Headlines 2

People With Higher Empathy Process Music Differently

DOJ IG Report Blasts Ex FBI Boss Comey For Being
'Insubordinate' In Handling Of Hillary Email Case

DOJ Report - 'Foreign Actors' Hacked Hillary's Emails

Judge Nap - Very Little New In The IG Report - Vid

Seven Key Points From IG Report
On The FBI Hillary Clinton Email Probe

IG Report Says Comey Made 'Serious Errors' In Hillary
Email Probe But 'Wasn't Biased' (huh?
DOJ IG Report Blasts Ex FBI Boss Comey For Being
'Insubordinate' In Handling Of Hillary Email Case

NY AG Files Suit Against Trump Foundation

It Would Take Only 100 Nukes To Devastate The Planet

'Best-Case Scenario' For A Nuclear War

US Still Keeps Hundreds Of Nuclear Weapons
On Hair-Trigger Alert

Henderson - Illuminati Agenda 21

David Icke – White Guilt

Soros Buying Up Shares In New York Times


FCC Changing Rules to Save Takeover
Of Local News Before Court Can Kill It?

Secret ET Global Takedown Or Just Another
Internecine IIlluminati War?

Rats And Ships, Etc

Fired FBI Official Discovers Former
Employer Sucks At Transparency

The Ugly Truth About Justin Trudeau Revealed By
Ezra Levant With Stefan Molyneux - Vid

German Girl Raped By African Blacks - Police & Medics
Have To Fight Off The Sub Animals To Save Her - Vid

Many Ordinary Meds Cause Depression
Public Trust In Big Pharma Hits New Low

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Box Office Star With 'RBG'
...More Zionist Gloating

Doom - Penn State Responds To Pedophilic Showers
...By Banning...Hiking

Dumbing Down - Decades Of Dropping IQ Levels
Cancel Intelligence Boom


Breaking The Silence In The World Capitol Of FGM

Illegal Monsanto GMO Wheat Found In Isolated Canada
...Outside Of Old Monsanto Test Fields

Rural KS Whites Surrounded By Illegals
Reportedly Developing 'Latino Accent'

The Khazarian Mafia Has Gone Mad And Follows
The French Revolution's Reign Of Terror

UN Condemnation Of Israeli Violence
Against Palestinians Won't End It

Atzmon - Trouble Clef...The Alison Chabloz' Conviction

Trump - I Could Solve Syria Crisis By Asking Putin
To 'Do Me A Favor' (Sure Thing!)

USS Harry S. Truman Carrier Group Strike Group
Now Off Syria's Coast

Trump US To Send Phony 'White Helmets'
$6.6 Million For Their 'Vital Operations'!

Trump Deepens US Military Role in Saudi War On Yemen

Is The Iran JCPOA Doomed?

Tommy Robinson Put In Muslim Prison, Facing Certain Death


UFO Controversy - Richard Doty And His
US Air Force Service Records

Pentagon UFO Program - Defense Intel Reference Docs

Resisting Disaster Capitalism In Puerto Rico

Did DEA Drive Opioids To The Dark Web?

Vanilla Is Nearly As Expensive As Silver

Desert Air Will Give Us Water

When The Next Plague Hits

A Case Of Plague Has Emerged In Idaho

13 Rules For Displaying The American Flag

The Bike Share War Is Shaking Up Seattle


What Americans Are Most Likely To Die From At Age

Why Tesla Autopilot Crashes Keep Happening

Florida Program Arming And Training Civilians
To Battle School Shooters

Florida...Full Of Dread

June Snow At Showdown And Other Parts Of MT

Tennis Ball Hail Hits Colorado Springs

Instagram Wannabe-Stars Driving Luxury Hotels Crazy

Ridley Scott Creates 'Saintly' Mission Patch

Four Amazing Future Space Telescopes

Submit Your Tax Return By June 14


The Strange Gravity-Defying Hills

Pharma Hides Data About Farm Antibiotic Use

How To Work With Visions

Dumbing Down - Decades Of Dropping IQ Levels
Cancel Intelligence Boom

Yellowstone Supervolcano - Key Geyser Went Off Again

HI Kilaeuea Volcanic Eruption - A Stunning Time-Lapse Video

MSM, Govt Hide Fukushima Calamity - AK Salmon Acute
Epic Collapse As Pacific Ocean Is Now 90% DEAD

Hey, Donald, The Real Economic Numbers - 21.5%
Unemployment, 10% Inflation & Negative Econ Growth

Trump Says He’ll Punish 'The People Of Canada’

Is Bernie A Russian Stooge?

Democrats 'Don't Give A F*ck About Russia'
4 Ways WE Know Americans Are Sick Of RussiaGate

Has The Tide Turned On Russophobia?

Trump-Kim Summit 'Big Win' For China And Loss for EU

Lavrov - US, N Korea Won't Solve All Korean Problems

Zionist Soros Invested $3 Million In Zionist Gatekeeper
NYT To Peddle His UNEDITED Propaganda.

Trump Outmaneuvers Pelosi With DACA Plan
That Is Supposed To Have A Wall


Illegal Alien Amnesty Votes Scheduled Next Week

Proposal To Split Up CA Qualifies For Nov Ballot

Monstrous AT&T-Time Warner Merger

Trump Lies About 'Mission Act Law' Helping Vets
...In Reality Is Doesn't Help ANY Vets

Einstein's Diaries Show His Overt Racism

Visions Of The Empire

South Carolina Elections Show Trump Can Hurt

America Is 'Committing Suicide' By Allowing
Transgenders In The Military

Google, FB And The War On Our 1st Amendment

18 Things Facebook Knows About YOU


Cohen Reportedly Expects To Be Arrested Any Day

UK Cops Censorship Of David Icke Proved By FOIA Release

Hurricane Bud Could Dump Some Serious
Rain on the Drought-Stricken Southwest

Cities Around US Are Flooding At High Tide

Roberts - Is Europe Too Brainwashed To
Normalize Relations With Russia?

How The EU Went Astray

Israel Unveils Supersonic Missile 'The Rampage' That Is
Able To Penetrate 'Any Defended Target' • The End Begins

Watch - Arabs And Black African Muslim 'Migrants'
Attacking Brit Cars, Passengers - Vid

Muslims Taking Over UK…Unbelievable To Watch

Undercover Cams Show Fierce Hate Taught To Muslim Kids - Vid


London's 'Muslim Patrol' To Force Sharia Law In East London

'Muslim Patrol' Sharia Vigilantes Take To Streets In East London

'Sharia Patrols' Harassing Citizens in London, Belgium, Sweden

Sharia Scare Shakes UK - 'Law Of The Land Go To Hell'

Islamic Intolerance In The United Kingdom

Kushner Allegedly Cursed At Israel's Ambassador
To US For 'Pushing' WH 'Around'

Understanding Jewish Power

Case Studies In Israeli Ethnic Cleansing

Rape Of Yemen Escalates

Martini - Aspartame Letter To FDA Director Regarding
The Petition To Ban This Deadly Substance


Aspartame Creates Diabetic And Obesity Epidemics

Reply To The Scottish Government On Aspartame

G7 Summit Highlights Western Leaders' Hypocrisy

Pieraccini - As The G-7 Implodes, SCO Meeting Confirms
The New Century Of Multi-Polarity

Ronald Stoeferle - Gold Is Dirt Cheap Right Now

Countries Around The World Have Begun
Pulling Their Gold From US Vaults

US Paper Gold Suppression Allowing Russia, China
To Buy Real Gold At Discount Prices

Over-Scheduling Your Days Can Wreck Productivity

Ethics On The Battlefield

Turning Boys Into Men Is A Dad's Job


Dramatic Images Of Ferocious Tornado Over WY

Mars Rover In Dust Storm Size Of North America

Drilling Into Curiosity's Finds

Remembering 'Brownie Mary'

Japan's Stylish-Looking Trash-Collecting Samurai

Pentagon Denies Knowledge Of Strange Shaft Of Light

See More Dazzling Beams Of UFO? Light From Above - Pics

Those Bizarre ‘Apocalypse' Sky Sounds Are Back
This Time In Chile, Scaring People, Animals - Vid

Paul Craig Roberts - In The Western World,
Truth Is An Endangered Species

Will Bilderberg Still Be Relevant As The
Future Of War Is Transformed?

How Is Bill Clinton Allowed To Keep Saying Things?

A Mysterious Silence Has Surrounded Assange

Big Pharma Death Merchant AMA Mouthpiece
Wants To Kill Our Second Amendment

Buchanan - Real Reason Trump Lost It With Trudeau?

De Niro Apologizes To PM Trudeau For Trump’s
'Disgusting Behavior'


What's In Libtard Robert De Niro's Sexual Closet?

Why We Are Becoming Dumber And Dumber

Watch Third World Muslim Sub-Animals Bashing Cars
On Germany Public Streets - Merkel Directly Responsible - Vid

Germany's Migrant Rape Crisis A 'Failure Of The State’?
Third World Sub-Animals Raping, Killing German Girls

Austria’s Kurz Get Muslim Death Threats After
Shutting Down Radical Muslim Mosques

Imbecile Macron Losing Control Over Muslim
And Black Dominated No-Go Zones In France

Germany New Migration 'Master Plan' Sparks
Discord In Merkel's Treasonous Coalition

Finnish Police Open Fire On Gunman In Helsinki

Paris Street On Lockdown As Man Armed
With Bomb Takes 3 French Hostages

Italy Denies Entry To Another Third World
Black African ‘Migrant Rescue' Ship


Chiappalone - The Culling Of Humanity

Obama Secretly Meeting With 2020 Dem Contenders

Bill Clinton Notes Cultural Shift In 'What You Can
Do To Somebody Against Their Will'

360 More Quakes At Kilauea Volcano In Last 24 Hours

At Least 700 Homes Now Destroyed By Lava Flows

Lava Sparks Winter Weather Advisory On Big Island

See How Much Lava Hawaii Eruption Has Produced

Lava Is Still Ripping Through Hawaii As The
Kilauea Volcano Continues To Erupt

Pepe Escobar: Putin & Xi Top The G6+1

2018 Summarized In Two Photos


Russian Military Prepares For WW3
By Creating 'Giant War Cloud'

Despite US Threats, China Redeploys Missiles
On Contested South China Sea Island

Belarus Army Launches RPG From New
Tank-Killing Quadcopter

Israeli Paratroopers Jump Into NATO Exercises For
First Time in Eastern Europe - Vid

US Abrams Tanks Receive Israeli-Made
Active Protection System

Japan Successfully Tests H-IIA Launch Vehicle
With New Research Satellite - JAXA

Knesset Foils Efforts To End Israeli Apartheid

Israel And Its Spokespeople Can ‘Justify’
Only Through Lies and Deflections

Palestinian Stabber ‘Severely Injures’ 18 Yr Old
Israeli Girl As Tensions Soar

Watch Israeli Authorities Demolish Graves
At Historic Palestinian Cemetery - Vid


‘Earnest & Reasonable’ Mistake Says IDF
As It Closes Probe Of Murder Of Pal Teen

Israel To Replenish Sea Of Galilee Where
Jesus Believed To Have Walked On Water

Duff - Will Americans Serving Inside Syria
Face Prison At Home?

Election Rigging Iraqi-Style?

Another Trump US Major Staged False Flag CW
Attack Coming In Syria?

Free Syrian Army, US Preparing Chemical Weapons
False Flag Attack - Russian MoD

White Helmets Left Aleppo Boy In Pain
To Make Propaganda Pics – English Priest

Truman Carrier Strike Group Renews Attacks
On Daesh From E Mediterranean - US Navy

Iran Stops Terror Attacks By Arresting 27 Plotters

UN, Red Cross Evacuate Staff From Yemen Port City
Ahead Of ‘Imminent' US-Saudi Coalition Assault


Iraq Moves To Create Its Own Oil Tanker Fleet

G7 Globalists Fear Trump Trade Reset

To FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD
Addressing The Multitude Of Lies Of The FDA

Pope Francis ’The Lost Shepherd’ And The
Burgeoning Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal

May Avoids Mutiny - Okays Weak Brexit Amendment

Pro-Brexit Donor Arron Banks Admits Meeting Russian
Ambassador Then Briefing US Security Services

Muslims Kill One, Wound Three In New London Stabbings

Boris Johnson Leaked Recording - ‘I'm Increasingly Admiring
Donald Trump - There's Method In His Madness"

Amazon Slammed Over 'Unethical And Illegal’
Chinese Factory Conditions

‘Capital-Topia' - Tokenizing The World…
...One Company At A Time


The History (And Rising Power) Of Central Banks

Ten Years On, Putin Told Them So

US Imposes More Sanctions On Russian Entities
Citing ‘Cyberattacks’ (right) – Treasury

Why Russia Is Wary Of Borrowing Abroad

BBC Film Inspires Aussie Filmmakers To Go
Look For Russian Football Thugs - Vid

Trump's US Is A Prisoner Of The Euro-Weenies

Russia Building A Wholly Separate, Back Up Internet

China Pushing To Control US Rail Industry

Most Asians Think US Media Is Completely Absurd

The Farm Bill For Billionaires


Is Our Focus On Quarterly Earnings
Hurting The US Economy?

Eastern Pacific's Second Major Hurricane
in Less Than a Week

Ukrainian Villages Still Suffering
Legacy Of Chernobyl

Trees That Have Lived For Millennia Suddenly Dying

How To Cope With A Psychological Shock

Three Year Old Paralyzed By Tick Byte

'Galactic Archaeology' Clues To Star Formation

How Three Prisoners Escaped Inescapable Alcatraz

Study - Loneliness Really Is Bad For Your Heart

Tips For Taking The Sting Out Of Rejection


How Mangos Promote Digestive Health

Natl Econ Council Director Larry Kudlow Has Heart Attack

Giuliani Says Comey May Be Prosecuted For The
Hillary Email Probe

Trump Trying To Destroy The Western Alliance?

Trudeau's Fake Eyebrow Takes A Dive At G7 - Vid

Internet Mesmerized By 'Lowbrow' Trudeau Humor

Trump Continues Tweet Tirade Against Trudeau

What Led To Trump's Outburst Against Trudeau

'There's A Special Place In Hell' For Trudeau

Russia Never Left G8 - Ready To Welcome
Leaders In Moscow - Putin

Trump vs World - G7 Summit Pic Sparks Meme Frenzy

Viral G-7 Photo As Seen From 'The Other Side'


France and Germany Rally Against Trump

Roberts - Our Knowledge Of WW2 Is
Completely Wrong (It's Zionist BS)

Bully Actor Yells F**k Bully President
And Gets A Standing Ovation

Bolshevik Zionist Soros Slams 'Schoolmarm' Clinton &
Says 'Ultimate Narcissist' Trump Will 'Destroy The World'

Watching The Watchers: Facebook Hires
'Credibility Specialists' Due to Fake News

'Glorified Pharmaceutical Rep' AG Sessions
Kept Out Of WH Marijuana Talks

Senators Vote To Okay Marijuana For Vets

Net Neutrality Ends, Battle to Save It Continues

Net Neutrality Is Dead - What Now?

Celente Wins 'NY Funniest Reporter' Award - Bravo!


Doom - WY Best Practices - Destroy Higher Ed

New Explosion, Gas, Ash And Lava From Kilauea - Vid

Hawaii Volcano Dramatic New Before And After Photos

Kilauea Still Pumping Out Lava, Doubles Gas Emissions - Vid

Italians Refuse To Let Migrant 'Rescue Boat'
Full Of Third World African Blacks Dock

Apple Isn't Your Friend

Austria Closure Of Mosques May Lead To
Muslim-Chrsitian War – Erdogan

Austrian Chancellor To 'Privately' Visit
Western Wall Of Jerusalem - Reports

*Atzmon - Truth Truthfulness And Palestine

Trump Regime And Palestinians Share Insults


'We Are With You' - Netanyahu Offers To Help
Iranian Water Crisis In Apparent PR Stunt

Israel Launches 'Surprise' Military Exercise
In Stolen Golan Heights – Defense Forces

IDF - Explosive Palestinian Balloon Airstrike Prevented

IDF Destroys Undersea Tunnel From Gaza Strip

Israeli Media & The Mass Brainwashing Of Citizens

Beijing Ready to Cooperate With Moscow
To Preserve Iran Nuclear Deal - Xi

Xi Jinping - China Ready To Strengthen
Bilateral Cooperation With Iran

US Asks Japan To Cut Its Huge Plutonium Stockpiles

N Korea, Japan May Engage in Historic Talks In Russia

Trump Sends Junior Diplomat To Open
De Facto US Embassy In Taiwan


China's 'Dark Sword' Is First Sixth-Gen Warplane

Japan Protests Russia Laying Underwater
Telecom Cable to Disputed Kuril Islands

Russian Foreign Ministry Blames West For
Pushing Kiev Into New Donbass War

Trump US Sent 250 Trucks With Heavy
Weapons, Armored Vehicles To SDF

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Straight Talk

Mattis - Withdrawing US Troops From Syria Would
Be A 'Strategic Blunder' (Peace Might Occur)

West Supported Terrorists And Is In No Position
To Asssign Guilty In Syria - Assad

Assad Says It Would Be Impossible To Free
Damascus Suburbs Without Russian Help

WATCH Syrian Army Uncover Vast Tunnel,
Trench Network In Homs Region

US Sought Saudi Oil Support Before Iran Deal Pullout


Yemenis Kills Dozens Of Saudi Mercenaries

Benghazi Before And After NATO Intervention
Man's Photos Show Horrific Libya Devastation

White South African Farmers Trained By IDF
To Fight Off Third World Blacks Attacks

I Watched Putin's Entire 4 Hour Q+A
Along With The Russian People

Stop 'Babbling' And Get Back To Real Work - Putin

Why SCO Qingdao Summit Was Worth Following

SCO States Rule Out Warfare In Resolving
Syrian Crisis - Summit Declaration

We Agreed On Fostering Greater Economic
Partnership With China – Putin

Chinese FM Calls On SCO Countries
To Avoid Geopolitical Games

Hawaii And Guatemala 'Are Just An Opening Act'
...The Volcanic Swarm Cycle Is Back


Lock Of Gen Custer's Hair Sells For $12,500

Social Anxiety Feeds An Affliction Of Isolation

'Here We All (Still) Work 'Long The Mississippi'

Try A Cannabis Cocktail ?

To Ambush And Kill American Green Berets
Al Shabaab Diverted A River

Australia's Special Forces In Afghanistan

How Uranium Hunter Sniffs Out Nuclear Weapons

Eminem in Trouble for Using 'Realistic'
Gunshot Sound Effects

The Higgs Boson Has A New Friend

To Take A Photo Of A Planet Millions Of Mi Away


Pharma Giants Bet Billions On Gene Therapies

The Bitter Aftertaste Of Prohibition

Your Medicinal Herb Kit Should Have Yarrow

The Weapon Of Next-To-Last Resort

Earthquake Hits England, Minor Tea Spillages

Horror CCTV That Has Australia In Shock

De Niro Throws F-Bombs At Trump In Tony Awards Tirade

Soros - 'Trump Wants To Destroy The World'
(A Classic Reverse Projection Of Soros Plans)

The Donald - All The President's Perverts

Br Nathanael - How Jews Rule

Propaganda Wars Precede & Accompany Hot Ones

France's Repeated Invasions Of Germany - 1912, 1923 & 1939

Pope Francis the False Prophet

Trump Top Econ Advisor - 'Trudeau Stabbed Us In Back'

Trump Trade Advisor - 'There's A Special Place In Hell
For Trudeau' After His G7 'Stunt'

G6+1 On Russia

France Condemns Trump 'Anger' After G7

G7 In Disarray After Trump Attacks 'Weak' Trudeau

Trouble for Trudeau? Canadian Liberals Brace
For Impact Of Populist Doug Ford Win

Why Do So Many Mormons Back Trump?


China Hacked Massive Top Secret US Anti-Ship Missile Data

Joe - China Stole Half Billion In Navy Technology - Vid

China Stole 614GB Of Submarine Missile Secrets

The Malfeasance Of The US Military

China Unveils 'Dark Sword' Stealth Combat Drone

HART - Homeland Security's Massive New Database
Will Include Face Recognition, DNA And More.

NATO Expanding 'chokehold' on Russia

NATO's Plan For New Command Centers Attempt
To Increase 'Chokehold' On Russia

Putin To Trump - I'm Ready Whenever You Are

Patriotism in Russia Highest In 18 Years


Russia Plans To Incinerate Space Junk With Big Laser

Bilderberg 2018 - Super Bowl Of Corporate Lobbying

'My Life Is Not Your Porn': - 30,000 S Korean
Women Protest Spy Cams

New Tesla Roadster May Have 'Rocket Engine' Option

Smart Phone Shows Ads Based On Talking It Hears

Chernobyl Radiation In Cow Milk 30 Yrs After Meltdown

Assad Calls Douma Chemical Attack A 'British
PR Stunt' Straight To UK Media's Face

Roberts - The Israeli Attack On The USS Liberty

Israel's Shoot-To-Cripple Policy In Gaza…

Israel Launches 'Surprise' Military Exercise
in Golan Heights


Meet Facebook's New Truth Cop

Euro Leaders May Set Up Asylum Camps Outside EU

Bringing Assange Home Good For Australia

Chinese Front Company Used To Recruit
US Double Agents

First Bond Girl In 'Dr No' With Sean Connery Gone

Colorado Wildfire Grows 40 Percent

How Did The First Americans Arrive?

Meet Norman, The World's First Psychopath AI

First Public Map Of US Internet Infrastructure

Volcanoes Most Overdue For Eruption?

Arctic Cyclone Among Most Powerful On Record


Arial Images Show Growth Of Beijing And
Las Vegas Over Last 3 Decades

The Human Cost Of Your Kindle

A Primer On Cholesterol, Lipids And Fats

11 Million Taking The Wrong Heart Medication?

What Secretive Anti-Ship Missile Did China
Hack From The US Navy?

Chinese hackers Stole US sea warfare data,
including on a supersonic missile

Trump leaves G7 early for meeting with Kim

Trump Proposes G7 'Zero Tariff' Trade Zone

Trump On Trade - Everyone Is Robbing Us

Russia Never asked for reinstatement to G8
...believes future is in G20 - Lavrov

A Better Idea Than Russia Returning To The G7

CNBC Journalist Worries About Trump's Mental Health
(Donald Drinks 12 Diet Cokes A Day - Aspartame Addict)

Trump 17 Minutes Late To G7 Breakfast Meeting
...Trudeau Orders It To Start Without Him

Deep-State Globalists In House GOP Are Preparing
To Grant Amnesty To 3.2 Million Illegal Aliens


Trump Taps Bannon's Producer For US Propaganda Czar

Soros Complains - 'Everything That Could Go Wrong,
Has Gone Wrong'

Ex-US Senate Staffer Charged With Lying To FBI
over contacts with media

State Dept Goes Nuclear On Leakers After Wolfe Arrest

DOJ Reneges On Commitment To Provide
Trump-Russia Docs To Congress

Watchdog Slams DOJ Wiretapping Of NY Times
Reporter As Threat To Press Freedom

As US Culture Warriors Ban Miss America
Swimsuit Contest, Expect Burqas On Beach

America Goes Full Imbecile

Feeling Isolated?...If So, You're Not Alone.

Latest Hawaii Lava Destruction - Before And After Pics

Hawaii Hit By 12,000 Earthquakes In The Last 30 Days


Jones Says Bourdain Murdered Because He Was
Going To Do A 'Kanye' And Support Trump!

Was Bourdain's Tattooed Squeeze Cheating?
Did He Die Of A Broken Heart? - Pics

Rising Poverty, Inequality Threaten US Social Stability

Large Corporations Shortchanging Their Worker's Wages

B-1 Bomber Blew Escape Ejection Hatch In
Emergency Landing, Seat Didn't Eject - Pics

Lockheed Martin Awarded $929 Million Contract For
Hypersonic Weapon To Counter Russia, China

Putin demands release of Russian journalists in Ukraine

Putin 'extremely canny,' difficult to draw out
Austrian TV host on his 'toughest interview'

The NYT - Apologist For Israeli High Crimes

Horrific moment IDF gas canister hits Pal in face


AFP photographer shot in the leg by IDF in Gaza protests

IDF attempts to smear slain Palestinian medic
with inaccurate video

Trump's US Troops In Syria To Stay

Russia Falsely Accused Of Killing And Wounding
Dozens Of Civilians In Syria

All remaining ISIS resistance zones in Syria
are in US-controlled areas – Russian MoD

Media Scoundrels Urge Coup d'Etat In Syria

Shimatsu - The Dark Roots Of A Japanese Cult
In The Horrendous Nanjing Massacre

State Funded Feminist Porn Future Of German sex ed?

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 6-9-18

​Million A Week Club Now 98 Cities - Your Radiation Week 21

Meat Traces Found In Vegan & Veggie Ready Meals

World's Fastest Train Designed And Built In China
Trump Says Nothing About High Speed Rail In US


What Is Kambo?

Trump Fires Back At France, Canada As Macron
Speaks Of 'G6' Confronting US

G8...To G7…To G6+1

Russia 'No Thanks' To Trump Call For G8 Return

Media Ignores Anniversary Of Horrible Israeli
Massacre On USS Liberty

June 8, 1967 - A Day That Continues To Live In Infamy

China Hackers Steal US Navy Warfare Secrets

Duff - Jacksonian Trump And The Root Of Global Evil

Mueller Files New Charges Against Manafort

What Trump Wants From Mueller

Key Evidence In House Hacking Probe
...Mysteriously Disappeared


US Should Stop Treating Celebrities Like Politicians

New Mystery - Big Spy Radar Dish Appears In Cuba

Canada's Senate Votes To Legalize
Recreational Marijuana

Staggering Data On The Rise Of US Suicides

US Has World's Fastest Supercomputer - Can Process
5G Interface With Human Morgellons Nano Tech

Small Nuke Reactors (Death) Coming To. Your Town
Nuclear Maniacs Learned Nothing From Fukushima

Dual Israeli Citizen Bernie Wants Sub-Standard VA-DMV
Style Medicare For All (except him And The 1%

Self-Hating White Women Using Climate Change
As Self-Genocide Excuse

Soros Owns 15% Of Triple Crown Contender 'Justify'

Ex-CIA Boss Brennan Must Testify On 'Spygate' - Rand Paul


Paris Now Overrun With Sub-Animal Human Excrement
...Thanks To Macron And His Master Merkel - LOOK

Austria PM Brave Plan To Shut Down Mosques, Expel Imams
In Effort To Save Austria From Third World Parasite Savages

Tipping Point When Minority Views Take Over
Same For Muslim And Black 'Immigrants'

Parade Of Lies About Thomas Merton's Death

HI Lava Big Enough To Cover Manhattan - Vid

Hawaii Volcano Lava Has Now Destroyed 600 Homes - Vid

New Sat Photos Show Effects From HI Lava - Vid

New Land Formed As Hawaii Lava Flows To Sea - Vid

Watch Kīlauea's Lava Flow Into the Ocean - Vid


Lava Evaporates Hawaii's Largest Freshwater Lake

Militant US-UK Hostility Toward Russia

Viral Takeaways From Putin's Q&A Session
That Rocked Russian Internet

Highlights Of Vladimir Putin's Direct Line Q&A Session

Putin Fields Nearly 80 Questions In 4 Hour Q&A session

Consumer Prices To Fall In Crimea With
New Bridge To Russian Mainland – Putin

Super-Heavy Rockets & 600+ Satellites - Putin Eyes
'Breakthrough' In Space Exploration

Russian S-400 System 'Worth Being Sanctioned'

US Grounds All B-1B Bombers - Ejection Problems

Why Are Netanyahu And Macron
Clasping A Glowing Globe? - Pic


'Ridiculous And Absurd Political Censorship' -
Critics Slam Macron's Anti-Fake News Law

Pro-NATO Pressure Group Uses Distortions
To Fight 'Disinformation'

'First Psychopath AI' Bot Trained By Viewing Reddit

Daily Mail's Disaster Headlines Under Paul Dacre

Beijing Pulls Missiles From S China Sea Island - Pics

UK To Propose 'Rapid Response Unit' vs Russia

No UK Evidence That Moscow Did Skripal Poisoning

Catastrophic Disaster Aircraft Hack Only Matter Of Time - US

EU-Israeli Agreement On Iran?

Iran's Centrifuge Production Facility To
Operate Within A Month - Official


Netanyahu's Very Awkward European Tour Vid

Iran Warns That 'Occupying, Aggressive' Israel
Can Never Feel 'Safe'

Gaza's Killing Fields

Some 4,000 Palestinians Protest On Gaza Border
Four More Killed, 400 Injured, IDF Deploys Iron Dome

Victim Of US Viciousness Aafia Siddiqui
- Alive Or Dead?

Hezbollah To Leave Syria...Only On Assad's Request

BoJo - Trump Negotiating Brexit 'A Fantastic Idea'

Twitter Awash With Conspiracies After Johnson Reveals
Trump And Brexit thoughts

UK Foreign Minister Cautions About Brexit 'Meltdown'

London Teen Suicide Rates Up Over 100% In 3 Years


Muslim Suspected In Rape, Murder Of Teen In Germany
Fled To Iraq, Caught By Iraqis

Colombia, The Death Squads And The US Human Rights
Double Standard

US Zionist Media Openly Calling For VZ Military Coup

'Monsanto' Name To Vanish In Merger And Bayer
Intentionally Giving AIDS To 5 Nations Still Unpunished

Argentina Currency Crisis A Preview
Of The Post Petro Dollar Future

China's Silk Road To Significantly Boost Global Trade

Xi And Putin To Headline SCO

Trump Unloads On 'Indignant' Trudeau For 'Killing' US Ag

IMF Extends $50 Billion Lifeline To Argentina

China Must Strengthen BRICS Ties Amid US Pressure


Asia Faces Cascading Crises As Dollar Strengthens

What Happens In The Gulf Doesn't Stay In The Gulf

Scott Pruitt Is A Yuppie Motherf*cker

Google May Face Up To $11 Billion EU Fine

Is The Gig Economy Growing Or Shrinking?

Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes And
The Cult Of Silicon Valley

Doom - The Computer Scientist 'Shortage'

Aspartame Creates Diabetic And Obesity Epidemics

Reply To The Scottish Government On Aspartame

NASA Finds Ancient Organic Material,
Mysterious Methane On Mars - Coverup Continues


Curiosity Rover Finds Ancient
'Building Blocks For Life' On Mars

What if ET Is An AI?

Is It Planet 9 Or Planet X?

AATIP Or AAWSAP - A Tale of Two Programs

UFOs, Remote Viewing, Spiritual Mediums – Conf

Louisiana Ignores Courts, Allows Bayou Bridge
Pipeline To Proceed

Can You Lose Your Native language?

The Flooding Crisis Is Here For The US

What Happens To The Plastic You Throw Out

How To Almost Completely Erase Your
Digital Footprint


Airport Where Flights Are Delayed Forever

30 Weirdly Fascinating Health And Body Facts

Eerie Photos Taken Just Before Disaster Struck

Why It Pays To Be Humble And Modest

How To Handle Narcissistic Abuse

Gosh! - NASA Finds 3.5 Billion Yr Old 'Organic Molecules'
On Mars! (The TRUTH? There's LIFE On Mars AND The
Debris And Wreckage Of An Entire Destroyed Civilization!)

Hawaii Volcano Buries 2 Towns - 9,900 Quakes Hit

Hawaii Lava Buries Entire Housing Tracts -Vid

Facebook, Amazon, Google, Twitter All Created
By Zionists And Work With Left-Wing SPLC

Europe To Fine Google Up To $11b Over Abuse
Of Market Dominance

Oz PM Wants Zuck Testify On Data-Sharing With Huawei

MSNBC Host Claims Trump Unhappy He Can't
Watch Pornography In The White House

Bombshell Claim - Mueller Threatened To Charge
Papadopoulos As Unregistered Agent Of Israel

Secret Service Arrests White House Contractor
On Attempted Murder Warrant - Pic

Senate Hearing On Proposed New AUMF


Henderson - The City Of London

Ron Paul - A Cashless Society Is Very, Very Dangerous

Soros Veteran And Former CIO Quits Firm

Microsoft Sub-Sea Data Center Off Scotland Coast

Pentagon Boosts Secret AI Program

Putin Says It's Hypersonic ICBMs Travel 20 Times
Faster Than The Speed Of Sound

Is Western World Started Shunning America?

Macron Referring To Trump - 'No Leader Lasts
Forever' And US Can Be Kicked Out Of G7

Trump Likely To Face Chilly Reception At G-7

Sarah Sanders' Lies Hurt America


We Need A Mass Movement To Save And Expand
Social Security And Medicare

CA New Water Laws Will Force Even More To Flee
State Takes Over Each Home's Amount Of Usage

Muslims Sought In Rape, Murder Of
14 Year Old Jewish Girl In Germany

13 US Troops Hurt When Armor Collides In Europe

US Media Openly Calls For Coup In VZ

Putin - Reminds Us That WW3 May Be End Of Civilization

US Threatens Turkey Over F-35 Deal...Over S-400s

India To Buy S-400s Despite Possible US Sanctions

Mysterious Sonic Attacks Prompt Evac Of
US Diplomat From China

Elite Soldiers Testing Lockheed ONYX Exoskeleton


NATO Ex-Chief - Russia Could Smash Kiev In A Few Days

Galloway - NATO Virus Is Spreading,
Aggressive & Immune To Any Logic

NATO Sabre Strike Exercise - Scaring Russia With
Multiple War Games Of Unparalleled Scale

Qatar's Ambition For NATO Membership Firmly Rejected

Trump US 'Whipping' Europe By Demanding
More NATO Troops To Curb 'Russian Threat'

Sweden Mobilizes All Reservists 1st Time In 40 Years

In Heated Interview Putin Dares Host To
'Ask the State Department About Soros'

Partnership, Trust And A Crate Of Ice Cream
...Putin's interview top quotes

China Will Stay As Russia's Top Trade Partner - Putin

Putin Pledges Help To Donbass Republics
Warns Kiev Against Attack


Make Palestine Kneel Like Kim Did - Giuliani

Israeli Institutionalized Racism

Ex-Obama Aide Claims Netanyahu
Used Political Pressure Within US

The Raw Truth About The UK's
Special Relationship with Israel

Three Reasons Why Netanyahu's
EU Charm Offensive Failed

Jew Bolsheviks Slaughtered The Tsar's Family

Israel To Destroy Syrian Forces If Attacked

Ex-Obama Aide Claims Netanyahu
Used Political Pressure Within US

Palestinian Shot Dead For Throwing A Rock

Argentine Footballers Cancel Match With Israel


Argentine FA Chief Apologizes To Israel
For Cancelling Match

Iran Nuclear Deal Hangs By A Thread

Pompeo - US Will 'Not Allow Iran To
Develop A Nuclear Weapon'

Next Stage Of Pressure On Iran – Lower Oil Prices

Allied Governments 'Face Substantial Risks'
If Caught Trading With Iran, US Warns

EU Officially Asks For Exemptions From Iran Sanctions

Euro Refiners Fold To Trump, Stop Buying Iran Crude

Obama Administration Secretly Granted
Iran License To Access US Banks - Report

France - 100s Of Islamic Terrorists To Walk Free

Border Arrests Exceed 50,000 3rd Month In A Row


More Than 100 German Citizens Suffer
Muslim-Black Crimes Every Day

60 Motorbike Muggings A Day - Crime Ravages London City

NASA May Sell ISS To Private Companies

Your Phone Is Listening To You And it's Not Paranoia

Farmers Put Sheep In CT Scanners To Breed Tastier Chops

The Link Between Alzheimers And Aspartame
Trump Drinks About A Dozen Diet Cokes A DAY

Baseball-Sized Hail Hits N TX Damaging Cars, Structures

Decapitated Rattler Head Nearly Kills TX Man

States With The Best And Worst Economies

Landline Phone Service Goes Down Across US


The Mysterious Bent Trees Of North America

Hawaii Lava Disaster

DebDeb Dem's IT Scandal About To Explode

Stormy Sues Ex-Attorney - Says He Became Trump 'Puppet'

CNN Hack Has To Backtrack Over Claim Trump
Was Booed At White House Event

Auditors Tell Congress No Money For F-35 Turkeys

State Dept Moron Says D-Day Was An Example
Of Strong US Ties With Germany (honest)

Devil's Day Normandy 1944 - 6th Hour, 6th Day, 6th Mo

Hawaii Lava Completely Fills Beautiful Kapoho Bay

Hawaii Rocked By 12,000 Quakes In Past 30 Days

Kilauea Dashes Oahu Newlyweds Dreams

Devastating Lava Flows From Hawaii's Kilauea

Saudi Government Gave Obama
Aides 'Suitcases Full Of Jewels'


Colorado's Democratic Party Kingmaker
Is A Fracking Lawyer

Democrats Hope For A 'Blue Wave' Push
From Eight State Primary Day

Trump Transition Team Goes To War
Over Rogue FBI agent

Snowden - The People Are Still Powerless

The Rockets Glare Red Over A Dumified Democracy

What We Know About Latest FB Data Scandal

Trump WH Urges US Airlines To Resist Beijing's
'Orwellian Nonsense' On Taiwan

Trump Sends Nuclear Bombers To Fly
Near Disputed Islands In S China Sea

Beijings Warns US Not To 'Run Amok' After Trump
Sends Nuke B-52s Near Its S China Sea Islands

First China Carrier Strike Group Ready For Combat


Mysterious 'Threats' Keep Turning Up At US Navy
Facility In Virginia

Trump WH Urges US Airlines To Resist Beijing's
'Orwellian Nonsense' On Taiwan

First China Carrier Strike Group Ready For Combat

Putin -'Either Russia Is A Sovereign Country
...Or There Is No Russia'

Putin - US, S Korea Military Drills Near Korean
Peninsula Not Easing Tensions

Putin Proposes Special Status For
Donbass Republics Within Ukraine

Superpower Russia Key To Settlement Of Syria,
Ukraine Conflicts - Austria's Kurz To Putin

In Heated Interview, Putin Says 'Ask The
State Department About Soros'

Russia Building The Trans-Arabian Railway
Will Make The Saudis More Multipolar

Trump's Ambassador To Germany, Well…


Trump's Fascist Envoy To Germany

Br Nathanael - Gaza Nurse Murdered By Israel - Vid

May Offers Wimp Criticism Of Israel's
Palestinian Slaughter As Bibi Visits UK

All Pal Casualties In Gaza Are Intentional
...None Are 'Accidental'

Israel To Boost Golan Heights Population

Netanyahu Fails To Persuade Macron To Quit JCPOA

Macron's 90 Minutes With Netanyahu
France Shares Israel's Concern About Iran

US Envoy To Israel Trying To 'Bully' And
'Gaslight' Media – Israeli Journalist To RT

Israeli Company Debuts 'Mantis' Combat Vehicle

US-led Coalition Intensifies Airstrikes In Syria


Qatar Mulls Possibility Of NATO Membership

Trump May Escalate Aggression In Yemen

France, Germany, UK Demand Trump US Not
To Sanction Their Companies in Iran

Lawless Dangerous London

Italy's And The EU's Struggles Continue

Communist Soros Blames Putin For Italian
Anti-Muslim, Black Immigrant Party

Trump Regime Wants VZ Suspended From OAS

Joe - Americans Are Too Scared To Fight - Vid

Lunch With Deepak - LSD, 'Quantum' Healing, Plato

The Ugly Truth Of Today's Vapid, Evil Pop 'Music' - Vid


Last Surviving Munchin Goes Over The Rainbow At 98

US House Prices Rising Twice As Fast As Pay

Want to Move to Russia? - Here Are Housing Costs

Another Uni Sex Scandal, With Resignations
And Multimillion Dollar Parachutes

Martini - The Link Between Alzheimers And Aspartame
Trump Drinks About A Dozen Diet Cokes A DAY

Martini - Diet Coke, The New Smoking - Horrible Destruction
Of The Human Body By Formaldehyde From Aspartame

Aspartame Creates Diabetic And Obesity
Epidemics -Read The Scientific FACTS

Dean Henderson's New Book - Illuminati Agenda 21

Bilderberg Super Rich To Meet On Russia,
Populism In EU & Inequality

Patching Up US-Europe Discord As Secretive
Bilderberg Meeting Sets Agenda


China Boasts Largest Foreign Reserves
And Infrastructure Megaprojects

US Treasury - Allies Must Crack Down
On Funding Of Iran's Activities

Watch - Cops Break Into Chelsea Manning's Home
For 'Welfare Check'...With Guns Drawn

US 8th Grade Graduates Get Bulletproof Backpacks

Berkeley Scholar - 'Climate Change Has Run Its Course'

Mass-Migration 'Should Be Accepted' By Western Nations
Says UN SecGen

200 Still Missing In Guatemala's Volcano Eruption

It's So Hot In Mexico, Traffic Lights Are Melting

Japan's Demographic Time Bomb More Dire

'Roseanne' Canceled b/c Her Character Voted Trump


Quest To Break America's Most Mysterious Code

Dolphin Algorithm May Lead To Better Med Ultrasounds

Bracing For The Meltwater Pulse In Miami

Why AR-15 Is Most Popular Gun In US

7 Ways People Used Cannabis in 1930

Video Shows Cops Repeatedly
Punching Oregon Man

Fake Trees Were Used As Spy Posts
On WW1 Front Lines

The 20 Best Small Towns To Visit In 2018


Scrambled Trump - Fails To Remember Lyrics
To God Bless America At Patriotic Event - Vid

Macaroon - 'Calls With Trump Are Like Making Sausage'

Trump Celebrates 500 Days In Office

US Judge - Trump Could Be Deposed
For Unwanted Groping Of Woman

Can Trump Legally Pardon Himself?

Mueller Wants Manafort Locked Up For
Interfering With Ukraine-Lobbying Witnesses

Inside The Mysterious Intelligence Firm
Now in Mueller's Sights

Media's 'Melania MIA' Took Trump 'Derangement
Syndrome' To New Lows

Social Security Now Running In Deficit, Medicare
To Be Insolvent 3 Years Earlier - The End Is Nigh
WHY? Because Trump Gives It To Illegals Muslims

Method To Trump's Supposed Madness On Trade?

Koch Brothers Join #Resistance, Launch
Campaign Against Trump Tariffs

Koch Brothers Take On Trump


Americans Content With Loss Of Freedom

UN Special Reporter - Millions Of US Citizens
Now Live In Third World Conditions

John McAfee Announces 2020 Presidential Bid
'To Serve The Crypto Community'

No Mosquitoes Or Bugs In Central Wisconsin

37 Million Bees Dead After GMO Corn Planted
GMOs Are Deadly - Don't Eat GMO Foods!

HI Lava Destroys HUNDREDS Of Homes Overnight - Vid

Explosion At HI Volcano, Sending Ash A Mile High - Vid

Kilauea Volcano Filled HI Biggest Lake In Hours
And Is Now Reshaping The Coastline - Vid

Dramatic Drone Footage Shows Massive
Kilauea Crater Collapse, Miles Of Lava Devastation

Large Fire Ravages Chernobyl Exclusion Zone,
Radiation Goes Up In The Smoke, Spreads


The TRUTH - Why Modern 'Music' Is So Horrible - Vid

DACA Fix Designed To Encourage Third World
Garbage To Invade America

Hungary Prepares 'Stop Soros' Bill To
Criminalize Aiding Migrants

Trump, Macron Phone Call Was 'Terrible' - Sources

We'll Empower Right Wing In Europe
Says Trump's Envoy In Germany

Muslims - Denmark Won't Be Lutheran By 2050

New Italy Vows An End To 'Refugee Camp Italy'

Soros Perpetuates Myth Of Russian Bogeyman
Blames Putin For Italian Anti-Immigrant Party

China's New Drone Fighter Jet - Joke Or Nightmare?

China Warns Washington As US Reportedly
Mulls Sending Warship To Taiwan Strait


DARPA Rushes To Develop 'Constellation Of Low-Earth
Orbit Spy Satellites' Before Next Space Wars

Secret Pentagon Program Will Use AI To Predict
And Detect Enemy Missile Launches

NATO Deploys 30,000 Troops To Eastern Europe
Launches Massive Drill To Confront 'Russian Threat'

US Troops In Poland Nuke War 'Canon Fodder'

Whoever Controls The Narrative, Controls The World

Joining Some Dots On The Skripal Case -
Part 2 – Four 'Invisible' Clues

Top Quotes From Putin Austrian Interview - So
Tense He Had Speak German To Make His Point

Over 1 Million Questions Were Submitted
For President Putin's Q&A Session

Putin Says Russia Will Not Cede Crimea
Under Any Circumstances

Putin Reiterates His Stance On Russia's
Alleged Involvement In US Elections


Could Putin Be Back At Russia's Helm in 2030?

'I See No Need To Hide' - Putin On His
Shirtless Pics That Swept The InterNet

Russia's Amazing Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

Israel Is Now Helping Saudi Arabia
Develop Nuclear Weapons

Israel Joins NATO Drill Near Russia For First Time

Israel Digs Up Historic Muslim Cemetery At
Al-Aqsa For. New National Park

Lockheed Opening Jerusalem Pre-School For Israelis

Israeli Minister Calls For Military Coalition
If Iran Boosts Enrichment Capacity

How Will US And Israel Respond To
Increased Iranian Uranium Enrichment?

Iran Begins Work To Build Advanced Centrifuges


Tehran To Inform IAEA About Boosting
Uranium Enrichment

Iran's FM Calls On World To Save Nuclear Deal
As Netanyahu Heads To Europe In Bid To Kill It

Jewish Lobby's Big Campaign vs Polish Identity

Europe Plans To Curb Iran Missile Program
'Will Never Happen' - Khamenei

US Airstrikes On Syria Violated International Law

Syrian Tribes To Resist Foreign Troops, Support Assad

What Does Spain New Socialist Govt Want?

Cyberattacks Are 'Ticking Time Bombs' For Germany

Britain's Colonial Legacy Lives Long In UK Museums

New Study Reveals Thousands Of
Hurricane Maria Deaths In Puerto Rico


US Fingerprints All Over Nicaragua's Bloody unrest

Watchdog: Ongoing Anti-Government
Protests In Nicaragua Claim Dozens Of Lives

Maduro Confirms Venezuela Exiting OAS

Trump US About To Slap 'Disobedient' European
Firms With Sanctions Over Russian Gas Project

Bayer To Bury Monsanto Brand Name After Takeover

Facebook Hands Away User's Friends' Data To
Dozens Of Partners Without Permission

Central Banker Observes Sudden 'Evaporation'
Of Dollar Funding, Warns Of Global Turmoil

Austria - No Need For Europe To Buy US Gas At
Triple The Price, Will Buy Imported From Russia

Major French Bank To Pay $1 Billion In US Suit
Over Bribing Libyan Officials, Fraud

Russia's Plan To Revive Huge Soviet-Era
Heavy Lift Aircraft Irks Kiev


Russian Sailors Conduct Anti-Sabotage
Military Drills In Kamchatka

This Is America's Fastest-Growing City

The Real Cost Of Health Care

Syphilis Increasing Fastest Since 1949

Last Year's Hurricane Season Was Bad
...The Future Might Be Worse

Super Storms And Call For A New 'Category 6'
For Hurricane Season 2018

Why Guatemala's Deadly Eruption
Caught People Off Guard

5 Things About Guatemala's Volcanic Eruption

Colloidal Silver's Antimicrobial Properties

How To Change Your 'Poverty Mentality' About Money


Why You Should Write Down Your Emergency Plan

Inside The World's Most Expensive House

D-Day Invasion Brought To Life In Color

Melania Makes First WH Appearance In Weeks

Melania First Public Appearance Since Kidney Surgery

Iran To Boost Production Of Uranium
Enrichment Material

Hungary 'Stop Soros' Bill Will Criminalize
Aiding Muslims And Black ‘Migrants’

US Troops In Poland Nuke War 'Canon Fodder'

Americans Content with Loss of Freedom

Stunning Daylight UFO Over Oz And UFO Transported
On Lowboy Truck Through Mexico - Vid

Trump Says Has 'Absolute Right' To Pardon Himself

Trump Says He Has At Least 2 Reasons To Pardon Himself

Melania Watch Day 24

Guatemala Volcano Death Tolls Jumps To 62 - Vids

Hawaii Volcano Now Destroyed 117 Big Island Homes

New Hawaii Lava Outburst - Vid

Quake Hits Kilauea Summit - Sends Plume 8,000 Feet

Trump - Why Didn't FBI Tell Him Of Manafort Probe?

