Galaxy

Turkey Opens Underground City
Never Before Seen by the Public

Bald Eagles On The Rise

20 Must-Read Articles To Get Started Prepping

Shotguns For Survival

New Orleans Was Three Separate Cities

Woman Prays To ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Figurine

Britain Reclassifies CBD Oil As Medicine

The Millionaire Who Took On McCarthy

Stop Cleaning Your Ears With Cotton Buds

Depictions Of Magic And Witchcraft Thru History


Capriccio For A Sausage Fest By Chef Alefantis - PizzaGate 8

Roberts - A Case Study In False News Creation

Greenwald On Wikileaks, Russian 'Hacking'

US Spies Regarding Russian Hacks - Trust Us...

Trump - US Intel Has 'Absolutely No Evidence' Of Hacking

SS Chief Denies Conflict w/Trump's Private Security Team

Mnuchin Donated To One Democrat In 2016 - Look Who

Clinton Foundation Received Millions From Merkel

Kirwan - San Francisco Is Gone!

Roberts - The Governor Of Vermont Is An Idiot

Obama's War On ISIS Failed


Asinine Farce Intel Report Claims Russia Ordered
Hacking To Improve Trump's Chances Of Winning!

The Trump 'Intelligence' Briefing Has No Proof At All

John McAfee Destroys ‘Russian Hacking’ Claims

Steele - Ex CIA Agent's Special Message To Trump

US Intel Report Accusing Putin Of Helping Trump Win

Intel Report Of Russian Hacking Is A Total FARCE

'Proof' Of Russia's Trump Support
Was Compiled During Obama's Election

There Is No New Evidence Of Russian Hacking

Intel Report Before He Was Briefed

Obama WH Denies Leaking Classified Intel To NBC

Trump - Hacking Had No Effect On Outcome Of Election

Trump - Russian Hacking Story Is A 'Political Witch Hunt'

The US President The World Deserved Is Here

Roberts - Can Trump Fix The Economy In 2017?

Can Trump Save World From Transnational Oligarchy?

America's Tweeter-In-Chief

Rohrabacher (R) To Lead Delegation To Russia

Social Media Unimpressed By Report On Russia 'Hacking'

WikiLeaks - Intel Report Has Poor Sourcing, No Evidence

US Intel Report Confirms Wiki Data
On DNC, Clinton - Contain No Forgeries

All The Ways RT 'Influenced’ American Politics!

RT Frustrates DC By Giving Americans Real Facts – VA Sen

Greenwald Rips Bezos' WaPost Neocon Rag
For Shameless Lying On Russia

Senate Russian 'Hacking' Hearing Fails To Prove Anything


Madsen - McCain’s Treachery Against The US

McCain Caught Planting Landmines In Georgia

Hillary May Run For NYC Mayor, Against de Blasio

Clinton Quite Effective At discrediting Herself - Ex CIA

Stunning Last Minute Power Grab - Obama Designates
Election Systems As 'Critical Infrastructure'

Biden Says Obama Secretly 'Retaliated' vs 'Russian hacking'

'Depressed' Millennials Think Trump
Economy Is Going To Implode

FL Shooter Was Sent To A Mental Hospital
Over 'ISIS Ties' & Investigated For Child Porn

Americans Couldn't Wait To Ditch These 10 States

Judge Denies Bail For Facebook Four
Who Tortured White Chicago Teen

Pentagon Deploys 300 Marines To Afghanistan's Helmand


Israel to Cut UN Funding After Resolution

Saudi Dreams Of Becoming Top Arab-Muslim Power Gone

Major US Geopolitical Concerns Ahead

Obama's Dangerous US Military Euro Surge
To Deter Nonexistent Russian 'Aggression'

Huge US Military Force In Germany Backs NATO vs Russia

Russia's Assessment of World Conditions

Anti-Russian Sanctions Annihilated 400,000 Euro Jobs

Austrian FM Pushes For Islamic Headscarf
Ban For All Public Servants

China Forex Reserves Fall By $320 Billion

Russia Will Win Energy And Diplomacy Games In 2017

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 1-7-17

President-ElectTrump - Please Tear Down
Wall Against Mexico Before You Build It

Doom - Fraternities Can't Campaign Against Rape?

British Hospitals Try AI Helplines


FBI - Ft Lauderdale Suspect Flew To Airport To Kill

Trump Slams Critics Of Improving Relations With
Russia As Being 'Fools' And 'Stupid People'

Ft Lauderdale Terror Shooting Suspect Questioned

Obama Sends 3,600 Tanks Against Russia
Massive NATO Deployment Underway

Intel Report - No Documents Related To Podesta
Or The DNC Were Forged In Any Way

DNC's Gross Negligence Led To Hacking

Trump Orders Obama's Ambassadors To Leave By Jan 20

Trump, Other Famous Americans Who Escaped Death

Putin Once Again Proves He Is The Adult

Nobel Peace Obama Dropped 26,171 Bombs In 2016

1/3 World’s Oceans Already Damaged And
Contaminated With Fukushima Radiation

Stuxnet, Fukushima, Inevitable Cyber Apocalypse

California Braces For 1 In 10 Year Storm

Wal-Mart Shelves For Winter Weather

SUB-ZERO Drop - Atlantic Current May COLLAPSE

Underestimating A Major Freeze In Europe

One Of World’s Largest Supervolcanoes Awakens

72 Bombs A Day - How The US Spreads 'Freedom'

Disclosure Coming? Chilean Navy
Releases Stunning UFO Footage

JoeTalk - UFO

Prescription Painkillers Prolong Chronic Pain

Are You in Danger Of A Surprise Drug Test?

Amazon - A Shocking Number Of Robot Employees

Fake Charities - Where The Money Really Goes

The Aviation Industry’s Darkest Coverup

Standing Rock 2017 - The Fight Is Not Over

Unlocking The Healing Power Of You

Swimming With Otters Brings Peace, Healing


Why Is Obama Deploying 1,000s Of US Battle Tanks
& Armored Vehicles To East Europe, Russian Border?

Obama Is Amassing Troops On Russian Border

Powerful People In The US Govt Want War, Mass Death

Obama Sends More Tanks To Poland To Boost NATO

Obama Foreign Policy Legacy War And Intervention

Napolitano - Obama Is The Captain Of The Titanic

No Proof Assange Is Alive - Hannity Never Met Him

Maniac Psychopath McCain's Treachery Against US

Steele - The Trump Briefing: Assessing Russian
Activities And Intentions In Recent US Elections

Trump To Cut Neocon Deep State Off At The Knees

Trump Splits With 'Sr Advisor' Ex CIA Chief Woolsey


Trump Stunned FBI Never Asked For Access
To The DNC’s ‘Hacked Servers’

Trump Questions Lack Of FBI Probe Of DNC Servers

Fiasco Senate Hearing On Fake Russian Hacking

Senate Hearing On Russian ‘Hacking’ Flops

Obama Didn't Need Any Evidence Before
Responding To Alleged 'Russian Hacking'

Kerry 'Accepts' Russian Leadership Behind
US Democratic National Committee Hack

70% In US Believe WikiLeaks Over US Intel Officials

5 Dead In Ft Lauderdale Shooting - Terrorism Suspected

Liberal Media Scum Cheer Their Own Big Lies
About Nonexistent Russian Hacking On DNC

History Proves Dictator Obama's
Efforts To Tear Down America
- pdf

China Prepares For Trade War With Trump

Angry Japan Responds To Trump's Toyota Taunts

Trump - Mexico Will Pay Us Back For 'Great Wall'

Warning - Anti-Russia Fake News Below


Roberts - Murdering The Innocent To Support The Lie

Sputnik, RT - Grave Concern Over Infamous Liar Clapper

RT Reports On Real Events In US - Clapper Not Credible

‘Zero Proof’ - Twitter Reacts To Claptrap Clapper’s
Claims That RT influenced US Election

CNN 'Sorry' Paid Ex-CIA Analyst Called Assange Pedophile

Senate Dems Plan To Stop Trump's Muslim Registry

Norway Ponders 24 Hour Surveillance Of Muslims

Austria DEMANDS EU Limits 'Refugees' In ALL Nations

Deconstructing Kerry's Cabinet Exit Memo

Psychopath Obama WH - 'Too Early' To Tell If Black
Beating Of Handicapped White Man Was A Hate Crime!

Chicago Torture Suspects Charged With Hate Crime

American Academia Scrapes Bottom

Get The Feds Out Of Western Lands

WH Releases Strategy In Case Of ‘Killer Asteroid’


The 'Queen Is Dead' Conspiracy Hoax

Russia Begins Scaling Back Operations In Syria

Russia Pulls Out Carrier Kuznetsov From Syrian waters

Damascus Water Crisis - 5.5 Million People Affected

Kerry - Britain Derailed Obama Plan To Bomb Syria

200 Terrorists Lay Down Arms, Join Syrian Army

US Dropped More Than 25,000 Bombs,
Mostly In Syria And Iraq, Last Year Alone

House Res Supporting Illegal Israeli Settlements

US House Condemns UN Anti-Israel Resolution

Four Gitmo Detainees Transferred To Saudi Arabia

Jordan Warns US Not To Move Embassy To Jerusalem


Libya's Dismemberment? Chad Military Op Along Border

US Reaffirms Nuke Protection Of SK, Japan

US Navy Deploying New AWACS To Japan

If India Makes More ICBMs, Beijing Will Help Pakistan

Japan Recalls Amb To SK Over 'Comfort Women' Statue

Russians Didn't Hack Kiev's Artillery - Ukrainian MoD

German Vice-Chan Calls For Anti-Islamist 'Culture Fight'

Austria Refuses To Re-Open German Border

Austrian Def Chief Eyes Ways Of Ridding EU Of Muslims

Brussels Cops Call In Sick Over Excessive Workload

Economist Admits BoE Brexit Financial Collapse
Warnings Were A 'Misjudgement’

Venezuela's March Toward Default

Radioactive Death Spreading In Closed Hanford Nuke Plant

Professor Predicts Societal Collapse In 2020s


Third Bird Flu Case Registered In Hong Kong

Chilean Navy Declassifies Inexplicable UFO Footage

Geologist Pinpoints Center Of North America

The Growing Urban-Rural Worldwide Divide

Smart Baby Cam Knows If Infant Stops Breathing

Marijuana Not Associated With Risk Of Stroke

How Video Games Satisfy Basic Human Needs

Photos - How Native Americans Lived 100 Yrs Ago

A Chunk Of Hawaii Collapsed Into The Ocean

Evolutionist Mad Man Finds Our Algae Ancestor

The Legal Weed Explosion

Area Over So America Where NASA Shuts Its Satellites

NASA Voyager 2 Head For Sirius…But...

Trump Blasts Leak Of Secret Report On 'Russian Hacking'

McAfee Destroys The FBI 'Russia Hack' Report

The Latest - Roger Stone Concocted 'PizzaGate' !

Trump Sides With Assange

Hacked...Or Leaked? - pdf

The 'Russian Hacking' Story Changes Again

Efforts To Hide Muslims From SD Residents

Final Nail In Coffin For Merkel's Refugee Policy


NH Bill Would Require Courts To
Inform Juries Of Their Right To Nullify

Bunkerville Residents Are Solidly Behind Cliven Bundy

New DARPA Tech Turns Military Planes Into Drones

The Neoliberal Era Is Over

Secret Nuclear Bunker Built As UK Last Hope

Groundbreaking Chilean Navy UFO Footage

Silent Triangle UFO Spotted Over California Town

Forty UFO Sightings Debunked By Air Force

UFO Research Against Skeptics


Trump Picks Former Sen Coats As National Intel Director

More Hillary Email Trouble - New Emails
Show Passwords, Schedules Flowed Freely

Trump Already Breaking Mold Of The Presidency

FBI Didn't Examine DNC Servers Russia
Wrongfully Accused of Hacking

Prepared By Lying US Intel Sources - Trump Gets It Friday

Russian Hacks On US An 'Act Of War' - Madman McCain

Neocon McCain Accuses Russia Of An Act Of War

Clapper - RT Reporting On US 'Problems' Were
Part Of Russian Campaign To Undermine Elections


Hacker Guccifer Calls US Allegations Against Russia 'Fake'

The Russian 'Hacking' Story Changes Again

Key Parts Of Intel Testimony On Alleged "Russian Hacking"

New Twist On Fake News Russian Hacking Story

Ten Basic Forms Of Fake News Used By MSM

Trump To Revamp, Clean House On Politicized Intel Agencies

Listen Jeff w/Robert Steele - What Trump Needs

Trump - Media Lies About Relationship With Assange

Roberts - Can Trump Fix The Economy In 2017?

Trump Energizes Push For Audit The Fed Bill

Trump's Tweets To Push Gold To $1,600 In 2017

Trump Threatens Toyota - 'Build New Plant
In The US Or Pay Big New Border Tax'

Trump Slams Obamacare As A Lie From The Beginning

Trump Blasts Chuckie Schumer As 'Head Clown'

Attempted Coup Against Trump Continues

Mexico Panics - Trump Leverage Far Greater Than Thought

US Former Amb To Russia McFaul Meets With Obama

WikiLeaks Suing CNN Over Ex-CIA Officials Assange Smear

Greenwald - WaPost Richly Rewarded
For Fake Stories On Russia

MSNBC Anchors Didn’t Pay Taxes While
Advocating Hikes For The 'Wealthy'

The Coming Crackdown On Free Speech

Trump-Hating, Black On White Crime Against
A Defenseless White Man In Obama's Backyard

Math Wizard Predicts US Political Turmoil Into 2020s

Obama Seized Enough Land & Water
In 8 Years to Cover TX Three Times

What Really Happened To Hitler
And The Third Reich High Command ?

Muslims Invade Latin America - Hordes Surge 25%

Italy's Grillo Slams MSM 'Manipulation Of Reality'

Blair Pours £10 Million Into His War On ‘Populism’


Foreign Intel May Be LInked To Istanbul Club Massacre - Turkey

Istanbul Nightclub Gunman Identified As Uyghur

Turkey Questions US Coalition Presence At Incirlik Base

Alleged US Airstrikes On ISIS Miss Them Every Time

Saudis Sentence Foreign Workers To Lashes
And Jail Over Unpaid Wages Protest

US-Led MIlitary Coalition increases Advisers In Iraq

Israeli Lunatics Consider Murdering Palestinians 'Heroic'

Bibi Wants Pardon For Soldier Convicted Of Manslaughter

Congress Drafting Anti-UN Bill To Avenge Israel

Israel Sets Record For KIlling Palestinian Kids In 2016

1,000s Of Chinese Construction Workers To Israel

China Carrier In S China Sea Is Testing New Weapons


China Rejects US Concern Over New Cybersecurity Laws

China Slams Trump's 'Twitter Foreign Policy'

India To Give 88 Million Cattle Unique ID Numbers

India Frees Nearly 200 Children In Biggest Child Labor Bust

India To Launch Over 100 Satellites In One Launch

Even Merkel Allies Demand Immigration Changes

Refugee Facility Burns In Germany

Christ Crucifixion ‘Too Distressing’ For Some UK Students

Video Of Same Chicago Teens Assaulting 2nd Trump Backer

Masses Shocked By Philly Beverage Tax Impact

Rabbit Hole - Tu-154, Royal Rife, Stolen Genius,
Tiberius, Pedophilia And Homosexuality - pdf

Eat, Drink, & Be Buried - Aspartame Is A Carcinogen

African Muslim 'Migrants' Have Widespread AIDS & STDs

Latent TV - New CDC Testing Recommendations

Sleeping Sickness Now In US From Botswana, Zambia

Digestive Cells Are Gatekeepers Of vCJD Brain Disease

2017 - The Year Cash Went Bye-Bye

Cruise Passengers To All Wear Tracker 'Medallions'

Industry Still Buzzing About Carrie Fisher $50 Million
Life Insurance Payout To Disney-Lucas Films

Russian Ruble Actively Growing Against US Dollar


World’s Largest Oil Trader Loans $1Billion To Iran

China To Pour $360 Billion Into
Renewable Energy By 2020

Bitcoin China Bombs By 31% In A Matter Of Hours

Eurozone Risks Losing Italy as EU Integrity Weakens

India Set To Approve Universal Basic Income

Internet To Shut Down For 24 hours In 2017
Causing Financial Markets To Crash

Elite's Dream Of A Cash Ban Now Closer Than Ever

World's Largest Miniature Railway Opens Its Fabulous
New Addition - We Invite You To Visit - View And Enjoy!

NASA Spots Mystery Object & Comet Racing Toward Earth

Mysterious Cosmic Radio Bursts Traced To Distant Dwarf Galaxy

Living Close To Busy Roads May Cause Dementia

Taiwan Culls 20,000 Chickens Infected With Bird Flu


Zombie Outbreak Could Come Close To
Wiping Out Humanity In Just 100 Days

European In Philippines Doesn't Want To Return - Morris

1 Empire After Another Promises Social Welfare - Morris

Gunmen Kill At Least 6 In Mexico’s Acapulco Resort Town

Will Minimum Wage Debate Ever Be Settled?

Most Antibiotics Consumed By Farm Animals

Natural Ways To Combat Chronic Insomnia

Worst 999 Calls Made By Timewasters This Year

Was The Star Of Bethlehem The Planet Jupiter?

The British Jet That Flew Highest Of All

US Deaths From Synthetic Opioids Surge 72%

OxyContin Addiction Goes Global

What Is CBD? – 8 Proven Benefits Of CBD


Obama Gets Classified Report On Russian 'Hacking'
Prepared By Lying US Intel Sources - Trump Gets It Friday

ObamaCare On The Chopping Block - The Fight Begins

Robert David Steele - Donald Trump's Bunker Hill Moment

Steele - Christmas Message To Donald Trump

Muslim Terrorists Said Raising $$$ In SA To Attack US

Muslims Killed At Least 30,000 Christians In 2016

Podesta's Body Language = GUILTY

Blacks Beat And Torture Special Needs White Man
‘F–k Donald Trump...F–k White People!’

Court Rules Feds Can't Prevent Local
Govts From Banning GMOs

The Barbary Coast Wars

$30k A Month Rehab To Teach Millennials Life Skills…
Like Cleaning At Home & Showing Up On Time

Wiki - Clinton & Obama Stolen National Archives Hard Drive!

Wiki Vows To 'Blow You Away' In 2017 ‘Showdown’

Robert David Steele - Donald Trump's Bunker Hill Moment

Guccifer Casts More Doubt On Obama 'Russian Hack' Hype

CA Hires Ex AG Holder 'To Fight Trump Administration'

Will California Secede From The US? I Hope So...

Lawmakers Intro Amendment To Limit Congress Terms

Trump To Revoke Obama EOs ‘On Day One’

Trump Wins Again - House GOP Reverses
Its Gutting, Overhaul Of Ethics Office

Trump Targets Healthcare Reform - 'Obamacare
Just Doesn't Work And It's NOT Affordable'


Trump Rolls - Ford To Keep Truck Plant, 3,500 Jobs Here

Trump Threatens GM - Make Cruze In US Or Pay Border Tax

Trump Promises More Action On US Jobs
After Ford Scraps $1.6 Billion Mexico Plant

Trump Election Pushes Confidence In
US Economy To Post-Recession High

Trump Scores Again - Megyn Kelly Leaving Fox For NBC

Airhead, Pinhead Women's March On Washington
May Be The Biggest Anti-Trump Demonstration

Trump Reveals 'Very Strange' Delay In Russian Intel Brief

WaPost Richly Rewarded For Fake News About Russia

WaPost Admits Its 'Russians Hacked Grid' Was Fake News

CNN Mocked For Using Screen Snaps In Russia Hack Story

Fake News Russian Hacking Accusation Persists

World's Largest Hedge Fund Mgr Slams MSM Fake News


Guardian Fake News Story On Assange
'Punishment For His Inconvenient Truth Telling'

Well, Well…WaPost Disproves Russian 'Hack' Of US Grid

Trump Effect? Major French Paper Stops Publishing Polls

Washington DC - A City Bereft Of Ethics

You’re Being Lied to!

JoeTalk - All Quiet Before The Storm

News With Ed - Special Edition

FB Ripped For Censoring 'Sexual' Statue Of Neptune

Venture Capitalist Warns Of Govt Backlash
Against Google, Facebook 'Monopolies' In 2017

Same Idiots Who Pushed Iraq War
Now Stirring Hysteria About Russia

America To Be 'Less Safe' Under Trump - Ex-CIA Spox

Now Ex-CIA Says More Than Russia Involved In US Hacks

US Police Arrest NAACP Protesters vs Trump AG Pick

Clintons, Bushes Will Partake In Trump
Inauguration - They Should Stay Away...

White Student Charged With Racism,
After Black Student Atacked Him


College Students Are Demanding Free Tampons
On Campus - They Should Also Get Free Diapers

Attempted Lynching Of Gay Man At Turkish Airport - Morris

CIA Chief Claims Russia Using ‘Scorched-Earth' In Syria

US Has Been Destroying Syrian Infrastructure Since 2012

US Coalition Ignored ISIS Oil Prod In Syria - Russian MoD

MSM Hides How Life In 'Fallen' Aleppo Returns To Normal

Opponents Faking Baghdad Blast News, Warns Iraq’s Abadi

Uninvited Saudis, Qatar Behind Syrian
Terror Groups Boycotting Peace Talks

Iraq VP Slams Terrorist Safe-Haven In Saudi Arabia

Yemen Fires Missiles At Saudi Military Boat

Identity Of Istanbul Night Club Terrorist Determined

Hypocritical Mideast states Serving Israel Interests

US Senators Bill Recognizes Jerusalem As Israeli Capitol


IDF Soldier Convicted Of Manslaughter In Pal Death

Bibi - Israel Will Try To Prevent New UNSC Resolution

Corruption Allegations Against Netanyahu Mount

Russia Deploys Air-Route Radar Complex Wrangel Island

Russian Warships Visit Philippines - Surprise Joint Drills

Siberia Physicists Creating Matter-Antimatter Collider

New Year’s Mass Sexual Assault Of Women In India

Austrian Women Report Wave Of NYE Sex Attacks

Ukraine To Ban Le Pen After Crimea Remark

Czech Interior Ministry Seeks Right Of Citizens
To Use Weapons Against Terrorists


Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ Becomes Bestseller In Germany

Poland FM Slams EU Chief Tusk As Icon Of Evil, Stupidity

Returning French Jihadist Jailed For 10 Years

Merkel Shuns Summit - Tries To Distance Herself From Elite

Climate Engineering Atmospheric Aerosols
Are Blocking The Sky From Astronomers

Confessions Of A Fake News Reporter
Column by Douglas Herman

Doom - A Liberal Academic Teaches Liberals...Or Tries

NC Cop Slams High School Girl

Resignation Of Brit EU Ambassador Unleashes Political Storm

UK-EU Ambassador 'Hopeful' Urges 'Divide, Rule' Brexit Policy

UK Army PsyOps Unit Fails To Meet Recruitment Goal

China Launches Direct Weekly Train To London

Bitcoin China Soars To Record High


Bitcoin Best Performing Currency For 2nd Year

China Warns May Dump Treasuries To Keep Yuan Stable

Google To Capture $1 Trillion Indian Digital Market

Peso Plunges To Record Low After Trump Tweet

Insurance Claim Adjusters Replaced By 'IBM Watson'

Le Pen - France Should Reintroduce Franc

Greece Unleashes 'Soft' Cash Ban

Saudis Expect 46% Hike In Oil Revenue This Yr

Growing H5N8 Genetic Diversity And Pathogenicity

6.9 Quake Off Fiji

'Big One' Coming? Small Quakes Pepper SoCal

Big Earthquake Strikes Britain Under The Sea

Beijing In Highest Warning As Heavy Smog Creeps In

Chili Pepper An Effective Weapon Against Cancer

Ancient Cliff Carvings Discovered In China

Zero Proof Diet Drinks Help In Losing Weight


A Word To Criminal Muslim 'Migrant' Savages

Muslim Sexually Assaults Disabled US Woman

Assange - A 14 Yr Old Could've Hacked Podesta Emails

Leaked Audio - Obama Wanted ISIS To GROW

10 Ways Trump Could Try To Reverse Obama Curse

Springsteen More Afraid Than Ever About Trump

WikiLeaks Hints At HUGE Revelations In 2017

The MSM Is An Enemy Of The State - They Created
'Fake News' With The CIA - Obama Blocking Transition

Fukushima - Steelhead Collapse, Humpback No Show

Refuse To Buy Or Sell With The Federal Govt

'I Don’t Think We’re Free In America'

Ford F-150 , Mustang Hybrids Coming In 2020


Bitcoin Best-Performing Currency Of 2016

Civilization At A Standstill

Chernobyl's New Sarcophagus

How The US Could Win A Trade War With China

11 Frugal Ways To Deal With Frigid Winter Temps

Is Sugar The New Smoking?

Eight Futuristic Foods You'll Be Eating In 30 Yrs

Scientists Examine 105 Yr Old Super Athlete

Running Instantly Increases Brainpower

South Bracing For More Severe Storms

The Ugly Truth About Weight Loss

The Great American Total Solar Eclipse Of 2017


Ingraham On Trump's New Policy Tweets

Ford Cancels $1.6 Billion Mexico Plant, Will Put It In MI
Cite Trump As The Reason - Trump Not Even Sworn In!

WaPost - Russian Hack Of VT Power Didn't Happen

Free Listen - George Webb - The Clinton Fdn
Bribe Funnels & Permanent-Provisional Govts

Trump Spot-On About Russians And The Election

Assange To Hannity - Our Source Was NOT Russia

Hannity Interview With Assange In Embassy

The Russian Hacking Frenzy...In 200 Words

Gorka - Political Correctness Won't Save American Lives

Deplorable Treatment - A Campaign To Impeach Trump

Obama Trying To Delegitimize Trump - Assange

Obama Interfered iIn The Brexit Vote, Not Putin

Another Look At Supreme Court Justice Scalia's Death


Roberts Says Trump Will Be Assassinated

Obama's Outrageous Vacation, Political Travel Costs
Snowden Trashed In Absurd WSJ Op-Ed

US Customs Computer System Outage
Sends International Air Hubs Into Chaos

Kissinger Possible Role In US-Russia Normalization

Trump And Kissinger

Does Trump Need Russia To Contain China?

Buchanan - Can Trump And Putin Avert Cold War II?

NYT - If Trump Targets Journalists, Thank Obama

Trump Lashes Chicago Over Growing Murder Rate

Trump Won't Allow NK Missiles To Reach US Soil

Shimatsu - Pedophile Savile Haunts NY Times - PizzaGate 7

Muslim Arrested - Asked ISIS For $180,000
To Drive Truck Bombs Into European Crowds


France - Over 1,000 Cars Torched By Muslims

Italy Govt Can't Stop Refugee Boats - Doesn't Want To

May To Use Brexit To Stop Benefits For Muslims

8,000 Muslims Vanish From Swiss 'Radar' In 2016

Pro-Terrorist Obama Obstructing Syria Peace Talks

US Perpetuated Syrian Crisis For 6 Yrs: - Ron Paul

UK Syria Lies Are A Secret No More

Moscow Hosts Palestinian Talks On January 15

Israel's Facebook Bill

Israel Is NOT That Important To America

Israeli Police Interrogate Netanyahu For 3 Hours

Israel Will No Longer Return Hamas Soldiers Bodies

New York Times Continues Lying About Ukraine

Br Nathanael - Putin's A Statesman, Obama's An Ass


Kiev Forces Violate Ceasefire 3 Times In 24 Hours

China Won’t Allow Anyone To Use HK For Rebellion

Philippines No Longer Seen As Trojan Horse Of US

Greek Hospitals Have Become 'Danger Zones'

IEA Expects Global Oil Surplus Will Disappear

Mex Drug Cartels Threaten To Blow Up Gas Stations

Robin Hood Sherwood Forest Hideout Fracking Threat

Currency & The Collapse Of The Roman Empire

Male College Students To Undergo Insane
'Critical Self-Reflection' Of Their Masculinity

Costa Rica Running Almost Entirely On Renewables

Another H7N9 Bird Flu Case Detected In China

Time-Lapse Video Shows Arrival Of Beijing Smog Cloud

At Least 5 Dead As Storms Pummel Southeast US

Trump's Self-Inflicted Policy Failures
Don't Be A Lapdog For Israeli Sociopaths

Anger At AL Band To March At Trump Inaugural

Astonishing Power Source In Size Of A Coffee Can


Russia Hysteria Infects WaPost Again

Donald Trump Promises Hacking Surprise

Obama’s Meager Legacy

US Special Ops Surge In Africa’s Shadow Wars

3 Technologies Will Transform Your World

Take Your Hunt To The Next Level

Little To Celebrate This Season In VZ

Warning Of Collapse Of Buildings In Siberia

NY Public Library's Last, Secret Apartments

The Most Morbid Home Collections Ever

24 ET Black Boxes In The Gize Plateau

Can You Trust What You Remember?


