The UK's 'Berwyn
Mountain UFO Crash'
Remains An Enigma
By Andy Roberts <>
The hunt for evidence of a genuine crashed UFO of ET origin has generated a great deal of controversy since 1947.
To date the UK has held little of interest for the crashed saucer buff, with The Rendlesham Forest case being the only possible contender. However this case has failed to develop into anything other than a confused mish-mash of claim and counter-claim.
The collapse of Rendlesham as a crashed UFO case has left the post X-Files generation of UK ufologists desparate for a credible 'British Roswell' and to that end various stories and rumours have been rehabilitated, the most prominent of which is the so-called 'Berwyn Mountain UFO Crash'.
(Note - This view of the Rendlesham case 'collapsing' is intensely disputed by many researchers. - ed)
The details of this case are too long to post here for those who have little or no knowledge of the case but briefly:
* An enormous explosion was heard and felt on the Welsh Mountain of Cader Berwyn at approx 8.30pm on 23rd January 1974
* Several local witnesses had seen unusual lights in the sky throughout the evening of the 24 Jan, both before and after the explosion
* A local nurse drove up on the mountain road and claimed she saw a large red/orange light with other lights moving above and below it on the hillside
* A search team from RAF Valley scoured the hillside but reported finding nothing
* The incident was widely reported in the media with no firm conclusions being reached
This is a very basic account of the event. However, there was no mention of crashed UFOs/alien bodies/cover-ups etc until the early 1990s when the case was dragged out of the closet and re-interpreted. Despite the majority of elements within the case being satisfactorily explained the Berwyn Mountain Incident is slowly being nudged forward into the position of a 'British Roswell'. The following elements are now embedded in the case and people believe any permutations of the following took place:
* Nothing, it was all a complicated misperception
* It was a military crash
* The mountain was cordoned off and witnesses were turned away
* There was a huge military presence in the area for a week
* An alien craft was found/bodies were removed
* Radiation fall out in the area was high - leading to a leukemia cluster
* There has been a massive military/police/media cover-up of information
* Several crash retrieval team members have contacted leading ufologists with information about the event
and so on
None of the second series of statements have been proven, yet are rapidly becoming part of ufolore.
What can be done?
The aim of Berwyn Watch is to chart a case-in-progress. If, as I believe, there is a concerted effort to make this case something it isn't then we have a chance here to get in 'on the ground floor' and chart the development of a myth. Alternatively, if on-going research by myself or anyone else throws up new information it can be aired in public before it becomes set in stone.
Berwyn Watch can also act as a forum to discuss queries anyone may have about the case, discuss source material and so on. Additionally any new articles, book references, mentions in lectures or in ufological gossip can be acknowledged and dated so that the orgins of any new motif can be discovered and tracked. If you know of any such information please forward it to me.
Several of the UKs prominent and active ufologists have spent time on the case and have become players in the game, these include:
Paul Devereux (neutral)
Wrote about the case in 'Earthlights' and 'Places of Power'. Originally believed Earthlight phenomnena was responsible.
Jenny Randles (still thinks there is some mystery)
Has covered the case extensively in 'UFO Reality', 'UFO Retrievals' and in IUR, Northern UFO News, Sightings etc. Lectured about the case at conferences.
Tony Dodd (pro crashed ET craft)
Has written about the case in UFO (UK) magazine. Also in his book 'Alien Investigator'. Has lectured about it at UFO conferences. Refuses to reveal many sources of information.
Margaret Fry (pro crashed ET craft)
One of the original investigators in the case. Has published one or two articles. Refuses to share information or source material.
Nick Redfern (pro crashed ET craft)
Redfern has devoted several pages to the case in each of his three books (Covert Agenda, FBI Files, Cosmic Crashes). Redfern has changed his mind about several aspects of the case but still believes an ET craft crashed on Cader Berwyn. The case frequently features in his lectures.
Russel Kellett
Very little know about this person's views, but said to be a believer in the ET craft explanation.
Andy Roberts
Has done a great deal of investigation into this case. Brief summaries written for Fortean Times. Article on the case due in IUR in 2000. Full details of investigation in forthcoming book 'The UFOs That Never Were' (with Jenny Randles & Dr David Clarke), London House, Feb. 2000
There may be others who I am unaware of, working at a more local level. Again, please let me know if you know of someone with a specific interest in this case.
If you wish to know more about the case please consult any of the source materials given above. If anyone wants a more detailed bibliography of material on the case I will be pleased to supply one.
Please feel free to forward this message to any lists, discussion or news groups or individuals who you think may be interested. Comments/criticisms welcomed. If you wish to be removed from this list please send me a message with 'remove' in the subject area and I will do so.
Happy Trails