FBI Probes Hack Of Elliott Broidy


Possible Putin-Trump Summit? Hold the Cheers

Serial Rapist Bill Clinton Reverse Projects & Blames
Lewinsky For His Sexual Predation Toward Her

Bill Clinton - Book PR Backfires, Ambushed By
NBC Today Show On Monica Lewinsky Story

Juanita Broaddrick - NBC Skipped 'Perfect Opportunity'
To Ask Bill Clinton About Rape Allegations

Severe TX Hail Smashes Nose, Windshield Of AA Flight

Impasse in US-China Trade Talks

Beijing Warns Trump Trade Deal Is Off
If US Imposes Tariffs

Henderson Press TV - US-China Trade War - Vid

Putin Signs Counter Sanctions Bill Against Trump US

'We Must Respond To Trump US Tariffs And
Sanctions On Russia' - Austrian Vice Chancellor


EU Turns To Russia Amid Tariff Spat With Washington

America Is In A Debt Trap Death Spiral

Few Bugs, Almost No Birds In Many Parts Of AK - Report

Nearly HALF Of All Californians Want To LEAVE

Californians Heading To Vegas, NY, Phoenix

'Teen Culture' Is The New Imperialism And It Is
Destroying The World

Jon Stewart Defends Colleague Who Called
Ivanka Trump a 'Feckless C*nt'

Black Unemployment Down To New Record

Supreme Court Backs Christian Baker Who
Spurned Gay Cake Request

Martini - Petition To FDA Outlining Aspartame Horrors


Some Telsa Shareholders Demand Musk Be Fired

Pentagon Will Oversee Federal Security Checks

Illinois Taxpayers Face $172m Bill For 'ObamaLand'

Joe - America Will Not Fight - Vid

Dancing FBI Agent Loses Gun In Dance Backflip
...And Shoots Audience Member In Leg!

Britain, France Send Warships To S China Sea

Trump US Imperial Indo-Pacific Agenda

Netanyahu's Anti-Iran EU Trip

Escobar - Why India Is Ignoring US Sanctions
And Sticking With Iran

Iran Military Presence In Syria Is Advisors Only


Saudis Want Trump Help To Capture Yemen Port
...The Last Humanitarian Lifeline

Saudi Arabia's Dark Nationalism

Israeli Jets Fly Over Yemen Amid Saudi Blitz

UK PM, Bin Salman Discuss Confronting Iran

Baghdad Denies US Putting Base At Iraq-Syria Border

Belarus - If Poland Gets A US Military Base
We May Invite The Russian Military

NATO Launches Massive Drills In Eastern flank

Merkel Backs Macron On European Defense Force

Roger Waters Displays Pro-Assange Message

Tommy Robinson Protests Continue For 2nd Week


Henderson Russia Channel 1 - Soros Expose - Vid

War Erupts Between Italy's Govt And Soros - 'You
Profited From The Death Of Hundreds Of People'

Police Shoot 'Rampaging' Man At Berlin Cathedral - Vid

An Irishman's Insight On Africa - Important Read

Icke - Mass Immigration & Rise Of Nationalism

French Police Destroy Two Muslim Samps

Italy Ministers Attack Communist Merkel
Want Germany Out Of The Eurozone

'Muslim Crisis Was Avoidable' - Ex-German Migration Agency
Head Slams Interior Ministry's Failure To Stop Invasion

Anti-Mulism Party Set To Win Slovenia Election

School Bans Boys From Wearing Shorts
...Must Wear Skirts Instead

Loneliness - Greater Public Health Hazard Than Obesity


The Unbelievable Amount Of Frac Sand
Consumed By US Shale Oil Industry

You Can Actually Have Two Sets Of DNA

Titantic Found During Secret Naval Mission

Fabricated Report Accuses Russia Of
Full Spectrum War On Britain

UK Speeding Up Crackdown On Russia Businessmen

As Good As Gold: Turkey Uses Bullion
To Try To Stabilize Its Economy

Gold's Monetary Rehabilitation Is Building

Russia To Double Gold Extraction Becoming
World's Second Biggest Producer

Sci-Fi Like Meteorite Strike - Vid

UFOs Are Suddenly A Serious News Story


UFO Info Wars

New PBS Nova UFO Special Same Old Stuff

Doctor Says Do NOT Get A Flu Shot

Legalizing Cannabis Would Pay For Entire NHS

Middle East's Growing Space Ambitions

Junk Food And The Upsurge Of Diabetes

Most Women With Breast Cancer Can Skip Chemo

Want To Make School Great Again?

First Aid In Case Of Electric Shock

Shocking, Disgusting Images Show Whale Died With
Over 80 Plastic Bags In Its Stomach - Vid


Putin Signs Counter Sanctions Bill Against US, Allies

Death Toll Now 38 In Guatemalan Volcano Blast

5.2 Quake Strike Guatemala Coast After Volcano Erupts

Melanie, Not Seen In Public Since Mid-May, Will
Skip G7 Meeting And Donald’s Summit With Kim…

READ -Duff Intel Drop - Pizzagate & More - A Unit 8200
Smear Job For Trump - (And Cohn, Bush & The Donald)

Stunning Video Of Hawaii Lava Blasted Into The Air - Vid

HI Residents Stranded, Cut Off With No Water, Power

Lava Claims More Homes, Evaporates Entire Lake

Hawaii Volcano Update - Scientists Baffled Over
Mysterious Cracks In Kilauea Crater

Drone Footage Shows Crater The Size Of
'90 Football Fields' At Summit Of Kilauea - Vid

Can Lessons From Vesuvius Help Hawaii?

China Views US Claims On South China Sea
Militarization As Meddling – Official

Chinese General Directly Warns Mattis Against
Making 'Irresponsible Claims' And 'Interfering'

China Warns All Trade Deals Are Now 'Void'


Top Economist Slams Trump 'Psychopath's Trade War'

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross In Beijing

Menacing US Hostility Toward China

Ex-US Top Spy Clapper Justifies Election Interference
As Being 'In The Best Interests Of The People'

'Crooked' Hillary's 'A*s-Covering' Rhetoric On Obama's
bin Laden Operation Enraged Biden - Memoir

When West Can't Control World Unopposed - It Means War

Roberts - Democracy Is Fighting To Survive
The Rise Of Western Authoritarianism

The American Empire And Its Media

Trump Now Wants A Summit With Putin

Trump Lawyers Say He Can't Be Forced To Ttestify


Amid 'Russiagate' Hysteria, What Are The Real Facts?

FBI Spying On Trump Started In London, Earlier Than
Thought - New Texts Implicate Obama White House

Hating On Putin By Jewish-Owned Media

Failed EU - Means An Expanded Dictatorship

Running The White House Like A CEO

Frosty Wooldridge Blasts Nature Conservancy Pres
For Hiding And Obfuscating The Truth About India

Meet The Polish Dictator Who Kicked Off WW2

Cong Candidate In VA Admits He's A Pedophile
Quaker Says - 'Your Kids Need To Be Porn-Literate'

States Defy Trump On ObamaCare

Welcome To Police-State America, Weary Traveler


Up-Chuck Schumer Orders Media To Coverup 'Spygate'

Bill Clinton Says Obama Got Better Media
Coverage In Part Because He's Half-Black

Five Die From E. coli Tainted (filth) Romaine Lettuce

CA Bans Travel To Another State Over
Its 'Discriminatory' LGBT Adoption Law

US Veterans Uncover Underground Bunker
Possibly Used for Child Trafficking Camp In Arizona

Leaked Photo Shows 'Mass Trial' Of Immigrants In Texas

Israel Strikes 15 'Terror Targets' In Retaliation
Against Rocket Fire From Gaza - Vid

NATO Chief Says Israel To Receive No
Military Aid From NATO, If Iran Attacks

NATO 'Security Guarantees' Do Not Apply
To Partner Israel

Israel Exaggerates Scale Of Iran's Military
Presence In Syria - Syrian FM


Iran Has No Military Presence Or Bases In Syria - FM

Friday The 13 Syrian Strike Video
You Won't See On Fox Or CNN - Vid

Security Council Slaps Down US Resolution On Gaza

Gaza Slaughter - Holy Land Still Denied Peace, Justice

Turkey Condemns US For Vetoing UN
Resolution On Violence In Gaza

Erdogan Again Warns US Not To Abandon F-35 Deal
Over S-400 Supplies to Turkey – Reports

US To Acquire Russian Missile Technology Via
Indian Purchase Of S-400 Missile System

Pentagon Finally Admits UFO Encounter With Navy

'Real' Assassin Arrested In Staged Kiev Hit Linked To
Ukrainian Intelligence As Official Story Unravels

WATCH Su-25 Jet Skim Unnervingly Close
To Shore At Ukrainian Beach - Vid


Lunch With Warren Buffett? $3,300,100

The Canadian Pension Plan - Investing
In Weapons And Petroleum

Only Few Days Left To Avoid US-EU Trade War - France

How Trump US Sanctions On Iran Can Help Russia

Trump US On Verge Of Sanctioning EU Firms
Involved In Russia's Nord Stream 2 - Sources

De-Dollarization Escalates - 'African Economy Needs
More Usage Of Chinese Yuan'

Epic Meteorite Illuminates Skies Over China - Vid

Simon Cowell Quit His Smart Phone Use
10 Months Ago, Now Feels Much Happier

May Awful Month For Miami Cops Misconduct Vids

State Of Emergency In Oregon As Public
Discovers Capitol City Has Toxic Water


Widespread Methane Seeps Off Oregon Coast

Another Antibiotic Crisis

Alaska's Landscapes Have Transformed

Awakening The Grizzly

'Free' College Comes At A Price

The Basics On Making Herbal Aids For Pets

Why You Shouldn't Fixate On The Outcome

Lava Threatens Key Escape Route On Big Island - Vid

Hawaii Volcano Crater Goes Quiet, Lava Flow Continues

'Weeping' Holy Statures, 'Bleeding' Tombs - Apocalypse?

Bernie - Trump Is The Worst President In US History

Steve Bannon - Trump Will Shut The Government
Down If He Can't Get Wall Funding

New Docs Show 12 Las Vegas Resorts Reported
Active Shooters Night Of Massacre - Vid

Servant US Follows Israeli Orders, Vetos UNSC Vote
On More Protection For Palestinians

Br Nathanael - Deep State For Jews

Mattis - Trump US Will 'Vigorously' Contest S China Sea

Beijing Slams Mattis Statements On S China Sea


Google Drops Controversial AI Drone Contract
With Pentagon After Employees Revolt

Google Abandons Pentagon's AI-Drone
Project Maven' After Employee Revolt

Amazon Collects Another US Intelligence Contract
...Top Secret Military Computing

Facebook Drops Controversial 'Trending' News Feature

GOP Tax Cut Swindle Working As Intended

The Cognitive Dissonance Surrounding Donald Trump

Pelosi Pans 'Strong' Jobs Numbers As 'Meaningless
...And Bad For The Middle Class'

DHS Confirms 'Rogue' Cellular Eavesdropping Device
May Have Been Used Near White House

Prof Writes Book Calling For Marxist Education In K-12

What's With All The False Alarm Warnings
From The Emergency Alert System Lately?


US Exempts Israeli And Its Own High
Crimes From Accountability

Israel's 'Black Cube' Dirty Tricksters

Russia Bashing NYT Style

Newest Russian Ship Equipped With Kalibr Cruise Missiles
To Go On Mission In Mediterranean

US Talking Of Potential Meeting Between Trump, Putin

The INF Treaty Calmed The Cold War 30 Yrs Ago
...Now Trump US Appears Set To Kill It Off

NATO Advances On Russia's Border Under Cover
Of Western Zionist Media Propaganda

US Talks With Berlin About Placing THAAD
Missile System In Germany

Pentagon Global Counterterrorism Program
Is A $2 Billion Global Failure

Does The US Have Too Many Aircraft Carriers?


Communist Macron Installs Muslim Rathole Shelter
In Beautiful French Neighborhood

Zombie Knife-Wielding Man Attacks Car On
Busy London Street In Terrifying Footage

50% Of British Despise And Are Anti-Muslim - Vid

Soros 'Wants To Destroy All Nation-States' - Hungary's FM

Israel Claims Two Rockets Fired At It From Gaza

Palestinians Decry Israeli Murder Of Young Woman
Paramedic At Gaza Border - 'A Deliberate War Crime'

Upcoming Offensive To Liberate Southern Syria

Syrian Civilians From Ground Zero Expose Chem Hoax

Trump US Airstrike Kills 12 Civilians In NE Syria

Saudi King Reshuffles Govt - Focus On Culture, Religion


Russia & UAE Join On MidEast Non-Proliferation

Higher Ed To Lower Standards (Even More)

Violent Behavior - A Solution In Plain Sight
(Aspartame Is A Psycho Drug)

High Seas Throw 83 Containers Off Cargo Ship
Into Sea Near Oz East Coast - Vid

Pit Bull Kills 9 Mo Old Baby - How Many More Must Die?
The 'Breed' Must Be Outlawed, Exterminated

Countries Want To Limit US Veto Power At WTO

Visa Confirms Meltdown Leaving Millions In Europe
Unable To Make Payments

Think Oil Getting Expensive? 'You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet'

'Brazil In The Middle Of The Zombie Apocalypse...'

Thin Blue Lie? Fake Cops Accused Of Arresting,
Detaining Unwitting Americans For Years - Pic

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 6-2-18

Southwest Drought Worsens In Hot June Weather

Watch Snowstorms Hit Major Russian Cities
On First Day Of Summer - Vid

Shaken, Not Stirred - Geologists Find Fault Lines Under
London That Could Cause Serious Quakes


Hawaii Volcano - How Many Are Now Homeless? - Vid

'Hotter And Faster' Lava Spreading Across Hawaii
Dramatic Footage Shows Evacuation, Devastation - Vid

New Evacuations Orders On Big Island As Lava
Covers More Roads And Homes - Vid

Residents Told To Evacuate Or Be Arrested - Vid

Midwest Jumps From Coldest April
To The Hottest May On Record

Trump DHS Ups Immigration, Hoping Nobody Noticed

D'Souza - Gives Inside Look At His Presidential Pardon

Zuckerberg Under Fire From Shareholders
Over 'Dictatorship' & Lack Of Democracy

Facebook Officially Less Popular With US Teens


Kushner's Close Friend Gerson Under Scrutiny

Brennan Says 'I Will Speak Out Until Integrity
Returns To The White House’

WSJ Asks Why We Should Keep Listening To
James Clapper's 'Disinformation Campaign'

The Council On Foreign Relations Says
Domestic Propaganda Is 'Necessary'

Google Lists CA Republicans As 'Nazis'
And Then Blames Wikipedia 'Vandals'

The Curious Origins Of The FBI's Trump-Russia Probe

Special Counsel Mueller's Office Spent
Over $4.5m In 6 Months On Russia Probe

Samantha Bee Apologizes For Calling Ivanka
Trump A 'Feckless C**t' As Advertisers Flee

Whole Foods-Amazon Refuses To Label GMO
Poisoned Foods - Your Health Means Nothing

Iserbyt - Hijacking The Traditional Conservative Movement

Roberts - Will Putin's Policy of Concession Succeed?

Globalist NY AG Is Also A LIberal Fascist - Let's
Prosecute People Twice For The Same Crime

Stormy Daniels's Lawyer Sought Help
From Democrats in Fight With Trump

Job Gains For Foreign-Born Workers Outpace
Those For Native Americans

Spain's Government Collapses


Political Change In Italy, Spain - Hold The Cheers

Drone Warfare Reduces Horrors Of Conflict
...For Those Who Can Afford It

US Begins Operating Reaper Drones In Poland

India Stays With S-400 Deal Despite US Opposition

Saudis Says S-400 Sales Talks With Russia Going Well.

US Radar Detectors To Help Japanese Aircraft
Detect Threats, Target Enemies

Israelis Shoot Palestinian Nurse Dead At Rally

Russia OK's Letting Israel Strike Iranians In Syria?

Israel Is Selling Nuclear Info To Saudis - Expert

US Opposes Protecting Palestinians In Gaza
From Excessive Israeli Force


Israel Pouring $2b Into New Ground-Ground Rockets

Netanyahu's Wife Tries To Pick Fight With Top
PM's Office Official - Reports

Syrian Army Finds New Tunnel, Weapons Stash - Vid

US Warns Against Attacking Its Troops After Assad
Says They Will Leave Syria 'One Way Or Another'

Saudi King Threatens War On Qatar Over S400 Deal
...Meanwhile MBS Remains MIA

Houthi Rebels Down Military Helicopter In
South-West of Saudi Arabia - Source

Several Wounded As Gunmen Attack Saudi Base

Al-Qaeda Issues Warning To Saudi Crown Prince
(But Where Is MBS?)

Arabic Becomes Sweden's Second Largest Language

Sweden Losing Billions Annually Due To Massive Muslim Invasion


Spate Of 'Machine Gun' And Stabbing Attacks
Leave 4 Hurt In London Night Of Terror

The Rise Of Mass Knife Attacks Around The World
Shows, Again, The Problem Isn't Guns...It's People

The War On Tommy Robinson - Vid

Oath Keepers Founder's Statement On
Tommy Robinson's Arrest And Free Speech

Corporate America Is Bankrolling Pro-Trump
America First Policies

New York City's History Of Revolt

Ukraine's Story Of Thwarting Journalist's
Murder Starts Falling Apart

No Convincing Proof Of Russian Role In
MH17 Tragedy So Far - Malaysian Minister

MH17 Tragedy Part Of Anti-Russia Propaganda
Says Russian Foreign Ministry


I Read The News (song lyrics)

Starbucks Quietly Walks Back 'Homeless Shelter'
Bathroom Policy In New 'Color Brave' Employee Manual

Porsche Halts All Sales In Europe Over Rumors
Of Suspected Non-Compliance

EU Hits Trump With Tariffs On Harleys, Blue Jeans

China Holds The Cards In Trump's Trade War

US Trade War With China Back On?

EU To Take Proportionate Measures To
Trump Tariffs, Protect Interests

Canada & Mexico Vow To Strike Back At Trump
In Trade War

Aluminum Prices Rising Amid Introduction
Of US Metal Import Tariffs

Escobar - Oil Storm Is Coming - And Russia,
The Saudis And Iran Hold All The Cards


Death Of American Exceptionalism - China
Overtakes America In 'Healthy Life Expectancy'

Bio-Bots On Horizon Scientists Merge
Muscle Cells With Metal Skeleton - Vid

Inside Washington DC Pop-Up Marijuana Markets

Alaska - Volcanoes, Ice Caves And Ghost Towns

Inside World's Most Secretive Airport Lounge

Incredible Photographs Of World War I

How Tolkien Created Middle-Earth

The Deadliest Drug In America


Trump Imposes Steel, Aluminum Tariffs On
EU, Canada, Mexico

EU Rages At "Unacceptable" US Tariffs, Vows Retaliation "In Coming Hours"

India & Iran Drop Dollar In Oil Trade To
Bypass Trump US Sanctions

Memoir Claims Trump Used Obama Playbook To Win

Trump Aides Brutally Turn On Each Other

The Power Elite In The Time Of Trump

Trump Says Considering Pardoning Martha,
D'Souza And Blago

Russia Probe Has Cost US Taxpayers
$17 Million Since Mueller

Is Constitution Even Welcome Here Anymore?


Deep State’s Trey Gowdy Claims Americans
Want FBI Using 'Informants’ In Pol Campaigns

Mexico President - We’ll NEVER Pay For Your Wall

Trump Signs Bill To Allow Patients To Try
Experimental Treatments

Donald Does Deals And Ivanka Does Well

Democrat Leaders Afraid To Talk Against NFL?

Mitt Romney Finally Admits He Didn't Vote For Trump?

Henderson - DARPA’s 5G End Game For Humanity

The Genetic Revolution That’s Coming

Hawaii Volcanic Eruptions Cause More Destruction

Kilauea Is Making Its Own Weather


There Is A Link Between Aspartame And Alzheimers

Japan Fukushima Nightmare Coverup Hiding
Leukemia, Cancers And Sudden Heart Attacks

Musk Is Right To Criticize Journalists News Values

Roseanne Barr Attacks Co-Stars For
‘Throwing Her Under The Bus’

Establishment Elite In MSM Actually Believe TV Sitcom
‘Roseanne’ Represents Working-Class Famly Life!

James Cameron’s MH370 theory

OR Officials Say State Is Overgrown
With Recreational Weed

Sears Is Closing More Stores As Sales
Shrink For 26th Quarter In A Row

Face Recognition Is Now Being Used in Schools

Roberts - Will Putin’s Policy Of Concession Succeed?


US Brags It Can Take Out China S China Sea Islands

Congress To Fund New Low-Yield Nuke Warheads

Protesters Meet Trump US Military Convoys Streaming
Through Europe ‘Preparing For War’

Resident Evil? DARPA Unveils Genetic ‘Tuning’
To Fight Chemical, Radiation Attacks

Russia To Build 5th Generation Nuclear
Subs With Hypersonic Missiles

Putin Lauds Russian Military’s Top-Notch Combat
Readiness As Guarantee For Global Balance

Pentagon Renames PACOM To ‘Indo-Pacific Command’

China, Not N Korea, Biggest Threat To US
In Asia Says US admiral

Assad - 'We Were Close To Direct Conflict
Between Russia & US inside Syria'

Putin's Achievement In Syria Is Immense


Protecting & Preserving Syria’s
Sovereign Independence

Israel In Panic Over Losing Their 'Dear' ISIS
And Al-Nusra Terrorists In Syria - Assad

Assad - Syria to Beef Up Air Defenses Amid
Threat From Israel And Possible US Strikes

Assad - US Losing Cards In Syria, Must Leave Our Soil

Syrian Armed Opposition Representative Urges
EU to Force Iran Out of Country

Syrian Army Reinforcements Arrive In
Southern Syria As Major Offensive Looms

Watchdog Group Discovers Secret Iranian
Missile Site Hidden in Remote Desert Location

Henderson Press TV - India Defies Sanctions On Iran

Israel Blocks Gaza Exodus Attempt

Israeli Minister Seeks To Tighten Gaza Blockade


Israel Denies Hamas Claims Of Ceasefire

West’s Failure Will Cause Next Gaza Massacre

Israel Defense Minister To Discuss Iran’s
‘Entrenchment’ in Syria During Russia Visit

Putin And Netanyahu Discuss Syrian Peace Settlement

Netanyahu Planned To Attack Iran In 2011 - Mossad

Gaza Facing ‘Epic' Crisis After Recent Israeli
Carnage - Red Cross

France Condemns Israel's Decision To Build
New Houses In West Bank

Israel Blames Iran For Gaza Violence

Hamas Is 'Responsible For The Miserable Situation
in Gaza' – Israeli Policy Analyst

Russian Watchdog Fines Hotels $147,000 For
Price Gouging Ahead Of FIFA World Cup


No Longer Addicted To Oil Money
Russia Wants End To Production Cuts

How The West Gets Russia Wrong

Trump Wants German Cars Out Of America

Tesla Model S Crashes Into Parked Cars
After Starting On Its Own

OPEC Overcompliance Has Created A Problem

Gold & The Turning Of The Monetary Tides

May You Live In Stupid, Corrupt, Yet Fascinating Times

Poland Offers $2 Billion For Permanent US Base

Lithuania And Romania Complicit In CIA Torture

Denmark Passes Law Banning Burqa And Niqab


Spain’s Government Could Fall By The Weekend

Berlusconi Suddenly Becomes The Voice Of Reason

Italy - ‘Not A German Or EU Colony’

May Under Pressure Over UK Childhood Obesity

ACLU Says Poor People Shouldn’t Lose Their DLs

Mystery Booms Heard Across PA Continue To Baffle
The FBI And All Local Authorities

Leaked Military Report - UFO ‘Rendezvoused’
With Something Big Under The Ocean

Lightning Strike Caught On Cam As ‘Biblical’ Grade Storms Pound Germany - Vid

Why Sweden Is On Fast-Track To National Suicide

Right-Wing Leader Says Sweden Will Cease
To Be 'Blond, Blue-Eyed’ - Sparks Debate


Swedish Party Suggests More Feminism
To Stave Off 'Nationalist Onslaught'

France Bans Big Screen Zones For World Cup
Public Viewing

Muslim Train Knife Attack In Germany, One Man Dead,
Policewoman Stabbed, Others Hurt

British Judge - Kitchen Knives Are Too Sharp
Filing Them Down Will Stop Stabbing Epidemic

Dutch Police Shoot Ax-Wielding Syrian Shouting
'Allahu Akbar' On Balcony

Danish MPs OK Ban On Wearing Burqa, Niqab In public

Biggest UK Muslim Group Wants May to Talk Islamophobia

Fourteen More Philanthropists Join Gates-Buffett Giving Pledge
...Nothing Says Giving Like Giving To Yourself

Canadian Town Fighting Its Killer Reputation


Al Capone's Murder Map Of Chicago

Mississippi Delta - Still The Heart Of Poverty

Studio 54 - 15 Things About The Hedonist Mecca

California Crazy - Pop Architecture From The Past

Inside Deserted Cold War Bunker Left Untouched

Prepper Parenting – Involving The Kids

A Guide To Avoiding Ticks, Mosquitoes

Incredible Photos Of Lyndon B. Johnson Being Sworn In

Ebola Outbreak - Vital Resources You Need to Stay Ahead


Televangelist Needs A 4th $54 Million Private Jet

Window Cleaning One of Chicago’s Tallest Buildings

Is This The Home Of The Holy Grail?

Coping With Energetic Stigmata

Great Barrier Reef’s Surprisingly Morbid History

There Is A Whole World Inside Every Plant

The View from Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Scientist Predicts Our Future Will Be Worse Than Extinction

Trump Tweets He ‘Wishes' He Didn't Pick Sessions
As Attorney General

Devvy - GOP Amnesty Traitors Must Be Stopped – Act Now

Trey Gowdy Offers Plausable Deniability To Trump
Foes On ‘Spygate’...What Do They Have On Him?

Valerie Jarrett & Establishment Media's Hypocrisy
Exposed As Both Pass Judgement On Roseanne

Sen. Perdue - Trump ‘Probably’ Won’t Sign Spending
Bill Without Border Wall

FB Accused Of Tricking Users Into
Signing Privacy Agreement

TSA Keeping A Secret Watchlist Of Americans
Who Fight Back Against Pointless Groping

Lava Nears More Homes, Forces More Evacuations

Fast Lava From Hawaii Volcano Closes Highway


Germany Shares Russian Concern Over
Unreliability Of The US

'US Has Become Unreliable’ - Austrian Chancellor
Questions Washington’s Commitment To EU

EU Should Challenge US Exit From Iran Deal in
UN And WTO - Austrian Ex-Chancellor

The Arrogant EU Elite Is Playing With Fire

India Should Reconsider S-400 Deal With Russia - US Pol

India Will Not Follow US Sanctions On Iran - FM Swaraj

India, Iran Discuss Banking Process, Rupee-Rial
Trade...To Withstand Trump US Sanctions

US Forces Cypriot Banks To Crack Down
On Accounts Of Russian Clients

China Accelerates Next-Gen Nuclear Weapons
Development To Compete With US, Russia

Russia To Create New Electronic Warfare Systems
After Study Of US Missiles


Lavrov - Missile Used To Down MH17 Was Not Launched
From Area Mentioned By Investigation

Kremlin - Obtaining Israeli Citizenship Is Abramovich’s Right

Salisbury Medics Say They Thought Skripals
Were on Opioids

Thousands Protest Against ‘Criminal’ Merkel In Berlin

Will Iran Remain In The JCPOA?

Freedom Flotilla Foiled - Israel Blocks Palestinian
Attempt To Leave Gaza By Sea

IDF Destroys Gaza ‘Terror Tunnel’ Extending
900 Meters Into Israel - Vid

Israel Strikes Over 30 Targets In Gaza Strip

Netanyahu Threatens More Aggression On Gaza

Netanyahu - Israel Won't Be Satisfied If Iran
Only Leaves Southern Syria


Iran Denies Reports About Iran-Israel
Indirect Talks Over Syria

Britain Goes To Israeli Tech To
Form New Air Defense System

Watch - Israeli Autonomous Drone Evacuates Wounded,
Delivers Cargo In IDF Demonstration - Vid

IDF Launches Military Op In Gaza After Alleged
'Barrage Of Mortar Shells’ Fired At Israel

‘Sanction Israel!’ - 4,500 Pairs Of Shoes Symbolizing
Dead Palestinians Placed At EU Council - Vid

What's Next For Syria?

Only Syrian Army Troops Must Be Present
In Syria’s South - Russian FM

Russia, US, Jordan To Hold Meeting In Southern
Syria Safe Zone - Moscow

US Walks Out As Syrian Envoy Starts Speaking
At UN Disarmament Forum

Shameful Rage Against Syrian Conference
On Disarmament Leadership


Syrian Army Doesn't Need US Permission To Attack
Terrorists, Will Liberate All of Syria – MFA Source

UN Concerned Over Missing Crown Prince MBS
And Detained detained Saudi Activists

Over 1,000 Saudi Forces Killed In War On Yemen

Suspected Militants Behead 10 People In Mozambique

'Everything Has Gone Wrong’ - Soros Warns
‘Major' Financial Crisis Is Coming

Second Brexit Referendum Campaign Will
Start ‘In NEXT FEW DAYS’ - Promises Soros

Soros: EU Facing Major Financial Crisis
‘But I Have A Plan To Save Europe'

‘UK Behaving Like Saudi Arabia’ - Geert Wilders
Calls For Release Of Tommy Robinson

Journalist Jailed For Covering Child Sex Trafficking Trial

Britons Rage Over Robinson Arrest As Mass
Protests Break Out Worldwide


Child Refugees Going Missing In UK - Report

Muslim Shouted 'Allahu Akbar' Before Killing 2 Cops
And 1 Passerby In Liege, Belgium

Liege Attacker Used Officer’s Own Weapon
To Kill 2 Cops And Bystander - Vid

50 Muslims Attack Cops At Migrant Center In Dresden

The Roots Of Obamagate Become Clearer

Every Starbucks In America Closed For
'Sensitivity Training' Today

UK Tabs Ramp Up Russia World Cup Fear Campaign - Vid

Gavin Williamson Humiliated By Richard
Madeley In Car Crash Interview

Juncker - Italy’s ‘Fate’ Not Ruled By Finances
But EU’s Budget Chief Thinks Otherwise

Italians Furious After EU's Oettinger Says
'Markets Will Teach Them' Not To Vote For Populists


How Italy Ended Up With With Ex-IMF Chief
It Never Even Voted For As Its Prime Minister

Do Rothschilds Control The Cryptocurrencies?
Etherium Founder Smells A Rat

US Oks Mergers From Hell, Bayer And Monsanto,
Paving Way For World’s Biggest AgroChemical Corp

China Luring India Tech Firms w/Market Access, Free Rent

Beijing Offers ‘Equal Footing’ To All Nations In
Developing & Utilizing China's Space Station

US Pushes China To Buy Its Oil And Gas
In The Wake Of Trade Row

Russia, China Moving To Form Strategic Energy Alliance

Oil Prices May Return To $60 Against Background
Of OPEC And Increasing Production

Oil May Rise To $100 Regardless Of Russia & Saudis

Russia Just Won Big In The European Gas War


DRC Expands Anti-Ebola Vaccine Program

Race To Stop Deadly Nipah Virus After 13 Killed

40 Die As Thunderstorms, Lightening Blast East India

Russian-US Research Team Discovers Long Term,
Low Calorie Diet Slows Cell Aging

122 Pregnant Whales Among The 300+ Slaughtered
By Japan For ‘Science’ - (Liars)

US Needs An Independent Vaccine Safety Org

Vax-Unvax Study Of Mice Implicates Hep B Vaccine

Prime Locations For Post-Disaster Salvage

7 Ways To Stay Alive in A Post-Collapse Society

Mind-Boggling Canyons Beneath Antarctic Ice


End Of May Deadline For Saving Iran Nuke Deal?

New US Strategy On Iran Is Designed To Fail

Trump US Threatens To Attack Syrian Forces - Again

Russian Soldiers Killed By Terrorist Shelling In Syria

WATCH Syrian Army Uncovers Network Of Tunnels
For Terrorists In Yarmouk Camp

Turkey May Buy Russian Su-57 Jets
If Delivery Of F-35 Jets Suspended

Iran Asserts Legal Right To Uranium Enrichment
Says Pompeo Unaware Of Reality

Islamist Mob Attacks Refugees In Greece
'For Not Observing Ramadan'

1,000s Rally Against Macron Planned Mass Lay Offs - Vid

People Dressed in Black Begin Throwing
Sticks At Police During Rallies in Paris - Vid


Irish Pro Choice Voters Rejoice As Opposition
To Abortion Vows To Fight On - Vid

Tommy Robinson Arrested Outside UK Court, Jailed13 Mos
As Judge Orders Orwellian Media Blackout

Nicaragua Unrest Continues, More Killed

US Sanctions On Venezuela To Continue - Pence

Brazilian Military Deployed To Break Up Trucking Strike

Health Canada Supports Aspartame With Form Letters

The End Of Stimulus? (The Start Of The Crash?)

OPEC, Non-OPEC States To Ease Oil Production

Russian Energy Minister Expects $65-$75 Oil In 2018

Turkey & Gazprom Agree On Construction Of Land
Portion Of Europe-Bound Turkish Stream


Russia’s Gas Discount For Turkey Equals $1 Billion

Novak Assumes Price Of US LNG At Least 30-40%
Higher Than Of Russian Pipeline Gas For EU

US Shale Production May Be Plateauing

Crisis Looming For World Economy Without Free Trade

12 Indications The Next Major Global Economic
Crisis Could Be Just Around The Corner

550 Agreements Worth $38 Billion Signed At SPIEF

As Russia's Gold Hoard Soars, Putin Warns
US Sanctions Hurt Trust In Dollar

Ron Paul - On War, Gold & His Years In Congress

'Axis Of Gold' Will Drive Gold Higher By End Of 2018

How Cruise Ships Bring Agonizing Death
To Last Greek Whales


Five Common Myths About Volcanoes

62,000 Bolts Lightning Bolts Rip Britain's Skies

A Top NXIVM Sex Cult Recruiter Comes Forward

20+ Stunning Cakes By Russian Chef

The Unconscious Rules Of Personal Space

Marijuana Removes Toxic Alzheimer’s
Protein From The Brain

Duff On PressTV - Israel Universally Rejected
In US For The First Time - Vid

Can You Handle the Truth About 'Memorial Day’?

If She Could Choose, Hillary Would Be CEO Of Facebook

Hillary Dons Heavy Coat And Scarf
In Sweltering 90° Boston Heat?

Why Is Amazon Running Full Page Of
Michelle Obama for President' T-Shirts?

An Open Letter To The Trump Administration

Roberts - US Fifth Column Will Destroy Russia

'Trump's Son Should Be Concerned’

Concerns Raised As Amazon Voice And
Facial Recognition Tech Runs Amok

US Intel Requests To Apple More Than Doubled


Trump-US Sending Troops, Equip To East Europe

House Bans Trump From Declaring War On Iran
Without Congressional Approval

Clapper - The FBI Wasn't Spying On Trump, It Was
'Benign Information Gathering'

Why Ron Paul Thinks He Would Likely Be
Impeached If He Were President

RFK’s Son Doesn’t Believe Sirhan Killed His Father
(Sirhan Was In Front, Shot Fatal Shot Was Behind)

Kanye Continues To Try To Awaken Young People
Tweets On Edward Bernays...Media Silent, Of Course

Film Industry Admits To Mind Control Brainwave
Technology Embedded In Movies

‘A Brain-Controlled Film’ Which Changes
Depending On How You Feel

Millennials Are Now The 'Lost Generation'

Massive Fire Roars Through Europe’s Second
Largest Theme Park - Vid


NYT Propagandist Tom Friedman Gives
Yellow Journalism A Bad Name

In Case You’ve Not Seen This Critically-Important Video
The Morgellons, Chemtrails, Smart Dust Connection - Vid

Trump Eases Firing Of Federal Workers,
Cracks Down On Unions

Nebraska Troopers Seize Enough Fentanyl
To Kill 26 Million Americans

ADL Praises Congress’ Anti-Semitism Awareness Act
...America Exists To Serve Zionism

Greedy Holocaust ‘Survivors' Still Grasping

Yulia Skripal Looks So Well That Everything Britain
Said About The Poisoning Is In Doubt - Putin

Time For UK To Apologize To Moscow For
Accusations Over Skripal Case - Embassy

OPCW Head Gives 'No Comment’ On Origins
Of Skripal Salisbury Chemical

Trump Regime Falsely Blames Russia For MH17


Russian FM - US Never Released Satellite Images
Related to MH17 Crash In Ukraine

Pentagon Using US Middlemen, Boilerplate
Contracts to Speed Foreign Arms Sales

Putin Slams US Over Pushing Turkey Into
Abandoning S-400 Deal With Russia

How US Is Twisting EU's Arm, Trying to
Throw Wrench Into Nord Stream 2

100 injured As Palestinian Protests Resume
At Gaza-Israel Border - Vid

Israel Massacres Palestinians, Claims Self-Defense
And Its High Court Agrees

Israel Bombs Hamas Targets In Gaza - Photos

Hezbollah Leader - Israel Enters Lebanese Airspace Daily

US Warns Of ‘From’ Response Ahead Of
Syria's Anti-Terror Operation In Dara'a

Saudis Halt Orders From German Companies
Crown Prince MBS 'Deeply Offended'


Cyclone Havoc On Saudi-Occupied Yemen Island

Colombia To Become First NATO Global
Partner In Latin America

NATO Has No Clue How Many Of Its Soldiers
Have Died iIn Its Battles

Coca-Cola Launches Its First Alcoholic Drink
...No Way, Diet Coke Was First

​Million A Week Club - Your Radiation - Week 19

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 5-28-18

Blackstone, BlackRock Or A Public Bank?
Putting California’s Funds To Work

Upcoming ‘Deep Truth’ Conference On Internet

Antibiotics In Meat Are Damaging Our Digestion

Drug Abuse Among The Elderly Grows


2018 SPIEF - Putin Outlines Main Acute Global Issues

‘We’ll Protect Europe’ And Other Interesting Quotes
From Putin's SPIEF forum

'2 Terms As President In A Row, And That’s it’ - Putin

Putin Slams West’s ‘Chaotic’ Sanctions, Situation Is Like
Soccer Match With Judo Rules

Putin Confident Russia And China Can
Reach $100 Billion Trade Turnover

Russia Considers $60 bbl Balanced Price For Oil

Putin Warns Oil Will Hit New Highs, Blames Trump

Forget Kim. It's Time For A Trump-Putin Summit

Putin - 'We Are Hostages Of Internal US Problems’
Putin Hopes To Mend US-Russia Ties - Reports

Boys Take Photo Of UFO - 1966


Mystery Object Hovers Over Hawke's Bay Skies

Mystery UFO Photo Found In Blue Book Files

Parents Treating Kids With Cannabinoid Oil
Could Lose Them

Invisible Britain - Photos Of Impact Of Austerity

What’s This Subtropical Storm Thing
Headed Toward the Gulf Coast?

Teaching Machines To Listen For Earthquakes

The Science Behind Florida’s Sinkhole Epidemic

Ancient Meteorite In Sahara Reveals Mars History

Stunning Look Inside A High Class Brothel

Sharks And Stingrays Are Alligator Lunch


Shifting Timeline II - Life Altering Decisions

Botanicals With Strong Cognitive Benefits

How The Iceman Resists Extreme Cold

The Trouble With Charitable Billionaires


Hillary Declares ‘A Crisis In Our Democracy’

Julian Assange Situation 'Unusually Bad’ - Ecuador
May Evict Him From Embassy 'Any Day Now'

Soros Pouring Money Into CA DA Races

Trump Is Political Ebola

Does A Bronfman Lead A Sex-Blackmail Cult?
Mystery Heiress Behind NXIVM Sex Cult Exposed?

Concealed Carry Citizen Shoots, Kills Man Who
Opened Fire On Restaurant Patrons

5 Fatal Crashes Put Brakes On Self-Driving Cars

Does NFL Ban On Kneeling Violate Free Expression?

Harvey Arrested, Charged With Rape

Weinstein Surrenders Over Sexual Assault Charges


Will Mauna Loa Erupt Next?

Hawaii Helicopter Evacuation Readied

Br Nathanael - Moscow Nights - Vid

Putin On Cyberwar- Action Causes Reaction, Let’s Talk Urls

US MSM Finds ‘Secret' Russian S-500 Anti-Air Missile Tests

We May Have To Use Nukes If I Don’t Get More Cash
...UK Defence Secretary Williamson

UK Defence Secretary Want More Funds For
Royal Navy To Counter 'Russian Threat'

Iran Give EU Powers One Week To Salvage Nuke Deal

US And Israel Are Marching To War With Iran

Israel Approves Army’s Use Of Live Sniper Fire


Lockheed Martin Io Open Preschools iI Jerusalem

Israel Ready To Adopt Measures To Prevent Iran
From Gaining Foothold In Syria - Minister

Use Of Murderous Live Fires On Palestinian
Protesters Justified By Israel’s Supreme Court

Syrian Air Defenses Repel ‘Missile Aggression’ In Homs

Houthi Rebels Claim 'Successful' Missile Strike
On Saudi Military Base - Reports

Saudi Coalition Destroys Houthi Boats Threatening Tanker

MH17 Big Shootdown Lie About Russia Resurfaces

It Was 'Certainly' Not A Russian Missile
That Downed MH17 - Putin

All Missiles Demonstrated By MH17 Investigators
Were Decommissioned After 2011 - Russian MoD

Lavrov likens MH17 Probe To The Skripal Saga


US State Dept Has 'Complete Confidence’
In Findings Of Dutch MH 17 Probe

Russia Had Nothing to Do with Downing MH17

The Christian Who Moved To Russia To
Save His Kids From US Moral Decay

Torture Queen (song lyrics)

France Recognizes Russia's New Role In Int
Relations, Including In Middle East - Macron

Sick And Tired Of US Foreign Policy, Germany
Is Pushed Into Waiting Arms Of China

US Hysteria Over Chinese Military ‘Expansion’

China Finds No Reason To Explain
US ‘Sonic Attack' Remarks

Taiwan Jets To Shadow Chinese Bombers Over Island

India Ups Naval Might At Andaman, Nicobar Islands


WHO Warns Congo’s Ebola Outbreak Is
On ‘Epidemiological Knife’s Edge’

Runaway Morons - The Reason Ebola Will Spread

Escaped Ebola Patients Risk Spreading
Virus At Packed Prayer Meeting

US Opioid Crisis - Mussels Off Seattle Found With
Oxycodone In Their System - What About Radiation?

Putin Warns Of Financial Crisis The World's Never Seen

Russia To Welcome New Participants From Europe
Entering Nord Stream 2 Project - Putin

Lavrov likens MH17 crash investigation to Skripal saga

Oil Slides As Saudis, Russia Consider
One Million Barrel Per Day Output Boost

Liverpool Fans Left Battered, Bloody After
Attack By Masked Thugs In Kiev - Vid

BT CEO Given $1.75 Million Bonus Just
Days After 13,000 Workers Lost Their Jobs


Amazon’s Smart Speaker Alexa ‘Leaks’ Private
Conversation To Random Number

Mother And Daughter Shot In OK Restaurant
Suspect Killed By 'Good Guy’ With A Gun

US Servicemen Guarding Nukes
Took LSD On ICBM Missile Base

The Bizarre True Story Of When The UK
Military Tested LSD On Royal Marines

It's The Respectable Middle Classes Who
Enable Tyrants To Commit Genocide

GeoEngineering - Answers To Most Common Questions

US Military Released A Study On Time Travel

Nation-State Hackers Could 'Self-Destruct’
Half A Million Routers

Wolf, Dog, Or Some Strange Hybrid Shot In MT

Christian Homeschooling Booms In Russia


MKULTRA Victims To File Lawsuit In Canada

Hybrid Human Chicken Embryo CHIMERA
Created In Shock Experiment

Fighting The Manure Lagoons Of NC

A Recent Hurricane Shot A Bolt Okf
Antimatter Toward Earth

Escaping Venezuela - They Pour Into Brazil

Searching For Ebola’s Hideout

Kilauea Spouting Blue Flames Of Burning Methane

Saudi Man Repeatedly Stabs Nurse

Evicted Millennial’s Cringe-Worthy TV Interview

Hordes Of Mosquitos Are Terrorizing SW Russia


Jerry Kushner Gets Permanent Top Secret Security
Clearance Back - Gosh, What A Surprise

Blockbuster - Bin Ladin And The Deeps State
...Published In Russia

FBI, CIA Restarted Cold War To Protect Themselves

Rank And File FBI Agents ‘Sickened' By Comey And
McCabe Want To 'Come Forward And Testify'

FBI Spy To Trump Campaign Was Paid $1M

Same Media Excuses Bob Mueller Abused Ken Starr

Trump Lawyer Received $400,000 'Secret Payment' To
Arrange Meeting Between Ukraine’s Porky And Trump

Ex Trump Aide Alleges 2nd Informant Approached Him - Vid

Ex AG Holder Urges DOJ-FBI To Unconstitutionally Defy
Trump (Protect Hillary, Comey, Lynch, Obama, Himself

Bannon Says Rosenstein Could Be Fired 'Very Shortly'


Idiot Sessions Thinks Cops Following The Constitution
Leads To Violent Crime Increases

Farage Questions Markie Zuckerberg On Censorship

Zuckerberg Set Up Fraud Scheme To ‘Weaponize’ Data

Big Democrat Tsunami Looking More Like A Ripple

Roberts - Putin’s Peace Efforts Coming To Naught

Trump-US Begins Deploying Troops, Equipment
To Eastern Europe

US Disrupts Russian Bot Net Of 500,000 Hacked Routers

UK’s £850 Million Missile System Enters Service

Pentagon Report Raises Alarm That US Industry
Can’t Support War Much Longer

Elon Musk Goes Full Conspiracy Theorist, Blames Big Oil
For Tesla Cars' Negative Media Coverage


Elon Musk's ‘Pravda’ To Rate Credibility
Of Journalists And Publications

Mysterious Booms Across PA Triggers FBI Investigation

US Will Blow $700b On Obamacare Subsidies In 2018

Freight Companies Scramble To Hike Wages As
Trucker Shortage Intensifies

Under Obama, US Twice Invited China To Take Part
In Major Pacific Exercises, Now Pentagon Says No

Beijing Warns New Stealth Fighters Will Conduct
Patrols In Taiwan's Airspace

China to Get 10 Russian Su-35 Fighter Jets
This Year As Part Of Of $2.5 Billion Deal

Emerging China-Iran-Pak Alliance Is Directed
Decidedly Against The United States

Yulia Skripal's Scripted Public Remarks

Does Trump Regime Intend Full-Scale War On Syria?