Steele - US Intel Preparing To Lie To Trump

Outgoing Obama Ratchets Up US-Russia Tensions

Trump Warns Against Blaming Russia For Election Hack

Russia Transports Its Expelled Diplomats Home Safely

Trump - Computers Aren't 'Safe' ...Has Alleged Hack Info

Putin Lauds Trump, Ignores Obama In New Year Remarks

If Russia Hacked, The NSA Would Have Evidence

WaPost Psychotic Efforts To Smear Trump Continue

Trump Twitter ‘Freaks MSM Out’…They Can't Control Him

Trump Spox On Russia - President Elect Is Winning

Can Trump Easily Lift US Sanctions On Russia?

Trump To Repeal 'A Lot' Of Obama Actions Fast

How George Soros Destroyed The Democrat Party

How Smart is That?


Strange Days In The Snopes-DHS-ICE
Underworld - PizzaGate 6

California Democrats Legalize Child Prostitution

Five Blood-Boiling Cases Of Govt Overreach

How United Iran, Russia, & China Are Changing World

Escobar - From USSR To A Eurasian Century

ISIS Claims Istanbul Nightclub Slaughter As Islam
Attack On Christians Celebrating Pagan Feast

Who's Behind Istanbul's Nightclub Attack?
Turk Cops Claim Idea Of Who Did Nightclub Attack

US Govt DeniesHave Advance Data Of Istanbul Attack

Until Obama Leave, No Peace For Turkey

At Least 16 Killed, 40 Wounded In Baghdad Area Blast

ISIS Terror Attack Kills 4 Iraq Soldiers, Wounds 5

Syria’s War Was Only The Beginning

Terrorism Facing Final Defeat In Mideast - Rouhani

Bolton Urges Trump Punish Israel UN Res Backers


Israel Considers Confiscating More Palestinian Land

Oops - SK Plane Drops Missiles, Torpedoes Near Japan

Muslims Scam Germany For Millions With Fake IDs

Muslims Attack, Kill Polish Man At Restaurant

Muslims Burn 650 Cars In France On New Years

Porky Talks Of Ukraine 'Occupation' In Donbass

Ukrainian Nationalists Hold Torchlight March In Kiev

Senseless Terror Hoaxes - Morris

After 9/11 Shock, Comes Reason - Israeli Involvement

90 Yr Old Claimant Of Romanovs Dies In Denmark

Why The Fed Raising Rates Won’t Work


Hedge Fund Eyes Hire And Fire AI Robot

Bitcoin Soars Above $1000 In China

Juncker Blocked EU Curbs On Tax Avoidance

US Global Hawk Drones To Fly Over Czech Republic

Queen Misses Another New Year Event With Poor Health

Swarm Quakes Rattle CA On New Year's Eve

Why Your Sleep Needs Change With Seasons

Surely, Sunrise Won't Be Long

Sick And Dying In Small-Town America

No, The DEA Hasn’t Made CBD Oil Illegal…Yet

Photos Of The Last Days Of Russian Empire

6 Ways to Naturally Whiten Your Teeth


Obama Brings All US Carriers Into Port…None At Sea

Unprecedented - All US Carriers In Port...None Deployed

Still - A Stunningly Stupid Diversion Works Again

Still - The Truth Will Soon Come Out About Obama

Punk Obama Sends Russians & Families Home

Trump Press Sec - Obama Did NOTHING In 2015 China Hack

1,000 Muslim Savages Scale 20' Barbed Wire Fence
To Storm Into Spanish Area Next To Morocco

Amarillo Being Destroyed By Muslim Dirt

Brussels Is Coming To A Town NEAR YOU

Look At The NAMES In Huge Baltimore Food Stamp Bust

Glyphosate - Unsafe On Any Plate,
In More Food Than Thought

Bludgeon Constitution Replaced By Fiat Edicts

Why It Took $4.5 Billion For 3 Subway Stops

‘New’ Police Tool For Fighting Fentanyl

Just How Big Can A Tsunami Get?

The World's Highest Bridge Is Terrifying

Stress Is Building In China's Economy

What RVs Say About The US Economy

Hail The Maintainers

Marijuana Over Viagra

This Year In Ancient Amber

9 Strange Health Findings From 2016

The Buried Story Of Male Hysteria

A Bunch Of Rare Waterfalls On Australia's Uluru

The Great Global Warming Swindle - Full Movie


Has Obama Lost All Touch With Reality Re Russia?

Happy New Year, America! - Putin Reply To Obama Sanctions

Putin And Obama - Polar Opposite Year End Remarks

Trump Trolls 'Enemies' Who 'Don't Know What To Do'

Obama Increases Tensions w/Trump Over Russia

Facts Force WaPuke To Backtrack On Story
Of Russian Hack Of US Power Grid In VT


Neocon Sewer NYT Suggests 'Russia Attacks Vermont'

The Russians Did NOT Hack The US Election
...Some Facts From An Ex-CIA Agent

No Proof In ‘Russian Hacking’ Report - ex-NSA Tech Boss

WaPost Pushing More Fake News About 'Russian Hackers'

Something About This Russia Hack Story Stinks

WaPost 'Blacklist' Story Is Shameful And Disgusting

Stats Show Most Americans Did Not Vote For Hillary

Roberts - What Is The Obama Regime Up To?

Obama Has US Carriers In Port - None Deployed

Dem Moves 'Like Revenge' On Trump – Russian FM Spox

How China Could Help Russia From Being
Totally Cut Off From Global Internet

Required Viewing For Any Human Seeking Freedom

More Required Viewing - Why We Are In Decline


Loads Of New State Laws…Big Changes For 2017

Istanbul Shooting Called 'Sophisticated Attack'

39 Slaughtered In Istanbul Nightclub Terror Attack

Istanbul Nightclub Attacker Killed

Cologne Police Chief Rejects 'Profiling' Claims
Arrests 100s Of African Males On New Years

Algeria Deports Sub Saharan Blacks With AIDS

Refugee Resettlement Watch Update & Happy New Year

War Freak McCain Visits Ukraine Frontline
Troops In Asinine Gesture Against Russia

Clash Of The Oligarchs - Ukrainian TV Shuts Down

Vile NYT Denigrates Russia's Peacemaking in Syria

UNSC Approves Ceasefire In Syria, Peace Talks Next


Russian Warplanes Hit Daesh Oil Routes

Brave US Jets Wound Seven Syrian Civilians

The Shameful Netanyahu Government

Houthis Claim Downing Of Saudi Recon Aircraft

WaPost Still Milking 'Sucker Punch'

DC Dave On Post Sucker Punch Story

JoeTalk - All Is Not Well...

NYT Distortions and Lies About Doping in Russia

10 Yr Old Girl Used As Human Bomb In Nigeria

Famed 'Hollywood' Sign Gets Pranked

China Herbal Remedy May Make TB Treatment Easier

The Game Is Rigged - InfoGraphic

Trump Wishes Happy New Year To All, Even Enemies

Putin - Challenging Year Brought Us Closer Together

Trump Questions Claims Of Russian Hacking
Says He Knows Things Others Don't…

Ex-CIA Agent ‘Absolutely No Evidence’ Russia Hack

Lying Communist Merkel Say Islamic
Terrorism Is Greatest Threat To Germany


Soros Calls For Armageddon To Stop Trump

Podesta's Artist - Things So Hideous The MSM Hides It

George Michael - A Pizza Pedophile?

Trump's Inauguration To Lack Obama Pomp

Trump Praise For Putin Shows Obama Vindictiveness

Lunatic Bolton - US Must ‘Make The Russians Feel Pain’

How Obama Invented 'Russian Hackers'

FBI-DHS Report On Alleged Russian Hacking
Does Not Even Claim To Be Accurate

Obama Failed Completely To Prove Alleged
Russian Cyberattacks Impacted US Election

Experts Destroy Obama's ‘Proof’ Of Russian Hacking

Obama Seizes Area Near Bundy Ranch
In Massive Last Minute Land Grab

Snowden, Manning Request Obama Pardon


Obama Takes In 606% More 'Refugees'
Than Last Year...98.8% Are MUSLIMS

Obama To Try To Save Obamacare Next Week

The Abdication Of The White Man

Trump Mocks CNN, NBC; Praises Putin -
'I Always Knew He Was Very Smart'

Putin Makes Obama Look Even Worse, Invites
US Diplomats Kids To A Kremlin Holiday Party!

Fake News - CNN Lied About Russian Retaliation
vs American Children - MSM Is America's Enemy

French Press - 'Putin Makes Mockery Of Obama Sanction'

2016 - The Year Washington Lost Its MInd

Madman McCain Says (non-existent) Russian
Cyber Attacks Against US Is An 'Act Of War'


(Communist) WaPost Bashes Trump On Russia

Craig Murray - Exit Obama In A Cloud Of
Disillusion, Delusion And Deceit (A Psychopath)

Obama...Leave Now And Never Come Back

Obama To Make Diplomats Cook For Themselves
...The Chef Is Among Expelled Russians

Farage On Putin’s ‘Mature’ Response To Obama's
Stupid, Pointless Diplomatic Expulsions

New Sanctions ‘Underscore Vindictiveness
And Sheer Pettiness’ Of Obama Administration

'Most Damaging, Embarrassing Answer We
Could Receive' - Putin Shocks Experts

Br Nathanael - Good Riddance Obama


Italy Urges Europe To Begin Censoring
Free Speech On The Internet - Incredible

Fake News, Mass Hysteria, And Induced Insanity

Machon - The Report On Russian Hacking Is
'A Case Of Fake News And Propaganda'

McCain Meets Lithuanian PM, Reaffirms NATO Support

Ex NSA Employee Behind Russia Wikileaks
Conspiracy Theories Caught Sending Porn Online

Your Radiation This Week No 87 and 88

Warning To Trump - Don't OK GMO, Pesticide FDA Horror

Celebrity Deaths In 2016 - A Bumper Crop

China Rages - US To Allow Taiwan President To Visit US

China Mulls Measures Against Taiwan

China State CCTV Launches Global Media Network

Israeli Hardliner Urges Annexing 60% Of West Bank

Israeli Calls To Annex West Bank

More 'Settlement' Building Will Lead To Israel's End

Israel's Brutal Response To UNSC Res. 2334

Doom - Professor Fired For 'Anti-Semitism'

BBC Caught Staging Fake News Chem Attack In Syria

US Dirty Tricks In Syria?


Russia Donates Mobile Field Hospital To Syria

Is Obama Trying To Undermine Ceasefire In Syria?

Syria Finds Terrorist Chem Weapons Facility In Aleppo

ISIS Cuts Off Water Supply To Aleppo

More US Weapons Found In Terrorist Areas Of Aleppo

Claims Baghdad Explosions - At Least 25 Dead

Sub-Human ISIS Destroys More Priceless Treasures

Astounding Assyria - Grand Palace Of Assurnasirpal
These Priceless Ruins Are Being Bulldozed By ISIS

Vatican Does Nothing About Drugs Here
Just Collects Money At Mass - Duterte

Bizarre 9 Hr San Diego SWAT Standoff
Started Over Simple Noise Complaint

Choosing The Safest Place To Escape To - Morris

Children Leaving School On Motorbikes - Morris

Yugoslavia NATO Blueprint For More Wars - Morris

Spain Premier Says No To Catalan Indy Vote

Portugal To Extradite CIA Operative To Italy

Brexit - Rush Of Brit Jews
Seeking Portuguese Passports

Comet Set For Near-Earth Flyby Next Week


Army Major - 'I Have Proof A Missile Hit Pentagon On 9/11'

Ex NYPD Comm - 'Black Lives Matter Is A Hate Group'

Dems Plan Alternate Mega-Concert For Inauguration

Obama Tried To Bury This Video - Proves Treason

Obama Unleashes 3,853 Regs, 97,110 Pages Of Red Tape

The Death Of Clintonism

Were RT & Drudge Taken Down By Government?

Government Recording Your Every Click Online

Plans To Evac Trump Out Of Manhattan?


Obama Sanctions An Effort To Box-In Trump

Trump Ally - Obama’s Russia Sanctions Are Stupid

Corporate Media Admits Publishing Viral Fake News

The Popularity Of Putin

Cash Flowed To Clinton Fdn In Russia Uranium Deal

'We Will Watch You' - Bilderberg Website Hacked

EPA To AK In Sub-Zero Temps - Stop Burning Firewood

Bundy Militants Engraged After Obama Land Grab

How Uber Driver Stopped Child Sex Trafficking

JoeTalk - Down And Out 007

Astronomers Await First Glimpse Of Planet Nine

GeoEng Could Be A Disaster For Astronomy

Rare Comet Zooming Past Earth Right Now


Computer Solves Major Time Travel Problem

NASA Looking Forward To 2017

Are ETs In Ancient Religious Artwork?

Biggest Mistakes Of Einstein's Scientific Life

WW2 Spy Tech Could Make Secure Bank Cards

Snow Is 'Erupting' From Yellowstone Old Faithful

Powerful Winter Storms Aims At US Northeast

Global Food Shock Looms

Not All Leafy Greens Are Created Equal

10 Largest Pot Cos Raking In Huge Profits

How 7 New Year's Eve Traditions Started

6 Potential American 'Capitals Of Cannabis'

Could Just Two People Repopulate Earth?

Golden-Age Of Airport Restaurants & Bars


Listen Rense-Fetzer - Obama Provoking WW3 To Keep
Trump Out And To Evade Prosecution For PizzaGate

Soros Attacks Trump As Would-Be Dictator
(What's Obama?) And New World Order Threat

Brennan Doing Corrupt Acts For Obama Since 2008

MSM Whines About Fake News Hysteria IT Created

Kirwan - Twenty One Days Until Reality…

Bannon - Joining Goldman Is Like ‘Joining The Jesuits’

Moore Urges Civil Disobedience At Trump Inauguration

More 'F' Words Used Online On Nov 9 Than Ever

The Case Of The Death Of Vincent Foster, Part 5

CA Democrats Legalize Child Prostitution


Navy Orders 214 Tomahawks For $303 Million

CA DOJ Drops Large-Capacity Magazine Regs

TX Cops Force Homeless Give Up Donated Blankets, Food

Google Won't Censor Man Who Inspired 7/7 London Bombings

George Washington University Drops US
History Requirement - For History Majors!

FB Gives 1,000s Of User Details To British Authorities

Facebook Acquires Eye-Tracking VR Technology

Amazon’s Plans For Delivery Drone Motherships

Derbyshire - Europe’s Murdering Muslims

Sub-Human Muslims Gang-Raped Boy In Sweden

Muslims In Boats Should Be Forced Back To Africa
Say Bavarian Allies Of Traitor Merkel’s Party


Nov Muslim Attempts To Enter Greece Up 600%

Mex Illegal Deported 19 Times, Rapes 13 Yr Old On Bus

Feds Should Worry Less About Russia, More About Illegals

Facebook Banishes Stephen Lendman For Truth-Telling

Steele - DHS-FBI Report On Russia Hack Is Total Crap

FBI, DHS Release 'Report' On Russian Hacking

Obama Statement On 'Actions' Over Russian 'Hacking'

Imbecile Brazile Demands 'More Than Sanctions' On Russia

Dollar At 2 Week Low After Obama's New Russia Sanctions


Trump Seeks Full Report From Intel On Russian 'Hacking'

Trump On Alleged Hacking - 'Time To Move On'

Trump Praises Putin Over Response To Sanctions

Obama Illegally Sanctions Russia For Nonexistent Hack

Wiki - Obama Ejecting Russian Diplomats Breaks Intl Law

Putin Stunner We Will Not Expel Anyone
We Refuse To Sink To Obama's Level

Russian Embassy Mocks Obama Admin Sanctions

Putin's Response To Obama's New Sanctions

NYT Cheerlead Obama's Illegal Russia Sanctions

Russian Lawmaker - Obama Sanctions 'Revenge On Voters’

Putin's Adviser - Russia Preparing For Internet Shutdown

Russia - Obama Most Evil American President (agree)

Oliver Stone Slams 'Russians Are Coming' Narrative


Obama Twilight Moves Against Israel May
Foreshadow His Move To UN As Secy Gen

Jewish Protesters At WH Celebrate UN Rebuke Of Israel

Buchanan - Israel First Or America First

US Lawmakers Criticism Of Kerry Shows Israel Influence

Bibi Speaks Russian In Special New Year Address

Kerry’s Finest Hour - Israel Labeled An Outlaw Nation

Theresa May Criticizes Kerry's Hardline Israel Stance

Tu-154 Mystery Probe - No Explosion (EMF takedown?)

Major Russian Banks Erase Tu-154 Victims Debts

Ruble Hits 17 Month High To Russians Delight

Russia Urges US Change It's Self-Serving MidEast Agenda

More Terror, More Denial


Guardian 'Fake Journalism' By Rewriting Assange Intvw

Putin Calls On Damascus, Opposition Groups, Regional
Neighbor Countries To Back Ceasefire And Peace Talks

Syria - Full Nationwide Ceasefire Starting Friday

Assad Hopes For Conflict Resolution With Trump

Syria Believes In Russian Guarantees, Mistrusts Turkey

Euro States Must Stop Arming Terrorists - Assad

Russia Calls UNSC Meeting As Syria Ceasefire Begins

Erdogan Calls On NATO To Get On Right Side vs Daesh


Incredible - US Lies, Denies It Created ISIS,
And Then Says Turkey Uses Fake News

Iraq In Crisis - 10 Yrs After Saddam Hussein’s Murder

Humor - Oman To Join Saudi 'Anti-Terror Alliance'

Yemenis Shoot Down Saudi Apache In Najran

'Year In Reviews' Are Boring - Let's Review Last 5,000 Yrs

GeoEngineered Winter Weather Whiplash
With Patented Climate Engineering Processes

Kiev Fascist Army Tries To Break Line Into Free Ukraine

Skull & Bones

‘They Are All Spies’ - Duterte On US 'Destabilization Blueprint’

China Artificial Islands No Cause For Concern – Duterte

Look - Chinese Engineering Feat Will Leave You Dizzy

World's Highest Bridge Opens To Traffic In Southern China

Beijing In $500 Billion Railway Expansion

Furious China Repeats Warning Over Taiwan Pres Visit

India To Put Special Ops Aircraft On China Border


Engdahl - China And The Butterfly Effect

Lockheed Gets $450m For F-35s For S Korea

China Demand US Dollar Lose Reserve Currency Status?

Gold Surges Above $1150 On $3.5 Billion Bid, Bitcoin Dips

Could David Cameron Be Next NATO Sec Gen?

Denmark Ends Antiquated Bank Checks

Open Petition - FTC - Obesity, Death From Aspartame

Another Human Bird Flu Case Reported in Hong Kong

Winter Surprise At World’s Warmest Places

Machine IDs Cancer, Other Diseases From A Single Breath

Fight vs Transgenic Crops Ongoing In Costa Rica

The Best Space Photos Of 2016


Obama, Trump Clash Over Who's Calling The Shots

Fetzer - Obama's Efforts To Obstruct Trump Transition

Court Rules Trump 'Required By Law' To Pursue Clinton

President Trump's New World Order DILEMMA

Wiki - Seth Rich Leaked Clinton Emails, Not Russia

Report On ‘Russian Hacking’ Barely Mentions Russia

Guardian’s Summary Of Julian Assange’s
Interview Went Viral And Was Completely False

Clinton Fdn Tied To Convicted Child Trafficker Laura Silsby

Trump To Fire Janet Yellen, Rates To Rise

Deported Immigrants Get GRANTS From Obama Administration


10 Reasons Trump Won't Lead A Nuke Renaissance

Will Kerry’s Israel Speech Tear The Dems Apart?

AGs Warn Trump Not To Repeal Obama Climate Rule

Obama Steals More Lands For Feds

Roberts - What is Henry Kissinger Up To?

Obama’s 8 Yrs Of Vacations Cost Us $85 Million

First Week Of 2017 - Record Cold, 48 States Below Freezing

Facebook Content Creators Fight Back Against
Site Censorship As Pages Are Removed

Scientist Calls Out Nuclear & Climate Change Science

2016 - The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year

806,000 California Illegals Receive Drivers Licenses

Attorneys General Have Been Working On A Plan
To PROSECUTE Climate Change Skeptics

NYPD Cops Offered More Pay To Wear Body Cams

Video Of 'Chemtrail-Eating UFO'?


Army Col Sentenced To 12 Yrs In Child Porn Case

Why Pope Benedict Resigned

India Demonetization Triggers Famine

World's Richest Gained $237 Billion in 2016

Drug Cos Flooded WVa With 780 Million Pain Pills

Top Space Stories Of 2016


Devvy - Getting Serious About Getting Out Of The UN

Obama's Revenge? Evidence Mounts An EMF
Or RF Beam Brought The Russian Tu-154 Down

Obama Expels 35 Russian Diplomats, Closes 2 Offices

Is Obama Trying To Handcuff The Trump Admin?

Anonymous Says Julian Has Been Taken

New Video 'Game' - Non-Stop Assassination
Attempts On Donald Trump - Sick Beyond Belief

Trump - Spring Bringing 5,000 Jobs Back To US
Says UN may Be 'Waste Of Time And Money'

Trump Lauds 8,000 Telecom Jobs Returning To US

Trump Tough Trade Talk May Bring China Retaliation

Trump - Transition Not Going Smoothly, Blames Obama

‘Historic & impressive’ - UK Amb To US On Trump Victory

Trump Signals Russian Sanctions Not Helping Anyone

Was A Live Dinosaur Killed By Navy Dolphins
After It Killed A Santa Barbara Scuba Diver?

SF Going Down With Growing Crime & Liberals

NZ Ready To Ditch 9 To 5

Why JFK's Death Became Our National Tragedy

Farm From A Box

New Mechanism Of How Brain Networks Form

Dumbest Things We Tried Connecting To The Net

Hubble's Mosaic Of 7,500 Distant Galaxies

What Magic Mushrooms Do To Body & Brain

10 Crazy Skills Robots Picked Up In 2016

5 Ways To Reduce Your Exposure To EMF

2016...The Year In Drugs

How The Hoverboard Went From Fiction To Fact

I Used 3D Printing To Design My Apartment

The Gentle Power Of Kratom

Who’s Channelling Who, Exactly?


What Is THIS? Shocking Cloud Forms Over Jerusalem

Kirwan - The Fifth Element...A Thousand Traitors

Carrie Fisher Of Star Wars Fame Gone At 60

Trump Refutes Obama Boast He Would Beat Trump

Trump Bashes MSM Over DJT Charity Blackout

Trump Regrets UN Is Club For 'People To Get Together'

Atzmon - Britain Pulled Stings On UN Settlement Vote

Exit 'Hope & Change' - The Obama Post-Mortem

Obama Signs Bill Opposing Speech, Media Freedoms

Mainstream Fake News…The Devious Limited Hangout

Listen - Dr Leonard Coldwell Details The Staggering Death Of
Germany By Globalist Sub-Human Muslim Invader Savages

Obama Bringing In Surge Of US-Hating Muslims

Ohio Muslim Shoots Daughter Three Times
In The Head, Claims It Was An 'Accident'

Muslims Stab Swiss Heading To Christmas Mass


Listen - Yoichi Shimatsu Stunning Snopes, Pizza Revelations

Searing PizzaGate Overview - Don't Miss This

Top FB Engineer Arrested Soliciting Sex w//Underage Girl

What Happens To The Russia Hacking Story
When Someone Checks The Evidence?

The War On Terrorism Keeps Making It Worse

Main Tu-154 Flight Data Recorder Found

Russia Grounds All Tu-154s After Crash

Lost Russian Choir Sings 'God Bless America'

Turkey Bans Media From Investigation
Of Murder Of Russian Ambassador

Diplomat - US Seeks To Disrupt Nuke Parity With Russia

Pantsir-S1 Air Defense Arrives In West Siberia

Ruble Is World's Best-Performing Currency

Putin - Number Of Trouble Spots Not Subsiding


'Operation Cankles' - Russian Intervention Exposed

Atzmon - Did Obama Orchestrate UNSC
Anti 'Settlement' Resolution?

Israel Says Obama Behind UN Resolution
Affirming Illegality Of So-Called 'Settments'

Israel To Show Trump Clear Evidence Obama
Was Behind UN Anti 'Settlements' Resolution

Buchanan - Barack Backhands Bibi

Netanyahu Snubs May Over UN Vote

Netanyahu - Israel Won't Turn Other Cheek To UN Res

Police Call For Criminal Probe Of Netanyahu

How Long Will Israelis Put Up With Netanyahu?

Trump Owes Nothing To Jews, He's Free Agent - Haaretz

What Israel Fears The Most

Israel Waging War Against US - House Democrat

Israeli DM Tells French Jews To Leave France

Killing Of Tunisian Drone Expert

Russia Condemns US Giving Terrorists MANPADS

Obama Wants War In Syria Continued

Russian Christmas Gifts for Syrian Children

France Wants To Help Russia End War In Syria


UK Whines Of 'Russian Threat' To Make Strike Units

Is ISIS Running Organ Trading Out Of Turkey?

Ron Paul Exposes Aleppo Media Lies

Mass Graves Of Tortured Aleppo Victims Found

China Stresses Peaceful, Open Cyberspace

Hungarian PM Wants New EU Muslim Policy After Berlin

Germans Want Enhanced Video Surveillance

The Suicide Of Germany

Europol Admits ISIS Terrorist Attacks In The EU

Mystery Of NATO Auditor General Suspicious Death

GE Mosquitoes Will Not Be Released In FL For Now

Hundreds Of GMO Studies Busted

US Border Lake Where Tourists Are Being Killed Off


VZ Opposition Demands Concessions For Talks

Govt May Order OR Couple To Destroy 40 Yr Old
Pond - Claims It Owns The Rainwater That Fills It

Blizzard, Ice Cripple Great Plains, 1,000s No Power

Record Oz Rains Send Waterfalls Down Ayers Rock

Marooned At Minus 50C

Man Who Studies The Spread Of Ignorance

After The Fires - Making This Land Home Again

There's A Jet Stream In Our Core

Route Selection, Ambushes & VCPs

A Most Impressive Map Collection

Water Might Exist In A Whole New State

The Mysterious Origins Of Real-Life Hobbits

Explorers Find Passage To Earth’s Dark Age

Mesmerizing Animation Of Space Probe Life & Death


Gingrich - Trump's Twitter Foreign Policy Is 'Brilliant'

Trump Learned From S/S Betrayal In JFK Murder
Will Keep Private Security Force To Balance The S/S

Israel Tells US To Stop Funding UN After 'Settlement' Vote

UN Officially Gave All Of E Jerusalem To Palestinians

Treason - Obama Gives Advanced Arms To Terrorists

Black Box Of Crashed Russian Tu-154 Found


Watch - Monterey CA Dead Tide Pools

Duterte Saved US By Defusing S China Sea - Morris

MSM Narratives Destroyed By Alt News In 2016

Too Many Visitors - Davos Staff May Have
To Live In Shipping Containers Or Parking Lots

How Americans Spent $ In The Last 75 Years

Gold Is Now Effectively Illegal In India

Deutsche Bank $7.2b Mortgage Settlement With US

Mysterious Message Left On 100s Of Chicago Cars

Federal Court - Cops Can Shoot Your Dog For Barking

Tips For Moving Toward A Plant-Based Diet

Top 10 Funniest News Stories Of 2016


Obama Signs Christmas Bill Making Alt Media 'Illegal'

Lunatic Obama Insanity - Threatened Russia With
War Over Alleged, Unproven US Election Hacking

Behind Obama’s Deranged Attacks On Putin

Gingrich - Trump Will Erase Up To 70% Of Obama EOs

Gay Muslim Obama - 'I Could've Won A Third Term' !

