Affiliate Advertising At
A Special Offer For Affiliate Programs!
Whether you've just started with an Affiliate program, or have had one for years,
this discounted advertising offer is a great opportunity to reach that bigger market you're after

Affiliate Programs* require exposure, and exposure to a wide national or international visitorship on a major website. This is often a costly affair and many affiliate operators limit themselves because of the expense. At, we can give you a leg up. Affordable rotational banner advertising for a fraction of the cost at other comparable websites. No useless paid ad impressions because someone didn't click through... we offer a rotational banner system delivering a unique banner to every visitor simultaneously, boosting the potential ad impressions and opportunities for visibility.We want to get your affiliate program working for you, and we've got the hits to do it.

Discounted Advertising Opportunity
Affiliate programs usually provide well developed banner ads for use*, but getting that banner ad someplace with big hits is difficult and costly. Our special for Affiliate advertisers is geared to serve you in the development of your marketing to a large visitorship at a website getting more than 13 million hits and more than 800,000 unique visitors every month. Our special package for Affiliate programs makes reaching this large audience affordable at rates uniquely tailored for small budgets with big plans. Our program offers Affiliate advertisers multiple-month exposure and hundreds of thousands of ad impressions at super discounted rates.

New To Affiliate Advertising?
If you haven't advertised an affiliate program before with a banner ad, you may be unfamiliar with certain terms. Rotational means an ad appears each time the page is loaded/reloaded from a queue of ads. Our unique ad delivery system offers a different banner for every visitor simultaneously, which means even if you load a page and don't see your banner ad, thousands of others also loading that same page CAN be seeing your banner, increasing the potential for ad impressions and click-throughs.

Visibility When It's Needed!
Being there is half the battle. Many ads only run for a short time because of the expense. Having your banner ad visible when the fickle buying public is moved to act is vital.The goal is to give you an affordable entry, as long-term exposure is the key to successful advertising. We'll get you started on the right foot and off to a great start.

That's a $790 value -- just for Affiliate program partners/participants

With two months of consistent exposure, you can safely, affordably test the waters for your affiliate product/service without breaking the bank. Marketing is a difficult strategy for any advertiser and only the big boys have the bucks to toss around to find the best places to be seen. We aim to break that lock down on premium quality advertising only being available to them.

After your first 2 month run, if your advertising is paying off, you have many options for upgrading your ad campaign for longer term exposure, at discounted rates developed just for Affiliate advertisers. You will also be afforded rate-lock, so that your discounted rate doesn't change, even if our regular advertising rates increase (as they tend to do annually). This is a one-time opportunity to get your advertising started at a super discount and cannot be renewed at the special rate.

My Affiliate Program Doesn't Offer 468x60 Banner Ads to Use...
No problem. If your Affiliate host allows, we'll design and develop a banner for you FREE. Or you can submit the banner yourself. Banners must be 468x60 pixels and 40k or smaller.

Can My Banner Be Animated?
Yes, Rotational banners can be 'animated.' Animation in a banner often includes changes in wording, images, etc. for a more lively, eye-catching appeal. Animated banners must be in GIF format only. Non-animated banners can be JPEG. Most affiliate programs offer 468x60 banners that have been designed and tested for maximum effectiveness and many include animation.

How Do I Get Started?
Just contact the webmaster at, subject line AFFILIATE BANNERS and let us know you're interested. Send us the url for the Affiliate program you use for approval (all advertising at must be approved).

*An Affiliate Program is defined specifically as a business arrangement whereby participants join a program with an existing merchant or website offering products or services which offer revenue sharing and/or commission levels for 'affiliate' participants marketing the organizations offerings via advertising and/or promotion. This special entry advertising offer/rate is not available for direct merchant sales of products/services of any kind. 2 months is the minimum and the established special offer and rate for Affiliate advertisers only, and cannot be exceeded. Longer term advertising must fall under standard rates, though participation in this offer affords an upgrade opportunity following the 2 month run at discounted rates.

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