Russian Tycoon Abramovich Goes To Israel
...To Apply For Citizenship

Protesters Attack Neocon Nikki Over Palestine - Vid

US Amb David Friedman Poses With Photo Image
Showing Jewish Temple Replacing Al Aqsa

PA Requests ICC Probe Israeli Crimes
In The Occupied Territories

Israel Axes Law Letting Bibi Declare War On His Own

Lieberman Reveals ‘Action Plan’ To Protect Jews In North

Israel Mulling 2,500 More, New ‘Settler' Units In W Bank

Trump May Soon OK Israel’s Theft Of Golan Heights

Why Pompeo’s Speech On Iran Is Outrageous

Iran Lists 7 Conditions To Remain In Nuclear Deal


Saudis Release Photo Of Crown Prince MBS
To Deny Rumors Of His Death

Yemenis Fire Missile At Jizan Port In South Saudi Arabia

Saudi Air Defense Systems Intercept
Houthi Missile Over Jizan Province

Turkish Fighter Jets Violate Greek Airspace
56 Times In A Single Day

Doom - College Students Slutting It Up

Doom - The Social Justice Warrior/Math Teacher

Colleges Bend Rules For More Students

Over 1,000 Underage Girls Forced Into Sex
Slavery By Muslim Traffickers

Soros To Give Millions To Pro-EU Group To Stop Brexit

Crowdfunding Campaign Aims To Take Down Brexit Bullies


Gazprom Agrees To Reduce Natural Gas
Prices For Eastern & Central Europe

Russia-China Trade To Continue Booming
While US Faces Risk Of Recession

Russia, Saudis Share View On World Oil Market

Merkel - Germany Committed To Iran Nuclear Deal

US Sanctions Iran Airlines Risking More Euro Anger

China Is Winning The 'Trade War' Without Firing A Shot

Russia's Far East Attracts Nearly One Third
Of All National Investments

Russia Can’t & Won’t Be Cut Off By Intl Community

He Did It Again - Putin Gives Flowers
To French First Lady - Vid

Zimbabwe - Northing To Go Back To


China To Launch Yuan-Backed Metals Futures
In London To Challenge US Dollar

Using Yuan For China-Germany Trade
''Would Dull US Sanctions'

Russia Ready To Ditch Dollar In Favor
Of Euro In Foreign Trade

Russian Gold Reserves Surge Above 1900 Tons
- 5th Largest In The World

Seeking Alternatives To US Dollar Dominance
In Global Finance On Day One Of SPIEF 2018

Trump Led US To Largest Debt In World History
Dollar Losing Status At Number 1 Currency - Rogers

Argentine Bank To Use Bitcoin For
Cross-Border Transactions

NO Amount Of Alcohol, Sausage Or Bacon
Is Safe According To Cancer Experts

The Royal Wedding Special

Smoking Weed While Taking Antibiotics?


Things Every Heart Patient Should Consider

Trump-Pentagon Launch New Airstrike On Syria

"Flood Is Coming": New Comey-McCabe Emails Suggest
CNN And FBI Coordination Over Steele Dossier

Twitter Ablaze - Comey Strikes At Trump ‘Lying' About FBI

Trump Warns Comey On Clinton Case

Trump Escalates Attacks On FBI

FBI Mole Stefan Halper A Crown Agent

Brennan's Plot To Infiltrate The Trump Campaign Exposed

Trump Gloats - 'Look How Things Turned Around On
The Criminal Deep State’ (The Last Laugh?)

Second Trump Campaign Spy Was From NSA,
Offered Hillary's Emails - Caputo

Israeli Intel Firm Inked Cooperation Deal With
Cambridge Analytica – Reports

Ron Paul - Haspel Is Not The Problem...The CIA Is


2 In 3 Americans Credit Trump For 'Great Economy’
(What ‘Great Economy?)

US Fiscal Outlook ’NOT GOOD’ As Ballooning Debt
Threatens Entire Economy – Goldman Sachs

Inflation Is Coming To The US Economy On
An 18 Wheel Flatbed Tractor-Trailer

Ryan Losing Grip On House GOP Conference

One Teen And Three FBI Operatives

US Warns Staff In China - Beware Of Unusual Sounds

Alleged Sonic Attack On US Diplomat In China
Similar To One In Cuba - Pompeo

US Uninvites China From World's Largest Naval Exercise

China Reveals Major Jet Fighter Stealth Upgrade

Stunning Video Of Russian Sub Firing Fours ICBMs


Why Invading Russia Would Be Military Insanity

NFL Teams To Be Fined If Players Kneel During Anthem

New No-Kneelin NFL Rule Causing Major Reactions

Insane Portland ME Open Police Officer Jobs To
NON-Citizens - Somalis, Muslims Can Kill You At Will

Victims Of CIA MK-Ultra Brainwashing Plan Big Suit

US Officials Warn They Can't Get Kaspersky
Software Off Gov't Networks

Raising Taxes On The Poor Is A Good Thing - Bloomberg

How The Feds Use Transportation Funds To Spy On You

Customers Rage As Starbucks Turns Into Homeless Shelter

Fed Finds 22% Of American Adults Can't Pay
Their Monthly Bills; 41% Have Less Than $400 In Cash


Elon Musk Complains Of ‘Holier-Than-Thou
Hypocrisy' Of The Media

Musk Says He’s Going To Begin A Site For Users
To Rate Journalists, Stories And Publications

Life Without Amazon - The 'Dizzying And Disorienting’
Experience Of Being Banned By Bezos

Amazon Selling Facial Recognition Technology

Silicon Valley's Biggest Ever Tech Bubble About To Burst

Devvy - My Body Is Not Your Body

Alaska Jail Fed Pork To Muslim Inmates...

Explosive Lawsuit Against Monsanto

Bizarre Facebook Strategy For Fighting Revenge Porn

Zuckerberg Played Parliament For Fools


Russian Dirty Money Undermining UK Security?

Russia Concerned Over Yulia Skripal’s Treatment
After Release Of Her First Interview

Zionist Trump Demands On Iran Clearly Unacceptable – Moscow

Pompeo Claims Iran Conducts Assassinations In Europe
...The Pot Will Forever Call The Kettle Black

US Tries To Bully World Into Attacking Iran

Syria - Iran, Hezbollah Presence Not Up For Discussion

Assad-Invited Foreign Forces Not Leaving Syria

Elements Of Trump's No-Peace Peace Plan?

Another False Flag CW Attack Coming To Syria?

Israel Warns Damascus Not To Dare Try To
Protect Itself Against Israeli Jet Inside Syria


The Story Of Eli Cohen, The Israeli Superspy
Who Almost Became Syria's President

Netanyahu Orders Cabinet Meet In Secret
Underground Bunker - Fears Leaks On Syria, Iran

Israeli Hit Boat At Gaza Port Preparing To Meet Aid Flotilla

IDF - Israeli Air Force Hits Hamas Underground
And Naval Targets In Gaza Strip

Tel Aviv Will Be Bombarded If Israeli Aggression
On Gaza Continues - Islamic Jihad

Top EU Official Warns Israel Not To Disparage Europe

Israeli Intel Firm Inked Cooperation Deal
With Cambridge Analytica

Israel Could Use US Warplanes To Hit
Iran Nuclear Site

Image Of Jewish Temple Photoshopped Over Jerusalem
Mosque Embroils US Embassy In Controversy

British Diplomats To Use US Embassy In Jerusalem
Despite Opposing Relocation


100s Of White South African Farmers Apply
To Australia For Humanitarian Rescue

US Unlikely To Leave VZ Alone

French Minister Orders Evac Of Paris Migrant Camp

Giant Macron Effigy With Bullet Hole In Head
Burned In Paris Protest - Vid

Germany 'Asylum-For-Cash' Scandal Exposed

Guns & 57,000 Ammo Rds Stolen From German Military

Albanian Mafia Fueling Violent Crime Surge In London

Private Security Firms Patrolling London Streets
Prompts Met Warning - Vid

UK Legally Bound To Pay £39b Brexit ‘Divorce Bill’

‘Halal’ Bitcoin Accepted At London Mosque


Putin To Visit China On June 8-10

Congress Did Huge Bipartisan Solid For Wall St

Russia-Japan Economic Ties Gain Huge Momentum

Russia & France To Talk Nuclear Partnership
In Third Party Countries

BP Suspends Work On North Sea Gas
Field Shared With Iran

The Shale Oil Ponzi Scheme Explained

Bank Of England Issues Working Paper On
Central Bank Digital Currencies

Australia’s China Syndrome

WHO Warns Ebola Outbreak In Congo May
Spread To Neighboring Countries (gosh)

What You Should Know About
The Nipah Virus Outbreak


No Place For Sharia Law On Finland

MH370 - Search By Private US Firm Ends Next Week

White House lawn has developed a mysterious sinkhole

Socially Untamed Black Teens Caught On Cell Phone
Video Jumping WHITE Las Vegas Mother

Half Toronto Tenants Paying ‘Unaffordable’ Rent

Horror Airport Where Passengers Pray To Survive

How To Set Up An ‘Underground' Print Station

Asian Tiger Mosquito On The Move

What Happens If You Drive Into A Tornado?

Inside Saddam's Gold-Encrusted Superyacht


Our Aquatic Universe

Rethinking Mental Trauma

Robots Growing Human Organs Hold Promise
For Life-Saving Research

Second Spy Tried To Infiltrate Trump Campaign
Says Former Adviser - 'This Is Just The Beginning'

After Spying On Trump Campaign, Stefan Halper
Tried To Infiltrate The State Department

Trump Hotel Shootout - FL Police Release
Footage Of Gun Attack - Vid

'Master Of The Deal’ Trump Has Nothing To Show
Trump WH Is A Chaotic Clown Car Filled With Bozos

Trump’s Latest FBI Attack Stuns, Saddens DOJ
Officials - It’s Like We’re in Venezuela

The Mind-Boggling Corruption Of Trump Inc

US Looney Tunes Foreign Policies

Trump Escalates US Hostility Toward Venezuela

Ex-Illuminati Insider Ronald Bernard Reveals More - Vid

Child Mass Gravesite Found At Vancouver University


Did Fracking Cause The Hawaii Volcano Eruption?

Big Lawsuit Claims Monsanto Hid Roundup Cancer
Danger For Decades

White SA Farmers Seek Refuge From Genocide In Oz

Holy Grail Of Shipwrecks Found - Spanish Galleon
With 17 Billion In Treasure Sank 300 Years Ago

Zionist Facebook Serves NATO’s Agenda

Zuckerberg To EU Parliament - In 2016, We Were
Too Slow To Identify Russian Meddling

Huma’s Hillary Email Returns To Haunt...

Truth About Hitler's 1939 Pact With Stalin

Russian Sub Test-Fires Volley Of 4 ICBMs Across Eurasia

Real Russian Bots - Syria-Tested Ground Drones
T Enter Service Before Year’s End


How Russia And China Gained A Strategic Advantage
In Hypersonic Technology

Pompeo - Iran Turned Syria Into A Killing Field
...In Reality, Trump And The Pentagon Did

Zionist Dupe Pompeo Threatens to Impose The
'Strongest Sanctions In History' On Iran

Pompeo Threatens Toughest Ever Actions On Iran

Reactions To Pompeo's Ultimatums To Iran

Israel Launches First F-35 Airstrikes

Israel Demands The Right To Brutalize
Palestinians With Impunity

Israelis Brag Syria Fired Over '100 Missiles At Our Planes’

Israel Releases Pal Protesters As Footage Goes Viral - Vid

New Visa Rules Cut Off Refugees In Israel
From Bank Accounts - Reports


Israeli Tanks Target Hamas Observation Post
In Southern Gaza Strip

Israel Protests Over 'Antisemitic' Dutch Parody
Of Eurovision Song

Netanyahu Mocked on Twitter After Naming Iran
As Three Threats To Mideast Peace

Saudi Royal Urges Coup To Dump King Salman

Pentagon Spends $1 Billion To Buy More War Robots

UK Faces £6 Billion Funding Gap For Nuclear Subs

UK Worried Over Germany’s Russian Gas Reliance

82% Of Germans Believe US Is Unreliable Partner

Baltic States Ask US For More Troops On Their Soil

One Dead, Two Hurt As Public Bus Runs Over
Kiev-Placed Landmine In Donbass


The Bayer-Monsanto Merger - Empowering
A Life-Destroying Cartel

‘Everyone Has A Duty To Defend Sweden’
4.8 Million Homes To Get War Prepper Manual

Dumb Sweden Puts Out Emergency
War Pamphlet Amid Russia Fears

'Historic Moment' As Sweden Remilitarizes Its
Largest Baltic Island Amid 'Unpredictability'

Swedish Journalist Probed For 'Hate Speech’
Over Sharia-Mocking Cartoons

Climate Engineers Cool Eastern US As World Burns

Condoms Required At Boy Scouts 24th Jamboree

Man Killed After Tesla Model S Crashes Into Pond

Tesla’s Once-Affordable $35,000 Model 3
...May Now Cost You $78,000

Braking Point - Elon Musk’s Tesla Model 3 Staggers From One Crisis To The Next


Consumer Authority Rejects Tesla Model 3

Muslims Stab 4 More In London's 5-Day Knife Frenzy
...Latest Victim Killed In Broad Daylight

German Court Refuses To Jail Puigdemont

Russia’s State Duma Passes Law On Counter-Sanctions
Against US, Other Unfriendly States

Russia, Japan Threaten To Levy Sanctions On US Exports

China Unexpectedly Slashes Auto Tariffs After
Trump Trade Truce

The US Is Shackled By Historic Debt

When 43% Of Americans Can't Pay For Food And Rent
We Can Say Economic Collapse Is Here

Learning From America's Forgotten Default

China To Drop All Child Limits


German-Russian Pipeline Takes Shape
Despite US Protests

Oz Archbishop Guilty Of Hiding Child Sex Abuses

What Good Is Religion?

Hawaii Losing Most Iconic Tree To Disease

4 New Sinkholes Open Up At The Villages In FL

Indian Worker Skips Work To Go To 5th Dimension

Colloidal Silver - Myths, Truths About Side Effects

Confirmed Cases Of Ebola Reportedly
Rise To 28 In DR Congo Outbreak

Link Between Digestive Bacteria And MS

Link Between Procrastination And Health


Rare Brain-Damaging Virus Spread By
Fruit Bats Kills Ten In India

Indonesia’s Most Active Volcano Rumbles

Geishas, Samurai Warriors And Fiery Dragons

Watch! Awesome Live Link To
Hawaii Volcano Lava Eruption

Did Fracking Cause The Hawaii Volcano Eruption?

Hawaii Power Plant Shut Down As Lava Nears Wells

Kilauea's Lava Is Changing—Here's What That Means

Adolf Hitler ‘Definitely' Died In WWII, New Research (!)

If Hitler Died In April 1945, How Is He Having Dinner With
The Eichorns In Their Argentina Eden Hotel In 1947 ?! - Pics

UK News Story About Terrible Tim’s ‘Bomb-Making’
Flat And The Government, Military Raid On It (!)

The Massive Destruction Done To Tim Rafat’s Flat
By The British Government - pdf Photos

Trump Erupts In Angry Tweetstorm - 'When Does This
Witch Hunt STOP’? Slams Hillary, Podesta

DOJ To Probe Trump Campaign For ‘Infiltration’ By FBI

Say Hello To The FBI Mole Inside The Trump Campaign

FBI Informant Halper Paid Over $1 Million By Obama
Admin; Spied On Trump Aide After Election

'The Stakes Here Go Beyond Trump's Future'
WSJ Editors Demand Truth About FBI Spying

How The FBI And CIA Restarted The Cold War
To Protect Themselves


Trump's Big Defense-Spending Plans Still
Aren't Enough For This Beltway Think Tank

Will Pentagon Audit Lead To Missing Money?

Trump Threatens Sanctions For Nord Stream 2

40% Of US Citizens ABOVE Poverty Line
Struggle To Make Ends Meet

Obamas Team Up With Netflix

UK 'Plastic Tax' To Spur Reintroduction
Of Recyclable Materials Into Society

Protests Against GMO, Toxic Pesticides
Erupt in Several Countries - Photo

Scientists Turn To Technology As Declining Bee
Numbers Threaten World Food Security

Robots Can Now Grow Human Organs - Morgellons,
BioMed Nano Tech Will Be Infused Into Everyone

Hawaii Faces New Threat Of Fumes From Lava


Vanuatu To Permanently Evacuate Volcanic Island

AZ Preps For Post Quake Flow Of 400,000 From CA

Storage Tanks For Deadly Radioactive Fukushima Water
Very 'Close To Capacity’ (They’ll Just Dump It In Pacific)

Br Nathanael - How Jews Celebrate Murder

Disturbing Developments In Ukraine

Iran Deal - Why EU Is Likely To Give In
And Play By Trump's Rules

If A Bouquet Is An Affront, Putin Is A Serial Offender - Pics

‘Flowers In Russia Are A Sign Of Good Manners'

Russians Say Putin, Military Power And A
Unique Spirit Make Them A Glorious Nation

Putin And Modi Discuss Strategic Partnership - Lavrov


Moscow Wants Deeper Strategic Partnership With BRICS

Russian-Made Smartphones Using
Domestic OS To Go On Sale In 2019

World's First Floating Nuclear Power Plant
Reaches Russia’s Arctic On First Mission

‘Isolated’ Russia Welcomes Investment Funds
Worth Over $13 Trillion At St. Petersburg Forum

Russia To Explore Crimean Shelf For Big Gas Deposits

Russia's Nuclear Underwater Drone Could
Trigger 300 Foot Tall Tsunamis

Russia's Navy Establishes Permanent
Presence In Mediterranean Sea

Russia To Build Six More Borei-A Strategic Nuclear Subs

Now Facebook Serves NATO's Needs

Is Wikipedia An Establishment Psyop?


Maduro Wins VZ Election Called Bogus By US

Maduro Reelected Venezuelan President

Russia Considers Venezuelan Presidential Polls Valid

Media Bashing Venezuelan Election Result

Trump Orders to Prevent VZ Officials From Selling
Off Public Assets Over 'Fraudulent' Election

Pence Says VZ Election Neither Free Nor Fair

Venezuelan Presidential Candidate Falcon
Refuses To Recognize Voting Legitimacy

US Is Definitely "Meddling" In The VZ Election

Debka - US ‘Peace Plan’ To Offer Palestinians
Half Of West Bank With Abu Dis As Capitol

Congressman Urges US To Recognize
Syria’s Golan As Israeli Territory!


Israeli Jets Actively Patrolling Syria-Lebanese Border

Israeli Defense Boss Claims UN HR Body
Is ‘Cheerleader For Terrorists'

300 Israeli Settlers Attack al-Aqsa Mosque

Boyle Shock As BBC Cuts Story Attacking 'Apartheid’ Israel

‘Strongest Sanctions In History’ - Zionist NeoCon Pompeo
issues 12 Demands To Iran, Vows ‘Unprecedented Pressure’

Rouhani Rejects Pompeo’s Pompous Iran Demands

Exposing Pompeo’s Ultimatum To Iran

US Lays Out 12 Demands For A New Deal With Iran

Iran - EU JCPOA Political Support Not Good Enough

Escobar - 'Dear Mr. Trump, You've Been Served'


China, Russia And EU Considering New Iran Deal?

Peace With a Price - Iran Promises EU To
Adhere To Nuke Deal On One Condition

Syrian Military - ISIS-Free Capitol Is Completely Secure

Russian Air Defenses Down Drone Over Syrian Air Base

American Made Anti-Tank Missiles found At Former
Al-Nusra Facility In Syria - Russian MoD - Vid

Russia Finds NATO Weapons In Syrian Terrorists Arms Depot

Iran To Stay In Syria As Long As It Is Wanted - Tehran

Syrian Army Frees Palestinian Refugee Camp

China’s J-20 Jets To Patrol Taiwan Air Space At Will

Hungary's Unique Solution To The Soros Strategy


France to Set Heavy Fines for Men Who Catcall
And Wolf Whistle At Women In Public

Thousands In Sweden Now Have Implanted Microchips

German MP Slams Trump's Anti-Russia
Sanctions As 'Part Of Trade War'

'Intensifying Threats' From Space Cause Brits Concern

Who Needs Enemies? NATO Does...

The Psychiatric Matrix - What You Need To Know

Education Schools Source Of Campus Anti-White Racism

Americans For Legal Immig Call On McCain To Retire

Global GeoEngineering News Alert - 5-1 9-18

JoeTalk - The Takeover Of America - Pt 1 - Vid


Astrologically Speaking - Worldwide Hitler Syndrome
To Reappear Technologically?

Mandalay Bay Surveillance-Security Expert Tells
Investigators A Rooftop Video Cam Was Disabled

Bullet Strike And The Angle Of The Hit On Las Vegas
Road Sign Shows It Came From A Helicopter

Confidential Military Report On 'Tic Tac' UFO

UFO Encounter With The Nimitz Strike Group

Roswell - An ET Craft Crashed, Not A UFO - Pt 1

Roswell - An ET Craft Crashed, Not A UFO - Pt 2

Search For ET May Be Funded By Congress

Plumes On Europa, A Target For Alien Life


Israeli-Linked Firm Suspected Of Manipulation
Campaign To Help Trump Get Elected - Reports

Trump To Demand DOJ Probe Whether Obama
Admin Ordered Spying On His Campaign

Cambridge Professor Outed As FBI Informant
Inside Trump Campaign

WSJ Asks ‘Was Trump's Campaign 'Set Up’?

Trump Admin To Provide Records On Obama-Era
Gun-Smuggling Probe

Will Donald Trump Implode?

Hillary - 'We’re Going To Take Back Country We Love’
Here She Comes...Just As We’ve Been Saying

Hillary's Image Rebuilding And Rebranding Has Begun
She Is About To Receive Prestigious Harvard Medal

Hillary Jabs Trump, Pulls Out Russian Hat At Yale Speech
‘If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em!’ Says She's NOT ‘Over It’

The Relevancy Of The Illustrated Protocols Of Zion

Russiagate Cheerleaders Now Covering Their Tracks

UK News Story About Terrible Tim’s ‘Bomb-Making’
Flat And The Government, Military Raid On It (!)

US-China Put Trade War On Hold - Set More Talks

China, US Agree To Avoid Trade Wars


China-US Trade War Averted?

Krugman Cries Treason After Stefan Halper Outed
As FBI Infiltrator, There's Just One Problem...

More American Kids Killed At School in 2018
Than US Military Service Members

New NRA Leader, Oliver North, On School Shootings

Austrian Politician Warns - Muslims And Blacks
And Turning Entire Streets Into Ghettos

Google Removes 'Don't Be Evil’ Clause

Pretty Much All Tech Demos Are Fake

Porn Does Not Educate, It Distorts (Destroys)

Pope Francis To Gay Man -'God Made You Like This’

The NYT Reinvents The Peace Process


Madsen - Trump...Iran Nuclear Deal Is Bad;
North Korean Nuclear Deal Is Good!

EU Companies Withdrawal From Iran
Contradicts Nuclear Deal

The Ruinously Expensive American Military

Putin's New Underwater Drones

Russia’s FM On Syria, Palestine And Ukraine

Chinese AF Lands Big Bombers In S China Sea Base

Making Sense Of Russian Political Ambiguities

Donetsk Militiaman Killed In Shelling By Kiev Forces

Enough! After Kiev Shelling On Civilians And Water
Treatment Plant, Donetsk Returns Fire

Facebook & Atlantic Council Unite
...Now FB Serves NATO’s agenda


Israel Has 200 Nukes Targeted On Iran - Vid

Trump’s Only Iran Strategy Is To Punish Iran

Israeli Propaganda War, Trump's No-Peace Peace Plan

ADL Denounces 'Anti-Semitic' Robocalls Exposing
Dianne Feinstein, Jewish Domination Of America

Despair Haunts Gaza

Fisk - How Long Will We Pretend That
Palestinians Are Non-People?

Israeli Cops Break Activist's Leg While In Custody

The Complete Moral Collapse Of
Labour Party Friends Of Israel

Iraqi Election Results

Why Were 60 French Snipers On Their Way
To A US Base In Syria?


Turkey Intelligence Investigating Reports
On Prepared Attack on Erdogan

Protesters Demand US Pull Out Of Bahrain

Yemen’s Houthis Claim Saudi Base Missile Strike

Hungarian Prime Minister Accuses George Soros
Of Spreading Anti-Semitism Across Europe

Royal Wedding Security Cost Tops $42 Million

Yesn’t? Latest Social Media Insanity Calls
For The Word ‘No’ To Be Banned

Baby Bust - US Birth Rates Drop Again

Ebola Update - CDC, WHO Are Not Closing Borders
OR Travel To DR Congo Despite Ebola Epidemic

New Disease-Carrying Tick Found In 2nd State

Yuan Oil Contracts To Strengthen China's Currency
Status To Compete With US Dollar – Analyst


EU States, Russia, China To Discuss New Iran
Nuclear Deal, Leaving Zionist US Sidelined

Iran And Russia Discuss Transacting In Crypto
To Avoid International Sanctions

EU, Iran Working On Details of Direct Money Transfers

Engdahl - Will Oil End The American Century?

The Big Vaccine-Autism Lie

Has USC Lost Its Way?

EU Economies Hit By Collapse In investment

The 10 Professions With The Most Psychopaths

Five Myths About Spring Allergies

Cougar Kills US Mountain Biker


Dozens Hospitalized in NYC After
Using Synthetic Marijuana

This California Road Trip Has It All

Dreier - Hot Air For A Cool Breeze?

Dreier - Some Kind Of Magic

Hawaii Volcano Lava Injures One, Four Rescued
As Fast Flowing Lava Posing Larger Threats - Vid

US China Agree On Ending US Trade Deficit

China Agrees To Buy More US Goods
But Not As Much As Trump Wants

Bloody Gina Confirmed As CIA Director

Why Is Melania Still In The Hospital?

Why Won't Trump Take On Big Pharma?

Google Disturbing Vision Of TOTAL Data Collection

The 'Fake News' Story Is Fake News

Almost 50% Of US families Can't Afford Rent & Food
Furthering The Third World Agenda Being Forced On Us

The Long, Sad, Engineered Death Of US Middle Class

Mystery Object Behind Pluto - Planet Nine


Feds Allow Florida Officials To Spray
Mosquitoes With Advanced Drones

‘Outrage Machine’ In High Geer After Tweet About
Childless Woman Sparks Liberal Anger

Pentagon Contractor Transported Drone Bomb
On US Passenger Flight: Lawsuit

Sessions DOJ DECLINING To Prosecute Illegal Crossers

Mueller Tries To Shut Probe Of Special Counsel Leaks

Talk Show Hostess Continues Merton Death Cover-Up

The True History Of The Space Race

Tehran Committed If EU Can Keep Nuclear
Deal Alive - Iran's Nuclear Chief Salehi

Lavrov - Russia Hopes US Withdrawal From
Nuke Deal Not Linked To Plans To Attack Iran

Europe & Iran Now Have The Perfect Excuse
To Drop US Dollar – Keiser


Iranian President Urges World To Boycott Israel
And Revise Ties With The US

Pompeo To Urge US Allies To Pressure Iran

Trump Uses NATO To Boss ‘Disloyal’ Europeans

NATO Was NEVER A Defensive Alliance

German AfD Party Sues Merkel Amid
Open-Door Policy Toward Muslims, Blacks

Our History Haunts Our Future

Marvelous Mendacity Of The NYT On RussiaGate

Putin Outlines Nuclear Deployment Plans

Putin - If Novichok Was Used, Skripal
Would Have Died On The Spot

Sergey, Yulia Skripal Held Hostage By Britain


Skripal Case No Longer The Case - How Russia
May Turn Into EU's Darling Soon

Putin Names His Cabinet Members

'Blow Up Crimean Bridge’ - Journalist Gets Pranked,
Thinks He's Speaking To Ukrainian FM

‘The Saker’ Isn’t Just Wrong, He’s Irrelevant
Putin’s An Excellent Warrior

S China Sea - China Strategic Bombers In Action - Vid

Pat Buchanan - A Trump Doctrine For Singapore

White House Releases ‘Jokey' Video Of Staff

Hollow UN Rhetoric On Israel

IDF Snipers Butcher Palestinians In Ghetto Of Gaza
How Does This Differ From Warsaw Ghetto Of WW2?

Three More Pals Die From IDF Gunshots


UN To Launch War Crimes Investigation into
Israeli Forces Killing Of Palestinians

Israel's Aggressive Behavior Is Embodied
And Prophesied in The Hebrew Bible

How The Trumps Screwed Palestine

Israeli ‘Settler' Colonialism & Occupation Fact Sheet

Erdogan Compares Israeli Actions In
Gaza To Nazi Persecution Of Jews

S. Arabia Starts New Wave Of Arrests For Israel

Saudis Arrest 7 Suspects For Ties To Foreign Entities

Saudi Troops Replace UAE Forces On Yemen's Socotra

US Oks $45 Million Sale Of 3,200 Bombs
& Bunker Busters To Bahrain

Trump’s ‘Recklessness’ Spurs MidEast Jitters


Trump Admin Halts Financial Assistance In NW Syria

Drone Footage Shows US Troops Last Stand
& Dramatic Escape From Niger Ambush - Vid

14,000 Flee Central African Republic After Violence

German Paper Fires Cartoonist For Netanyahu Drawing

US Sanctions Are War On Venezuela

US Supports Venezuela's Democracy By Accusing
Maduro Of Drug Profiteering Ahead Of Elections

Lavrov To Visit Cuba May 22

Lavrov - Russia Supports Argentina’s
Principles Of G20 Presidency

Ex-Lula Minister Begins 31 Yr Brazil Prison Sentence

Trump US Puts Sanctions On VZ President's Top Aid


All 34 Chilean Bishops Quit Over Child Sex Scandal

Martini - Two Replies From The Scottish Government
On The Petition To Ban Aspartame

Holding T-Bills Now Pays 30x More Than
Your Bank Savings Account

Floating City in Polynesia To Have Its Own
Cryptocurrency, Use Green Tech - Vid

Russia To Notyfy WTO Of Plans For Retaliation
Adgainst US For Steel, Aluminum Outies

EU, Japan Notify WTO Of Retaliatory
Measures Against US Metal Tariffs

Putin, Merkel Discuss Defense Against
Trump’s Sanctions Drive

Trump’s Russia Sanctions ‘Useless’ & Only
Harm European Economy

Which Countries Are Dumping The Dollar
...And Why?

Why Are Dolphins Dying?


CBD Based Drug To Get Federal Approval

Are Octopuses Aliens From Outer Space?

The Untold Story Of Jans’s Secret Spy Agency

Million A Week Club – Your Radiation - Week 18

The Poison In Our Water

An Active Shooter Open Fires On A Crowd
...What Do You Do?

The TSA Has A New, Secret Watch List

Lyme Disease Cases Hit Record Highs In Canada

'Someone In East Asia Has Been Blasting The
Earth's Ozone Layer With A Banned Chemical

How US Bison Ended Up in The Swiss Alps


The island Fruit That Caused A Mutiny

Powers Of The Third Eye

Iran Will Likely Resume Enrichment If EU Drops Deal

Russia Will Have Hypersonic Glider Next Year
And A Brand New ICBM In 2020 - Putin

DC Neocon Paper Calls For Russia’s Brilliant Crimea
Bridge To Be Bombed - Sheer Madness

10 Dead In Texas HS Shooting - Killer Student Suspect
Captured, Chickened Out At Suicide Time

Clapper Says 'Good Thing; FBI Was Spying
On Trump Campaign


IG Horowitz Finds FBI, DOJ Broke Law In Clinton
Email Probe - Refers To Prosecutor For Charges

Snowden - 'Bloody Gina's' Tortures Involved Beating
A Pregnant Woman And Raping A Man

Miami Cops Shoot, Wound Man Who
Opened Fire At Trump Golf Resort

Eleven New Ebola Cases Confirmed In Congo
As Deadly Outbreak Spreads

Ecuador President Orders To Cutting Of Extra
Security At London Embassy Hosting Assange

Trump Uses NATO To Police ‘Disloyal' Europeans

With Iran Sanctions, Trump Made Europeans
Look Like The Fools They Are

Trump Warns Countries Not Meeting NATO
Obligations ‘Will Be Dealt With’


Trump Sanctions On Russia Harming Europe - Moscow

Breitbart Is Censoring Americans Who Oppose
Amnesty For Illegals (Another Zionist Asset?)

EMF Radiation From Power Lines And Cell Towers
Threaten Wildlife - But Nothing Said About Humans!

Sergei Skripal Released From Hospital After ‘Deadly’ Poisoning

The Case Of Incredibly Shrinking Skripals - UK Owes
Russia Explanation As Poisoning Mystery Deepens

Russian Meddling In Mexican Election Statements
Groundless - President Of Senate

China To Launch Relay Satellite Yo Far Side Of Moon

US May Order Russian Soyuz Spacecraft
To Fly Astronauts To ISS In 2020

Beijing Claims Control Over ALL Oil, Gas
Activity In South China Sea

US Says It's Ready To Fight As Russia Deploys In Med


Russia Expands Supersonic Bomber Patrols To Arctic

Special Ops Getting 1000s Of Small Glide Munitions
That Pack A Bigger Punch Than Hellfires

China’s New Anti-Ship Choppers Pass Firing Tests

Israel Blocks Turkey From Transporting
Wounded Palestinians From Gaza

What’s The Difference Between The Warsaw Ghetto
And The IDF Butchers Murdering Palestinians?

Muslims Must Unite To Stop Countries From
Moving Embassies To Jerusalem – Turkey FM

UN Rights Chief Slams Israel Over Gaza Slaughter

Explosions At Syrian Military Base Near Hama - Vid

The Douma Incident Revisited

No Place For Assad In ‘Free, Democratic Syria’
Says Turkey's Deputy PM

Netanyahu Accused Of Backdoor Talks In Possible
Bid To Affect Beat Ongoing Criminal Probe


Yemenis Fire Missile At Saudi Economic City

Venezuela's Sunday Presidential Election

Doom - Statistical Drugs - Depression And Cholesterol

Doom - Millenial Males With Degrees Shafted In Workplace

The Myth Of An Imminent Energy Transition

Drop Russia Sanctions Immediately
Say Italy M5S & Lega Nord

Trump US Threatens To Punish Russia & Germany
If They Continue Playing With Gas

Vatican Warns Of Financial ‘Bomb’ Ready To Blast

Beijing Disputes Reports About Offering Trump
A $200 Biliion Trade Surplus Cut

Chinese Firm's Assets Frozen By France Over
Alleged Links To Syria's Chemical Weapons

Putin Greets Visiting Merkel With Bouquet - Vid


Putin & Assad Hold ‘Extensive’ Talks In Sochi
Discuss Political Settlement – Kremlin

Modi-Putin Meet - India's Got Russia's Back
in Latest Standoff With The Zionist West

Charging A Journalist With Treason For Doing
His Job Is Extraordinary – Putin On Ukraine Crackdown

‘Concerned’ Merkel Vows To Raise Russian
Journalist’s Detention With Porky

Trump Administration vs Iran

EU To Block Trump US Sanctions On Iran
To Protect European Firms

European Commission Nixes Trump US Sanctions
Against Iran On EU Soil

Merkel Says Germany Ready To Promote Political
Process In Syria

Germany Expresses Support For Nord Stream-2

Windbag Jean-Claude Juncker's Pathetic Bluff
Regarding Iran Sanctions


10 Dead 12 Injured In Shooting At Texas HS

Torture Queen Haspel Confirmed For CIA By Senate
...Another Dark Day In The Kingdom Of Zion

Five Things To Know About Gina Haspel

Bongino - Kamala Harris Questioned Haspel
'Like A Kindergartner’

Speculation Mounts About MBS - Is He Dead?

Why Trump Is A Rothschild Tool

In Swipe At Trump, Tillerson Warns Of US Ethical Crisis

Senate Russophobes Falsely Accuse
Moscow Of US Election Meddling

US Blueprint For ‘World Peace’ Is A Roadmap To Disaster

Global Elitists Are Not Human

Just How Deep Does The Deep State Go?


Senate Votes To Restore Net Neutrality

How Baby Boomers Broke America

America Spends $1 Trillion On Its Military Every Year
...And Has No Way To Pay For It

US ‘Government’ Has Spent $2.8 Trillion From
Future Generations On The Phony War On Terrorism

Cohen Scandal Goes Supernova With Foreign Money

Senate Panel Endorses Gina Haspel

Vote On Gina Haspel Divides Democrats

Hungary’s Orban Is Correct About Border Control

'Operation Crossfire Hurricane’ - FBI Sent Strzok
On Secret Mission To London Before Election

Who Framed Putin? CIA Veteran Hints At Culprit


Trump Slams Obama FBI 'Spying' Report
As Being 'Bigger Than Watergate'

FBI Investigating 1,000 Potential 'Lone Wolf' Terrorists

HI Volcano Spews ‘Ballistic Blocks’ - Biggest Blasts Yet

Hawaii’s Kilauea Erupts ‘Explosively' From Summit
Sending Huge Plume Of Ash In The Sky

Why Kilauea’s Volcanic Ash Is a Serious Health Hazard

Doom - How Hatred Of Whites Takes Over A Campus

Evergreen State College Resurrects
No-Whites-Allowed 'Day Of Absence'

Russian Hypersonic Glider - US Intel In Panic Mode
Over Russia Gaining ‘Invincible’ Weapon By 2020

Russia Demands Ukraine Immediately Free Jjournalist

Ukrainian Court’s 60 Day Detention For Chief Of
Russian-Linked News Agency Sparks Outcry


Source - Russian Poseidon Underwater Drone
Can Carry 2 Megaton Nuclear Warhead

Putin - Defense Ministry Allocates $24 Billion
For State Defense Order 2018

China Launches First Commercial Space Rocket

Russia Mulls Launching Satellites Atop ICBMs

CIA Gun Supplier Wants To Buy Lots Of Napalm
For Mystery Client - Reports

New Defense Bill Seeks $7.5 Billion
For Taiwan, US To ‘Push Back On China’

EU Launches Rebellion Against Trump's Iran
Sanctions Bans Euro Companies From Complying

European Leaders Revolt Against Trump US
Sanctions In Bid To Preserve Iran Deal

EU Will Use ‘Blocking Statute' To Protect Its Firms
From Trump Zionist US Sanctions On Iran

Armenia's Pashinyan Meets Putin - Pledges
Continued Russian-Armenian Friendship


Soros-Backed HRW 'Trying to Make Russia
Look Bad' Ahead of World Cup - Lawmaker

ISIS Threatens FIFA World Cup In Russia With
Pics of Beheaded Messi, Ronaldo – Reports

Bomb Putin’s Crimea Bridge - US Commentator
Bizarrely Advises Ukraine

Russia Blasts US Paper’s ‘Ugly Journalism’
Calling For Blowing Up Of Crimean Bridge

Macron Wants French-Led NWO - But No One Is Listening

Where's MBS? The Crown Prince Hasn’t Been Seen
In 28 Days Since There Was Shooting Heard At Palace

Inside Story Of How Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed
(MBS) Went From ‘Rags' To Untold Riches

US, Israel Can Aid Coup In Iran And If It Fails,
Let Iranians Fight Each Other- Ex Mossad Chief

Lieberman Urges Israel To Pull Out Of UN
Rights Body, Asks US To Follow Suit

Hamas Launched Another War With Israel?


Hamas - What You’re Not Being Told
About Israel’s Arch Enemy

Israelis Lie, Palestinians Die

Cases Of Killings Of Palestinians
Should Be Brought To ICC - Turkey

The Whole Middle East Will Be Under Israeli
Surveillance By 2025 – Ex-Intel Chief

Debunked - Video Of 'Fake Dead Palestinians’
Exposes Pro-Israel Propaganda

‘She’s Not The World’s Schoolmarm’ - Top Palestinian
Official Slams Haley’s ‘Name-Taking’ At UN Votes

80% Of Pals In Gaza Living Below Poverty Line

Russian MoD - US Tries To Make OPCW Voice
Accusations Against Damascus

Damascus-Homs Highway Reopens After 5 Years

Syria - Cheers As Syrian Flag raised In Homs


West Continues To Underestimate Support For
President Assad In Syria

Turkey Arrest Warrants For Over 100 AF Personnel

France Drops Plan To Set Age Of Sexual Consent
At 15, Triggering Outrage And Confusion

Denmark Engulfed In STD Epidemic
With 'Deadly Consequences'

‘Failure Of The Public Health Safety Net’
California STD Rates At All-Time High

Sweden In Free Fall

'Touching' - Norway Mulls Giving Away
'Extra' Christian Holidays To Muslims (huh?)

Iran Looks To Bitcoin As Rial Tumbles

EU To Ditch Dollar In Payments For Iranian Oil

Chinese Company Ready To Replace Total In Iran


EU Offers To Boost LNG Imports From US
In Exchange For Lifting US Aluminum Tariffs

Merkel’s 2nd Visit To Sochi In Fortnight
Russia-Germany Détente On Horizon?

Merkel - Everyone In EU Agrees It Is
Essential To Stick To Iran Deal

EU Summit Decides To Back Iran Deal
Protect European Businesses

Unpredictable US Policies Threaten
Austrian, EU Economic Interests

Since Time Began…What Artists Are Telling Us

Broke Illinois Pension System Leaves Every
Resident With $11,000 Of Debt

The Opportunity Of Cryptocurrencies

EU To Buy Iranian Oil In Euros?

New Opportunities Open Up As Eurasian Economic
Union Strikes Trade Deals With Iran, China


Russia’s Grain Exports To China Hit Record Million Tons

Russian Stock Market Ignores Trump Sanctions
Treading Now Near All-Time High

Wells Fargo Employees Caught Improperly
Altering Business Customers' Docs

China Refuses To Bargain Away Trade Interests
In Talks With US

Emergency Meeting Called to Assess Global Risks
Of Ongoing Ebola Outbreak – WHO

Increase in Emissions Of Banned Chemical
Threatens Ozone Layer - Scientists

Tornado Hits Central Germany - Vid

US Fertility Rate Hits 40 Year Low

Sinkholes - Russian Settlement Being Slowly Consumed

Scientists ‘Grow’ Ear For Transplant In Patient’s Forearm


The 2018 Hurricane Season Begins In 2 Weeks

What Daily Life In North Korea Looks Like

Extraordinary Orbit Points To Planet Nine

Torture Queen Haspel Confirmed For CIA By Senate
...Another Dark Day In The Kingdom Of Zion

Five Things To Know About Gina Haspel

Bongino - Kamala Harris Questioned Haspel
'Like A Kindergartner’

Speculation Mounts About MBS - Is He Dead?

Brad Passes On At 82 - We Will Greatly Miss Him

ALWAYS Have The Qualitative Intel, Military Edge

Tucker Spends Major Time On SA Farm Murders - Vid

In South Africa, White Farmers Reportedly
Arm Themselves Amid New Murders,Attacks

Hawaii On Full Alert For Major Eruption

Red Alert - Hawaii Volcano Threatens Nearby Air Traffic

Yellowstone Geyser Erupts For 5th Time In Months,
Prompting Supervolcano Concerns

Br Nathaniel - Germany Is Occupied Territory

Mueller Told Trump Legal Team He Will Not
Indict The President - Giuliani

Duff - The Russia Inquiry...Why Russia Didn’t Do It

Mueller Trying To Shut Down Investigation
Into Special Counsel Leaks


US Identifies Suspect CIA Hacking Tools Leak

Trump Misses Hope Hicks - ‘Traitors’ Keep Leaking

The Pentagon Cannot Account For $21 Trillion

'No Focus On Russian Activities' - Donald Jr. On
Trump Tower Meeting In Interview Transcripts

Brennan Was Feeding Obama Unverified Info
From Steele Dossier, Contradicts 2017 Testimony

Congress Reviewing 2017 Fusion GPS Testimony
After Reports Of Spy In Trump's Campaign

The Art Of Lying Without Really Trying

America's 'Worst President' Was Actually AWESOME

Large Increase In US Youth Attempting And
Thinking About Suicide - Study

What's Trump's Real Trade Target - China Or Europe?


US & Europe Go Separate Ways Pursuing Different Goals

Roberts - Is Putin's Strategy Finally Beginning To Work?

Merkel Calls Trump Quitting Iran Nuke Deal ‘WRONG'

EU And Iran to Keep Nuclear Deal In Place

Merkel Says Impossible To Resolve Syrian Conflict
Without Russia, Turkey, Iran, Europe

Europe Is Seeking 'Practical Solution' To Salvage Iran Deal

European Council President - 'With Friends Like Trump,
Who Needs Enemies?'

The Vatican A Few Days Ago Endorses Karl Marx

Putin Calls For Mass Production Of S-500 Missiles

Putin - Ships Armed With Kalibr Missiles To Be
Permanently On Duty In Mediterranean


Russia’s New Nuclear & Other Deterrence Ensures
Strategic Balance For Decades – Putin

US Endorses Kiev's Raid On Russian News Agency
Amid International Condemnation

We Don’t Need Your Permission - Russia Responds
To Trump US Condemnation Of Great Crimean Bridge

UK-Russia Relations Won’t Improve With May In Power

Russia Frenzy Full Circle, Rebounds On Kremlin Critics

The UN Quietly Pushes International Gun Control

Lavrov slams statements about kids killed in Gaza being terrorists as outrageous

Lavrov Slams As ‘Outrageous' Israel Saying
Kids Killed In Gaza Were ‘Terrorists’

Bibi Using Smoke And Mirrors Like A Wizard

Erdogan Slams Bibi - Calls Israel An ‘Apartheid State’


Nutter Neocon Zionist Nikki - NO LINK Between
US Embassy Move & Deaths Of Palestinians’

Ziofascist Israeli Apologist Nikki Haley
Applauded Mass Murder In Gaza

9 More Journalists Injured By Israeli Gunfire
In Gaza ‘Massacre’ - Total Now Over 20

RSF Asks ICC To Investigate Israeli Sniper
Fire On Palestinian Journalists

Israeli Soldiers Share Juvenile Antics On Social
Media As Gaza Nightmare Continues - Vid

Israeli Nakba Day Violence

Israel, US Criticized For Palestinian
Deaths In Gaza clashes

Former CIA Director Blames Trump And
Netanyahu For Gaza Massacre

Israeli Military Strikes Hamas Outpost
In Northern Gaza Strip - IDF

Erdogan Says Will Stand By Palestinians
...Won't Allow Israel To Steal Jerusalem


'F**k Turkey’ - Netanyahu's Son Posts Disputable
Image Amid Diplomatic Scandal

Israeli Journalists Attacked In Istanbul

Israeli Lawmakers Move To Recognize Armenian Genocide

Syrian Militant Reveals How US Weapons
Made Their Way To Al-Qaeda

Trump US Hiding 1,000s Of Terrorists In Syria

Trump Israel Collusion On Syria

Saudi Crown Prince Goes Into Hiding Since
Last Month’s Attack On Royal Palace

Head Of Czech Lab That Made ‘Novichok’ Fired

Irish Anger On Request to Host Muslims,
Blacks Amid Severe Housing Crisis

Germany’s Bavaria Expands Police Authority
Amid Increase In Terror-Related Cases


Swedish Politician Proposes Female
Genital Mutilation Checks At Airports

EU To Ditch USD For Iran Oil

Amazon, Starbucks Furious After Seattle
Passes Controversial 'Homeless Tax'

Revolving Door Continues - Tesla Loses Two More Execs

Meet Tesla's New Bond Holder - Billionaire George Soros

Zuck Refuses UK Request To Appear Over Data Scandal

FB Allowing Advertisers To Target Users Interested
In Religion, Liberalism, Homosexuality

YouTube Deletes Alternative For Sweden's Video

Cell Phone Carriers Are Secretly Selling Your
Real-Time Location Data

Conservatives In An Uproar After Twitter Deploys
Draconian Shadowban Filter


Combatting Homelessness In Seattle

JoeTalk - Illegals Bringing US To A Near Stop - Vid

Atlanta’s Building Boom Is Destroying
Its Famous Forests

It’s A Great Time To Be A Wealthy Heir
After Trump's Tax Overhaul

Florida University Gives Funds To
Communist Revolutionary Speaker

The Rise Of Superbugs And ‘Nightmare Bacteria’

Did New York Just Get Hit By a Derecho?