Trump Picks Zionist Zealot As Intl Negotiator

The 'Triggered' 12 Days Of Trumpian Christmas


Stinging Russia Christmas Message To
Obama And His Neocon Maniacs

Person Of The Year 2016 - The 'Russian Hacker'

Globalization And Sovietization Of America

Hillary's Holiday Party 'Like A Wake'

Fitting Finale For The House Of Clinton

Mass Brawls Break Out Across America's Malls

Drexel Prof Wants 'White Genocide' For Christmas

Grinch That Stole Christmas

A Deeper Understanding Of Technocracy

Russian Army Choir, Band Murdered Over Black Sea

Searchers Find Russian Tu-154 Site, 13 Victims

Russia - Tu-154 Was In Perfect Condition Before Crash


Tech Failure, Human Error Theories For Tu-154 Crash

Russia Replies To Kiev Rejoicing Deadly Plane Crash

German Girl Warns Americans - Muslims Will NOT Integrate

Muslims Attack Austrians On Way To Church For Christmas

Muslims Take Over London Tunnel Waving ISIS Flags

Islamists Attack Christmas, Insane Euros Abolish It

Muslim Savages Set Homeless Man Ablaze In Berlin

Sweden - Muslims Beat, Gang Rape Boy

Hungary PM Demands EU Act As Christians Murdered

Sweden Tells Cities To Prepare For War

Lindsey Graham - Cut Off UN Funding

Trump Sets The Cat Among The Jewish Pigeons

Israeli Viciousness After UN 'Settlements' Vote

Netanyahu Lashes Out At Obama

Netanyahu Summons US Envoy After UNSC Vote

Israel Defies UN, To OK 100s New 'Settlement' Homes

Israel Says Will Build 1,000s More Settlement Homes


Israeli Ministers To Avoid Nations Backing UN Vote

Mindless Bipartisan US Support For Israel

Christmas Services Held In Churches Across Syria

Mass Graves Found In Aleppo

Turkey Sends More Weapons To Syria Border

Iran Army, IRGC Hold Joint Air Defense Drills

Duped By Fake News, Pak Threatens Nuke War w/Israel

Control Over Humanity Will Only Get Worse - Morris

US Proposal For Taiwan Military Ties Irks China

'Social Tensions' Cause 'Challenges To Beijing's Stability'

China Carrier, 5 Warships Head To S China Sea Drills

India Successfully Tests New Nuclear ICBM


British Councils Used RIPA To Secretly Spy On Public

The Bilderbergers

A Declaration Of Independence For Education

Doom - When Marx Attacks

Drunk, Insane Or A Pedophile? Jew Steals A Midget?

Mexico Drug War Leads To More Decapitated Heads

Christmas Weekend In Chicago - 27 Shootings

Britain's Most Loved Seaside Towns In Decline

Tsunami Warning Lifted - 7.7 Quake Off Chile Coast

Philippines Struck by 5.2-Magnitude Earthquake

Typhoon Kills Four, Disrupts Philippines Holidays

First Sahara Snows In 40 Years

A Bygone Bee Gum

Br Nathanael - When The Antichrist Comes - v


Behind Obama’s Deranged Attacks On Putin

Trump - Muslim Berlin Horror Was A Purely Religious Attack

Black Somali Muslims Pouring Into US

Measuring Content Of Executive Orders - Not How Many

Gingrich - Obama In A Desperate Frenzy To Leave Legacy

Obama Making Transition Difficult


Forget Fake News…Fake Hate Crimes Are On The Rise

Clinton Donors Want to Know How Hillary
Spent $1.5 Billion in Campaign Donations

Obama - More EOs Than Any President In Modern History

Pardons Granted By Obama...2009-2016

Obama Dismantles Muslim Database, Helps Terror

Donald Trump Cheered At Christmas Eve Church Service

China To Put Missiles On 3 Of Its Seven Artificial Islands

1.8 TON WW2 Brit Terror Bomb Defused In German City

Virtual Reality Allows Most Detailed Surveillance Yet

Counterterrorism Equals Supporting Terrorism?

A Gift From Two Presidents To 65 Million Americans?


Ret Army Col Loses SS Checks Over Her Dissent

Agenda Of Corporate Media Is Regime Change In Syria

Targeted Individuals - Important Technical Information - pdf

2017 Global Infectious Diseases Threats To US

Another Whopper! - Chagas Disease
Spread By 'Cardboard Boxes'

Cost Of Illegals - 13 MILLION Said To
Have Latent TB In The US

How Eating Mad Cow BSE Infected Meat Infects Brain

Monsanto Bayer - Two Destructive Monsters Become One

Las Vegas Running Entirely On 100% Renewable Energy

The Truth About Southern Lynchings

Legalizing Pot Lowers Drug Related Car Accidents

Houston Cops Force Homeless To Throw Away Food

The Bible Has Been Rewritten Over Past 2,000 Yrs

All I Want For Christmas Is Some Time Alone

Andalusian Dispatch - Touched


Flurry Of Last Minute Obama Actions To Further Harm Us?

Did Obama Order Russian Plane Disaster? His Revenge?

Why is Ukraine Testing Missiles In Black Sea Near Crimea?

92 Die As Russian Plane With Top Military Band
Crashes En Route To Syria

Putin Orders Commission To Probe Russian Jet Disaster

Russia Sends Many Ships, Copters To Black Sea Crash Site

Orlov - Is Obama A Russian Agent?

Obama - America's Liar-In-Chief

Pundit Anger As People Prefer Putin 4-1 To Gay Muslim

PizzaGate Next Chapter? Hillary Camp MSM Now Says
Russia Planting PizzaGate Child Porn - Do You See The
Potential Here? This Is Advance Shielding For The Podestas
Or Others Before Discovery Of Child Porn. Expect Fake News

'The Russians Did It' Should Child Porn Be Found...

PizzaGate? Don't Forget MSM Claims Russia Plants Kid Porn

Clinton Russia Haters Claim Russians Plant Child Porn


Technocracy - Evolution Told As A Fairy Tale

No Joy To The World

Celebrating Christmas In Rubble

Christmas Blizzard Takes Aim At Dakotas, Montana

Frexit - Le Pen Promises To Take France Out Of EU, NATO

Le Pen Hammers EU, NATO In Explosive Interview

Europe's Christian Civilization Legacy

Flashmob In Ukraine's Breakaway Republic

A Bridge Of Golden Sighs

Trump 'Triggers' SoMedia Over Dem Bashing Putin Tweet

Lunatic Ex US Russian Amb - Trump,
Russia United To Trash US


Ex CIA Spy Has A Christmas Message For Trump

Assange - Trump Offers Chance For Change

Julian Assange On Hillary And Trump

Americans Reply When Liberal States Restrict Gun Rights

How Would The Baby In A Manger Fare In US Police State?

CA Man Charged With DUI For Drinking COFFEE

'Countering Disinformation & Propaganda Act' Now Law

America Has Unofficially Declared War On Homeless

Israel's Netanyahu Threatens To Annex Palestinian
Land And Accelerate Building Of Illegal 'Settlements'

Atzmon - Resolution 2334 Is Good For Israel

Netanyahu Slams Obama Over UN Vote vs Israel

Netanyahu Halts Israeli Funding Of UN
In Revenge For 'Crazy' Resolution

Trump - UNSC Anti-Israel Res Will Slow Mideast Peace

Netanyahu Cancels Porky's Visit Over UNSC Res


Graham Wants to End Funding Of UN After Res
…Right Idea But For The Wrong Reason

Huge Blast, Blazes Hit Oil Refineries In Israel

Egypt To Play Key Role In Israeli-Palestine Settlement

Pak Def Min Tweets Threat To Israel After Fake News

No Christmas Respite From US-Backed Terrorists

US Protects Terrorists, ‘Punishes’ Russia For Assad Support

New Obama Sanction On Russia Revenge For Win In Aleppo

Terrorists Contaminate Damascus Water With Diesel

Turkey 'Will Never Allow’ New State In No Syria

Russian Ground Forces In War On Terror In Syria

Arab Paper Blames US For Stopping Anti-ISIS Ops In Mosul


Riots In Australia Offshore Muslim Camps

'Suspicious' Fire Burns Down Hamburg Muslim Center

Critics Link Every Muslim Crime To Merkel & Her Policy

London 'Ring Of Steel' To Protect Banking From Muslims

Chinese Carrier To Pacific In First Blue Water Drills

Duterte Threatens To 'Burn Down' UN Building In NY

250,000 Rally In Seoul After Park’s Impeachment

Saudis To Start Selling Oil Giant Aramco Shares

Oil Price Roulette - Investors Bet On $100 Oil

When Only The Personal Touch Makes Sense - Morris

Mexico's Colima Volcano Erupts Again

The World's Largest Cities For The Last 6000 Yrs


92 Die As Russian Plane With Top Military
Band Crashes En Route To Syria

Why Is Ukraine Testing Missiles In Black Sea Near Crimea?

Putin Orders Commission To Probe Russian Jet Disaster

Russia Sends Ships, Helicopters To Black Sea Jet Crash Site


(Contrived) Media Hysteria Over Irrelevant Fake
News Sites Masks A More Sinister Agenda

MSM Fake News vs Truth From Alternative News

Facebook's New 'Fact Checkers' Include A
Former Hooker And Porn Star, Plus A Dominatrix

Facebook Is A Growing Digital Graveyard

Obama Quietly Signs 'Countering Disinformation
And Propaganda Act' Into Law

What’s Missing From Russian Hack Argument?

Fox News Kept Most Viewers After The Election

Obama In One Last Try To Enact UN Anti-Gun Treaty

Obama's Weak Defense Of His Drone Killings

Disgraceful - Only One Living President Has
Replied To His Invitation ToTrump’s Inauguration

Trump To Dissolve His Charity Foundation

Jill Stein Asks Lynch To Probe US Election System

Govt Is Working To Erode Constitutional Privacy Protections

Israel Admits MOSSAD Is ISIS...

World’s Biggest Ice Sheet Melting Rapidly...From Below

Radioactive Reindeer 30 Years After Chernobyl

A Solid Gold, Diamond-Encrusted Trump iPhone

America's War On The Homeless

Holy Wow, Oregon Looks Gorgeous From Above

Most Dramatic Space Missions Of 2016

Minus 50C Means Fun In Siberia

The 10 Weirdest Animal Stories Of 2016

A Universe Made For Me?

The Case Against Sugar

How Many US Are Behind Bars For No Good Reason?

Six More Mystery Deep Space Signals Detected

The Best Survival Knife?

How Chemistry Class Saved My Life


Stunning Ice Palace Festival In Northern China - pdf

Trump Inherited Nuclear Arms Race From
Obama, But Ready to Negotiate With Putin

Trump Wants To Modernize, Not Expand
US Nuclear Weapons Arsenal - Advisor

Trump Releases 'Very Nice Letter' From Putin

Trump Wins Again - Lockheed CEO Gives 'Personal
Commitment' To Cut F-35 Costs 'Aggressively'

Is Hillary Behind Ambassador Karlov's murder?

Suddenly Liberals Are Stockpiling Guns, Food, Supplies

CIA Chief Warns Obama Against Anti-Russian Moves

Watch - Obama Kids REAL Parents Revealed


10 Reasons Operation Darkroom Was Covered Up

US Now Asking For Social Media Accts Of Foreign Travelers

How The Govt Destroys Lives Of Patriotic Whistleblowers

94% Of All New Jobs Under Obama Were Part-Time

Cyber Command, Anti-US Propaganda, Troop Increases
Funded As Obama Signs Defense Spending Bill

Schoolyard Bullying Now A Felony In Missouri

Ex-Gymnastic Team MD Busted With 37k Child Porn Pics

Israel Will Not Agree To UNSC Settlements Resolution

US Abstention Was Obama's Revenge On Netanyahu

Obama Stands Up To Israel As Weak Lame Duck

AIPAC Hysterical Over Obama Failure To Veto SC Res

'Shameful' Says McCain Over Israel Resolution

'Shameful' Say Rat Ryan Over US Abstention

US Senate Committee To Suspend UN Aid?


WaPo Blasts Obama Failure To Veto UNSC
Resolution Calling Israeli Settlements Illegal

US Has Left Israel To Its Most Hostile Enemies - Minister

Masked Man With ISIS Flag Films Himself
Walking Straight Across The German Border

Putin Congratulates Assad

‘US Plans For Regime Change In Syria Are Off Table

Aleppo Residents Celebrate Liberation - Waited 5 Yrs

Russian Military Police Arrive in Aleppo For Security

Syria Finds Bodies Of Children Tortured To Death By ISIS

Putin Says Kurd Sovereignty Is Iraq’s Business

5,000+ US Troops Join For Final Assault On Mosul

Saudi-Led Airstrike Kill 8 Civilians In Yemen

Putin The PeacemakerAt Yearly News Conference

‘Putin Hails Relations With China

Putin Speaks Over 3 Hours, Answers 67
Questions at Annual Press Conference

Japan's $44 Billion Re-Militarization To Face China

India To Spend Half Billion On 630 Foot Sea Statue

Berlin Attack No Reason To Close Euro
Borders To Muslims Say Insane Juncker

‘Fake News’ Hysteria In Germany

Claims That France's National Front Gets
Money From Russia Said 'Utter Nonsense'

Rome Bans Trucks From City Center Over Terror Threat

Austrian Police To Give Abuse Alarms
To Protect Women On New Year’s Eve

British Universities ‘No-Go' Zones For Jewish Students

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 12-24-16

Repeating Deep Space Radio Signals Baffle Scientists

Rice Harvesting Now Everywhere in Cambodia

BPA Found In Canned Dog Food Has Startling Implications

Supplement Found To Help PTSD Better Than SSRIs

The Ruse Of Children’s Rights


Trump's Key Immigration Promises Made To Us

Roberts - The Greatest Gift For All


Putin - Democrats Are 'Shameless Losers'

Trump Agrees With Putin About Losing With Dignity

For Anyone Who Still Believes Snopes Is An Abuse Victim

'Snopes Co-Founder Embezzles $98,000, Drops
Weight, Leaves Fat Wife And Marries Actual Whore'

The Complete PizzaGate Connection Chart

Snopes 'Fact Checker' Exposed As A Fraud!

The Dem Communist-Socialst Plan To Harass And
Destroy Everything Trump Does To Make America Great
Again - This Confirms Everything We Have Predicted

Putin Vows To Avenge Ambassador Karlov's Murder

Jerusalem On Karlov Murder -
There'll Be A War…A BIG War


CIA Ordered Murder Of
Russian Ambassador - Turkish Media

USAF Has Dire Shortage Of Personnel

US Nuclear Proliferation - A Doomsday Scenario Map

Pastors Face Execution For Spreading Gospel

France Should Be Blamed For Destruction In Syria

Six Reasons Islamists Will Celebrate Christmas

The Fayetteville 'Sucker Puncher’s' Last Stand

I.C.U.P. Inc. - Employees Are Paid To Work, Not Pee

Nightmare Before Christmas For Spanish Banks

US Test-Fires SM-6 in Missile Defense Test

Biggest Natural Disasters Of 2016

The Top 10 Science Stories Of 2016

The Legends We Lost In 2016


UN Will Take On 'Killer Robots' in 2017?

Heavy Snow, Blizzard To Affect West, Plains Christmas

Rapacious Consumerism And Climate Change

How To Winterize Your Motorcycle Properly

Opioid Epidemic Changes Discourse On Addiction

Stunning New Photos Of Isolated Tribe

The Coming Water Crisis

Watch - If An Asteroid Hit The Ocean

Millennials Are Choosing Strange Baby Names

The US Army Guarded The 23 Remaining Buffalo

Create A Wonderful Night

Leaders Are The Cause Of Human Enslavement

My Mommy Dog Says No To Incest - Morris

Walnuts May Delay, Reduce, Prevent Alzheimers


NYC Veterinarian Gets H&N2 From Sick Cats

H7N2 Spread To Chester Co. PA Shelter Cats

H7N2 Confirmation In NY Cats Exceeds 100

Trump Takes Charge Of Negotiations Already

Putin - Obama Blaming All Failures On External Factors

No Other Unifying Principle Exists Exept Patriotism - Putin

Democrat Party Forgot Meaning Of Party's Name - Putin

After Praising Russian Ambassador’s Murder,
Stupid US Newspaper Shocked By Blowback

Insane MSM Justifies Russian Amb Murder

NYT Hypes Phony Claim of Russian Hacking

Berlin Mass-Murderer Truck Terrorist Dead

France To Deploy 91,000 Cops And Troops To Stop
Terror Over Christmas And New Year Celebration


Terrorists Disguised As Refugees Target Germany

German Grab Two Suspected Of Planning An Attack

7,000 Terrorist Killers Are Now In Germany - Ex MI6 Chief

50 Belgian Military Personnel Monitored For Radical Views

Terrorists Said Making 'Hit Lists' Of Russian Diplomats

FBI Captures White House Bomb Threat Suspect

ISIS-Daesh Lists US Churches For Holiday Attack Targets

Oz Cops Arrest 7 Planning Terror Attack On Melbourne


Obama Makes Committee To Help Muslims In US Military

Obama Dumps US Registry To Protect Muslims From Trump

Britain Lied About Syria & Made Situation Worse

ISIS Burn Two Turk Soldiers Alive, Kill Two Others

Syrian Army Declares Aleppo Under Full Control

People Pour Into Streets Celebrating Aleppo Liberation

Obama's US And NATO Troops WITH ISIS Were
Trapped In Aleppo By Russian & Syrian Forces

Aleppo Win Is A Great Step For Syria - Putin

Neocon McCain Blames Putin And
Assad For US War Crimes in Syria

Rocket Kills 7 Pakistanis On Cargo Ship Off Yemen

Israel Sole Beneficiary Of Middle East Wars - Iran Dep FM

4 UNSC Members Demand Illegal Israeli Settlements Vote


Israel, US Clash Over Hezbollah’s US Troop Carriers

Putin Praises Russian Military - US...'Ours Is Way Better'

‘Common Sense Is Returning To
Washington - ex-Pentagon Spox

Trump Tweets US Must ‘Greatly’ Expand Nuclear Arsenal

Two Los Angeles-Class Nuclear Attack Subs Visit Japan

Dutch Jets To Join NATO Mission In Baltics In January

Porky Fully Responsible For Bloodshed In Donbass

75% Spike In Porky's Donbass Ceasefire Violations

Bitcoin Soars Above $900 As China Opens

Fed Initiates End Game As Trump Heads To WH

Credit Suisse Settles With DOJ For $5.3 Billion

Deutsche Bank Settles With DOJ - Will Pay $3.1 Billion

US Fines Israeli Drugmaker For $520m In Foreign Bribes


Google Avoids Billions In Taxes By Putting Cash Offshore

700 Million Androids Pre-Installed With China Spyware

Uber’s Self-Driving Car Program Flees From CA To AZ

Employee Sues Google Over ‘Spying’

Trump Reaffirms Plans to 'Drain the Swamp'
Of Ex-Officials Lobbying US Gov't

Lockheed Martin Shares Take Another
Tumble After Trump Tweet

China 'Shocked' By Navarro Appointment

'Russia Did It' - The Last Stand Of Neoconservatism

Deep State Desperation

Prince Charles Issues Veiled Warning Over Donald Trump

Big Lies Repeated

Save The Snowflakes

TN Man Imprisoned For 31 Yrs Gets $75 Check

Media Are 'Corrupt Scum' - Top US Journalist

Engdahl - Soros Foxes Guard Facebook Henhouse

Congress Report Surprisingly Exonerates Snowden


Snowden Slams US Intel Report
For His Alleged Links To Russian Intel

Solar Storm Threatens Earth’s Infrastructure

King Arthur’s Legendary Castle Found?

This Camera Can See Around Corners

China Claims Already
Testing Super Advanced EM Drive In Space

How Much Do Businesses Pay For Stolen Data?

Ancient European Supervolcano Awakens

Cell Phone Radiation Warnings Are Under Attack

The Most Dangerous Space Weapons Ever

Self Defense Options - More Than Just Guns

10 UK Christmas Traditions That Confuse Americans


Georgia Cop - Let Me Fly My Confederate Flag

20 Places To Find The World's Creepiest Toy

The Most Extreme Geothermal Plant In World

The Inner World Of Alzheimer’s

We Got Closer To Our Cyberhuman Future In 2016

Sex Robots Are Becoming A Hot Item

How To Stretch Feeling Happy

MSM Normalizing GeoEng For Saving The Planet

Researchers Say First Europeans Were Raw Foodies

Tai Chi Master Shows Power Of Qi Energy

4 Things About Depression And Spiritual Illness


Electors Who Wanted To Stop Trump
WERE In Touch With The Clinton Camp

Obama's US And NATO Troops WITH ISIS Were
Trapped In Aleppo By Russian & Syrian Forces

Sick, Psychotic FB Users Attack MN Store
Over 'ALL Lives Matter' Christmas Ornament

Insanity - Sex Therapist Says Hillary-Supporting
Women Have Lost Libido After Trump Win

Putin Holds Annual Media Q&A Marathon

Trump Hints At Dropping The F-35 Turkey
In Favor Of Upgraded F-18 Super Hornet


Ivanka & Family Switched To Private Jet By Secret Service

Trump's Doctor Talks About His Famous Patient

Half Of Trump Voters Ready To Support
His Attack On The Corrupt Press

Clintons, Soros Implicated In Norway Child
Porn & Macedonia Fake News - Pt 4

Snopes Is FAR From An Honest 'Arbiter Of Fake News'

The Liberation Of Aleppo - Setback For US Aggression

World Map Of IQ Drop Due To Muslim Immigration, Others

Germany's Deportation Nightmare With North African Migrants

Clinton, Entire Bush Family On GQ List
Of Least Influential People Of 2016

WA State Rogue Electors Fined For Not Voting Hillary

Racist Schools Teaching Students 'White Is A Problem'

Generation Snowflake


Obama Dumps Registry For Muslim Fighting Age Men
...Helping Them Hide More Easily In The US

Roberts - Coup Against Trump Fails, Danger To Him Rises

US Economic Confidence Soars To Highest In History

Trump Creates Nat'l Trade Council For Trade Pacts, Jobs

Trump, Boeing, Lockheed CEOs Meet On US Contracts

Trump Considers 5% Tariff On Imports To US

Who's Who In Trump's Cabinet And White House

Rappoport - My Position On Donald Trump

Trump Names Carl Icahn Special Regulatory Advisor

Trump’s Inauguration Week Starts With Visit To Arlington


Trump Will Lift Russia Sanctions In 2017 - Analysts

Russia Hack Story Collapses - Even CBS, MSM Are Ripping It

MSM Rages As Trump Nat'l Security Memo Leaves Russia Out

UK Govt-Funded Outlet Offered Journalist $17,000/mo
To Write Lies & Propaganda For Syrian Terrorist Killers

Don’t Make Facebook The Ministry Of Truth

German Paper Publishes 'Hate Speech' Rules

The CIA, WaPost & Russia - What You’re Not Being Told

Western MSM - Propaganda Wing Of al-Qaeda?

How Did We Become Slaves Of 'The System'

How Liberals Really Feel About Black People

Most Dems, Independents Oppose A 2020 Hillary Run


Save The Snowflakes!

Berlin Truck Terrorist Was Learning To Make Bombs - US

Berlin Truck Attack Suspect Watched For Months

Trump - 'Europe Attacks Prove Me 100% Correct’

Putin - Sanctions Harming Fight Against Terrorism,

Netanyahu To Cooperate With Russia Against Terror

Wilders Warns 'Political Revolution Is Brewing In Europe'

French Interior Min Wants More Border Control After Berlin

French Pres Candidate Le Pen
Vows To Hold EU Exit Vote

US, Euro Citizens Fear Over Muslim Crisis Worsening

US Cities Increase Security After Berlin Attack

Military Police Patrol Public Places In Warsaw After Berlin

90% Czech Citizens Fear ISIS Attacks Next Year

Looking Back And Ahead At Yearend


Bolshevik NY Daily News Hack Justifies Killing Of
Russian Ambassador By Comparing Putin To Hitler

Author Of Article On Amb Death ‘Deranged’ - Russia

Russian Amb Killed 3 Days After Obama's Threat

NY Daily News Columnist Refuses To Apologize
For Mocking Murder Of Amb Andrey Karlov

New York Times Now Officially A Puppet Without Strings

The Atlanticist War On Turkey, Russia Is Not Over

10-Step Emergency Plan In Case Of Euro Terrorist Attack

Putin Orders Up Missiles To Penetrate All Defenses

Adjustments To New Global Power Balance Needed - Putin

NATO Continues Military Buildup Near Russian Borders

Russian ‘Drone Tanks’ Take Part In Military Drills

Navy Upgrades Drone Boats To Attacks w/o Human Input

‘Obama Admin Lost Its Game In Syria’ - Russian Senator

Russia Tested Over 160 New Weapons In Syria Campaign

Aleppo Is A Victory For Syria, Iran & Russia - Assad

Aleppo Looks Like Dresden In 1945 - It Is Totally Gutted

Russian Jets 71,000 Strikes In Syria, Killed 35,000 Terrorists

UN Whitewashes Terror Attack On UN Aid Convoy

Time Running Out For Saudi Interference In Syria

Aleppo Starts Uncovering Washington’s Evil Designs

Turks Afraid A Syria Is Being Planned There - Morris

UNSC Vote On Illegal Israeli Settlements Postponed

Netanyahu Tells US To Veto UNSC Res On Settlements

Dozens Killed In Car Bomb Blasts in Iraq’s Mosul

Easier For US To Demonize Russia That Mull Own Presidency


Russia Stronger Than Any Aggressor 'But No Time To Relax'

Lately, Everything Has Being Going Russia's Way

-50°C Not A Problem To True Siberians

Airbus DS, Russia's Energia To Make Medium Satellite Platform

Russian Sovereign Funds To Total
Over 2.5 Trillion Rubles By 2019

Putin Signs Law Raising Minimum Wage, Again

China Readies Secretive H-20 Strategic Stealth Bomber

India OKs $3.2 Billion To Boost Night Warfare

US OKs $1.75 Billion For 5 P-8A Aircraft To Norway

The Selling Of Energy Independence

Putting The Eggs In One Basket

Brits Now More At Risk Of Poverty Than Poles


Anti-Globalism, Protectionism Rising In West

China Reports New Case Of H7N9 Bird Flu

Beijing Residents Struggling With Red Alert Smog

Hong Kong To Stop Unrestricted Entry For Indians

China Road, Workplace Accidents
Killed 125,000 In 2016

US To Formally Return Okinawa Land to Japan

Doom - Football Tickets For College = 0.7% Graduation

Modern Education And The System Of Deception

Happy Kwanzaa - The Holiday Brought To You By The FBI

Black Children 50% More Exposed To Junk Food Ads

Violence Is Contagious, Young People More Likely to Attack


US Economic Confidence Soars To Highest In History

Who's Who In Trump's Cabinet And White House

Trump Wants To Know What We Want Done
To Make America Great AGAIN

Boeing CEO Vows To Build Affordable Air Force One

Bill Also Cost Hillary The Election, Blames Comey

Criminal Duplicity Of The Mainstream Journalist


USA Today - National Geographic 'Trans-Girl' On Cover

The Astonishing War On Gender - The End Nears
Europe Is Finished…Nothing Can Save It Now

Roberts - Coup Fails, Threat To Trump's Life Rises

Why Terror Is Unstoppable In Germany

German Paper Publishes 'Hate Speech' Rules

Let’s Stop Paying Illegals To Stay In
The US - Unemployment Insurance

Preparing Texas For The Next Big Hurricane

The Astonishing War On Gender - The End Nears
Europe Is Finished…Nothing Can Save It Now

Chicago Is Colder Than Mars This Week

Freak Snowfall In The Sahara Looks Unreal

India Health Min Asked To Reverse Aspartame
Approval To Protect 1.25 Billion Indians

This Is Where Mobile Technology Begins

Teen Violence Spreads Like A Disease

The Coward And The Silent Treatment

The Real Holocaust of World War Two...
The US Genocide of 15+ Million Germans

Cocaine, Xanax Among Nation’s Leading Killers

Eating Ham Or Sausages Worsens Asthma

Martinis, Steaks & Golf Raised Your Rx Drug Prices

The Long, Rich, Boozy History Of Eggnog

Lower BP With Three Natural Compounds

What Happens When You Fall Through Ice


Trump 'Border Tax Proposal' Is The 'Most
Important Thing Nobody Is Talking About'

Russia Not On Trump List Of Pentagon Priorities
Leaked Memo Worries Military-Industrail Complex

Trump - Terrorists Must Be Eradicated From Planet

NSA Officials Leaving En Masse Before Trump Jan 20

Buchanan - Real Saboteurs Of A Trump Foreign Policy

Ingraham - Never Trump - Still Wrong, Still A Nuisance

Efforts To Shut Down The Alt Media Grow

The Fake Russian Threat


Putin A Voice In The Wilderness?

5 Problems With CIA Claims Of Russian Hacking

71% In US Don't Believe Russia Hacked Election

Americans Don't Buy Russia 'Hacked The Election'

Sen Majority Leader Wants To Hide Hack 'Evidence'

FBI Warrant For Clinton Emails Released - Dems Whine

US Zumwalt Destroyer An 'Unmitigated Disaster'

Matrix Scrambles To Keep Slaves On The Plantation

Are The Neocons Dispatching Assassins?