Massive Storm Hammers US Northeast

CA Dismantling An Iconic Offshore Oil Rig

A New World’s Extraordinary Orbit
Points To Planet Nine


Invasive, Cannibalistic Tree Frogs Are
Spreading Across the Gulf Coast

Travel Apps You Must Have For Your Next Trip

Chimpanzees Have Much Cleaner Beds Than Humans

The Rise Of Superbugs And ‘Nightmare Bacteria’

How The Enlightenment Ends

GOP Led Panel Backs Obama Intel Report
That Accused Russia Of Election Meddling

Tucker Shreds Ex-Cop Dem Candidate Who Claims
An AR-15 Can Fire 150 Rounds In 15 Seconds

EU Council Pres Blasts Trump For Dropping Iran Deal

Trump Does Not Deserve The Nobel Peace Prize

Zionist Trump’s Iran Deal Cancel Harms The Dollar

Lavrov Slams Israeli Designation Of Palestinians

HRW Condemns Israeli Brutal Use Of Force On Pals

Opening Of Amazing Bridge To Crimea - Vid

Duff - The Russia Inquiry...Why Russia Didn’t Do It

Trump Crossed The Rubicon


Trump IS The Swamp - Trump’s Jewish Elite Mafia - Vid

Another Betrayal - Trump To Shelter Illegals On Military
Bases While American Veterans Must Live On Streets

Trump, Hannity Have Bedtime Phone Call Most Nights

Trump Vows To Hunt Down White House ‘Traitors'

Pruitt's EPA Apparently Blocked 'Nightmare’
Study About Water Contamination

Proposed GMO Disclosure Rule Puts Consumers In Dark

2018 Shopper's Guide To Highest Pesticides
In Fruits And Vegetables

CNN Analyst Deletes Tweet Showing Trump In Scope

EPA - Putting Stricter Limits To Protect Americans
From Toxic Fluorinated Chemicals Would Be ‘PR Nightmare’


Darpa's Next Challenge? A Grueling Underground Journey

CIA Reveals Name Of Former Spy In JFK Files

Media Obsessed With Trump As
Solution To Failing Business Model

John McCain - A Life Wasted?

Mueller Indicted A Russian Company That
Didn't Even Exist, Court Transcripts Say

WHO Prepares For 'Worst Case’ As
Congo Ebola Outbreak Spreads

Giant ‘Lost’ Asteroid Poised For One Of Closest Ever
Approaches To Earth

Google Duplex AI Sounds HUMAN - Even Stammers
Something Dark And Foreboding...Are We Doomed?

Facebook Reveals It Removed 2.5 Million
Pieces Of 'Hate Speech'

Google Employees Revolt, Refuse To Work On Secret
AI Drone Project For The Pentagon


Toxic, Poisonous GMO Foods, Smart Phone Abuse,
Addiction, Keep 25% Of American Indoors ALL DAY

Google Probed In Oz For Allegedly Tracking
Phone Users At Their Expense

Cannes -10 Minute Ovation For Spike Lee Film Attack
On Trump, Racism in Film Ties 70s To Charlottesville

Spike Lee Film 'BlacKKKlansman’ - Trailer

EMP Commission Warns Of Year-Long
Blackout And A Massive Death Toll

Seattle Head Tax A Destructive Idea

Weak-Kneed Russian Response To US
Jerusalem Embassy Opening

IDF Has ‘Enough Bullets For Everyone!’ - Sr MK

Trump’s US Jerusalem Embassy Shows
Contempt For Palestinians
US Blocks UN Call To Probe Israeli For
Slaughter Of Palestinians

Trump WH Says The Palestinians Are Responsible
For Israel’s Massacre Of Them!


Israeli High Crimes Against Humanity

'Appalled & Disgusted’ - Twitterati Slams ‘Pro-Israel’
US Media Coverage Of Gaza Protests

8 Month Old Palestinian Baby Killed By kTear Gas

IDF & Protesters Plus Ultra-Ortho Jews Clash
Outside Trump’s New US Embassy - Vid

Israeli - UNSC Must Blame Hamas For War Crimes - Vid

Hezbollah Promises Strikes On ‘Heart Of Israel’

Pal Envoy Accuses Israel Of Links To Nusra Terrorists

US MSM Whitewashes, Hides Gaza Massacre

Pr William To Go Ahead With Israel Despite Massacre

Gaza Murders - BoJo Flees Parliament To
Avoid Urgent Question - Vid


Turkey Recalls Ambassadors From US,
Israel After Gaza Genocide

Turkey Urges Muslim States To Review
Ties With Israel Amid Gaza Violence

Israel Tells Turkish Consul To Leave Country
In Tit-For-Tat Move

The Coming Storm in Israel

Additional US Sanctions On Iran

US Closely Monitoring Iranian Forces In Persian Gulf

US Turning The Heat Up On EU Over Iran Deal - Lavrov

BoJo - Regime Change In Iran Is ‘Not
The Goal We Should Be Pursuing'

Russian Airbase In Syria - US Supporting ISIS Via SDF

Syrian Army Roll Out New Secret Golan-1000 Rockets


Houthis Fire Rocket At Saudi Military Base

US Tells UK It Should Spend More On F-35s,
Less on Healthcare, Education

US, Sweden, And Finland Boost Military
Cooperation To Form New Alliance

Uber Teams Up With US Army, NASA To
Launch 'Flying Taxis'

Russia’s Upgraded Strategic Bomber To
Join Aerospace Force In October

India Says Nuke Missile Carrying Sub Fully Operational

George Soros’ Open Society Fdn Ends Ops In Hungary

US Sanctions Designed To Harm Successful Nations - Russia

Duma Approves Criminal Liability For Aiding
West’s Anti-Russia Sanctions

Anti-Russia Sanctions Won’t Spook Chinese Investors


SCO Potential Rises After India, Pakistan Join

Industrial & Commercial Bank Of China
Launches Dedicated India Fund

Trumps Imposes New Sanctions On Iranian
Individuals And A Bank

Iran Sanctions - A Reminder Of How Trump
Weaponized The Financial System

Russian Bank Helps VZ Defy US Sanctions On Cryptos

Seminole County, FL To Accept Crypto For Tax Payment

Spotted In New York - Bankers Against Bitcoin

Hundreds Of Millions Stolen After Wave Of
Transfer-Heists Rock Mexican Banks

OPEC - The Oil Glut Is Gone

Iran Sanctions Threaten The Petrodollar


Russia Awaits Harsh Intl Response On
Ukraine’s Raid On Russian News Agency

UK Media Launches Usual Russia World Cup Takedown

Press Is Ignoring Two Huge Vaccine Scandals

Vaccine Mandate Efforts In Europe Get Pushback

Swedish City Allows 110 DB Muslim Prayer Calls
But NO Church Clocks Allowed

93% Of Sex Crimes In Finland Are By Muslims

Macau Billionaire Gets 4 Yrs For Bribing UN Officials

A Dangerous Opioid Is Killing People In CA

The Biggest Addictive Drugs To Humanity

Popular Encrypted Email Standards Are Unsafe


Historic Flooding Hits British Columbia

The 10 Professions With The Most Psychopaths

Why Every Prepper Needs Non-GMO Seeds

Are You Making Bad Behaviour Worse?

'Little Mushrooms Can Make Big Changes’

Europe - Become Vassals Or Be Independent

When Europe Was Great

How A City That Floods Is Running Out Of Water

Avoid Taking Unnecessary Antibiotics

How To Play The 2018 Cannabis Boom


New Giant Crack Appears In Mexico

Otherworldly Destinations Here On Earth

One Most Dangerous Mountain Passes In The World

Frank Sinatra...20 Year On

Alien Life May Be On Jupiter Ocean Moon - NASA

Why NASA Is Sending A Miniature Helicopter Oo Mars

‘Real-Life X-Files’ And A Top Secret UK Project

Has The British MoD Released All Its UFO Files?

Why MoD Closed Its UFO Files - Exclusive New Evidence


Soros' Open Society Fnd Ends Operations In Hungary

Putin Opens Amazing New Bridge To Crimea - Vid

Tesla Bursts Into Flames After Fatal Swiss Crash

Israel Kills 58, Injures 2,771 Palestinians In Gaza
‘A Terrible Massacre' As Donald’s Embassy Opens

Atzmon - Jewish Past vs Jewish State
At Least 55 Palestinians Murdered

Ivanka, Jared Blessed By Rabbi Who
Reportedly Called Blacks Monkeys

Israel Says Russia's Refusal To Move
Embassy To Jerusalem Is Strange

Israel 'Must Destroy Any Trace Of Iran In Syria
And Put Genie In Bottle' – Minister

Israel Unveils Budget For ‘Israelization’ Of E Jerusalem

Over 1,000 Israeli Settlers Storm al-Aqsa Mosque

Trump To Hospital To Visit First Lady After
Melania Surprise Kidney Surgery

Melania’s Kidney Condition Explained

Former Sen Harry Reid Has Pancreatic Cancer Surgery


Stormy's Lawyer Drops Mysterious Tweet Linking
Qatar 'Royalty', Ice Cube, Cohen, Flynn, Bannon, & Trump

The Search Engine Is The Most Powerful Source
Of Mind Control Ever Invented...

Psych Test Results Of Millions Among Massive
Facebook Data Leak - Probe Reveals

DARPA's XAI Future

Report -Trump Allies Slam DHS Secretary
Nielsen As A 'Never Trumper’

GOP House Midterm Hopes Rise In Blue CA

Mystery Figure Targets Anti-War Pundits
And Politicians By Prolifically Editing Wikipedia

How The Sun Made Up Scary Russian Ultras’
Captions & Deceived Serbian Photographer

UK To Intro 'Porn Passes’ For Adults Visiting Porn Sites

English FIFA Fans May Become 'Targets' Of Russian Babes


The Skripal Affair - A Lie Too Far?

Czech Weekly - Skripal Secretly Visited Prague In 2012

Ex-Spy Skripal Secretly Visited Estonia In 2016

Hypersonic Weapons - Perfect For Asymmetrical Warfare

China To Start Deliveries Of World's Biggest
Amphibious Aircraft By 2022

Hellfire-Missile-Equipped Strykers Sent To
Europe To Counter Russia

US Navy To Buy 7,000 Rockets From UK Arms Maker

Test Launch of Minuteman III Missile - Vid

UK Defense Secretary Reveals 2.5 Billion Investment
For Submarine Construction

Danish Coast To Be Playground For NATO F-35s


Al-Qaeda Leader Calls For Jihad On US
For Embassy Opening In Jerusalem

Lavrov - Russia Views US embassy In Jerusalem Negatively

Russia Worried Over Situation In Gaza Strip — Lavrov

UK Has No Plans To Move Embassy To Jerusalem,
Disagrees With US On The Issue - May

France Disapproves Of US Embassy Move

US, Israel Share Blame For Gaza 'Massacre’ - Turkey

Israel Pushing Middle East To War - Erdogan

John Kerry Spotted In Secret Meeting With Iranian
Officials As Bolton Threatens EU Firms With Sanctions

Putin Reaffirms Russia's Commitment To Iran Nuclear Deal

Lavrov Calls Situation On Iran Deal A ‘Crisis'


Ex-CIA Chief Warns Trump Of EU Allies Alienation
Amid Renewed Iranian Sanctions

US, Israeli Actions Will Not Go Unanswered - Iran Speaker

Syrian Army One Of The Strongest Forces In Mideast
And Will Retaliate Against Israel – Iranian Official

US Military Near At-Tanf Base In S. Syria Is ‘Aggression'

Russian MoD - Hundreds Of Terrorists Leave Syrian
De-Escalation Zone Over 24 Hours

Saudi Forces Arrive At Yemen Island For Training

A Beginners Guide To The Conflict In Yemen

Houthis Fire Missile At Aramco Distribution Center

Hungary Will 'Tighten' Anti-Soros Bill And
Submit It To Parliament By June – Minister

‘One Year Of Macron Is Enough’ - 1,000s Of
Anti-Macron Protesters March In Paris - Vid


Serbia Forms Commission To Probe Impact
Of 1999 NATO Bombings On Health And Nature

Serbian President Slams NATO Yugoslavia
Bombing As More Kids Get Cancer

Off-Duty Brazil Policewoman Shoots Armed
Thug Attacking Moms - Vid

Former Obama Officials Suggest European Allies
Expel American Diplomats

Man With Body Armor, Large Cache Of
Weapons Caught In Waikiki Hotel

Hawaii Residents Flee Volcano As New Fissure
Sends Lava Several Hundred Feet Into The Air

China Will. Control Weather

Chilling New US Army Recruiting Video

Concealment Strategies Against Social Unrest,
Theft Or Confiscation

Did The NSA Create Bitcoin? That's Classified


HSBC Completes First Trade-Finance Deal Using
Blockchain Opening $9 Trillion Market

NYSE's Plans For 'Physical Delivery' Of Bitcoin
Pave Way For Major Crypto Adoption

Tesla Bursts Into Flames After 'Violent Crash’
In Switzerland, Killing Driver Trapped Inside

Tesla With Self-Driving Capability Crashes Irto Truck
investigation Launched - Pic

Tesla Execs Leaving In Droves - Tesla Going Down?

Apple Could Buy Tesla And Both Would Win

Quality Of Chinese-Built Cars Better Than
European Car - Volvo Executive Admits

Rockefeller Estate Auction World Record - Near $1 Billion

Paid to Protest: US Energy Company Buys
Grassroots Support Whores For Power Plant

Elon Musk Creating Underground Tunnel In LA - Vid


What's In Pet Food? It's Soylent Green For Pets
Ingredients Are Dead Pets And Road Kill. - Vid

MH370 - 60 Minutes Australia

China’s Petro Yuan ‘Thundering Into Action’
As Iran Ditches US Dollar In Oil Trade

Skeptic Geologist - Permian’s Best Years Are Past Us

OPEC Raises Global Oil Demand Outlook For 2018

ConocoPhillips Moves To Seize VZ Oil Assets

Europe Keeps Buying Iran Oil But Banks May Hinder It

Trump Orders 'Significant Reduction' In
Petroleum Purchased From Iran

Russia Deploys Exotic New Weapon - A 'Budget Surplus'

$21 Trillion Gone - Largest Theft In History
Hidden Under Guise Of US National Security


IMF Warning Of Global Inflation - Money Losing Value?
'US Will Be Hit First'

Gold ‘Radically Undervalued’ - About To Take Off - Report

Israel Slaughters 52, Wounds 2,410 Palestinians In
Gaza As Trump’s US Embassy Opens In Jerusalem

Jerry Kushner Says ‘All Peoples Can Live In Peace
As Israel Kills Dozens Of Palestinians

Princess Ivanka, Jerry Smile With Bibi, Ring In
Donald’s New Embassy Ignore Gaza Mass Death

Ex UNHR Official - US Totally Unconcerned With Israeli
Mass Killings Of Palestinians

US Zionist Media Ignores Mass Butchery Of Protesters
...Focuses On Pomp Of Trump’s New Embassy Opening

Iran Blasts Israel For Cold-Blooded Massacre Of
Palestinians In Gaza

Americans May Suffer More Than Its Enemies
With Torture Queen Haspel As CIA Boss

Br Nathanael - Trump Holocaust Law Enrages Poles

18th Lava Vent Opens Forcing New Evacuations

New Lava Vent Threatens Big Island - Vid

Hawaii Authorities Warn Of Possible
Powerful Volcanic Explosion

HI Volcano Raises Fears Of West Coast Eruptions

The Foreign Policy Implications Of
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Trump - Congress Must Pass Spending Bill
Containing A Wall Or There’ll Be No Recess

Sanders Admits Trump Knew Of ‘Pay–To–Play’ Scheme

Oliver North Worked With Cocaine Traffickers
To Arm Terrorists

GOP Has Few Takers For Its 2020 Convention

Navy SEALs Face Sex Assault Charges, Drug Probe


Ebola - The Congo Already Had 120 Deaths In March

Senior WH Adviser ‘Mossad' Kushner & Princess Ivanka
In Jerusalem For US Embassy Opening

Israel Doubles Ahead Of US Embassy Opening

Ecuador To Expel Assange From London Embassy?

USA Became Great WITHOUT Income Tax, Central Bank

The Deep State Mob Targets Nunes

Bloomberg Blasts 'Epidemic Of Dishonesty' Since Obama

John McCain - Mourn Him Not When He Passes

Giraldi - Trump's Pyrrhic Victory…Opts For Path
That Can Only Lead To War

Trump's Neocon Folly - Goodbye Nuke Deal,
Hello Global Debt Crisis


US, EU On Verge Of Breakup As Macron And
Merkel Vow To Counter Anti-Iran Move

Macron's Popularity Down

Trump Erroneously Links US Exit From Nuclear Deal
To Iran's Military Budget

Trump's Ten Lies - A Response To The Iran Nuclear
Agreement Speech

Zarif Begins Tour To Gauge Intl Seriousness On JCPOA

Israel Baits The Hook. Will Syria Bite?

US Fears Its al-Tanf Base In Syria May Be
Captured By Iranian Forces – Reports

Trump’s US-Led Air Strikes Hit Two Syrian Villages
Up To 17 Civilians Slaughtered - Reports

Syrian Air Defense System Destroyed
By Israel Was Allegedly Unarmed - Pic

Russian Military Police Starts Patrolling
Urban Area Of Damascus


US Boosting Security At Posts Across MidEast

Israeli AF Strikes Gaza Strip, More Than 20 Missiles Fired

Israel To Close Border Crossing With Gaza Strip

Israeli Intel Officers Singing Persian Song In Leaked
Viral Video Exposes Identities

Pre-Nakba Commemoration Of Israeli Violence
Against Palestinians In Gaza

The Jonathan Pollard Traitor Release

'Audible Gasp’ Heard When The Chicago Fed
Unveiled Its ‘Solution' To The Pension Problem

Congress Plans To Spend Millions On Search For ET

Boeing Granted A Patent For Turning The B-1B
Into A Gunship Bristling With Cannons

Army's New Weapon: Special Goggles Allow
Soldiers To Shoot Around Corners

CA Bill Will Replace Lincoln Or Washington’s
Birthday With Communist ‘May Day’


Iraqi Elections

Malaysia Police Raid Complex Linked To Ex-PM Najib

9 Dead, 40 Injured In Suicide Bombings
Of 3 Christian Churches IN Indonesia

Duterte Gains Control Of All Branches Of
Philippine Govt After Firing Top Judge

Time To Choose

The Varicella Vax, Skyrocketing Shingles, CDC Chicanery

The Implacable Power Of Volcanic Lava

Are You Shifting Timeline?

Creepy Robot Dog SpotMini Up For Sale Soon

‘Hairy’ Creature Washes Up On Philippine Beach - Pics


UK Cops Facial Recognition Tech 98% INACCURATE

Murder, Violence Plague Mexico’s Elections

TX Health Dept Considers Cracking Down On CBD

Inside Shopify’s Strategy For Dominating
The Booming Cannabis Industry

Record Setting NZ Monster Wave

Why Do Human Feet Keep Washing Ashore
In Canada's British Columbia?

Angel Sighting In East Jordan, Michigan?

NASA Shows Giant Coronal Hole On Sun

2 Dead, Several Wounded In Terrorist Stabbings In Paris

Trump To Appoint New York Banker To
Head Of President's Intel Advisory Board

Trump Names Another Zionist Banker To A Key
Power Position - Chair Of Intel Advisory Board


Icke - Israel's Global Censorship And How Police
And Governments Are Helping Them Do It - Vid

Sessions - All Illegal Border Crossers To Be Charged

Trump Fumes At DHS Head Over Immigration

Loyalty, Uneasy In Trump’s Midwest

Br Nathanael - What People Miss About Putin, Israel

Facebook Mulls Own Digital Currency - Reports

A Satisfied ‘Customer’ Of The Federal Govt?

Sekulow Keeps Surviving Trump Legal Team Purges


FBI Veteran Blasts Agency's 'Shocking Disrespect
For Congress'

Ex US, NATO Officials Teaming Up vs Russia

Two Russian Strategic Bombers Intercepted
Greeted By US Fighters Off Alaska - Reports

Chinese Fighters, Bombers Ring Taiwan, Show
'Upgrade In Combat Capabilities'

Army Major Warns Don't Poke The Dragon,
War With China Would Be A Disaster

Newest US Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier
Suffers Breakdown At Sea

UN Top Nuclear Inspector Quits

UN Nuclear Watchdog Chief Suddenly Quits

Top US State Dept Nuclear Expert Resigns

Merkel to visit Russia on May 18 to discuss Iran nuclear deal


‘Novichok’ Brand Now A Rapidly-Growing
Trademark For Russian Products

Chechen Lawmakers Seek Third Consecutive
Term For Putin As President Of Russia

US Jerusalem Embassy Opening May 14

Iran And Israel Confronting Each Other Militarily?

EU Patience Ending For Trump & His Iran Sanctions

Br Nathanael - A Choice For The World

Trump Demands Iran Observe JCPOA Provisions
That He Breached!

IDF Now Saying Iranians Are The Evil Puppet Masters!

Bibi Thumbs His Nose At Putin In Moscow

Merkel To Visit Russia On May 18 To Talk Iran Deal


Israel Intelligence Minister Lauds Russia For Not
Making S-300 Deliveries To Syria

Lieberman Tells Assad - Kick Iranians Out
Of Syria For Your Own Good

Jewish Billionaires Paved Way For Trump’s
Iran Deal Withdrawal

Did Trump Scrap the Nuke's Deal To Pay Back
Pro-Israel Zionist Campaign Donors?

The Caliphate Of Trump And A Planet In Ruins

Trump WH Spews More Zionist Anti-Iran Garbage

From 1953 Coup To Bolton's Vow - Why US
Regime Change Op In Iran Won't Work

Madsen - New ‘Axis of Evil’ Forms Up Against Iran

US Military Wary Of Cyberattacks From Iran
After Nuclear Deal Exit - Reports

'White Helmets Is Another Arm Of The UK
Foreign Office' - Syrian MP


Iran Accuses Israel Of Assisting Terrorists In Syria

Israel Now Faces New Engagement Rules In Syria

Alleged Missile Launched From Syria Scares
Israeli Wedding Guests - (Old Footage!)

Yes - Dates From 2014 Or Older! - Rocket Explodes
Over Israeli Wedding Published On Jul 9, 2014

China Launches New Rail Link To Tehran

Russia's Sukhoi Plans To Supply SSJ100R
Planes To Iran Despite US Sanctions

Analysts Growingly Dispute Israel’s Claim
Of Iranian Missile Attack On Golan

Battle Between Israel & Iran Is Spreading

France Vows To Trade With Iran

Is Israel A Psychopath?


Israeli Soldiers Shoot Palestinian Reporter In Gaza

Israelis Shoot 250 Children In Gaza Since March

Israel Settlers Flood Palestinian Farmland With Sewage

Israeli Video Game Targets Anti-Occupation Activists

Settlers Build New llegal Outpost in Bethlehem

Mapping Erik Prince's Private Mercenary Empire

Yemeni Forces Fire Another Missile At Saudi Base

Saudis Using US-Supplied Cluster Bombs On Yemen

US Regime Change Targets Thailand

US Said Meddling In Upcoming Bosnia Election


Germany - Protests Demand Release Of 'Nazi Grandma’

Third Indian Teens Raped, Burned Alive In Week

We're All Trespassers Now In The Face
Of The Government's Land Grabs

Red Tide Algae Bloom Offers San Diego
Locals Glowing Blue Waves - Pics

China Builds Warning System To Detect
Earthquakes 3 Weeks In Advance

The Mind Control Increases - More Lies From The ANC

Prominent Black Businessman Attacks Pregnant White Woman

Blacks Marching And Calling For The Murder Of All SA Whites

New Machine Built To Jump Over Enemy Lines

Trump Reneged On Pledge To Lower Drug Prices


Trump Vows To Stop Foreign Govts From
'Extorting' Low Prices From US Drug Firms

DR Congo Hid Its Ebola Outbreak Until Now

Attacking RACIST Buildings

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 5-12-18

​Million A Week Club - Your Radiation - Week 17
Facing A Dying Nation

Beneath Indianapolis’ Bustling City Market

Back To $100? Crude Oil Prices To Soar As Iran
Crisis Adds To Global Supply Headache

Eurasian Economic Union To Sign Trade, Economic
Agreements With China, Iran In Astana

China Ready To Replace ‘Total' In Iran

China ‘One Belt, One Road’ Is Win-Win For Gulf


Russia’s Trade With Egypt Up $10b 2018

Ukrainian Soldiers Physically Threatened
Russian Diplomat Inside UN HQ – Moscow

Ukraine Deceives Countries To Hold Meeting
On Fake News At UN Platform - Zakharova

Mysterious Deaths Trigger Concern Over
Safety Of Indian Students In Ukraine

Why Cockroaches Are So Hard To Kill

Dog Shoots Owner In Leg In Iowa

Dreier - Contemplating Netflix ‘Come Sunday’

The Concept Of Nirvana

Br Nathanael - Killers Of The Deal

Escobar - The Art Of Breaking A Deal

Hillary Wearing Scarf To Hide Back Brace?

WH Official In Trouble After Mocking Dying McCain

Dick Cheney Urges Continued ‘Enhanced
Interrogation’ (Torture) Of Terror Suspects

Second Wave: People Still Getting Sick
17 Years After 9/11 Attacks – Report

WSJ - The FBI Hid A Mole In The Trump Campaign

Stormy Attorney Threatens To Release New Information
On Trump And His Attorney Cohen

Stormy's Lawyer May Face Disbarrment, Legal Action


Frantic Attempts To Avoid Enormous Blast As Lava
Approaches Chemicals Stored At Hawaii Power Plant

Illegal Alien Spreads Typhoid In MA Daycare

WHO Preps For Worst DR Congo Ebola Outbreak
Trump’s CDC Flying Ebola Victims To US At Night

Dumb Dick's Sporting Goods Loses Firearms
Businesses After Gun Control Madness

Qualcomm Announces First 5G Weaponized
EMF Mind Control May Arrive In 2018

Boston Dynamics Robots Are Leaning How To
Run Outside And Navigate Autonomously

Humanoid Robot Atlas Can Jump Over
Obstacles And Hunt You Down - Vid

The Secret Immortality Drug Of The Illuminati

Amazon Censorship Hits Home

Israeli Security Cabinet Plots More Aggression


Russia Bows To US, Israel - No S-300s For Syria

Kremlin - Nixing Delivery Of S-300s To Syria Is
‘Unrelated’ To Netanyahu Visit To Russia

US Moves To Cut Off Iran From Global Economy

Trump & Bolton Call. For Regiine Change In Iran

Israel Nudges Trump Towards War With Iran

John Bolton’s Plan B Now Operational – Another Day in the Empire

Trump ‘Committed' To Iran Regime Change
Giuliani says days before nuclear deadline

Thi Time John Bolton Promised Regime Change
In Iran...Before 2019

All Iranians Are Liars Says Iran-Contra Broker Ollie North

China ‘Regrets' Trump's Decision, Vows To
Protect Iran Nuclear Deal


Putin, Merkel Highlight Importance Of Preserving Iran Deal

Kremlin: Nixing delivery of S-300s to Syria unrelated to Israeli PM’s visit to Russia

Iranian Cleric Says Tel Aviv, Haifa Will Be
Destroyed If Israel Acts Foolishly

Iranian Foreign Minister to Visit China,
Russia, EU to Discuss JCPOA – Source

Damascus Will Not Hesitate To Respond To Israeli
Airstrikes - Syrian Ambassador

Israel Deploys Tanks To Contested Border Region
After Attacks On Syria

‘Iran Has NO Reason To Attack Golan’ Analysts Dispute
Israel’s ‘Political Claim’ Of Iran Missile Attack

Israel Using ‘Planned Provocations’ To
‘Get the US into a War With Iran’

Syrain Terrorists Hand Over Isreali Weapons!

World Diplomats Skip US Emby Opening In Jerusalem


Stun Grenades Fired At Palestinian Protesters
Just Days Before Nakba Day - Vid

Arms And Influence: How The Saudis
Took Donald Trump For A Ride

Methods to Hide Nuke Tests Being Developed Abroad
Russia Working To Track Them - MoD

Chinese Military Aircraft Spotted On Third
Disputed South China Sea Reef

Chinese Fighters, Bombers Ring Taiwan

British Armed Forces In Need of Up To $28.Billion
Over Next Decade – UK MPs

Butler - The Only Red Line That Matters

'US & UK Can Stop Yemen War Today
But They Love Saudi Money'

‘Sexuality Expert’ Claims Parents Need
Consent For Diaper Changing

Orban Declares End Of ‘Liberal Democracy’
In Hungary, Vows To Fight For Christian Values


EU Should Give Up 'Nightmare' Of United
States of Europe' – Hungarian PM

White House ‘Quietly Kills’ NASA Climate Program

Jewish Supremacists Slam Starbucks For Caving To
‘Homophobe-Admiring’ Women’s March Leaders

Bolsheviks In W Sacramento Govt Launch
New Addition To Their Police State Surveillance

N Police State Teacher Illegally Asks
6th Graders If They Have HIV

London - 3rd World Muslim Savages
Throw Acid In Man’s Face

Cheerleading Regime Change in Venezuela

Financially Desperate Americans Forced To Eat
Cheap, GMO, Chem-Infested Frozen Foods

UK Millennials Unconcerned About Eating GMOs

Russia’s FSB Foiled Terrorist Attack On Massive V-Day
Immortal Regiment March In Moscow – Official


Crude Prices Soar Over Iran Crisis

Russia Expects Oil & Gas Profits Five Times
Greater Than Projected In 2018

Aspartame Market To Grow At 5.8% Until 2023

The Donald's Done - The Deep State Wins
Its War On America First

Dem States Lead Charge To Dump Electoral College
And Use The Popular Vote Only

Leaking Michael Cohen’s Bank Records Illegal?

NATO Secret Transatlantic Bond - Nukes In Europe

Torture To Continue With Haspel As CIA Director

Watch CIA Veteran, 78, Get Dragged Out Of Haspel
Confirmation And Tackled By Capitol Police

Hawaii - Volcanic Ash, Acid Rain And Now Big Boulders

Evacuations Continue On Hawaii's Big Island
As New Lava Fissures Open

Israel, Trump Are Lying About Iran's Nuclear Activity

Trump Erased 9 Yrs Of Iran Nuke Talks In Seconds


Syria Shot Down Over Half Of Israeli Missiles - Russia

Iran Claims Israel Attack Was A False Flag
That It Did NOT Fire Anything At Golan

Iran Crossed 'Red Line' By Allegedly Attacking
Israeli Forces - Netanyahu. (Likely False Flag)

Israel Using False Flag Ops To Start War With Iran

Israel Notifies Russia Ahead Of Syria Strikes

Israeli Bombardment In Syria Killed 3, Injured 2

Israeli Missiles Hit Syrian Radar, Air Defense Sites

IDF Boasts Iran Will Take Long Time To Recover From Stikes

Trump’s Iran Nuke Deal Pullout Big Lies

Netanyahu Compares Iran To Nazi Germany
During V-Day Talks With Putin (oh, please)


Lieberman Warns Lebanon Under Hezbollah Total Control

US Allegedly Gives Israel Green Light To Murder
Top Iranian General

Hidden 'War Codes In Trump Iran Proclamation?

Trump Just Cost Boeing $20 Billion Because Trump
The Zionist Lackey Cares Nothing About Jobs

Escalated Israeli Aggression in Syria
After Trump Threatens Iran

Germany, UK, France To Remain In
Nuclear Deal - Merkel to Rouhani

Europe Can’t Rely On US Protection Anymore Says Merkel

EU Will Go To WTO If Trump Actions Hurt Business In Iran

US Turning Its Back On Allies By Quitting Iran Deal - EU

Top German Diplomat Schools New US Ambassador


Globalist DHS Boss Considered Resigning After Trump
Reprimand Over Poor Performance, Porous Border

Pence - Time To Wrap The Mueller Investigation

Ex Fox Military Analyst - Torture Worked On McCain
‘...They Called Him Songbird John’

Lt. j.g. Sarah Coppock Pleads Guilty In Deadly
USS Fitzgerald Collision

Initiative To Split CA Into 3 Parts On November Ballot?

Deep State, Not Trump, Is In Control Of US
And Russia Is The Target – Assad

Assad - Trump US Only Mission In Syria Is Supporting Terrorists

White Helmets Shared Bldgs With Al-Nusra In Syria

Five Most Wanted ISIS Leaders 'Just Captured' - Trump

Shocking Video Shows Terrified Yemeni Children
Dragged From Rubble After Saudi Bombing


Saudi-Led Raids Kills Two Entire Yemeni Families

Saudi Women Hit At Costs Pricing Them
From Historic Chance To Drive

Armed Men Slit Throats Of Worshipers
At Durban Mosque

Russia Completes Delivery Of First Regimental
Set Of S-400s To China

China Unveiling Next-Generation Stealth Bomber

92 Yr Old Former Malaysian PM, Mahatir, Relected

Top 5 Things To Know About Returning
Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad

30,000 Protest As German Cops Get Power
To Open Citizens' Mail

Rappoport - It Isn’t The Genes, The Genes Don’t Rule

PAC Moves To Block Amnesty Discharge Petition


Student Reported To Police For Simply
'Talking About' Concealed Carry

Congress Releases All 3,500 ‘Russian' FB Ads

Did Trump Just Kill The OPEC Deal?

How The World’s Oil Powers Will Seize The Iran Deal

Goldman - Oil Prices To Hit $82.50 By The Summer

Saudi Arabia Ready To Start Pumping More Oil

Russian Gas Sales To EU Hit Record High Despite
The Skripals, Election Meddling & All That Jazz

Academics Shred UK's Skripal Poisoning Claims

RBS Agrees To $5 Billion Settlement With
US Over Toxic Mortgages

Australia Bans Payments Of Over $10,000
Unleashes 'Mobile Strike Teams' In War On Cash


A Cashless Society Looms - Cui Bono?

Goldman And Apple To Launch Joint Credit Card

Central Banks - The Great Experiment Has Failed

‘Unstable' Tesla Battery REIGNITES Days After Bursting
Into Flames, Killing Two In Terrible Tesla Crash

Frozen Waterfalls & Snowy Peaks - Venezuelans
Shocked By May Whiteout - Photos

Sex Attacks Overshadow German Festival

San Diego Beaches Glowing With Bioluminescent Algae

What to Do When Your Teen Hates You

Dreier - We Come Here by Desire

Dreier - Reality Cramps & Sensory Overload


Iranians and Jews At Brink Of War - Israel Boasts Of Its
Powerful (US Paid For) Military (With 400-600 Nukes)

Trump US Allegedly Gives Israel OK To Murder
To Iranian General - Report

Russia - 28 Israeli Jets Fire About 60 Rockets On Syria

Syrians Cheer Volleys Of Missile Defense SAMS Blasting Off - Vid

Israel Claims To Have Hit Nearly All Iranian
Targets In Syria After Alleged Iran Rocket

IDF Claims It Launched Massive Attack On
Dozens Of Iranian Targets In Syria

IDF Missiles Hit Syrian Air Defense, Radar Sides

Israel Claims Iran Launched ’20 Rockets’ At IDF
Outposts (Why Would Iran Be That Stupid?)

McCain Says He Released Infamous Trump Dossier

Democrat Dolts, Crooks And Nitwits Readying
To Rush NH For First Primary Of 2020 Race

9/11 Planner, Tortured By CIA., Asks To Tell
US Senators The Truth About Gina Haspel

Duff - Trump's Stormy Daniels Payoff Came
From A Russian Oligarch Mobster

Trump Atty Cohen Took Cash From Russian
Oligarch-Connected Firm After Election

Stormy Daniels Lawyer's Bombshell Claim Putin
Linked Oligarch Paid Cohen $500K For ‘Hush' Payment

Mueller Rejects Trump Request To
Answer Questions In Writing

Top Secret Intel Source Aiding Mueller Probe Is
Behind Latest Clash Between DOJ And Nunes

The Q Anon BS Spectacle - Final Thoughts

Trump Threatens To ‘Take Away Media
Credentials’ Over Negative Stories On Him

Bro Nathanael - Trump's Little French Poodle - Vid


Twitter Goes Wild With Marcon ‘King’ Macron
'Touches And Heals You’ Spox Comment

False Flags And Fake Reality

Crown Scuttles Iran Deal,
Killed Kennedy And Did 9/11

Short Of War, China Now Controls South China Sea

China Launches Satellite For 'Monitoring Environment'

Hanoi Demands Beijing Pull Missiles From Disputed Islands

Mattis - US Will Still Work With Allies On Iran

Developments Already Underway After Trump Iran Pullout

Boeing Loses $20 Billion In Contracts
After President Trump Violates Iran Deal

Boeing, Airbus Licenses To Sell Jets To Iran
To Be Revoked - US Treasury


Trump To Put ‘Highest Level’ Sanctions On Iran
What It Means For Tehran And Others

Iran - Trump Lacks ‘Mental Capacities After
Pulls Out Of Iran Nuclear Deal

The Big Zionist Lie - 'Iran Seeks to Wipe Out Israel’

IDF Goes On ‘High Alert’ And Bomb Shelters Primed
After Zionist Tool Trump Dumps Iran Deal

What It Took To Achieve The Iran Deal That
Trump Trashed With A Single Signature

John Kerry Defends Hatch Act Violations
Says These Were 'Normal Conversations’

Iran Still Complying With Nuclear Deal
Says UN Atomic Watchdog Chief

How Trump Iran Deal Exit Could Hit Aviation,
Oil And Automotive Industries

Iran - Trump ‘Cannot Do A Damn Thing'

Iran to Face 'Very Severe Consequences’
If It Restarts Nuclear Program - Trump


US Intel Reportedly Suspects Iranian Forces
Might Strike Israel Soon

Trump US Now Lists Additional Demands Tor Iran
...Beyond Halting Nuclear Program

Mnuchin Reveals Trump's Iran Deal Gamble
'The Objective Is A New Agreement'

Is The US Determined To Become A Rogue State?

Iran Will Stay In Nuclear Deal, US Withdrawal Illegal - Iran

Iran - Trump Lied Over 10 Times In Withdrawal Speech

Iranian Lawmakers Burn US Flag - Vid

Iran Vows To Boost Defense
Program Despite US Threats

Trump Withdrawal Shows US Unable To Negotiate - Russia

Russia Will Remain Committed To Iran Nuclear Deal


Watchdog - Trump's Decision To Exit
From Iran Deal May Provoke Nuclear Crisis

Here Are The Countries That Buy Iran's Oil
And What They May Do Next

Saudis Will Seek Nuclear Weapons If Iran
Resumes Its Nuclear Program - FM

Trump Opened The Gates Of Hell – Israel Rejoices

Roberts – America’s Word Is Worthless

Netanyahu In Talks With Putin - 'Iran Threatens Israel’ (BS)

NeoCon Zionist Nutter Nikki Haley Says The
UN Is ‘Abusive’ And ‘Bullying’ To Israel !

Israeli Attack In Syria Reportedly Kills 8 Iranians

Artillery, Rocket Fire Exchange On Syria-Israel Border

Exact Moment Syrian Air Defenses Hit Israeli Missile - Vid


London May Increase Support For Fraud
White Helmets Operating In Syria

Did The US Air Force Lose A High Tech Missile In Syria?

Saudi SAMS Hit Yemeni Rebels Missile Over Riyadh

Hungary - 'We're Building A Christian Democracy
And Not 1 Cent For Muslims And Blacks

Germany - 89 Yr Old ‘Nazi Grandma’ Arrested
After Failing To Show For 2 Yr Prison Sentence

Putin's 12 Minute Inaugural Address

Stephen Lendman - An Open Letter To Vladimiir Putin

Putin Shields WWII Vet From Security Officer

Google ‘Assistant’ Using AI In Phone Calls - Vid

Teen’s Chinese Prom Dress Stirs 'Cultural Appropriation’


Met Holds 'Blasphemous' Anti-Catholic Gala Of Hate, And
Not A Word About 'Appropriation’ Cultural Or Otherwise

NXIVM Cult Doc Charged With ‘Fright’ Experiments

‘Heinous Acts’ - US Olympic Committee Accused
Of Sex Trafficking In New Lawsuit

Tesla Model S Bursts Into Flames After ‘Horrific' Crash
Killing Two Men Trapped Inside

CA First State To Mandate Solar Panels On Homes

Will California Split Into Three? (We hope so)

Congo - Ebola Outbreak Confirmed

47 Most Damaging Jobs To Your Health

Is There A Global Climate Engineering Cover-Up?
A Live Debate, Pts 1 And 2

Outlaw Israel Strikes Damascus Syria


Atzmon - Zionism And Africa - Jews And Blacks

Putin - Russia Needs To Dump 'Dollar Burden' In Oil Trade

NYSE Owner Plans Bitcoin Trading Platform

Detecting Cancer - Can You Trust The Tests?

The PhD Mill

Vegetarians Are Slimmer Than Meat Eaters

Things Look Up For Small UFO Monument In Tiny Town

Deadly Volcanic Gases Force
Door-to-Door Evacuations In Hawaii

The Fears About Human Re-Animation

Price Of Google's New Conveniences? Your Data


US Job Openings Hit Record High
...Wages Also Rising

Houston Raccoons Destroying Homes,
Causing Thousands of Dollars In Damage

Austria - More And More Readers Are Turning
Away From ‘Moralizing’ Mainstream Media

Who Did These Strange Geoglyphs In SA?

The Best Furniture Options For Your Bunker

5 Ways To Avoid Approaching Attackers

Discover The Best Of Washington, DC

What We’ll Do In Space By 2118

The Amazing Power Of World’s Largest Vacuum

After 14 Years, I’ve Had It...I’m Leaving Seattle'


Chicago Mayor Emanuel Wants To Unleash
Spying Police Drone Against Protestors

$25,000 Robot Barista Can Make
120 Cups Of Coffee An Hour

Tidal Wave Of Baltimore Restaurant Closures - Crisis

4.5 Magnitude Earthquake Hits LA

Volcanic Gas Emissions From Earth Cracks
Threaten Residents On Hawaii's Big Island - Vid

Ebola Outbreak Confirmed Democratic Republic Of Congo


Crown Scuttles Iran Deal, Killed Kennedy & Did 9/11

Top Iran Official Says Country Will Increase Its
Ballistic Missile Program After Trump Dumps Deal

Important - The Talpiot Program - Israel’s
World Dominating Secret Weapon - Vid

Trump Follows Zionist Masters - Pulls US Out Of Iran Deal

Zionist Tool Trump Promises Iran ‘Highest’ Sanctions,
Bigger Problems If Nuke Research Continues

Iran Ready To Resume Nuclear Work After
Trump Announces Pullout From Deal - Rouhani

Dem Lawmakers Censure Trump After Deal Dropout

Highest Level Of Sanctions To Be Slapped On
Iran Is Nuke Research Resumes - Trump

Israel Thanks Trump For Withdrawing From Iran
Deal - Netanyahu.(Trump Was Ordered To Withdraw)

France, UK, Germany To Stick To Iran Deal
Irrespective Of US Decision

Trump Warns John Kerry Against Iran Deal Meddling

Russia Rightly Says US Pressure On Iran Has Nothing
To Do With Nuclear Deal (It’s All About Israel’s Agenda)


Trump An Embarrassment As President
And A Zionist Threat To World Peace

Israeli Forces On High Alert Over Alleged Spike In
Iran Activity In Syria

Israel Launches New Air Strike On Syrian Army
Position Near Damascus

Netanyahu Claims Iran Planning To Plant ‘Very
Dangerous Weapons in Syria’ - (More BS)

Neocons, Netanyahu Want War With Iran - Ron Paul

Netanyahu’s Nuclear Chutzpah

Roberts - Do Americans Want To Die For Israel?

Giuliani Mocked For ‘Train Wreck' Trump

Giuliani Goes Full Guinea On Georgie the Greek
$130,000 Payment - 'Don't know and doesn't matter’

White House Threatens Beijing With ‘Consequences’
Should Missiles Remain In South China Sea


Hillary Sounds Alarm On Growing Chinese Influence

Japanese PM Served Dessert In A Shoe At Netanyahu Dinner

Ex - Schneiderman ‘Called Me His ‘Brown Slave’
Would Slap Me Until I Called Him ‘Master’ (Read Talmud)

Gina Haspel To Face Senate Grilling

NATO - A Promoter Of 21st Century Colonialism

A New Cold War Unfolding Above Planet Earth

A Christian Pastor's Advice To John McCain
As He Faces The Gates Of Hell

Wacky MSM Moments Of Globalist Lib Expression - Vid

Devvy - No One Wants To Talk About This
And Health Care Costs

FB Hires Ex Neocon Senator As Company Censor


Hezbollah & Allies Triumph In Lebanese Elections

We’ll 'liquidate' Assad if He Lets Iran Attack Us From Syria
Israeli Security minister

France May Hit Syria Again If Assad Uses Chem Weapons

Saudi-Led Strikes On Yemen Presidential Offices
Kill 15, Injure 55 - Vid

They're Closing The Cage In Plain Sight

CA Residents Flee Soaring Home Prices, Cost Of Living.

Obamacare Premiums May Soar 91% Next Year!

US Navy Establishes Unmanned Aircraft Squadron

How To Bankrupt A Nation

Madsen - NATO: A Promoter Of Colonialism


Russia’s ‘Syria tested’ Robotic Vehicle Shows Off Its Firepower

US Olympic Comm Accused Of Sex Trafficking - Suit

Muslims Are Disintegrating Germany From within

Dad Charges UK Cops With Suppressing Case Of
Running Down, Killing His Son, 2 Other Boys - Vid

‘She Makes Me Ashamed To Be Jewish’ - Net Responds
To Melanie Phillip’s Comments On Islamophobia

'Nazi Grandma’ On Run - Fails To Report For 3 Year
Prison Sentence For ‘Holocaust Denial'

The Dancing Bear Of British Hypocrisy Over Russia

Brave French Mayor Says - ‘Islam Is The Problem!’

BoJo Says May’s Customs Partnership Proposal ‘Crazy’

£10,000 For Millennials - UK Think Tank Plan
To Plug Generational Gap


Pal Takes Down 'Israeli UAV' With Rock & Slingshot - Vid

IDF Soldier Who Executed Wounded Pal Walks Free

Met Gala Includes Bondage Mask With Crosses
Pedophile Saturnian Cult Gala...)

Leftists Secret Plan To Legalize Child Sex
Trafficking…All In The Name Of ‘Love'

Hawaii Hit With 1,301 Earthquakes In A Week

Views Of Lava Mowing Down Homes - Vid

Watch Hawaii Lava Devour An Automobile - Vid

Families Flee As Lava Buries Neighborhoods

Putin Has Broken Everyone's Brain

China Slams US 'Orwellian Nonsense’
Jab On Its Taiwan Push


Differences Between Karl Marx And Dostoevsky

Newly-Released JFK Files Analyzed By AI

Europe Under The VAX Gun - An Expanding Tragedy

Weedkiller Products Even MORE Toxic Than
Their Active Ingredients - Tests

New Study - Obesity…It’s Obviously The Aspartame

How MoD Tried To Prove No One's Out There

Documents Prove Secret UFO Study - Vid

No Breakthroughs In US-China Trade Talks

Russia Needs To Become Less Oil-Depenndent
In Next 6 Years Says Putin

Putin Prioritizes Economic Breakthrough And
Higher Quality Of Life In Speech


Putin Plan - Cut Poverty In Half, Join World’s Five
Biggest Economies And Increase Life Expectancy

Dmitry Medvedev Confirmed As Russia's Prime Minister

French, Germans, Italians Name Putin As 'Most Powerful
World Leader', Trump Ranks Second

Blockchain Is Becoming Mainstream With Its
Adoption By Walmart, ThinkMarkets And IBM

Why Soros, Goldman Sachs, Wall Street Tycoons
Now Embrace Bitcoin

Is The Supply Of Gold Depleting?

Venezuela Slams Pence For Calls To
Suspend Country's OAS Membership

US Slaps More Sanctions On Venezuela

US Sanctions On Venezuela ‘Part Of Campaign
To Oust Government, Nothing To Do With Democracy'

Conoco Begins Confiscating Venezuela
Oil Assets, Infuriating China


Get The Money Wells Fargo Owes You
Before the Claim Deadline Passes

Britains Superrich Going Underground

Why Las Vegas Landscape Is So Lush And Green

Which Country Works The Longest Hours?

Transcending The Five Senses

Earth Just Hit A Terrifying Milestone

Tornado's Secret Sounds May Reveal Where It Hits


Views Of Lava Mowing Down Homes - Vid

Watch Hawaii Lava Devour An Automobile - Vid

Hawaii Lava, Toxic Gas, Quakes May Last Months

BoJo Goes To Washington To Tell Trump To
Stay In Iran Deal - A Futile Effort?

Hillary Slams ‘Reality TV Trump’ In NZ Speech
Cites ‘Strange’ Times And ‘Struggle’ We Are Facing

Is Mueller’s Circus Finally Cracking Apart?

Confirmation Of Torture Queen Gina Haspel
As CIA Director In Doubt

Trump Defends CIA Pick Gina Haspel

Trump Hurtles Toward Three Nuclear Crises

Trump Congratulates Putin - Hopes For A Good
Relationship - Uh, Donald, That’s Up To YOU

Putin’s Big Inauguration Begins His Most Difficult Term

Putin Begins Fourth Term As Russia's President


Now You Know The Way To Putin’s Office

2018...When Orwell's '1984' Stopped Being Fiction

Admitted - Social Media Is Programming People

The 2016 Election Was Not A Fluke

US Ends ‘Immigration Protections’ For Hondurans

ALIPAC Drops Endorsement Of Rep. Shuster
(R-PA) Due To His Globalist Amnesty Support

US War With Iran On Multiple Fronts - Trump
Likely To Cancel Iran Deal - Iran Promises To Persist
Trump Spike Causes Pollster To Reject Own Poll

Giuliani - Trump Still 'Loves Me’

NeoCon Warmonger Nikki Phones Trump When HIs
‘Communications Style’ Makes Her ‘Uncomfortable’

Hawking's Last Words - We Live In 'The Matrix'?


The Warmakers

Two US Surveillance Planes Peek Over
Russia’s Kaliningrad Borders

China Fears Drive Sharp Spike In Japan
And India Military Spending

Macron Says He’s Not An ‘interventionist’
A Few Weeks After Bombing Syria

EU Slams Police ‘Violence' At Russian Rally
But Sides With Spain In Catalonia Crackdown

Russia's Foreign Ministry On Syria & The Skripals

Saudis Bomb Presidential Palace In Yemen

US Already At War With Iran On Multiple Fronts
...Another War For Israel

War On Iran Already Begun...Russia Must End It

Netanyahu Promotes War On Iran With 100% Effort


Israel Setting Up False Flag Missile Attack
To Ignite A War On Iran?

Israel Threatens To Kill Assad If He Continues
Letting Iran Help Him!

‘Lebanon Equals Hezbollah’ - Israeli Security
Cabinet Minister On Lebanese Vote

UAE, Bahrain Participation In Israeli Event A ‘Disgrace’
Says Palestinian Olympic Committee

Palestinians Launch Burning Kites From Gaza
Israel Reports Retaliatory Strike

Iran Calls $6 Billion US Court Verdict A ‘Mockery
Of Justice’ For Americans & 9/11 Victims

Khamenei’s Aide Claims Trump Regime Is Shipping
Terrorists To Afghanistan

Netanyahu Opposition Warns Him About
False Allegations Regarding Iran Nukes

Republican House Armed Service Chair Warns
Trump Against Quitting Iran Deal

UK Foreign Secretary Warns vs Quitting Iran Deal


Saudi Defenses Intercept Two Missiles Fired From Yemen

King Salman Orders Protection For Corruption Whistles

France No Longer Insists On Assad’s Resignation

Erdogan Boasts More Syria Ops & ‘100% Local Arms'

Libyan Coat Guard Blocks NGO Ship From
‘Rescuing' Muslim And Black Invaders

Muslims Turn Historic Greek Park Into Hellhole

Muslim Sex w/10 Yr Old Finland Girl - Judge - Not Rape

Saudi Arabia's Needs Have Become Iran's Problems

Zionist Reporter Spews ADL Lies And
Promotes ADL Goal Of Censoring Twitter

Abortion Clinics Face Trespassing, Protest Hikes
As Activists Try To Shut Down Infanticide Centers


Climate Skeptics More Eco-Friendly Than
Global-Warming Alarmists - Study

Tom Brady, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant - Celebrity
Health Treatments Push Mainstream Medicine

The True Cost Of Eating Meat

Government Controlling Weather Forecasts
To Cover Climate GeoEngineering Crimes

US May Face Up To 5 Major Hurricanes in 2018

Illinois Coroner Holds Remains ‘Hostage’
Unless Families Can Pay $1000

WTI Tops $70 For First Time Since Nov 2014
As Iran Deal Deadline Looms

US Mulls Idea Of ‘FedCoin’ Cryptocurrency

Golden Era For Renewables Around The Corner?

Tesla’s Got Some Bad News For Cobalt Miners


UK - Child Poverty Up 1 Million Since 2010

Gun Violence On London’s Streets ‘Must Stop'

Crow Tries to Buy Train Ticket

Oil Reaches 3.5 Year High

Huge Sinkhole Opens Up In New Zealand

Saved By A Spirit Voice

50 Highest Paying Jobs In The US

Are Marsquakes Anything Like Earthquakes?

No Such Thing As Being Right Or Left Brained?


Hawaii Lava Doubles Number Of Homes Consumed - Vid

'This Is As Bad As It Gets'- Magma Flowing From
Hawaii's Kilauea Forces Thousands To Flee

Sanders Slammed For Playing Feminist Card To Push
For Torture Queen Haspel’s Senate Approval

Nunes Wants Sessions Held In Contempt Of Congress

'Kerry Negotiating With Our Enemies To Undermine
Trump And Feed His Own Ego'

Trump Has Let The ENTIRE Honduras ‘Caravan' Of
Illegals Into America - Trump Lied To Us Again

Are We A Country Or A Joke? - Vid

McCain Wants Trump To Stay Away From His Funeral
...Asks That Obama & GW Bush Give Eulogies

Bikers Head To Washington To End Mueller 'Sham'

Court Rejects US Special Counsel Mueller’s
Motion To Postpone Hearing On Russia’s Case

FBI Chaos - Comey Caught In Lie Over Flynn Probe

Trump Attacks Community Colleges...Rightfully

Relentless US Zionist Russia Bashing


Hegemonic America Not Russia's Partner

Complete Myth Of Low US Unemployment

Russian Embassy Taunts May Over Lack Of Skripal Proof

Pentagram Nears AI Mini Death Drone Swarm Deployment
...Nowhere To Hide - New Systems Test Called Successful

Watch What They Are About To Deploy
Fecial Recog And Instant Death - Vid

Ten MIG-31 Jets With Kinzhal Missiles On Test Combat Duty

Why China's New Missiles In The China Sea
Should Scare The US Navy And Air Force

US Navy Laser Cannons Could Replace
Gatling Guns, Missiles On Warships

UK Nods To Macron’s Military Intervention Initiative

Gilad Atzmon Begins US Tour! Don’t Miss Him!


Top 10 Goals Of Marx Manifesto Accomplished In US

The Zionist Communist Takeover Of
America - 45 Declared Goals

At Least 9 Homes Lost In Hawaii Lave Flows - Vid

Allgire On The Hawaii Volcano And Lava Report - Vid

Sadiq Khan Reveals Plan To Bury London In Muslims

NIH Launches 'All Of Us’ DNA Database Program
Linking Health Outcomes To DNA Markers

US Military Effectiveness & Diplomacy Fade
Many Countries Start Ignoring Washington

The Secret Satanic Death Cult That Runs The World

Did Robin Williams Get Parkinsons From Drinking Multiple
‘Diet’ Red Bulls A Day? Another Aspartame Victim?

Robin Williams - Aspartame Poisoning From Diet Coke
And Diet Red Bull Addiction?


Hypocrite Hollywood Star Shiksa With Her Armed Guards
At Gun Grab Rally To Take Away YOUR Gun Rights

Trump Team Hired Spy Firm For ‘Dirty Ops’
On Iran Nuclear Deal

France Slams Trump As ’Shameful’ And ‘Obscene’ For
Saying Gun Owners Could’ve Stopped Paris Attacks

Rouhani - Iran ‘Ready' - Warns US Of ‘Historic Remorse’

Netanyahu Offers No Proof Of Iran Working
On Nuclear Weapons Since 2009

Does Trump Even Understand The Iran Deal?

Giuliani Reveals Trump Wants 'Regime Change in Iran'

Trump Hired Israeli Agency To Discredit Iran Deal

‘Who Can Trust US If Bully Trump Kills Predecessor
Deals?’ – Iran National Security Chief

Iranian President Stands Against Ban
Of Telegram Messenger App


Russian Opposition Holds Rallies in Country’s
Major Cities Over Telegram App Ban

Over 1,100 Hurt In Latest Pal Gaza Friday Protest

What To Know - Israel’s Top-Secret Nuke Program

Netanyahu To Visit Russia On May 9

Netanyahu's Son Giving Lectures On
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Puzzles Many

Palestinian Lecturer's Assassins Used
Fake Passports - Malaysia Police

Scheme To Let OPCW Name Perps Of 'CW Attacks’

Syrian Troops Reportedly Regain Control Over
Homs-Hama Highway For First Time In 6 Years

Trump Sends More Military Gear To Kurds In Syria

Yemeni Ballistic Missile Destroys Saudi Positions


Yemen Rebels Begin Attacking Saudi Oil Infrastructure
You Know What That Means

Kuwaiti Warship Sinks in Persian Gulf

JoeTalk - It’s Too Late - Vid

Ex Fed Governor Says US Issuing ‘FedCoin’ Crypto
Is ‘Doable’ And ‘Advisable’

Yes, The US Government Can Still Confiscate Gold

'Money Is Gold... And Nothing Else'

VZ President Accuses Biggest Private Bank
Of Siphoning Money Abroad

NASA Successfully Tests Portable Nuclear Fission
System For Long-Term Space Travel

Former NY Media Figure Now Living In Homeless Shelter

Dozens Of Wild Horses Dead In Southwest Drought


Trump Has Let The ENTIRE Honduras 'Caravan' Of
Illegals Into America - Trump Lied To Us Again

Trump Says He May Have To ‘Close Up’ The US
At Border To Stop Illegals Pouring In

WH Rips China’s Weird Demands On US And Other Airlines

Kerry Slammed For ‘Stealth Diplomacy’ To
Save His Iran Deal

If There Ever Was A Violation Of The Logan Act,
John Kerry Just Did It

Kerry Working With Iran, EU To Salvage Nuclear Pact

Russia Will Boost Ties With Iran If US Drops Iran Deal

UN Sec Gen - Scrapping Iran Deal May Cause WW3

Macron - US Exit From Iran Deal Might Mean War

Once Again MidEast Drags Us Toward The Abyss

Trump Claims London Hospital Is A ‘War Zone’


Daniel Ellsberg Warns Of ‘No Survivors' if US
Uses ‘Criminally Insane’ Nuclear Weapons

McCain Battles Brain Cancer

Leaks, Fake News And Hidden Agendas

How Scott Pruitt Helped AK Poultry Giants
Pollute One Of OK’s Prettiest Rivers

The Globalization Of Poverty

China’s Xi Calls Marx ‘Greatest Thinker Of Modern Times'

US College Students Don’t Know Who Won Civil War

The NSA Collected 500 Million US Telephone
Call Records – Targeting 40 People

CNN’s Lemon - ‘It’s My Obligation As A
Journalist’ To Call Trump ‘Racist’

Warren Buffet Warns Cyber Industry Will Get Worse


US To Reactivates 2nd Fleet In North Atlantic

Lockheed Shares Coveted F-22 Designs With Tokyo

Pentagon Bypassing US Anti-Russia Sanctions

Body Cam Vid Of Paddock’s Suite Raises More Questions

Race Of The War Machines - Russian Battlefield
Robots Rising To The Challenge

Russia Grabs Five ISIS Members, Foils Planned Attacks

Russian Federation SITREP, May 3, 2018

Russia And Turkey Build First Turkish Fighter Jet

Beijing Blasts Macron Charges Of China ‘Hegemony'

Pakistan Pours Millions Into Military-Civilian
Satellites And Its Space Program


'Whitehall Knows Best’ - Or, The Art Of
Taking Britain To War

'We Must Be Propagandized For Our Own Good'

Bolton Threatened First OPCW Chief - Analyst

OPCW Corrects It’s Own Chief’s Bizarre Claim That
‘50-100 Grams Of Novichok’ Were Used On Skripals

UK Considers Russia Behind Skripal Poisoning,
Despite Zeman's Statements

UK To Continue Support Of White Helmets
Despite US Halting Their Funding

US Disenchantment With White Helmets

Jill Stein - Israel Secretly Developed Nukes, Not Iran

The Israeli Nuclear Elephant In The Room

Israel Has 400-600 Nukes - World Should Focus On THAT


Israeli Media Admits Attempt To Kill Iranian N. Scientists

Israel Wants To Prevent Russian S-300s To Syria

Reinventing Israeli Ruthlessness

At Least 6 Pal Hamas Members Killed In Gaza Blast

Human Rights Don't Apply To Occupied Palestine

Israel Sources - Trump To Ask Israel To Withdraw
From Four East Jerusalem Neighborhoods

Israel's Racist Nation-State Law Advances

Israel Drops Bid For UN Security Council Seat

State Dept Condemns Journalist Killings
...Except Ones By Israeli Soldiers

Palestinians Resisting Israeli Occupation Are
Not The Same As Rebels Fighting Syrian Govt


5,000 Israelis March In Tel Aviv's 'SlutWalk’ - Photos

US Covert Special Ops Worldwide

CA Is Now World’s 5th Largest Economy

US Farmers Choke On Trade War With China

US - Suicide And Drug Use Are Still Rising

Company Building Device That Can
‘See Through’ Solid Objects

Drone Swarms Messing With Hostage Situations

The Time It Reached 55 Degrees In
Antarctica During Winter

Anthrax Outbreak In Central China

Meet BioHackers Who Microchip Themselves


Jetliner Flew So Low ‘You Could See The Pilot’

Monsanto Challenges India Court’s Decision
That Undermines Its GMO Cotton Monopoly

China's Top Oil Co Cuts Saudi Crude Imports

Venezuela Arrests 11 Bankers, Takes Temporary
Control Of Bank In Corruption Purge

Russia's Total Public Debt Decreases
To 33% Of Country's GDP

Bank Of Korea Looking Into Issuing
A Central Bank Digital Currency

US Farmers Choke On Trade War With China

Swiss Bank Replaces 7 Employees With 5 Robots

Germany’s Anti-Christian Hate Crimes Unreported
Because They’re Committed By Muslims

A Psychiatrist Tells How To Tap Into Wisdom


Global GeoEngineering News Alert - 5-6-18

Two Strong Earthquakes Rock Hawaii’s
Big Island As Volcano Still Erupting - Vid

Insane Japan To Build Roads Out Of
Radioactive Fukushima Dirt

​Million A Week Club - Your Radiation - Week 16

Idaho Loses Weapons-Grade Plutonium

Idaho State University Lost Some
Weapons-Grade Plutonium

Scientists Make Artificial Retina - Hope To Restore Sight

New Israeli Space Radiation Vest For Astronauts
In Deep Space? What Was Used On Apollo Missions?

Strong 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes
Off Philippines - USGS - Vid

How To Keep Guacamole From Turning Brown


6.9 Quake Rocks HI Big Island Along With Lava Flows

Israel Drops Bid For UNSC Seat

Judge Nap - Giuliani’s Claim Trump Didn’t Know Of
Payment To Storny Daniels Is ‘Unworthy Of Belief’

US Judge Says Mueller Should Not Have
‘Unfettered Power’ In Russia Probe

Federal Judge Accuses Mueller's Team Of ‘Lying’
And Trying To Target Trump

Judge In Manafort Case Says Mueller’s
Aim Is To Hurt Donald Trump

NSA Collected 500 Million US Telephone Call
Records In 2017 - A Big Increase

‘Cyber Domain Will Define Next Century Of Warfare’
Pentagon Raises Status Of US Cyber Command

'NSA Dominates Surveillance, Sabotage' In Cyberspace

'Jade Helm' Drills Conspiracy Talk Fueled
By Russian Bots, Claims Ex-CIA Top Spook

Campaign To Save Net Neutrality

Shimatsu - Zuck, Ming The Merciless & The Digital Economy

FB To Censor News Sites According To 'Trust Ranking'

Trump Thanks Kanye West For Rise In
African American Poll Numbers

Detroit Radio Station Bans Kanye West’s Music

Summer, 1945 - Germany, Japan And The Harvest Of Hate

MSNBC Big Correction To Cohen ‘Wiretap’ Story


Leaks, Fake News And Hidden Agendas

Does Melania Trump Like being First Lady?

New Videos Of Hawaii Volcano Eruption
Lava Covers Roads - 10,000 Evacuated

Unemployment Falls Below 4% For
The First Time Since 2000

Roberts - Does Russia Know What’s Up?

US-UK Anti-Russia Conspiracy

SA Black Spews Call For Torture, Death And
Cannibalism Of Whites - Trump Remains Silent

Putin's Favorite Philosopher On The Inevitable
Rise Of A New Russia

China Begins Chip Independence Move In Earnest

WH Warns China To Face Consequences
For Militarizing S China Sea

Could China Flash Invade Taiwan?


Czech President's 'Novichok Bombshell’
Undermines London's Credibility In Skripal Case

Czech Pres Admits His Country Produced Novichok

Russian FM Points At UK's ‘Numerous’ Skripal Case Lies

OPCW’s ‘50-100 Grams’ Claim ‘Would Have
Poisoned Neighborhood’ Not Just Skripals

From The Skripals To Douma, The Globalist
Pravda Network Reveals Its True Face

Roberts - 'It's Up To Europe’ To Save The World

Terrorist Acts Plotted in Russia Were
Coordinated From Abroad - FSB

Beijing Shrugs Off Laser Warfare Accusations
After US Complains Over Djibouti ‘Incident’

US Fleet With 1000 Missiles In Mediterranean

Globalist John Kerry Quietly Seeking Shadow
Diplomacy To Save 'His' Iran Deal

Russia - Any Changes To Iran Nuke Deal Unacceptable


US-Israel Military Industrial Complex Trying To
Destroy Iran Nuclear Deal

Covert US Special Operations Worldwide

What’s Washington Really Doing in Armenia?

IDF Shoot, Wound More Palestinian Gaza Protesters

Israel - Human Rights Laws Don’t Apply To Gaza

IDF Claims Palestinian Deaths ‘Accidental’

Israeli Syrian Air Strike Secrets - Vid

Israel Declares Palestine Protests 'A State Of War’

Activists For Equity & Justice Barred From Israel

US ‘Freezes Funding’ For White Helmets As
Group’s Douma Chem Attack Lies Fall Apart


US Buildup In E Euphrates To Partition Syria

Terrorists Get Safe Haven In Trump-US
Guarded Part Of Southern Syria

Scores Of NATO-Made Mines Found Amid
Massive Ammo Cache In Syria’s Douma - Vid

Syrian Army Uncovers Cargo of Israeli-Made
Arms Smuggled To US Backed Terrorists

UK Drones Firing Organ-Destroying
‘Vacuum Bombs’ On Rise In Syria - Vid

Qatar Could Become An Empire Again

Saudi Scheme To Throw Lebanon Elections Found

Turk Cargo Vessel Rams Greek Warship In Aegean

Soros-Funded Group Creates App To Help Illegal
Aliens Avoid Arrest And Tip Off Others

Finnish Supreme Court Rules Muslim Sex With
10 Yr Old Girl Is Not Rape


Hungary's PM Orban Mulls Blocking EU Budget If
Brussels Spends Money On Migrants

Anti-Muslim & Black Protesters On Greek island
Of Lesbos Try To Flip Police Buses - Vid

Odessa Leader - ‘Ukraine Won’t Belong To The Yids!’

Musk Apologizes - Tesla Stocks Fall Anyway

JoeTalk - The Communist Takeover Of America - Vid

Jim Marrs - Psi Spies, Part 1 - Vid

Jim Marrs - Psi Spies, Part 2 - Vid

Jim Marrs - Psi Spies, Part 2 - Vid

So Wrong About Thomas Merton's Death (song lyrics)



Deciphering The Pentagon UFO Program
And Release Of Those Navy UFO Videos

Solving The UFO Riddle With MADAR

Formerly Secret UFO Program NOT Called
'Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program' (AATIP)?

California Is Burning - Life Among The Wildfires

Plants Use Underground Communication

Amazon To Affordable Housing - Screw You

Shooting Accuracy - Its Importance Can’t be Overstated

Maker of OxyContin Pay Canadian Doctors
Nearly 3 And 1/2 Times More Money

140 Yr Old Vanishing Ship Mystery Solved

Cornell Course - ‘Derangement' Of 'Climate Denialism'


The Amazing Health Benefits Of Ginkgo Biloba

Ecstasy Can Help People Who Suffer from PTSD

HI Lava Flows Into Residential Area - Evacuations - Vid

Hawaii Lava Flowing, Evacuations, Eruption Possible - Vid

Israel Declares Palestine Protests 'A State Of War’

WH Warns China To Face Consequences
For Militarizing S China Sea

Could China Flash Invade Taiwan?

Trump Mulls Lewandowski For Kelly’s Chief Of Staff Job

Duff Intel Drop - N Korea Is As Fake As Trump
And Updating The Trump ‘Gay-AIDS’ Problem

Duff - Donald Trump ‘Only A Bit Gay…And Jewish’ ?

Trump And WH Counsel ‘Barely On Speaking Terms’

Feds Tapped Trump Lawyer Cohen's Phones

Trump Lied About The Stormy Daniels Payoff

Stormy Says She Was Threatened To
Stay Silent About Alleged Trump Affair

Giuliani Says Trump Paid Cohen $130k For ‘Expenses’
...Not To Shut Stormy Up

Trump Iinsists Cohen Payment To Stormy
Didn’t Use Any Campaign Money

Many Presidents Lie About Their Medical History


US Worst Enemy Is Its Trillion-Dollar Military

Trump’s Pentagon Opens Up Guantanamo Bay
To Brand New Prisoners

Leaker In The Interior Department Has Been Found

James Comey Says Deep State Doesn't Exist
Then Describes The Deep State's Existence

Trump Threatens To 'Get Involved' In DOJ Fight
Schumer Flips Out

"God Damn You To Hell": Ex-Trump Aide Slams Senate
Over Financial Ruin Caused By Russia Probe

Clapper-Tapper Leak Proves Intel And US Media
Collaborated To Create Russiagate

DOJ Probe Demanded After 'Very Pissed Off’ Obama
Official Reamed McCabe Over Clinton Investigation

Hillary Now Blaming Socialist Left Democrats
For Historic Election Loss

Midwestern Towns Offer Young Workers
Money To Move There


Twitter Meltdown After Boy Scouts Announces
‘Gender Neutral’ Name Change

Assange In Grave Danger - Pamela Anderson

Disposable Income Economy Is NOT Coming Back
Americans Start To Adjust To A Second World Status

Students Nationwide Walkout To Support 2nd Amendment

Stop Using WhatsApp If You Care About Your Privacy

Facebook's Newest Censorship Scheme

Cambridge Analytica Closing After Facebook Scandal

CA Dem Rep Wants Assault Weapon Buy-Back

Psychiatry And The Great Fraud

Smart Phones Make Dumb People


PAC Activists Pressure States To Join Lawsuit
Against Unconstitutional DACA Amnesty

I Know Which Country The US Will Invade Next

USAF Boasts Testing Of New Nuclear Gravity Bomb

Russia's ‘Invincible' Nuclear Weapons

Cyber-Bomb Russia, McCain Begs In New Book

Russia Kills Jihadists With Weaponized Robot
Ahead Of World Cup

Atzmon - Living In An Orwellian Dystopia

Trump Positive Initiatives Toward Russia Canceled
By US Establishment's Russophobia - Lavrov

More Than 80% Of Russians Say They’re Happy

Lavrov Slams UK Denial Of Russian Consular Access
To Skripals As Same As Kidnapping


Adidas Backs Kanye West In Slavery Flap

Trump’s Trade Team Faces Its First
Critical Challenge in Beijing

What's Behind China's Alleged Missile
Deployment in The Pacific?

56% Of US Voters Want Trump To Keep
Iran Nuke Deal As Deadline Looms

Pompeo Is Super Hawk On Iran And Will
'Reinforce Trump’s Worst Tendencies'

Trump 'All But Decided To Withdraw’ From Iran Deal
As IAEA Refutes Netanyahu Speech

Iran FM Blasts US Over Handling Of Iran Deal

World To Lose Key Non-Proliferation Doc
If US Quits Iran Deal - Lavrov

UN Chief Warns Of 'Dangerous Times' Ahead
if Trump Scraps Iran Nuclear Deal

‘Bullying Others’: Iranian FM Slams US
Over Its Handling Of Nuke Deal


'Chemical Attack' Provocation With US
Participation Planned In Syria - Source

Netanyahu Is Once Again Trying to Push
The US Into A Disastrous War

Iran Secret Nukes? Scaremongering Bibi At It Again

Israel Wants Russia To Respect 'Its Security
Interests' In Syria - Lieberman

US Green Berets Covertly Helping Saudis In Yemen

Palestine - The Choice Of Israel Or Humanity

Meet The Israelis Standing Up For Palestinians

Abbas More Anti-Palestinian Than Anti-Semitic

Palestinian Convicted For Crime Of Poetry

Muslims And Blacks 'Issue Ultimatum’ And Forcefully
Stop German Cops From Deporting Failed Asylum Seeker


Lavrov Says Ukraine Lost Its Independence

Berkeley Doctor - People Die From Chemo Not Cancer

University To Hire 'Social Sentinel' To Surveil
And Monitor Students (Off Campus)

British Neo-Nazis Are On The Rise

Russia Cuts Oil Exports To Europe, Ups Trade With China

China’s Top Oil Company Cuts Saudi Crude Imports

Russian Economy Gaining Momentum On Rising Oil Prices

Goldman Sachs Says Bitcoin 'Is Not A Fraud’
And Plans To Begin Trading Within Weeks

Billionaire Thiel Unveils Broker-Dealer
Venture For Major Crypto Traders

Musk’s Tesla Car Co Posts Biggest Ever Quarterly Loss


Tesla Car Co Loses $2 Billion

PayPal Tumbles As Amazon Moves Into Digital Payments

UK To Continue Cambridge Analytica Probe
Even After Firm's Closure

Biggest Oz Bank Lost Data On 20m Customers
And Didn’t Tell Them

Escobar - Eurasia Is Torn Between War & Peace

20,000 Indian Troops Engage In War Drill Near Pak

Massive Fire At India Space Research Unit

Vitamin B6 Can Help You Remembering Your Dreams

Autism Highest In Areas With High Vaccination Rates

Hawai - Eruption Imminent As Locals
Ordered To Prep For Evacuation


Hidden Underground Cave Under AZ Home For Sale

California Is Due For Mega-Flood

Over 800 West Hollywood Buildings
Could Collapse In Major Quake

Pakistan May Have Set A World Heat Record

Remembering Samuel Epstein

As We Have Been Saying For Decades...
Why So Many Die...Goldman Sachs - Curing Cancer
...Is ‘NOT A Sustainable Business Model’

Trump Said Hiring Bill Clinton’s Impeachment Lawyer

Judge Nap - It Would Be ‘Catastrophic’ For Trump
To Plead The Fifth In Mueller Probe

Trump Could Face Subpoena To Appear
Before Russia Probe Grand Jury

Trump Legal Team Prepares For Mueller Showdown

Br Nathanael - Trump, The Media, & Your Guns - Vid

Ex Trump Doctor ‘Frightened And Sad'

Narcissist Drag Queen Michelle Obama Declares
Herself America’s ‘Forever First Lady’

Environmentalists Plan To Carve Trump’s Face
Into Arctic Iceberg

DC City Councilman Attacked As An ‘Antisemite’
For Telling Truth About Rothschild Zionism


James Comey's Forgotten Rescue Of Bush-Era Torture

DNC Officials Demand Refund From Hillary Clinton

Insane Eugenics Program Plans To ‘Recode’
Human Cells To Resist Viruses

Bolshevik Communist Soros Funds, Launches
App To Help Illegal Aliens Avoid Feds

US Shows 'Undisguised' Economic Aggression
Toward Russia

CIA Prepares To Replace Spies With AI

Google Co-Founder Cautions About Dark Side Of AI

Russia's S-400, Pantsir-S Air Defense Systems
To Get Major AI Boost

US Tests Newest B-61 Nuclear Gravity Bomb

Pentagon’s New Robot Vehicles Coming Soon


US, China, Saudis Biggest Military Spenders In 2017

India Joins The League Of Top Five Military Spenders

Russia Cuts Military Spending First Time In 19 Years

Trump ‘Seriously’ Considers Creating US Space Force

Money Pit - Lockheed Opens New F-35 Plant
Sucks Up Another $1 Billion from Pentagon

Only 4 Of Germany’s 128 Eurofighter Typhoon
Jets Are Ready For Combat

Trump White House Has Known For Weeks
About Israel's Stolen Iran Documents

Netanyahu Selling War - Is Trump Buying?

Israeli Activist Calls For Awarding Netanyahu
The Nobel Peace Prize

Trump Another Warrior Nobel ‘Peace'
Prize Candidate


War On Iran Coming?

Iran's Nuclear Capability Was Far More Advanced
Than Tehran Admitted, Trump White House Says

US - Israeli Nukes Not Up For Debate Until
State Is Recognized By Arab Neighbors

Netanyahu Warns Cabinet Against Commenting
On Iran Nuclear Dossier

Israel Cancels US-Based Test Of Its Arrow-3 Missile
Defense System Until ‘Maximum Readiness’ Ensured

Bibi Accuses Palestinian Leader Abbas
Of Holocaust Denial

Guatemalan Flag Flies Over New Embassy In Jerusalem

Egypt's Army Reportedly Amasses Troops
On Israeli Border For Anti-ISIS Campaign

China - All Sides Need To Continue Upholding Iran Deal

Not Linked To 9/11, Judge Orders Iran To Pay Billions


Iran Overtakes Israel In Scientific Research Rankings

Crazed Netanyahu Accuses Palestinian President
Of ‘Antisemitism'

Iran's Nuclear Program

25 More Civilians Killed In US-Led Airstrikes In Syria's

NATO Warships Enter Black Sea As West
Ramps Up Naval Activity In Region

The Positive Power Of Imagination

US Court Obliges Iran To Pay Billions
To Families Of 9/11 Victims

Netanyahu - The Dangerous Prankster

The US White House’s Mercenary Connection

US Losing Afghan War - Militants Take More Land


Hungary Mayor Hails Border Wall Keeping Muslims OUT

Flies In Operating Rooms Force LA VA
Hospital To Postpone Over 80 Surgeries

De-Dollarization - An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Skyrocketing US Debt Can’t Be Supported By
Dollar Printing Forever - Crisis Coming

China Warns Trump - 'We Will Outlast You'
As US 'Significantly Escalates' Trade War

White House Pushes Beijing To Roll Back
'Made In China 2025' Initiative

'We're Full Of Crises Right Now’ - Egyptian
Billionaire Piles Billions Into Gold

Ford Targeting Massive $25.5 Billion In Cuts
Confirming End Of Major Automotive Cycle

E. coli Outbreak Tied To Romaine Lettuce Kills 1 In CA

Murray - Look Where They Tell You Not To Look


CIA Can ‘Selectively’ Share Secrets With
Pet Reporters Without Challenge

America's Prescription Drug Epidemic

Scientists - Earth's Magnetic Field Is Acting 'Weird'

Russia's Bold New Energy Gamble

China Prepared To ‘Unleash’ On Australia

CBA Confirms Loss Of Almost 20 Million
Customers' Financial Statements

Diseases From Ticks & Mosquitoes Triple In US

What It’s Like To Live In NASA’s New Spacecraft

Stanley Kubrick's Work Through A Different Lens

How More Than Half The Art In This
French Museum Was Forged


The Awesome Power Of A Supercell Storm - Pics

Dreier - How To Stretch Feeling ‘Good’

Trump Trying To Avoid Impeachment As Midterms Near

Amazing Kanye West Says 400 Years Of Slavery
Was A Choice For African Americans

Sanders Says WH Took Possession Of Trump
Medical Records, Denies ‘Raid’

Stormy Files New Defamation Suit Against Trump


Roberts - What Can Be Done?

Two-Thirds Of US 8th Graders Can’t Read Or Do Math
They Are Essentially Illiterate Morons

Clintons Orchestrate Rise From Ashes With $100,000
Dinner, Bill's Novel, And Chelsea's Twitter Game

Americans Have Given Up On Political Parties
Citing Corruption In Government

And Now Millennials Are Fleeing The Democratic Party

Tesla Car Co Is Losing $6,500 Every Minute
Genuine Risk It Will Fail By Year End

Facebook May Be About To Ruin WhatsApp

How Facebook Secretly Suppresses Key Truths

FB Tries To Block US Spy Suit From Top EU Court

Did CNN Hire James Clapper For
Leaking Sensitive Information?


Canada Suddenly Wants Trump To Enforce
US Immigration...To Protect Canada

Police Cadets Quit, Expose Dept For Training Them
To View Public As ‘Cockroaches’ And The Enemy

George Carlin - 'The American Dream’ His Best 3 Min

The CIA Got Macron Elected

Paris Burns As Rioters Hit Buildings, Burn Cars

Strange Black UFO Floats Across TX Sky

Russophobia Is A Dangerous Psychosis

Can Russia's S-400 Defense System
Stop Trump's Tomahawk Missiles?

A Case Of Pentagon-Financed Technology
Undergirding Beijing’s Military

New US Carrier With ‘No Good’ Digital Catapult
Now 75% Completed


New ‘Hottest flashpoint’? - Taiwan Mulls Buying
US Abrams Tanks To Counter China

China Becoming World Leader In Robotics

‘Forget The FB Leak’ - China Is Mining Directly
From Workers' Brains On An Industrial Scale

Chinese Factories Employ 'Brain Scanners' To Stop
Workers' Mistakes Before They Happen

Netanyahu Given Power To Declare War With
Only Lieberman's Approval (Nuclear War)

Israel Preparing War On Iran, Wants US Support

Attacks On Iran Bases To Get ‘Heavy Response’ – Iran

Netanyahu’s Fake Claims About Iran’s
Nuclear Program

Pat Buchanan Blasts Bibi - He's 'Been Crying Wolf
For Decades' About Iran

Pompeo: Israel's Iran Documents 'Authentic’
Prove Iran Had Secret Nuke Program


Bibi ‘Either A Liar Or An Idiot’ - His Iran Claims
Insult Integrity Of IAEA Inspectors

US Revises Statement Saying Iran ‘Has’
Secret Nuclear Program

Israel Is The Only State In Mideast That Has Nukes

Israeli F-15s Hit Syrian Base Storing Iranian
Anti-Aircraft Missiles - Reports

Mattis - US ’Nothing To Do With April 30 Hits On Syria

The Syrian Airbase At Center Of
Possible Israel-Iran War

Netanyahu's 'Iran Lied' Presentation Mocked Online

Bibi Baby’s Absurd Theatrics

NYT Plays Press Agent For Netanyahu’s
Big Lies On Iran's Nuclear Program

Why Do So Many Denounce Trump
And Putin But Ignore Netanyahu?


Tehran Says Netanyahu Lied

Netanyahu Fake Claims About Iran Nuke Program

Iran Vows 'Surprising' Response To Israel

The Iran Nuclear Deal Explained

EU Tells Israel To Take Claims On Iran To IAEA

IAEA Refuses To Assess Bibi’s Iran Claims

Netanyahu's Charges Against Iran NOT New,
Dealt With by IAEA - Iran Minister

OK For Israel To Shoot Defenseless
Palestinians In Gaza?

US ‘Final Push’ On ISIS Raises Syria Partition Talk

Aggression On Syrian Sites Prelude
To Something More Serious?


Israeli Forces Demolish Palestinian
Building In East Jerusalem

9 Journalists Among 20+ Killed In Afghan Bombings

Huge Dead Zone In Gulf Of Oman Far
Worse Than Feared - What Is It?

The Modern Day Meaning Of J'accuse

CA 7-11 Playing Classical Music…Lowlife Leaves

The Old New World (Photo Based Animation) - Vid

Looting And Destruction By Savages In SA

Violence Against SA Whites Reaches New Heights

SA President Ramaphosa - We Will Take The Whites’
Land Whether They Like It Or Not

Senior Citizens Are The Most Attacked In South Africa


Latest Farm Attack On A 79 Yr Old Farmer

May 1 - Another Farm Attack

What 'White Privilege' In South Africa? (Opinion)

White Farmers Are Blamed For ANC Incompetence!

Lekota Repeats - No Land Was Stolen From Blacks In SA

Kiev Places Stake On Military Solution To Donbass
Conflict Says Russian Envoy

Porky - Ukraine Has Received US-Made Javelin Missiles

Ron Paul Rages - 'Baby Alfie' Is The Latest Victim
Of Omnipotent Government

Millennial Homeownership Rate Collapses In Britain

Global Debt Soars To All-Time High Of $164 Trillion


Goldman Fined $110 Million For ‘Improperly’
Rigging The FX Market

New York Restaurants Demand Permission
To Levy Food Surcharge

Safeway Warns Seattle - New Employment Tax Could
Turn Neighborhoods Into Food Deserts

Vegan Revolution - Half A Billion Fewer Animals
Slaughtered And Eaten By People Since 2007

The Harvard Scientist Who Took Extraterrestrial
Abduction Seriously

The Haunted Oakabella Homestead

Stuart Wilde & The Distant Mist Of India

'Rain Of Terror’ - Egypt To Crack Down On
Fake Weather Reports

Bad Doctors Who Cross The Border

Avocado Seeds Can Cure Cancer - Proof

Apple Seeds And Cancer...
What Big Pharma Won’t Tell You


John Kelly Calls Trump An ‘IDIOT’ Say WH Staff

Kelly Tries To Squirm Out Of Calling Trump An ‘Idiot’

Trump Says He Will Be Impeached If Republicans
Are Routed In Midterms

Trump Grovels At Bibi’s Knees In Vile Subservient
Support Of The Alleged Zionist ‘Evidence’ Against Iran

Bibi's Iran ‘Evidence’ Is Ancient! & Predates JCPOA

Netanyahu Shows Slides, Docs Claiming
Iran Has Nuclear Weapons Program

Israel Reportedly Won't Rule Out Attack On Iran
Soil If Hit By Iran's Proxies

Mike Pompeo, Jordan's King Agree On 'Urgent Need’
To Confront Iran In Syria

Israel Will Continue To Attack Syria At Will - Lieberman

Israel Refuses To Comment On Missile Strikes On Syria


NATO Acts As Trump’s Lapdog

US Demands All Other Nations Bow To Its Will

Pompeo's Road Show All About Plotting Next
US Imperial Wars And Moves

How Do Civil Wars Happen?

Dismal PA Relations With US And Israel

Trump Won’t Rule Out Negotiating A New Iran Deal

Putin, Macron Back Preservation Of Iran Nuclear Deal

UK, France & Germany Unite To Defend Iran Deal

Rouhani To Macron - Iran Nuke Deal ‘Non-Negotiable’

Full Scale US War With Syria Coming


‘Deep State’ Pushing For Syrian Conflict – Kucinich

China Poised To Help Syria's Reconstruction – Envoy

Syrian Witnesses Who Speak Truth ‘Poisoned’
By Western Reporters – Zakharova

Mattis Wants Sanctions Waive For Allies
That Buy Russin S-400s

Video Of Russian Police Arriving In Douma

Douma Residents Laugh At Reports Of Gas Attacks

MBS - Palestinians Should Accept Peace Or Shut Up

Houthis Vow To Step Up Saudi Oil Facilities

US State Dept Confirms Delivering Javelin
Missile Systems To Ukraine

Russian Diplomat Slams UK Media's Sudden
Blackout On (Fake) Skripal Case


Twitterati Teacts To Sunday Times Corbyn ‘Smear’ Piece

Net Mocks 'Russian-Bots-For-Corbyn' Story

‘Logic Defying Nonsense’ - Embassy On Sunday Times
Report That Russian Bots Helped Labour Win

Accusing Russian Bots Is The New ‘Default’ Position
For Ailing Governments – Ex Intel Officer

Meddling By Russian Bots In UK 2017 Election?

Chinese Jaywalkers Fined Instantly Through SMS

A Spiritual Experience, Dedicated To My Wife

The Evil Uni-Bank Alliance

Lawyer Arrested for Holocaust Dissent in Kansas

China's Oil Futures Are Gaining Momentum


UBS - 'The Petroyuan Will Undermine Dominant US
Role And Create A Sea Change In Global Markets"

Foxconn Uses Loophole To Drain 7 Million Gallons
Of Water Per Day From Lake Michigan

EU Plans Funding Cuts to Member States
That 'Put Rule of Law at Risk' - Reports

Mayor Of French ‘Jihadi Capitol’ Call On Paris To
Stop Islamism From Taking Over His Town

After Rudd, Theresa May Next In The Firing Line?

CIA Whistleblower - Trump Is Doing What Kennedy Tried To
...Will He Receive The Same Fate?

Watch - Chaos Erupts As ‘Caravan' Of Illegals Scales
US Border Fence, Cheering 'Gracias Mexico'

Deranged Man With Metal Pipe Reportedly
Targeted Jared Kushner

Fukushima Is Now Officially The Worst Nuclear
Disaster In History As We Said Over 7 Yrs Ago

Abandoned Fukushima


Thought Extinct, Healthy Tasmanian Devil Clan
Discovered In Australia

'Unusual Eruptions’ At World's Largest Active Geyser
In Yellowstone Stokes ‘Supervolcano' Fears

Stanton Friedman Announces His Retirement

The Threat Of UFO Invasion

How Bill Cosby Divided Black America

Watching TV Is Like A Drug For Little Kids

What's The 'Death' Tax?

How To Reason With Flat Earthers

400-Pound Alligator Captured On Florida Porch


Bibi Shows 'Evidence' Of Iran 'Cheating' On Nuke Deal

Iran Says US-Saudi Partnership Aims For War

New Video Of Iranian Weapons Depot Explosion
As Israeli Missiles Strike - Maybe 100s Dead & Hurt

Zionist Missiles Kills Scores Of Iranians
In Attack On Syrian Targets - Reports - Vid

Missiles Inflict Massive Damage And Death
On Syrian Military Base - Vid

Pompeo’s First Address As US Warrior Sec State

‘Friendship’ Oak Planted By Trump-Macron Vanishes

Pompeo Mideast Tour Trying To Build
'Arab Army’ To Take US Place In Syria

US No Longer Has Resources To Start A
Full-Scale War On Iran - Professor

Saudis Insist On More Sanctions On Iran

Trump Calls James Clapper ‘A Lying Machine'

Trump Jr Faces More Questions in Russia Probe

America's Most Popular Politician Is Neocon Nut
Nikki Haley...Let That Sink In!

Trump - I May Shut Down Government To
Get Funding For Border Security

Some Members Of CentAm ‘Asylum Seekers’ Scale Border
Wall Into US Near Tijuana


ISIS Threatens To Bomb NY Subway In Poster

Trump Says EU Was Created To Rip US Off
US-EU Trade War Coming?

US Rolls Out ‘Trade War’ Ultimatum Tor Europe

EU - We Won't Talk With A Gun Pointed To Our Head'
Europe Braces For Trade War With The US

Big Pharma - Canada Added To Trump Trade
Threat List Because Of Generic Drugs

3 UFOs Filmed Crossing Moon’s Surface - Vid

Why Most Trump’s Tomahawks Never Hit
Their Targets in Syria

Absolution In A Sophomoric Society

Mystery Group Of 'Wealthy Donors' And Soros Spend
$50 Million For 'Private Trump-Russia Investigation'

Khodorkovsky To Revive 'Russia Collusion' Hysteria


WADA - Worst Doping Cheaters In 2016, Russia Not In Top 5

Fake News About Russian Lawyer Veselnitskaya

UK Media Claims 'Russian Bots' Tried To Influence
Election To Support Corbyn

Why Did The US And The Allies Bomb Libya?

US Hybrid War Arrives To Replace Cold War

US General - Russians Are Jamming Our Gunships

Russian Foreign Ministry On Syria, Iran, Yemen

Russian Envoy Says US, UK, France At War On OPCW

Accounts Of Syrians From Douma Ignored By West

Full-Scale US War In Syria Coming?