US Denies Involvement In Russian Amb Murder

Escobar - Who Profits From Turkey 'Sarajevo Moment'?

Russian Amb Murder - Retaliation But By Whom?

2 US Journalists Disgraceful Behavior Re Amb Death


NYT Frantic Over Russia, Iran, Turkey
Alliance On Syria, Excluding US

Austin Mayor Works w/Obama To Welcome
'Syrians' Despite Official State Policy

German Police Release Only Suspect Held

Berlin Attack - Police Look For Tunisian Muslim
After Finding ID In Truck - Was Driver THAT Dumb?!

Berlin's Christmas Attack A Likely False Flag

Merkel Ally Demands Revision Of Muslim Policy

Fight Erupts Between Germans & Muslims
At Another German Christmas Marketplace

Dresden Protects Christmas Market With Concrete

Muslim Ruins Children's Christmas Play In Austria

Ukraine Rabbi Grave Desecrated With Pig Head

Timeline Of Attacks In Europe During 2016

WI Snowflake - 'You Sold Out Our Country!'

US Navy Restores Traditional Job Titles


UK Cops - Over 140 Soccer Football Clubs
Involved in Sexual Abuse Investigation

EU Un-Friends FB Over 'Misleading' Merger Claims

2,600 'Syrians' Got Medical Aid In Israel (many terrorists)

From CNN To BBC - Faking, Whining About Syria

Egyptian Cops Bust Staged Photo
Shoot Of 'Wounded Aleppo Children'

Aleppo Boy Redux

China Working Version Of NASA Impossible EmDrive

Obama Puts New Illegal Sanctions On Russia

US Extends Sanctions On Russia Over Ukraine

US Adds Individuals, Entities To Russia Sanctions List

Kremlin Warns Of Response To Latest US Sanctions

India, Russia To Up Range Of Joint Cruise Missile

Fake War On Islam & Terror To Get Worse - Morris

1,000s Of US Cities With Lead-Poisoned Water

Thousands Of JFK Murder Files To Be Released


Orlando Victim Families Sue Google, FB,
Twitter For Allegedly Inciting Attacker

House Comm - Stingray Use Violates Constitution

Sunlight The 'New' Best Cold Remedy?

Krugman - 'Trump's Economic Team Is...Gold Bugs'

Bitcoin Soars To 3 Year Highs

Italy To Nationalize Monte Paschi

European Banking Bloodbath Spreads To Spain

Supervolcano Reawakening Near Naples

Sahara Gets Snow First Time In Almost 40 Yrs

Dueling Twins Christmas

Pharma Execs Arrested In Conspiracy To
Create Opioid Addicts For Profit

J&J Hid Baby Powder Cancer Link 40 Years


Fear And Loathing In NY And DC

Clinton’s Defeat & ‘Fake News’ Conspiracy

Team Bernie - Hillary ‘F*cking Ignored’ Us

Saddam Was 'Not Worth Removing From Power’

Obama Fired Key Scientist On The Deadly
Cumulative Affects Of Low Dose Rad Exposure

Katie Hopkins Rages Over Suicidal Muslim Policies
Of Europe's 'Leaders' Who Are Trying To Destroy It

//end latest off 12 30 16// HS Teacher Racism Lecture - 'To Be White Is To Be Racist'

College Forced Toxic Masculinity Film On Students

Six People Alive With Severed Hands In Mexico

Chemicals In Plastics Cause Cancer, Diabetes, ADHD, More

Scientists Won't Deny Climate Engineering Reality

Glyphosate Contaminates World Ecosystem - New Report

3 Corporations That Manufacture BPA

Wheat Is Toxic Whether You're Gluten Sensitive Or Not

Mysterious Chambers HIdden In Great Pyramid

Artificial Eggs Grown In Lab Create Living Mice

Antarctic Ice Hides 'Alien' Life In Subglacial Lake


Hannity, Conway - Clinton Camp Interfering With Democracy

Hillary VP Picks Divided Into 'Food Groups'

National Poll…50,000 voters - Trump 67% Hillary 19%

92 Checks Given To Hillary Clinton By Wall St

Logs Prove Dem Vote-Riggers Visited WH - One 340 Times

CNN Reporter Admits Media Giving Clinton A 'Free Ride'

Sensational Trump Speech Serves Notice On Criminal
Political Elite - Calls For Term Limits, Talks Of WikiLeaks
Clinton Felony Criminal Revelations - Drain The Swamp!

Ex-Hillary Fixer Says He Set Up Sex Fiend
Hillary With Males & Females For Sex Orgies

Devvy - Female Clinton Voters - When A Muslim Or Other
Illegal Alien Rapes Your Daughter Or Your LIttle Boy…

Trump - Vote Fraud Is All Too Common

Trump Claims ‘Large-Scale’ Fraud In First Voting Results

Dems Create 4 MILLION Dead & Ineligible Voters

Buchanan - Is the System Rigged? You Betcha

WATCH - NBC Crew Reveals Hillaryís Insane Meltdown
She Fears Trump Will Send Us 'All To The Gallows'

Rigged Election - How To Commit Mass Vote Fraud - Pt 1

Rigged Election - How To Commit Mass Vote Fraud - Pt 2


MSM Ignores Clinton Attempt To Steal Election

Still - Trump Rally Violence Paid & Staged By Clinton

Activist Behind Violent Chicago Protests On Hillary Payroll

FBI Docs - Ex Security Agent On Hillary’s Reign Of Terror

Wiki Dumps 1,894 More Podesta Emails - 17,150 Total

Hillary Has Hidden 55,000 EMAILS!

Did Kerry, US Demand Assange Internet Be Cut?

Assange Mystery - Hillary Already Called For His Murder

Fears Grow Assange Was Extradited On ‘Gitmo Express’

Mystery Swirls Around Assange Safety, Location

Wiki - First 'Insurance' File Just Released?


Still No Assange - MSM Spreading Misinformation On Him

CNN Host Lies To Viewers About WikiLeaks

Melania On How Very Kind Donald Trump Is

50% Voting Americans Doubt US Election Will Be Fair

70% Of Republicans Believe Election Could Be Rigge

Multiple People 'Offered Bribes For Votes'

US MSM Journalists Shower Clinton... $382,000 In Donations

NYT Absurd New Anti-Russian Propaganda

Is Trump’s Son-In-Law In Talks On Potential Trump TV?

Trump May Meet Putin Before Inauguration If He Wins

BRICS Leaders Adopt Goa Summit Declaration

BRICS Leaders Agree To Create Rating Agency

Russia-OPEC Talk Target Month For Oil Output Freeze

All Russia Oil Companies To Take Part In Output Freeze

UK Towns, Villages Running Out Of Hard Cash

EU Dairy Farmers In Disarray Over Glut

2,000 Born With Microcephaly In Brazil In 2016

Strongest Antibiotics On Euro Farms At Record Levels

Britain’s Seven Covert Wars

The Divide - The Roughest Post-Nuclear Film

JoeTalk - You Will Be Judged

Chicago Toughest Gun Control - 1,000 MORE Shot In 2016


CA Penitentiary Guards See Inmates As Wild Animals

Sweden Swamped With Evil Clown Shenanigans

Italy Has A Massive Child Porn Addiction

Golden Gate To Hire More Cops To Stop Suicides

GeoEngineers In Desperate Attempt To Mask Planet Meltdown

A Bit Of Class & Real Music On The Beach In Waikiki

A Different Perspective On Survival Tips

2,000 Year Old Killer Fungus In Oregon

The Christian Myth Still Haunting Pompeii

How Strong Is Disaster Culture In LA?

15 Of The Longest-Running Scientific Studies In History


Gun Dealers Get 2 Yrs For Pistol Disguised As A Cane

How To Increase Libido The Natural Way

Acetaminophen - Most Dangerous OTC Pain Reliever

Drug Industry Answer To Opioid Addiction - More Pills

Behind The Scenes Bollywood

Prices Of Vegetables In Cambodia - Morris

Hostile Contact With Non-Human Entities

‘UFO’ Spotted Again Over Shropshire Airfield

Sun, Moon, Earth Align For Supermoon Finale 2016

The Milky Way's Ancient Heart

Doing Laundry Can Be Deadly For Marine Animals

Evidence Of Advanced Ancient Seafarers?


More Astonishing Clinton Crime Machine Acts Revealed

'Absolutely Damning' Quid Pro Quo Allegations vs Hillary

Clinton Backers Worried About Hillary Scandals

Judge Jeanine - Hillary Is Damned Dangerous, Wake UP

Gingrich Crushes ABC's Radditz On Anti-Trump MSM Assault

Gingrich - Election Being Stolen By Criminal MSM

Gingrich Calls For Monitoring All Election Sites

NBC, CBS Ignore New Hillary Denials On Email

Judge Jeanine On 'Deplorables' And The Psychopathic Liar

Podesta Wished San Bernardino Shooter Had Been A
WHITE MAN Rather Than Muslim - Podesta HATES US

Wiki Releases 9th Batch Of Hillary's Chief, Podesta, Emails

Wiki Releases 8th Batch Of Campaign Chair Podesta Emails

Wiki Podesta Emails - Black Voters And San Bernardino

Wikileaks - Seven More Hillary Scandals Exposed

What Trump Has Already Done Just Being A Candidate

NSA Whistle - DNC Hack Not By Russia, But By US Intel

Trump Blasts Rat Ryan On Twitter Before WI Rally


Clinton Performance-Enhancing Drugs Before Debate - Trump

Trump - Clinton Clearly 'Pumped Up' On Drugs For Debates
Calls For Pre-Debate Drug Tests On Both Candidates

Trump - 2016 Election Rigged By Corrupt Media

Soros OWNS Voting Machines In Key States

Soros & Running Online Voting For Tuesday UT Caucuses

Poll - Clinton, Trump In Statistical Dead Heat

Clinton To Enforce Syria No-Fly Which May Ignite WW3

Clinton Whines Of Fake 'Russian Assault On Democracy'

Wikileaks Exposes The Fake Trump 'Groping' Plot

Judge Jeanine w/2 Witnesses Trump Sex Moves Not True

Wiki - Email Shows Bloomberg Wants To Be Clinton Sec State!

CNN Tells Viewers It's ILLEGAL To Read Wiki Hillary Email


Amazing Black Woman Tells Why We Need Trump

100,000 Democrats Switch To Republican In PA

30 Reasons In 30 Days To Vote For Donald Trump

State Tried To Force FBI To Change Email Classification!

Time For Special Prosecutor For DOJ-Clinton Scandal

Clinton's 3 Goldman Speeches - She Got $675,000

MSM Trying To Kill Trump Base - Fans Must Stay On
Message - The Wall, Economy, Foreign Policy, PEACE

Gingrich - Hillary's Dangerous Open Borders Dream

Hillary's Crimes Make Her INELIGIBLE To Run, Hold Office

Podesta Tied To Russian Mafia, Money-Laundering

Neocon WaPost Endorses War Goddess-She Devil

Voters See Hillary As Traitor To America, Ignore Trump Tape

Establishment Trying To Rig Nov Election - GOP Sen


Wikileaks Shows How Grim MSM Impropriety Is

Hillary's Past Leaves Her Muted In Furor Over Trump

Machon - Fear Election Hacking By The US Establishment

State Tried To Make FBI Change Email Classification In Probe

NC GOP HQ Firebombing Violent Attack Civil Rights

NC Republican Office Torched By (communist) Firebomb

Zio Banking Cabal Expose Selves After Trump Speech

Atzmon - A Glimpse Into Jewish Guilt & Aggression

Poll - Near 50% Of Americans Say 'No Mosque Near Me'

Who Is REALLY Behind The EU Muslim Invasion?

Vladimir Putin IssuesUltimatum To Obama Regime

Analysis Of Putin's Extremely Serious Remarks

Putin Blasts Stupid US Cyber Threats

The History Of The Illuminati In 7 Minutes -

New UN Chief A Globalist, Socialist, Extremist

Cmdr Fired After USS Freedom Suffers Engine Damage

'Megadrought' Looms In American Southwest, NASA Warns

5 Big Bank Warnings The Economy Is Now Suicidal

Syrian-Russian Airstrikes Destroy Terrorists in Latakia

Failure In Lausanne On Syria

NYT Blasts Moscow, Syria, Ignores US War Crimes

Syria’s 'White Helmets' - Fiction And Reality

In A China-US Standoff, Russia Will Stand With Beijing

Putin, Xi Jinping Discuss Syria Settlement & Terror Fight

Russian Border Patrol Fires On NK Boat Refusing Search

US Again Vows To Protect S. Korea & Japan From NK

India Calls Pakistan 'Mothership Of Terrorism' At BRICS Mtng


Why Is Passing Of Thailand’s King A Big Deal?

Russia Faces Unprecedented Cyber Threats From US

Royal Navy Set To Intercept Russian Warship In Channel

Adm Kuznetsov Carrier Group Heads To Mediterranean

Aleppo - Rebel-Held East Enforcing Full Civilian Lockdown

US Assault On Mosul May Flood Europe With Terrorists

US Airstrikes Kill 15 Civilians In Syria's Raqqah

Egyptian Military Kills 100 Daesh Members In Strike

Legendary DPR Cmdr 'Motorola' Murdered In Donbass

Zionist Israel A WORLD Pariah

Atzmon - A Glimpse Into Jewish Guilt & Aggression

UNESCO Declares Israel An ‘Occupying Power’ In Jerusalem


Israel’s Latest Propaganda Video Is Offensive

Bibi Raps Israeli NGOs For Anti-Settlement UN Comments

At Keast 20 Wounded At Israelis Fire On Protest

Poland To Build Canal To 'Break Off From Russia

Scot First Minister Believes Its Time For Independence

1,000s Protest TTIP, CETA Deals In France & Poland

Russia, India Sign-Off On Gas Delivery Routes

Changing Reason - Elections Are Pointless - Morris

Boris Johnson...1st Utterly Clueless Foreign Secy - Kollerstrom

UFO Expert Dead In Poland - Warned He Was In Trouble

Doom - ITT And Corinthian...Ending The Scams


Hannity - Huge Wikileaks Clinton Email Bombshells

Trump Wants Hillary Tested For Drugs Before Debate

Heroic Trump -This Is America's 'Moment Of Reckoning'

Trump - Clinton Part Of Global Elite Crushing America

Leaked Emails Show Hillary's Hideous Life Of Deceit

Podesta Tied To Russian Mafia, Money-Laundering

New FBI Files…Criminal 'Quid Pro Quo' In Clinton Emails

Email Shows Hillary "HATES Everyday Americans"

Clinton And Her God, Alinsky - You'd Better Wake Up

Vandals Spray Paint 20+ Cars At Trump Rally In Bangor

Escobar - Hillary Clinton's Axis Of Evil


Trump Camp Rejects Claims Its Tied To WikiLeaks

Anti-Bank Remarks In A Clinton Speech Were A Ruse

Clinton Wanted ‘Manhatten Like Project’ To Hide Behind

Trump, Rosa Parks, Ali Honored For Inner-City Youth Work

Wikileaks Further Exposes Corporate Plot

Obama Budget Deficit Increases To $587 Billion

Meet The Worst President In US History

Snowden Ridicules Biden's Cyber Threats Against Russia

EU Told To Take 1.3 Million MORE 'Muslims' Yearly

Paris Covered In Filth, Excrement By African Blacks

Fukushima Forests Are ‘Radiation Reservoirs'
They Are Now Full OIf Mutated Animal Life Forms

Mark Twain Perfectly Described The 2016 Race


Common Core - Standardized Reality

Govt Science Of Shutting Up Whistleblowers

Open Recruitment For Breakaway Civilization Begins

80% Of Med Studies Are Ads For Big Pharma

Big Pharma Lead Poison Drug Price Hike Of 2,700%

The High-Risk, High-Stakes Race To Mars

The Hidden Glaciers Of Mars

Strange Signals From 234 Stars Could Be ET

Norway Scientists Vid Of UFO At Observatory

Why Is Earth’s Axis Shifting?

Trees Are Man's Best Friend

LA's Water Reservoir Shade Balls Worked!


Legal Weed NO HARM To Schools Or On Roads

Best Free Campsites For Every Region In US

Watch Waterspout Striking In Oregon

BMW Future Motorcycle Balances On Its Own

Great Barrier Reef Dies - 25 Million BC To 2016

Sensors Sniff Out Volcanic Eruptions Early

Why Quake Prediction Remains Shaky

Why Are You Always Tired?

Kratom Users Celebrate After DEA Drops Ban

Fasting Prevents Aging, Transforms Body

The Morphine Genocide - How 'Palliative Care' Kills

Never Been And Never Will Be A Safe Vaccine


Trump Calls For Drug Tests Before Debate

Clinton Would Force No Fly On Syria - Starting WW3

US Military Preps All Out War Amid Syrian Deadlock

Drudge Fires Warning Shot At Hillary

Drudge - 'On The Sex Stuff, Hillary Is About To Get Hers…'

Hacked Emails Prior To Scalia Murder Show Hillary’s Rage

Did Wikileaks Uncover The Scalia Murder Plot?

Flowers Confirms Bill Paid Her $200 For Abortion

Hillary Doesn't Recall Most Of Her Time As SecState!

Clinton Waffles, Admits No Permission For Secret Email

Wiki - Emails PROVE Clinton Foundation Pay-To-Play

Clinton Sold $300 Billion In Weapons To Foreign Regimes!

Pathological Liar Hillary's Convenient Memory Lapses

#WomenWhoVoteTrump Unite Behind The Don

Trump Supporters Destroy CNN Stooge Alisyn Camerota

The Socialist Left Demands SNL Must Destroy Trump


Super-Rich Crooked Hillary Vows To Sue The 'Rich'

Wiki Releases 7th Batch Of Podesta Emails

Wiki - Clinton Will 'Ring China With Missiles' - WW3

Wiki - The Two Faces Of Clinton On Syria

Clinton Backs US Police Full 'Use Of Force'

Where Is Blumenthal's 16th 'Missing' Email?

Wiki - Clinton All-White Staff On How To Exploit Black Vote

Trump's Scorched Earth New Worry For Clinton World

Trump Camp Releases Accuser's Cousin Statement

NBC Sitting On 'Devastating Tape' With Broaddrick

Megyn Kelly Pounded In Ratings - Beaten By Maddow


Why Obama's Attack On Free Speech Is So Dangerous

Obama Threatens Putin With Nuclear War

Russia Tells Citizens To Locate Closest Bunkers

Syria-Russsia Winning Aleppo - Key Terror Supplies Cut

A False Flag May Be Imminent To Drag U.S. Into War

NYT Blasts Putin, Ignores US Imperial Lawlessness

Russia Will Stop US From Turning Syria Into Yemen

Turkey Camps Still Train Nusra Terrorists For Syria War

Turkey Establishes Airbase In Iraq

Rockets Hit Turkey Resort Amid Hefty Tourism Drop

Russia, China Trying To Prevent War In Outer Space

‘American Exceptionalism'...Means Anything You Want


CIA Working On Massive Cyber Attack On Russia

Biden - US Ready For Alleged Russian Cyber Attacks

Wiki - US Unlikely To Use Cyber Attacks Against Russia

NATO 'Concerned' Over Russia Arms Deployments

Ukrainian Forces Attack S Donetsk - Fight Ongoing

Donbass Militia Downs NATO-Manned Copter

Obama Vows More ‘Self-Defense’ Strikes In Yemen

'Self-Defense' - Pretext For US Escalation Of Yemen War

UK Try To Rescue Saudis From Yemen Quagmire

Yemen - 60 Saudi Mercs Killed In Convoy Attack

Saudi Arabia Admits Bombing Yemen Funeral

Iran Urges End To Arms Sales To S Arabia, Israel

Saudi Strikes On Yemen 'Heinous Crimes On Humanity'

Libyan Former Officials, Militias Try Tripoli Coup

Israeli Group Calls For End 'Brutal' Occupation Of Pal

US Jets, Troops Deployed In East Africa Since July

Hybrid War On Ethiopia Is All About China

Dutch Pol Wilders To Stand Trial For Immigration Policy

UK To Take 300 Children From Calais Muslim Camp

Mass Immigration Ruins The Streets Of France

New Video Shows African Slime All Over Paris Streets

Paris At War - Muslims Destroying City

Illegal Alien In NY Voted In Over 20 Elections

3 ‘Militia’ Men Charged Threatening Somali Refugees

World Leaders Sweeping Deal To Cut Greenhouse Gases

Prime Money Markets Can Now Suspend Withdrawals


Brexit Pain, 'Brits May Never Leave EU' - EU Council Chief

Campaign To Keep EU Citizens In Britain

Deutsche Bank To Fire Another 10,000 Bankers

Elite Clueless - Society Is Near Breaking Point

Tea-Sipping Embezzlers

US Only Nation Profiting From Russian Sanctions

Wiki - How Wall Street Built The Obama Cabinet

Wiki - New Batch Of Secret TISA Documents

Legal Action Over Secrecy Of TTIP, CETA Trade Deals

El Salvador Activists Want To Smash TPP

VZ Farmers Fight Monsanto Seed 'Imperialism' And Win

Monsanto Goes On Trial For Ecocide

Obama Lifts Restrictions On Cuban Rum, Cigars


China To Take Over US Air Base, Invest In Azores

BRICS To Chart Collective Response To Global Threats

Russia, India Sign For Deliveries Of S-400s

Putin, Modi Launch Second Unit Nuke Plant

'Smart City' Is Govt Spying On An Unimaginable Scale

15 Confidential Sources Fed FBI Info From Malheur

Solvable Issue For 21st Century...Jail Corrupt Pols

Global GeoEngineering News Update 10-14-16

Stunning UFO Lights Up Geneva, Shocks Eyewitnesses

China Joins International Search For Alien Life

ExoMars Spacecraft To Make Landing Try Next Week

Comet May Have Caused Ancient Global Warming


US Military Preps For All Out War Amid Syrian Deadlock

Obama Prepping For Clinton Horror War On Russia?

Eyewitness Shreds Elderly Woman's Claim vs Trump
MSM-Globalist Assaults On Trump Show Great FEAR

Pathological Liar Hillary's Convenient Memory Lapses

Obama Could Take A Major Step Toward War Today

CIA Prepping Possible Cyber Strike Against Russia

Hannity - Wikileaks Bombshell Clinton Revelations

Clinton's Unrevealed State Dept Emails Released

Urgent - Is Diego Garcia Wall-To-Wall With US Bombers?
Have The US NeoCon Pentagon Maniacs Already Decided
To Bomb The Syrian Army And Dare Russia To Start WW3?

Insane US-NATO-West Threats Forcing Putin To
Warn Russian People Of Imminent Nuclear War

Chelsea - Now Scalia’s Gone, We Can Enact Gun Control

MSNBC Question Response - 84% Won't Vote Hillary!

CNN Bombed - Video Of Groper Bill Clinton Is Out

Trump Fingers Mex Billionaire For Groping Allegations

Trump Slams Utterly Corrupt, Rotten Media


Bill Clinton Accusers Slam Hillary

Huge Trump Cincinnati Crowd BLASTS MSM

Hillary Bans Alt Media, Buses Students To Hide Pitiful Turnout

WSJ Finally Lashes Out - 'Press Is Burying Hillary's Sins'

25 New Hillary Email Answers Given UNDER OATH

Soros Gives Hillary $25 Million To 'Guarantee' Win

Wiki - Four Most Damaging Leaked Podesta Emails

Wiki - Hillary's Brother, Tony Rodham, Hustling Haiti Gold

Wiki - Hillary Using Solicitor To Bag $1m Yr From Soros

No Case Agent Agreed w/Comey To Let Clinton Skate

Don't Vote For Clinton, She's Killing Black People

Wiki - Clinton Camp Probed Obama Muslim Ties, Coke Use

Wiki - Clinton Had Early Plan To Spin Bill's Sex Crimes

Wiki - Clinton Trade Reversals Deception Revealed

NYT Trump Accuser #RachelCrooks Is LYING - Friend

DOJ Intervenes To Cover Up Hillary's Libyan Gunrunning

Bloomberg Just Gave $250k To OR Gov Kate Brown

Clinton Sympathized With Goldman Sachs In Speech

Seth Meyers Goes After Hillary Clinton

Trump - Ryan's 'Sinister Plot’

Trump - WikiLeaks Show MSM Favoring Crooked Hillary

Wiki - ‘Clintons Won't Forget What Friends Have Done'

Bill & Hillary Wikipedia Pages Hacked, Replaced With Porn

Aides Planned Clinton TPP Reversal Before Primary

Clinton Denies She Was Told Private Email Breaks US Law


Hillary Speech To DB - 'The People Are Angry, She Isn't'

Wiki - Clinton Plotted SCOTUS Threat Over Obamacare

Trump - Time To Save Millennials, Others, From College Debt

Trump Calls FBI, DOJ Corrupt Hillary Probe 'Highest Crime'

GOP Spends "0" On Trump Ads After $42m For Romney

Reporters Scared To 'Tell The Truth' Trump Rally Chant

Russia To Respond To Any Hostile Acts Against It In Syria

Vote Trump Or Face Nuclear War - Zhirinovsky

Russia Orders Relatives Of Officials To Return Home

World War 3 For Dummies (Updated)

Beating The Drums Of War At The UN

Obama Considering Strikes On Syria's Military

Obama Talks US MIlitary Options In Syria


Russia To Reply To Any Hostile Acts Against It In Syria

Lavrov Expects New Talks On Syria To Fail

Russia Tests ‘Unrivaled’ New Radio-Electronic Weapon

Terrorists In Aleppo ‘Forcefully’ Enroll Teens

Dangerous US Mission Creep in Syria

Putin - We Know Who Destroyed Aleppo Aid Convoy

Assad Discusses War On Syria

US 'Scorched Earth' Policy Towards Russia - FM Spox

'Give Him The Mic Or He'll Out Me!' - Putin Humor

WW3 Anti War Protests Will Lead To Civil Wars - Morris

Mystery Power Outage Hits Secret AF Computer Network

US Debt Soars To $19.7 Trillion

Obama Invites Violence, Anti-Woman Rapper To WH

Greenwald On US MSM 'McCarthyite' Anti-Russian Hysteria


Greenwald - Inconvenient Truths Become Putin 'Plots'

US Think Tank Warns Of Russian Media's Growing Control

Pentagon Mega-Cities Video Produced Pro-Bono By Whom?

Chomsky Explains How He Was Banned From MSM

USS Ford Aircraft Carrier Worse Than Littoral Combat Ships

US Farmers Dump 43 Million Gallons Milk In 2016

Vince Foster’s Indignant But Curiously Unconcerned Sister

Assad - Saudis Promised Help For Betrayal Of Iran

US Playing Syria Terror Card As Part Of World Domination

Terrorists Shell Aleppo - At Least 5 Children Dead

Russia, US To Give Syria Peace Another Try?

PM May Contradicts Johnson - No Plans For Military In Syria

Yemeni Forces Down Saudi Recon Aircraft


Saudi Arabia Losing Allies Over Regional Differences

Netanyahu Mocks UNESCO Motion On Temple Mount

Another Night Of Bombs On Donetsk - US Snipers Arrive

Roberts - Regime Change In The Philippines

US Struggles To Justifying Saudi Bombings

Pentagon Warns Of Dystopian Future Of Biggest Cities

China Warns Australia On South China Sea

China Nixes Japan Protest Over Gas Hunt In E China Sea

Japan To Expand Africa Military Base To Counter China

Group Urges US To Put Nukes In South Korea

India Preparing Grounds to Source Minerals From Frontier With China

Thailand's King Adulyadej, Longest-Reigning Monarch, Dies At 88

The Elephant In Zimbabwe's Room

Brexit & Despotism Of The British Pound Sterling


Sterling Plunges To Lowest Level In 168 Years

Prepare For Severe Stock Market Crash - HSBC

Elite Will Blame You For The Coming Financial Crash

What Exactly Is Agenda 21?

Hollande Hits US 'Excess Of Power' - Threatens TTIP Veto

4 Reasons TTIP Is 'Unacceptable' For Europe

GMO Giant Monsanto Has Too Much Power, Influence

2 'Unrelated' Banker Suicides Reveal Fascinating Rabbit Hole

Cops Are Communist Enforcers

Hurricane Matthew Brutal Aftermath In Haiti

Hurricane Matthew Cost $10 Billion

Arctic Cruises - Disaster For Northwest Passage?

Artist Revealing New York’s Secretive, Hidden Network

Millennials Are Not Lazier Than Boomers

Orion Meteor Shower - When, Where & How

Did Ancient Greeks Build China Terracotta Army?


Best Productivity Habits Of Famous Writers

Where Did All the Good Movies On Netflix Go?