Strikes On Syria As Yemen Atrocities Ignored
Journalists Discuss Trump, West Double Standards

Yemen War Great For US Jobs - Watch CNN's Blitzer
Proclaim Yemen Civilian Deaths Are Worth It - Vid

Yemen Fires 8 Missiles At ‘Economic, Vital' Saudi Targets

More French Military Convoys Arrive in NE Syria

Arabs Won’t Fall For Saudi ‘Brainwashing’
Qatar FM Rejects Call To Send Troops To Syria

French Envoy To Israel Warns Of Possible War
With Iran if Trump Kills Nuclear Deal

Israelis Shoot Three More Palestinians Dead In Gaza

Israel To Take Private Palestinian Land In West Bank

Israel Approves New Illegal ‘Settlement’ Near Dead Sea

Israeli Illegal Settlement Construction Up 17% In 2017


Jewish State To Build Rail System Connecting Settlements

Hamas Accuses PA Of Attempt To Bomb its Own PM

Pal Official Slams Hamas For 'Sending Children’ To Protests

Yellowstone Geyser Erupts For 3rd Time In 6 Weeks

If You Want To Save Your Wealth, Buy Physical Gold

US Exports Nearly All Gold Mine Supply To Hong Kong

The Special Interests Keeping Marijuana Criminalized

The Big Reason Why Sydney is Screwed

Study: Eating Garlic Reduces Risk of Cancer

Massacres On Whites Is 'Out Of Control’ - Blacks Incited To Kill


Black Masses STILL Singing ‘Kill The Boer'

SA Black Looters Destroy Hospital - No Value On Human Life

SA Finance Minister - We Will Print More Money
And Give It To The Poor To End Poverty

Open Statement - Torture Of Whites In South Africa

Horrible Violence Against Whites Is Deliberately ignored

Migrant Crisis 2.0 Might Come From Africa

Greece Reinforces Land Border With Turkey
To Stop Flow Of Blacks And Muslims

The Search For Fidel Castro’s Love Child

Weinstein Believes He Will Be Forgiven

Scientists Are Live Streaming Spooky Sounds
On The Ocean Floor


11 Books That Forever Transformed America

Zionist Tool Pompeo Lands In Saudi Arabia -
Immediately Calls For New Sanctions On Iran

Why Most Trump’s Tomahawks Never Hit
Their Targets in Syria

Still Don’t Believe In Chemtrails & GeoEngineering?
Take A Look At The Insanity Over Las Vegas - Vid

Trump’s Overly Touchy-Feely Time With Macron
Raises Eyebrows And Jokes Around The World

Clapper Busted Leaking Dossier Details To CNN’s
Jake Tapper And Lying To Congress About It

House Intel - Clapper Talked Dossier

Trump Says Special Counsel Should Never Been
Appointed To Probe Russia Collusion

John Brennan Issues Warning to POTUS About
Mueller's Investigation 'Stay Tuned, Mr. Trump…'

Bill Gates Warns 'Millions Could Die' If US Doesn’t
Prepare (vax!) For Pandemic (what does he know?)

Could Indicting Hillary Or Trump Start 2nd Civil War?

The End Of Our Empire Approaches

This Is The Military ‘Batmobile' That May Soon
Be Protecting The US Border


Here Are The "Missing" Strzok-Page Texts The
DOJ Handed Over To Congress

Two Tweets To Break Democracy? Incredible
Claim In House Report On ‘Russian Meddling’

MSM Silent As Allison Mack's Arrest Exposes Child
Trafficking For Billionaire-Backed Sex Slave Ring

Russia's Little Known 9/11 Memorial In NJ
A Heartfelt Gift To The People Of America

Russia Reduced Its Nukes by Over 85%
Under Non-Proliferation Treaty – Ministry

Top 3 Facts About Salisbury's Porton Down Lab
As Its Chemicals Allegedly Found In Syria

Trump Sends Trade Hawks To US-China Talks

Trump Says Will Not Comment On
Using Military Force In Iran

Mattis - Direct Israel-Iran Conflict ‘Very Likely’

Mattis Urges US Remain In JCPOA


Existing Iran Deal ‘Not Sufficient’ Says Merkel

Trump To Merkel - Iran Won’t Be Making Nukes

The League Of Assad-Loving Conspiracy Theorists

Buchanan - Macron...The Last Multilateralist

Saudis Consider Buying Israeli ‘Iron Dome’ System

Bloody Friday In Gaza's Toll

Trump - I May Go To Isreal To Open New US Embassy

Israel At War With Palestinian Journalists

Palestinians & Israelis Need To Stop Dreaming Of
Getting Rid Of Each Other – Ex-IDF Chief To RT

Palestine Urges UN To Act On Killing Of Protesters


Israeli Air Strikes Target ‘Hamas Navy’ In Gaza Port

Turkey Firmly Rejects US Threat Of Sanctions
Over Its Purchase Of Russian S-400s

US Primarily Responsible For Houthi Official’s Murder

Coalition Airstrikes On Yemen Capitol Kill Houthi Leaders

Erdogan Accuses Turkish Opposition Of
Receiving Money From Soros

Mayor Sadiq Khan Says London Is ‘One Of The Safest
Cities In World’ (for muslims)

Joy Reid Backpedals On Internet Archive Hack,
Cyber ‘Expert' Can't Produce Proof

Columbia Students Storm Library To
Denounce Conservative 'Hate Speech'

Amazon Admits Hackers Could Turn Echo Speakers
Into Listening Devices

JoeTalk - The Trojan Horse - Vid


CA Killer Suspect Traced Using Genealogy Websites

'Golden State Killer' DNA Search Led To Wrong Man Last Year

Scott Pruitt's Effort To Expose 'Secret Science’
Has Environmentalists Scared Stiff

Wealthy Liberals Angrily Rant Against Plan To
Bring More ‘Poor' Black Kids To Their Schools

How Microsoft Convinced Judges To Send A Man
To Jail For Copying Software It Gives Away Free

Ford To Abandon All Cars But The Mustang
And Focus Active And Concentrate On SUVs

​Million A Week Club - Your Radiation - Week 15

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 4-28-18

Public Support For Marijuana At All-Time High

Doom - Wisconsin Higher Ed Removes The Academics


Persecuted French Revisionist Ryssen Speaks Out

JoeTalk - The Trojan Horse - Pt 1

Deadly Bee-KIlling Pesticide Outlawed In EU

Toxic Caterpillars Alarm London

Water Leak In Reactor Of Belgian Nuclear Power Plant

Most Of French Museum Collection Found To Be Fake


German-Hating Merkel And Trump Talk Tough On Iran

Mattis - Direct Israeli-Iran War ‘Very Likely’

Trump Lied Again - US In Syria To Stay

US To Re-Energize Military Campaign In Syria - Mattis

Strzok-Page Report Shows Frustration
And Scrambling After Comey’s Firing

Trump Euphoric After House Intel Report Finds
'No Collusion' Between President, Russia

Neocons & RussiaGaters Unite! New Think Tank
Will Protect Democracy From Russia!

Newly-Declassified Records Confirm
CIA Director Haspel Supervised Torture

Secret Recording Reveals Democratic Party
Boss Ordering Candidate To Quit Race

Trump’s VA Nominee Quits Amid ‘False Allegations’

DC Dave - Why Hillary Used A Private Server


Google Cuts Off Web Traffic To Top
Illegal Immigration Fighting PAC

NYT Issues Fake News Correction
...in Article About Fake News

Brokaw Blasts ‘Sex Harassment’
Accuser In Blistering Email

Megyn Kelly's Spectacular Failure

Roberts - Capitalism Works For Capitalists

Entrepreneurial Spirit in Action

Ex NFL Player Brutally Arrested By Thug Cops - Vid

SA Black Ex-Cop Chief - Taking ‘Our' Land From Whites
Without Compensation Is The Top Goal Of The ANC

USAF Bombers Buzz South China Sea

US Pilots Warns Of Powerful Lasers Coming From
Area Of China’s Djibouti Naval Base
US-Led Coalition Declines Comment On Reports
Of New US-France Base In Syria


Russian Arms Exporter to Supply S-300 to Syria
If Russian Government Permits

Russian Diplomat Lambasts West For Arbitrary
Use Of Force To Bring In NWO.

Russia ‘Won’t Allow’ Another Trump Military Action
In Syria Based On False Flag - OPCW Envoy

How False Flag Operations Are Carried Out Today

Syria Charity Head Admits NGO Spread Fakes,
Fabricated by White Helmets

Did You Really Drop Bombs On A Chemical Weapons
Facility, Mrs May?

Russian Jets In Syria Destroy Warehouse
Containing Terrorists’ Anti-Tank Weapons

We Are 'Not Interested' n US F-35 Fighters - India

US Senators Want to Block Sale Of F-35s To Turkey

How Long Would US Navy Survive In A War?


Iranian Gen Threatens To Sink US Navy Ships

China Vows To Step Up Effort To Safeguard,
Implement Iran Nuclear Deal

Mattis, IDF Chief Meet On Iran’s ‘Destabilizing' Activities

Israeli Defense Minister - Iran Regime Is In Its Final Days

UN Rights Chief Blasts Israeli Carnage Amid New Rallies

YouTube Reinstates Video Tribute To Gaza
Protest Victims After Backlash - Vid

3 Dead, 611 Injured As IDF Clashes With Pal Protesters

UNSC Session On Deplorable Mideast Conditions

Douma Eyewitnesses Debunk Fake CW Incident

Fisk - What Mysteries Lie In Damascus Ruins?


US Said Main Player In Assassination Of
Yemen’s Political Council Chief

Saudi Air Defenses Down Yemeni Missile - Reports

Senate Res Demands China Respect Tibet Human Rights

Putin Orders World Atlas The Shows ‘Geographic Truth'

Russia's Security Service Stops ISIS Terror In Moscow

'We Are Heading For A Massive Financial Crisis’
& Fed Has ’No Idea What’s Going On' – Peter Schiff

VZ Digital Coin Presale Fetches $3.3 Billion – Maduro

MSM Find Oft-Cited ‘Student Loan Reporter’ Was Made Up

Reuters & Bloomberg Fabricating News Stories,
Says Sanctioned Russian Aluminum Giant RUSAL

Scott Pruitt Is Going Rogue


Ozone Dying And Deadly UV Cosmic Radiation

LAPD Cop Arrested Smuggling Illegals Over Border

Schools In The UK Are Removing Analog
Clocks Because Students Can’t Tell Time

UK Homes Cost 8 Times Average Earnings

Keep Smartphone From Hurting Relationships

What Causes Us To Get Hangry

How To Kick Caffeine Dependence For Good

Riding Along With A Log Through
A Saw Mill Is Absolutely Terrifying

Turns Out Washing Machines Do Eat Socks

The Robot Assault On Fukushima


A Tale Of Two Boeing Factories

Trump Running US Into Hole If He Cancels Iran Deal

More Trump BS Exposed - US To Expand
Military Presence In Syria – Mattis

19,000 JFK Files Released, But Trump Orders
520 Withheld For National Security Reasons

Trump - Some Files On JFK Murders To Remain
Classified Until 2021 - Coverup Continues

An Honest Pilot Calls Chemtrails 'A Necessary Evil'

Tom Goodrich - Island Of Fire

Trump To Visit UK IN July - Sadiq Khan, Twitterati
Promise Huge Protests

The Uncanny, Suspicious Resemblance Of Barbara Bush
To Satanist Guru Aleister Crowley (Her Father?)

‘Kanye Is Over’ - Left Wing Fury As Rapper SupportsTrump

Kanye West And The Utopia Trap


Brother Nathanael On Streets Of Florida! - Vid

Police Entered Funeral Home To Unlock iPhone
With Dead Man's Finger - No Rights For The Dead

A Majority Of Millennials Blame Baby Boomers
For Destroying Their LIves - Incredible

Honest! College Installs 'Cry Closet' As Safe Space
For Stressed Student Snowflakes

Feminism Is Appealing For Ugly, Low IQ Women - Sociologist

Dems Want The DNC To STFU About Trump-Russia

Obama DOJ Made ‘Dramatic' Call To McCabe
To Quash Clinton Probe

Roberts - Where Is The Shame?

Trump Significantly Boosts US Offensive Forces In EU

109 ex-US Generals Against Gina Haspel’s CIA Bid


Melania Has Proven Herself A Terrific First Lady

Melania Keeps Escaping Trump’s Tenderness

US Empire Isn't Just Immoral -- It's Unsustainable

Ten Irrefutable, Devastating 9/11 Facts

'Political Correctness' And The Surveillance State

Google Knows More About Your Private Life Than FB

Visualizing The Gigantic Plastic Problem In Our Oceans

Microplastics Infest The Arctic

New Form Of DNA Found In Living Human Cells
Could It Be Morgellons Nano Tech At Work?

Cosby Guilty Of Drugging Sex Assaulting Woman 2004


VA Forests Turned Into Wood Pellets For UK Power Plant

Southern Forests Shredded For Overseas Electricity

China Puts 'Guam Killer' Missile Into Service
Amid Ongoing Drills Near Taiwan

Severe Democracy Flaws - China Report On US

Russia, China To Hold Joint Navy Drills In Yellow Sea

No Attack, No Victims, No Chem Weapons - Douma
Witnesses Speak At OPCW Briefing - Vids

UN Warns Of ISIS Trying To Incite New
Exodus Of Black Africans To EU

Germany: Migrant Crisis Delusions

Cheat, Lie And Abuse – Danish Immig Min On Muslims

Iran, Russia, China Must Join Against Trump US

Iran Navy Cmdr Threatens To Sink US Ships
Create 'Catastrophic Situation' If Trump Kills Deal

Iran Rejects Nuclear Deal Changes


Iran Suggests Countering 'Hostile' US Measures
Together With Russia And China

Israeli UN Amp Claims Iran Has Recruited
Over 80,000 Shiite Muslim Fighters In Syria

Israel Will Retaliate if Iran Attacks Tel Aviv - Def Minister

Israeli Soldiers Ordered To Shoot Palestinian Children

‘Wounds The Size Of A Fist’ - Gaza Protesters
Receiving Horrible Israeli Gunshot Injuries

48 Decapitations In Just 4 Months Despite The MBS
Charm Tour- Those Wonderful, Enlightened Saudis...

Yemeni Ballistic Missile Targets Saudi Base

Douma ER Doctor Exposes White Helmets’
Lies About Alleged Chemical Attack

Syrian Army Finds Terrorist Chemicals
Produced in Porton Down In Salisbury UK

France, US & Allies To ‘Build Syria Of Tomorrow’ - Macron


RT Films Massive Network Of Terror Built Tunnels
Underneath Syria’s Douma - Vid

Macron’s Climate Change Speech Slammed Online

Kiev Threatens Russia With ‘Full Scale Conflict’ If Russian
Gas Transit Through Ukraine Stops

75% Of Ukrainians Believe Kiev Heading Wrong Way

Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Demolish Roma Camp In Kiev

Donbass Shelled Under NATO Command

Victory Day 2018 – Ours Or Theirs? An Update From Donbass

Poison Gas Attack Is More False Flag Fake News

UK Press Freedom Among Europe’s Worst

Nicaragua In US Crosshairs Again


Deutsche Bank Fires 400 US Bankers

Chevron Evacuates VZ Executives

German Firms May Lose 1.5 Billion Euros
In Russia Due To Sanctions

Iran In Big Deal To Buy Russian SSJ-100 Airliners

Simon Black On 'The Coming Boom In Gold Prices'

British Politicians Declare War On Knives

Black Liberation Activist Granted Parole

America’s New Emerging Markets

Unique Way The Dutch Treat Mentally Ill Prisoners

Lessons From Roman Army TFor Post-SHTF Combat

'Whiplash' Weather Fluctuations New CA Normal?

American Nostalgia On A Bun

Hackers Designed 'Master Key' To Unlock
Millions Of Hotel Room Doors

Incredible New View Of The Milky Way

Asteroid Miners 'Arkyd-6' Satellite Aces Big Space Test


Jewel Thieves Raid Rothschild Heiress's Home

Trees Are Awake And Moving At Night

Autistic Boy Goes To School With A Hidden Recorder...

Dreier - How to Create ‘Self Space’

Kanye West’s Wild Pro-Trump Tweets Shake Twitville

Rand Paul's Shameful 11th Hour Flip-Flop on Pompeo

Chief Of Staff Kelly Can't Even Keep Trump
From Using His Old Cell Phone

Trump Is Pushing Hard To Reach NAFTA Agreement

WH Can’t Hide Trump’s Worry About Michael Cohen

Is Russia Threatening US Midterm Elections?

US Break International Law Breaking Into
Closed Russian Consulate In Seattle

Morgellons And Psychotronic Mass Mind Control

Devvy - Special Counsel - Fruit From The Poisonous Tree?

Is the U.S. Government Evil? You Tell Me


The Government 'Can't Find $20 Trillion'
While Pension Funds Are Tanking

PAC Pressures Trump To End Catch And
Release Of ALL Illegal Aliens

Prepare For A Multi-Polar World

Hungary Introduces 'Stop George Soros’ Bill

'Hell is Empty All The Devils Are Here'

Moscow - US Ever-Expanding Missile Shield Is Dangerous

Washington's Ongoing War Preparations Against Russia

US Nukes In Europe & Low Strike Threshold Are
Direct Violations Of Non-Proliferation Treaty - Russia

Putin Urges Firm Stands Against Fake WWII History

Russia Starts Production Of S-400s for Turkey


China Prepares To Mass Produce Hypersonic Vehicles

F-35 Turkey Sill Losing Dogfights With Cold War Jets

US Troops Send First Convoy Over German
Public Roads In 15 Years – Pentagon

US-Israeli Hostility To Iran Threatens World Peace

Israeli Soldiers Gloat, Laugh And Cheer As
They Murder Palestinian Protesters - Vid

Second Pal Journalist Dies From IDF Gunshot

American Youth For Justice For Palestinians Growing

Israel Warns of Escalated War In Syria

Israel's Demolishing Of West Bank Schools May
Amount An International Crime

The Saudi-Israeli Liaison


Pentagon Clains No Proof Russia Was Given Downed
US Tomahawk Cruise Missiles

‘Someone’ Is Jamming US Gunships Over Syria!

OPCW Finds No Chemical Weapons At Syrian
Facilities Bombed By Trump - Russia MoD

Russian General Staff - Syrian Facilities Hit By
Trump Strikes Had No Chemical Weapons

US Quietly Oks Nerve Agent Research – Russian FM

Reconstructing Syria

Syria Has Modern Russian-Made Pantsir SAM Systems

Rothschild’s Syria Oil Play

Illegal Foreign Presence In Syria Serves
To Revive Terrorism - Iran

Russian Air Defenses Destroy Targets Heading
Towards Khmeimim In Syria


Chinese Expert Comments On Trump’s Strikes On Syria

Qatar Must Sent Troops To Syria Or Lose
US Support And Be Toppled – Saudi FM

US Suspects Iran of Smuggling Weapons To Syria
Gosh, What About The Pentagon Arming Terrorists?

ISIS Named Richest Terrorist Organization Of All Time

War-Torn Yemen's Infrastructure In Full Collapse - Red Cross

Saudis Kill Top Official Of Yemen Houthi Movement

There Is No Alternative To Iran Nuclear Deal - Kremlin

Canada Def Dept Building Quantum Radar System

Bono U2 joins Malema In Singing 'Kill The Boer (Whites)’- Vid

Black South African Racist Songs Of Death To Whites


Another Typical Black Sub-Human Slaughter Of A White
Farm Family As Blacks Yell 'Bury Whites Alive'

Another White Farm Attack

Murder At A White Family Reunion

Proof SA Police Service Are Actively Involved In
White Farm Attacks, Tortures And Murders

MSM Remains Silent On Farm Murders And Torture

11 Farm Attacks In 100 HOURS
South Africa Ascending Into Chaos

Protest Against Farm Murders SA Embassy In US

Today Black Looting Now The Norm…No Protesting

Farm Attackers Kill Each Other

Community Upliftment Activist Attacked


DA Abroad Claims White Farm Attack, Murders Untrue!

Chicago Trying To Pay Down Its Debt By
Impounding Innocent People’s Cars

SoCal Home Prices Jump To All-Time Highs

Why Interest Rates Are Rising

Russia Ready To Build Another Pipeline
And Give Europe All The Gas Is Needs

End Of Natural Gas Transit Via Ukraine
Will Have ‘Geopolitical Consequences’

One One Of World’s Longest Pipelines From
Russia To China Almost Complete

Demand For Russian Wheat Drives
Export Prices To 3 Year High

New Zealand Adds Prostitution To List Of
Employment Skills For Immigrants

Jeff Bezos Booed By Amazon Workers


Labor Leaders Furious After World Bank
Recommends Ditching Minimum Wage

Finland Abandons Universal Basic
Income Experiment After Two Years

Siberian Towns Feeling US Sanctions

Germany Plans to Spend €450 Million
For Army Modernization

Public Transit Becomes Another Tool
For Total Government Surveillance

Atlanta Spent $2.6 Million To Recover From
$52,000 Ransomware Scare

What Caused The Decline Of American Unions?

Inside Look At The Mars Simulation Project In Utah

New Satellite Map Of 1.7 Billion Milky Way Stars

Biometric Data In 19 UFO Occupant Cases


Occupants Of Downed Alien Craft Spoke
To Witness In German 1957

Inter-Planetary? UFOs Are Real, Says
Swiss Psychologist Dr. Carl Jung 1958

Why Vaccine Studies Cannot Show A
Link To Autism (Or Anything Else)

National Parks Get First Dark Sky Sanctuary

Sugar Free, Zero-Calorie Sweeteners Also
Lead To Diabetes And Obesity

Washing Your Lettuce Won’t Remove All E. coli

Pharmapocalypse - Why Are Drug Prices Spiking

The Reinvention Of America

FB Releases Its Rules On How It Polices Itself

China Farm Using AI To Breed 6 Billion Cockroaches A Year


Inhuman Abuse Of Animals - Check This On In Indonesia

Dreier - Synchronicity And Signs

What We Do In The Dark

How Language Changes The Colors We See

Zionist Tool Trump Threatens Iran Again

Trump, Macron Call For Changes To Iran Nuke Deal
Slowly Moving The Deal To The Dumpster

What’s Behind The Trump-Macron ‘Bromance'

Duff - Privatization & Militarization Of The Deep State

Trump Instructs DHS To Block ‘Caravans' Of Illegals
After First Wave Reaches Border

US Struggling To Handle Excess Plutonium

Bolton Chaired Anti-Muslim Think Tank - Reports

Pat Buchanan On 'America's Unsustainable Empire'

If You Limit ANY Free Speech, This Is What You Get

Biggest Fundraising Month In 15 Yr For The NRA


Kogan Exposes ‘Hypocrite’ Zuckerberg - Says There Are
'Tens Of Thousands' Of Data Harvesting Apps Out There

Facebook Shares Sink On Report Cyber Criminals
Are Hawking Stolen Identities On Its Platform

Suddenly Treacherous Gorsuch Enrages Conservative

CalExit Gets Go Ahead To Gather Secessionist
Movement Signatures

Broward Sheriffs Hid Behind Trees, Cars During
Parkland High School Shootings - Report

Trump Rips ABC News Reporter For ‘Stupid Question’

Nunes - No Intel Existed To Start FBI Russia Probe

Russophobic G7 Meeting In Toronto

Are MSM And Govt Officials Already ‘Fake
Newsing’ Yesterday’s Van Horror Attack?

10 Dead In Toronto Van Attack - Video Of
Person Believed To Be Suspect - Vid


A Profile Of The Toronto Van Killer Emerges

'Real Indian' Running Against Senator ‘Pocahontas'
Sues After City Tells Him Stop Calling Her Fake Indian

NY AG Wants To Bypass Presidential Pardons - Vid

South Africa Black Horror On Whites Hits New Heights

Stormy Daniels Returns To Porn

The Crown Agents Exposed - Vid

Twitter Bots Are Bad - Unless Pushing The ‘Right’ Narrative?

Busted! MSM Witch Hunt On 'Russian Bots' Over Skripal

Skripal Attack Chemical Can Be Produced By Any State
Even The US - OPCW Chief

US Spends $25m For Anthrax Attack Treatment


Army Building 'Self-Aware' Squid-Like Robot That
Can Be 3-D Printed During Combat

'Everyone Is Tired Of MSM’ - A London Encounter
That Showed Why RT's Work Matters

Media Suspiciously Quiet On US And
UK-Backed Saudi Atrocities In Yemen

70% Of Taiwanese 'Willing To Fight' China

Trade War With US May Be Tippling Point
For China Debt-Ridden Economy

Trump - 'Good Chance' Of Trade Deal With China

China and India to Boost Partnership Amid
Trump-Beijing Trade War

Russia Nears 2,000 Tons In Gold Reserves

Iran Joins Russia-Led Free-Trade Zone

Atzmon - Jewish Guilt Is The Discourse Of The Goyim


Jewish 'Holocaust Scholar' Destroys Own Argument

US CENTCOM Chief Makes ‘Secret, Unprecedented’
Visit To Israel As Russia Mulls Arming Syria

Israeli MoD - If Syria Uses Russian S-300s
Against Israel Jets, 'We'll Retaliate'

Russia To Supply Syria With S-300s?

US, NATO, Israel Plotting New Syria Aggression?

IDF Snipers Ordered To Kill ‘Any Threat’ Even
If It Is A Little Child - Ex-General

Israeli Forces Demo Palestinian Inmate’s Home

Israel Admits Plan To Relocate Black African
Asylum Seekers Has Collapsed

Trump To Iran - Don't Restart Nuclear Program

US, EU States Agree On Conditions To Preserve
Iranian Nuclear Deal - Reports


Lavrov - US Has No Plans To Leave Syria, And Is
Positioning Itself On Eastern Bank Of Euphrates

Russian Criticism Of Western Aggression Ignored

Syrians Support Assad, But BBC Won't Report It,
British Baroness Tells RT After Fact-Finding Trip

MSM Is Frantically Attacking Dissenting Syria
Narratives - And It Looks Really Bad

US Challenges UN System By Striking Syria - Russia

Germany's Largest Public TV News Broadcaster
Says Syria Chemical Attack 'Most Likely Staged'

Saudis Slaughter 50 At Yemen Wedding Party

Yemeni Forces Vow 'Crushing Response' For Saudi
Slaughter Of Wedding Party - Over 50 Dead

Maidan 2.0 In Armenia

Swedish Activist - 'Everyone's Afraid To Be Branded A Racist'


Millions Of Germans In Poverty While Muslims Are
Paid Thousands Of Euros A Month

Merkel Sheds Light On Arab Migrants' Anti-Semitism

Murray - British Democracy Is Dysfunctional


9 Dead, 16 Injured As Muslim Savage Thanks
Canadians By Running Them Down In His Van

MK-Ultra Waffle House Shooter Nabbed In Woods
Same Mind-Wiped Eyes Like Cruz And Holmes

MK-Ultra Mind-Blanked Waffle House Killer In Custody

Pompeo Nomination Barely Clears Senate Committee

Over 100 Retired Officers Urge US Senate NOT
To Confirm Torture Queen Haspel As CIA Director

Shocker - 25% Of US Children 6 And UNDER Have A
Smartphone - Parents Giving Kids To Mind Control

Why Trust A Political Party That
Lost Your Credit Card?

Doomed To The Hegemony By An Ebola Of Idea

Putin Was There - The Day Britain’s Lights Finally Went Out

False Flags Launch Wars


The Difference Between 'Democrat' And 'Republican'
...Now Do You Understand? - Photo

Would You Want To Be A Pig With A Human Brain?

Artificial Intelligence Defines Political News Narrative

The Economy Is Cooked

G.H.W. Bush Hospitalized After Barbara Bush Funeral

US Building Huge New Drone Base In Central Niger

Iran Warns Rest Of World - No 'Plan B" On Nuke Deal
‘Encourage Trump Or We Shred It'

Can The Iran Nuclear Deal Be Saved?

‘Putin Is A Strong Leader, We Should Never
Be Weak With Him Says Idiot Macron

Putin To Macron - US, Allies Strikes In Syria
Are Serious Violation Of Internatinal Law


Lavrov Calls Macron's Stance On Syria ‘Colonial’

Syrian Army Strips Terrorists Of Suicide Belts
Finds Vast Cache Of NATO Arms - Vid

Lavrov On Russia's S-300 Supplies to Syria
It's No Secret...But Not Decided Yet

Assad Accuses US, UK, France Of Supporting
Terrorists Since Start Of Syrian War

German Reporter Whole Douma ‘Attack' Faked

Syrian Doctor Reveals Why There Was No
Chemical Attack In Douma

Beware Of White Helmets Bearing News

US To Build World's Largest Consulate
Facility in Iraqi Kurdistan - Reports

Bibi Claims Iran Creating Army To Destroy Israel

‘There’s A Price To Be Paid For Threatening Israel’
...Defense Minister Warns Iran As Tensions Flare


Israel targets Syrian Artillery In Golan Heights
Cites Alleged Mortar Fire As Reason

Trump Asked Bibi If He Really Cares About Peace

Israeli MP Says Jailed Teen Protester Ahed Tamimi
‘Should Have Been Shot In The Knee'

Israel - Is Was With Iran Looming?

US Human Rights Report Sanitizes Israeli High Crimes

Barnard College Alumni Oppose
Divestment Urged by Students

Brave Saudi Led Air Strikes Kill 50+ In Yemen Wedding

US-Led Coalition Strike In Yemen Kills Political Leader

MSM Shift Douma Timeline To Support US Propaganda

Demonization Of Assad And His Government


Makeshift Terrorist CW Factory Found In Douma

Beware Of White Helmets Bearing News

Macaroon Now Demanding Syria Regime Change

Britain, Headquarters Of Fraud

Why China Has Already Lost the Trade War

France, Germany, Italy, UK Reportedly Want US To
Ease Anti-Russian Sanctions

Beijing Welcomes Mnuchin Visit As
US Hints At China Trade-War Truce

Yuan Becoming Safe Have For Investors
Amid Russia-US Standoff

Iran Officially Switches From Dollar To Euro

Huge Stock Market Collapse Is Coming
investment Guru Mark Mobius


Bay Area Falling Behind On Quake Safety

Amazon And Big Data

Unexplained Holes in Arctic Sea Ice

A Dog’s Saliva Can Carry Fatal Bacteria

Coral Bleaching Events Affect Ecological Diversity

Mind Control Files Included In FOIA Response

Moon Dust And The 4602nd AISS

Egg-Shaped UFO Lands In Pasture - 1957

Pentagon UFO Study Examined UFO Activity
At Nuclear Missile Sites - Ex-Sen Harry Reid


9 Dead, 16 Injured As Muslim Savage Thanks
Canadians By Running Them Down In His Van

NASA Asteroid Hunter Reveals Scariest Earth-Bound Objects - Vid

Comey - There Aren’t Enough ‘Adequate People’ In WH

Comey Memos Indicate Trump Dossier Briefing Was A Setup

Trump Casts Doubts On Legality Of Special Counsel Mueller

What If A Nuke Deletes DC? - Vid

Trump - Cohen Won’t ‘Flip’ On Me

The CIA Says Pompeo Didn't Fight In Gulf War

Trump Says Human Trafficking ‘Worse Than It’s Ever’

Facebook Already Spent $3.3 Million Lobbying In 2018

FCC Filings Reveal Facebook's Mysterious Drone Test Above
The Skies Of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico


They Aren’t Just Coming For Our Guns,
They Are Coming For Our Brains

Fake Media Is Coming For Our Memories

Fifteen Things To Know About Trump ‘Pakistani
Mystery Man...Imran Awan

Germany Shouldn’t Buy F-35s - Europe Needs Military
Independence – Airbus Defense CEO

Iran - Don't Make Deals With US Ahead OI Trump-Kim Meeting

Engdahl - Washington Using Currency War To Destabilize Iran

Russia Exposes UK Lies On Skripal But Trail Leads To US

New Draft Border May Help Solidify Beijing’s
Claim in S China Sea - Reports

US Cozies Up To Taiwan, Angering China

India To Strip Fugitive ‘Economic Offenders’ Of Assets


India Approves Death Penalty For Rape Of Kids Under 12

23 Years Later - OKC Bombing Story You Weren’t Told About

Did The West Just Lose World War III By Forfeit?

Each ‘Click' Brings Us One Step Closer To The 'Bang'

Lies and Deception In Trump's Failed Strike On Syria

US Carrier May Stay In Eastern Med To 'Contain Russia'
Is This A Joke? One ‘Zircon’ 6,000 mph Missile Sinks It!

US Shifts Douma Timeline To Support Its Propaganda

Russian Foreign Ministry On Letter To Russia,
Syria and Skripal Incident

Tucker Went MIA For 2 Days After Exposing Syria
Gas Hoax - Did Deep State ’Talk’ To Him? Revenge?

Questioning The Douma Hoax


Useful Idiots? New Yorker Magazine Fails Litmus Test
For Media Impartiality On Syrian War

Will OPCW Rubber-Stamp The Official
Falsified Douma Narrative?

Mass Grave Found In Syrian City Held By
Trump-Backed Terrorists

Turkey - US Has Now Sent 5,000 Truckloads Of Arms To Syria

Terrorists Hand Over Munitions, Vehicles Yo Syrian Army

Terrorists Hand 30 Armored Vehicles To Russians In Syria

Stench Of Imperialism - The Statement of Theresa May

Over 30 killed, 50 injured In Kabul Suicide Blast – Vid

Is Criticizing Israel 'Anti-Semitic’?

1,000s Rally In Tel Aviv To Stop Israel From Turning
Into A Netanyahu State’ - Vid


The Pension Time Bomb - $400 Trillion By 2050!

For The First Time Ever, Millennials With Student
Debt Now Have Negative Net Wealth (slaves)

1 In 4 Millennials Rely On Parents To Pay Some Bills
Even While They Are Working Full Time

Russia, US Won’t Participate In World Bank’s Capital Increase

Space Will Create Earth’s First Trillionaire

NASA To Award 1st Contracts For Gateway Moon Base

100s Of Planes In EU, US Having Emergency Inspections

Road-Tripping On The N Korea - China Border

Fox In The Hen House - Why Interest Rates Are Rising

Finland Is Killing Its Experiment With Basic Income


Who Is Actually ‘Welcome'At A Starbucks?

The Brain Dead War On Pot Marches On

Inside Manhattan's Newest Marijuana Dispensary

The Rise And Fall Of Elizabeth Holmes

The Legacy Of A Speech That Divided Britain

How To Choose The Best AR 15 Optics For Hunting

Five Myths About First Aid

Ants Turn Into Suicide Bombers

Nostalgic Photos Of Tourists In US National Parks

The Stormy Beauty Of Stars Forming


How To Blow Up A Star

Psychedelic Science Is Making A Comeback

The Real Story Behind 4-20

Is Rudy Giuliani Negotiating Trump’s Resignation?

Trump To Counter DNC Lawsuit - Seeks Servers,
Clinton Emails And 'Pakistani Mystery Man'


DNC Lawsuit Against Russia & Trump Promises
‘Tantalizingly Fascinating’ Blowback

Meritless DNC Suit Claims A ‘Conspiracy' Undermined
Hillary’s Campaign

WaPost Supports Unlimited US War-Making

'Acted Appropriately’ - CIA Memo Says Haspel
Was Right To Destroy Torture Tapes

Trump Hands Military-Industrial (Congressional-Media)
Complex Another Massive Win

Trump Has Authority To Fire Mueller

Clamoring vs Russia - The Cyber Attack Platform

TIME Leaves Putin Off ‘100 Most Influential’ List!

Sen Disgracefully Asks ‘Is Russia Sponsoring Terrorism?’

Russia Exposes British Lies On Skripal
...The Trail Of The Event Leads To US


UK Targets Those Who Call Out ‘Government Lies’
Alleged ‘Russian Bot’ Demos Sky News Hosts

Trump Considers Full Pardon For Boxing Great
Jack Johnson After Phone Chat With Stallone

Crimes Of A Monster - Your Tax Dollars At Work

USAF Plays Catch Up - Awards $1 Billion Contract
For Hypersonic Conventional Strike Weapon

Pentagon Races To Create New Weapon
That Can Deter China

1,000s Of Hondurans Reach Tijuana, Many Demand Asylum

Boston Globe Columnist On Paid Leave In Probe
Of ‘Fabricated Details' Re 2013 Marathon Bomb

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 4-21-18

Hayward Bay Fault Line More Dangerous
Than San Andreas - A Ticking Time Bomb

Fruitless Syrian Peace Process


Turkish Op In Syria - US Promises To Retaliate
Against Any Attack On Manbij – SDF

Syria Finds US Made Missiles In Terrorist Armory

German Parliament Attys Brand Trump Strike Illegal

Pepe Escobar On Syria, Iran, & Chaos In Intl Relations

US Army Col Admits - It’s Hard To Believe Assad
Would Use Chemical Weapons

Tehran Warns Israel - Our ‘Hands Are On The Trigger’

Iran May Speed Nuclear Program Is Trump Kills Deal

Mossad Accused Of Firing Palestinian
‘Rocket Scientist’ In Malaysia

4th Straight Bloody Friday In Gaza

Actress Portman Boycotts Israeli Awards Ceremony


Israel Threatens To More Political Murders On Hamas

Saudi Strike On Yemen Kills 20 More Civilians

Brazil Elites Considers Poor, Dark Skin People
Their Enemy Says Ex-President Rousseff

Nova Scotia Arrests Teen Who Discovered
Massive Government Data Breach

Professor Doom Watches Vaxxed

Cyber Criminals Earn $1.5 Trillion

Facebook Moves 1.5 Billion Users' Data Out
Of Europe To Circumvent New Privacy Law

'Blatant Censorship' - Kaspersky Lab Demands Public
Explanation From Twitter After Its Ads Banned

Another Deutsche Bank ‘Fat Finger’ Mistake Sends
$35 Billion Out The door

Press TV - JP Morgan Chase Hoarding Oil


Trump's Attack On OPEC Part Of Trade War Strategy

Russian, US Finance Chiefs Discuss Sanctions

Russia Wisely Trusts No One…Has Zero Gold Bullion In US

Turkey Will Repatriate All Gold From The US
In Attempt To Ditch The Dollar

Million A Week Club - Your Radiation - Week 14

UFOs Flying All Over The Surface Of Moon - Vid

NASA Awards First Contracts For Gateway Moonbase

Amount Of Food US Wastes Every Day Is Shocking

Venezuela's Hunger Crisis Spills Into Colombia

New BP Guidelines Will Kill Millions More


Some Popular Surgeries Are Just Placebos

Marijuana And The NFL

Top 5 Ways To Take CBD

Russia’s Patriotic Alternative To Coca-Cola

Is 4DX The Future Of Cinema?

Broken Breathing Is Ruining Our Health

Being Moody Isn’t A Mental Illness


SHOCKER - Mind Control Leak Via US FOIA Request
Show Individual & Mass Psychotronic Mind Control

STUNNING - Government ‘Accidentally’ Leaks Remote
Smart Phone Psychotronic Mass Mind Control Technology

Your Smart Phone Is Controlling Your Mind
Your Thoughts And Actions May NOT Be Your Own

Trump Fires Back At Dems Over Lawsuit

DNC Sues Trump For Conspiring To Steal Election
(And Hide Its Vote Rigging To Steal It For Hillary)

Gorsuch Is Dead Wrong On immigration
Trump Knew All Along How He Would Vote

Gates Backs Plan To Surveil Entire Planet From
Space - Worldwide Police State…TOTAL Control

Pink Floyd’s Waters Stops Concert, Explains False
Flag Chem Attack & How White Hats Are CIA-Mossad


Lawmakers Urge Criminal Probe
Of Senior Obama Officials

Roberts - A Conversation On Race

Former CIA Lawyer - Nominee Gina Haspel
‘Ran The Interrogation Program’

DC Dave - How Britain Initiated Both World Wars

Putin & Trump Will Not Allow Armed Conflict
Between Russia And The US – Lavrov

Lockheed Martin to Offer Japan A Stealth
Fighter Jet Superior To The F-35 Turkey

China Plans Base In South China Sea To
Launch Deep-Diving Drones

Twitter User Hits Back After UK Govt
Accuses Her Of Being A 'Russian Bot'

The Hungarian Revolution Rolls On

Be Reassured, People Of Syria, The West’s
Humanitarian Missiles Are Ready To Intervene


Stench Of Hypocrisy - British ‘War On Terror’
And Strategic Ties With Radical Islam

Russian Diplomat Says Britain Deserves
Title Of World’s Worst Genocide Perpetrator

US-UK Obstructing Douma Probe?

Out Of The Top 100 Papers In The US
Zero Opposed Trump's Syria Strikes

The Douma Hoax

US Still Paying Phony White Helmets

RT Talks To Boy In Chem Attack Footage - Vid

Another Boy Says Got Food For Filming In
Fake Douma Chemical Attack Footage

3 Times Children Were Used To Fuel War In Syria

Russian Military Finds Precursor To Chemical
Weapons In Terrorists' Lab In Douma


Lavrov - After US-Led Strikes, Russia Has
No Barriers To S-300 Deliveries To Syria

Russian S-300 Supplies To Syria To Boost
Political Stability - Syrian Lawmaker

Israel Wags The Dog For Middle East Wars

4 Palestinian Deaths Reported In Protest’s 4th Week

Natalie Portman Sparks Uproar On Twitter With Stand
Against 'Recent Events' In Israel

500 EU MPs Urge Trump Not To Scrap Iran Nuke Deal

Fresh Saudi Airstrike Kills Over 20 Civilians In Yemen

US State Dept. Says Ukraine Forces Allegedly
Involved in Torture, Enforced Disappearances

How The Guardian Fulfills Orwell's 'Newspeak'

Trump Is Top Threat To World Peace – German Poll


San Francisco Is Building Skyscrapers Like Crazy

E. Coli Outbreak Spreads To 16 States

How This New Probe Will Hunt for 'Alien’ Earths

Dollar's 70 Yr Dominance Slowly Coming To An End

Turkey Repatriates Gold From US
In Bid To Ditch Dollar

Bad Flesh-Eating Bacteria Spreading In Oz

Trump Slams OPEC For Keeping Oil Prices High

A Crisis At The Heart Of US Shale

Disaster Looms Over Libyan Oil

US Wells Fargo To Pay $1 Billion Fine For Hiding
Fees In Home Mortgage And Auto Loans

Russian Students Win World Programming Title Again


The Man Who Saved Havana

WASP Women Pilots of WWII

Winter Storm Xanto Brought Historic April Snowfall

The World’s Most Nutritious Foods

3 Reasons Intimacy Might Feel Too Dangerous

Branson Speaks On Plan For Space Tourism

The Return Of A Secret British Rocket Site

Abandoned Soviet-Era Spacecraft In Astounding Photos

Watch - Mysterious Purple Beams & UFOs Over AZ

MUFON Official Quits Over Support Of John Ventre


Why Would Anyone Promote a Space Alien Hybrid
Fetus Hypothesis In The First Place?

Long-Lost Planet From Our Solar System
Might Be Source Of Space Diamonds


Dem Party Sues Trump - Claims He Conspired With
Wikileaks And Russia To Influence The 2016 Election

School Yard Rhetoric - 'There Has Been Nobody Tougher
On Russia Than President Donald Trump!’ Says Trump

Trump-Haley Rift?

Good Pushback Nikki - Now, Please Resign On Principle

Br Nathanael - Trump’s Complaint! - Vid

US Signals More Attacks On Syria Coming

New Congress AUMF Force Authorization Coming?


Macron Could Be Trump's Tony Blair (Lapdog)

Trump’s Actions May End Direct US-Russia Flights

British Intelligence Behind ‘Russiagate'

Roberts - The Crisis Is Only Beginning

Healthy Broward County Sheriff Deputy Suddenly Dies
Had Questioned Parkland HS Gun Control Agenda

Facebook To Force Users To Agree To Tracking!

Rosenstein Tells Trumps He’s Not A Target
In Cohen Investigation

Comey Admits He May Have To Speak vs McCabe

Emails Show DOJ-FBI Worked Together On
Clinton Email Case Response

Criminal Referral Issued For Comey, Clinton,
Lynch, McCabe - Rosenstein Recusal Demanded

Comey Calls McCabe A Liar, McCabe's Attorney Fires Back

Conservative Activist Interrupts Comey Book Event


Dirty Cop Comey Was Only Taking Pre-Screened
Questions (Deep State Stooges) At Book Signing

Illinois Country Declares It is Now A Sanctuary
For All Gun Owners

Ave US Taxpayer Sent $3,456 To Pentagon Last Year

Huge Drug (Pharma) Money Is Changing Hands
In High Level Financial Deals - Why?

No Matter What EU And Soros Do, NO Illegal
Immigrants Will Be Let Into Hungary

PAC Takes Aim At Koch Brothers Support
For Amnesty For Millions Of illegals

Federal Court Rules Against Trump's
Sanctuary City Crackdown Efforts

Cuomo Says He’s ‘Undocumented’ And
Challenges Officials To Deport Him

Soros' Open Society Foundations To
Close Budapest Office, Move To Berlin

China - US Is Wrong To Think It Can Force
Trade Concessions From Beijing


EU Mulls Joining US in Trade War With China
In Return for Easing Tariffs - Reports

Russian Economy Resilient In Face Of Latest
Trump-US Sanctions – Moody’s

Russian Aviation Exports Soar By 50%

Behind Theresa May’s ‘Humanitarian Hysterics’

UK Spies Are The World Champs In False Flags

Skripals Poisoning ‘Highly Likely’ Staged
By British Intelligence – Russian FM

Russia OPCW Envoy Exposes 'Eight UK Lies’
In Skripal 'Poisoning’ Case

London Systematically Destroying Evidence
In Skripal Case – Russia’s UN Amb

Yulia Skripal ‘Held Hostage By Brit Authorities’
Says Russia's OPCW Ambassador

WEIRD - ‘I Made Skripal Poison. Maybe. Probably Not.
But I Was Poisoned Once’ - BBC Scientist Interview!


Fake News Douma CW Probe Is Worthless

Watch Syrian Boy In White Helmets FAKE
Chemical Attack Video Reveal Truth

UN To See Interview With Syrian Boy Pressed into
White Helmets Fake Douma Attack Video

Another Ex-British Military Chief Questions Chem Attack

‘Zero Real Evidence’ Assad Behind Syria
Chemical Attack – US Congressman

Containers With Chlorine From Germany, Smoke
Grenades From UK Found In Ghouta - Russia

Terrorists Preventing OPCW Team From
Accessing Syria’s Douma - Moscow

Syria Gives 48 Hour Respite To Terrorists To
Leave Southern Damascus Enclave

US Nuclear Carrier Truman Enters Mediterranean
6 Days After Trump's Strike On Syria

Syria Gives Two Unexploded Cruise Missiles
To Russia From Trump Strike


US Sub That Attacked Syria 'Not Welcome' In Italy

Over-Budget, Problem-Plagued US Navy Ships
Face Deployment Delay

Blackwater Founder May Train Arab
Forces To Dominate Syria

Emails Show White Helmets Tried To Lobby Ex-Pink
Floyd Frontman Roger Waters

BBC Reporter Discourages Syria Questions
Due To 'Information War' With Russia

How To Become ‘An Assad Apologist'? Just Question
MSM Rhetoric & Welcome To The Club

US Media’s Love Affair With War - Major Outlets
Showed Zero Opposition To Syria Strikes

Turkey ‘May Face Sanctions’ For Buying
Russian S-400 Missiles And Not Toeing US Line

‘Reckless’ Russia Violated Chemical Arms Ban - UK

US Publication Of So-Called ‘Novichok’ Formula
Violates Chemical Weapons Convention – Russia


Wounded Palestinian Loses Leg As Israelis
Deny Passage For Medical Treatment

5.9 Quake Hits Bushehr Province In Southern Iran

Video Of Quake Aftermath Near Iran Nuclear Plant

Houthis Claim To Have Hit Saudi Airport
With Ballistic Missile

China Bombers, Drones Fly Around Taiwan

Russia Ready To Strengthen Strategic
Partnership With Cuba, Says Putin

Trump - US ‘Taking Care’ OIf Cuba Following
Election Of New President

Venezuelan Oil Enters The Disaster Zone

NATO Bases Upgraded Under Anti-Migrant Guise
US Nukes Now Stockpiled In Greece - Report

Will Armenia Be The Next Victim Of
Western-Backed Regime Change?


Overseas Warship Contracts A 'Betrayal of Brexit'

$100 Oil Is Back On The Table

The Global Smartphone Boom Has Peaked - IMF

Oz Biggest Bank Charged Fees To Dead Clients

US Debt Load Ballooning, Set To Pass Some
African Countries In 5 Years – IMF

Putin’s New Car Crashes…

JoeTalk - The Left Will Win

Put in Fukushima box and H
Fukushima - Quietly Into Catastrophe - Vid

Who's To Blame For Rising Deficits?

Australia - Fllesh-Eating Bacteria Is Spreading
At An Unprecedented Rate


Australia - Super Gonorrhea Is Spreading

Is A Fallen Egyptian Statue A Petrified Giant? - Vid

Canadian Village Where Sasquatches Said To Roam

Why Did The Carolina Parakeet Go Extinct?

Bull Sharks Are Heading North

The Most Important Equation In The Universe

95% Of Earth’s Population Breathing
Dangerously Polluted Air

East Bay Fault is ‘Tectonic Time Bomb’


Mattis Wanted Congressional Approval Before Syria
Strike But Was Overruled By Trump - Not Good...

Trump Was Presented With 3 Options On Syria

Ron Paul On New Presidential War Powers Bill
‘Won’t Pass, Won’t Work, Likely To Make Things Worse

'Stuck In Syria’ - Trump's Foreign Policy Encounters
A 'Dangerous, Ambiguous Mess'

NeoCon Nikki Denies Being ‘Confused’ On Russia Sanctions
...Trump Seemed ‘Annoyed’

Haley Hits Back At WH Over New Russia sanctions

US Tells Russia No New Sanctions…For Now

Comey Rejects Trump’s Suggestion He Be Jailed


Schiff - Let’s Put Some REAL Oversight On Trump’s Pardons

China Jammed US Jet Electronics Over S China Sea

In Big Show Of Force, China Drills In Taiwan Strait

Russia, China Can Destroy US Satellites - USAF Secretary

China Showcases New ‘Guam Killer’ Missile Brigade

US Says Russia, China Operating Hypersonic Missiles

Moscow To Call Halt On NATO Military Use Of
Russian Jumbo Jets

5 Fast Facts About The Federal Judge In Cohen’s
Case (And Why Trump Should Be Worried)

Law School Dean - Disrupting Free-Speech
Event Was...Free-Speech

Alabama Governor Defends Confederate Monuments


The Trump Super Fixer Who ‘Knows
Where All the Bodies Are Buried’

NYT Gives Unindicted War Criminal Top Op-Ed Space

Pulitzer Prize Gross Hypocrisy

US-Israeli Electronic Attack On Syria's Air Defenses

Bolton Contacting Arab States To Create
Regional Force In Syria - Report

Trump Opens New Base In Former ISIS Stronghold

The Neocons' Real Plan For Syria Emerges
From The Lack Of Rubble

Highly Efficient Air Defenses Can Be Created
In Syria With Russia’s Help

Veteran UK Reporter Fisk - 'Oxygen Starvation, Not Gas’

Syria’s Raqqa Devastated, Run By Idiots - Russia


Netanyahu Reportedly Coordinated Strike On
Syrian T-4 Airbase With US

Israeli Nationalists Rage & Burn Palestinian Flag - Vid

Israel Recalls Warplanes From AK Drills
Amid Middle East Tensions

CW Use in Syria

True Targets Of US-Led Aggression In Syria

US Wants OPCW To Rubber-Stamp Official
Falsified Douma Narrative

Big Man Macron Says Europe Is In ‘Civil War'

Twitter Users Mock Moron Macron
Over Claim He Is 'Equal To Putin'

60% French Voters Dislike Macron

Le Pen Questions French Strike On Syria


UK Admits OPCW Did Not Confirm Evidence
On Origin Of Skripal Poisoning

Dirty Money Or Dirty Politics? UK Hypocrisy
Over ‘Russian Oligarchs'

Berezovsky Acted With UK Intel, Paid With His Life
When He Decided To Come Home -Russian Prosecutor

Military Grade Weapons Increasingly Available
To Terrorists In Europe (As Expected)

George Soros Isn’t Prepared to Accept
Outcome Of Hungarian Election - Official

SA Blacks Rage ‘City Won’t Give Us Land
So We Are Taking It’ - Vid

Social Media Being Used By Cops, Intel To Get Biometrics

Secret Mex Citizen Runs For US Congress In Border District

Naples Outraged Over Visit Of US Nuclear Sub

SWIFT Confirms Neutral Status In Russia,
Plans To Continue Staying Outside Of Politics


China Forming United Front vs Trump's Protectionism

China Prepares Emergency Response Plan
Amid Trade Showdown With US

China Will Abandon Barriers For Foreign Automakers

Blankfein - 'Central Banks All Around The World
Are Buying All The Risky Assets'

IMF Sounds The Alarm On Global Debt
Warns 'United States Stands Out'

No (Wall Street) Bank Left Behind!

Cuba Chooses A New President

Heroic Passengers Who Fought To Save Woman
On SW Airlines Flight

Meet The Hero Woman Pilot Who Brought Stricken
SW Airliner Into Philly On One Engine

'Climate Change' Crusader Leo DiCaprio
Roars To Coachella In Private Jet


Hepatitis E - What We Don't Know About
This Virus Could Kill Us

Ft Detrick Investigating After TB Found Among
Lab Animals, Caretaker At USAMRIID

Gruesome Aftermath Of So Carolina Prison Riot

US States Where People Live Longest..& Shortest

Earthquake Hits Near San Francisco

Colleges Struggle To Make Online Education Legit

Rothschild Heir Takes Reins Of Banking Dynasty

Billionaire Robert Bigelow Convinced ETs Live Among Us

UFO Story Lands In A Hall Of History

New Satellite Will Scan Cosmos For Alien Worlds

UFO Monument Must Be Moved, Again, Says Town


Nomad Girl Who Hunts With A Golden Eagle

Flesh-Eating Disease Increasing At Alarming Rate In Oz


CIA Pompeo Met In Secret With
Kim In N Korea Easter Weekend

Barbara Bush - 'Everybody's Grandma' - Dies At 92

Judge In Atty Cohen Case Officiated At Soros Wedding!

Cohen Case To Be Heard By Judge Kimba Wood
...A CLINTON Nominee Far Asst AG

Gorsuch Sells Trump And America Out, Votes With
Left Liberals Against Key Illegal Alien Deportation Issue

Roberts - Once Upon A Time Truth Was Important

Trump Rejects New Sanctions On Russia

WaPo, NYT Win Pulitzers For ‘Russiagate’ Coverage
As Legendary Prize Becomes Meaningless

WaPo Russophobic Hate-Mongering

A Daily Dose Of NYT Russophobia

Hollywood’s Malicious, Despicable Zionist
Propaganda Dehumanizes All Russians


Macron The Moron Says ‘I’m The Equal Of Putin’ !

Sandy Hook ‘Hoax’ Claim - Alex Jones Sued
By Parents Of Massacre Victims

Durham Becomes First US City To Stop
Having Their Cops Trained By Israel

Watch - Enslaved By Our Smart Phone - Vid

Comey Said Morally, Ethically And Legally Challenged

Cohen Case Heard By Judge Kimba Wood
A CLINTON Nominee Far Asst AG

Comey’s ABC Interview Has Furious
FBI Insiders Lashing Out

Trump Supporters React To Comey Interview

'Slimeball' Versus ‘Mob Boss’

Sinking Public Pensions Now $1.4 Trillion Underwater


US To Declare VZ Presidential Election Invalid if Maduro Wins

British Press Adds Gorgeous Women To The Many
‘Threats’ The UK Teams Faces In Russia

Gene Therapy And The Trans-Human Agenda

Jerry Brown Refuses Trump Orders To Send Guard To Border!

Why Do So Many Feds Sell Out To The Ruling Cabal?

Israel Admits Striking Iran Base In Syria

Another Overnight Missile Strike On Syria Bases

New Missile Attack On Syria Said ‘False Alarm’

Lavrov On S-300 Supply - After Trump’s Attack
We'll Consider All Options To Defend Syria

America Is At War With Both Syria And Turkey


Russia Reveals Who ‘Staged' Syria Gas Attack,
As US Claims Moscow 'May Have Tampered’ With Site

US Says Russia 'Hacked' Syrian Attack Evidence
As Russia Finds Rebel Chemical Weapon Lab

OPCW Chem Weapons Inspectors Enter Douma

Fisk Doubts MSM Narrative On Douma 'Chemical Attack'

US, UK Reporters Find There Was NO Chem Attack

Madsen - British Propaganda And Disinformation
An Imperial And Colonial Tradition

Saker Warns - ‘Alas, This Is Far From Over'

Devvy - Next, We Must Bomb Saudi Arabia, Sudan,
South Africa And Myanmar

Madsen - Israel Has Secret Info On Graham Homosexuality

Israeli Intel - Strikes On Syria Not Effective
Chemical Weapons Deterrence


Israel Hints It Can Hit Iran's 'Air Force' In Syria
If It Decides To Retaliate

Bibi BS - Alleges Terrorism Is Under Iran ‘Auspices'

Israeli Defense Min Claims Right To 'Total Freedom
Of Action' In Syrian Airspace - Can Attack Anytime

Israelis Use Tear Gas On Pal 'Prisoners Day' March

Bernie Sanders: Saudi Crown Prince Should
Stop Talking About Gaza And Do Something

Saudi, UAE Recruiting 1000s Of Black African Mercs

Saudi Arabia Would Send Troops To Syria
As Part Of 'Islamic Coalition'

Trump’s Syria Withdrawal Plan - Arab Occupational
Force And Arabs Will Pay For It

US Wants To Replace Its Troops In Syria With Arab
Troops From Gulf States Militaries

May’s Husband’s Capital Group Is Largest
Shareholder In BAE, Shares Soaring


May Rejects Corbyn's 'War Powers Act' Demand

UK Military Shamed By Lack Of Firepower In Syria

Swedish Students Reported To Police Over
Fact-Based Anti-Muslim, Black Leaflets

UK Violent Crime Surge Continues - Over 60 Killed
In London So Far This Year

French Cops Attacked By Muslims As Woman
Arrested For Refusing To Remove Face Veil

A First - Mad Camel Disease Discovered In Algerian Camels

Tornadoes In US East, Record Snow In Midwest

Record-Shattering Rains Trigger Destructive HI Floods

NASA To Launch Best Planet-Hunting Telescope

UFO Story Lands In A Hall Of History


New Satellite Will Scan Cosmos For Alien Worlds

UFO Monument Must Be Moved, Again, Say Town Officials

Life On Venus - Why Not?

How The Postal Service Loses So Much Money

US Inability To Create Trustworthy Broadband Map

Grid Down - How To Get Water

A Modern Day Mystery...What Is Deep State?

Putin Is Coming For Your Bloody Toaster!

Ancient Maya Sacrificial Cave Revealed


Gorsuch Sells Trump And America Out, Votes With
Left Liberals Against Key Illegal Alien Deportation Issue

Missile Attack Thought From Israel Now Said A 'False Alarm'
Israel attack syria with missiles

Trump Is Done, Mattis Won, Thank The Gods

Roberts - Is the Russian Government Too Humane?

Trust Between Russia-US Nearly Zero - Lavrov

Assad Aide - Syrian Defense Smarter Than US Missiles

Russia vs America - Good vs Pure Evil Geopolitically

Russians Burn Effigies Of Trump

Trump Hits Russia With New Sanctions
Over Fake Syria Gas Attack

US Sanctions Aim To Squeeze Russian Firms
Out Of World Markets - Kremlin


Huh? Trump Still Willing To Meet Putin Despite Tension

Huh? Huh? Trump Still Wants US Forces In Syria
To Come Home As Soon As Possible

Official Says Trump Misled By Aides On Number
Of Russian Diplomats He Expelled

Fantasy Democracy In America

Stormy Wont Rest Until Truth Is Fully Known

Twitter Explodes As Comey Says Trump Is
'Morally Unfit’ To Hold Office

Trump - Comey Throws Obama-Era AG Under
The Bus Over ‘Crooked’ Clinton Scandal

Obama, Lynch Jeopardized Hillary Email Probe - Comey

Attkisson - Trump Was Right To Fire Comey
Here Are 12 Reasons Why

Half Of US Voters Want FBI Ex-Director Comey
Prosecuted For Press Leaks - Poll


Weird David Hogg’s Attempt To Boycott Fox’s Ingraham
Blows Up In His Face As Her Audience Jumps 20%

Putin - More Western Strikes In Syria
Contrary To Intl Law Will Lead To Chaos

US Led Attack On Syria To Be Answered - Lavrov

Trump Ready To Increase His Aggression In Syria

US Reporter In Douma - No One Heard Or
Saw Anything Resembling A Chem Attack

Syria Missile Strikes - Based On What Evidence?

Russia Has ‘Irrefutable’ Proof Chem Attack Staged

Envoy To OPCW Says Russia Found Participants
Of The Staged, Fake ‘Chemical Attack’ Video

White Helmets - Window Dressing Of
Terrorists Posing As Humanitarians

Moscow Will Get Tough On US If Red Lines Crossed


Russia’s Red Lines In Relation To America?

Russian Stealth Hunters Chased UK Sub Before Strikes

Pantsir-S1 System Repelling US Strikes On Syria
Showed 100% Effectiveness - Russian MoD

Lawmaker - Russia Should Sell S-300s To Iran,
Syria And North Korea

Russian S-300 in Syria Will Curb Israel From
Operating Against Iran - Researcher

Israeli Media Alarmed Over Russian S-300s To Syria

Russia Can’t Stop Israeli Actions In Syria - Lieberman

NYT Hypes Nonexistent Iranian Threat To Israel

Iran To Team With China On Nuke Development
If Trump Kill 2015 Nuclear Deal

Eliminate Trump Unites the Establishment


US, UK, France Stand By Saudi Butchers In
Yemen But Pose As Moral Crusaders In Syria

UK Govt Reckless Kowtowing Of Trump On Syria

Assad Praises Moscow For Helping West

Damascus At 4am At The Height Of The Bombings

China - The Arrogant US Has A Record Of Launching
Wars On Deceptive Grounds (False Flags)

Long History Of US Lying & False Flags To Start Wars

Take The Red Pill - The History Of
False Flags In Syria Exposed

Ex-Pink Floyd Singer Denounces White Helmets
As Propaganda Tool During Barcelona Concert

Inside The Shadowy PR Firm That's Lobbying
To Oust Assad And Get Regime-Change In Syria

About $400 Billion Needed To Restore Syria Economy


New US History Book Blatantly Anti-Trump

Underground Booms In US Sets YouTube On Fire
Obvious DUMB Construction & Other Tunneling! - Vid

Ron Paul - Freedom & Income Taxation Are Opposites

1/3 Americans Think FB. Has A 'Negative Impact On Society'

ISIS Poster Threatens To Bomb New York Subway

Climate GeoEngineering Insanity - Manufacturing
Winter Weather With Tropical Moisture

Fukushima Was Supposed To Have Massive Seawall

What Happened To The $8 Million
People Raised For Standing Rock?

An Empire Built On Fear At Home & Abroad

Surprise Football Field Sized Asteroid
Flies Close By Earth

308,984 Potential Space Junk Collisions In 2017


Where Does Earth End And Space Begin?

Strange Glowing UFO Ship Passes Near ISS

The Day UFOs Stopped A Football Match

Woman Frightened By Triangular-Shaped
UFO Hovering Over Trees UK

'Getting The Mainstream Media To Approach
The UFO Puzzle As Legitimate News

Chinese Army Receives Nuclear-Capable Ballistic Missile

Pentagon Has 'Global Campaign Plan For China'

US Tanks In Europe Get Invisible Futuristic Missile Shield

White House Bans US Firms From Selling
Parts To China Telecom Giant ZTE

Trump Accuses Russia, China Of Currency
Devaluation, Say It Is 'Not Acceptable'


How Much Longer Can The American Empire
Run On Fake Money?

Chinese Companies Launch Big Branding
Campaign On Overseas Social Media

'Love For Motherland Is Not A Crime' - German
Protestors Demand Border Closure - Vid

Germans Fear Increase In 'Lawless' No-Go
Zones Amid Merkel's Refugee Inflow

Gang Fight Involving Machete
Breaks Out in Birmingham City, UK - Vid

Greek Protestors Try to Demolish Harry Truman
Statue In Athens - Vid

Scientists Say EU 'Robot Bill Of Rights' Would
Violate The Rights Of Humans

Junk DNA May Be Essential For Survival


As We Reported, Trump And Bolton Wanted To Bomb
Russian & Iranian Targets But Mad Dog Held Them Back

Military Experts Say Pentagon Claims Of Setting
Back Syria’s ‘Chemical Program’ Was Overblown

WH Denies Macron Pushed Trump To Keep Troops In Syria

Marcon Says HE Convinced Trump To Stay In Syria

Syrian Army Captures UK Spec Forces In E Ghouta

NeoCon NIkki - US Won’t Leave Syria Until Goals Achieved

Trump And US Surrogates Occupy One-Third Of Syria
- Syrian Ambassador To UN

Br Nathanael - Trump’s Freaky 'Mission Accomplished'

Who Does The US Military Fight For? - Ken O'Keefe - Pt 1


Russian FM On Syria And Skripal False Flag

Trump Denounces Comey Just Before Book Release

Comey Blasts Trump’s ‘Slippery Slimeball’ Slams

White House Calls James Comey A ‘Known Liar'

Comey Failed To Tell Trump Hillary Paid For Dossier

Did Rat Ryan Quit To Run In 2020? - Vid

What’s Being Taught About Trump, BLM In Classes

Secret Chinese Space Base Rumored Under
Construction In South Pacific

The Commie Connection - FDR And Stalin

‘US, UK & France Want 'New International
Order’ With No UN Supervision’

Escalating Aggression In Syria


US-Led Aggression On Syria Not The End Of It

US-Led Syria Strikes - West Trashes International
Law In Favor Of ‘Might Is Right'

‘Saddam’s Weapons’ - Ex-Amb McFaul’s Laughable
Freudian Slip On Syria Attack

Trump GeoPolitical Ignorance Endangers Humanity

Putin - History Blamed US For 'Bloody Carnage’ In
Yugoslavia & Horrors Of Iraq, Same Will Be With Syria

US & Allies Could Stop Syrian Conflict Within 24 Hours
If They Wanted To – Russian Amb

Russian Diplomat Blasts Pentagon ‘Lie’ That OPCW
Experts Were Denied Access To Eastern Ghouta

West’s ‘Proof’ Of Douma Chem Attacks ‘Ludicrous’ - Lavrov

The NYT...The Imperial Mouthpiece

How Israeli Hardware Back-Doored Everything - Vid


20 Dead After Israeli Warplanes Reportedly
Attack Iranian Military Base In Syria

Hezbollah Refutes Reports Of Blast At
Iranian Military Facility In Aleppo

Roberts - Is 'Russian Surrender’ Or WW3 On US Agenda?

Syria Strike First Step To WW3 ?

Russia's State TV Instructing Russian Citizens
To Start Preparing For War...

WaPo Tries Justifying Unjustifiable US-Led Aggression

Russian Humanity, Moral Conscience Leading To War?

Trump's Harmless 'Missile Attack' Outsmarts Globalists

Henderson In Syria Times - UK Behind Syria Pretext

Murray - Just Who’s Pulling The Strings?


Roberts - Are We Over The US-UK Crisis In Syria?

Only 25% Of Britons Back Theresa May On Syria

No Indication In The US That The Country Is At War Again

Huge Mobile Russian ICBMs - Vid

Watch Cops Contact YouTube Shooter Night Before

China Is Nationalizing Its Tech Sector

Independent Swiss Lab Says 'BZ Toxin' Used In
Skripal Poisoning US-UK-Produced, Not Russian

Lavrov - Why Were Swiss Skripal Conclusions Ignored

Russia FM Says Skripal Case A False Flag

Novichok Creator Says OPCW Report Proves
Skripals Poisoned With A Different Agent


Russian Oil Producers To Make Money From
China’s Yuan-Backed Crude Futures – Analysts

India Launches Universal Health Care
Are You Listening, Washington?

Special Blacklist In Hungary Exposes 'Soros Stooges'

Man Burned By ‘Glowing Rocks' At Beach, Hazmat Called

E. Coli In 11 States Linked To Chopped Romaine
(After Illegals Crapped In The Fields & Didn’t Wash)

Night Owls Die Sooner, Says Study

Achieving Universal Consciousness

Professors Walkout To Protest Working Conditions

The Immorality Of Neoliberalism

Scientists Warn Of Catastrophic Gulf Stream Collapse


Gulf Stream Current Weakest In 1,600 Years

Check Out Entangled Time

Your Brain’s Music Circuit Has Been Discovered

Drug Use Is Detectable On Your Fingerprints

NJ New Climate Plan Includes More Nuclear Power

12 Fruits And Vegetables With The Most Pesticides

Supertides Are Pushing All Earth's Continents Together

NASA Wants To Explore Mars Using Robotic Bees

'Tough Guy' Pence Warns Russia To 'Get The Message'

Pentagon Dodges Questions, Shift Blame Regarding Attack

Roberts - The Trump Regime Is Insane

Nutter Nikki Warns Syria Not To Use Chem Weapons Again

Israel-First NeoCon Bolton Coordinated Strike With Israel

Gross Pentagon Lies About Overnight Attack On Syria

Pentagon - Lies, Lies And More Lies

Russia Has Indisputable Evidence CW Incident Is Fake

Trump Again Proved Himself A World Class Thug,
A War Criminal, Serial Liar And Disgrace To The WH

Putin Response To Trump Missile Strike - Talk’s Cheap

US Warned Russia Ahead Of Trump’s Attack

Trump War Crime Far Worse Than Fake Chem Attack


Trump Unhappy With Mattis Military Options
Wanted To Harm Russian An Iranian Targets

Syrian Air Defense Hit 71 Of 103 Cruise Missiles - Russia

70% US Missiles Destroyed But The Donald Says
'Perfectly Executed Strike' & 'Mission Accomplished'!

How Syria Took Out 70% Of Trump's Missiles

Zionist Media Garbage Cheerleading
US-Led Aggression On Syria

Illegal Trump Attack On Syria Is Blatant Support
For Terrorism - Iran’s Rouhani

Russian Heavy Bombers Return To Iran
For Syrian Operations

DoD Report Confirms US Contractors In Syria
For The First Time Under Trump

We Have Evidence Of UK's Role In Staging
Douma Provocation - Russian MoD

Douma Blows Away White Helmets' 'Chem Attack' Claims


Sky News Cuts Off Top British Gen For Asking
‘Why Would Syria Launch A Chem Attack Now?’

Pretext For US Syria Attack An ‘Obvious Hoax’ - State Sen

Legendary Late Night Radio Host Art Bell Dies

A Bell Classic - Frantic Sobbing Caller To Bell Makes
Startling Claims About Area 51 Is Cut Off - Vid

Comey Failed To Tell Trump Hillary Paid For Dossier

The Deep State Closes In On The Donald - Part 2

Brennan Lashes Trump In Verbose Twitter Screed

Trump Pardons Scooter Libby

US Politics Have Gone Hollywood As Writers
Coach Progressive Candidates In 2018 Races

Why Did Hitler Invade Soviet Union? The Truth


Radioactive Sludge Barrel Breaks At Top US Nuke Lab

​Million A Week Club - Your Radiation - Week 13

BLM Outed As CIA-Mossad Creation Funded By Soros

In Leaked Memo, Apple Warns Employees Will
Face Jail Time For Leaking Memos

How The 1960s Made Everything Worse

From Skripal To Syria, The Empire Is
Reaching The End Of The Road

Strategic Russian Firm Dumps SWIFT

Russian FM - BZ Substance Possessed By UK
& US Believed to Be Used In Salisbury

Trump Ripped On Twitter Over Syria Strike Gloating

Russia May Sell S-300s To Syria After US Attack


Corbyn Says May Should Have Sought Approval

Le Pen Slams Macron’s Order To Bomb Syria

Lavrov - Macron Refused To Share ‘Proof’ Of Chem Attack

Trump WH Used Social Media, Open Source Outlets
For Its Assessment Of The Alleged Chem Attack

US Claims Assad Allegedly Used Chemical
Weapons In Syria 'At Least 50 Times’ !

Assad Arrives For Work After Trump Attack - Vid

Crown Bulldog Attacks Syria

'Ground Control To Major Trump'

The West Gets Russia Wrong

Russia Drafts Tit-For-Tat Sanctions On US


Trump Now Backs States Rights Marijuana Bill

NATO Prepping Ukraine For Hybrid Warfare

100s Of Palestinians Wounded At Gaza-Israel Border

Israeli Tanks Shell Besieged Gaza Strip - Kill Four

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 4-14-18

Are Trillion-Dollar Deficits the New Norm?

Miami Is Racing Against Time

SHTF Combat Operations And Fabian Tactics

Why Is The Human Brain So Efficient?

Bad News, Night Owls


6 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Photos Of Everyday Life In 1950’s America

The Quantum Internet Is Already Being Built

Your Heartbeat Could Power A Smartphone

How Your Mindset Determines Your Health

Doomsday Expert Says Rapture Will Be April 23

Caffeine Causes Widespread Brain Entropy

Goal Of US Strike Was To Destroy (Lack Of) Evidence
Of The Faux ‘Chemical Attack’ & Block The OPCW Probe

Five Pivotal Facts About The Contrived US, UK,
France 'Chem Attack’ Site-Destroying Attack On Syria

Stopping Embarrassing OPCW Probe Of The False Flag
'Chem Attack’ Primary Reason For Trump US Attack

Atzmon - How Israel Postponed WW3 (Inadvertently)

Syrian Air Defenses Shoot Down 71 Of 103 Of Donald’s
'Nice And New And Smart' Cruise Missiles!

Putin Notes Correctly That Donald’s Attack On Syria
Violates International Law Statutes

US Strike On Syria Won’t Go Without Consequences
- Russian Ambassador To The US

Russian Ambassador Says The Full Responsibility
For The Attacks On Syria Rests On US, UK & France

Pentagon - Attack A 'One-Time’ Act To Teach Assad At Lesson

First Images & Video Of Explosions In Damascus - Pics, Vid

Syrian SAMS Launched vs Incoming US, UK French Missiles

Trump, Bolton, Mattis Launch. Major Attacks On Damascus

Trump Launches Massive Strikes On Syria - Crisis Underway

Bolton And Mattis Fight Over Syria Strike
As Assad Evacuates Weapons

Jimmy Carter Just Issued A Chilling Warning
To Trump About Syria

US Media Love War - Egg Trump On To Attack Syria

Air & Naval Task Force Assembling To Attack Syria

Russia’s Options To Counter Trump Strike On Syria

Is There Going To Be WW3 And Who Will Win?

US-Russia War Over Syria?

A Map Of The Coming War

Western Civilization To Self-Destruct?

War Between Russia, US Can't Be Ruled Out - Moscow


Jeff & Gordon Duff - War With Russia Over Syria? - Vid

Roberts - Idiocy Bringing The End Of The World

Pompeo Says America Has Already Killed
'A Couple Hundred' Russians In Syria

WaPo Calls For NeoCon Pompeo SecState Confirmation

White House Is ‘Confident’ Assad Behind Chem
Attack Despite the Fact There In No Evidence

Trump Knows Nothing About Getting Into War

Pentagon Warns Trump - Syria Could Trigger Wider War

War Is Not A 'Single Issue'

Putin’s Real End Game?

US Fears Russia, China Anti-Satellite Weapons


Trump Calls Comey A ‘Leaker And Liar’

Another Trump Backstab, He Directs Cabinet To Look
Into Rejoining The Outrageous TPP Trade Agreement

Trump Takes Out Paul Rat Ryan

Good Grief - Hillary Praises Slapsy Maxey Pushing
Back On White House 'White Supremacist' Views’

Deep State? What About Elite TV News Anchors?

Comey Wife, Daughters Voted Hillary, Did Anti-Trump Rally

Tucker Reacts To Zuckerberg's Testimony

The Deep State Closes In On The Donald - Pt !

Stock Markets On Brink Of 50% Crash - Financial Expert

Russia To Suspend All Nuclear, Rocket Cooperation
With US - And Ban US Tobacco, Alcohol - Draft Law


Russia To Stop Exporting Titanium To Boeing
In Counter-Sanctions Against US - Draft Law

EU Splits On Attacking Syria

Corbyn - May Awaits Orders From Trump On Syria

Lavrov - Moscow Has Evidence Syria ‘Chemical
Attack’ Was Staged By Foreign Special Forces

What Hypocrites We Are About Chemical
Warfare In The Mideast

Douma ‘Gas Attack’ Aftermath Footage
Shows Terror Groups Moving Victims Bodies

Watch Top Russian General Predict
Douma Provocation A Month In Advance

Russia Doesn't Do Regime Changes Like The US

Another Bloody Friday In Gaza

US Pols Ask IDF Killers To Stop Shooting Unarmed Pals


Top Pal Official Slams Trump's Envoy For
Becoming 'Israel's Spokesman'

New, Fierce Clashes At Israel-Gaza Border

Uganda Will Take 500 Blacks From Israel

OPCW Rubber Stamps UK Skripal Findings

UK ‘Destroying’ Evidence In Skripal Case - Russian Amp

'Creator' Of Novichok Says 'Only An Idiot’
Would Have Used It In Salisbury On Skripals

Crime With A Machete Occurs Every 90 Minutes In UK

The Myth Of European Democracy - Shocker

EU Comm Demands Sanctions Against Orban’s Hungary

China’s Xi Attends Huge Naval Drill In S China Sea


‘It’s Ilegal And I’ll Arrest You’ - Duterte To ICC Prosecutor

Zionist Bolshevik Scripps College Conditioning
Third World Minorities To White Genocide

ELF Technologies Likely Already Directing Mood, Emotions

CIA-Google Using AI To Pick Out Voices In A Crowd

Climate Engineering Disinfo - How To Respond To The Source

National Guard Patrolling The US-Mexico Border

Higher Ed Pay Skyrockets In Canada Too

A Shopper’s Guide To Pesticides In Produce

Earth's Second Magnetic Field

A Massive Pipeline Is Being Planned in Oregon


Major Reservoirs Up Drying Up Worldwide

China Viewed From Above

How OxyContin Kicked Off The Heroin Epidemic

America’s Ever-Shifting Stance On Tariffs

How 879 Days In Space Changed This Cosmonaut

Alleged Alien Remains Confirmed As Human
Research Protocols In Question

Controversial Study Of Remains Called ‘Alien’

NASA Is Sending a Spacecraft To A Metal Asteroid

Did Buzz Aldrin Really See UFO In Space
Pass Lie Detector Test?


Russia - Fake Chem Attack Staged As Reason For US Strike

Russian FM Spox - 'We Can Resolve All
Issues By Picking Up The Phone'

Pompeo - 'We're Exceptional, Russia Is Not'

Trump Considering 8 Potential Targets In Syria

Trump's Rage For War Risks The Unthinkable

‘Bipolar’ Trump? Twitter Stumped After Trump’s
Completely Confusing Stance On Syria

Russia Warns West To ‘Seriously Consider’
Consequences Of An Attack On Syra

Trump’s Pick For Secretary Of State, Pompeo,
Says No More Soft Policy Toward Russia


Pompeo Calls for Tough Actions Against
'Failed State' Of Syria

Four-Star US General Warns 'War Is On
The Horizon' As Syria Escalates

All Hell Breaking Out in Syria Imminent?

Gerald Celente - Ready For War! Are You Prepared?

Russia’s Options For Stopping Trump Attack On Syria

Fake News Headlines Promote Wars Of Aggression

Moscow Slams West For Stoking Syria Conflict

The Coming Firestorm In Syria

Germany, Italy Refuse To Join Syria Airstrikes

Putin Urges Israel Not To Take Action In Syria

Trump Statements Are 'Silly, Warmongering' - Russian PM


Waiting On Trump

Russian TV Instructs Citizens How To
Prepare Bomb Shelters For Nuclear War

Russian Warships Left Syria Port To Prep For Attack

Promoting War In Syria, Deploring Peace

Roberts - Syria Chemical Attack A Complete HOAX

Mattis - Pentagon Has No Evidence
Of Chlorine Or Sarin Use In Douma

Ex UK Amb To Syria - Chem Weapons Attack Staged

Russia - 'White Helmets' Staged Syria Chem Attack
There Was Not A Single Corpse

US Has No Evidence Of Douma Chem Attack

Israel-Controlled US May Impose ‘Very
Strong’ Sanctions Against Iran - Mnuchin


Bannon Urges Trump To Fire Rosenstein
To "Cripple" Mueller Probe

Luongo - The Coup Is Complete - Trump Is Done"

Fitts - Why Congressman Marsha Blackburn Will
Lose The Tennessee Senate Race

Charlotte Iserbyt - The Hijacking Of The Traditional
American Conservative Movement

Monsanto Loses BT Cotton Seed Patent In India

Another Trump Backstab? Say He Wants To Take
New Look At The TPP !

Bank Of America Declares War On Gun Owners

Ron Paul Urges 'Progressives Defend Gun Rights'

Three Californias? Billionaire Gathers
Enough Signatures For Referendum

Break-Up Of California Moves A Step Closer


Four CBS Producers ‘Terrified' Over Upcoming
Charlie Rose Sex Scandal Exposé

Facebook Has Dozens Of Former Obama
And Hillary Staffers In Senior Positions

Facebook Is A Monster Too Big To Control

The Senate Is Afraid To Govern
And That’s Great News For Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg Is Halfway To Scot-Free

Musk - 'Crazy' To Let Social Media Go Unchecked

How To Learn if Cambridge Analytica Had Your Data

Russian Embassy Doubts Statement Released
By UK Cops Was, Indeed, Yulia Skripal's

Atzmon - Antisemitsm And Jewish Guilt

May Ready To Join Syria War Without Approval


May ‘Orders British Subs To Ready For Strike On Syria

May Cals Urgent Cabinet Meeting Over Syria

China Calls For Restraint Over Syria

China Launches Massive Combat Drill
As War With Taiwan 'Becomes More Probable'

E Ghouta Terrorists Surrender Another Haul
Of Israeli, European Made Arms

Syria Seizes Douma, Last E Ghouta Terror Stronghold

Supreme Leader Aide - Iran Can Destroy Israel

Iran Wants Idlib Freed, US Troops Out Of E Syria

Any US-Russia Conflict Over Syria Will
Set Mideast Ablaze - Turkey

Iran - Saudis Can't Hide Support For Terrorism
Through Playing Blame Game


FEMA - Each Family Needs A Central Rally Point

Macron Demands State Control Over Mosques
Financing Amid Fight Against Islamism

Europe's Civilizational Exhaustion

Half Of Young Finns Ready To Move Abroad

Bitcoin Soars $1000 In Minutes, Back Above $8,000

JPMorgan Busted Over Bitcoin Fraud...Seriously!

Six Myths About Bitcoin And How To Bust Them

House Panel Probes Campus Espionage

Your Memories Could Be Read And
Then Replayed After You DIE

Hacking The Mind For Extreme Performance


Life Expectancy & Disability In The United States

How Big Is The Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

How 'Deaf President Now' Changed America

The Unexpected And Unaware

Trump Backing Down On Syria Rhetoric
'Never Said When Syria Attack Would Happen'

Trump Taunts Russia - Mocks Its Military Defenses

Putin - Stand Up To The US, Israel Empire Or Fold?

Russia's Zircon - 6100 mph Of Hell At Sea - Vid

Russia's Awesome 6,100 mph Zircon Anti-Ship Missile
Will Sink US Navy Ships Deemed 'Launch Sites' Fast - Vid

Roberts - The Last Days Before Hell Breaks Loose

Trump, Armageddon, Satanism And The Deep State

US Builds Coalition For Imminent War With Syria

Looney! - Trump Blames Democrats 'Fake
Investigation' For The 'Bad Blood' With Russia

Trump Deranged Tweet - Madness In Age Of Unreason

Br Nathanael - Bolton Whispers War In Trump's Ears - Vid

Syria Threat By ‘Manchild’ Trump Most Disturbing
Presidential Statement Ever Made - Galloway

Nigel Farage Breaks With ‘Friend For Life’ Trump
Over Military Intervention In Syria

Big Lies Drown Out Truth on Syria

Twitter Reacts - Trump A ‘Bigger Lunatic Than Bush’

US Choppers Evac ISIS Terrorists After Trump Threat

US P-8 Poseidon 'Submarine Killer' Headed For Syria

Nikki Haley Ravings Reflect Imperial Madness

Haley Uses Child Victims To Bash Russia - After US
Called Civilian Deaths Just A 'Fact Of Life'


Only America Can Kill Syrian Civilians

Putin Tells Bibi To Avoid Destabilizing Syria Sovereignty

May Blames Syrian Govt For (Unproven) Chem Attack

Ex-UK Chancellor Urges May To Attack Syria

France Likely to Strike Syria From Mainland Rather
Than From Mideast Bases

White Helmets Faked Douma 'Chemical Weapons
Attack' On Civilians - Russia

Douma Soil Analysis Shows NO Poisons - Russia

Syrian Army Finds While Helmets Filming Site In E Ghouta

'Let's Start By Destroying US Chemical Weapons' - Russia
To Trump's Plea To 'End The Arms Race'

Moscow Doesn’t Favor 'Twitter Diplomacy' — Kremlin


Three Russian journalists Wounded In Syria - Moscow

Syrian Terrorists To Mount Offensive If US Strikes
Assad Troops – Commander

Syrian Military Repositioning Air Assets

Israel Vows To 'Wipe Assad Off The Map' If Iran
Launches An Attack From Syrian Territory

Iran Vows To Stand With Syria Against US

Majority Zionist Feminist Group Using USC
To Promote White Genocide - Mural Message

Rino ‘Rat’ Ryan Announces He Won’t Run Again

Paul ‘Rat’ Ryan To Quit

Trump Said To Consider Firing Rosenstein

Harvard Law Prof Dershowitz To Dinner With
Trump After Criticizing Cohen FBI Raid


Clinton, Comey, Uranium One - Who Is John W. Huber?

The American Dunning-Kruger Epidemic
(Why Ignorant People Are So Sure They're Right)

Congress Unveils List Of New Sanctions On Russia

Russia Should Ban US Products After New
US Sanctions - PM Medvedev

Google's File On You Is 10 Times Bigger
Than Facebook's - Here's How To View It

Facebook Censorship - The Grotesque Mainstream Solution

Facebook,Cambridge Analytica Face Class Action Suit

Young Brits - 'Social Media Has Poisoned Us’

Skripal's Pets Were Killed To Cover
The Investigation's Mistakes

The Highjacking Of The Traditional Conservative Movement

Iran, China To Expand Nuclear Cooperation


UK Sends 3rd Navy Ship To Monitor N Korea

Hungarians Share Orban’s Anti-Immigration Stand

Israeli Minister Praises Viral Video Sniper

The Case Against An Autonomous Military

Missiles From Yemen Intercepted Over Saudi Capitol

Yemeni Drones Target Saudi Airport

The Future Of Europe Is Civil War

EU Raids London HQ Of Murdoch's Fox
Documents, Computer Records Seized

World’s First 3D Printed House Unveiled In France

Massive Geomagnetic Storm To Hit Earth This Week


100s Of Illegals In Mexico Caravan Want US Asylum

Inside The Migrant Caravan Heading To US Border

Keystone Pipeline Spill Was Twice As Big As Admitted

China To Replace Saudi With Iranian & Russian Oil

China Tells US To Take Its Garbage Back

Russia Upping Ag Exports To Lead World Food Market

Iran To Switch To Euro As Official Reporting Currency

How To Cut ‘Added Sugar’ From Your Diet

More Than Half Your Body Is Not Human

Living In An Age Of Desire And Anxiety


Fun Facts About All 59 U.S. National Parks

The Gruesome Story Of Hannah Duston

Trump Tells Putin - 'Get Ready Russia! Missiles Are Coming
At Syria! Nice, New And Smart! (Over A Fake Chem Attack)

Russia To Trump - Are 'Smart' Missiles An Attempt To Destroy
The Lack Of Evidence Of Fake Chem Attack?

Trump's Weird Tweet Storm Seems Schizophrenic - Appears
To Walk Back His Big Threat To Russia

Tucker Slams US Foreign Policy In Searing Monologue - Vid

Celente - The 'Trump War' Will Crash The Markets

Br Nathanael - Bolton Whispers War In Trump's Ear - Vid

Russia Vows To Shoot Down US Missiles If Trump Fires
Any At Syria - US 'Launch Sites’ Will Be Destroyed, Too

Russia's Awesome 4,600 mph Zircon Anti-Ship Missile
Will Sink US Navy Ships Deemed 'Launch Sites’ Fast - Vid

Rino 'Rat' Ryan Announces He Won't Run Again

Paul 'Rat' Ryan To Quit

Trump Cancels S. America Trip To ‘Oversee’ Syria Response

NeoCon Nutter Haley - Russia Chose To Protect
A ‘Monster’ Over The Syrian People

Russia Warns US Against Any ‘Illegal’ Action In Syria

Mad Mattis Won't Rule Out Starting WW3
Over Nonsense Syria 'Chemical Attack'

Britain Prepares With US For War On Syria

Russia Urges US To Refrain From Syria Plans
‘You Are Developing’ (They Know What’s Up)

Trump Heads World Into The Abyss Blindfolded

Tucker Carlson Goes On Epic Rant Against War In Syria

Navy Destroyer & Tomahawks Arrives Off Syrian Coast
'Harassed" By Russian Warplanes'

US Deploys Truman Carrier Strike Group And 7 Warships
With Cruise Missiles To Mediterranean


Trumps Sends Second Missile Destroyer To Syrian Coast

Russia - Syria 'Chemical Attack' Is Fake News

Russia Warns US Not To Use ‘Chem Attack’ To Strike Syria

Russian UNSC Resolution To Have The OPCW
Probe The Syrian 'Chemical Attack’ Fails

Tucker Blasts Senator Who Calls For War On Syria
Rips US Foreign Policy 'Run By Viral Videos’ - Vid

Dear President Trump - Read This Before Bombing Syria

Assad Had NO Reason To Launch Chem Attack – Ron Paul

Time For A Massive Anti-War Movement Is Now

Russia Says It Got No Warning From Israel

Winds Of War Heading To Gale Force In Syria


McCain Accuses Trump Of 'Emboldening' Assad

NYT Backs Escalated Conflict In Syria Based Big Lie

OPCW To Send Chem Weapons Experts To Douma, Syria

UN Says Unable To Verify Alleged Chem Attack In Douma

Duma Defense Chief Says Russia May Respond
With Force If Trump Hits Syria

Trump Brings Global Chaos, US Has No Real Friends

Russia - US Refusing To Face Reality In ‘Chem Attack’

FBI Raid On Trump's Attorney, Cohen, Puts Sessions
And Rosenstein Back In Trump’s Line Of Fire

Rod Rosenstein Personally Approved FBI Raid
On Trump's Lawyer - NYT

Forced Out? Trump’s Homeland Security Adviser Resigns


Mueller Reportedly Investigating Trump Links To
Ukrainian Who Gave Clintons More Than $13 Million

Zuckberberg Testifies Before Senate Committee

China Jets Drill As War With Taiwan 'More Probable’

Roberts - From Skripal To Chemical Attack

Yulia Skripal Discharged From Hospital

Anger Building In The UK At The Government
Handling Of The Skripal Case

Are The Skripals Held Against Their Will In UK?

China's Trade War Against Americas

Trump Claims China Will Take Down Trade Barriers

Ivanka’s Clothing Company Would Be Exempt
From New Tariffs

Hungary’s Plan To Curb Soros Pro-immigration NGOs


Apple Co-Founder Deletes His Facebook Page

Black Abortion Doctor Says He Kills Babies (Child
Sacrifices) Because It's His ‘Christian’ Calling’

Col and H
US Govt Colludes In Mass Deaths By Opioids

Harald Kautz Vella - Chemtrails, Morgellons, Smart Dust - Vid

News Is Entertainment & Entertainment Is News

What's Different About Bill Cosby's Sex Assault Retrial?

Veteran Academics Warn That College
Students Are Going Off The Rails

LA Painting Its Streets White For $60,000 A Mile
Soon They’ll Be Covered In Oil & Tire Marks!

Petro Yuan Is The Newest Weapon For The
China-Russia-Iran Anti-USD Alliance

The True Origins Of The US-Chinese Trade War


China Warns US Against ‘Arrogance’ In Trade Standoff

Russia Doubles LNG Exports As Revenues Grow Threefold

Trump About To Make Us Gold Bugs Very Wealthy Again

Global Debt Hits Record $237 Trillion - Up $21TN In 2017

Saudi Arabia Secretly Targeting $80 Oil

France, Saudi Arabia Sign $18 Billion In Deals

9/11 Families Seek Govt Records To Help With Saudi Lawsuit

MBS Bets Big On Branson's Virgin Group To Transform Econ

Henderson - French Railroad Workers Strike - Vid

More Than 50 Geese Fall Dead From ID Sky


Too Many Kids On The Sex Offender Registry

Big Increase In Antarctic Snowfall

California Deluge

An AR-15 Owner Talks Of Allure


Tucker Blasts Senator Who Calls For War On Syria
Rips US Foreign Policy 'Run By Viral Videos’ - Vid

Trump To Take Up To 2 Days To Decide On Syria

Madsen - Bolton A 'Terrorist-Minded’ Person
Trying ‘To Get US Into Wars'

'Yosemite Sam’ Bolton - 'Drum Major For Regime Change'

Bolton Is A Threat At Home And Abroad

Trump Atty Under Scrutiny In Stormy Daniels Caper

Mexican Senate Threatens To Stop Helping US vs
Drug Cartels If Trump Deploys Troops To Border

Astonishing CA Bill With Shut Down Free Speech


CA Senator Intros Bill To Kill Free Speech, Requires
State Fact Checkers To Approve Online Content

DHS To Compile Database Of Journalists
And Media Influencers

Celente - 'Murderers & Thieves Sold Out America'

How Gun Control Laws For 'Mentally Ill’
Could Disarm Those Who Question Authority

5 Compelling Reasons Why The Youtube Shooting
Has Disappeared From Headlines

Google Chrome Caught Scanning Files On
People's Home Personal Computers

Missouri AG Investigating Google Over
Potential Antitrust Violations - Vid

Twitter CEO Shares And Raves About Article
Calling For Dem Victory In Second ‘Civil War’

Facebook’s Sandberg Backs Out Of ABC News Intv

Wylie - Why I Broke The Facebook Data Story


George W. Bush Aide Gives Zuckerberg Crash Course
In Communication Skills Before Congressional Hearing

Lynch Talks About Clinton’s Charming Tarmac Story

Cosby Retrial - He Admits He Paid Accuser $3.4 Million

Broadcom Bust And Parkland Pizzagate - Not Made In China

China's 'Nuclear Option' Myth Busted

New Photos Reveal Mueller & Manafort Both
Worked With Former Ukraine President In 2013

MBS Visited Ex-Presidents Clinton, Bush 43
And Bush 41 Pushing His Saudi 2030 Vision

Abysmal Ratings - Trust In MSM Continues To Dive

Pricilla - Depressed Elvis Killed Himself

Key Features Of Russia's Next Gen S-500
Air Defense System Unveiled


Russian Navy Gets New High-Tech Vessel

Ukraine Special Forces Kill 2 DPR Troops In Donbass

China Reveals Next Gen Bomber

Trump Heading For Escalated US Aggression In Syria?