Meet The Ancient Nightmare Wasp

What School Lunch Looked Like Each Decade

Virtual Reality Gives Clearer Look At Moral Action

New Moon Craters Appearing Faster Than Thought

Yellowstone Supervolcano - Fearing End Of The World

Climate Engineering Documentary About To Launch

Guns, Empires And Indians

The Great Scandinavian Musk Ox War

Short-Term Food Storage For Beginners

Oku's Wave Mana - Allgire


Insane US-NATO-West Threats Forcing Putin To
Warn Russian People Of Imminent Nuclear War

Jeff & Jay Weidner - America Will Choose...Life or Death

This Is A Brave, HEROIC Speech Excerpt - Please Watch
Trump - Our Campaign Is An Existential Threat To Globalists

Desperate, Despicable, Fear-Driven NWO Attacks Trump

Trump Blast Communist-Globalist Media For Despicable Lies

ALIPAC - No Amnesty For Open Borders McCain, Rat Ryan

Did Hillary Aid & Abet Weapons To Islamic Terrorists?

Trump - Effort To Throw Election Results Already Done

Trump Drafting Suit vs NYT For Groping Women Story

Trump Targets Rapist Bill And Hillary Coverup

Anonymous Says Vid Of Bill Raping 13 Yr Old On Orgy Island

Hillary Lesbian Lovers Named In Secret Emails - Enquirer

Hillary's Lesbianism, Blackmailability And Prostitution

Does Mossad Blackmail…Does Hillary Attract Flies?

Hillary Multiple Abortions, Is A Lesbian Says Bill Victim


Clinton Campaign Staff Laugh, Brag Of Clintons Felonies

Founder Of Muslim Republican Coalition Backs Trump

Trump, Sanders, PAUL Show Elite Control Has Fractured

10 Signs All-Out Effort To Sabotage Trump Campaign

Trump Tape Released Same TIME As Wiki Clinton Emails

Sex Perv Obama Flaunts Erection On Female Reporters

FBI, DOJ Anger Over Comey, Lynch Plot To Let Clinton Slide

Feingold - Hillary Might Try E/O To Kill 2nd Amendment

Major Media Building A Universe For Clinton

Meet Bill Clinton's 5 Grandchildren

Glenn Beck & Kristol Got Large Pmts From Clinton Fndn!

Wiki - Podesta Email Batch Released - 'Helpful' Media, More

Wik - Releases 5th Batch Of Podesta Emails!

Podesta Files - Top 10 Revelations From Clinton Campaign

Wiki - MORE Collusion Between State & Hillary Campaign

Clinton Fndn - 'Unless Saudi Sheikh Gives Us $6 Million...

Clinton Blames Trump, Wiki, Moscow After Latest Leak

Bill Clinton Mocks Trump Fans As 'Standard Rednecks'

Escobar - Hillary Clinton's Axis Of Evil

Hillary The Klingon Meets Soros The Furious Funder

US Catholic Group Demands Clinton Spox Resignation

Ex-Arms Dealer Says Scapegoated To ‘Protect’ Clinton

Govt Corruption Tops List Of US Fears w/Terror & Poverty

Feds To Press Contempt Charges vs Patriot Sheriff Joe


Hurricane Nicole Now ‘Major’ - Heading For Bermuda

US Death Toll Climbs To 35 After Hurricane Matthew

Muslim Gay Obama To Decide On Syria War Friday

Russia & US Will Fight WW3 Unless Syria Resolved - Turkey

The US Edges Dangerously Closer To War With Russia

US Escalates War While Talking Peace

Turkey Reconsidering Its Policy In Syria

UK Foreign Minister Urges War, Not Peace, in Syria

Russian Subs, Troops Test Fire 3 Long Range Missiles

Russian Iskander Placed Right Under Passing US Satellite

Russian Senators OK Permanent Russian Air Force In Syria

Johnson - UK Should Reconsider Military War In Syria

UK Tory MP Calls To Shoot Down All Russian Jets Over Syria

UK WW3 Frenzy Over Russian Pullout Of Officials Relatives

Aleppo - 'People Living There Like In A Big Prison'


Putin - West Caused Mideast Instability And Euro Terrorism

Putin - Obama WH Uses Scaremongering On Public

Putin - US Can't Control Its Anti-Assad Terrorists

Putin - To Work With Any HONEST US President

Putin - Stop Blaming Russia For Muslim Disaster In Europe

Putin - Decisive Actions Needed In Afghanistan

US Plots To Free 9,000 ISIS Terrorists From Mosul

50,000 Iraqi Gov't Fighters To Start Liberating Nineveh

Turkey - Troops In Iraq To Stay As Long As Needed

Iran Sends Warships To Yemen Coastline

US Military Destroys 3 Radar Sites In Yemen - RT

The Deadly Racism Of The 'Anti-Racist' Liberal Imperialist

Why Would Pentagon Pretend To Fly Russian Military Jets?


Daesh Deploys Weaponized Drones

US Advanced Systems To Detect Daesh Drones

'Civil War' Rages In DC Over What To Do About Syria

State Asked What's Diff Between Yemen & Syria Bombings - Uh...

US Navy - Destroyer Targeted Again By Yemen Missiles

Yemen Army, Allies Deny Targeting US Destroyer

Yemenis Blast 'Saudi-US' Carnage, Vow Revenge

What Is Really Happening In Yemen?

Saudi Arabia Seeks To Destroy Muslim World - Houthi Ldr

Spanish Diplomat Found Dead In Islamabad

US - China Peacekeepers Quit Posts In S Sudan - China Denies

S Korea To Deploy Marines Near Japan-Claimed Islands


S Korea Preps Special Forces To Hit NK In Case Of War

Japan, US To Move Forward With Okinawa Land Return

Pakistan Threat To World Peace – Indian Envoy

Indonesia OK Chemical Castration, Death For Pedophiles

Philippines Duterte Vows To Chart Independent Foreign Policy

Sturgeon Challenges May w/2nd Scot Independence Bill

Show Porn To Teens & Scrap Sex Education - Dame Murray

Czech Kindergartens Install Student Fingerprint Scanners

Accept Refugees Or Lose EU Funding - Renzi Takes Aim

Germany To Cut Off Welfare Benefits For EU Citizens
But Will Continue To Give Free Life Support To Muslims

‘We Taught Them To Use Forks' - Polish Official Slams French

Berlin, Paris, Rome, Madrid Call On EU For Defense

Creepy Clown Craze Sweeps Scandinavia


EU Exit 'Only Way Out' From Greece's 'Occupying Muslims'

Cops Use Pepper Gas, Arrests To Disperse Portland Rally

Area 51 - Bikers Held At Gunpoint At ‘Secret Back Gate’

Two Boston Cops - Critical

HPD 911 Opr…'Ain't Got No Time For This' & Hangs Up!

OPEC To Invite Russia To Key Oil Meeting

Barents Sea May Have Billions Of Barrels Of Oil

Russia Terminates Oil Pipeline Agreement w/Ukraine

UK Support For Fracking Negative 1st Time In History

Dedicated Activists Next Big Threat For North Am Oil

Russia, India Start Joint Airplane, Helicopter Production

China Buying Hollywood Filmmakers To Build 'Soft Power'


India Putting $400 Billion In Aerospace, Defense Sector

Hollande Blasts US For Going After Corporate Europe

Brexit Alarm - Bankers Warn They Could Ditch UK For EU

Warning UK Govt 'Windfall Tax' Will Kill London Businesses

Wells Fargo CEO, John Stumpf, To Retire...Immediately

Chad's Economy Losing 9.5% of GDP Every Year

Anti-TPP Protesters Clash With Cops In Peru Capitol

Gerrick Bycicles 9,000 KMs Around SE Asia - Morris

Universe Has 2 Million More Galaxies Than Thought

New Dwarf Planet Discovered On Edge Of Solar System

ET Did It - Claim Behind Strange Pulsating Light

Aliens Could Survive On Diet Of Radiation


Bill Clinton Rape Protester Beaten At Hillary Vegas Rally

Hillary Took The Pussy Bait - Lesbian Open Season Now

CNN Censors Bill Clinton's Black Son Speaking Out

Hersh - Hillary Sent Sarin Gas To Syrian Terrorists

Ingraham - Media Acts As SuperPac For Clinton

Bill Still - Trump Social Media Air War vs MSM Thugs

Globalist MSM REFUSES To Cover New Wiki Emails

Trump - This Is Our Last Chance To Save America

Trump TV Ads We'd Like To See 1

US Navy Missiles Take Out Houthi 'Radar Sites'

Russian Emb In Damascus Shelled 2 Hrs - No One Hurt

Putin Friend - Trump Only One Who Can Calm Things

Wiki - NYT Bowed, Pulled Palin Joke From HRC Interview

GOP Elite Planned The Trump Tape Release!


Katie Hopkins Not Offended By Trump Private Remarks

Rat Ryan Ignores Illegals Sex Attacks On 70,000 Women

Wiki - Emails Show Everything For Sale For Democrats

Is Costa Rica Ready To Be The Next Superpower?

Stardate 2016 - Spock & Kirk, Debate Presidential Elections

Ave American Has 40,000 Bouts Of 'Tech Rage' In Life

Now 'Democracy Now' Calls For Help With Haiti

Hollande Admits 'France Has A Problem With Islam'

JoeTalk - Down To Hell 1/2

JoeTalk - Down To Hell 2/2

Ten Most Lethal CIA Interventions in LatAm


'Homegrown Terrorists' From US Atrocities Abroad

How Wells Fargo Made 5,000 Criminals

Chinese Banks On Course For Global Expansion

How To Deal With A Manipulative Coworker

Hurricane 'Nicole' Set For Bermuda

7 In 10 Americans Have Less Than $1,000 In Savings

The Poor Man Prepper

Grow Hack - Easy Buds For Busy People

Watch - Massive Pre-Fab Cemetery In Houston?

What Do Sugar, Trans Fat & Vax Have In Common?

Rapist Bill Clinton Sold China Top Secret ICBM Targeting

Trump Rips Clinton, Cites Wiki Bombshells, Pledges Probe

Career FBI, DOJ Wanted Charges Filed Against Clinton
Rage In Both Agencies Over Allowing Clinton To Skate

Deplorable Rapist Bill Calls Trump Supporters REDNECKS

Alleged Rapist Al Gore - 'Why Each Vote Matters'

Dying Clinton To Vanish Last 3 Weeks Before Election
No Rallies Scheduled After 12-12 - Hides Terminal Illness

Nuke War On Horizon - 'Not Just Talk...Action Has Been Taken'

US Bombing Syrian Army Will Start WW3

Is The US Preparing A 'False Flag' Syria Bombing?

Wiki - More Lies...Clinton Bashes Putin But Praises In Emails

Why Russia Bashing Is So Intense

Wiki - Emails Ties Hillary Directly To International Terrorists

Wiki - Clinton Email...Saudi Arabia Funding ISIS


62 ISIS Terrorists Carried Out Attacks In US In A Year

Mexico Silently Helping Haitian Illegals Enter US

Fed Contractor Tell Locals To Keep Muslim 'Refugees' Secret

Amnesty For 2 Treasonous Open-Borders Republicans

NYT Phony Claims Of Russia Supporting Trump

NYT Dropped All Integrity Just To Bash Trump - NY Post

Scoundrel Media Glorifying Hillary, Vilifying Trump

Wiki - Podesta RACIST Email Reveals Put-Down Of Blacks

Wiki -Clinton Camp Works With Soros On Black Lives Matter

Ingraham Slams 'Crazy, Idiotic' Rat Ryan Policy

GOP Pols Revolt Against Ryan Plan To Ruin Trump

Skewed, Rigged, Bogus Polls Show Trump Still Behind

NBC-FOX Appear To Commit Blatant Polling Fraud


Reuters And Other Poll Frauds

Smart Phone Cams Banned Over Clinton Seizures

Wiki - Clinton Secretly Sympathized w/Goldman Sachs

Grim News - US Layoffs Leap By 38% Just In September

CNN Pundit Fed Qs To Hillary Before Town Hall

Wiki - Hillary Reads From Script During Interview

Wiki - State Helped Clinton Fndn Get Haiti Quake Deals

Wiki - Clinton Camp Tied To DOJ During Server Probe

Clinton Camp Calls Wiki ‘Russian Propaganda Arm’ !

GOP Elite Pigs Prefer Clinton Win - To Save Their $, Power

Presidential Debate Moderators Shilling For Al-Qaeda

NY Election Boss Admits 'There Is A Lot Of Voter Fraud'


Buchanan - Donald Trump Alive & Well !

ALIPAC Asks Republicans to Vote for Democrats

US An Ungovernable Nation 2017-2020?

Fake News & National Security State

FBI Agents Near Revolt Over Corrupt Clinton Probe

Men And Sexual 'Sin'

Citizen Shot Trying To Stop Kidnap By Illegal Alien

Federal Judge Sees Little Value In Studying The Constitution

Soros Says Communist China Runs The World, US Is Second

NATO’s Vast Cyber Troll Brigades Unleashed

Russian Parliament OKs Indefinite Military Stay In Syria

Atzmon - Can Jews Ever Leave Their Cult?

From Tribes To Mongrels & Judeo Christian Plans - Morris

Seven Highest Paid At UC Berkeley? Coaches


Did Obama Just Threaten To Hack Russia?

Stone - ‘How Many Muslim Countries Has Obama Bombed?'

US Intervention Reason For Homegrown Terrorism

British Govt Admits Marijuana Extract Has Medicinal Effect

Key Neocon Calls On US To Remove Putin

Russia Suspends Nuclear R&D Pact With US

Russia Moves Nuclear-Capable Missiles To Kaliningrad

War Doc US Govt Doesn't Want You To See

Syria Is Not In A Civil War - It's A US Invasion

US Builds New Military Base In Kurd-Controlled Syria

Russian Drones Dominate Skies Over Latakia

Russia Says US Nuked Fallujah & They Can Prove It


S Korea Will Shoot China Boats Fishing 'Illegally'

China Boosts India Military Ties Amid Border Violence

Much Of China Could Be Targeted By US Aegis In SK

Duterte Looks Forward To Historic China Visit

Moscow - No Legal Or Moral Reasons To Extradite Snowden

Russia Should Be Probed For Syria 'War Crimes' - Johnson

Johnson Gets Trolled After Calling For Russian Embassy Protest

US OKs Saudi ‘Self-Defense’ In Yemen, Slams Russia In Syria

US Surrendered Right To Claim Russian War Crimes Long Ago

US Seeks To Partition Syria to Serve The Jewish State

Terrorists Using Aleppo Residents As Human Shields


Ex-General Calls For British Troops In Syria

Pentagon Vows To Retaliate For Missiles Fired On Destroyer

Yemeni Forces Hit Saudis In SW Saudi Arabia

'Liars For Hire' - Confessions Of MSM Journalist

Journalist Spies On RT Deutsch - Becomes MSM Doubter

Activists Pull Off Huge Crude Oil Flow Shut-Down

Does US Really Have More Oil Reserves Than Saudis?

Russia Ready To Join Oil Production Freeze

Saudi Arabia To Slash Capital Spending By 71%

Escobar - Why the New Silk Road Terrifies Washington

Russian, Chinese Journalists Kick Off Silk Road Trip In China


Mass Exodus Of London Bankers Could Come Early In 2017

Royal Bank Of Scotland Crushed British Businesses For Profit

Eerie, Daylight Ghost Ship Seen On Lake Superior

Area 51 - Bikers Held At Gunpoint By Security Guards

Digital Message Sent To Possible ET Civilization

UFO In Yorkshire Filmed By Retired Policeman

Best Proof Of HAARP Weather Mod? Photos

Top Secret WW2 Bomb Tech Found Time Capsule

High Dose Of Vit C Cures Zika Patient In 3 Days

Why Is The IMF So Obsessed About Growth?

The Demon On Your Chest


How Did Chunk Of India And Eurasia Disappear?

Five Useful Things For A Burner Phone Number

The Complete Guide To Lunar Gardening

6 Fall Plants To Get Planted Now

Daughter Streams Parents On 'Heroin Binge’

The Black Death - What Was The Source?

Religious People Less Likely To Support Pot

Why Is Scar Tissue Different To Normal Skin?

The NFL Bans Synthetic Marijuana

Flesh-Eating Worms Have Returned To FL

Hurricane 'Matthew' Summary

Matthew Unearths Civil War Cannon Balls In SC

What’s The Best Close Quarters Weapon?


Scientists Discovers New Type Of Earthquake

12 Million Yr Old Vehicle Tracks Found

The Cave Of The Seven Sleepers

The Mystery Of California's Ghost Trees

Cruise Ships Now Heading Into The Arctic

How To Deal With Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Four Basic Human Personality Types ?

Breasts Have Their Own Microbiome

13 Foods As Addictive As Drugs

Big Soda Is The New Big Tobacco

Are These New Dead Sea Scrolls Real?


Most Dangerous Thing Trump Said During 2nd Debate

Fabulous Hilary Song!

Trump Taking The Shackles Off His Campaign

Clinton And The Dangers Of Nuclear War

Clinton Touted Her Record Of Spreading Fracking

Trump On Key States He Needs To Win

Trump Rips Rat Ryan & Disloyal Republicans

Polling & Media Cos That Have Given To Clinton Fndn

Rat Ryan Top Aide Said Behind Trump Tape Leak

Treason - Clintons In Sale Of 20% US Uranium To Russia

YouTube Hides, Warns Of Trump Vid On Hillary Health

10,000 Chant 'CNN SUCKS' At Trump PA Rally!

Go Trump - He Has United The RNC, DNC, NWO & Media!

Detective Tells What Trump Did To Stop Rape In NYC

Trump - Illegals Allowed To Stay To Flip Election

Dems Busing People NYC Precinct To Precinct To Vote

Elections Official On Cam Blasting De Blasio's ID Program


Dying Clinton To Vanish Last 3 Weeks Before Election
No Campaigning Scheduled - Tries To Hide Terminal Illness

Clinton's Last Scheduled Campaign Appearance
Is 10-12-16 And Then 26 Days With No More Rallies

Trump Opposes Attacking Syria

Wiki Dumps 2nd Batch Emails From Clinton Camp Chair

Email Appear To Show DOJ - Clinton Campaign Contact

Shocking Revelations In 2nd Wiki Clinton Email Dump

Wiki - Brat Chelsea Nearly Caused Suicide Clinton Fndn COO

Wiki - Clinton - Saudis, Qatar ‘Clandestine’ Support To ISIS

Wiki - 'Hillary Should Stop Saying Things That Are Untrue' !

Wiki - Emails Show Tight Link Between CNBC, Clinton Camp

Wiki - Emails Show Possible Collusion State Dept, Clinton Camp

Bill's Reaction To Trump Bringing His Sex Victims

Clinton Super Pac Hitman Brock May Be Going Down


Kirwan - Yellow Journalism 3.0

Terrifying Reality Of Another Clinton Co-Presidency

US Intel Meddles In Election, Backs Hillary Clinton

Our Own Government Seizing Control Of OUR Election

Trump Calls Info On Conspiracy In Media 'Terrible'

Fetzer - Bush Family Involved In Trump Tape Release

Internet - Clinton A Robot For Failing To Swat Fly On Face

Hillary Tells Big Oil Environmentalism is A Russian Hoax!

Clinton Responsible For Rise Of ISIS In Mideast - Jill Stein

Kaine Can't Justify Clinton Oper Borders Speech

Top NATO Lobbyist Urges Trump Replaced By Pence

Rat Ryan Declares Hillary Won, No Real Election in 2016


How Obama Federalized The Police

Roberts - Engage In Sex, Not War

Obama Buries Damning DHS Border Report

Muslims Rape Wheelchair Bound Woman On Swedish Island

Over Half Of Jihadists in Europe Have Criminal Past

French Police Say Lawless No-Go Areas Exist

11,000 'Refugees' Saved Off Libyan Coast In 48 Hrs

Duff PressTV - US Heading For ThermoNuke War w/Russia

Stuck On Stupid - Why Is America Starting WW3?

Russia To Immed Bring Home Kids Studying Abroad

Syria Now Existential Contest Between US, Russia

Br Nathanael - Czar Nicholas II & History's End


Duff PressTV - Russia's Permanent Military Presence In Syria

Dueling Russia - US Agendas On Syria

Putin - Russia, Turkey End To War In Syria

Israeli Minister To Visit Turkey, First Time In 6 Yrs

Does US Plan A Major False Flag Incident in Syria?

Pics Of US Jets In Russian Colors = False Flag Rumors

Putin Cancels Paris Trip Over Futility Of Syria Talks

France vs Syria, Russia For 'War Crimes' Over Aleppo

Russia - US Contributed To Syria Truce Collapse

Russia, China Quickly Forming 'Strategy of Synergy' in Syria

Russian Permanent Naval Facility In Syrian Port Of Tartus


Russia To Install Air Defense, Anti-Sub Systems In Tartus

Nuclear Drone War Consequence Of Global Arms Race?

Russian Sanctions Totally Backfire

US, S Korea In Unprecedented Joint Naval Exercises

Ambassadors To Mars - China Names Envoys To Red Planet

China May Put 'Baby Reactors' On Its S China Sea Islands

Daesh Urges Hack Attacks On Foreigners In India

US Missiles In Europe Directly Threaten Russia

THAAD Deployment Not Only About 'N Korean Threat'

Saudi Airstrike Kills Ten People In Northern Yemen

US Concerned Over Yemen War Crimes Complicity

US Bombs Used In Saudi-Led Yemen Funeral Massacre


US Supplying Terrorists In Syria With New Missiles

Yemen Long-Range Missile Hits Saudi Airbase

Norway Mulls US Troop On Its Own Soil

1,000s March For Peace, Against NATO In Berlin

Finland Steps Up Defense Cooperation With US

Merkel Only Chance To Save 'Legacy' Is Not To Run

French Pols Blast Hollande For Not Meeting Putin

Materialism & #Turkey #Russia #Kurds #Debate - Morris

KC Chiefs Owner Warns Players And Coaches

Deutsche Bank BK Would Collapse World Fin System

Iran To Be Transport Hub Connecting Asia With Europe


China Proposes BRICS Free Trade Areas

Oil Prices Surge As Putin To Back OPEC Freeze Or Cut

No Reason To Say Hydrocarbon Era Ending - Putin

Russia To Remain Reliable Energy Supplier World - Putin

Saudis Plans To Double Gas Production By 2020

Russia, Turkey Sign Gas Pipeline Deal

American Genocide

Mysterious New Blood Bacteria A Nanobot Bioweapon?

Machine Intelligence Moving Towards Singularity

EpiPen Drops $300 To $3 With Opensource, 3D Printing

Vaccines Have Become Even More Scary Than Ever

Have Scientists Found Way To Turn Off Aging?


Rotten Rat Ryan Top Aide Said Behind Trump Tape Leak

Treason! - Clintons In Sale Of 20% US Uranium To Russia

Hidden Cam - Election Official Admits Clinton Vote
Rigging - People Bused From Precinct To Precinct

Clinton Manifestly Unfit To Be US President

Gingrich - Enormous Historic Victory For Trump

Huckabee - Bed-Wetting GOP Afraid Trump Will Win

Bill Clinton Groping Caught On Cam

Video Of Bill Clinton Groping A Woman's P*ssy

Trump In PA - Supporters Chant "Lock Her Up!"


Debate Comm Threatened To Throw Out Bill Accusers

Debate Brings Back Hillary's INHUMAN Defense Of Rapist

Hillary Called For 'Killing A Lot Of Syrians' During Debate

How Clinton Is Less Trusted Than Trump

Watch (If You Can) - Hilary's Vile, Arrogant Debate Smirking

Hillary's Parkinsons During & After The Debate

Clinton Has Mild Bobble-Head Seizure After Debate?

The Rise Of The Deplorables

The Stupid US Is Starting WWIII

Will WW3 Start With An EMP Over The US?

'Biopiracy' In Peru Threatens Indigenous Knowledge

End Of The Republic & The Delusion Of Empire

Dr. Alan Cantwell - Why Doctors Ignore
Bacterial Cause Of Cancer


New Wiki Emaiis Show Clinton Evil To Destroy Sanders

Traitor Rat Ryan Shows Un-American Character Again

Firm That Hired Abedin - Chelsea A 'Spoiled Brat Kid'

Judge Jeanine & Giuliani On Trump's Huge Night

Trump News Conf With Bill's Rape & Abuse Victims

NBC, ABC Abuse Clinton Rape Victim

Protesters Across Country Yell At Bill ‘You’re A Rapist!’

Clinton Rape Victim Broaddrick Dramatic New Interview


Clinton Has Mild Bobble-Head Seizure After Debate?

How The 2 Vile Moderators Hijacked The Debate

Emails Show Huge Coordination Between Hillary & Press

Hillary Squirms As Trump Says She'll Be Investigated

Giuliani - Clinton Anger Over Bill's Sex Victims Present

Trump Crushes Clinton - 'You Should Be In Jail'

'You'd Be In Jail' And Other Trump Debate Zingers

Trump Rips Betrayer Pence Over Syria Statements

Trump - US, Russia Should Join In Fight Against ISIS

Trump vs Hillary On Syria - Hillary Is WAR, Trump Is Victory

Trump Says Would Be Glad To Work With Russia

3rd World War Is Taking Place In Syria

Clinton Reset Button With Russia Goes Nuclear

Wikileaks Proves Syria Is About Iran & Israel

US Nuclear Program Falls Behind Russia's - Trump

Trump - Obama 'Killing' America's Energy Companies

Hillary Thug David Brock Will 'Pay' For Any Trump Tapes

Reporter Admits Hillary Seizure Disorder On-Air

Highest Alert - The Election Can Still Be Rigged

The Fly On Hillary's Face - Flies Are Attracted To Garbage

Kirwan - Hillary's First Mass Murder - Waco 1993

Indy Voter - How 'Tape' Moved Him To Support Trump

Pro-Hillary Media Fabricates Email to Discredit Wikileaks

Neocon BS Claims Russia Keeps Syria War Going


Hillary's Claims Russia Involvement In Hacks Is ‘Hysterical’

Lil’ Ol’ Airstrip In Arkansas

Home Depot Founder Tell US To Get Over Tape

Bill Clinton Not Responsible For 90s Economic Boom

Chelsea Helps Hillary Up The Stairs Arriving Debate

Bill Helps Hillary Leave Debate

500% Rise In African Illegals Coming Thru Mexico In 2016

South Korea Ready For Pre-Emptive Strike On North

Think Tank Plans 10 ‘Killer Weapons' Of US-Russia War

Key Neocon Calls On US To Oust Putin

Israel Shamir - Nuclear Poker

Russia Will Protect Its Assets If US Hits Syrian Bases


Syria - Is The US.Preparing A False Flag Bombing?

US Calls Not To Fly Over Aleppo Suspicious - Lavrov

US, Britain, France Now A Terrorist Air Force In Syria

Any US Led Attack On Syrian Army Will Violate Intl Law

West Expectations Of Russia 'Shrinking' After 1992 Failed

Russia, US Must Relaunch Nuclear Talks - Gorbachev

Russia - Iskander Missile Deployment Just a Military Drill

China Supports Russian Position On Syria & Afghanistan

Iraq PM - ‘Turkey Won't Be In Mosul Op, Period'

Russia Wants Probe Of Saudi Strike On Yemen Funeral

Two Missiles From Yemen Fired At US Destroyer

Houthis - US Behind Horrific Funeral Bombing Killing 140+


Yemen Ex-Pres Calls For Houthis Mobilize On Saudi Border

US, Israel Complicit In Saudi Carnage In Sana'a - Iran

Car Bomb Rips Turkish Army Station, Killing 17

Israeli Cmdr - Moscow 'Partially Regained Superpower Status'

Hungary To Amend Constitution, Block EU Muslim Plan

German Cops Catch Muslim Plotting Terror Attack

Massive Explosion Hits Night Club In Malmo, Sweden

Kiev Rage - Polish Film Shows WWII Ukraine Crimes

US Cops Not Trained To Deal With Shell-Shocked Vets

Don't Donate To American Red Cross Say Haitians

Brazil's Temer To Allow Biggest Import Of GMO Corn

CIA Whistleblower On Climate Engineering & Vax Dangers


Prof Suspended Over ‘False Flag’ Social Media Post

UFO Spotted In Air Traffic Over New Zealand

Truck’s Amazing Near Miss With Pedestrian

Engdahl - EU And Syrian Energy Wars

80% Of US Oil Reserves Are Unaccounted For!

Saudis Say Oil Will Hit $60 By End Of Year

Here's Where The Next Bank Deposit 'Bail-In' Will Strike

DB Says Not To Worry About Its €46 Trillion In Derivatives

Why Precious Metals Were Pummelled This Week

Ruble's Slide Has A Silver Lining

German Politicians Call For Rapprochement With Russia

Cholera, Mass Graves: Haiti Death Toll Passes 1,000

Matthew' Kills 11 In US, Millions Without Power


Ingraham - We've Been Waiting For This Moment

Giuliani - One Of Biggest Defeats In Pres Debate History

Conway - Trump Took It To Hillary Clinton

Asinine Moderators Interrupt And Even Debated Trump!

Trump Rips Moderators As Making It 3 Against One

Megyn Kelly Potty Talks Penises, Breasts & Sex w/Stern

Clinton Staffer Curses At Trump

Donald Trump Cals For Jailing Of Hillary

Trump Launches All Out WAR On Rapist Bill

Trump Hits A Home Run

Trump Remains A Candidate

Trump Hammers Clinton In Raucous 2nd Debate

Trump Dominates Debate - ALIPAC

Video - Obama Says 'Got To Have Them Ribs & Pussy'

Trump Holds Pre-Debate News Conf With Clinton Sex Victims

Big Black Fly Lands On Hillary's Face In Debate

Clinton Sought Pentagon, State Contracts For Chelsea Friend

Puritans Of The Republic Clutch At Their Pearls

'PodiumGate' - How Clintons Rigged The First Debae

Elite Fear Backlash Against Globalization

American Surrogates Giving Birth To Anchor Babies

MSM Hides Clinton Pay-To-Play In Clinton Fndn Email

How Bill Plotted To 'Bushwhack' AG Lynch On Tarmac

Why Americans Feel Poor

Doom - The Uber Cheater Economy


Rat Ryan & Priebus Knew Of The Tapes WEEKS Ago
Effectively 'Working w/Clinton' By Keeping Them Secret

RNC's Preibus Raps Trump For Words, Ignores Bill's Rapes

Hillary Camp Gave GOP Advance Word About Tapes

Hillary Clinton...Rape Enabler - PJ Watson

Obongo Shows Off Erection - No Outrage?

No End To The Lies And Deceit Of These People
Podesta, Caine Claim Wikileaks Emails Are Bogus!

Hillary Camp Says Wiki Emails Are Russian Fakes!

Most Stunning Wiki Revelations From 'Podesta Files'


Clinton Called For Open Trade & Borders In Speeches

Sanders Backers Furious At Hillary Wall St Talks

Wiki - HRC...Syria No-Fly Would 'Kill A Lot Of Syrians'

Trump Was Right - Hillary's SICK Plan For America

Juanita Broaddrick Defends Trump

Paula Jones, Willey & Broaddrick Attack Clintons

Dilbert's Adams - 14 Reasons Trump Tape Doesn't Matter

Giuliani - Trump Is A Different Man Today Than 2005

Judge Jeanine And Scott Baio On The Trump Ruckus

Bill And Vernon Jordan 'Talk P*ssy' While Golfing

Pence Must Go…NOW

Rumors Pence May Quit - Hooray

Judge Jeanine Destroys Hillary On Lying, Treating Women


ABC Censors 'Embarrassing' Leaks Of Hillary Speeches

‘Clinton Cash’ Author On How Clintons Became SuperRich

Things I Trust More Than Hillary Clinton

Hillary Camp Illegally Working w/Her Super Pac - A Felony

150 Globalist RINOs Pull Support - Trump Set Up Long Ago

Globalist RNC Redirects Funds From Trump Campaign

Trump Will Run The Country Right, Hillary Will Destroy It

Dead People, Illegals Registering To Vote All Over US

China Mocks 'Chaotic' US Presidential Race

Wiki - HRC...Syria No-Fly Would 'Kill A Lot Of Syrians'

Comey And Clinton - How They Are In Reality

Hillary's Lesbian Twist For Election Day

Hillary Is A Lesbian - The Problem Is She Hides It


Ex Clinton Mistress - Hillary Is A 'Lesbian Cocaine Addict'

Sally Miller - Hillary Snorted Coke Off My Coffee Table

Bill Raped Women & Hillary Raped Them A 2nd Time

Trump Retweets Rape Allegations Against Bill Clinton

Juanita Broderick Relives Brutal Rapes By Bill Clinton

Report Details The List Of Bill Clinton Sex Victims

'Hillary Threatened Me After Bill Raped Me'

One-Party Rule in America

Kirwan - Adding Denial To Decadence

If Trump Means Well, Cares Enough, Is Smart Enough

Political Partisan Psychological Disorders

America's Alien Invasion

New UN Boss Rabid Pro Muslim - Backs Invasion Of EU, US

How Rome's Arch Of Titus Became Jewish


China Plots ‘Decapitation’ Strike On Kim Regime?

US Considering 'Limited' Airstrikes On Syria Army

Could Russia Down An F-22, F-35 Or B-2 In Syria?

Pentagon Begins Low-Intensity, Stealth War in Syria

UNSC Vetoes Russia, France Syria Resolutions

Security Council Wars

Russia Line In Syrian Sand Stop US Aggression?

One-Sided Scoundrel Media Reporting on Aleppo

'Rival Influences' Yield Incoherent US Syria Policy

'Illusions Of Amateurs' Against Russia In Syria

US Rejects UN Syria Deals - Wants Assad Ousted


Czech Pres Raps US Involvement In Syria

Saudis Bomb Yemen Funeral - Over 200 Slaughtered

US To 'Review’ Saudi Support After Funeral Bombing

Deadly Saudi Airstrike Will Be Avenged - Yemen

US Building $100 Million Drone Base In Africa

8 Injured In Shooting Attack In Jerusalem

Israel Destroys 22 Structures In West Bank

Polish Army Ready Amid Russian Missile 'Threat'

Belgian Police Ignored Pre Paris Attacks Info

India Warns Pak Of Retaliation For Any Attack

India To Get Russian S-400s - Make F-35 Useless

Over 600 Bodies In Mass Grave In Mexico


Argentina's Macri OKs 500% Hike In Gas Prices

Iceland Found 9 Banksters Guilty In Historic Case

Flash Crash Of The Pound Baffles Traders

New World Order Is Alive In The Markets

World Bank - Globalization Leads To Inequality

Russia To Harvest Record-Breaking Grain In 2016

China Startups Making World’s Largest Space Plane

How Sanctions Have Benefited Russian Oil

German Parliament - Abandon Petrol, Diesel Cars 2030

Oil Refinery Explodes In Nanjing, Eastern China

New Delhi Intl Airport Cargo Area Possible Rad Leak

Ex-Party Top Official Of Yunnan - Death For Graft

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


Time’s Latest Cover Is Total Propaganda

NeoCon US Edges Closer To War With Russia

The Winds Howl Before The Storm

Who Will Inherit The Afghan War?

The Forgotten Libyan Lessons

Spooky Secret Behind Incredible Power Of AI

Next Gen Tilt-Rotor Will Be Part F-35 Turkey

Chicago Cops Who Exposed Corruption Targeted

Explosive Eruption Of Mount Aso Spews Ash 11 km

Was Patty Hearst Brainwashed?

Lap Dancing For The Cartels

Cops Raid 81 Yr Old Grandma's Garden (1 Weed Plant)

Rethinking Extinction

Who’s Defaulting On Their Student Loans?

Gooey History Of The Fluffernutter Sandwich


No Excuse For Starving

The 12 Most Controversial Facts In Mathematics

How Did The 12 Months Of The Year Get Names?

About The Soylent Food Bars Making People Sick

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Mr. Trump, It's Time For Some Debate Judo & Here's How

Rat Ryan Shouted Down By Trump Supporters At Event

Wiki - Hillary Called For OPEN BORDERS In Paid Speech

Long List Of Bill Clinton Alleged Rapes & Sex Assaults

Trump CHEERED Outside Trump Tower As His
Support Shows It Realizes 2005 Is Not 2016...

Devvy - Did Trump Rape A Dozen Nuns In Times Square?
Locker Room Chatter, Potty Talk - Is He The ONLY One?

First Trump Naughty Word Poll Is...A Yawn

Hillary's F*cking Potty Mouth Puts Trump To Shame

WATCH - Hillary Threatens Bill's Rape, Sex Abuse Victims

How Lesbian Hillary Feels About Women - Look

Wiki - Racist Hillary Calls African Americans 'Losers'

Mega Bitch Hillary Calls Bernie Supporters & Democrat
Millennials 'Bucket Of Losers' In Goldman Sachs Speech

Lendman - NYT Sleaziness, Bill Clinton RAPES & Sex Crimes


Wiki - Clinton Armed ISIS Terror Killers And LIED

Podesta Wikileaks Email - This Is THE END…It's TREASON

Madsen - Clinton Fndn Pay-to-Play Extortion Racket Proven

Wiki Dumps Shocking Hillary Paid Wall St Transcripts

Wiki - Transcripts Of Sickening Hillary Wall St Speeches

Wiki - Revelations From Clinton Paid Wall St Speeches

Whore Hillary's OUTRAGEOUS Speeches To Banksters

Clinton - Need a ‘Public’ & ‘Private’ Position On Everything!

Elite Push Earth-Shaking Events To Put Hillary In Power
The Goal Is Clear - Force Russia Into WW3 & We All Die

LIst Of 35 Of Hillary's Biggest 'Accomplishments'

ICE Reports Illegals Being Allowed To Vote By Obama

Latest Emails Show WH Helped Clinton With Email Crisis

Clinton Backed Open Borders, Open Trade In Paid Speeches

Wiki - Clinton Press Sec...Gun Control To Be Done Via EO

Wiki - Clinton 'Far Removed From Struggles Of Middle Class'

Wiki - Evidence Letterman Colluding With Clinton Campaign

Trump Apologizes For Dumb Remarks From 11 Yrs Ago
Reminds Of Difference Between Frat-Type Talk And The
Hideous Sex Crimes Of Bill Clinton, Covered Up By Hillary

Obama Sneaking In 450,000 Muslims A YEAR Into America
Hillary Will Increase That By 750% And DESTROY US ALL

Br Nathanael - 9/11 'Jewish Remembrance Month!' - Vid


New Trump Ad - How Jobs Will Be Created

Hillary Parkinson's Symptoms In First Debate

Hillary Had State Looking Into Parkinson's Cures

Hillary Press Sec Brags Having Story Spiked

Chicago Cop 'Afraid To Use Her Gun' During Beating

US Test Dropping Dummy Nuke Glide Bombs In Nevada

Half Of US Jobs At Risk Due To Automation

Philippines President Duterte Warns Obama

Philippines To End Joint Exercises With US Military


US Will Unleash WW3 Says Former Taliban Militant

Obama Blinks - Backs Down On US Airstrikes On Syria

Merkel Calls On Russia To End Fighting In Aleppo

US, EU Preparing Sanctions On Russia Over Syria

Rumors Of New German Anti-Russian Sanctions 'Hoax'

US-Led Coalition Shatters Largest Bridge In Deir Ezzur

Obama Regime Accuses Russia Of Political Hacks

Russia Accused Of Cyber Attacks By US Agencies

Soros Promises Russian Maidan On Putin's Birthday

White Helmets Support Terrorist Entities in Syria'

War Hawks Are Sensing an Opening in Syria

Cohen - DoD Slouching Toward War With Russia in Syria


Buchanan - ISIS, Not Russia, Is the Enemy in Syria

Russia Continues Moving Iskanders To Kaliningrad

Russia Sending Iskander Missile Systems To Kaliningrad

Russia May Restore Military Bases In Cuba & Vietnam

Duma OKs Indefinite Russian Troops In Syria

Russia May Soon Cut Off Contacts With Kerry

16 Putin Quotes Worth Remembering For 2016

Putin - 'West Doesn't Like Me Because It Fears Me'

Russians Halt Search For Intelligent Life In DC

'Peacemaker Putin' Spotted in NYC, Moscow, Dresden

Russian Sports Ministry To Pullout Of Anti-Doping Agency

Russians Develop Thought-Controlled Robotic Interface

Putin Signs National Guard Decree

VZ To Create Its Own Peace Prize, Award To Putin

Houthi Rebels Carry Out Missile Attack On Saaudis

UN Tells Saudis To Stop Torturing, Executing Minors

Tehran Denies Reports Of Meeting With Houthis

Iran Warns Regional States Not To Follow Warmongers

Atzmon - War Dogs – A Film Review

Israeli Forces Demolish Araqeeb Village Again

Israeli Mocks Invasions Of Jew 'Home Sweet Home’

UK, Germany Headed For Military Alliance

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 10-8-16

World Bank Admits Globalization Leads To Inequality

UK Pound Plummets As Hollande Calls For Hard Brexit


Is This How They Will Steal The Election From Trump?

Obamacare Stabs Seniors In The Back - Read Before VOTING

Laughs - 'Obamacare Made Healthcare More Affordable'

The History Of The Town Hall Debate

Where Voters Are Likeliest to Legalize Marijuana

Bigfoot Proof - Creature Live On MI Wildlife Cam

New UN Boss Guterres - 'Take Over American Communities'

Sex Behavior Of Bill, Hillary, Trump & Presidential Campaign

Durnford - Fukushima...Fake vs The Real Reactor 4

Govt Simulating Nuke War, False Flags, Collapse

Yes, Climate Change Is Real But Not
From 'Fossil Fuels' Or CO2

Cancer Charities Are A Scam Run By One Family

Spain Hasn’t Had A Govt 9 Months & People Love It

Cyberweapon Can Take Down Portions Of Internet

Ex-CIA Officials Can Be Questioned in Torture Case

NY To Test Facial Recog Cams At ‘Crossing Points’

14 Million Exposed To Toxic Chemicals In Schools

The Strip Club That Brought Down A US General

Bill Cosby Plays The Race Card

The Strange Number 0.577 Keeps Showing Up

The BBC Halloween Hoax That Traumatized Viewers

5 Times Evolution Ran In ‘Reverse’


Flying A Plane Directly Through A Hurricane

Hubble Sees Giant 'Cannonballs' Shooting From Star

Fake News Site's Outrageous Marijuana Claim

8 Of The Wackiest Early Flying Machines

Havana's Hidden Architectural Gems

How To Make Your Own Tinctures

8 Reasons Not To Eat Tofu

On The Run From Electromagnetic Fields

Intelligent Trees

Can Great Apes Read Your Mind?

Fidel Castro UFO Sighting

CEFAE Conference On UFO Research In Argentina


New Emails Show Obama Helped Clinton Server Scandal

GOP Insiders - Pence Would Beat Clinton

Wikileaks Has Proof Of Hillary Treason Arms Sales

Laura Ingraham's Debate Advice For Trump

MSM Rigged - No Trump Endorsements In Top 100 Papers

Memo Confirms Hillary Got Questions Before Interview

Face The Nation Agreed Not To Q Kerry On Clinton Email

5 Things Make You Question Hillary's Sanity

Bill Trying To Destroy Hillary's Campaign With Obamacare

Police Raid Democrat Voter Fraud In Indiana

More Illegal Immigrant Voters Discovered In Philly

Conservative Fox News Hosts Jab Over Trump

Hacker Reveals Hillary's New Email Address

Pepe The Frog Billboards To Hit Battleground State

Washington’s ‘Governing Elite’ Think We Are Morons

Press Truster (The Remake)

Roberts - Obama's DC Leading World To War

NYT Jew Openly Calls For Anti-Putin Propaganda

Is US War On Russia Inevitable?

Russian Bombers To Patrol Between Hawaii & Japan

‘Go Ahead, Withdraw Your Aid’ - Duterte To US, EU

S Korea Claims North Readying New Weapon Test

US Ranked Number One ‘Threat’ to China - Survey

Man Who Could Become Russia's Next President

Putin A ‘Peacemaker’ Banner Hangs From NYC Bridge


Jacob Rothschild - US Has Allies Among Russian Elite

Communist, Globalist Muslim Refugee Perp Soros

Hits Putin For 'Heinous Crimes Against Humanity' (absurd)

Lame Duck Obama Throws In The Towel On Russia

NATO, Not Russia, Is Attacking Sweden

NATO Vast Cyber Troll Brigades Unleashed

Painting F/A-18s To MATCH Russian Jets

'Save Aleppo' Protest - Dress-Up Actors As 'War Victims'

Media Slime Promote Escalated Aggression In Syria

Russian Options Against A US Attack On Syria

Russian Air Efforts In Syria As US Aggression Rages

S-300s, S-400s Ready - Russia Warns US Don't Hit Syria Army


Russia Channel One Reporters Under Mortar Attack In Aleppo

Assad - Russia Doing Everything To Avoid US Conflict

6.5 Million People Have Left Syria Amid Civil War

America Wants War, Not Peace, Says Assad

US Won't Rule Out Attacks On Syrian Military Troops

Obama May Sanction Russia Over Syria

US Says Turkish Army On Its Own In Iraq

Cancer From Nuke Disasters In Yemeni Children

Opium Growth In Afghanistan Soars

Pak Anxious Over US Suits After 9/11 Victims' Law

US Super Carrier Gerald Ford Turning Into Nightmare

London In Arms Talks With Saudis Despite War Crimes

13 Courageous Women Activists Challenge Israeli Pure Evil

Madsen - Peres Was No Saint


Israeli Tanks Blast Besieged Pal Gaza Strip

Apartheid In Racist Israel With US Tax Dollars

UN Troops Flee As S. Sudan Rebels Rape UN Aid Workers

Germany May Sanction Russia Over Syria Actions

Hungary Threatened With Lawsuits Over 'Migrant' Returns

Germany Moves To Run Its Own EU Army

Ebola-Infected Scot Nurse Hospitalized 4th Time

Ebola 'Survivor' Has ACTIVE VIRUS After 531 Days

Ebola Cases Rising In Africa Again

Dana Durnford Fukushima Lecture In Powell River BC

Fukushima - Fake Vs Real Reactor 4

Matthew - FL Residents Fight For Water In Supermarket

$11m For Pentagon Support Of Hurricane-Hit Towns


Weird Fox Weatherman On Matthew - 'You’re Going To Die'

Only A Decentralised Democracy Can Work - Morris

Federal Government Spends $1b A Year On PR

Top-Down Corruption Runs Deep In Chicago Police

No Charges For GA Cops Who Tasered Man To Death

Police Send Copter To Take 81 Yr Old's Single Pot Plant

UK Fracking Gets Go Ahead - Democracy Overruled

UKIP's Woolfe Hospitalized - Punched At Euro Parliament Mtng

Al-Qaeda Poses Direct Threat To UK – Def Seckkk

Sturgeon Tells Businesses To Hide Data On Alien Workers

Canadian Pole Vaulter Competed After +Cocaine Test

What Putin Means For The Oil Markets

New Mega Oil Discovery In Alaska


Oil Hits $50 - OPEC Might Deepen Output Cuts

An Inside Look At The OPEC 'Deal'

Mystery - Pound Seems To Drop 10% In Seconds

US Attack On DB Try To Destabilize World Finances

Dutch Central Bank To Move Gold To Military Air Base

Greece Accused Of 'Double Dealing' Over Bailout Terms

World Food Prices At 18 Month High

Japan PM Calls On Parliament To Ratify TPP First

Samsung Medieval Practices Exposed

Boeing To Rival Musk's SpaceX Race To Mars

Mystery UFO Over Moscow High Rise

China Drivers Leave Cars To Film Low-Flying UFO

Sumerians Launched Spaceships 7,000 Yrs Ago

Fall Leaves - Good For The Garden


Jeff & Tim Rifat - Social Engineering On A Mass Scale

Huma Abedin Exposed - Terrorist Ties To 9/11

Hillary Clinton ‘Went To Bat’ For Chevron

Judge Nap - Comey Destroying Laptops A New FBI Low

FBI - Missing Boxes Of Clinton Email, Evidence Tampering

Leaked Poll Memo - Dems ‘Despondent’, Clinton Unpopular

Steve Harvey Let Clinton Script Her Own Intvw?


Dead People & Illegals Being Registered To Vote

Droning Julian Assange And Wikileaks

Russia Is 'Barbaric' For Doing What The US Does

Dozens Of Afghan Troops Here For Training Vanish

Did Disclosure Happen In Russia?

Don't Let Wells Fargo Executives Off the Hook

Hacking Democracy

So-Called ‘SMART METERS’ Are Anything But

Weather Control & NOAA Altering Hurricane Images


BLM Protest Cleveland Police Union Backing Trump

CNN Try To Rig VP Debate Poll - Oversamples Dems

Clinton Wall Street Family Business

Clinton Fndn Didn't File 3 Yrs Of Tax Forms

Rothschilds Hold $100,000 A Plate Dinner For Clinton

Dems Reject GOP Call To Protect Talk Radio, Alt News

Globalist UN OKs Climate Plan Way Ahead Of Schedule

Matthew - Millions Urged To Leave US Coast

Every State With Pot On Ballot Has Majority In Favor

New SoCal Fault Could Unleash Big LA Quake

Loud Fireball Lights Up East Coast Sky

Stunning Film Of Dead Woman's Soul Leaving Body

CA Cops Execute Man With Taser

Bury NSA Surveillance In Garbage

Germans -Send Merkel To Siberia And Putin To Berlin

Oktoberfest Sex Crimes Up, Lowest Attendance In 15 Yrs


F*ck The Pope And His War On Whites

Seoul To Get Dozens US Bunker-Buster Missiles

N Korea Vows To Defend Itself With Nukes

Russia S-300s, S-400s Ready To Fire On US Jets
Warns US NOT To Bomb Syrian Army Troops

Russia Will Shoot Down ANY Perceived Threat
To Its Troops And Military Equipment In Syria

Military Told Prep For Tactical Nuke Exchange With
Russia In Syria AND A One-For-One Strike On The US!

Russia Tweet Warns US On Syria

Russia Sends Warships In Med In Worsening Syria Crisis

3rd Russian Black Sea Fleet Missile Ship To Syria

Russia Ups Airstrikes On Al-Nusra Across Syria

Russia Suspends Another Nuke Deal With The US

Neocon McCain Urges Escalated Terror War On Syria


Russia Concerned About Afghan Wing Of Daesh

WW3 To Be Extremely Deadly & Fast - US Army Bosses

Army Chief Issues Stark Warning To Potential Enemies

US Proxy Attack On Russia Embassy Dangerous Sign

Covert Strikes On Assad On Table To Stop Aleppo 'Fall'

‘No Evidence Kerry Interested In Syria Peace' - VA Sen

Media Scum Suppress Reality In Syria

US Soldiers Resist Obama’s Support Of Al Qaeda

US Troops Face Violent Resistance From Iraqi Militias

Panic Over Russian Bombers Intercept By French Jets

US - Russia Is Barbaric (For Doing The Same Thing US Does)

ISIS Calls For Knife Attacks

Why Disclosure Of Fake ISIS Vids By Pentagon? - Morris


Fact Sheet On The White Helmets

Cameron Ignored Own MPs In Rush To War With Assad

EU, US Policies Behind Syria Conflict - France's Le Pen

Syrian-Born Journalist Slams MSM For Aleppo Bias

Daesh's Bizarre Fatwas That Shocked The World

Illegal US-EU Sanctions On Russia, Syria And Iran

IRGC Warns Saudi Navy To Keep Off Iran Waters

Yemenis Hit Several Saudi Bases With Rockets

Saudi Teen Arrested After Flirting Online w/US Woman

Israeli Airstrikes, Tanks Hit Besieged Gaza Strip

Israel Attacks Women's Boat To Gaza

Israeli Navy Intercepts Women’s Flotilla To Gaza

Israeli Jets Bombs Gaza, Crashes, Kills Pilot

Alleged Al-Shabaab Attack Leaves 6 Dead In Kenya


CIA Escapes Costa Rican Justice

Chinese Tourists Spend $60b On 5 Days Vacation

Ethiopia Opens Chinese-Built Railway To Djibouti

Ruble Best Performing Emerging Market Currency

World Debt Is $152 Trillion - Double Entire World Econ

EU Proposes Tax-Funded Derivatives System Bailout

Germany Is 'Discrete' Talks With US Over Deutsche Bank

Apple Biggest Tax Avoider - Puts $215 Billion Offshore

IMF Admits Post-Brexit UK Fastest Growing G7 Econ

Brexit 'Disaster' Propels British Stocks To Record Highs

UK Steelworkers Betrayed - French To Build Nuke Subs

UK Def Firms Score $60b Pentagon Contracts Under Obama

Lawsuit Against Gold-Fixing Banks Ordered To Proceed


OPEC Deal Represents A Permanent Shift In Oil Markets

'Is Someone Trying To Buy The Swiss National Bank'

Thanks To My Supporters & Some Topical News - Morris

The Lie We Live

Bull Of Nimrud Destroyed By ISIS Recreated In Rome

Germany & France To Share Air Base, Military Aircraft

‘Creepy Clowns’ Now Terrorizing UK Children i

Why Are UFO’s Shutting Down Our Nuke Missiles?

These 13 Families Rule The World

Fracking Industry's New Plan?

Nobel Peace Nominee Man Who Praised Al-Nusra


Nobel Committee's Biggest Blunders

Selling Pot To Cancer Victim May Get Couple 10 Yrs

Most Arts Grads Say Degree Overpriced

100s Of Sex Slaves Rescued

Farmers Set To $7 Billion In 2016 Subsidies

Euro Food Safety To Release Data On Glyphosate

Flu Vaccines From Dogs?

Britain To Let Troops Opt Out of Human Rights Law

America Treats Its Bold Revolution As A Reliquary

Shocking Scheme To Profit From Heroin Addicts

Loan Repayment Should Not Be A Life Sentence

The Devastation Of Italy's Huge Earthquakes

Get Ready For A Month Of Meteor Showers

Aluminum & Vax - What The Research Reveals


Dealing With Confrontations

Do Birth Control Pills Cause Depression?

When Sin City Made Marijuana A Felony

6 MSM Conspiracies Right In Front Of Your Eyes

DARPA Invades The Human Brain With Implants

Hiding The Identities Of The World’s Wealthiest

Industrial Farming Destroying Our Health, Environment

The 20 Things That Are Most Likely To Kill You

Fluoride In Drinking Water – See What’s Really Added

Why Blind People Are Better At Math

Budapest’s Former Top-Secret Hospital In A Cave

See The Making Of A Modern Mummy


The 20,000 Skeletons London Landmark

Ancient Cannabis ‘Burial Shroud’ Discovered

Orange Juice Boosts Cognitive Function

How The Clintons Rigged The First Debate

Vile Clinton Caught Using Child Actor At PA Town Hall

Clinton Fndn Directly Working w/State On Ambassadorships

Hillary Threatened War With Russia - Did You Hear Of It?

NYT Suddenly Embraces Intl Law To Condemn Russia

Obama Racks Up A $1.4 Trillion Debt Increase

UN Now Owns Your Internet

Campus No Whites Allowed Student Conference


FBI Obstructed Justice Destroying Hillary Aides' Laptops

Hillary Tries To Cover Parkinson's Shakes By Nodding

More Clinton Crime - Feds Drop Case On Arms Dealer
Who Threatened To Reveal Clinton Libya Dealings

Arms Dealer Who Threatened To Expose Hillary
Arming Islamic Terrorists Has Charges Dropped

Conway Blasts Kaine's 72 Debate Interruptions

Trump Calls Pence Performance 'Incredible'

Hacked Clinton FNDN Files 'Pay To Play' Bank Files

Guccifer 2.0 Leaks Hacked Clinton Foundation Files

Assange - Wiki Will Publish All US Election Docs By 11-8


Bill Clinton Paternity Saga - Prostitute Son Wants DNA Test

Why Are Billionaires Backing Mega Criminal Clinton?

Obama Ignores The US Constitution Again

Kirwan - It's All Gone Straight To Hell

Tracing 9/11 Nukes To Ground Zero - How It Was Done

Stocking Up - US Gun Sales On Record Spree

Matthew Threatens Florida - Residents Brace

Hurricane Matthew Huge Scale In Amazing ISS Video

Even The NYT Thinks Obamacare Is A Disaster

Obama VA Caught Dumping Bodies Of Veterans

'Saddened' Obama Whining About 'White Privilege'

Yahoo Program Gave Intel Entry To Millions Of Email Accts

Yahoo Scanned All Users Mail For The Govt

Engdahl - Eurasian Century Is Now Unstoppable

New EBOLA Outbreak In Africa? Many CDC Secret Flights


Liberia - New Cases Show Ebola Deadly Grip Remains

20% Of Babies Born In Germany Were Muslims In 2015

EU Muslim Relocation Plan Termed A 'Farce'

CDC Cops Will Eventually Arrest The Unvaccinated
As Being 'Diseased Criminals' - This Is Your Future

If America Attacks Russia, What's Next?