Israeli High Crimes Without Punishment

Russian MoD - 2 Israeli Warplanes Attack Syrian Base
5 Out Of 8 Israeli Missiles Destroyed By Syria Defenses

Israeli Spy Jet Seen Over Syrian Airbase
Was Struck By Missiles - Reports

Russia, US Urge UNSC Meeting After Syria Attacks

Four Iranians Killed In Israeli Strike On Syria Airbase

Israel Told US Of Plans To Strike Syrian Air Base


ISIS Tried To Launch Offensive After Israeli Missile
Attack On Syrian Base - Reports

Alleged Footage Of Jewish Missile Hit On Syrian Airbase

Syrian Army's Anti-Terror Op Moving Closer
To Trump’s US Al-Tanf Base – Reports

Syria On Israeli Attack On T-4 Airbase

Terror-Bombing Syrian Airbase
Follows False Flag CW Incident

Forget About Gaza, Bomb Assad! Jewish Israeli Hawks
Urge US To Strike Syria Over Douma ‘Chem Attack’

Nutcase NeoCon Nikki - US Will Act Against
‘Monster’ Assad With Of Without UN

Russia Reports NO CHEM WEAPONS Used Near Douma

The Alleged Douma CW Incident Big Lie

Douma Medics Received No Patients With
Signs Of Chemical Poisoning - Russia


Red Crescent - No Trace Of Chem Weapons In Douma

Trump Won’t Rule Out Military Strikes Against Assad

Ergodan - 'France Is Abetting Terrorism’

Trump, Macron Vow Joint Aggression vs Syria

Trump, Macaroon Agree On Joint Response To
Bogus Syria Chem Weapons Attack

Imbecile US Senator Wants To Sanction Russia, Iran
Over Alleged 'Chemical Attack' In Syria

White Helmets 'Treat' Alleged Chemical Attack Victims
Without Any Protective Gear!

China Advocates Objective Investigation Into
Alleged Chemical Attack In Syria - Ministry

Russia Demands REAL Probe Into Syria Chem Attacks

Trump Says 'Assad Going To Pay A Price’
(For Dubious ‘Chem Attack’)


Trump 2013 - Attacking Syrian Army Will Make
The 'US Look Very Bad’

Iran FM - Saudis Rejected Offers To End Yemen War

MBS Now In Paris For Arms Talks, More

London 'Tying Up Loose Ends’ In Skripal Case - Russia

Twitter Explodes As UK Prof Claims Skripal’s
Awakening Was A ‘Miracle'

Polonium-210 That Killed Litvinenko Was In UK
Before Arrival Of Russians Accused Of His Murder

Corbyn Calls On BoJo To Come Clean About Skripal

After Election Win, Hungary's Ruling Party
Might Soon Get Rid of Soros for Good

'Orbanization' Of Europe? Western Zio Media
Alarmed Over Hungary PM Big Win

Hungary’s Plan To Stop Pro-Immigration NGOs Explained


Poland Hails Orban's Victory As 'Emancipation'

UK Is Now Funding Textbooks That Teach Children
To Blow Themselves Up

US Watches 4 Hrs Of TeeVee A Day - Top In World

Take Down The Administrative University - Part 2

Virtual Personal Relationships

JoeTalk - Zionism Pt 1 - Vid

Heading For US-China Trade War

'We Understand The Chinese Government
Has Halted Purchases Of US Treasuries'

Is China Preparing A Yuan Surprise
In The Trade War With Wtih Trump & US?

China Warns Against US Unilateralism
Says Trade Talks ‘Impossible’ For Now


Jack Ma Warns He'll Abandon Job-Creation
Promise If Trade War Worsens

Ruble Crashes, Russian Stocks Plunge Most
In 4 Years After US Sanctions

London Stock Exchange Stops Trade Of Russian
Firm Whose Owner Is On US Sanctions List

Britain Harbored 55 Russian Criminals
Who Stole At Least $8.4 Billion

Russia To Britain - 'You Can Keep The Criminals
But Return The Money'

Moscow Wants To Get Rid Of Dollar & Euro
Payments In Turkey And Iran Oil Trade

US Threatens Nations Violating Its Russian Sanctions

Project Sphere - Pilot-Awareness Training

Randle - Why I'm Beginning To Dislike UFOlogy - Pt II

The Science Of UFOs


Passenger On Plane Films UFO Over Turkey - Vid

UFOlogy - Lifelong Quest For The Truth

Spotting The Hardware In The Heavens

Shrimps Inspire Next Gen GPS

Nature Has Its Own Timeline

May Is The Best Month To Sell Your House

Inside The World Of Instruction Manuals

‘Anti-Malarial For Mosquitoes’

Dreier - Feminine & Masculine Craving Oneness


John Kelly Blows Up At Trump - Threatens To Quit

American Sanctions Are Getting Closer To Putin

Roberts - Russia...The Spurned Lover Who Persists

Madeleine 'Worth It' Albright Accuses Trump
Of Bolstering Fascism Worldwide

US Citizens Living In An Inverted Totalitarian Country

'Events Today Could Lead To The Last War In The History
Of Mankind - Veteran Putin General Warns

Promoting US Aggression Instead Of Denouncing It

This Is The Turning Point


Trump Enrages China, Give Taiwan Sub Technology

Trump ‘Sure’ No Trade Was With China Ahead

WaPo Caught Deleting Big Article On Mueller Witness

Mueller’s Criminal Past Reveals He’s Unfit To
Lead The investigation

Mueller Investigated Merton Center for "Terrorism"

Alex Jones' Ex-Wife Tells All, Fake Alex Jones,
Fake Conspiracies, Fake Supplements - Vid

Watch 'Bill Cooper Exposes 9/11 And
They Killed Him 1 Month Later’ - Vid

Watch The Truth About Football And Sports - Vid

FBI Shuts Down Website For Prostitution

Damascus Calls Chemical Attack Accusations
An 'Unconvincing Broken Record'


Facebook Gave Money To 85% Of House Committee
Set To ‘Questioning' Zuckerberg Next Week

Trump Claims Chinese President ‘Will Take
Down Barriers That Are Harming US Economy’

Wait, What?! BP Suggests An Ecological Catastrophe
Is Good For The Economy

Nest Egg For Soros? Billionaire To Invest In
Crypto After Unexpected Climbdown

Vatican Ex Top Diplomat In US Arrested For ‘Child Porn’

Cisco Cyberattack Targeted Russian-Language
Internet Segment - Kaspersky Lab

The Multi-Level Conspiracy To Kill Martin Luther King

Rudolf Hess - The Truth

Morgellons Disease Linked To GM Crops And Food

Morgellons Fibers In Food Supply - Zero Doubt - Vid


Skripals To Relocate To US With New Identities?

CIA & MI6 May Offer Skripals New IDs, Relocation

Johnson Calls Corbyn 'Kremlin’s Useful Idiot’
Due To His Stance On Skripal Case

‘Not Her Own Words’ - Skripal Relative Describes
Weird Phone Call, Asks May For UK Visa

Vatican's Ex Top Diplomat In US Arrested For ‘Child Porn’

Syria 'Gasses Own People' As Trump Talks Pullout?!

Trump Builds Up Forces In N. Syria - Kurds Say
‘Coalition Is Here For Turks’ - Vid

Moscow Says ‘Chemical Attack' In Douma Is False Flag
Fake News, Warns US, West Not To Intervene.

Russian MoD Says West Hindering Syrian Army Op
As White Helmets Allege Chemical Attack

Syria Falsely Blamed For Alleged Douma CW Attack


(Real Headline) - Zionist Israeli Puppet Trump Threatens More
War For Israel Over Mossad False Flag Cham Attack In Syria

US Chemical Weapons’ Stockpiles
...Will They Ever Be Destroyed?

AIPAC's Reinvented Account Of Israeli Mass Murder

Israeli Citizens Gather To Watch Palestinians Killed

Where Is The Outrage For Israeli Mass Murder?

Global Coverup Of Israeli Killing Of Unarmed
Palestinians Must Stop – Corbyn

1000s In UK, Canada, Australia To Slam Israel
Continuing Atrocities On Palestine

Weiss - Israel Just Lost American Jews

Israel To Target Hamas If Gaza Rallies Continue

Iran FM To Lead Big Delegation To Africa, Latin America


India Builds Over 14,000 Bunkers In Preparation For War With Pakistan

China to make it rain over area 3 times the size of Spain

At last, Black SA Pol Tells Truth - Blacks Never Owned The Land

Tortured For 6 Hours Only To Find An Empty Safe

In-Country Details - Special Humanitarian Visa (Subclass 201)

Blair Wants Germany’s Merkel To Block Brexit

Which Major Tech Company Will Fail First?

Yemeni Ballistic Missile Hits Saudi Radar Station

Yemeni Troops Ambush Sudanese Merc Convoy In Desert

Yellowstone Officials - There 'Could Be A Supervolcano
Eruption Imminently'


Dominionism Rising - Theocratic Movement Hiding In Plain Sight

Over 220 ‘Nightmare Bacteria’ Cases Found In US

Russian Woman Given Formaldehyde (Formalin)
Drip Instead Of Saline, Dies Horrible Death

Hybrid ‘Mega-Pests’ Threaten Crops Worldwide

Three Billionaires Are Racing To Space

Japan Has A Loneliness Issue

Russell Crowe's 'Art Of Divorce' Auction

Converting Lawns To Gardens

To Avoid Back Pain - Lift Heavy Things?

13 Foods To Lengthen And Strengthen Your Hair


Shocker - Trump & Bolton Said Behind Deadly Syrian
Chemical Attack - See Pics Of Western Chem Weapons

Trump Slams 'Animal Assad' Over Syria Chem Attack
40+ Dead - US May Use Attack As Pretext To Strike Syria

Russia Blasts Chem Attack In Douma As Fake News
Warns West Not To Use It To Intervene & Strike Syria

West Zionist Media Instantly Blames Assad, Damascus
For Deadly Chem Attack...With ZERO Proof

Trump Lied - To Keep US Troops In Syria War

Dershowitz - Trump Won’t Repeat Obama Mistake In Syria

Apocalypse Sky Sounds Back - Terrify Hawaii Locals - Vid

Germany - Terror Attack Kills Several, Dozens Hurt
As Minivan Plows Through Busy Sidewalk Cafe

Germany, Sharia Law And Planet Of The Apes - Vid

A Third Of Millennials Aren’t Sure Earth Is Round

120 Firefighters Fight 3 Alarm Blaze In NY Trump Tower

Extreme Nutcase Nikki - Russia Will Never Be Our Friend
And ‘We’ll Slap Them When Needed’ - Vid

Trump Piles More Illegal Sanctions On Russia


Putin-Trump Summit - An Exercise In Futility

Merton's Message Resonates As Nuclear Holocaust Looms

Russia Concerned About US ‘Lowering Nuclear Threshhold'

Roberts - Lies Are US Chosen Path To Dominance

JoeTalk - Insanity In The Government - Vid

NeoCons Trying To Stop Trump's US Troop
Withdrawal From Syria - Ron Paul

TX, AZ Announce Troops Deployments To Mex Border

Trump Orders End Of 'Catch And Release’ Illegals Policy

Tucker - Facts Threaten Immigration Advocates' Fantasies

Who's Behind The Over 1,000 People Caravan
Trying To Invade At The U.S. Southern Border?


Most Non-Whites Don’t Hate White Identity - Just 1 Group...

UT Prof Threatened By Armed Antifa Group Found Dead

SC House Bill On Gun Rights - More Outrage?
Republicans Intro Bill For Secession Over Gun Rights

Parkland Hero Slams Sheriff, Israel, School

Anderson Cooper Speaks To Roger Stone

Do You Trust This Computer? - Vid

Parent Upset At Elementary School ‘White Privilege’ Handout

People’s Daily Sounds Just Like CNN, Says Trump
WH Has ‘Completely Lost Its Sense Of Reality’

If Google Drops Project Maven, Pentagon Will Strike Back

Facebook Donated Almost $400,000 To 46 Of 55
Members On Committee That Will Question Zuck


Data Privacy? You’ll Have To Pay For That – Facebook COO

Facebook Boots Canada Firm Tied To Cambridge Analytica

Don’t Worry About Social Media Being Invaded
It’s The Robots

Vella - Chemtrails, Morgellons And Smart Dust - Vid

Skripal Regains Consciousness, Ability To Speak

1st OPCW Chief Tells How Bolton Bullied Him Before Iraq War

'You Can’t Decide In 24 Hrs What Type Of Poison Was Used'

As Skripal Case Collapses So Will The May Govt

UK Not So Distant History Of State Murders

London Stabbings - Six Teens Attacked In 90 Minutes


UNHRC Sides Soros Against Hungarian People - FM

Putin To Protect Russian Borders From Terrorists, Illegals

Oceania, 'Tis For Thee - The World Of ‘1984' Is Here

Japan Activates First Marines Since WW2 - Vid

US Deploys Three Carrier Battle Groups To Face-Off
Against Chinese Aircraft Carrier In South China Sea

Chinese Navy Begins Testing Joint
Unmanned-Manned Aviation Operations

JoeTalk - China Has Most Of Our Best Technology

3 Alarm Blaze At Trump Tower In NYC

Black PA Couple Beat Their Child To Death
For Spilling His Cereal

YOUR Tax Dollars Are Subsidizing Soros Operations


Pruitt's Attempts To Defend Himself A Complete Disaster

EU Facing Bigger Rebellion Than Brexit

America’s Looming War With Venezuela

Zionist Slave US Only UNSC Member To
Block UN Inquiry Into Gaza Violence

Death Toll From Israel Border Clashes 10, 1,000 Hurt

Human Rights Group Monitored IDF Gaza Violence

Israeli High Crimes Without Punishment

'Willful killing' - UN Warns Israel Not To Shoot Palestinian
Protestors - Surely, The Jews Will Quiver In Fear

Chilling Serial Footage Shows Death As Israel-Gaza Border - Vid

IDF Tweet Threatening To Kill Children With Snipers


Israeli Intel Chief Is 100% Sure Iran Hasn’t
Abandoned Nuke Bomb Plans

Islamophobic Jewish World Congress President

Russian MoD Publishes Photos Confirming Raqqa
Bombing By US-Led Coalition

US Spent $60m On Afghan Power Lines To Nowhere

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 4-7-18

Record-Setting Cold And Show To Hit US

Malema Intl Law Doesn’t Apply To South Africa

Malema Makes U-Turn On U-Turn 5 Hrs Later

3 Blacks Die After Raping Crocodile

Another SA Black Proclaims Blacks Can’t Be Racist


Dr Blaylock MD - Common Damaging Foods And Toxins

Million A Week Club - Your Radiation. - Week 12

Slay The 'Free Trade' Monster

Coming Financial Crisis Will Be Much Worse
Than Great Depression – Peter Schiff

Petro-yuan To Launch Renminbi As Global Currency

US Sanctions Violate International Law & WTO Norms
And Will Not Be Left Unanswered – Moscow

US Sanctions Really Serve Military Industrial Complex

Russia Mulls Payments For Oil In National Currencies
With Turkey And Iran

China's Five Options For ‘Nuclear' Trade War

Why A Dollar Collapse Is Inevitable


Richest 1% To Own 2/3 Of ALL Wealth By 2030

How NYC Poop Became Rural Alabama Town’s Problem

How Americans Can Do More For Veterans

Man Who Was Deported 3 Times Is
Facing Child Sexual Assault Charges

CA Family Wins $1.6 Million Lawsuit
Over Their Bed Bug Infestation

OH Town Terrorized By Zombie-Like Raccoons

How To Get Back in Shape After Winter

How Legendary Storm Chaser Changed
The Face Of Tornado Science

Online Sales Of The Bible Banned in China

Brazil's Lula Defies Jailing Deadline Shielded By 100s - Video


NV Measles Case Came From Student Who Was Vaxed

What Happens When People Try To Quit Psych Meds

Is The 'Ring Of Fire' Becoming More Active?

The Lucid Dreaming Playbook

Massive Ancient Drawings Found in Peru Desert


Germany - Terror Attack Kills Several, Dozens Hurt
As Minivan Plows Through Busy Sidewalk Cafe

Trump’s DOJ Announces ‘Zero Tolerance’ For Illegals
Caught Trying To Crash US Border

100s Of Mexican Illegals Proceed To US Border
Despite Trump's Order

Bibi, Trump Clash Over Early Syria Withdrawal Plan

Trump’s Mideast Policy Is As Confused As Ever

Huh? Trump Still Wants To Meet With Putin
..After New Round Of Trump Sanctions On Russia

Trump US Hit Russia With New Round Of Sanctions!

Russia Vows HARSH Response To Trump Sanctions

Putin - Democracy Degraded As Trump Seeks
World Hegemony By Any Means

Trump Admin Fractured Russia-US Relations
Are Now Beyond Repair


Trump To Skip WH Correspondents Dinner Again

All Russiagate Roads Lead To London

Is This What The US Really Wants From Russia?

MA Leftist Judge Upholds Ban On Assault Rifles
...Never Mind The Constitution

IL Town Ignores Constitution - Gives Citizens 60 Days
To Surrender Guns Ot Be Criminals

Illinois Town Illegally Bans Rifles

Globalist RINOs Promote 'Fear Trade’, Not 'Fair Trade'

Dow Falls 500 Points As Fears Of Trade War Grow

Trump Threatens China With $100 Billon MORE Tariffs

China Ready To Pay ‘Any Cost’ In Trump Trade War


China Ready To Defend Own Interests ‘At Any Cost’
Against Trump And His Trade War Tariffs.

China Calls For Joint Actions With EU
Amid Trade War With US

Trump Imposes Sanctions On 38 Russian Businessmen,
Officials And Companies

With Anti-Russia Hysteria Rampant, Beijing Reminds
US About Ties Between Russian & Chinese Forces

US, China Flex Naval Muscles Amid Ongoing Trade War

Congress Proposes Gold-Backed US Dollar
But Does US Have Enough Gold?

Ultimate Red Pill - Globalist Whistle Roland Bernard
English Voiceover - Note 29:17 Thru 32:39 - Vid

Poisoned Ex-Spy Skripal No Longer In Critical
Condition - Out Of Danger, Improving Rapidly

The Exposed Skripal Poisoning Hoax

NYT Sneaks Away From Phony Skripal Narrative


Russian Envoy Shows UK Version Of Skripal Case Fails

Skripal Incident Big Lie Dying A Slow Death

Skripal’s Pets All Dead After Investigators Sealed
Off His Home Despite Vet Warning

Diplomat - Skripal Pet Deaths May Hold Key Evidence

Trump Looking Seriously At Policy Options On Amazon

FB Zuckerberg Refuses To Step Down Or Fire Staff

Facebook Sent 'Top Secret' Doctor To Hospitals
For Patient Data Collection Scheme

Zuck ‘Deleted Messages' Revelation Adds To Bad

Facebook Blocks Jesus On Good Friday, Apologizes For ‘Error'

The Desperate World Of YouTube Wannabes


The Big Tech Backlash Of 2018

The ‘Progressive’ Left Doesn’t Think, It Just Emotes

Russia's S-400 Pantsir System Hits Ballistic
Cruise Missiles During Military Drills

‘Unimpressed’ By US Patriot missiles
India Turns To Russian S-400s

Djibouti Grounds US Military Flights, Suspends Joint Drill

'If My Plane Explodes, Ask The CIA’ - Duterte

Haley - US Will Dump Iran Deal And Will
Reimpose Sanctions

Israelis Slaughter 8 More Palestinians

Israeli Deadly Crackdown On Palestinians Continues

Activist Boston Jews Arrested For
Shutting Down Israeli Consulate


Abby Martin Interview Critical Of Israel
Blocked By YouTube In 28 Countries

Israel-US - A Special Relationship Born in Hell

Yemen Ballistic Missile Hits Saudi Military Base

US Ties MBS Kingship To Normalization With Israel

MBS Issues Ultimatum For Thaw With Israel

Israel, Saudi Arabia Have Common Enemy
And Areas Of Cooperation - MBS

US, French, UK Beef Up Forces In Manbij

Britain Opens Military Base In Bahrain

Farage - London Crime Epidemic Is Mayor Khan's ‘Mess'

UK Police Have Lost Control Of London’s Streets


Panama Severs Relations With Venezuela

Mexican Drug Dealers Agree To Stop Murdering
Pol Candidates If They Stop Cheating In Elections

UK Oil Wealth Fund Would Be $703 Billion Now

5.3 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles LA, SoCal

Aspartame - What Are We Up Against?

Takedown Of The All-Administration University

Science – San Francisco Is A Nightmare

The Quest To Map Mysteries Of The Ocean Floor

Body Of Murdered CDC Researcher Found In River

Over A Million Illegals Given CA Driver's Licenses


Trump Rages Over Illegal Immigration Says Women
In Caravan Raped At Levels Never Seen Before

Migrant Caravan Stalls In Mex, Organizers Admit Defeat

Trump Wants US Troops Out Of Syria In 6 Months

Trump Rages Over ‘Phony' WaPo Headline

How Bolton Wants to Destroy The Constitution
In Order To Attack North Korea


Meet The New Lunatic Loose In West Wing

Neocon HT McMaster's Last Hurrah

Murdered CDC Whistleblower’s Body Found In River

Iserbyt - CNP And The Vile Heritage Agenda

Facebook Blames ‘Bug' For Harvesting Users Deleted Videos

Facebook Ssys ‘Most' Of Its 2.2 Billion Users Exposed
To Data Scraping Are 'Malicious Actors'

Fake News And The Programmed Viewer

Google Employees Urge Company To Abandon
The Pentagon AI Project (fat chance)

'Star Wars Architect' Reveals Means To
Destroy Russia's New Superweapons (?)

Estonia Urges Deployment Of US Patriot Missiles, Troops


Bombshell - Yulia Skripal Says Her Father Is ‘Alright’

Skripal - UK Is Lying

Yulia Skripal Describes ‘Disorientating’ Episode
In Her First Public Statement

Skripal Incident Big Lie Unravelling In Plain Sight

Britain Behaving Like ‘Mafia State’ In Skripal Case

Pentagon Official - Skripal Scandal Resembles
Iraqi WMD Scam

UK Govt Deletes Tweet About Russian Spy's Poisoning

Raging US-UK Political Assault On Russia

‘Is Putin A CIA agent?’ NYT Dumbest Paragraphs Ever Printed
Cause Outrage And Ridicule Online.

US Avalanche Of Anti-Russia Propaganda


Demonization Of Russia Reaches Extent Where
It’s Prohibited To Say ANYTHING Good About Russia

Tycoon Warns EU Minister That Opposing
Russia-Bashing Is ‘Career Ruining'

Kremlin Blasts Blocking Of Russian Media In
Social Networks As Censorship

Russophobia In The New Trump Cold War

Lavrov - Kiev’s Sponsors In US, EU Collude With Warmongers

Moscow Troubled By US Attempts To Lower Nuclear Threshold

Russia Looks To Revive F1 ‘Grid Girls’ For Sochi Grand Prix

Barrie Trower On The Terrible Dangers Of 5G - Vid

Fitts Asks Her Subscribers And All Net Users
To Drop AT&T For Access And Email

CDC Finds 'Nightmare Bacteria’ Across United States


Elderly London Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Murder
For Defending His Home Against Thieves.

African Language And The African Mind - Vid

The Next Huge GMO Crime Is Here

German Police Union Chief Proposes Taking
Children Away From ‘Anti-Semitic Parents’

Who Are The True Semites In The
World Of ‘Anti-Semitism’

Israel Uses Air Force Over ONE ‘Armed Terrorist’ On Gaza Border

B'Tselem Urges IDF Soldiers Disobey Free-Fire Orders

Orthodox Jews In Jerusalem Burn Israeli Flag
Hang Dummy Of IDF Soldier In The Street

West Leading ‘Campaign Of Lies' On Chemicals In Syria

Saudi Intercept Yemen Missile Targeting Aramco Tanks


Egypt Tolerates No Internal Criticism

Estonia Expands DNA Grab Of 100,000 Citizens

Ex-Brazil Leader Lula To Run For Pres, Even From Jail

Huge Hail Stones, Tornadoes Strike Midwest

The Aspartame Situation In Scotland - Personal Note

How To Get Rid Of Bad Credit Marks

China Holding Treasuries ‘Nuclear Option’
Open In Trade War With Trump, US

Chinese Tariffs Hitting US Where It Is The
Most Vulnerable - In Farming And Agriculture

Russia Aims To Post Gold Reserves
Increase Sales To India & China

Gold Could Explode Any Minute - Peter Schiff


Biggest Stock Market Bubble Ever, Ready To Burst

India Bans Bitcoin Wallets, Bank Funding, All Crypto Services

Dreier - Near Life Experiences

The Silent Crisis Killing Puerto Ricans

Reward for Stolen UFO Alien Grave Marker

Mint To Unveil UFO Coin

UFOs Capture Human Imagination For Centuries

Titanic's Mirage - A New Perspective
On One of History's Greatest Mysteries

Most Border State Governors Support Trump
Sending Troops To The Mexican Border

Mexico Gets Trump's Message - Deports Portion
Of Caravan Of CentAm Illegals Heading for U S

Al Jazeera Did A Hard Core Investigation Of
The US And Israeli Lobbying But Won’t Air It!

Br Nathanael - Jews Are Very Smart! - Vid

US ‘Made Decision’ About Removing Troops From Syria

Why Trump Is Right About Amazon

Trump Having Dinner With Co-CEO From
Amazon Competitor Oracle


White House Fake News

Trump Says 'We Are Not In A Trade War With China'

US-China Trade War Escalates

US Stocks Crash - Fear Of All Out Trade War Spooks Many

If US Wants A Trade War, China Is Ready To Fight

Trade War Round 2 - US Releases China Tariff List
Targeting 1,300 Products

Chinese Hacker Army Attacks The US

Guns, immigration Boost Trump's Approval To 50%

Trump Urges Congress To Use ‘Nuclear Option’
To Pass Immigration Reform

Trump Is The Most Peace-Loving
US President Putin Will Ever Know


Donald Trump And the Art Of The Arms Deal

Russian Ex General - ‘Last War In Mankind’s History'

Putin Tests Western ‘Satellite Killer’ Missile

YouTube Witness - 'I Didn't Have A Gun But Wish I Did'

YouTube Shooter’s Father Warned Police

Zuckerberg Dumped By Peers, Mocked By Street Artists

'Rogue' Network Of Cellular Eavesdropping Devices
Discovered Throughout Washington DC

Roger Stone Sued For $100 Milion By
Chinese Billionaire For Defamation

Jones Hit With Another Defamation Lawsuit

Columnist and h
Devvy - Judge Flapdoodle Strikes Again


Morgellons Fibers In McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets - Vid

The Gold Standard Of Medical Tests Is Fake

The Bayer-Monsanto Merger Is Bad News For Planet

Sinclair Broadcasting: A Menace To Press Freedom?

Confirmed - No Proved Russia Link to Skripal Incident

'Lied Through His Teeth’ - Public Demands Resignation
Of Boris Johnson Over Nerve Agent Gaffe

Did Boris Johnson Lie That A Lab Told Him Russia
Was Source Of Skripal Nerve Agent? - Vid

We Don’t Want Apologies, We Want Common Sense -Putin

London Will Keep Churning Out Lies Over Skripal - Russia

Moscow To West - Remember Fate Of Goliath


Porton Down Damage Control - UK Still ‘Assesses’
If Russia Poisoned Skripals After Lab Finds NO Link

Porton Down’s Dark, Deadly History Of Human Testing

UK Foreign Office Denies Saying Nerve Agent From
Russia, Despite Tweet And BoJo Interview

Boris Ignores His Pants Are On Fire, Strikes Back

Labour Rebukes BoJo For ‘Misleading Public’

UK Cops Are Trained To Hide Unfavorable
Evidence In Court Cases

MBS Rubs Shoulders With Hollywood Luminaries

Iran’s Defense Minister - US Wants To Spilt Islamic World

Yet More Proof Of Saudi State Sponsorship Of ISIS

Supersonic Bombers Arrive At US Air Base In Qatar


Media Darling Friedman Gives Disinfo A Bad Name

Columnist and H
Atzmon - Jeremy Jesus-Christ Corbyn

Weaponizing Anti-Semitism Against Corbyn
Could Endanger Jews, Israeli Academic Warns

Israeli Defense Min - Death To Palestinians Near Border

Israel Vows No Change in Free-Fire Policy

Israel Says It Foiled Palestinian Attack On Its Navy Vessel

Israeli Violence. Against Palestinians Will Never End

Israel Kills Palestinians, Western Liberals Shrug

Israeli Bombs Are Raining Down On Gaza

Trump - I Want to Bring Troops Back From Syria
And Have A 'Great Dialogue' With Russia


Who's In Command? Pentagon Says Mission Not Over
But Trump Wants To Bring Troops Back From Syria

US Seems Building New Military Bases In Syria
Despite Trump Troop Withdrawal' Promise

US Aided ISIS In Effort To Control Syria’s Oil

Russian Top Brass Says US Is Striving To Divide Syria

Syrians Defy Fabricated War Propaganda Narratives

Russia - Claims Of Exceptionalism Prompt Arms Race

Western Pressure Moves Russia-China Closer

Russia, Pakistan Developing Military Cooperation - Defense minister

Russia, Vietnam Ink Military Cooperation Roadmap

Russia Advances S-400 Delivery For Turkey - Putin


Putin Says ISIS Remains Global Danger Despite Defeat

Iran To Spend $21 Billion On Oil Projects

Russian Gas Transits Thru Ukraine To Dive Dramatically

Dr Adam McCleod - Quantum Physics, Biology & Healing

Pit Bulls Kills Mother And Son In Germany

1/3 Of US College Students Face Hunger

Bizarre Odyssey Of The Barkley Marathons

New Way To Dispose Of Corpses - With Chemistry

Dark Splotches On Venus Could Be Signs Of Life

How ‘Oumuamua' Got Shredded


What's Going On With The Sahara Desert?

How CIA Hid MK-ULTRA Mind Control Program

Swedes Turn Against Cashlessness

Hillary Rips Fox For 'Always Trying To Impeach Me'

EPA Czar Pruitt Fires Back At Critics

Woman Shooter Reported Dead, Four Wounded
At YouTube Headquarters In CA

Trump FINALLY To Send US Military To Secure
US-Mexico Border - Few Details Given Yet

Trump Deploys US Military To Mexican Border
Says It Will Guard Border Until Wall Is Built

Trump Threatens To End NAFTA And Foreign Aid
Unless 'Immigrant Caravan' Is Stopped

5G Wireless - A Ridiculous Front For Global Control

Trump’s Not Alone - Most Americans Think
Mainstream Media Publishes ‘Fake News’

44 Democrats Exempted Awans From Background
Checks Before Granting Access To Classified Intel!


Roberts - How Our Country Was Stolen

Trump Is Losing Putin's Respect Fast

Trump Invited Putin to Washington

Lavrov - Cold War Had Some Rules But Now
The US, UK Have Dropped All Proprieties

Judge Nap Breaks Down How Clintons, FISA
And The FBI Are Going to Come Crashing Down

Dictionary Literally Redefines 'Assault Rifle’
To Give Liberals, Communists Gun Debate Help

Spending Bill Brings US Closer To Bankruptcy

Corrupt Christie Thinks Pruitt May Be Too Corrupt

America Needs Hillary More Than Ever?

'Dark Money' In The States


Nightmare Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria In 27 States

Decline Of Real Local News Is Bad For US

Welcome To Xi Jinping's Orwellian Dystopia

We Came To Let US Know’ About Close.Military
Ties With Russia - Chinese Defense Minister In Moscow

US To Deploy 5 Ospreys To Tokyo Base Ahead Of
Schedule Despite Japan Calls To Ground Them All

China Gets First Regimental Set Of S-400 Systems

US Dominated NATO Needs Enemies For Its Existence

MBS Does Bidding Of Zionists - Says Iran Leader
'Worse Than Hitler’, Hits Obama Nuke Deal

MBS Admits Saudis 'Financed Terrorist Groups’
Blesses Israeli Statehood (his controllers)

Houthi Missile Hits Saudi Oil Tanker


WaPo Blames Hamas For Israeli Mass Murder

Netanyahu Drops Sending Blacks To The West
Says Israel Will Continue To Expel ‘Infiltrators’

Netanyahu Stops UN Agreement That Would Let
Some Black African Illegals Stay In Israel

Black ‘Infiltrators’ From Africa Greater Threat Than
Terrorists - Netanyahu (he wants Us to take them)

Netanyahu Calls Erdogan ‘A Butcher’ (hilarious)

NYT Reinvented Reality Of Bloodbath In Gaza

BoJo Caught Lying About Skripal On Video
Is His Job Now In Jeopardy?

Skripal Incident Deception

Porton Down Scientists CANNOT Confirm
Skripal Nerve Agent Was Made In Russia

What Now For UK Govt Case In Skripal Nerve
Agent Poisoning Event After Porton Down


‘UK Is Prepared To Hide TheTruth, Not Find It Says
Litvinenko’s Father.On Skripal case

Russia Rebuilding Syria's Energy Sector

Russia Considers $50 Billion Into Iranian Oil & Gas

'Unchallenged US Domination Becoming A Thing Of
The Past’ - Former Russian ambassador To US

NATO Crossed ‘Red Line’ With Military Build-Up
Around Russian Borders – Envoy To NATO

‘Unpatriotic' For UK Firms To Attend Russian Economic
Forum, Claims US-Born Hustler Browder

Syria Finds Israeli, NATO Munitions In Dayr al-Zawr

Trump Has Established 2 New Bases in Manbij - Reports

ISIS Takes Oil Field From US-Backed Forces in E Syria

French Troops Enter Parts Of N Syria As US Troops Leave


Erdogan, Putin Launch Construction Of New Turkey NPP.

Masked (Muslms) Break Shop Windows In Paris - Vid

Corbyn Attends Left Wing Jewish Group’s Passover

MPs Face Anti-Semitism Criticism After Attacking Corbyn

‘Incompetent, Anti-Semitic, Terrorist-Sympathizing Spy’
What Will Corbyn Be Accused Of Tomorrow?

How UK Let London Be Carved Into Gangland

England Slides Closer To Communism

Russian Oligarchs Trying To Buy ‘Anthrax Island’ Off Scotland

36 Yrs After Falklands War, Argentina Vows To Retake

Sisi's Control of Egypt Is Absolute


Worst Q2 Start For US Stocks Since 1929

No Escaping History - Fiat Currency Eventually Fails

China State Run Media - The Petroyuan Will ‘Shake
People’s Confidence In The US Dollar'

Wyoming Is Challenging The Fed,
Can It Become America's 'Crypto Valley'?

China Vows Retaliation Of ‘Same Proportion’
To Any New US Tariffs

Gold Heading To $1,400 Amid ‘Winner-Less’
Trade War Between US & China

An Imminent Crisis In Global Lithium Markets

German Beer Industry in Shock Over
Monsanto Glyphosate Contamination

Doom columnist and H
Student in Christianity Class Says There’
Are 2 Genders, Gets Tossed

Ticks Rising


Water Behaves Differently From All Other Liquids

Can You Get A Hangover From Weed?

How Dogs See The World Through Scent

Terrifying Unheard Mythological Creatures

Farmer Moves 3 Story House 40 Meters To Save It

NC Beachgoer Gets Drone Vid Of Civil War Shipwreck

OSHO - Wilde, Wilde Country

Who Was Mary Magdalene?

Navy Pilot 'Chased' UFO

Pilot Comes Forward Re Recent UFO Sighting


What The Feds Know About UFOs - Harry Reid

John Lenard Walson In Alaska To Observe The Moon

John Lenard Walson Extreme Astronomy - At 31:00
There Seem To Be 3 Towers Sides Of Smaller Crater

Multiple Victims Hospitalized From YouTube HQ Shooting

Police Confirm Active Shooter At YouTube HQ In CA

Trump FINALLY To Send US Military To Secure
US-Mexico Border - Few Details Given Yet

Trump Deploys US Military To Mexican Border
Says It Will Guard Border Until Wall Is Built

Pilots Who Saw UFO Over Arizona Speak Out
'It Didn't Look Anything Like An Airplane’

‘No More DACA Deal!’ Trump Rules Out
Legal Status For Childhood Illegals

Koch Bros Confront Trump Over DACA

Crown Prince MBS Officially Recognizes Israel

Raging Racist Israel To Deport Its ‘Black Problem’
Trump To Bring Them HERE - No Return To Africa

White Genocide Celebrated At Eiffel Tower

The Dangerous Combination Of Bolton And Boris

Trump Goes To War With Gov Moonbeam
Sues CA Over Federal Land Sales


Trump Blasts Amazon For Forcing Retail Store
Closures All Over The US

Latest - Caravan Of Illegals Head To US Border

Caravan Of Illegal Migrants Marching To US Border
Looks More Like Army Of Young Male Invaders

Some States Un-Constitutionally Seizing Guns

Rappporport columnist and Headlines here
The Next GMO Crime Is Here

FL High School Students Walk Out To Support Our
2nd Amendment Rights Granted By Our Constitution

Katy Perry Shows Of ‘Jesus Tattoo’ As Battle
With Nun Continues

Dumber Than Rocks US Teens Snorting Latex
Condoms And Then Pulling Them Out Of Their Mouths

Judge - Gun Retailers Suit Against MA AG OK

BATR columnist and H
Sociopath Officials And Establishment Idiots


‘Are You Pro-Putin? Do You Hold Secret Meetings?'

UK Accused Of Quietly Rewriting ‘Torture Guide’ For MI5

Was The Skripal ‘Poisoning' Incident A Hoax?

Yulia Skripal's Social Media Page Accessed
While She Was Reportedly In Critical Condition

WaPost Promotes Big Skripal Incident Lie

Skripal Case 'Provocation’ Was Carried Out
By UK Intel - Russian Ambassador

Russia Has 13 Questions Over Skripal Case

Hillary Clinton Ordered Diplomats To
Suppress 'Novichok' Discussions

China Slaps US With Up To 25% Bigger
Import Tariffs In Trade War Retaliation

Newly-Imposed Chinese Tariffs On US Imports


China’s First Home-Built Carrier To Begin Trials

How The East Can Save The West

Russia & China To Merge Satellite Tracking
Systems Into One Global Navigation Giant

Lockheed Building First Mini Nuke Fusion Reactor

ESA-Russia Successful Mars Rover Test
Brings New Mars Mission Closer

Resisting Israeli Tyranny A Legitimate Palestinian Right

Israeli Defense Minister Says Calls For Probe
Into IDF Use Of Force ‘Hypocritical’

Israel Rejects Calls For Palestine Violence Probe

Israeli Jewish Minority For Justice

Pope Calls Out IDF Killing Of ‘Defenseless’ Palestinians


Jewish US Senator Calls IDF Gaza Murders ‘Tragic'

Erdogan Calls Netanyahu A ‘Terrorist’
IN Wake Of Gaza Slaughter

Bibi Says Turkey In No Position To Lecture
‘World’s Most Moral Army’ (IDF!) Over Gaze

Brave IDF Shoot 12 Yr Old Boy In Gaza Slaughter

NeoCons Outraged Over Trump's Syria Pullout Plan

WaPo Promotes Endless Illegal US Occupation Of Syria

Taliban Terrorists Use US High-Tech Combat Gear

BATR Columnist and H
No Hell For Pope Francis

Ex Czech President Exposes 'All-Inclusive’
Europe's "Leftist Utopia" Demise

London Murder Rate Overtakes New York


Conspiracy Theories Aren’t All From Tinfoil Hat Crazies

Mysterious Cloud In Venus Sky Could Alien Life

The Don Was Had...Trumped By The Omnibus Bill
Illegals Are Now Heading Towards Our Border

Trump Says ‘DACA Deal Dead’ After Learning
Of Mob Heading To US Border From CentAm

‘Huge Caravan’ CentAm ‘Refugees’ Heading To US Border

Trump Says Will End NAFTA If Mexico Doesn’t
Secure Its Border With The US

Empty Holiday Messages While US Wars Rage

China Space Station Hurtling To Splashdown In 24 Hrs

China To Slap Trump US With 25% Higher Tariffs
As Trade War Intensifies


Options Dwindle In West's Diplomatic War On Russia

Bolton And Pompeo Bring Us Closer To War

In Trump’s Orbit, Few People Are Safe

Ivanka And A Tale Of Three NYC Socialites

Trump - ‘I Love The Smell Of A Construction Site’

Trump Renews Tweet Attack On Amazon, Demands
'Fake Washington Post' Register As Lobbyist

Facebook In Turmoil - Employees In Uproar
Over Executive's Leaked Memo

Tesla Admits Autopilot Engaged During Deadly Model X Crash

Russia's Game-Changing Weapons That Were
Not Mentioned In Putin's Speech

Russia Notes 'Unusual' Missile Drill, Just Miles From Sweden


Lockheed Martin Patents Nuclear Fusion Fighter Jet

US Marines Testing Drone-Killing Future Weapon

Zionist Russophobic NYT Disinformation

Here Is All The Data Google & FB Have On You

Russian Foreign Ministry On Syria & Skripal Incident

Moscow - UK Hiding Info On Skripal Case

Zionists, Trump Form Dangerous MIdEast Plot - Iran

Trump US Gives Murderous MBS The Red Carpet

Crown Prince MBS Says Syria's Assad 'is Staying'

The PR Firms Popularizing The Saudi Crown Prince


Houthis Fire Missile At Saudi Natl Guard Camp In Najran

Yemeni Forces Destroy Saudi Armored Vehicles In Najran

Dozens Injured In Fresh Gaza Rallies After Carnage

Drone Footage Reveals Stunning Size Of Palestinian
Protests Just Before Bloodbath Ensued

Israel Will Respond 'Inside Gaza Strip’
If 'Organized Terrorist Operations' Continue

US Blocks UNSC Statement On Israel Violence In Gaza

Palestinian Protester Shot In The Back
While Running Away From Israeli Border

Israel Says Killing Palestinian Protesters Was Justified

Russia Condemns Israeli Violence In Gaza
While Trump And The US Condone It

Erdogan Says Netanyahu Is A Terrorist
And Israel Is A Terror State


Deadly Siege In Gaza

Gaza Mass Murder Postmortems

UN SecGen Calls For Investigation Into Gaza Deaths

Syrian Forces Liberate All Cities In East Ghouta

Moscow - Oil Smuggling In Syria Almost Cut Off
Unlike West Arms Supplies to Terrorists

US Fomenting New Balkan War?

Good And Bad News On Syria

JoeTalk - Invasion USA, Trump Doesn’t Care

Disembodied Americans & 'Crucifixion Of The World'

Weaponizing Hydrocarbons - Flood EU With US LNG


In Unprecedented Move, China Plans To Pay For
Oil Imports With Yuan Instead Of Dollars

China Can Succeed With Petro Yuan Killing Dollar In Oil Trade

India Building City From Scratch To Challenge
Singapore & Hong Kong Financial Hubs

US Takes First Pawns in Industrial War With China

Obama’s Trojan Horse - US Cuban Soft Coup

Dining Out More Dangerous Than Eating At Home

How Corporations Benefit From Flexible Work

Madagascar's Vanilla Wars

The Greatest Drone-Powered iPhone Heist Ever

Man Records Himself Sleep-Talking...Pretty Creepy


Inarguable - UFOs Zoom In Front Of Argentine
Pilot’s Private Plane - Broad Daylight - Vid

MUST Watch Illegal Alien Invader Disease
Presentation By Dr. Madeline Cosman

Doyle’s Response To Trump Asking For Campaign Money

US Spy Agencies Make ‘Outrageous' Attempts
To Recruit Expelled Russian Diplomats - Moscow

Russian Ambassador - 'Relations With The US Are
The Worst I Can Remember’ - Trump To Blame

RT Shut Down in Washington

Kaspersky Lab Registers Cyberattacks Targeting
Russian Media Websites

First Of Trump-Expelled Russian Diplomats Leave

Expelled Russian Diplomats Harassed Before Leaving

Zionist Neocon Trump Advisors Urge
Greater Toughness On Russia


Br Nathanael - The Face Of John Bolton

Parkland HS Victim's Brother Reveals How Hogg
Treats Other Shooting Victims

Teenage And Youth Depression By Design

The Future Ain't What It Used To Be

Ex Walmart CEO - Why Trump Is Right About Amazon

Amazon Fires Washington's Biggest Lobbying Firm
Hires Two Podesta Group Alumni

Hillary Calls For 'National Commission’
To Investigate Election Meddling

McCabe Lied Four Times To DOJ and FBI
...Twice While Under Oath

FBI Admits It Used National Security Hacking
Tools for Ordinary Criminal Cases

Council For National Policy - The Vile Heritage Agenda


Latest California Attack On Homeschooling

Push For Secession In South Africa As Slaughter
Of Whites And Land Theft Increases

Secession Is Going Mainstream

Sacramento - Stephon Clark Was Shot 8 Times
...7 Were From Behind - Another Execution By Cops

The Growing Musk-Zuckerberg Rivalry

How Congress Censored The Internet

Concerned About What FB Knows About You?
Check Out What Google Knows...

Collecting Your Thoughts And Harvesting Your Mind,
The Corruption of Big Tech is Finally Exposed

'Maybe Someone Dies’ - Facebook Exec Justifies
'All The Questionable Contact Importing'

How Facebook Categorizes You To Advertisers


US Govt Scrambling To Regulate Facebook

Chomsky And Pilger Demand Ecuador Turn On
Assange Internet Connection

Russia Confronts London With 14 Skripal Questions

Salisbury Incident Report - Hard Evidence For Soft Minds

'Orchestrators Of Attack On Skripals Aimed It
To Point At Russians’ - Finnish MP

Yulia Skripal's Memory Will Fully Recover
Over Time, Doctor Predicts

UK Metro Police Deny Searching Russian Plane

UK Search Of Russian Plane Violates Intl Law - Russia

Netanyahu Thanks Troops For Killing Palestinians

UN Secretary-General Hollow Response
To Israeli Mass Murder In Gaza


Israel Declares ‘Closed Military Zone’ Around Gaza

Emergency SC Session On Bloodbath In Gaza

UNSC Meets Over Israeli-Palestinian Border Clash

Turkey Slams Israel For Deadly Gaza Protests

For Most Of The World - Palestinian Lives Don’t Matter

MBS - 'US Asked US To Spread ISIS Ideology’

MBS Wants US Military To Stay In Syria

New Satellite Imagery Shows Shocking Yemen
Devastation As Saudi Crown Prince Tours US

All Eastern Ghouta Towns Now Liberated

Syrians Defy Fabricated War Propaganda


Trump Backs Off US Pledge To Aid Syria Recovery

US And British Troops Killed In Syria

China’s J-20 Ready For War - Jet Designer

San Onofre Radiation Nightmare Getting Worse

Million A Week Club - Your Radiation Week 11

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 3-31-18

The Student Loan Scam Explained

The 4 Days In 1968 That Reshaped DC

On The Yuan-Oil Futures Contract & Gold

Telegram Raises Nearly $2 Billion In Largest-Ever ICO


The Death Of The Liberal World Order

VW Storing Around 300,000 Diesels Cars In US

Oil, Gas Drilling Blamed For Sinkholes Threatening TX

New Zealand Employees Try Four Day Week

See Green Storm Clouds? Prepare For Worst

1/3 Of America’s Wildlife Is Now Under Threat

Innovator Who Introduced Cherry Blossoms To US