Western Russian Missile Brigade Put On Alert

Russia, Belarus To Hold Two Major Paratrooper Drills

Watch - Russia's Large Scale Nuke War Evac Drill

Neocon WaPost Urges Escalated US War On Syria

Russian Embassy In Damascus Shelled By Terrorists

S-300s Now Defending Russian Navy Base In Syria

US Lunatics Plan To Bomb Assad's Military Again
The US Is Trying To FORCE Russia Into A War

US Considers Military Option Against Syria

Russia, US Unlikely to Reach Deal On Syria


Russia-US Dialogue On Syria Failed - DC Not Focused

John Kerry's Big Lies on Syria

Russia Warns Obama To Defuse Tensions With Russia

NATO Illegally Deploys AWACS In Syria

NYT Reinvents America's War On Syria

US Military Builds New Air Base In Northern Syria

Ex-PR Worker Explains Pentagram Fake Terror Videos

The Shadowy PR Firm Lobbying To Oust Assad

US Airstrike Kill Pro-Iraq Fighters Near ISIS Mosul

US Tries To Control World By Crushing Dissenting Nations

Iraq Demands Turkey Pull Troops From Base Near Mosul

Gulen Seeks to Flee US To Avoid Extradition - Turkey

Trouble Everywhere & US On The Frontline - Morris

Bill Could Push Saudi Arabia Toward Russia


Royal Saudi Navy Launches Major Gulf Shield Drills

Yemeni Navy Will Target Intruding Vessels

IRGC Busts US-Israeli Terror Group In West Iran

Iran Snubs German Call To Iran To Recognize Israel

Iran Plans To Launch Three Satellites

Kirwan - Israel Unmasked

Rabbi - Jews, Muslims Working To Destroy 'Old Europe'

Ban Ki-moon Tells Israel Stop Illegal Settlements

Women's Boat Tries To Break Gaza Blockade

Knesset's Arab Lawmakers Criticize US

Dual Citizen Terrorists - pdf

US Gen Reveals Details On NATO Troops In Poland

Germany To Stop Production Of Eurofighter Jets

Nordic Capitals Facing Rat Infestation

Brussels Clamps British Press Freedom


US Warships First Visit To Vietnam In Decades

India Eyes 6 Month Campaign In Pak-Controlled Kashmir

Philippine President Tells Obama 'You Can Go To Hell'

Why Colombians Rejected Peace With FARC

US Foreign Policy Created FARC

NASA Satellite Imagery Proof Of Climate Engineering

World First Floating NPP To Cost Half Billion - Russia

5 Of The Most Undeserving Nobel Prize Winners


With A Mentor Like Kissinger, How Can Dictators Be Bad?

Stem Cell Implants Grow New Teeth In 2 Mos

Alert - Markets To Implode, Only FX Will Be Left

BRICS Leaders To Discuss TPP At Goa Summit


EU Parliament Ratifies Paris Climate Agreement

Bank of Scotland Uses 'Warm' AI To Talk To Customers

Nord Stream 2 Partners Meet in Russia, Affirm Project

Bundy Defendants - Feds Have Altered Video Evidence

Lots Of Corruption In The Bundy Trial

NYC Real Estate Bubble Bursts As Apt Sales Crash 20%

Massive Adult Brawl At Kids Restaurant In Florida

University Distributes Seven-Page Speech Guide

Flint In New Outbreak Of Contagious Disease

Hawaiian Bees First On US Endangered Wildlife List


Jeff & Tim Rifat - Satanic Hollywood - Pitt-Jolie, Depp-Heard

Krauthammer On The VP Debate

How Mike Pence Won The Debate

EMT Medics Rush Gurney Backstage Before Hillary Akron
Rally - Did Medical Event Occur? - Watch Medics Faces

NYT Runs 12 Trump Attacks In ONE Day

Bill Clinton (1996) Sounding Like Trump On Immigration

Guccifer Releases Clinton Foundation Documents
Showing Dems Funneled TARP Funds To Their PACs!

Obama Drops 'Man' From Navy Titles - Military Disgusted

DHS Out To Steal Our Sovereignty Before Election

Google To Marginalize Alternative Views

Assange Fails To Deliver, Disappoints World - Death Threats?


Matthew Leaves 11 Dead, Moves Toward Bahamas

Obama Gives Internet Away To Multinational Global Entities

A Chilling Look At The Normalization Of Warrior Cops

7 Not-So-Secret Homes Of Super Secret Societies

British PM Announces Delay Of Brexit Trigger

EU Will Be RIPPED APART By Muslim 'Migrant' Policy

Anti-Islam MP May Be Next Dutch PM

Death Ship Won’t Stop Egypt’s 'Migrants'

Hurricane Matthew From Space Looks Terrifying

The White Ghettos That Blight South Africa

Obamacare Is Failing, Hillary Won't Talk About It

///end recent///

Saudi Econ Collapse - 16,000 Foreign Workers Trapped

VZ Talks To OPEC, Russia On Oil Stabilization

Indonesia, Iran Mull $8.4 Billion Refinery

Philippines Leader Call US Ambassador A Gay SOB

Filipino Mayor Orders All Muslims To Leave City

Vietnam ‘Moves Rocket Launchers To S. China Sea

2,000 Reports Of Child Abuse In Oz Offshore Detention

Pro-Rousseff Protests As Senate Votes Impeachment

Docs Detail US Role In Argentina Dirty War Horrors

Kissinger Hindered US Try To End Mass Argentine Killings

Buenos Aires Protesters Slam High Prices, Low Wages


FBI Analyst - Clinton Guilty Of Treason

The TRUTH - Trump Has A 'Commanding Lead'

Trump On 2nd Amendment Movement Comment On Hannity

Trump Talks Powerfully About His Plan & Media Bias

Hillary Suffers Another Brain Seizure

Hillary 'Med Records' Leaked? - 'Dementia, Seizures'?

Reverse Speech Showed Hillary Fears About Health

Clinton's Health In Rapid Decline - Time For The Truth

Another Hillary Brain Blackout And Dizzy Spell

Hillary Taking Coumadin aka Warfarin - A Rat Poison

Assange Delivered New Batch Of Emails

New Emails Show Huma Scheming For Hillary 


Destroying Middle Class Is The Only Hillary Constant

Orlando Shooter Father Attends Hillary FL Rally

Clinton Ignores Questions On Orlando Shooter Father

Hillary Backer Ex CIA Chief - Kill Russians & Iranians

Ecuador Made To Censor Assange After He Rips Hillary

FBI KNEW Jihadists Going To Attack Pam Geller’s Conf

Man Beaten With Crowbar For Wearing Trump Shirt

Fiorina Hustling Herself For RNC Head

Bernie Endorses Hillary, Buys $600k Lakefront Chalet

2016 - The Year US 2-Party System Began To Collapse

Devvy - Clock Is Running In Your State Capitol


Pentagon Doesn’t Know Where $6.5 Trillion Went

How Think Tanks Amplify Corporate Influence

Signs The Global Elite Are Losing Control

The Record Of Olympic Economics

Are Frenemies Putin & Erdogan Mending Fences?

New Lethal Punch Of China's Aircraft Carrier

Is Saudi Arabia Zion?

UK Special Forces ARE Protecting Terrorists In Syria

BoE In Stunning Failure On Second Day Of QE

Internal Presentation FBI Uses On Surveillance Pilots

Colleges Gives New Perks To Illegal Students

Hiroshima – A Criminal Enterprise

Fukushima Brings 457 CPM To BC Canada Aug 10th 2016


Watch - The Dangers of the Deep Web

Wealth Surges Among One Percent

If Our Mayors Are THIS Corrupt, What About The Restt?

The Cost Of Police Misconduct

Study Maps Hidden Water Pollution In US Coastal Areas

Spies-For-Hire Now At War In Syria

Seismic Slowdowns Could Warn Of Pending Quakes

First Human Body Battery Test

Can Insurance Decide Whether You Survive Cancer?

Seasonal Allergies Could Change Your Brain


Radioactive Hillary 

FBI Probe Of Clinton's Email Due To Espionage Fears

Media Scum Tries To Justify Bashing Trump

Black Lives Matter Exposed As Muslim Front Group

Trump - Obama Put 12m More Americans On Food Stamps

Trump - 'A Vote For Clinton Is Also A Vote For TPP Betrayal'

Clinton Camp Fright Over Trump Fundraising


Exposing Hillary's Crimes Against Humanity In LatAm

The Khan Man's Outrageous Lies And Distortions

Ecuador Warned To End Assange Asylum

Harsh Rebuttal To NYT-Krugman's Call For More Debt

The Hot New Thing Among Billionaires: "Panic Rooms"

Fiorina Hustling Herself To GOP To Be RNC Chair

A User's Guide To A Rigged System

Pentagon Can’t Account For $6.5 Trillion

Ex Fox Box Ailes Spent Millions To Smear Journalists

Christian Army Vet Threatens To Behead Muslims

Denver Cops To Collect Race Data During Stops

China Military Buildup On Artificial Islands S China Sea

West Too Slow Countering Russia – Top NATO Gen

Russia Is 'Existential Threat’ To US National Sec - USAF Secy

Putin Predicted The Islamic State In 1999


Putin Worried Over Rising Terror In Central Asia, MidEast

UN Must Promptly Update Its List Of Terror Groups - Lavrov

China Ramps Up Predatory Acquisitions In Cdn Oil & Gas

China to Spend $64b To Fight Water Pollution

China's Alibaba May Lend To Russian Small Businesses

China Warns UK Over Hinkley Point

'Shocking Disconnect' At FTSE 100 Firms

US to Auction $1.6m In Black Market Bitcoin

Japan First Lady Attends Protests US Military In Okinawa

US - China Building Up Military At Disputed Islands

US Missile Destroyer Arrives In Philippines

Br Nathanael - Gen Allen's Insane Democrat War Cry

Nagasaki Mayor Slams Tokyo For Relying On Nukes

Japan's Military Ready To Intercept N. Korean Missiles

Syrian Air Force Destroys Terrorist Convoy To Aleppo

Six Russian Tu-22M3 Bombers Destroy ISIS C/C Centers

2,000 Terrorists Killed In Syria By Russia Ops In Aleppo

US Warships In Med Send Intel To Terrorists In Aleppo

US-Led Coalition Destroys 83 Oil Tankers In Syria

Hundreds More US Troops Being Deployed To Iraq

Photos Emerge Of UK Ground Forces In Syria

Syria-Bound Arms Arrive In Saudi Arabia First

ISIS Cmdrs Stage Coup Against Al-Baghdadi In Kirkuk


US Think Tank Admits US Making 'Safe Havens' In Syria

#BoycottGoogle - Backlash After Palestine Wiped From Map

Ukraine - Hub For Weapons Trafficking To Europe

'Zika' Planes Spray Neurotoxic Insecticide Over FL Residents

Robot ‘Dr Watson’ Finds Rare Leukemia After MDs Fail

California Student Killed While Playing Pokémon GO

US Court Rules In Favor Of Chevron In Ecuador Pollution Case

Ecuador Committed 'Monetary Suicide' Switching To Dollar

Labour to Appeal Court Ruling Giving Corbyn Huge Vote Hike

Project Sauron Malware Attacks World's Top PCs

'Bug' May Allow Hackers Access To 900 Million Phones

A Principle Of Wholeness

Top Ten TV News UFO Reports

The Record Of Olympic Economics

Olympic Records Won't Come Easy

This One Photo Of Olympics Sums Everything Up

Four Ways To Defy The Forces Of Tyranny

Pfizer Finally Admits Opioids Are Addictive

2016 Events That Totally Vindicate Conspiracy Theorists

‘Nanopores’ Inexpensively Filter Salt Out Of Seawater

Media Silent As US Tells Move To End Drug War

How Tesla Learned About Reality, Limitless Energy & Sci


Jeff & James Fetzer - Possible 2nd Trump Murder Attempt

Trump Vows To Jolt Economy With Tax Cuts & More

Trump - Detroit Is A Perfect Example Of Clinton's Plans

Trump - Unemployment Numbers ‘Biggest Hoax’

Most Important Video On Hillary's Health

Hillary Brain Seizure On Stage - Handler Orders 'Keep Talking'

MD Warns Of Hillary Pulmonary Embolism

Clinton 'Bonds' With Neocons

Benghazi Parents Sue Hillary Wrongful Death, Defamation

Assange - It's Over, Hillary, 'October Surprise' Biggest Leak


Media Lie About Hillary’s Severe Health Condition

MSM Won't Cover Hillary's Extremely Bizarre Behavior

Media Lie About Hillary’s Severe Health Condition

Hillary Most Corrupt Politician In American History

An Archive Of Hillary Financial Improprieties

Can Clinton Corner GOP Global Elite…Condi & Kissinger?

Everyone Warning About Hillary Is A Marked Target

Assange ‘Triangle Of Terror’ - Clinton, Pentagon & Google

Prof Shows How Easy It Is To Hack An Election

US Election Machines Could Be Rigged

Did Bill Maher Lie To Assange And Viewers

Obama Firing Of Military Similar To Stalin's Purge

The 7 Most Expensive Regs In Obama's Climate Plan


New Study - 81% Of Americans Worse Off Than In 2005

Sharia & Talmudic Law NOT Compatible With Christianity

Ex CNN Journalist - CNN Takes Bribes From US, Other Govts

Illinois To Force Schools Teach Kids How To Submit To Cops

No Space Left In British Jails For All Pedophiles

Lockheed Martin May Shift F-16 Production To India

Chuck Norris Sees Signs Of GeoEng Govt Coverup

Ufology Indicted

Hacking America

Sad, Strange Tale Of CIA Spy Games

Swedish Govt - We Want Your Home For Muslims

Turkey Has No Place In EU


Leaders Of The World, Putinize

JoeTalk - Hillary Is The End Of America 13

JoeTalk - No One Wants To Believe It 2/3

JoeTalk - Driving With Joe 3/3

The Insanely Ambitious, Corrupt Plot To Grow LA

What’s At Stake At Canada Post?

FTC Cracks Down On ‘Zika Prevention’ Products

Bodies Electric

Science-Backed Ways To Take A Break

The Science Of Steroids

12,000 Yr Old Camp Found In Utah

Egypt's Treasures Are Looted

Mathematicians And Their Gods


Moving The Earth's Prime Meridian

Google Wants To Treat Disease With Electricity

Hi-Speed Rail Would Radically Improve US Travel

What's It Like To Work At SpaceX?

Alaska Quake 'Swarm' Probably Not Earthquakes

The Original Underclass

How A Peaceful Pot Grower Got 15 Years

Many Commonly Used Drugs Are Useless

Forget Pharmaceuticals - 10 Natural Painkillers


Sen Hillary Cost NY 25% Job Loss - Donors Scored Big

Media Lying About Hilary's Severe Health Conditions

Trump Rightly Questions Hillary's Mental Health

Note How MSM Is Hiding The Biggest Story Of The
Campaign…Hillary's Newest Brain Seizure, Failing
Health, Her Handler Ordering Her To 'Keep Talking'
And Ready To Inject Her With Anti-Seizure Drugs

WATCH - Who Is Her Black Handler? No Normal S/S Agent

Hillary Parkinsons…Handlers Ready To Inject Her - Pics

Same Black Handler When Hillary Left Hospital w/Brain Clot

Hillary Is Unfit - Breakdown, Stroke, Brain Damage, Drugs?

Big Hole In Hillary's Tongue - Syphilis? Mouth Cancer? - Pics

Before & After Pics Of Hillary's Tongue Show Large Hole - Pics

Hillary Has Serious Physical Problems With Stairs - Photos


Mom Of Baby 'Booted' From Rally Defends Trump

American Psychiatric Association - Leave Trump Alone

Gay Kasich Joins A Few Other Losers Rejecting Trump

Obongo's State Dept Briefing - Laughter And Disrespect

Trump Positive Position On Russia Enrages War Hawks

USAF Secy Mimics Hillary's Anti-Russia Extremism

Hillary Gave Cash, Weapons To Al-Qaeda To Kill Gaddafi

Bill Got $5.6 Million From Dubai Co That Teaches Sharia

If Neocons Supporting Hillary Confuses You, Read This


Hillary Clinton Calls Trump Her Husband

Major Black Church In Charlotte, NC Rallies Behind Trump

Hillary Creepy Ad Infers Trump Is A Russian Agent!

Hillary Ally Says Jill Stein Is A Trump-Like Russian Agent

Obama's Secret Birthday Bash

300 Rounds Of Obama Golf On Your Tax Money

Rubio - Pregnant With Zika Shouldn't Be Allowed Abortions

4 Quick Steps To Defeating Rat Ryan In 24 Hrs

Muslims Bring Multi-Drug Resistant TB To WI

4 Muslims Dumped On Indiana Had ACTIVE TB

MMDR TB Spikes 75% In MA From Obama's Muslims

Guidestones Predict Mass Depopulation August 14

Kirwan - This Congress Is Guilty Of Treason


Alert - Conspiracy Theorists, You're Being Lied To

What Do Trump, Sanders, Brexit Have In Common?

Pentagram Wants Its Own Israeli Iron Dome For Troops

USAF Can't Afford Its Own $150 Million F-35 Turkeys

PayPal Boss & Elite Use Children's Blood To Stay Young

DC Terrified Of Upcoming Putin-Erdogan Meeting

Iran, Russia Map Out Rival To Suez Canal

Putin Asks Iran To Join Russian Eurasian Alliance

Russian Airstrikes Crush Aleppo Artillery College

Russian Drone Enters Israeli Airspace By 'Mistake'

Erdogan - Talks With Friend Putin To Begin New Era

Erdogan Reasserts Dominance With Huge Istanbul Rally

Erdogan Vows Death For 18,000 Arrested After Coup

Call For Closure Of NATO Incirlik Air Base After Coup

Immigration, Iran Nuke Spy, Erdogan, Aleppo - Morris

Saudi Ex Spy Chief Linked To al-Qaeda & 9/11

Saudi 'Coalition' To Increase Airstrikes On Yemen

Saudi Jets Conduct 30 Strikes On Yemen In One Day

Israel's Stolen Babies - Shocking Decades-Old Secret

Israel - Obama Iran Nuke Deal Akin To Nazi Appeasement

Israeli Task Force To ‘Crush & Deport Foreign BDS Activists


Israeli-Owned Oil Co Ordered To Pay Iran $1.2 Billion

Israeli Security Forces Arrest 11 Terror Suspects - IDF

Syrian Priest - West Abandoned Christians For Oil

Terrorists Grab Advanced US Weaponry In Afghanistan

Pakistan Deports Relentless US Spy For Second Time

Pakistan Hospital Blast Kills 15, Injures Dozens

India To Test Supersonic Nuke Cruise Missile From Su-30

India To Buy 3 Guided Missile Battleships From Russia

China Openly Offers Russia Alliance Against NATO

America is Pushing Russia & China Together - Morris


Japan Vows Response To China Ships In E China Sea

Record Number Of China Patrol Boats Near Senkaku Islands

Russia, China May Open Land Crossing Thru Bolshoi Island

China Anti-Nuclear Rally - ‘We Know About Fukushima’

US Navy Guided-Missile Destroyer Docks At China Port

Japan's Emperor Health Failing, May Abdicate

Russian Corvettes To Turn Black Sea Into A Fortress

How Russia's Ag Sector Reaps Benefits Of Sanctions

Russian Paralympic Ban Met With Confusion

Ukrainian Volunteer Unit Raped Underage Girls

After Brexit, Plans For Full EU Superstate Revealed


German Govt Wants FB User Data Fast

Trafficking Nigerian Women Into Prostitution In EU 'Crisis'

What Has The Smartest Investors So Spooked?

Goldman - Sell Right Now, Go Away For Next 365 Days

All Bitfinex Users To Lose 36% In 'Shared Loss' After Hack

300 Celebs, Royals, Pols On LIst For Child Sex Abuse

What You'll Never Read About Virus Research Fraud

Understanding Gov't COINTELPRO & Controlled Opposition

How Freemasons Plan To Enlarge Their Ranks

Monsanto Forded To Tear Down Argentina GMO Plant

Mysterious Illness Kills 40 Villagers In Myanmar


Bribery Won't Convince Brits Fracking Is Good For Them

UK Launches Probe Into Airbus Corruption

Flaming Wind Turbine In India - Stunning Smoke Spirals

11 Yr Old SC Girl Dies From Brain-Eating Amoeba

Landslide From Tropical Rain Kills 40 In Mexico

Judge Jeanine - Clinton Lied To The Public And The FBI

Assange - We Have Proof Clinton Is Rigging Election

MSM Rigging Polls - Evidence Shows Trump Winning

Social Media Trends - Trump May Win Landslide

Do Hackers Have Huma’s Home Videos Of Hillary?

Cotton - Clinton Named US Spy In Email - Executed By Iran

Video Proves Clinton Owns The Media!


Obama Un-Justice Dept Gives Hillary Free Pass

NY Times, MSNBC Helped Sabotage Sanders

The Elective Affinities Of Hillary Clinton

A Populist Revolt...For Real This Time - Gary North

Trump vs Hillary - A HUGE Damned Difference

Why The CIA Backs Hillary Clinton

Psycho Hillary - Trump A Nazi Because Of German Ancestry!

Madsen - Khan Man Bashed Trump On Pro-Taliban Pak TV

London Stabbing 'Mentally Ill' Somali Studied Jihad

Obama Admits US Must Work w/Russia To Beat ISIS

The Constitution Defines Natural Born Citizens

CFR Promo Video - Kinder And Gentler Globalists

ISL Claims Capture Of US Weapons In Afghanistan

What Has The Smartest Investors So Spooked?


E. Coast Govt Agencies Plan Gun Confiscation - Leak

US Discloses More Conditions Death Drone Strikes

100s Of Americans Deployed To Iraq - Again

Turkey Has No Place In EU

Massive Rise In Drone Related Crime - Pedo Fears

USAF Considered Shooting Down A UFO In 1952

UFO Spotted Over Connecticut Harbor

Scientists More Confused By 'Alien Superstructure'

Hacker's Tips For Overthrowing The Government

The Actual Costs Of The Rio Olympics

Russia Plans To Use Atmospheric Satellite 'Sova’

The Untold Story Of Silk Road

Documentary Delves into The Mind Of Hitchcock

New Underwater Sound Superhighway

Zika Starting To Spread On US Mainland

Brains Of Overweight People '10 Yrs Older’

Pregnant At Age 40, 50 And Even 60?

Colombia - Largest Fish Kill In 10 Years

Bear Takes Her 2 Cubs For A Swim In CA

Perseids to peak on August 11 and 12

Does Selling Your Old Stuff On eBay Pay Off?

The Search For Paititi, Lost City of The Incas

NDEs - Mind Exists Apart From Brain


Trump Focuses On Clinton's Blatant Mental Problems

ABC Cuts Trump When He Says Hillary Helped Create ISIS

Manafort - Trump To Focus On Growing The Economy

Trump Running vs Hillary & Most Powerful Evil On Planet

Hillary Creeped-Out Ad Suggests 'Trump A Russian Agent'

Clinton's Post-Convention Surge in Polls Shrinking


Trump Tied w/Clinton In Rigged Pro-Hillary Poll

Reuters Baffled - Clinton's Lead Over Trump Vanishes

New Trump Crooked Hillary FB Ad - 2+ Million Views, 24 Hrs

The Bush, Shark, Trump Tower Plot - Real Or Memorex?

Huckabee - Hillary Is Like A Carefully Groomed Robot

Communist Party Unites Behind Hillary

Live With Yourself Knowing You Allowed The Clintons?

Latest Political Murders...ALL Tied To The Clintons

Key Bernie Backer Charged DNC With Fraud Killed

Ex-CIA Chief Who Smeared Trump Led Benghazi Coverup


Hillary - 'I May Have Short-Circuited The Truth'

Wiki Emails From Hillary Server Expose Criminal Clinton Fndn

Wake Up - Hillary’s Private Meetings w/Muslim Brotherhood

Hillary - We're Going To Raise Taxes On The Middle Class!

NYT Hides Op-Ed Ties To Clinton ‘Principal Gatekeeper’

Feds Raid Home, Office Of Union Boss Tied To Clinton

No, Trump Did Not Eject A Baby - The Mom Took It Out

Ann Coulter Speaks At Paul Nehlen Event In Janesville, WI

Assange Blows Up BS That Putin Behind DNC Email Leaks

Hillary's Undiscussed Crimes & The Clinton Body Count

Military K9 Trainer’s Damning FB Post About Witch Hillary


Obama Firing of Military Reminiscent of Stalin's Purge

Cotton - Obama's Ransom To Iran Emboldens Our Enemies

Obama’s $400m Ransom To Iran Broke Criminal Law

Wake Up! - UN Supports Obama Police Nationalization

Job Market Still Terrible - Staggering Hidden True Numbers

Misnamed 'Free Trade' Isn't Fair - It's Disastrous

US Army, Rand Corp Plan China War Over S China Sea

China Coast Guard Patrols Near Islands In E China Sea

China Fighter Jets Patrol Disputed Islands In S China Sea

200+ China Vessels Approach Disputed Senkaku Islands

Japan Discovers China ‘Military’ Radar On Drilling Rig

China In First Nuclear Security Emergency Drills


Watch Brit Pol BLASTING The Central Bank Scam

Why The Washington Post Has No Credibility

Kirwan - On The Edge Of Discovery

Europe On Verge Of Civil War - Swiss Army Chief

The Propaganda War With Putin

Completely Rebuilt Tu-160M2 Supersonic Strategic Bomber

Peres - Putin Is Not The Enemy Of The US, Europe

A Disgrace Of Olympian Proportions

All Russian Athletes Banned From Paralympics In Rio

Rio Represents Olympism At Its Worst

NATO Calls For Poland To Hit Moscow Metro, RT, Sputnik

DC Anger Over Russia Plan To Build NWO Of Equals


Pentagon - Russia Making Bionic Soldiers w/Brain Implants

Syrians With Russian Air Power Keep E. Aleppo Siege

Erdogan Predicts 2nd Coup Attempt In Turkey Imminent

False NBC Report That Erdogan Fled Suggests CIA Plot

Coup Attempt Used To Stop Turkey From Joining EU

First 9/11, Now Saudis Tied To German Terrorists

Iran - Nuclear Scientist Executed For Spying

PLO Slams Israel Plan To Seize More Palestinian Land

You're Being Lied To About Hiroshima (And Much More)

Kiev Political Establishment Ponders Federalization

Ukrainians Tied To Attempted Murder Of LPR President


Romania Smuggling Weapons...Ukraine To West. EU, MidEast

Female Leader Of ISIS Cell In Belgium Released!

Visualizing 31 Incredible Facts About Gold

Preparing For A World Without Cash

Video Shows Muslims Attack Two London Cops

Campuses Set For More Riots

I Learned More At McDonald's Than At College

The WHOLE TRUTH About Whole Foods

VAXXED Awareness Event Update From NoCal

What The Ancients Knew - Egypt

Mystery Of ‘Alien Megastructure’ Star Deepens

UFO Torments St. Louis Sparking Frenzied ET Debate


Trump Hammers Clinton's 'Short Circuiting' Brain Issue

Clinton Contradicts FBI Investigation

Roberts - Another Phony Jobs Report

Behold, A Pale Horse And Its Rider’s Name Was Death

Trump Threatens Cozy US-Japan Military Racket

Japan Finds China 'Military' Radar On Drilling Rig

Snowden Not Dead After Mystery Tweet - Greenwald

N Korea Says US Plotting Preemptive Nuke Strikes

Obama Shipped 1700 Tons Of New US Arms To Terrorists

Russia Has Won Proxy War In Syria…For Now

Terrorists Claim Siege Breach But Suffer Major Losses


Hitler's Prophetic Warnings About 'Democracy'

Goering's Gold-Plated Walther PPK Up For Sale

Europe Gangs Up On Merkel…Finally

Judah Benjamin - Top Jew Of The Confederacy

Scenarios For US War With China

Chicago Cops Chase, Execute Unarmed Teen

Licenses To Build Guns Skyrocket In Florida

19 Yr Old Girl Shooter Wins First US Gold

Radioactive Military Base In Greenland Ice

Venezuelians Are Eating Zoo Animals

Selling Your Health For 20 Cents A Pound

Gymnastics’ Hidden Abuse Crisis

Private Firm Collects Data on 'Every American Adult’

Google Removing Palestine From Its Maps


Disinfection By-Products In Public Drinking Water

The Humanities Behind Bars

10 'Barbaric' Medical Treatments That Are Still Used

Is Minimalism The True Secret To Happiness?

Ancient Whales Had Ultrasonic Hearing

The Art of Staying Hidden

Grow Your Own Barley

Vintage US Vacation Destination Photographs

Alien Megastructure’ Star Has Dramatically Dimmed

Life Is Quantum

Smart Drugs Made Me Dumber


Hillary Treason - Millions Illegals To Stay, Millions More Invited

Trump Focuses On Clinton's 'Unhinged' Mental Problems

The Clinton Death List Grows And Grows!
Lead Atty In Anti-Clinton DNC Fraud Case Murdered

Clinton Body Count +5 In 6 weeks

Was Trump Threatened, Forced To Endorse Traitors
Open Borders Rat Ryan & War Crazy John McCain?

Rat Ryan 'Appreciates' Endorsement But Won't Do Same

Hillary Exclaims 'We Will Raise Tax On The Middle-Class'

Trump - Obama, Clinton Destabilized Entire MidEast

What Ex CIA Head DIDN'T Say About Trump & Russia

The Bush, Shark, Trump Tower Plot - Real Or Memorex?


Next Wiki Emails Show Huge Clinton Fndn Criminality

Assange Destroys BS Russia Behind DNC Email Hack

Was Snowden'ts Tweet A 'Dead Man's Code'?

Jill Stein's Progressive Bill Of Rights

State Dept Spox Thinks Democracy Is Laughable

Black Dem Rep Won't Hire Straight White Interns

Likelihood Of War To Thwart US Elections - Morris

The Coming World War - Morris

Kirwan - Navy Releases Traitor McCain's Service Records

The Trilateral Commission

9,000 Businesses Have Left CA In Just 7 Years

Kim Bans Christian Crosses In North Korea

Muslim Savage Wounds 2 Female Belgian Cops

Munich Hero Confronted Muslim Shooter, Faces Charges

What Can Go Wrong? Zika-Killing GMO Mosquitoes In FL

Radioactive Cold War Stash & Greenland Melting Ice

Rage In Rio

Olympics Theme Should Be Black Lives Superior To White

Phony Claims Of Russian Troops On Ukraine Border

Roberts - Fissures In The Empire


Putin Issues New, Chilling Warning To The US Govt

Obama's Five Year War On Syria And Its People

Nusra Claims To Have Broken Aleppo Siege

Aleppo - Top Ten Myth-Busting Facts

Russia To Give Iran $2.5b Loans For Energy Projects

Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia To Talk North-South Project

Putin Indicates Russia Wants Iran In EEU

Chinese, Afghan Armies Hold First Strategic Dialogue

Lunatic Turkey Calls Austria 'Capital Of Radical Racism'!

Disappointed By DC, Syrian Rebels Turn To Russia

Putin - There Are No 'Good' Terrorists


Russia Rips West Zio MSM Double Standards On Syria

ISIS Terrorists Kill 61 More Civilians In N. Iraq

Afghan Dad Sells 6 Yr Old Daughter For Goat, Bag Of Rice

Bombs Made In UK Dropped On Yemen Civilians

Japan Protests China Boats In East China Sea

US Considers Cyber Hits On Russian Infrastructure

Russians Banned On Words Of Informant, NOT Dope Tests

EU Official Says €25bn Debt Means UK Can't Leave

Southern Euro Nations Push Anti-Austerity Alliance

Ansbach, Wurzburg Terrorists 'Had Contact w/Saudis'

Eiffel Tower On Lockdown As Cops Search Crowds


Halal Shop In Paris Told Stock Pork & Booze Or Close

Brazil Coup Govt In 'Total Destruction' Of Social Security

OPEC May Resume Talks On Oil Freeze In Fall

Stiglitz Quits Panama Papers Commission

UK's 4 Biggest Banks £155b Short Of Safety

Wonder How Wall St Analysts So Good At Predicting?

666 - The Number Of Rate Cuts Since Lehman

Sheriff Raids House To Find Anonymous Blogger

3rd Human Foot Found In Same English City This Year

Report Major New Child Sex Abuse In England, Wales

Conditions For English Riots Even Worse Now


Chief Rabbi Slams Peerage For Liberty Founder

US Boy Spots Missing Mom In Oz Teen's YouTube

The Verdict On Coffee

Is Sex Addiction Real?

First Evidence Of Birds Sleeping In Flight

Mysterious Ball Lightning On Video

How To Build A Time Machine

The Disappearance Of Silence

Negotiate Like A Pro With 5 Powerful Tips

Are You Taking This Dangerous Antibiotic?

Vitamin B12 Deficiency And Brain Health


Trump Endorses Rat Ryan & Madman McCain

Will Surprise Endorsements Help Trump?

Khan Man On Pak TV - Allah Causing Trump Mistakes

Krauthammer - Hillary Needs Lying Lessons From Bill

US Oligarchs Support Clinton Almost Unanimously

35 Of Hillary's Biggest 'Accomplishments'

The Bush, Shark, Trump Tower Plot - Real Or Memorex?

Clint Eastwood Backs Donald Trump


Kirwan - Smoke And Empty Mirrors

Can Satellites Reprogram Voting Machines?

Insane DHS Give Muslim Tour Of Airport Security

Putin Issued A Chilling Warning To The US

Air Force Struggles To Choose Replacement For A-10

Communism More Applicable Than Constitution

Alternate Unemployment Charts

Imagination Soars Again

ISIS Fills Vacuum Left In Libya By US

Washington’s Zika Vaccination Ploy

18 Hrs Of FBI Spy Plane Vid Of Gray Protests

Is Rio Ready? Deadly Shooting Says ‘No’

How Hitler Invented The Olympic Torch


World Bank Rules Disregard People & Planet

Ransomware - 10% UK Firms 'Unable To Operate'

Microsoft Reads Facial Expressions At Rallies

Houston Student Says ‘All Lives Matter’ - Suspension

US In Unprecedented Hurricane Drought

Muslim Olympic Boxer Arrested - Attempted Rape

Olympic Games We No Longer Play

Teen Met With Lincoln 30 Minutes Every Day

Booby Traps Along Popular NJ Park Trail

China's Great Flood Really Happened

What It Takes To Dismantle An Oil Rig

Watch Sinkhole Swallows Backyard In Oz

Dutch Town To Live Off Grid

Former CNN Reporter Covers GeoEngineering

How Tesla Used Spirituality To Learn

Some Bullsh*t Happening Somewhere

Alien Hybrid DNA and UFO Bloodlines

Cylindrical UFO Hovers Over Highway

UFO Spheres Recorded Over Jacksonville, FL

UFO Recorded Over Gateway Arch

Is Stanton Friedman For Real?

4 Years Of Mars Rover Pictures


Trump Right - Iran Video May Show Obama Ransom Jet

Another Clinton Brain Malfunction - Something Wrong

Watch Hillary's Bizarre, Brain-Damage, Mental Problems

Clinton Gets CONFUSED Trying To Answer Email Question

Hillary Said 'Often Confused' - Top Aide Huma Abedin

USC-LA Times Poll - Trump, Clinton Tied At 45 Each


New Fox Poll Had 17% MORE Dems To Give Clinton Lead

MSM Caught Lying About Hillary Crowd Sizes

How Clinton Plans To Steal The Election

Lying Hillary Doubles Down On Her Huge Fox News Lie

To Smear Trump, Journalists Have Quit Objectivity

DNC Hands Out Hillary Signs To Press

President-Elect Clinton - 3 Scariest Words You'll Ever Hear

Public Raves Over 'Hillary’s America’ Expose

Eastwood Tells ‘Kiss-Ass Generation’ Give Trump A Break

US Green Party Warns Of Election Fraud


Justifiable Trump Concerns About Election Rigging

Hillary Made A Small Fortune By Arming ISIS

Clinton To Favor Saudi Energy Sector - Big Donations

Donald Trump On Nuclear Weapons

Why NSA May Have Leaked DNC Emails

Roberts - How Dems Found Russian In Hillary's Email

Trump 'Implosion' Stories Written By Liberal Media Hacks

Clinton Camp Uses Pokemon Go To 'Lure' Voters

NYT Now Caught Lying About Trump's Draft Record

Two Prominent Anti-Clinton Activists Dead In 2 Days

Another DNC Related Murder? Sanders Backer Found Dead


Another Young Dem Murdered? Clinton Death List Grows?

Every Candidate Backing Cruz Lost Primary! Cruz Hiding

Napolitano - Lessons From The Deep State

The New York Times vs Trump

PAC Fires Final Attack Ad On Paul Rat Ryan

'Doonesbury’ Predicted Trump’s Run 29 Years Ago

Obama Bringing In 10,000 More Non-Assimilatable Muslims

Univ Poll - Blacks Support David Duke More Than Whites

Obama Releases Record Number Of Crack Dealers

Kirwan - Murdering The New Old-World Order

Chandra Levy And Mary Caitrin Mahoney

USAF Opposes Obama 'No First Use' Nuke Policy


72 Types Of Americans Said 'Potential Terrorists'

State Dept Spox Laughs At Briefings Being Transparent

Undercover Group Buys Dirty Nuke Bomb Material In TX

US Home Ownership Lowest Level Ever

Millennials Cause Home Ownership Rate To Dive

Obama Has Cost US 195,000 Good Energy Ind Jobs

51% Of Employed Americans Make Less Than $30k

Top Roths Bankster Pushes Communist To Lead UN

Satanic Temple Seeks After School Programs

Russia - US-Backed Terrorists In Syria Are 'Animals'

Russia Tu-214R Spy Plane Passes Syria Test


US Made Heavy Weapons Found In Aleppo District

Russian Woman In Aleppo Loses Hand, Leg Shielding Kids

Terror Network Activation In US 'Conceivable' - Obama

Obama Claims Success Fighting US-Created ISIS!

Fabricated Homeland Security Report On ISIS

Iran's Ayatollah - The US Created ISIS

Jailed ISIS Fighter - Attacks On UK, Germany, France Soon

Iranian IRIB...Cash For American Spies

Howard Dean - I Don't Consider Iran To Be Muslim

Coup Pilot Ran Out Of Fuel - Almost Got To Erdogan

Egypt Kills ISIS Cmdr Behind Downed Russian Plane

5 Americans Detained, Cuffed, Deported By Israel

Foreign Firms Snub Israel In Building Of Gaza Wall

US, S Korea To Boost Security In Western Pacific

Is Creating 'Superhumans' The Next Arms Race?

Hollywood Should Be Able To Killswitch Your TV?

Wearing ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ Is 'Racial Harassment' ?!

Parking HERE Makes You Part Of Criminal Probe

Japan Defense Chief Waffles On Nuke Weapons

Japan - Radioactive Soil For Public Works Projects

Tepco Seeks More Tax Money For Fukushima

Insane - New Japan NPP Gets Go Ahead!

Ring Of Fire Volcanoes Going Off Like Firecrackers

Kiev Gets $260m From US For Nuke Waste Repository


Almost 50% Of ISIS Attacks On West Successful In 2016

Austria Calls For End To Turkey EU Accession Talks

Brazil Parliamentary Comm Wants Rousseff Conviction

How Can Stores Refuse to Take Your Dollars?

Cash Gradually Becoming Banned In US

UK Extends QU, Cuts Rates First Time In 7 Years

RBS Reports £2 Billion Loss In First Half Of Year

EU Hits Russia, China Steel With Anti-Dumping Tariffs

China To Raise Gas Imports By 500%

Local Zika Transmissions In Wynwood FL Up To 13

US Girls At Risk Of FGM Triples Since 1990

BLM Blocks Road To UK Heathrow Airport - Why?

Brave Man Stood Up To Muslim Killer, Faces Trouble

Burkini-Only French Water Park Party Sparks Outrage

Migrants Cost Germany 30 Billion Euros A Year

Cameron ‘Cronyism’ = UK ‘Corrupt, Decaying Democracy’

UK Troops Warned: Don’t Wear Uniforms Off-Base

Head Of UK Child Sex Abuse Inquiry Quits

No Jab, No Pay! Vax Rates Skyrocket In Oz

How World Was Deceived On Warming, Climate Change

Watch - Giant Serpent Seen In Russian Lake

Seed Saving Time - Watermelon


Jeff & David Duke - MSM Propaganda vs Trump Gone Mad

Watch Hillary's Bizarre, Brain-Damaged Mental Problems

Hillary Clinton - A Career Criminal

Ben Carson Blasts MSM As Being A Hillary Shill

Pence-Endorsed Rat Ryan Bashes Trump Again

Putin Says, 'If It's Hillary, It's War'

What Countries Will Hillary Attack if Named President?

Brother Nathanael's Amazing Videos


Clinton Super War Stance Will Extend Syria Fighting

Obama Wants DHS To Run Our Elections!

Proof Obama Lied About Our $400 Million And Iran

Ollie North - $400 Million To Iran Was Ransom

Donald Trump vs The Billionaire Boys Club

Hillary Will Raise Your Taxes By $1.3 TRILLION

Khan Paid Off By Clinton Foundation...Anonymous

Democrat Party 'Plaything Of The Super-Rich’

Trump Bashing Khan Man Ties To Hillary's Server

Madsen - What MSM Isn't Reporting About Khan Man


Hear McCain 'Tokyo Rose' Propaganda Recording

Iowa Parade Float...Hillary Behind Bars

DHS Gives Somali Muslims Airport Security Tours!

Frightful Video Of Muslim Invasion Of Europe

Euro Getting Rich w/Own Terror Epidemic

Turkey - US Was Behind Failed Coup

Canada Supports Syria’s 'Moderate' Terrorists

Wildfires Near Hanford Nuclear Reactor

Deadly Chagas Kissing Bug In More Than Half US

Feds To Legalize Part Human - Part Animals Beings

How Hipsters Are Spreading Zika in Miami


Zika Hits 2 More Caribbean Islands

Bayer-Monsanto Merger Is 'Five-Alarm Threat’

GMO Labeling - What You’re Not Being Told

US Launch Of Biggest Underwater Battle Robot

British Science May Benefit From Brexit

IOC Clears 271 Russian Athletes For Games

Broken Promise Of The Rio Olympics

To Study Disease, Go To The Olympics

Welcome To The Cyborg Olympics

MSU - Math OUT, Fakemath IN

Drone Deliveries Of Blood, Medicine In US


Scientists Propose 'Big Bounce' Theory

Tiny Pieces Of Plastic At Sea Are ‘Terrifying'

No Such Thing As 'Good' Or 'Bad' Microbe

Questions To Ask Before You Get Linked

Huge Atomic Storm Cloud Engulfs Phoenix

Traces Of Failed Super-Eruption In Andes

Newest Threat In US Overdose Epidemic

Medical Marijuana Use Saves Lives, Money

How Mercury Almost Took My Life

Scientists Grow Mini Brains


Watch Hillary's Bizarre, Brain-Damaged Mental Problems

Trump Assassination Plot Stopped By Secret Service?

Hillary’s Shariah Law Expert Khizir Khan Folds His Tent

Hannity - Trump Must Stay Focused On Clinton, Obama

Proof Hillary Was Selling Arms To ISIS

Republicans Career Pols Said Plotting Intervention

Trump Calls Hillary A 'Founder Of ISIS’ - Mass Crowd Cheers

Psychotic Rep Petition For Trump's Mental Evaluation !!!

Shocking Videos Show How Easy Vote Fraud Is

Whistleblower Snowden Tweets Mysterious Warning

Rat Ryan Took Money From Vets, Gave It To Illegals

Why Rat Ryan Won't Get Trump Endorsement

Soros Used Muslim Hordes To Destroy Europe...
Wants Same For US, Throws Big Money To Hellary

Obama Paid $400 Million RANSOM To Iran

Obama-Hillary Pay $400 Million ILLEGALLY To Iran


Bill Got Millions From Biggest Sharia Law Ed Firm

UN Backs Secret Obama Takeover Of US Police

Roberts - Fissures IN The Empire

Watch - America Relies On War For Jobs

Core Edicts Of The Khazarian Mafia Top Command - Pt 2

Saudi Fighter Jets To Turkey To Bomb Syria

Russia, Iran Mull Joint War Games Over Wide Area

US Backed Terrorists Used Toxic Gas In Aleppo

State Dept Mocks Gas Use By US Backed Terrorists

CNN Normalizes Terror, Embeds Reporters With ISIS

10 Facts MSM Won’t Tell You About War In Syria

British Jets Hit Former Saddam Palace In Mosul

Rome To Allow US To Bomb Libya From Italy

MacMillan - I Thought NATO 'Liberated' Libya In 2011?

Yemen Forces Try To Go Deeper Into Saudi Arabia

Yemenis Hit Saudi Base With Katyusha Rockets

Israel OKs Jailing Minors As Young As 12

SodaStream Boss Blames Bibi For Pal Job Losses

US, Israel Close To Largest Military Aid

Idiot Passengers Scramble For Luggage In Dubai Crash

US Made Chinese Air Force Spy Planes

China Tells Citizens Prep For War On Water In S China Sea

Escobar - Say Hello To Southeast Asia’s New Silk Roads

China Assures Public It’s OK To Film Police


China Human Rights Advocate Jailed - 'Subversion'

Japan Govt Closer To Authoritarianism And Militarism

Oz Govt Accused Of 'Refugee Abuse'

Russia - Less Powerful US Nuke More Tempting To Use

Bemused MEPs Ask Why Brit Is New Head Of EU Security

Israel Shamir - The Neocon Reluctant Enemy

Madsen - Democrats...Party McCarthy & Lyndon Johnson

Canada Readers Mock New 'Russia Did It' Stories

US Jewish Council Mad After BLM Backs Palestine

20 Veterans Commit Suicide Each Day – VA Dept

US Issues First Private Moon Flight License

US Military MidEast Spy Satellite Fails To Make Orbit


Vice, Buzzfeed Not Legitimate News Orgs’ - CNN Boss

DC Metro Transit Cop Arrested For Trying To Help ISIS

Argentina City Of Death - Glyphosate Cancer, Miscarriages

Monsanto & Clients Under Fire For Damaging Crops

CA Sued For Underground Wastewater Dumping Plan

Zionists Control British Govt Policy

Scotland Yard - 600 New Armed Cops On London Sts

Fireflies Vanishing Along With Other Flying Insects

Two Zika Linked Microcephaly Live Births In CA

Neural 'Smart' Dust Makes Wireless Computer Mind Control

Dozens Hospitalized w/Anthrax From Thawed WW2 Reindeer

China's New Silk Road To Make Big Move In Gold


Exchange Hack Triggers Bitcoin Price Collapse

India To Build Mega Refinery

Nuke Bomb Radiation In Every Cell Of Your Body

A Unified Theory Of Randomness

Button Salesman Discovers Most Of Life On Earth

3 Levels Of Disaster Preparedness

Giant Fireball In Novosibirsk

20% Of Cops Suffer PTSD

Watch - Dam Opens Spillway For Very First Time

The Chemical Reactions In Your Pool

Professional Joint Roller Earns Thousands

The Inner Pain Of The Self-Absorbed


The Dangers Lurking In Permafrost

6 Amazing Benefits Of Wormwood

Bad At Remembering Names?

Scandinavia’s Nature-Based Education System

The Corporate Takeover Of Spirituality

120 Yr Old Swami Gets First Medical Checkup

$400 Million Was Material Support To Terror

Trump Warns Americans To Get Out Of The Market

How Hackers Could Destroy Election Day

Meet Billionaires Manipulating Presidential Election

Clinton Likely Hawkish To Russia - Risking War

How Russia Will Counter US Upgraded B-61-12 Nuke


Gay, Muslim, Marxist Lying Debt King Obama Talks Treason

Kirwan - When Dreams Fail, Nightmares ALWAYS Return

Insane CA Declares August Muslim Appreciation Month!

Black TV Show Host Takes On David Duke

Syria - Erdogan’s ‘U-Turn’ – Fact Or Fiction?

41 US Military, 1 Pregnant Woman, Contracted Zika Overseas

Brain-Eating Amoeba Case In Charleston County SC

Barbarians At The Gates

FBI Took Months To Tell DNC About Russians


Muslims Stab 6, Kill One In London

Muslim Savage Set Fire To Bus In Paris

Files Linking Britain To Israel Nukes Missing

Million Illegals May Never Be Deported From Britain

Inside Dubai's Flaming Passenger Jet

Turkey’s Attempted Coup – A Gift From Allah?

July Remote Viewing Of August - US City Blasted?

July Results From June Remote Viewing!

Killing Unarmed Blacks Is Hurting US Image Abroad

Zika - How To Tell If You've Been Infected

7 Ways To Spot A False Flag Event

Global Heat, Sea Level Hit Record Highs In 2015

Russian Toddler Miraculously Saved From Oncoming Train


Italian Bank Crisis Harbinger Of Things To Come

Hackers Steal $72 Million Bitcoin From HK Exchange

Denmark Isn't Magic

13 Yr Old Strip-Searched, Thrown in Jail For Burping

7 Ways Humans Have Tried To Predict Quakes

Decoding NWO Social Engineering Tactics

The Emperor Has No Clothes - MDs Have No Cures

Consciousness Is Rising, Even In The Animal World

Moving Beyond Awakening Shock Syndrome

Smallest EU Nation First To Ban Monsanto Glyphosate

SSRIs Put Patients At Clear Risk of Suicide


Is Obama Signaling He Will Stay In Office If Trump Wins?

Stone - All You Need Know About Trump & The Khan Man

Khan Man Deleted, Hid Law Firm Site After Bashing Trump

Why Did The Khan Man Delete His Law Firm's Website?

Major Surge In Trump Funds - Americans Sick Of Clintons

Trump - Obama, Clinton 'Betrayed' US, Destabilized MidEast

Ivanka - Extraordinary Conversation About Her Father

Stone On Lying Neocon Hillary & Putin's View Of Her

Trumps Vows Gulf States Will Pay For Safe Zones In Syria


Bravo - Trump Won't Back War Crazed McCain Or Rat Ryan

Pence Splits With (stabs?) Trump, Endorses Rat Ryan

Schlafly Thunders For Ryan Ouster - ‘Get Rid Of Him!'

Revolt Against Rat Ryan Melts Social Media Pages

This Is Why Trump Wins

Military K9 Handler On Hillary's Vile Mouth

Worst President, Obama, Urges GOP To Oppose Trump

Corrupt, Immoral Top DNC Staff Quits After Email Revelations

Did Clinton Help Russia Build Giant Underground Bunker?

Wiggington - Chemtrails Killing Environment & Life On Earth

Zika Mosquitoes Same As GM Mosquitoes Released Off FL

Psychiatrists Drugging Children For "Social Justice"

Japan Halts US Wheat Buys Until GMO Test Is Created

GMO Labeling Law Is 'Fake' - Wouldn't Truly Expose GMOs


Something Strange In Congresswoman's Daytrading Recs

US Plans To Upgrade B61 Nuclear Bomb

Neocon Washington Post Editor's Anti-Putin Rant

Does NWO Mean Nuclear War One?

US Backed Terrorists Gas Aleppo Civilians

Aleppo - Updates From The Battlefield

Terrorists Shell Aleppo, Use Gas - Civilians Die

ISIS Hits Largest Oil Field In Kirkuk, Kills Five

US Only Wants Restraint When We Slow Terrorism - Russia

Will Erdogan Resort To Regional Nuclear Blackmail?

'Foreign Powers' Behind Turkey Coup Attempt - Erdogan

West Supports Terrorism Against Turkey - Erdogöan


60,000 People Suspended From Office In Turkey

Erdogan To Talk Economic Cooperation With Putin

Erdogan Growing Impatient With US Over Gulen

Revolution, Heroin & Chase Manhattan

Obama Secretly Flying $1.7 Billion US Cash To Tehran

US Taxpayers Pay For 1,673 Humvees For Afghanistan

India Official To Saudi Arabia To Helping Starving Workers

Obama's Rape Of Libya - Part 2

NYT Cheerleads Obama's Libya 2.0 Aggression

Libya Denies US Ground Troops Fighting ISIS In Sirte

Obama Says New Libya Airstrikes Are In US Interest

Armed Israeli Border Cops Bully Pal Child - Take Her Bike


Hamas Rules Out Further Mediation With Tony Blair

China May Ramp Up Its Missile Defense With Russia

Japan Warns Of Chinese Aggression In Pacific

Futuristic Bus Drives Above Cars In China Test

Chinese Confirm Water Does Not Exist On The Moon

Milosevic Exonerated - NATO War Machine Moves On

UK Media Reports On Alleged Russia Info War 'Puzzling'

German Aviation Lawyer's Solid Case vs Ukraine For MH17

Far Right Violence On Muslim Camps In Germany

100s Of Soldiers Resign From German Army

Record Self-Defense Weapons Permits In Germany


France Scraps Plans for More Summer Events

Dozens Of French Towns To Arm Their Cops

Czech President Speaks Against Accepting Muslims

Mayor Of Polish Border Town Demands Border Cops

Homosexual Claims Engulf Ireland Priest-Training College

Mexican Mayor, Four Cops Found Burned To Death

Chicago Police Review - No Record, 6 Cop-involved Shootings

Chicago Police Body Cameras Fail To Record Killing

Amid Scandal, Bill Bratton Announces Resignation

Stay Away From Stocks For Next 3 Months Warns Goldman

Fitch Sees $3.8 Trillion Losses In Sovereign Bonds

Schiff - Crisis Worse Than 2008 Coming


EU Could Fine Spain $6.8 Billion For Budget Deficit

Singapore 'Fervently Hopes' US To Ratify TPP Soon

Vancouver Slaps 15% Tax On Foreign House Buyers

25 Waffen-SS Veterans Living In Britain

British MP LInked To Failed Turkey Coup

UK Home Ownership In UK Lowest Since 1986

Over 30 Bogus Universities Closed In UK

Secret Japanese Military Maps & Asia's Past

US Civil War Built Egypt’s Cotton Industry

The Big Five Mass Extinctions

Oz About To Move 1.5 Meters North


Saving Water The Old-Fashioned Way

Google, Big Pharma Working On ‘Bioelectronics'

Ostrich Ancestors Discovered In WY Fossils

When Steroids Are Just A Fact Of Life

Strange Services People Actually Pay For

Your Brain Under Hypnosis

The 13 Hottest Places On Earth

Venus Will Soon Unleash Its Brilliant Star Power

How To Get To Mars With Plasma Rockets

How Black Holes Can Kill Us From Light Years Away

Echinacea Helps With Anxiety & These 22 Other Issues


Jeff Rense & Tim Rifat - We Are At War

Trump On Rigged Elections And Winning

Gingrich Hits Obama Criticism Of Trump As Despicable

Bill And Hill's Convention - Beyond Obscene

D'Souza Dispels Dem Lies - Clip From 'Hillary's America'

Bombshell - Hillary May Have Helped Russia Hack US

Hillary Edging Toward SLAVE REPARATIONS !

Trump Warns Of Rigged Election - Calls Hillary 'The Devil'

Khan Man Deletes Muslim Immigration Law Firm Site

Khan Tied To Programs Said Selling US Citizenships

Khan Man's Ex Law Firm Works For Saudis To Cover 9/11


US Map Shows ISIS Expands Ops To 18 Countries

US Plans To Upgrade Its Nuclear Bombs

N Korea Launches Two Ballistic Missiles - One Explodes

China Successful Test Of Hypersonic Nuke Missile

The EU Muslim Crisis Is Colossal

Navy Warships Should Guard Brit Beaches, Ports

Why Aren’t Feminists Defending Melania Trump?

Roberts - US Government Tortured Children

The Hillary Email Baiting Sets Off Stupidity Storm

Hillary On The Board Of Company Funding ISIS

War With Russia Looms Says Ex NATO General

The US Is An Oligarchy


The EU Muslim Crisis Is Colossal

Navy Warships Should Guard Brit Beaches, Ports

Palestinians Inside Israel Are Under Attack

Israeli Soldiers Harass Small Girl

The Price Of Oil Is Crashing Again

Jeff Wood Didn’t Kill Anyone - TX To Kill Him Anyway

This Prisoner Hanged Himself

Massive Fire Burns 17,500 Hectares In CA

Wildfires Burn In 7 Western States

Anthrax Outbreak In Sweden


Typhoon 'Nida' Shuts Down Hong Kong

Siberia Is So Warm Frozen Viruses Are Thawing

JoeTalk - War In America If Hillary Is Put In 1/3

JoeTalk - War In America If Hillary Is Put In 2/3

JoeTalk - War In America If Hillary Is Put In 3/3

Preparing For A Power Outage

10 Of Worst Engineering Disasters In US History

Targeting Genes By The Thousands

Mafia Holds Rome Hostage - With Garbage

Watch - When Giant Whale Almost Eats Your Boat

Doubt On Future Of NASA Mars Spacecraft

UFO Almost Collides with Passenger Plane

A History Of Airliner And UFO Encounters

Observatory Captures Huge Solar Eruption


Supercharged Perseid Meteor Shower In August

Will The Great Attractor Destroy Us?